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Voltron Rebel AU: Keith and Lance

Concept outfit designs.

Can’t wait to do Rebel Klance with @boku-no-heroo at Katsucon 2018!!!

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Ah, missed Pablo already! I really like the way you draw the Judge, you know? I don't know if you already answered this before, since I am new to this blog and I can't find it anywhere, did it take long for you to decide in what way to draw him? Ah, since we're at it now, how did you decide to choose this colouring style for the comic? Did you just roll with what first came up in your mind, or did you experiment first?

No one ever asked, but I did post some old designs before I started drawing him the way I do now back in like 2014.

at first I made Pablo kind of lanky and lean, more like a normal cat. Mostly cause it’s what I usually saw from other artists who I really enjoyed seeing their interpretations. I didn’t like how mine was turning out though. So I ended up looking at the original sprite and drew it more as is. A smaller cat, big head, tiny body. Ended up loving this one way better, and he’s also super cute, But not without a touch of creepy. :)

As for the coloring style. I was originally gonna do my usual old shading, but I always didn’t care for the look of it in my old comics. So I decided to go for cell shading instead, something I was never super use to but I always felt like it worked rather well for comics in general. But I decided this after I already started and as a result, page 2 vs page 3 have completely different coloring styles

Maybe I’ll go back and redraw page 2. idk. Thanks for the great question! :)


And then they fell to the floor

I want to thank @justanothermatsugirl who I love and cherish dearly and introduced me to this wonderful hell :D 

I want to thank @srta-double who is our partner in crime >:D

I’m as much of a slut for enemies-to-lovers as the next person, but if it crosses that one-sidedly abusive line I’m instantly like ‘get it approximately 10000 feet away from me’

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in honor of today’s solar eclipse, here’s this 

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