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hey i’m molly and i’m the creator of this meetup, alongside @kissingphilip !! i love the phandom v much and it has been apart of (and consumed) my life for nearly 3 years now so ily all and hope everyone has a great day! 💫

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ok ok PLEASE tell us more for what ideas you have for the changeling mob au because these kind of aus are my Ultimate Weakness.

(The AU doodles in question) Oooooh thank you so much for the interest! :’D Thing is, this isn’t necessarily my idea? It’s my friend’s (I just like to yell about it and draw stuff for it ;7; ), but I just got the go ahead so I’m gonna give a (somewhat) basic summary…

So in this AU, Reigen’s a charlatan, which is basically a fun, old-timey word for conman/fraudster (more or less) who kinda makes a living off of-you guessed it-scamming people. He deals with clients generally like how he does in canon; they have a problem with fae/magic/enchantments that usually turn out to be normal problems embellished by overly superstitious people, and Reigen goes along with it and does his own thing to help fix it, etc. etc.  So imagine his surprise when a case of a “fairy changeling” turned out to be the real deal, instead of a misbehaving child he’d come to expect. This kid obviously looks different, not to mention he seems to be able to turn objects to gold. Reigen’s out of his depth, but in true Reigen fashion he tries to help anyway. 

Reigen takes the changeling child (Mob) by the hand and travels back to the fae realm, instead of “destroying the monster” like the upset client parents want him to, and they manage to rescue and return the stolen human child back to his parents. Reigen tries to give Mob back to his people, but it turns out…they don’t want him back. Apparently Mob is too weak (that anemia problem from canon, not to mention physically weak in general) and too kind-hearted to be of any use to them; the fae see him as nothing more than flawed and abhorrent. “Reigen was so angry at their callous abandonment of such a sweet-natured, defenseless creature that he didn’t think very hard before he scooped up Mob in his arms, turned on his heel, and walked away. It wasn’t until he crossed the boundary between worlds and was on his way home that the full implications of what he’d done finally occurred to him.” (I tried to explain, but I really like that part, so full quote ;7; )

Reigen ends up fully adopting taking Mob under his wing as his apprentice of sorts, and they travel around to make a living, the once lone charlatan now having aid from his tiny fae assistant in whatever scams he can come up with. It is rather useful having a son assistant who can turn things into gold, even if it’s just fairy gold that turns into leaves the morning after the enchanting; Reigen makes it work somehow. This does get them banned from multiple villages though (hence living on the road) X’’D

Reigen also has to keep Mob’s fae heritage hidden, since y’know…the fae don’t have the best reputation among common folk. He eventually teaches Mob how to use glamour to disguise his appearance (even though Reigen barely has any idea how lolll) but he usually covers the kid up with cloaks and hats and stuff until they can figure the glamour thing out.

I hope this helps, and let me know if you have any more questions :’)

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BOOKS MEME | (6/9) nine otps.
Neil Josten and Andrew Minyard from All for the Game by Nora Sakavic.

Andrew kissed him like this was a fight with their lives on the line, like his world stopped and started with Neil’s mouth. Neil’s heart stuttered to a stop at the first hard press of lips against his and he reached up without thinking. His hand made it as far as Andrew’s jaw before he remembered Andrew didn’t like to be touched. Neil caught hold of Andrew’s coat sleeve instead and knotted his fingers in the heavy wool.
The touch was a trigger. Andrew leaned back just enough to say, “Tell me no.
Neil’s lips were sore; his skin was buzzing. He felt winded, like he’d survived a half-marathon. He felt strong, like he could run another five more.

modern xena and gabby would be such an annoying couple like you’d be like hey xena what have you been up to lately and she’d just be like ‘oh not much, gabrielle and I had some free time this weekend so we backpacked across three states, climbed a mountain and jumped off a waterfall, and stopped an armed robbery in a small town on the way back.“

meanwhile gabby is standing behind her in a crop top, her abs are staring at you & you’re just left standing there like “sometimes i walk up and down the stairs to the basement to do my laundry and I went to the gym once two weeks ago.”

last night was p weird

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One time I was housesitting for my aunt and i was on the back porch and all of a sudden i heard leaves rustling but i didnt know where it was coming from then i looked at their grape plant thing and i just see a lil raccoon face on top of the fence just eatin some grapes im happy it got some snacks

omg cute…apparently they really like grapes!


So ….. this happened. *looks around nervously*
I SOMEHOW ended up there…with the help of SOMEONE kicking my butt into the fandom. And … I fear I will stick around.

So.. those two are a thing now… in my art. It’s the arms and eyebrows… I s2g seriously…

(No, not a fandom switch, just an addition, don’t worry. I’m still totally in volleygay hell.. I just have a …space hell now too… oh god i have TWO space hells…)

Yuri’s always been the one to doubt if Victor will stay with him after the Prix and worry about how Victor feels about him, but it seems Victor’s been worrying about that too:

It’s like he’s doesn’t know what to do if he’s “just a coach” to Yuri. And he’s referring to him and Yuri as coach and student, like he’s afraid to cross the line in case Yuri doesn’t feel the same way he does, and thinking about what’s going to happen after the Prix, like he’s afraid it’s going to be “just a fling” as the other skaters have said.

But then it’s YURI who throws it out there and clears all his doubts, asks for them to be together

And Victor’s just standing there still and speechless

that Yuri feels the same way, that it’s not just a fling, no it’s EVERYTHING

and he’s so relieved and so happy that Yuri loves him SO MUCH

KNK - Stay 🔊
Choreography by Jihun of KNK

It only takes 1 minute and 40 seconds to stan legends

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not to sound rude or anything, but are staff or like, the person at the reception not able to say "sorry we are closed" i mean ? that's what it is like most restaurants where i come from? the kitchen is p much done why would they re-start activity if its so close to closing time? r they obligated to? if so, thats just so shitty...:/

Yeah if someone comes in after closing then we can just tell them to leave because we’re closed, but we have this sort of a rule that if you manage to come in before closing then we gotta serve you. So that’s the sad part, people slip in right when we’re closing the doors and smugly laugh at us like haha we made it suckers


fanart of @queerlorenzo‘s amazing fic lost in emotion! i’ve read it like five times already, highly recommend/10!! captions are quotes from the fic

info on manta rays and jellyfish referenced from wikipedia because i’m a microbiologist and barely know anything about marine biology (also oh god my handwriting is atrocious)