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Ahh, thank you! You're also so polite and kind. Often times I feel nervous asking leftists stuff because some of them can be very knee-jerk it seems. Idk. Anyways, I mean like.. about the "first part"... maybe I just don't understand surplus value and expropriation of the extra value etc etc like you explained. Do you have any links or resources that explain it super simply?Thank you so so much! I'm just concerned that it's (theft of surplus value) not real or *provable* - just an abstract rly

Oh yeah, no problem! =) Richard Wolff is a Marxian economist who does a fantastic job at simplifying many of the original anti-capitalist concepts, and this link HERE will take you to one of his lecture videos where he discusses surplus value. 

In a condensed summary, a capitalist will not hire a worker unless they can squeeze more value out of of them than they actually pay them. Surplus is the total value a worker generates minus the amount the capitalist ends up paying them. A McDondald’s cashier may bring in hundreds of dollars of value to the company each hour, but they’re only paid minuscule fractions of that. As far as capitalists are concerned, the lower the better, because that means more surplus for them. There are more details to it, and Richard Wolff covers them nicely in the above video. I understand not wanting the idea to be reduced to “just a theory” when you’re trying to convince someone – it’s tough because people take capitalist exploitation of labor for granted, as though it were an unalterable fact of nature. Wolff is great at putting all of the Marxist jargon into layman’s terms. 



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Shame on me for only just discovering Norman and Elsa! They're adorable! I'm curious - if you could choose anyone at all for their voice actors, who would they be?

Ahh, as ever, you’re so sweet! I guess, for a long time, based on how they started life, I figured Vincent Price and Emmy Rossum, but now that I’ve mulled it over, for Elsa, I might say maybe an Amy Adams, or the like. Something very upbeat.

For Norman, he should sound older, formal, and more gravelly (and pretty Phantom-y - he’s musically inclined), so something along the lines of, say, Norm Lewis or Kelsey Grammer. 

Or @lordjazor. Yep, definitely @lordjazor

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Omg!! I saw your "sibling/family" post ft. Nishi and ken and wow omg so cute!! Your art is very nice :D I saw that you said you don't get asked for siblings much and that's so sad D: so idk I hope this counts as asking for more siblings? :))

Ahh no I meant when I asked if people had character suggestions no one really sent in anything. But then I just used that time to draw siblings haha but I’m glad you like them! I love family things

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Will you ever do a 2nd part of Ghost Lights, or something with the two guys in it? I just fell in love with them and don't want to stop it... <3

omg /// i’m so glad you like them <3 and YES i’m already working on a part 2 (or better said… a separate part, a main story). collecting scenes etc.

it makes me so so happy that they got so much positive feedback. and i want to continue working on their story, too. it’ll be much longer, and it’s going to be really dark… but also more intimate between them! i’m setting the release date of the comic for early 2016

soo thank you very much, it means a lot!! (they say thank you, too)

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Hello, I love your blog and your views! Your art is so fantastic and even more awesome because of bottom!clark!!! I've always wanted to get into batman/superman comics, but I don't know where to start. Could you please suggest me some recommendations?

Hello! Thank you a lot ahhh seriously everytime someone tells me they like bottom!Clark I just start crying //wipe tears/

Okay, I have to admit I’m still beginner at comic and all (I’ve only been in the fandom for nearly a year) so I haven’t been able to read much, but these are my favourite:

-PreN52 + N52 Batman/Superman titles. Seriously it’s the easiest start.

-World’s Finest (1990). Ahh this one is very cute, it has Clark give Bruce a Christmas present in pink wrapping lol be still my heart.

-World’s Finest (1999). It sums up their relationship post-crisis pretty well. 10 years in 10 issues. I started weeping uncontrollably at the later parts SERIOUSLY.

-Superman Beyond vol 1. Hmmm a bit of old people love to warm the soul seriously how can they still be so cute after all those years. Plus, it has Bruce wearing the armour and shielding for Clark which is 1000% my weakness.

-52 Aftermath: The Four Horsemen. The real question I have for this mini-series is did they just comfirm Bruce ‘taught’ Clark how to endure pain??

