i don't like this coloring but i'm too lazy to fix it


we’re not pawns of some scripted fate. i believe we’re more. much more… there’s something between us all. something that keeps us together… like… invisible ties, connecting us.

fire emblem awakening opening

I’ve been doodling a lot of my @spicerpuffs fanchild, but I haven’t actually had the time to sit down and do anything good with her until now. I wanted to draw her in the reaper high uniform, and the costume she uses when she does hero stuff (she takes after her mom). I also drew a younger version of her first learning about her superpowers. Also I don’t think I mentioned her name in the first drawing I did of her? It’s Bianca. 

anonymous asked:

would you be able to make a tutorial on how you colour your art? because your style is just simply amazing! (you don't have to worry about it if you can't or don't want to, i just want to say that i'm a big fan of your art)

Something like this is pretty easy to do dw!! Ahh thanks for being a fan ;;v;; I kinda just smiled and spun in my chair when I saw this haha;;;;;

Anyways this is referring to my normal coloring style right?? Not my painting one? If I got the wrong one sorry fdjaklj I’ll show how I colored this Momo doodle under read more \o/

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A continuation of the previous doodle.
I had the sketch laying around for a couple weeks, but I’m just now coloring it because art block. orz

The Camp Out-Imagine #191
  • Luke: Before you started touring with your boyfriend Luke's band, your family had a tradition of an annual camping trip. Every summer you and your dad would throw a dart at a map of the US and wherever it landed, that's where your family drove to for the camp-out. Since it was July and you were still out with the boys, you weren't able to make it back home for the trip, and it really bummed you out. Luke noticed you sulking a couple of times when you thought no one was around and he felt bad, knowing he was the reason you were missing out on something that you looked forward to every year since you were little. So, he decided to do something about it. "Hey, Y/N!" Luke greeted cheerfully as he pulled back the curtain of your bunk to see you quietly reading a book. He gives you a peck on the lips and you can't help but notice the Joker-esque grin he's sporting. You eye him suspiciously and set down your book in your lap. "Hi...?" you reply, sounding confused. "We've got a couple days off," he explains as he starts pulling you down from the bunk and into his arms. "I am aware, yes." "Then back a bag!" You look at him blankly. "Where are we going? We haven't even stopped yet?" "You'll see." The bus stops not long after that, in some random place you've never seen before. You figure you must be somewhere in the Midwest. "So..." you begin, looking over at Luke, the other three boys behind him all wearing matching smiles. "Hey, Y/N!" you hear from behind you. You look over and see your dad pitching a tent and waving over at you, your mom by his side setting up a bonfire. You gasp and look back at Luke, eyes wide. "We're going camping!" he exclaims, stretching his arms out to gesture to the surroundings. If a few tears fell from your eyes, no one could really blame you.
  • Michael: "Come on, Michael. It'll be fun!" you plead, pulling on your boyfriend's arm. "You know I hate being outside. Remember what happened last time?" You smirk at the memory, and try to suppress a grin. "I told you not to antagonize that poor raccoon." "I didn't even do anything!" "...You waved a stick around at it and kept on yelling 'Where's Pocahontas?' at it. You honestly had it coming." He huffs and cross his arms over his chest in response. "I still don't wanna spend the night outside." You sigh and give up, walking toward your room for a nap since there was clearly nothing you were going to be doing tonight. "Alright, Michael," you say in defeat before closing the door. When you rise from your nap later on, you walk out into the living room and give a small yawn that shortly turns into a jaw-drop. "What..." you begin, looking over at Michael trying to set up a tent on his own in the middle of the living room. There's a "bonfire" a few feet away from him that is really two forks and a lighter with a pack of marshmallows sitting next to him. The couch is bare, all of the cushions and pillows set up in a fort-like fashion just in front of it. There are two rolled up sleeping bags sitting next to a couple of lanterns and stuffed animals perched in random places. Michael looks over his shoulder at you, the tent lying limply in his hands, and flashes you a small smile. "I figured we could just camp out in here..." he mutters, a faint flush creeping up his neck, indicating his embarrassment. "As long as you can keep me safe from these ferocious bears," you reply, gesturing to a stuffed Winnie The Pooh sitting atop the television set. "Baby, it's a wild, wild world," he replied with a bright smile. You laugh and go over to help him set up the tent because he is absolutely hopeless at it.
