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Nice racism you got there! Does it come in other colors?

I’m not wrong in stating that an underdeveloped character who’s only on screen for 3 minutes wouldn’t be as popular if he’d been played by anyone who wasn’t white. Thems be the facts Deborah. You wouldn’t spare him a single thought, much less write thousands of fics and headcanons based of 3 minutes of screen time. Maybe take a look at yourself and your fandom and figure out why the hell so many of you passed over the main trio (a black man, a latinix, and a white woman) in order to develop a white man who could be replaced by a lamp and no one would know the difference, instead of coming into my inbox and accusing me of racism.

You know you coulda just blocked me and kept it moving if my disliking H*x bothered you so much. But instead of doing that, you decided to hop into my inbox and darken my screen like a fucking goblin. Good day.

Tag game!

Well @hid-dle-ston tag me, thanks hon, so here I go!

rules: answer the questions and tag 20 people.

1. how tall are you?

5ft 3in or 1,60cm I think I’m smoll but Idc!

2. what color and style is your hair?

dark brown and short, like in my shoulders.

3. what color are your eyes?


4. do you wear glasses?

i used to because my eyes get tired but I lost them. So when I get money I’ll buy another.

5. do you have braces?


6. what is your fashion sense?

if I like it and I think I look good I used it. I love wearing shorts and skirts.

7. do you have any siblings?

i do. I have two, one older and one younger both boys. I’m the sandwich!! haha

8. what kind of student are you?

hmm I used to be the one who study and study but it was always hard to get great grades mostly math.

9. what are your favorite subjects?

art, biology, spanish(I live in a country who speaks Spanish so language and literature)

10. what are your favorite tv shows?

friends♡, supernatural, american horror story, sherlock, parks and recreation, orange is the new black, skins, sex and the city. I like watching TV but those stole my heart time ago.

11. favorite books?

where rainbows ends, the shadowhunter saga (I haven’t read all but I can say I truly love them).

12. favorite pastime?

binge-watching a really good tv show or read a book.

13. any regrets?

hmm many things but I wouldn’t know what I know right now if it wasn’t for those things!

14. what is your dream job?

being a photographer, taking a lot of pictures of the world, the true world, the joy and happiness that can gives us.

15. do you want to get married?

yes I do. And like the one who tag me, I also like the idea of being marry to Mr. Hiddleston♡.

16. do you want to have kids? if so, how many?

yes I do. hmm two or three if I’m marry if not only one.

17. how many countries have you visited?

none, hmm I went to an island long time I go, I was like 5 years old, Cayman Island.

i tag @ah-thur @allthehiddlethings @cptainjameskirk @devikafernando @eve1978 @imaginaryboyfriendcollection @mainblog30 @pine-farr @princesschristinepine12 I love everyone of your blogs and I don’t know you so maybe with these we can get to know a little bit. Have a lovely day! (:

appreciate rapper line pls

• appreciate hobi for his dance and his happiness like that boy makes me smile whenever I’m sad or having a shitty day. why say he’s ugly and that his skin color is ugly? tanned idols are beautiful don’t even start me on this. whenever his in v app, don’t suddenly start asking for other members until hobi himself goes to the member gives him the camera and disappears, IT’S HIS SCREEN TIME DO NOT DO THAT!
• appreciate namjoon for his efforts, his intelligence and also for his beauty like why you all say he’s ugly. I would give anything to look like him. did you see his dimples? did you see how angelic he looks whenever he smiles? I feel like whoever calls him ugly needs glasses, bye.
• appreciate yoongi for his passion for music, how he went against his parents who did not agree with his career at the beginning, all the shit he went through as a teenager and maybe is still going but we have no idea. why do people say he’s rude to the rest of bts? he’s not rude you dumbasses, he’s probably the most emotionally connected to the others but he doesn’t show it. he’s had anxiety and probably still has, of course he’s still scared to show emotion and being attacked verbally like he’s being by certain people. appreciate all 7 but give these 3 more credit pls, they feel left out I’m sure of that.


So idk if this has been done, but I want to do an ask based off of Josh Dun’s hair colors.

Red : Favorite Twenty One Pilots song

Blue: Ever seen them in concert, if so how many times

Brown: Favorite TOP lyrics

Purple: Is your top otp tyler/josh, debby/josh/, jenna/tyler, or halsey/josh

Bleach Blonde: Favorite TOP video

Pink: Do you have a crush on Josh, Tyler, or both

Green: Person you would like to see TOP cover/collab with

Auburn: Favorite and least favorite thing about the clique