i don't like the way i draw chibis

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I really don't know how to draw chibis do you have any advice? (╯︵╰,)

I pretty much draw everything by approximation but I tried explaining

Please keep in mind the fact that this is just my way of drawing chibis and there are many many different styles.


How I’d draw the members

There are also different ways to deform their bodies. Some people like to draw the legs and hands bigger or to draw the upper body slim and the hips and legs larger

This is all based on the way I draw them so if you ask someone else they might tell you more useful stuff like guidelines but I don’t really use them (especially for chibis) so I can’t really tell you

Hope this helps!

I just wanted to draw delirious and russ in “IT”. You know, they’re both the clown in their own group in a way, but I couldn’t think of anything, so I did this.

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Do you have tips on someone who is not the best at drawing people yet? I like to try to draw them kinda chibi, so its hard to find references and whatnot when you don't actually draw actual proportions :/

oh man dude, don’t give me that

you absolutely have no excuse to not be using reference. chibi or not, you need it. the only way to get better at drawing people is to actually draw people. honestly, my advice would be to draw a bunch of people as you see them from both life and reference first. i know its not fun, but its sure as hell necessary if you want to move forward

plus, once you’re a little familiar with the human body, its hella easy to translate into a more stylized form (chibi and whatnot)

another good thing to consider is that proportions can be tinkered with and adjusted to fit your style, the only thing that really matters is that you are at least consistent. you can get away with murder if you’re consistent. for example:

the little things are what counts. as long as your characters are proportionate within your style then you are absolutely fine

i know this is the same advice you’ll get from everyone, but theres no easy way around it: you just have to keep drawing

In the rain! One of my fave parts of Miraculous was this scene here. So of course I had to draw it! I’ll have a video up tonight!!


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