i don't like the colouring for this though hm

anonymous asked:

Hi viria! I've been watching your blog for a REALLY long time now and I love your art :) I don't mean to insult you, but your drawings are looking more... rushed? like, sometimes the lines don't match and the coloring seems kind of stuck on? ahh, I'm not making too much sense. Don't take my words too heavily, I'm not an artist or anything :P Just something I've noticed in your recent drawings

hm, I’m not sure how many of my ‘recent ones’ you mean as rushed, but the last two were indeed like that haha:D 

If you mean the finished ones that were before those (like selfies and stuff) then I am not quite sure what you mean, so it’s probably the matter of preference…I did change the colouring a bit lately, so maybe that’s why they look rushed to you. Though in this case, they aren’t.

Still I’m not quite sure what exactly you mean, so..