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I think we have to vote only for one character just to let Cheritz know which role goes for whom. Idk, it could be done better ofc, but I would like to think that way. And you may vote many times. I voted several times for different characters. But either way, I cannot wait, because Cheritz never cease to amaze

Yeah, let’s hope Cheritz does something that will please everybody! 💜

Where Did Bucky Get His Civilian Clothes?

So obviously the clothes Bucky’s wearing in Civil War definitely aren’t his Winter Soldier “uniform” and I doubt he waited till he got to Romania to buy those, which means that shortly after the end of Winter Soldier, unless HYDRA somehow kept civilian clothes in his size on hand and he knew where they were (ya know, the boring option), either:

1) some poor body builder got mugged in an alley by the actual Winter Soldier


2) the world’s most wanted assassin walked into a clothing store in his full leather getup, a wad of “stolen” HYDRA cash clutched in his metal hand, and bought himself a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts  

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is it crazy that i've already read every fic??? (well, not all-all because some of the fanfics have topics that i don't feel comfortable reading)... and now i'm without fics to read :((( do you have any new one? it either can be kaisoo or chanbaek (i saw earlier that you like them too!!)

No it’s not crazy anon! I feel the same way tbh :/ I’m having real difficulties finding new good fics to read these days.. I’m really picky with fics too.

There are some that comes to mind tho, hope you like them^^


• Good Graces (Royal!au, romance, mpreg eventually, etc. Kyungsoo and Jongin both have special powers and goes on a quest to save Jongin’s uncle who’s in trouble, and ends up getting feelings for each other along the way) 

Spaghetti Kiss (Smuttt, fluff. Jongin getting jealous of Soo’s spaghetti kiss with kwangsoo on running man)

Red-Hot (Escort!au, smuttt, romance, teacher!au. Soo works as an escort, and gets hired by his teacher, Jongin)

Dreamwalking (Romance, smuttt, angst. Jongin: a playboy model who one day wanted to be more and a history that no one knows completely. Kyungsoo: an up-and-coming actor who can’t seem to move forward in much of anything. Who’s saving who?

Ardor (Soulmate!au, romance, angst. People are going to meet their soul mate at the age of twenty. Kyungsoo thinks he has lost his soul mate even from the beginning. Jongin thinks he has found his soul mate, but turns out he has not. Weird things happen and chemistry strikes before they meet their true soul mate.)

Instant Boyfriend (Fluff, romance. Kyungsoo needs to get away from his admirer, and uses jongin as his fake boyfriend)

Violet Silk (Arranged marriage!au, wolf!au. Omega!soo is arranged to marry alpha king jongin)

Midnight Kiss (Romance, smuttt, fluff. Jongin is kyungsoo’s butler who takes care of him and loves him)

Sunglasses (Fluff, smuttt. Kyungsoo is in a secret relationship with jongin, who’s a popular actor)

Appassionata Sonata (”Friends” with benefits!au, romance. Kyungsoo is a music prodigy. Jongin is a world class playboy. They have a one night stand.)

Like A Butterfly (Angst, mpreg, romance, side!chansoo. Yeol and Soo are having an affair while Yeol is already married to Baek. Soo gets pregnant, but Yeol is not being supportive and Soo ends up getting attention from Nini instead.) 


And Then There Was You (from my favorite baekyeol author <3) (Mpreg, angst, romance. Baekhyun and Chanyeol used to date, which ended up in a child that Yeol doesn’t know about. Chanyeol is suddenly back in town which causes a problem) 

Mine (Romance, smuttt, fluff. Chanyeol is a tough top class business man, but gets weak at the though of his Baekhyun)

I’m Not Your Cinderella (Romance, drama. Baekhyun accidentally spills his drink on Chanyeol and has to pay for what he’s done)

A Bump In The Road (ABO!au, mpreg. Faced with unforeseen events, Baekhyun, a middle class omega, must decide what is the best for his pup. He has two options, follow his heart or go along with what biology has already decided for him)

No Strings (But I’m Attached To You) (Fluff, smuttt. Baekyeol has a no strings attached kind of relationship)

Eye Smile (You Smile) (Blind!baek, fluff, romance, smuttt. Chanyeol is a single-father who likes to visit a puppet store with his twins, cause of the cute owner.)

