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Where Did Bucky Get His Civilian Clothes?

So obviously the clothes Bucky’s wearing in Civil War definitely aren’t his Winter Soldier “uniform” and I doubt he waited till he got to Romania to buy those, which means that shortly after the end of Winter Soldier, unless HYDRA somehow kept civilian clothes in his size on hand and he knew where they were (ya know, the boring option), either:

1) some poor body builder got mugged in an alley by the actual Winter Soldier


2) the world’s most wanted assassin walked into a clothing store in his full leather getup, a wad of “stolen” HYDRA cash clutched in his metal hand, and bought himself a pair of jeans and a couple of t-shirts  


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Over the last 30 years Link’s partners have included at least five different fairies, a talking ship possessed by the ghost of the king, a robotic spirit that lives inside his sword, a flying bear, and a sentient version of his own hat, yet somehow people seem to feel the strangest and most illogical idea we have been presented with is Link going on his journey alone

friendly reminder to the anti sterek people who keep flooding the supergirl tag: Greg Berlanti, creator of Supergirl, ships sterek (◡‿◡✿)

asexual lesbians do not owe relationships to anyone

no one owes anyone a relationship – romantic or platonic, sexual or not. no one even owes anyone consideration

i can’t get over these little sexual autocrats running around telling us we don’t have to date or fuck MTTs, but we at least have to consider dating and fucking them, like no… no, we do not have to do that. and not doing that does not make us bad people. likewise people who say “you don’t have to fuck them, but you at least have to date them” no… we do not have to do that either. our time and love and friendship and emotional investment are not public resources available to anyone who puts in a request.

lesbians are perfectly entitled to form romantic relationships based on biological sex, whether they plan to have sex with their partner or not.

furthermore, lesbians are entitled to live life free of harassment on the basis of the relationships they choose.

harassing people for their sexual orientation is not progressive, it is not morally acceptable, and i cannot believe people are actually pretending it is

I think parental!Roy/Ed shipping misinterprets their canon relationship more than the romantic kind does? The point of their journey, particularly in 2003 (where the relationship between the characters is more important), but arguably in Brotherhood as well, is moving from an antagonistic relationship with a big power differential to seeing and treating each other as equals. It’s not for Roy to see Ed as like his kid: he tries at that earlier in the story and fails, and it contributes to the antagonism between them. It also maintains the power differential they need to work past.

I’m not trying to start a ~ship war~ or anything, but just spouting it off. It just surprises me how popular that “ship” is. Brotherly, sure, but fatherly? That’s not really how that relationship works.

why are minho and thominho and ki hong lee so underrated

I’ve noticed one trend going on with Papyton is Sans being overprotective and crashing their dates.

That really doesn’t seem like something he’d do. Sans would recognize Papyrus as an adult and let him do his own stuff. Maybe in the beginning he’d call Papyrus every once in a while to check with him, or ask him about what happened after he comes home, but he wouldn’t wreck their dates.

He also wouldn’t be so aggressive towards Mettaton. He’d have a talk with him instead of being rude.

Overall he would be supportive while making sure his brother is happy. Then one day he’ll tell them he knows a great place they should go and take them to a clearing in the woods that is actually really pretty…

…except there is Shrek posters everywhere.

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Ya know, tbh, everyone thinks Dean would be the jealous one because of how protective he is. But I think Sam would be the jealous one. He's just better at hiding it because of all the girls Dean flirts with to keep up appearances. Sam just silently fumes in the corner while Dean knows what's happening. He just laughs at Sam but he knows Sam means well and then takes him home to show him there is nothing to be jealous of <3

this is something that i could stand behind because it’s totally true. like dean is protective but sam is possessive. i mean, dean is possessive of sam but it’s because of his protectiveness that dean is possessive of him, if that makes sense. in dean’s head, it’s like, it’s my job to protect my sammy, so back off.

where as, sam is possessive and he gets really really possessive of dean because dean is like sugar water to flies. dean draws everyone into him because they all want a taste of him.

but there dad managed to drill into dean’s head this image of masculinity that dean refuses to give up completely meaning that he’ll pretty much fuck anything with tits and a pretty face and sam will let him because the moment that dean feels that his masculinity is threatened in anyway, he’ll have his legs crossed quicker than a virgin in church and sam blames it on their father, that dean won’t accept that the fact it’s okay to like both genders, it doesn’t make him any less of a man but just try talking dean into believing that.

however when dean feels like he’s no longer in the danger zone of being called anything less than he is, he’ll flash a smile to the girl and then leave the bar with sam and sam will release all of that pent up rage that boils under his skin when he watches dean. and dean’s body will just mold to sam’s body like it was made for it.

sam’s favorite thing to do though is while dean is talking up this girl, a cute little thing that would most certainly be fun to do, he’ll walk up behind dean and run his hands down dean’s chest in the most possessive way possible, moving to kiss down dean’s neck before coming back up to nip at dean’s ear lobe, looking the girl straight in the eye.

and the girl will gasp as she stumbles to her feet, blush settling over her face. “oh…” she’ll stutter. “i didn’t… i didn’t realize that he was with… someone.”

and sam will just smirk, hands still on his brother who is most certainly blushing now because public affection from his brother was always something that made his skin heat up and blood boil. “that’s fine.” sam will say and it is fine. “dean just likes to flirt with pretty little things like you because he thinks that it gets me jealous. no harm, no foul, right?”

the girl will just nod, still blushing as she tripped over her own two feet backing up away from sam because he has this fire in his eyes, just daring her to reach out and touch dean again. and when she’ll leave, sam will plop down in the seat that she was just in, noting the way that the freckles on dean’s face only seems to pop out more across his red flesh.

so yeah, dean might be protective but sam is possessive. hella possessive.

