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just read the new cheeky bird imagine and let me tell ya... omg, like srlsy wow. Could you another one please? Like fionn teasing again or smthing idk. Pleasee? I understand if you don't want tooo.. thank youu♡

Edging on Punishments
••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••••1661 word count
It was a lazy rainy day for you and Fionn so you decided to stay in, watch movies, and have soup delivered. You’d been cuddled up in the bed all day under a big, fluffy, white duvet, you and Fionn taking turns of who got to lay on who and who got to have their hair played with by the other.
“Muuunch, dont stop scratching my scalp please, your nails feel good, relaxing”.
He would whine anytime your fingers would start to get tired.
Munch is usually what he called you when he was being extremely cuddly or whiny. Love was what he used on a day to day basis. And finally Baby girl, now if he called you this you knew you were to either be punished or you were making him feel incredible.
And of course Fionn being Fionn, he couldn’t keep his hands to himself, they started low on your thigh and slowly made their way up to the top and underneath the button up you were borrowing from him.
“Fionn stop it! Are you gonna watch the movie or be cheeky all day?”
“Mmmm I like the last one”.
You rolled your eyes at the cheeky boy,
“But, I will stop if you give me a kiss”.
Fionn knew that one kiss would end up being two and then a whole make out session, it always was with you, he had you right where he wanted you.

You lean in placing your hand on the side of his face and you intertwine your lips, Fionn slides his tongue in your taking control over the kiss. Just as the kiss is intensifying you hear Fionns phone go off,
“Just ignore it”.
Fionn mumbles, his lips still on yours, the phone continues to ring.
“Ugh, ok one second love”.
Fionn breaks the kiss as he reaches for his phone, its Harry.
Ugh you knew that this was going to be more than a second, anytime Fionn and Harry get to talking- they get to talking. You sat back hoping that it wasn’t going to take as long as expected, you were just starting to feel Fionn get excited and so were you.
“Yea mate I’d love to get lunch tomorrow…. Yea yea yea how about you come over tomorrow night for dinner and Y/N and I will cook ?”
Ok you had had enough you wanted to continue with what y'all were doing. You roughly pushed Fionn down on the bed and crawled on top of him, straddling his waist. Fionn looked up at you with nervous eyes wondering what the hell were you doing as you placed hot, wet, slow kisses down his neck.
“Fionn? Fionn? Are you still there mate?”
Fionn wasn’t listening to anything Harry had been saying due to being distracted by your behavior.
“Uh yea I’m still here, sorry zoned out”.
You made your way down his bare chest with your lips slipping your hand down his pants grabbing his semi hard length.
“Mmmm no boxers today baby?”
“What was that Y/N?”
You could see the conflict between panic and pleasure in Fionns eyes when Harry heard you.
“Yea. Um no love I don’t want any. She was just wanting to know if I wanted any tea”.
Fionn gave you a warning look to stop. You stopped pumping his now hard length and started to slowly and teasingly grind on it. Fionn took a sharp intake of breath.
“Fionn, mate are you ok?”
“Y-yea yea I’m fine just…just getting into an ice bath, um worked out too h-hard this morning”.
“Mmm something’s hard”.
You smirked down at Fionn as you continued to grind on him, taking your hand and playing with his balls through his pants. Every time you were sure he was about to cum in his pants and he sounded more and more suspicious to Harry, coming up with a lie each time you stopped. You were edging him, he now had tears running down his face from the intense feelings you were refusing him.
“Baby will you tie me up later for teasing you?”
“Fionn, are you a little busy with something?”
“N-no Harry, s’just the TV”.
You pulled his hard cock from the confines of his pants, stopping to admire it, all the little veins running up it, how pink his head was and the precum oozing from it. You lick a broad stripe from the base to the tip, laughing when Fionn moans out a “shit” then explaining himself to Harry. You then strock his hard length while sucking and tugging on his balls, going back to the tip to suck up all the Precum and swipe your tongue over the slit.
“Fuck me!”
“Fionn are you doing what I think you’re doing while I’m on the phone?”
“Sorry mate gotta go”.
Stuttering your name
“Y/N, please please stop”.
Little whimpers coming from his lips with quick breaths.
“I need to cum baby girl, please”.
You continued teasing him with your mouth sucking him to nearly orgasm and stopping.
He quickly flipped you over, now straddling you and quickly grabbing the tie he had your wrist knotted to the headboard with last night and doing it again.
“That was very naughty of you baby girl, edging me while I’m on the phone with Harry”.
You’re now smiling up at him, happy to receive your punishment.
“What’d I do baby?”
You ask innocently.
“Oh you’re about to see”.
Fionn unbuttons your shirt, spreads your legs and immediately places his mouth on your clit, sucking harshly.
“Oh looks like you’re already wet from all the teasing you did to me, already on the edge of cumming, just like I was 7 times”.
“F-Fionn please feels so good, your mouths so warm please”.
Fionn immediately stops his actions letting your high go down so he can do the same thing to you 6 more times. You are now the one with tears running down your face and little whimpers leaving your lips. Fionns lips and tongue are back at work on your clit, two fingers inserted inside you pumping in and out at a quick pace. He’s now humming around your clit,
“F-fuuuck baby please please let me cum, I wanna cum so bad please”.
You were whimpering and writhing under him, sweat matting your hair to your neck. Just as you think he’s gonna let you cum again he stops.
“Listen, I’m gonna let you cum if your a good girl, but you’re cumming with me in you”.
Fionn quickly pulls off his pants and lines himself up with you , slowly sliding in,
“S-shit Y/N your so fucking tight and wet and warm”.
You start to move your hips against him,
“Fuck stop or I’ll cum right here”.
Fionn waits a second before he slowly and deeply starts pumping into you, leaving a trail of kisses down your neck and growling in your ear.
“Baby girl your pussy feels so good around me, squeezing me so tight”.
You’re whimpering at the feeling of pleasure he’s giving you The intensity stronger than ever.
“Why did you do that baby girl while I was o-on the phone huh, why’d you make me punish you?”
“I like it when you punish me baby, shit”.
Fionn starts moving his hips faster deeper,
“F-fuck baby girl you’re gonna make me cum, please make me cum”.
“Fionn you’re s-so fucking deep, hitting just the right spot, please don’t stop”.
“I won’t baby girl, but can you feel me all the way in your tummy? Can you feel me all the way up here? Does it feel good?”
Fionn slid his hand up your stomach pressing down with his thumb into your flesh letting you know just how deep he was.

