i don't like that martin is there :s

i’m….bond was gone…and q just kept rebuilding the aston martin for him…even though he had no reason to…and then when bond came back he just fuckin…gave it to him and let him go…with this sad little resigned smile…binch…he’s in love…

A Laugh Like Sunshine (Jack Avery Imagine)

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Word Count: 1749

Description: In which a curly haired boy adorned in all black, falls for the laugh of a passerby

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    My jet black Doc Martin’s echoed against the hot pavement with a deafening thud as the boys and I trapesed the boulevard of Santa Monica Pier. We’d been location scouting with management and a few publicists for several hours now, something most musicians won’t share with the public, though it’s a very real and painfully monotonous part of the job. I sighed, running my fingers absentmindedly through my shock of hazel curls that perched atop my head, damp and not nearly as pompous as they’d been at the start of the day, after several hours of constant sun beating down on them.

“Yo dude, how much longer do you think we’re gonna be out here?” I muttered in frustration to the blonde boy beside me. He shrugged, chuckling dryly as he rolled his eyes.

“Beats me, I voted for the first location- ya know, the one we visited 4 hours ago?!” I laughed, nodding as I patted him on the back sympathetically. The locations scouts and publicists walked ahead of us in rigid business suits and pursed lips, clutching a hefty red binder and a clipboard, where locations would either check off their requests, or not. So far- not. Finally, we stopped walking. The publicist who seemed to be leading the pack, Wendy, turned to us, her greying-blonde hair pulled tightly into a bun behind her head and her dark pencil skirt as unyielding as cement when she walked. I sighed.

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9 hours of the 1990s// [LISTEN]

 1990: 1.Groove is in the Heart// Deee-Lite. 2. Vogue// Madonna 3. Ice Ice Baby // Vanilla Ice 4. Tom’s Diner // Suzanne Vega 5. U Can’t Touch This // MC Hammer 6. Man in the Box // Alice in  Chains 7.  Justify My Love // Madonna

 19911. Come As You Are // Nirvana 2. Losing my Religion // R.E.M. 3. Let’s Talk About Sex // Salt ‘n’ Pepa 4. Jeremy // Pearl Jam 5. It Ain’t Over 'Til It’s Over // Lenny Kravitz 6. Motownphilly // Boyz II Men 7. Everything I Do, I Do It For You // Bryan Adams 8. Good Vibrations // Marky Mark 9.Black or White // Michael Jackson 10. Gonna Make You Sweat // C+C Music Factory

  1992: 1.  November Rain // Guns N’ Roses 2. Jump Around // House of Pain 3. I’m Too Sexy // Right Said Fred 3. Life is a Highway // Tom Cochrane 4. Killing in the Name // Rage Against the Machine 5. Nothing Else Matters // Metallica 6. Baby Got Back // Sir Mix-A-Lot 7. Jump // Kris Kross 

  1993: 1. Hero // Mariah Carey 2. Creep // Radiohead 3. Heart Shaped Box // Nirvana 4. Another Sad Love Song // Toni Braxton  5. Whoomp! There It Is // Tag Team 6.  All That She Wants // Ace of Base  7. I Will Always Love You // Whitney Houston 8. Sober // Tool  9. I Like to Move It // Reel 2 Real 10. I’m Gonna Be 500 Miles // The Proclaimers 11. Whatta Man // Salt-N-Pepa 12. What Is Love?// Haddaway 13. Everybody Hurts // R.E.M. 14.  I’d Do Anything For Love // Meatloaf 15. Nuthin’ But A “G” Thang // Dr. Dre & Snoop Dogg

1994: 1. Hurt // Nine Inch Nails 2. Age Ain’t Nothing But A Number // Aaliyah 3. Mr. Jones // Counting Crows 4. I’ll Make Love to You // Boyz II Men 5. Seether // Veruca Salt 6. The Sign // Ace of Base  7. What’s My Name?// Snoop Doggy Dogg 8. I Can See Clearly Now // Jimmy Cliff 9.  Linger // The Cranberries 10.  Basket Case // Green Day 11. Black Hole Sun // Soundgarden 12. Closer // Nine Inch Nails