Homeless (Romance -currently being rewritten- Chanyeol is a talented real estate agent, but wonder if he’s ever going to find a place himself to call home)

You Were Always The One For Me (Best friends to lovers!au + friends with benefits!au. Baek and Yeol are best friends who kisses each other a lot, and sometimes do a little bit more. But every time Yeol gets a gf it gets hella complicated :/ This is only marked as slight!angst, but my heart hurt a lot)

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Hey! Could you please recommend some of your favorite long multichapter CS modern AU fics? I don't really care about the trope, tbh. I've already read tons, but I'm looking for some more, and those I find are either abandoned, or just awfully written. And well, i really like your recs, so I trust you will link me to some amazing ones!

it’s my pleasure. i’m recommending you complete or active multichapters

Over the last 30 years Link’s partners have included at least five different fairies, a talking ship possessed by the ghost of the king, a robotic spirit that lives inside his sword, a flying bear, and a sentient version of his own hat, yet somehow people seem to feel the strangest and most illogical idea we have been presented with is Link going on his journey alone


“They started to dance. Soon, the other guests drew back to watch, as if following a silent command. A circle formed around Cesare and Lucrezia, with the young brother and sister involuntarily taking centre state. […]Without doubt, Cesare and Lucrezia were the most beautiful couple in the ballroom. Their smooth moves, the elegance of their clothes, their poise and the harmony between them attracted everyone’s attention. An uninformed observer would’ve believed them to be the bridal couple, because they were smiling at each other in deep understanding like usually only lovers did.”

Either Caesar or Nothing - Jutta Laroche

@lucrizias I’m dedicating this one to you! bc you helped me a lot with your gifs lessons lol and I know how much you love this scene of our bbies.

I need some input. I’m going to college orientation soon and I have to take a math placement exam beforehand. Now I haven’t taken math in a year and I’m wondering if I should study up before I take this exam. It’s not going to pertain to my major since I’m studying english. Should I study? Or just wing it?

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Tbh... Frances and Madam Red let a traumatized 12 y/o orphan live alone with a complete stranger, it's not that strange that they didn't ask about the twin, if he's real. It's not the first forced situation we have in this manga but oc the fandom will bash Yana only for this bc they don't like the 2CT.

Yeah, that’s a good point. I guess it was either one big plot convenience (which isn’t that unusual in fiction) OR there was some drama between Sebastian and Frances (considering her personality I don’t think either she’d just let a complete stranger like Sebastian become her beloved nephew’s butler without any background check), but it all happened off-screen, i.e. Yana didn’t show us those scenes (yet).

There were a lot of flashback scenes in the story so far (Madam Red’s Cinematic Record in ch10, Kelvin’s flashback in ch31-32, Lizzy’s flashback in ch58, Sebastian’s Cinematic Record in ch61-63) which make us believe we already know quite everything about Ciel’s past, when in fact, we actually know very little about him and his family, and there still are a lot of things that have yet to be explained/shown. We have to keep in mind that we have never seen a “complete” flashback/Cinematic Record, but only “fragments” of it. So maybe some important scenes were missing on purpose (e.g. people asking about Ciel’s twin or about Sebastian’s past before he became Ciel’s butler).

Anyway, I really think we should just wait and see. Maybe there’ll be an explanation for everything and we’ll see a complete version of Sebastian’s Cinematic Record or someone else’s flashback with all those missing scenes someday!! :D

About the bashing though, some people “bash” Yana for every trivial thing they don’t like/agree with anyway^^; I remember that one user in the old BB forum once accused her of being racist™ for giving 2CT hints that are only understandable to Japanese readers, which is, of course, totally ridiculous… (I mean if Yana is racist™ for including verbal hints that only work in Japanese language, then so is J. K. Rowling for the “Tom Marvolo Riddle/I am Lord Voldemort” anagram which btw doesn’t work in Japanese at all lol)
So yeah, basically what I wanted to tell you is to not take those bashings of some people too seriously, it’s just waste of time xD

Starfleet’s Chosen One (collab)

Jim, Bones

Summary: Jim makes a mistake and starts overthinking everything and Bones is there to help him through it.