Fionns now thrusting harder into you, his pelvic bone rubbing your clit just right as his cock is buried deep inside you, the feeling overwhelming.
“Fuck me baby girl I’m gonna cum, but I need you to cum please”.
You’re now both whimpering and moaning you screaming his name as you cum around him milking him of all his cum. Fionns now shivering, sweat on his forehead as he kisses you,
Fionns mouth is now level with your pussy, him lapping up both of your juices,
“ god we taste so good, so sweet”.
Fionn continues licking at your fold, you overly sensitive from the edging and the intense orgasm you just had.
“Fionn, baby stop, please stop, s-sensitive”.
“No want yeh to cum one more time, cum one more time for me”.
“Baby I can't”.
“Yes you can, I know you can, I can feel you about to explode”.
Fionn continues flicking his tongue over your clit while pumping his long fingers in and out of you. Just as you were about to cum he started rubbing your clit in circles with his thumb, and fucking you with his tongue.
“F-fuck me Fionn I’m cumming you’re making me cum so hard, shit!”
Your legs shaking around his head, he’s holding your hips down with his big hands, and your convulsing through your orgasm, it being extremely intense from the overstimulation. Your head is pressed into the pillow, eyes clamped shut, and your gripping the headboard as hard as you can. You feel your juices leave your body and the sheets soaking, you can hear Fionn lapping up every drop. Looking down you can see Fionns face soaked in your juices and him licking his lips.
“You taste so amazing, could eat you out everyday”.
You’re out of breath and still shaking, sweat coating your skin,
“Look baby girl you’re fucking blissed out, so bloody beautiful like this”.
“You too baby, I’m sorry I was bad, just wanted some attention”.
“Well you definitely got it and in 15 if your up for another round, you’ll get it again.”
“Oh I’m definitely up for it”.