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1. coke or pepsi: neither tbh i prefer root beer

2. disney or dreamworks: disney i guess

3. coffee or tea: coffee!!

4. books or movies: movies

5. windows or mac: idc either

6. dc or marvel: marvel can choke

7. xbox or playstation: PLAYSTATION ALWAYS

8. Dragon Age or Mass Effect: dragon age (i’ve only played dai which i love btw bc i don’t have the money to buy the others)

9. night owl or early risers: i can’t answer this my sleep schedule is so fucked i have insomnia and other problems sleeping. i usually take a 2-4 nap after i get off work and then don’t sleep until
next day

10. cards or chess: cards i love playing poker

11. chocolate or vanilla: both

12: vans or converse: converse ofc

13. Lavellan, Trevelyan, Cadash, or Adaar: Lavellan always

14. fluff or angst: depends on my mood um both

15. beach or forest: i don’t ever leave my room. whichever has less people

16. dogs or cats: i refuse to choose i love them equally

17. clear skies or rain: rain

18. cooking or eating out: eating out

19. spicy food or mild food: mild food

20. halloween/samhain or solstice/yule/christmas: halloween

21. would you rather be a little too cold or a little too hot: im constantly cold so that one

22. of you could have superpower, what would it be: the ability to time travel so i could go back in time and go to concerts. my emo ass wants to see mcr live :/

23. animation or live action: either

24. paragon or renegade: neither

25. baths or showers: showers

26. team cap or team iron man: TEAM BUCKY

27. fantasy or sci-fi: fantasy

28. do you have three or four favorite quotes? if so what are they: im sure i do but my memory is shit sorry

29. youtube or netflix: both i need to fill the void within

30. harry potter or percy jackson: hp i guess

31. when you feel accomplished: when i make someone happy or laugh

32. star wars or star trek: wars

33. paperback books or hardback books: hardback

34. handwriting or type: handwriting

35. velvet or satin: idc

36. video games or movies: video games

37. would you rather be the dragon or own the dragon: be the dragon, i don’t want to exist in this body anymore

38. learning chinese or learning spanish: learning spanish

my question:

39. what is the best concert you’ve been to? mine is the waterparks concert i went to back in february it was LIT AF take me back!!!!!! such a great fuckin show getting a concussion and going to the er after was worth it. also i met the boys before and after the show, they give the best hugs and are so fuckin nice also geoff liked my triforce earrings ahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh

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I feel like life really messed me up, to think the only way to be alive is constant change and I can’t be still; I either need something to swim to, or something to swim away from. All I know is some people float when they are still; But I just sink
—  WritingsbyAN

Tbh the strangest thing about Americans is out grass-is-always-greener-in-another-country attitude. I mean, sure, there are patriots around but there are a large chunk of us who openly complain about the government and make memes about like, moving to Canada.
But I think one of the most surprising things I ever listened to on the radio that justifies this perspective was about a black woman who moved to France. She said she was treated great- no racism, especially because people saw her as an American first. When she moved there though, became more fluent in French, people sometimes mistook her for African instead of African-American and began treating her worse (because France has its own problems with immigration, just like the us, except it’s generally about Africans).
I thought it was the most interesting story because it shows American privilege, which apparently can trump race. if you vacation somewhere and everyone’s treating you nicely, of course you’re going to think the grass is greener over there.

This is old art but- I saw some salt going around bc twewy wasn’t mentioned which i understand but i didn’t expect it either… I feel like Neku would be slighly salty too :’)

and BONUS bc we all know Sora would:


ok ok wait before you call me crazy

Look at the first picture. It’s really not Sherlock’s usual style of deductions, he doesn’t usually have this sort of very deconstructed thinking. Or at least that’s not how we see it. It’s usually one deduction at a time, written once. Example in ASiB :

It’s one clear deduction, and a simple one. We see the clue, it makes sense. But here in TEH when Sherlock deduces Mary, it’s all kind of fuzzy. All the deductions are written multiple times, he seems to try to make sense out of it under our eyes: in the first screencap, the 12 is supposed to be “size 12″ but that’ll only appear later, it doesn’t make sense yet. Same with “Cat”, “Bakes” “Bread”, “Own”. It’s not assembled yet. What I think is that Sherlock’s mind is a bit muddled at the moment, and it has reasons to be: psychologically, he just came back in London, came back to his best friend, who didn’t react the way he thought he would. Physically, he just got hit 3 times. 

So now look at the second screencap. Sherlock’s trying to assemble all the words in his mind. He put Cat with Lover, Secret with Tattoo. But the words are still floating alone although they have been paired with another. Maybe he’s hesitating, maybe he’s just trying to put them with the ones that make the most sense. I mean, “secret, and “tattoo”? Secret tattoo. Done.

Keep in mind that Sherlock didn’t deduce Mary correctly, as we saw in HLV.

So these little words floating around Mary? Maybe they’re not assembled the right way. Maybe Mary’s got a secret tattoo, it’d make sense considering her past. A secret lover could just as well be possible, though, if you heard of that theory in which the baby’s not John’s, but David’s. 

But if it turns out that this is not true, I still think the writers were playing with us, foreshadowing HLV with these little “secret” deductions, just like with they were with the “liar” deduction:

We’ll see how that turns out in S4, but if it’s proved that Mary has indeed an affair with David, it would have been foreshadowed since that very moment.