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Concept: we all stop saying concept + random things that we should keep to ourselves

Concept: this is a shitposting blog and all types of shitposting are welcome here, even if they make me lose 10 years of my life

i feel like going for a walk, but with someone else. i want to hold hands and go have a picnic. we could draw bad pictures of each other and eat ice cream

I got a Yuuei gym uniform and I’ve been wearing the shirt when I’m lazy to go out and I’ve been getting a lot of compliments on it “Oh that shirt is so cute!” But no one knows that it’s from anime and I’m just a huge fucking nerd

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(1) Whoa. Holy hell, anon. Let me tell you something. It may be hard to believe that muslims aren't out to get you when there are terrorist attacks happening at a faster pace, but here it from a muslim herself. I get sick to my fucking stomach when I see a breaking news headline because my gut tells me it's another asinine person who committed a terror attack, and I, an 18 year old girl who's trying to get through her first college semester, will have to pay for it. How? By people cementing the

2) belief in their mind that Islam is some kind of barbaric cult that’s out to get everyone. It’s not. As hard as it may be to believe that, take it from someone who has studied her religion for years that Islam does NOT support terrorism. Jihad is ONLY permissible when someone invades your land, not for going out and mowing down civilians thousands of miles away from your home. This is the same religion that doesn’t permit you to cut down a tree, let alone a human being. The same religion that

(3) instructs one to respect all the people of the book - Jews, Christians. Perhaps you’ve heard that repeated a hundred times in defense of muslims, yet that is because it is true. They’ve completely bastardized my religion and they would kill me on sight too because I’m a shia muslim and they think shias are “animals”. My country (Afghanistan) has been torn apart by them. My mom’s brother lost a leg fighting them. I feel like vomiting every time a terror attack happens. I want to tell people

(4) I want people to know islam. Doesn’t. Condone. Terrorism. Muslims aren’t evil; the extremist ones are. My dad works hard to provide for his family. I study, worry about my grades, volunteer, watch TV shows. We’re not monsters in a shadow, and please dont let those people warp you into thinking that’s Islam. Please, please don’t. My mosque tells us daily to make sure we always represent the best part of our faith because it’s a bad climate for us, and I try to do my best to let people know

(5) extremists are NOT, N O T, acting in any shape or form according to the teachings of the Quran. Take it or leave it. But don’t ever frame me beside terrorists.

^^ this is very important (sorry it took so long to post!).  Thank you anon.

The Bench

A/N: okay so this is my first attempt at writing anything for peter parker and actually publishing it!! so obviously this is not amazing but i hope that i can continue to write stuff and will grow better. any feedback would be appreciated. and i hope you like it ahhhh

words: 241


She was sitting on the bench with her friends surrounding her. All chatting and laughing. Peter watched from afar, eyes only for Y/N. Ned sighed at his friend and how pathetic he was being. “Dude go talk to her” he said. “Mm…what” Peter replied snapping out of his trance. “You’ve been staring at her for over fifteen minutes, now go” Ned demanded, gently pushing Peter towards their friend.

Peter inhaled and slowly took a step forward. Y/N looked over at him and warmly smiled, “hey Pete” she spoke cheerfully. ‘Gosh her smile is so beautiful’ Peter thought to himself. Suddenly a new found confidence washed over him and he strolled towards her. He sat down on the bench and slung his arm around Y/N’s shoulders, “hey darling” he whispered in her ear with a grin. Y/N’s blush was evident, as she snuggled into Peter’s shoulder in a desperate attempt to hide her pink cheeks from her friends - who had gone silent and were now watching the pair.

“I was wondering if you wanted to come round to my apartment after school and watch a couple of movies” he questioned. Y/N hesitated and Peter’s butterflies returned. “Like a date?” she asked. Peter stuttered “i-it doesn’t h-have to be i-if you don’t want to”. But then Y/N turned her head to face Peter and slowly leaned in to kiss him on the cheek. “I would love to Pete” she said with a soft smile.

I downloaded a bunch of royalty-free/public-domain photographs to make some manips with, because it seemed like it would be a really cool idea.

…It is a cool idea, but I realised that I would much rather draw Cardassians, even if that means I don’t get to quite show off the textures I want to.

So that it doesn’t go to waste, here’s the only part I actually finished before coming to that conclusion. Some Cardassian feet. I didn’t remove the webbing because some Cardassians actually do have a little webbing on their hands and feet - I should post the art of that some time.

I’ve noticed some people get confused by Cardassian hands and feet when I post them - I can see why, they’re pretty weird, especially in some poses. However, they’re based on birds of prey, specifically birds like the Osprey, which splays its talons out in an X shape. Many owls do the same. Cardassians push the mobility a little further due to being a sentient space-faring species, but there is a real-world precedent for feet like theirs. Cross Osprey talons with Gecko feet (in form and function), and there you go. That’s why Cardassian hands and feet are weird.

They probably won’t win hand-modelling contracts any time soon.

So over a year and half ago I got a comment on one of my fanfics stating that story had “structural bumps“ and “consistency issues.”  It broke me.  To be honest I didn’t write for almost year because of that comment.  I even avoided other fanfics because I was so down about it.

I am all for constructive criticism, but that fanfic took me three years to write and put out in the world.  I read it over 100 times and rewrote parts over and over again, before I even posted it to share with people.  I had a timeline and made sure everything that was in my brain went into that story.  I put my heart and soul and into that fanfic.  It is probably one of my most planned (and I mean planned, the folder for this fanfic is has dozens of Word documents with calendars and charts, it’s probably way too much) and favorite fanfics I’ve ever written.

After I got that comment though, I once again re-read my fanfic and went crazy analyzing everything about it.  I made sure everything I mentioned was concluded.  I don’t get many reviews, I never really have, so I suppose that’s why it bothered me so much.  It still bothers me for some reason.

But I am writing again and I just recently started posting a new fanfic, so I guess that’s just how things go sometimes.

    I’m not going to lie, I’m shy. I’m incredibly shy. Although I would personally love to interact with each and every one of you lovely people who follow me ( seriously, you’re all so amazing, I can’t believe all of you follow this silly blog what ), I am an anxious writer who is forever doubtful of who’d genuinely like to interact with me as well, or who would want to see me in their inbox or IM’s, ect. So! With that said, here’s a PERMANENT STARTER CALL. By liking this, it will mean that you are comfortable with me jumping into your IM about plots, sending you memes or even just random things, writing you random starters when inspiration hits, tagging you in posts, & all that fun stuff.

    Along with that, it’d mean that you’re cool with talking ooc as??? what are we all doing here if not having fun & making friends through this beloved hobby of ours???

   If all this is something you’re interested in, no matter what fandom you are or anything of the like, then you’re more than welcome to hit that like button!

imagine seungkwan collapsing into bed the moment he gets home, too tired to even kiss you goodnight. you tilt his face towards you and gently wipe away his makeup before he regrets it in the morning; he’s dead asleep by the time you finish

To be honest, as a bi woman, I don’t think waverly is bi. She is obviously uncomfortable with men in a way a lot of lesbians who suffer with compulsory heterosexuality are. Like maybe she is bi but I feel like her only real genuine, romantic feelings have been with a woman so we should maybe analyze it as Nicole is her soulmate, but also that waverly’s soulmate was always going to be a woman.

I feel like maybe I should consider myself an nb transmasc guy but when I examine my reasoning for it, it’s like ‘all my cishet role models irl have been toxic or abusive to some degree’ and then 'most cishet men are toxic to some degree’ because patriarchy does that,

so like, am I nb, or is it just that most cishet guys suck and I don’t want to be associated with them?

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