(◡‿◡✿) Jawline kisses Moving Back To Lips || Jughead x Reader ||


Character: Jughead Jones

Pairing: Jughead Jones x Reader

Fandom: Riverdale

Warnings || Rating: Slight Ma…heavy petting :D

Drabble or One-shot: Drabble.

Jughead Jones never thought that he could ever be this happy, that he could ever get a chance at happiness with the life he had, how people treated him but you didn’t care about that. Glancing down you were currently relaxing in his arms with your head resting against his chest while you played with his fingers.

Watching your favorite show you then felt a pair of eyes on you, glancing up you noticed Jughead staring at you.

“May I help you Mr. Jones” Smiling he just shook his head as he leant down to kiss you, pulling you close the man nipped at your lips before pulling back with a satisfied smirk.

Flushed you licked you swollen lips then rolled your eyes.

“Careful your face might get stuck like that.”

Laughing Jughead tapped your nose though the man grunted feeling your body shift so he was laying his back on your bed.

“I don't know if I like that smirk of yours y/n .”

Humming you just smiled then pecked his lips then placed a small kiss to his chin, moving your lips you then placed another kiss on his neck.

Hearing him let out a low groan made you more confident with your kisses you started to place kisses on his chin the moved to his neck making small nips along the way.

Getting to his neck you let your teeth graze the skin. Sucking his neck gently you felt Jughead’s nails dig into your hips. Pulling back you were a little to pleased with yourself seeing the red mark that started to form.

“Why did you stop?!” Glancing up Jughead had to blink the haze away from his eyes to see you smirking down at him.

“Just enjoying my handiwork”

Rolling his eyes he tried his best not to smile.

“Im sure its a masterpiece” he grins though pushing his hat off you then let your fingers run through his black hair.

“Im also marking my territory.” You whispered giving the mark one last nip before you kissed back up his neck.

Continuing your path along his neck you then kissed his cheek until you finally reached his lips bringing him in for a gentle kiss.

Returning the kiss Jughead let his fingers run through your hair gently as your kiss seemed to deepen, his tongue running over yours.
Pulling back you started to catch your breath, smiling you then rested your head into his neck. Closing his eyes he then smiled, if this what it meant to be happy then he would do whatever it  took to keep you by his side.

How do you know?
  • Person: How do you know, like a hundred percent sure, that you are asexual if you've never had sex? You might have not met the right person and lots of people enjoy sex.
  • Me: I'll answer your question with a question of my own.
  • Person: Okay.
  • Me: How do you know you wouldn't like lying on a bed of nails?
  • Person: What?
  • Me: How do you know? There are tons of people who do it, and some find it very enjoyable. They even get paid!
  • Person: W-Well, I don't think I'd be comfortable with that…
  • Me: Why? How do you know that you wouldn't be comfortable with it if you've never tried it?
  • Person: I don't need to try it to know I wouldn't like it!
  • Me: But you might not have found the right bed of nails yet! They come in so many different ways, how do you know that you just haven't found the right type yet?
  • Person:
  • Person: Oh

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Can you write a zayn blurb? I don't care about the topic I just need one THANK YOU XXXXX

You were sat under the covers of the bed in your apartment, glancing around the room and wondering when your phone would ring. Zayn said he would, at the very latest, give you a ring by eleven but there you were at 11:45, biting your nails and not paying any attention to the episode of Law & Order playing in the background.

Like most girls, you had yourself thinking of any possible scenario that could happen at a bar filled with girls in miniskirts and halter tops; he could get wasted, break up with you, and call you in the morning like nothing happened; he could meet a girl and fall in love; he could meet boy and fall in love. 

Although that last one seemed pretty unlikely. His ringtone started blaring and you scrambled to pick it up.

“Hey, baby girl.”

“Oh my God, what’s taken you so long? Zayn, you can’t do that to me! I sit at home all night vividly imagining what you could be doing with some girl in the bathroom of a club and-

“Woah, woah!

“I’m sorry,” you sighed, “It’s just that Kelsey was talking about how Brandon was cheating on her and they broke up and I couldn’t help but think about how we haven’t seen each other for almost two months and you must have needs. And I…” you trailed off and sighed again.

“Well, yeah, of course I have needs but I take care of them myself like a man. Besides, that Brandon bloke was a prick and I told you that in the beginning, didn’t I?”

