i don't like the coloring at all

Seriously I’m so excited by this photoshop discovery (incidentally, it’s literally just the selective color tool– somehow I’ve never used it before and this is where I’ve been going wrong).

I’m getting rid of all those awkward tints like


I’ve been working on this sheet for daaays and I think this is the final step! It was originally (LOL) only going to be a sketch sheet for lighting practice. Then I’m like “nah, these sketches are too sketchy. let’s just clean ‘em up a bit”, then that lead to “hm… might as well just line ‘em all, I’m pretty much there already”, then I laughed real hard and cried a little during the lighting part. And then last night I was like “woooo time to color! only flats tho!” …then I started a stream and they turned into full color headshots 

My bebies are finished! I learned a lot during this entire process and am generally happy with how they turned out! Thanks @gryffyth and @excessivelybeeping for hanging out in my stream with me!

stay close to me ❄ for annie

all credit goes to the YOI team&nanashinohime


Sometimes I wonder
What’s the reason why
We long for someone to embrace
And say hello to say goodbye

I like how Yuri on Ice chose a person of color to represent America. I like how Leo is a Mexican-American representing America. It’s a nice chance seeing as whenever America is represented in anime it always seems to be someone white.

Plus being Mexican-American myself despite not looking it, it just makes me happy. uwu


Sense8 Season 2 - A Christmas Special

We’re all pretty tight, though we don’t actually know each other. Well, that’s not true…in some ways, they know more about me than anybody. But we’ve never actually met, you know, physically.

Finally got time to redraw what might be my favorite shot in the entire show <3


    the grumpy cat and her blond baes who’ll fly foot-/fist-first into a fight to protect her

Slowly beginning to doubt that Yang and Sun aren’t just not-so-secretly the exact same person.


#dgraymanweek || Day 1: The Voice of Darkness

⤷  Option B: Manga/Anime 2006 or Anime 2016



may have made more skelinktons…because they’re like extremely fun to make…

Their names in order: Kaia, Neon, Stripe + Dot, and then Hal (who most of you probably already know)

I don’t have very much figured out for them yet, but I’ll get to that eventually

Skelinkton concept belongs to the hecking great @7goodangel


we’re not pawns of some scripted fate. i believe we’re more. much more… there’s something between us all. something that keeps us together… like… invisible ties, connecting us.

fire emblem awakening opening



Hey Lydia, you look like… you’re gonna ignore me
i      t  h  i  n  k      i      l  o  v  e  d      h  i  m 
You said… you said, “remember I love you”