i don't like to like double up on things

Ghost Adventures Starters
  • "Come fight me in the dark!"
  • "Little kids shouldn't growl!"
  • "Why is it me? Because I'm the one talking all the shit."
  • "I'm sorry. I'm not taunting you, I'm just talking. Talking loudly."
  • "Heights, snakes, and crazy-looking dolls. Those are on my top three 'I-don't-like' list."
  • "I'm serious, if you hear me yelling or something, something bad probably happened. Come quick."
  • "It smells like death in here, what's wrong with you?"
  • "Was this spirit screwing with us?"
  • "You have reached your final destination; Hell."
  • "Did you just touch my thigh?"
  • "OH MY GOD."
  • "Was there a fucking earthquake?"
  • "I heard there's some gnarly entities in here."
  • "Why do you feel the need to scare children?"
  • "Why are you making my stomach feel pain?"
  • "I don't think I've ever heard anyone refer to a spirit as a butthead before."
  • "You're kinda weird? So am I."
  • "This right here is where a person would go crazy."
  • "Enough with the double entendres, dude!"
  • *unexplained loud noises*
  • "I don't know what 1-D means."
  • "You wanted us; you got us."
  • "Now I'm really starting to feel like we are in, like, a Dracula movie."
  • "That's not a good thing, honestly."
  • "Quit being a pansy - I think you're a joke!"
  • "I wanna make him so mad he gets the biggest rocks he can find and throws them at our heads."
  • "...She didn't ever castrate anyone, did she?"
  • "So step up!"
Self Reflection

A/N: just a little thing I wrote yesterday. Not fanfiction. Just word vomit.

Self reflection is a double edged sword. It opens you up for healing… but what if the blood keeps flowing? Opening up an old wound can be dangerous. Sometimes that wound doesn’t close again. Sometimes that wound opens up to an even bigger, deeper wound.

It’s like cleaning out the basement.

Sometimes the lights still work down there. Boxes are already neatly labeled. There’s enough room to sort through everything efficiently. You feel better afterwards, complete.

Sometimes you try to flip on the light and it’s burned out. You trip on the stairs going down, landing in a haphazard pile of junk. The door to the only exit slams shut and you can hear the lock click into place. The phone you were using as a light is lost in the dark mass of junk you are now becoming a part of. There is no escape.

You can’t be sure which it will be so you just continue walking passed that basement door and moving on with your day.

Double standard issue #3649
  • fat guy in a film: i like you
  • girl he likes: ew go away
  • fat guys' friends: bruh don't let it get you down... you're great man you gon get her... just do your thing, she's stupid if she doesn't want you
  • fat guy: *makes up a plan to change the girls' mind* *stubborn about his methods for puns* *stays absolutely the same*
  • girl he likes: wow i was wrong how stupid of me he's actually hot
  • -
  • -
  • fat girl in a film: i like you
  • boy she likes: ew go away
  • fat girls' friends: giiirl you need a makeover and a diet and some new clothes and you need to work on your manners and act more decent and shave your legs and maybe then he will like you, of course he doesn't want you if you look like this
  • fat girl: *stars in a 10 minute makeover scene with eye of the tiger playing in the background* *loses weight* *gets a haircut* *basically changes her whole appearance and attitude*
  • boy she likes: well NOW i can be seen with you i guess

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oh my god did you see did you see that they changed the mp100 opening? I had a mini heart attack oh my god he's there that guy with the hood holy crap right before they show the guy in the gas mask (i don't remember their names exactly) but OH MY GOD THAT ARC IS COMING IT'S ALMOST HERE

I WAS WONDERING ABOUT THAT…! wondering whether i had missed it in the past, because why would they add in just one little part like that? and i’ve missed some pretty obvious things before, so it wouldn’t be unusual. BUT i just double-checked and THEY DID CHANGE IT. 

at first it was like this vague hoodlike shape opening up smoothly to show both of those eyes on the screen in the background, and then ishiguro shows up.

but now they’ve changed it to be Very Clearly a Hoodie (koyama), swaggering threateningly toward you, showing one eye and then the other, then ishiguro materializes before you get a chance to see both eyes at once.