  • Calum: When Calum brings up a camping trip that the boys were thinking of having, you almost jump out of your skin with excitement. "I love camping!" you exclaim, shooting out of your seat across from him at your dining room table and plopping down in his lap. "I haven't gone in such a long time. We have to go!" "I don't know, Y/N," he begins, looking hesitant. You pout and wrap your arms around his shoulders, "Please?" you plead. "Alright, fine, just stop with the eyes!" he says with a chuckle. "Excellent!" you reply excitedly before launching from your spot and sprinting over to your room to pack a bag. "This is going to be great!" All you hear as a response from him is laughter. The next day...there was almost nothing else that could have gone wrong. Your car broke down halfway to the camp-site, so you all had to walk a couple of miles until you found a good spot to set up, that also had cell reception so that you could call for someone to come fix the car, it rained for about an hour, you almost got eaten by a snake("It was THIS BIG! It could have swallowed me whole!" "You're exaggerating, Y/N. But it's okay, you're safe now." "My hero."), you and Calum forgot your sleeping bags in the kitchen, so the five of you had to share one, and if all that wasn't annoying, the tent collapsed on you all in the middle of the night. You all sat in silence under the damp fabric covering your faces before you start laughing incredibly, sending the rest of the group into hysterics. "This is probably the worst camping trip in the history of forever," you state as you all lay out underneath the stars, nothing overhead as you were all too lazy to try and fix the tent back up. "I don't think it is," Calum muses quietly. "How could it not be?" you ask with a laugh. "Because," he begins, looking over at you and reaching for your hand. "I'm with you."
  • Ashton: "Isn't this illegal?" you ask meekly, watching Ashton throw your backpacks over the fence of the zoo. "Only if we get caught," he says with a smirk before hoisting himself over the fence. From the top, he reaches out his hand to help you over, you hesitantly take it and you both make it over to other side okay. "When did you become such a bad boy?" you ask him teasingly, picking your backpack up. "Since you told me you've never been camping before and I realized there's nowhere to go camping in the middle of the city," he explains as he grabs your hand. You walk around the zoo for a bit, looking at all the sleeping animals, as Ashton narrates everything like it was an Australian nature documentary. ("And here we have the ferocious lion. He watches ova the rest of pride as they sleep soundly.") You set up your sleeping bags in the middle of the bird sanctuary and eat s'mores poptarts, since you can't really start a fire in the middle of the zoo, as you look at all of the colorful feathers of the birds. "I think I quite like camping," you say with a contented sigh as you lean your head on his shoulder.
To Caryl or Bethyl? An Introspective Essay with a slight feminist slant

Okay, so to preface this whole thing I will let the following knowledge be known:

I’m a shipper. Always have been, always will be. I’ve shipped popular pairings (Ten/Rose, Ron/Hermione) and crackships (Godric/Jessica, Loki/Darcy). Shipping and I go way back. I even shipped Zutara (gasp!) and still loved Kataang. I never got the whole “ship” wars because it all just seemed like good fun and shipping has given me one of my favorite things: amazing fanfiction. I love well written fanfiction. Shipping has given me some of the best fanfiction I’ve ever read.

Make ships, not war, I always say…

… Well…

until recently that is.

As a long time Walking Dead fan, I have to be honest and say that I started to ship Caryl when I saw the look they shared after Carol took a pickaxe to Ed’s head. The ship didn’t really take off until the infamous Cherokee Rose scene, to be followed by Daryl interfering with Carol’s attempt to reach Walker Sophia. I was a goner…no way I’d ever get off the Caryl ship. I didn’t mind Andrea/Daryl, Michonne/Daryl, even Rick/Daryl, because I still had my ship and that’s all that mattered to me.

So, why does my face automatically scrunch up at the thought of Bethyl (or Deth, which personally I think is a much better ship name because a) its HILARIOUS, b) Isn’t all true love like dying)? I was taken aback.

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