“I guess,” you moped.

“Now, let’s start over. Hey, baby girl.”

You felt dejected but did as he said. “Hey. How was the party?”

“Boring; all I could think about was how much greater it would be if you were with me.”

You cracked a little grin and pushed the insecurities to the back of your mind. “There’s that beautiful smile.”

“How do you know I’m smiling?”

“Cos you always smile when I tell you how happy you make me.”

“Tell me more,” you said, scooting down in the bed so that you were lying on your side.

“Oh, so that’s how this call is gonna go,” he laughed.

“I would very much like if it did.”

“Hmm. Well, I quite like when you call me just to tell me you love me.”

“That’s a bit girly, don’t ya think?”

“Would you like it better if I said you’ve got great tits?”

“Noooo. Keep saying girly stuff… but they are pretty great, aren’t they?”

“If I could motorboat them right now, I would.”

You laughed and pulled the blanket over your shoulder.

He took a deep breath and you knew he was lying on his back in the luxury of a hotel bed.

“I like how you complain about your glasses but you’ll never admit that you wouldn’t even touch a book without them; I like how you’ll watch sports with me when you don’t understand it one bit; I like how soft your hair is. And how it smells divine.”

“You wanna know what I like?”

“Is it my charming personality? Great sense of humor? You know, I bet it’s something really weird like the size of my feet or something,” he joked.

Actually,” you stressed, “I quite like how you practically have a zoo in your house; I never get lonely when I come over during my lunch break and you’re still sleeping.”

“I don’t have a zoo in my house!”

“You say that but I don’t know anybody else crazy enough to own five different species of pets and still ask their girlfriend if it’s okay to buy another.”

“Well then I just won’t ask you, how about that?”

“I said I like the zoo!”

“… Tell me more,” he mocked.

“Alright, smartass,” you snorted. “I guess your eyes are pretty gorgeous… and you can totally pull off the mustache going into the beard and the beard going into the sideburns and wherever else that thing might go.”

He giggled and you told him how adorable it was.

“I miss you,” he then said.

You hated when he did that; reminded you of how long he’d been gone and how much longer until he came home. This is why you quickly changed the subject. “What time is it? I bet it’s late. You should get some rest, God knows you need it.”

“If I don’t say it, how will you ever know? I miss you and then I miss you some more.”

“You didn’t answer my question.”

“It’s three in the morning and I miss you bunches.” He was hopeful that you would return the words judging by the tone of his voice.

You sighed. “Zayn, please.”

“Baby, you have to get over that. Boyfriends are supposed to tell their girlfriends that they miss them,” he said softly.

“I know but-“

“We’re gonna try this again. I miss you, baby doll.”

You were silent a moment. “I miss you, too.”

“There it is. Ok, I want you to get some sleep and call me tomorrow. Can you do that for me?”

“I guess so.”

“Ok. Sleep well.”


You ended the call and returned your attention to the television. If Zayn were there, he would most likely tell you what happens and you’d smack him for ruining it and then he’d smack you back, maybe say he was joking so you’d sit through the whole thing only to find out he wasn’t joking.

He’d probably wake up before you to go for a run but fall back asleep while you were in the shower because “the time it takes for you to shower is in the same range as it takes to drive to Wembley and back.”

You picked up your phone and tapped on his name. 

“What’s wrong?” he answered.

“Just wanted to say that I love you.”

During the moment that he didn’t say anything, you knew there was a smile on his face. “I love you.”