THANKS FOR LETTING ME KNOW because i definitely… would have chalked it up to me not noticing that it had always been like that, or something. i wonder if they’ll make any more little changes (or maybe they already have?)

EDIT: here, someone made a video of the difference

I’ll file this under the category of things i sketched up in five seconds and didn’t expect to do anything with.

I’m actually pretty damn happy with this, because I tried out some different things with composition/perspective/techniques and then I actually ended up liking it. What an odd happenstance.  Like wow, I ended up putting way more effort into this than I expected to.  Yay for monsters with double mouths and tentacles everywhere. 

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Memether plz help I saw this post about how Dan and Phil are like actors and they've put on a fake persona for the Internet and that's not how they're like irl and they're like a double act to make viewers relate to them. Now I'm freaking out cuz I don't want to believe that's true bc I've always thought I've known them.

posts like that tend to kind of fuck me up to, but here are some things that help me stop thinking like that.


x - x- x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x - x


go onto danisnotonfirevyou1 ‘s channel and let yourself fall through a clickhole, especially with the older videos that are just little clips from the radio show or something

and remember, when they first met each other in person at that train station in October 19th 2009, they had absolutely no clue of what was in store for them, writing a book together, going on worldwide tour, hosting many awards shows, voicing characters in a disney movie, living together. none of it. they were absolutely clueless and throwing themselves into something completely new. now, nearly 7 years later, they’re still best friends and consistently colab together and live together. that has to mean something, right? their relationship is obviously up for debate and people will disagree, but one thing for sure is that they care about each other. they care about each other a lot. and that’s beautiful. don’t worry about them faking it, because even though we can’t know everything about them, it’s clear that they are very close and that isn’t going to change any time soon.