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You are truly gifted, your art is so beautiful. ❤ I don't know if you have the time for it, and I don't want to seem selfish! But if you find some, could I please request Laxana and MiraFreed chibis? I would love to see them in your style. ❤ Thank you a lot! I'm your biggest (anon) fan. ❤❤

(●´□`)♡ ❤❤  thank you so much ~ you’re so sweet anon ahh~you made me so happy, I’m not very good drawing chibis but hope you like it ^^ 

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Ahh!!It's OPEN!!LUV UR blog!! How abouHanzo and Junkrat with a chubby s/o who is very self-consious and don't want to have sex with them cause they think they're too ugly for them (it would mean a lot to me) THANX; ) Keep safe and with the good work

Ah oh my gosh thank you so much!! You stay safe as well! And I am here for ya if you ever need anyone to talk to! I know what it can be like to be upset with ones self image and can just be here to listen if ya want! Have a good day/ evening!!


- when he finds out why they have been so hesitant to have sex his heart will sink and he will be kind of stern at first because he finds them to be beautiful/handsome/gorgeous and he wants them to know that they are

- it will hurt him a bit but he understands what it can be like to be upset with ones self in different aspects and will respect how they feel but will try to encourage them and give them confidence because he really doesn’t want them to feel like they have to hide away

- he will tell them that there isn’t a ugly part of them, inside or out and tell them that he wants to show them how much he loves them and that it’s ok not necessarily meaning full on sex but getting them to reveal more and more of them selves over time to him and he will run his hands over them and try to be as caring and sensitive as possible because he can come off a bit cold at times even if he doesn’t mean it

- he will tell them all the reasons he loves them and how they are perfect for him and far from being not good enough


- he at first would tell them that they are being ridicules and be a bit insensitive until he sees that they aren’t joking

- it would hurt him that they think of them selves as ugly and he will tell them how lovely he finds them and that they aren’t ugly at all, he finds them to be the exact opposite, he will tell them how cute they are and how beautiful/handsome, and sexy they are

- he will start to put himself in their shoes because he knows he is self conscious about his missing limbs but he knows they love him despite it and will try and get them to realize the same and try and come up with some inspirational stuff to say like “ya know ____, I thought you would find me ta be ugly or gross because of me missin’ arm and leg so I got an idea on what it is ya are feelin’ but everyone is different and that’s more then half the fun of bein in love with someone ya know? You get to see all the unique things bout them and you get to love even more of them, don’t really know if this talk is helpin but I just love ya _____ ”

- He might seem a bit pushy but he means well and will respect what they do and don’t want to do and will try and just make progress at least

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I love your art, it's so cute and awesome! sorry to ask, I just wondered what art program you used to draw in? love your drawing and colouring style, can't wait to see more of your work! ^^

(I wasn’t aware that I had a drawing style? I mostly just draw in whatever style I’m feeling at that moment. Like, you know?)

As for my art program, I use Paint Tool SAI. All of my brush settings are either taken from other people or are the default ones… (=ω=;)

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f!kamui/marx headcanons?? if you don't mind;; thank you for this blog ahh its really cute!!

No no! It’s fine honey!! I don’t mind doing Marx at all
- Marx is a very broad guy, but loves to give hugs to Kamui, however she really loves to hug him from behind
- Marx likes to kiss her hand and pretty much everywhere else, but she loves to give him Palm kisses and enjoys tracing her finger up and down his hands
- When they sleep, they generally sleep with Marx holding Kamui close and Kamui hugging a pillow
-Neither of them are major blanket hogs but Marx does tend to use up more blanket
-Kamui adores cuddling with Marx and enjoys how happy it makes the both of them
I hope this is alright!!

-Mod Sakura

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I'm very very very shy about this, but just wanted you to know you inspired me to draw. I look at your art almost everyday to give me the hope and support I need for drawing. For me, my family doesn't support me drawing or painting or anything. I have to study something I don't really hate but it doesn't make me happy like drawing. So thank you so much for you art.

I’m glad to be such inspiration!! That goes for all of you who feels like this ahh <33

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Wow you are so beautiful! It's like a whole special world revolves around you.. I don't know but just wow

ahh thank you so much, that’s very sweet of you! and guess what - you’re totally right!! i do have a special little world revolving around me.

it’s dear to me and i spend a lot time - all of my time, in fact - caring for it and expressing myself through it.

but guess what?

so does everybody else - including you!! 
every single person has a little world that revolves solely around them - their interests, goals, dreams, insecurities, worries, experiences, memories, favourite ice cream flavours - they’re all there! everyone has experienced truly unique things and has important stories and thoughts of their own (these are probably housed in the stars that hover around their planets)

treat every person you meet as if they have a tiny little universe inside them - because, in fact, they do :’) 

have a wonderful day!!