high school musical meme
  • "It's New Years Eve. Enough reading."
  • "Can I have my book back?"
  • "The party? Remember?"
  • "C'mon. One more."
  • "Someday you guys might thank me for this."
  • "This could be the start of something new."
  • "Never felt this way."
  • "It feels so right to be here with you."
  • "I tried a solo and nearly fainted."
  • "End of solo career."
  • "My shower head is very impressed."
  • "I'll call you. I'll call you tomorrow."
  • "In two weeks, we're going to be heading to the championships."
  • "The ice princess has returned from the north pole."
  • "And I will see you in detention."
  • "I can't believe you live here."
  • "Why are you whispering?"
  • "I won't be signing up for anything for a while."
  • "I wouldn't even think impossible is even in your vocabulary."
  • "Oh, were you going to sign up, too?"
  • "Nice penmanship."
  • "I missed you during vacation."
  • "When's the big game?"
  • "You are so dedicated, just like me."
  • "It's always good to get extra credit."
  • "I just thought it might be a good laugh."
  • "So is a mountain lion, but you don't pet it."
  • "Getcha head in the game!"
  • "Should I go for it?"
  • "What team!?"
  • "That should be sixteen over pi."
  • "I stand corrected."
  • "We needn't concern ourselves with amateurs."
  • "The answer is yes!"
  • "What a perfect way to get caught up!"
  • "What the heck are those two doing in a tree!?"
  • "We've never made it past the first round."
  • "Maybe next year."
  • "I guess I wouldn't know how to speak cheerleader."
  • "My nail beds are history."
  • "Well, then maybe they're not really your friends."
  • "Just something for you."
  • "What time is she due back on the mother ship?"
  • "I'm not even behind on homework yet."
  • "Shortcut. Late for class."
  • "Your friends don't know you're here, right?"
  • "You were always right beside me."
  • "I've never had someone who know me like you do."
  • "I finally found what I've been looking for."
  • "It's a crowd favorite. Everybody loves a good jazz square."
  • "Which tells us what?"
  • "Nice talking to you."
  • "Where is your sports posse, or whatever they're called?"
  • "Is this some kind of joke?"
  • "Maybe we'll get to meet Ashton!"
  • "Someone's gotta tell him/her the rules."
  • "It's making me lose control."
  • "Is that even legal?"
  • "Sometimes I think it's even cooler than homework."
  • "This is not what I want."
  • "I do not understand."
  • "Something is really really wrong."
  • "We can do it."
  • "Everybody quiet!"
  • "I really can't everybody staring at me. I really can't."
  • "You do not want to get into that. Too much drama!"
  • "It just doesn't seem right."
  • "It's really satisfying."
  • "Good luck on Broadway!"
  • "I'd rather stick pins in my eyes."
  • "Evaporate tall person!"
  • "So, this is your secret hide out?"
  • "Makes me practice a little harder, I guess."
  • "I just wanna be a guy."
  • "Do your friends know that guy?"
  • "You even look like one too."
  • "Like kindergarten."
  • "wow, so this is your real stage."
  • "Yeah, and on the same day I invented the space shuttle and microwave popcorn."
  • "I'm sorry, this is a closed practice."
  • "She's just a girl!"
  • "Yeah, well, a lot of things are special."
  • "Did you ever think that maybe I could be both?"
  • "Look, I just did it. Who cares?"
  • "Who's Michael Crawford?"
  • "Why would she put his picture in your refrigerator?"
  • "Not yet, my friend, but just you wait."
  • "Something isn't right."
  • "We need to talk."
  • "We need to save our show from people who don't know the difference between a Tony Award and Tony Hawk."
  • "Are we synced?"
  • "I can dream, can't I?"
  • "This is the side where you belong."
  • "It means nothing to me."
  • "Everyone happy now?"
  • "Did you wanna grab some lunch?"
  • "I confused my feelings for the truth."
  • "Listen, there's something I wanna talk to you about."
  • "We're gonna be there cheering for you."
  • "I baked these fresh today."
  • "We were worse than jerks because we were mean jerks."
  • "No, not done."
  • "I tried."
  • "Could you tell her that I came by to see her?"
  • "What you heard the other day, it wasn't true."
  • "It's not my problem, it's there."
  • "But your dad..."
  • "You need to say yes."
  • "Too bad all these events weren't all happening on the same day."
  • "I'm proud to call you my sister."
  • "Do you know something about this small person?"
  • "How you feeling?"
  • "I trust you."
  • "Oh, hi! Call me."
  • "They'll be here."
  • "You really don't wanna do that."
  • "Oh yes, I do."
  • "Hey, hey, hey. Look at me. Right at me."
  • "So, you're going with me to the after party, right?"
  • "Like on a date?"
  • "In theater that means good luck."
  • "I admire you so much."
  • "Buh-bye."
  • "We make each other strong."
  • "We're different in a good way."
  • "Together's were we belong."
  • "We're all in this together."
  • "These cookies are genius! The best things I've ever tasted."