R5 Sentence Starters
  • "Gonna shine so bright I'm gonna live my life"
  • "Show 'em what we got"
  • "You knock me off my feet"
  • "I just can't understand your mind"
  • "Don't leave me lonely.."
  • "You are all I need"
  • "I'm hoping this moment last forever"
  • "Baby, know i love you so."
  • "You hold my hand in peace so glad you're here to stay"
  • "This last year has gone so good!"
  • "We've come so far from the past"
  • "Remember that trip we took in Mexico?"
  • "But I keep on trying to find a way to meet ya"
  • "You were with him hooked up by the fire"
  • "You could be the one that could mess me up"
  • "I was solo, living YOLO 'til you blew my mind"
  • "I know a girl like you can't ever get enough"
  • "I'm see-through dancing out my pants"
  • "That I could be yours, and you could be mine"
  • "Like every single song is about you"
  • "Baby, I think I've lost my mind"
  • "I can't remember what I did tonight"
  • "But I just can't forget about you, forget about you"
  • "Can't recall a thing last night but woke up with a smile in the mornin'"
  • "I'm floating high, high off the ground"
  • "Ain't no way we're going home"
  • "Baby, we can do better."
  • "And you make it brighter, when you can't see the road"
  • "In the back of a taxi cab, one quick turn you were on my lap"
  • "you're my best friend's baby"
  • "I'm in love with someone else's girl"
  • "It sucks, she's his girl and he's my friend"
  • "I don't want it if I can't be with you"
  • "And I have everything to lose"
  • "This sun don't shine the sky if I can't be with you!"
  • "But I still won't find a place, as beautiful as you girl!"
  • "I can't even see a future without you, the colors start to fade"
  • "And nobody in the world could ever take your place!"
  • "I love the way you love me 'cause you love me like that"
  • "I ate all the candy in your piñata"
  • "You don't even like the way I say ba-na-na"
  • "Nothin' on my mind but how we're so in love"
  • "I can't believe I made you cry"
  • "Never meant to break your heart"
  • "Give me one more chance"
  • "I just need one last dance"
  • "Freshman year I saw your face ow it's graduation day"
  • "I heard you're heading east so let's just make our peace"
  • "So when you think of me you'll smile, and I'll smile"
  • "Shout it out from the rooftops"
  • "And baby when our stars align we can't get no higher"
  • "You like mismatched socks with polka dots"
  • "You like your pizza cold; I think that's hot"
  • "You like to swim at night when the moon is full"
  • "You think that makes you strange; I think that's cool"
  • "I'm not going anywhere"
  • "But I live for the day that I'm calling you baby"
  • "Baby, I'm falling for you"
  • "There's no one else like you one of a kind."
  • "And I'm a lucky guy 'cause you're all mine."
  • "Short skirts, So hot, lookin right in every way"
  • "Sexy shades, two piece, the girls are looking fine to say"
  • "And where we're going girl, won't be needing roads,"
  • "This ain't no 50 first dates."
  • "That moment when we kissed by the lake, pouring rain"
  • "I ain't no superman but I can change your world"
  • "I'll be your a-list, be the man on the moon 'cause me and you outta space"
  • "I'm talking 'bout roles of a life time you and I can even write the end"
  • "Living in a teenage fantasy"
  • "Man she's crazy but I don't care"
  • "The way she gets me is so unfair"
  • "She's smoking hot, if you know what I mean"
  • "Tight jeans and she loves her photography"
  • "Maybe she's just out of my reach"
  • "I think about her everyday going insane thinking about what to say"
  • "We can dance we can kiss underneath moonlight"
  • "I never cared bout my stupid hair before you came into my life, babe"
  • "Won't you come and stay a while? Electrified, you blow my mind"
  • "Whatever it takes, baby it's crazy, stupid love"
  • "People say that chicks will make you do a crazy thing or two"
  • "When words are knives it's hard not to forget"
  • "Your love was so real it pulled me in just like a magnetic field"
  • "My mind says no you're no good for me"
  • "But this insomnia ain't goin' away and now I'm back at your place"
  • "You got me searching for the words like a silent movie"
  • "I needed caffeine you were a Starbucks, a double shot"
  • "I couldn't get it right until you opened up my eyes you turned my whole world upside down"
  • "I couldn't find the star in the sky but now that I found us things are lookin' up,"
  • "I've been up and I've been down girl you make my world go round"
  • "There's nothing like the high I've found things are lookin' up"
  • "Lovin' you ain't easy nothin' ever is"
  • "You wanna pull out your hair sometimes"
  • "Sometimes you wanna throw in the towel"
  • "I don't believe that nothing lasts forever"
  • "And I know we can't live without each other"
  • "Oh nothing worth havin' comes easy"
  • "Tell me have you moved on"
  • "Say can you read between the lines I'm singin'"
  • "I want you to stay with me tonight"
  • "Don't walk away leave what we could've been behind"
  • "Can we go back do it over can we go back to the start"
  • "Oh girl, and then I met you opened my eyes to something new."
  • "You got my heart beat pumpin' and its going insane"
  • "Midnight dipping in the pool, or sneaking out up on the roof"
  • "It's summertime, and you are all that's on my mind"
  • "Gee, Just give me one more kiss I'm begging please."
  • "Say you'll stay"
  • "No more running around"
  • "Just sitting here feeling like a zombie"
  • "We can dance in the streets 'til midnight"
  • "Can't wait, the night is young "
  • "Turn it up, blowing all the speakers"
  • "Today I feel like running naked through your street to get your attention"
  • "What can I do to make you feel all right?"
  • "Baby I don’t want to see you cry"
  • "I want to see you smile"
  • "Today I want to turn your skies from gray to blue"
  • "Let me take your picture, baby I’ll save it for a rainy day"
  • "I guess I’m just old fashioned in that way"
  • "It feels like we’re the only ones alone in the crowd"
  • "You look back and you say you think you lost all your friends"
  • "Hey, Let’s not be alone tonight"
  • "No it don’t mean love"
  • "But it might be love"
  • "Not wrong if you come on strong, cuz life is too short"
  • "I like how we get along like snow and New York"
  • "All good if you change your mind, you know where I stand"
  • "And I know it’s gotta be my fault"
  • "And we might never feel the same I’m just glad that you came"
  • "Am I right or is it all in my head?"