A/N: This is the result of me having started this fic 500 years ago and then throwing it at @thatkourtnichik for her to finish/continue it. We hope you like it!

Words: 1 566

If there was one thing Jim despised it was to be humiliated. Having led the sort of life he’d led, and being the son of the man who’d saved so many people, had resulted in people expecting more from him than he’d been willing to give in his younger years, and that had in turn led to people being disappointed. Each headshake had brought Jim so much shame that it was one of the few things that terrified him nowadays. To be publicly humiliated because he wasn’t good enough.

His fear sometimes resulted in him becoming too embarrassed to function at small yet significant mistakes, and that was how his week started; by him mistaking a peaceful being for something bigger and more dangerous, and thus marching his landing party onto a planet that was neither threatening them nor in need of their assistance. Jim stormed out of the bridge almost as soon as they’d beamed back onto the ship, and Bones eventually found him where he was pacing around in his quarters, which was a neater way of saying hiding in his room.

“I fucked up,” he said before Bones could even open his mouth. “I know that. Please spare me the lecture.”

Bones blinked once, twice, and said, “Why would I lecture you?”

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Sometimes I feel like a "bad bisexual" because even tho I love women and also causally dated a girl, I don't see myself having a serious relationship with one because I know that my "conservative" (aka homophobic) family would abandon me :/

don’t feel bad, having an unaccepting family is not your fault. i haven’t come out to my parents either for similar reasons. tbh we need to stop idealizing this idea that a “courageous” lgbt person is someone who comes out immediately and/or starts dating whoever they want, even if that means getting kicked out. most people who don’t understand that are privileged people who had quintessential liberal parents lmao

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How would you deal with parents who literally force you to get a boyfriend? I once as a joke told them that they don't even have to expect grandchildren because I'll live alone with cats and they were like: don't even try (that sounded like a threat tbh). I want children myself (which means that's the only reason I might have sex) but they're literally pressuring me 'cause I have never had a boyfriend while others have had at least a few at my age (19).

I’d either ignore them or fake one. It really depends in what ways they force you. If they force you by like pressuring with bullshit comments, that’s an annoying family thing that can be ignored. If they force you like set up dares for you, I’d be like this is my internet friend who is now my boyfriend.

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I googled it and I don't understand the difference between "macaron" and "macaroon" it just showed the same thing on google

(I didn’t know the difference either until I was in like high school tbh lol)

Macarons are these fancy French sandwich cookie-like things, the ones that there are tons of stimmy videos of!

MacarOOns are these little coconut cookie dudes! They’re really yummy, especially if you like coconut (of course)!

They’re totally different and yet they almost have the exact same name, so a lot of times people use their names interchangeably even though they’re two different things ^^; I wish I could go back in time and meet whoever named whichever came second so I could smack some sense into them >:3


Along with macarons and macaroons, there’s also maqaroon, who makes great DIY’s on youtube/instagram and also goes by Cute Life Hacks,

And there’s also Chacarron Macarron, that wonderful song by El Mudo

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speculation is louis will most likely pop back up in the uk today or tomorrow, and naturally h will follow a couple of days later like clockwork, both of them most likely tanned, harry probably with a new ring. louis might have two new tats. there's one on his hand that is either an L or a C (NOT an E lol don't listen to shit stirrers), and what looks like a balloon near his given a chance tat. we're on tattoo watch again.

shit stirrers sjfghdfkgjh. i love tattoo watch though it’s really…rejuvenating tbh. i honestly wonder exactly how many rings harry has. what’s the exact number…because louis gives it 150% it’s like a talent. beautiful


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