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"Yeah, I know I don't know you very well. But you seem more stressed out than you usually do." Scarlet lightly jabbed at the hooded hedgehog. "Maybe you could use a drink"

 Truth be told: he was always stressed. But at the moment, some time to wind down and drink did sound good-even if it was with a complete stranger. The other looked like a prime zoner,but their aura was much different. This guy he could like.

 “Yes, I suppose I could go for a round or two.”

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Please help Hey I want to ask my boyfriend to Homecoming and he LOVES doctor who. I only have 2 ideas and I don't think they are very good... do you have any ideas that I may use or anything. It would help a lot. Thank you for your time bye.

Ahh, this is so cute! Hmmm, lemme think…

This might be too much work, but I think it would be really creative and clever to make him a video of yourself in the “future,” talking how you’re about to walk into the room ask him a very important question, and the fate of the world depends on his answer. (And whatever he does, don’t blink. :P) Basically, try to record something like Ten does in the episode Blink, when he leaves that video message from the future describing vaguely what to do and what is going to happen.

So you could leave that video for him to find (maybe send it in an email?) and time it so that you’re ready to walk in and ask him to homecoming right after he finishes watching it! If he’s a die hard fan (and you try to mimic David Tennant’s performance best you can), he might really like it!

Or, for something less involved, you could make him a TARDIS card (basically just a card with flaps on the front that open!) and write like “All of time and space; everywhere and anywhere; every star that ever was. Where do you want to start?

And in the inside, finish the sentence with “How about homecoming?”

Those are just some ideas off the top of my head; if anyone has anything creative to contribute, go ahead!

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first of all, LOVE your art, i mean....wow!!! second, if it's ok I'd really love to hear more about your theories/explanations about fusions (like why Sunstone has the same number of arms as Opal) because they seem very interesting and well thought out. like what would Pearl+Sugilite give?? would Ruby+Sapphire+Ame lead to Sugilite or something else? i don't think the show is gonna be dropping any hints about how fusions work for a long while and theorising about gem fusions is so fun to me!

thanks! ahh! i think there’s a misunderstanding here. i did not give sunstone the same amount of arms as opal, rather, amount of arms opal has+garnets hands. here, let me put this below better (slightly updated sunstone refs below):

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You know in the Free! drama CD when Haru assigned the roles when playing with Ren and Ran. He made Makoto the puppy because he is haru best friend and dogs are humans best friend.I don't know if people pointed that out already but I thought it was very cute. Thank you for always posting lovely Makoharu related things I really love and will continue visiting your blog!

nooooo that’s the cutest thing!!! that whole thing was just so cute. so so cute.

HARUKA: I’m home.
RAN: Welcome back, Haru-chan! I made hotcakes for snacks today. Father will be home soon.
REN: I’m home.
RAN: Oh, there’s your father. Go on, Makoto, greet him.
MAKOTO: Woof! …I’m the dog?!
RAN: You’re the puppy, the vegetable shop owner, and the fish store owner.
MAKOTO: Three roles in one?! That’s a lot!
HARUKA: Good thing you got a lot of roles, Makoto, eh?
MAKOTO: They’re all minor ones though…
RAN: Let’s move on! Here’s your hotcakes, Haru-chan!
HARUKA: … [quietly motioning eating action]
RAN: Haru-chan, eat it.
HARUKA: I ate it already.
RAN: No, you have to say “chew chew chew.”
HARUKA: C–Chew, chew, chew… I ate it.
MAKOTO: Pffftt! That’s a rare sight coming from Haru.
HARUKA: Dogs don’t talk.
MAKOTO: Don’t be mean, woof.
RAN: Brother and Haru-chan, you two need to be more serious!
HARUKA: Sorry.
MAKOTO: Sorry.

(translation credit)

haru loves ran and ren so much and they love him right back and that must make makoto so very very happy ;; just look at how lovely this little scene is and how they tease each other and how sweet and domestic and heartwarming they are together ahh i need more of this in s2 even though it’ll make the ensuing heartbreak worse ha ha ha

and thank you, i’m glad you like my blog!