i don't like that phase


Brother and sister for life ❤️❤️❤️❤️


David saying “Hello” and “Night-Night” on CBeebies Bedtime Stories

That terato feel when you realize the reason you were so drawn to monstrous, ‘creepy’ characters as a kid wasn’t just because they were cool, but because you had crushes on them



I’m honestly surprised this isn’t talked about more in the Gorillaz fandom. I mean, Murdoc’s entusiasm was actually pretty infectious, he actually speaks French, and, honestly, I thought his outfit was kind of funny.

umm some stuff okayyyyy <3 love u guyssssss  👇

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Wip - Church/Graveyard Combo

Behind the scenes - I’ve just started pulling things from Buy Mode. But this is how I do stuff. That way I only have to cycle through the catalog a few times. I spend most of the time recoloring stuff and changing my mind 10 times. And then deleting what doesn’t fit. 

Gentle reminder that if something “offends you” you are allowed to say it and express why, always in a polite, calm manner. A lot of time people are not even aware that they are doing something offensive. 

However, once you you’ve done that, you can’t:

  • Demand people to change their ways or their space for you
  • Demand others to cater to you
  • Use your victimism to manipulate others
  • Harass or insult them
  • Be an immature, spoiled brat throwing a tantrum every time something is not going exactly like you want it to.
  • Be a dick. 

That is valid for both online and the real world. Specially the latter.