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I don't know why, but I find it much easier to show my writing to Internet friends and complete strangers on the Internet than to my real life friends, family and teachers. Most people around me aren't even aware that I write. What do you think about that? Should I show them anyway or keep it to myself? By the way I'm a teenager so I don't really plan on publishing seriously soon.

Let me ask you this: are you happy with things the way they are? Do you enjoy discussing your writing with your internet friends? Does the idea of telling your family you’re a writer make you anxious, scared, uncomfortable? Is a strain for you to keep this a secret? Are you constantly having to lie when someone asks you “What are you up to?” 

Being a writer can sometimes feel like leading a double life, and sadly, it can start to feel like something we should feel ashamed of. We don’t want to tell our families or even our closest friends because we’re afraid they might not understand. They might laugh, thinking it’s silly, or that you couldn’t possibly be a “real writer.” Or, on the other end of the spectrum, maybe they’ll want to be too involved, and they’ll badger you with questions like, “What are you working on?” “When are you going to get published?” “Have you started querying agents yet?” Because usually, those who aren’t writers, think that we write to make money. So they think that asking questions about our progress equates to questions about publication. 

All of the above can scare us into a life of secrecy. 

If you’re not happy with your situation, and you really want people in your life to know, then try taking it in baby steps. Find someone you can tell first. I’d recommend choosing someone that loves to read, whether that’s a friend or a family member, or maybe an English teacher if you have a good rapport with them. See how this one person responds before you start telling others. 

However, if you really are happy with sharing your writing life with your internet friends only, then keep it that way! You don’t have to tell people you’re a writer until you’re ready, especially if publication is the last thing on your mind right now. Don’t give yourself a reason to hate writing. Enjoy the secrecy if you prefer it that way. 

I hope that helped!


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(I'm not the angry anon but like) wait from that other anon's rude saying do people think double chins... Cute??? When was it cute? If it is then I must of been in the wrong place my entire life cause for some reason people don't like that...

I mean..society doesn’t really like big bellies either, but I think those are cute as fuck.  stretch marks, cellulite, blemishes, rolls, lumps and bumps..these are all things that are usually seen as flaws, but in actuality there’s absolutely nothing wrong with them.  I know a lot of people feel the same way about double chins and as someone who doesn’t have a really prominent one (I still have one, but it doesn’t show up with every angle/pose), I do understand why they came from a place of thinking that I was making fun of that part of the pictures.  
yeah, a lot of people don’t like it, but a lot of people can also fuck off.  there’s nothing wrong with fat faces or double chins or anything else that’s widely perceived as a negative physical attribute in our society.  there are far too many physical traits for any to just be ‘good’ and for others to just be 'bad’.

Text: Matthew and Nathan
  • Nathan: Okay, so I'm supposed to be honest with you and tell you things that are upsetting me, so I'm going to try. And you can't make fun of me, and you can't agree with how I'm feeling, otherwise I'm gonna get all upset, and I'm already upset and like...
  • Nathan: I dunno.
  • Nathan: Also this is gonna be really long and rambley so be prepared.
  • Nathan: But alright, so I'm with my mom getting clothes. And like... normally that isn't an issue because she picks everything out, and then the tailor takes my measurements, and then they just show up in my room.
  • Nathan: But this time it isn't alright because I don't like how I look right now, and I keep having to try on clothes so like the tailor can pin them up, but nothing LOOKS right on me. I feel like a bloated pig in everything I try on.
  • Nathan: And like I feel like the collars on all the shirts give me a double chin? Like, even my face is fat, and I'm really upset about it. But my mom keeps saying things about how nice I look, and it feels like we're seeing two different things. Like... like... it's confusing. Cause I feel like she's lying, but I don't think she is. And if she's telling the truth, then why do I think I'm so gross, you know?
  • Nathan: It makes me feel like throwing up, but I'm not supposed to do that.