i don't like this coloring but idc

I know I sound like a broken record but listen……..listen I will never forgive the SU fandom for the mean things they said about Topaz. You can say mean things about Aquamarine she’s a Bitch and she deserves it but Topaz is just a soft-hearted butch who wants nothing more than to be gay with her fusion gf and in theory y’all would’ve talked up a storm about how great that is but no. y’all turned on her. you preferred Bitch Blue Navi instead


all i have to say is i’m Tired of the fanwar shit. if you don’t like bts, don’t fucking talk about them. if you don’t like exo, don’t fucking talk about them. making comparisons and saying exo fans are “cheating” on exo and “revealing their true colors” by reblogging bts stuff is immature as fuck and i don’t think exo or bts would be very proud of you for doing those things. grow up and learn to accept that people like different things.


Based on this prompt


I know it’s sad that I never gave a damn about the weather
And it never gave a damn about me (x)


So idk if this has been done, but I want to do an ask based off of Josh Dun’s hair colors.

Red : Favorite Twenty One Pilots song

Blue: Ever seen them in concert, if so how many times

Brown: Favorite TOP lyrics

Purple: Is your top otp tyler/josh, debby/josh/, jenna/tyler, or halsey/josh

Bleach Blonde: Favorite TOP video

Pink: Do you have a crush on Josh, Tyler, or both

Green: Person you would like to see TOP cover/collab with

Auburn: Favorite and least favorite thing about the clique