1995: 1. Don’t Look Back in Anger // Oasis 2. Buddy Holly // Weezer 3. Hold Me, Thrill Me, Kiss Me, Kill Me // U2  4. Gangsta’s Paradise // Coolio 5. You Oughta Know // Alanis Morissette 6. Waterfalls/ TLC 7. Champagne Supernova // Oasis 8. Sweet Dreams // Marilyn Manson 9. Dear Mama // 2Pac 10. Scatman // Scatman John 11. Glycerine // Bush 12. Creep // TLC 13. Beautiful Life // Ace of Base 14. Keep Their Heads Ringing’ // Dr. Dre 15. Boombastic // Shaggy 16.  Fantasy // Mariah Carey 17. Machinehead // Bush 18. This Is How We Do It // Montell Jordan

1996: 1. Killing Me Softly // The Fugees 2. I Believe I can Fly // R. Kelly 3. Ironic // Alanis Morissette 4.  Criminal // Fiona Apple 5. One in a Million // Aaliyah 6. Un-Break My Heart // Toni Braxton 

1997: 1. Anybody Seen My Baby // The Rolling Stones 2. Barbie Girl // Aqua 3. Crash Into Me // Dave Matthews Band 3. Mo Money, Mo Problems // The Notorious B.I.G., Puff Daddy & Mase 4.  4 A.M.// Our Lady Peace 5. Stop // Spice Girls 6. Don’t Speak // No Doubt 7. Hypnotize // The Notorious B.I.G. 8. Mmm'Bop // Hanson 9. Spice Up Your Life // Spice Girls 10. Bitch // Meredith Brooks 11. I’ll Be Missing You // Puff Daddy & Faith Evans 12. Wannabe // Spice Girls 13. One Second // Nana 14. My Hero // Foo Fighters 15. That Don’t Impress Me Much // Shania Twain 16. Torn // Natalie Imbruglia 17. Song 2 // Blur 18. Everybody (Backstreet’s Back) // Backstreet Boys 19. You’re Still the One // Shania Twain 20. You Make Me Wanna… // Usher 21. Lovefool // Cardigans 22. Tearin’ Up My Heart // N'Sync

1998: 1. Good Riddance // Green Day 2. Iris // Goo Goo Dolls 3. My Heart Will Go One // Celine Dion 4. Gettin’ Jiggy Wit It // Will Smith 5. Du Hast // Rammstein 6. Ray of Light // Madonna 7. God Is a DJ // Faithless 8. The Boy is Mine // Brandy & Monica 9. Bittersweet Symphony // The Verve 10. C'est La Vie // B*Witched 11. Sex & Candy // Marcy Playground 12. I Don’t Want  to Miss a Thing // Aerosmith 

1999: 1. Bug a Boo // Destiny’s Child 2. All Star // Smash Mouth 3. …Baby One More Time // Britney Spears 4. Mambo #5 // Lou Bega 5. Show Me the Meaning of Being Lonely // Backstreet Boys 6. American Woman // Lenny Kravitz 7. Say My Name // Destiny’s Child 8. No Scrubs // TLC 9. She’s So High // Tal Bachman 10. Believe // Cher 11. Learn to Fly // Foo Fighters 12. Waiting for Tonight // Jennifer Lopez 13. Genie in a Bottle // Christina Aguilera 14. Livin’ La Vida Loca // Ricky Martin 15. Smooth // Santana ft. Rob Thomas 16. I Want It That Way // Backstreet Boys 17. If You Had My Love // Jennifer Lopez  18. Bring It All Back // S Club 7 19. Larger Than Life // Backstreet Boys

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anonymous asked:

can i just say that i love that you love the illusive man? i feel like he's not appreciated in tumblr's ME fandom which is a shame because he's one of my favs.

I do really enjoy his character! Especially in ME2, which I know gets a lot of hate because it takes the story so far away from the Reaper plot and into Cerberus/Loyalty Missions/Suicide Mission. His backstory is so interesting and sad as hell, and I thought it was a decent twist for Shep to have to align with the bad guys in ME2 because no one else cared. 

I get away from his storyline in ME3 a bit, but that’s mostly Kai Leng’s fault, and the Sanctuary site visit, which honestly made me ill to play through. And the husks scare the shit out of me in that mission. 

That being said, he’s a huge, power-hungry ass trying to rationalise controlling a race that wants to kill everyone so…

I wasn’t gonna make a post about this, especially because I’m not sure it’s my place but like, I’m really uncomf with the idea of excusing Matt Martin because he “might not understand the implications behind the blues lives matters movement” because it doesn’t matter if he “understands” that shit is still racist. Blue Lives Matter was made in direct opposition to BLM, and it doesn’t take someone who is savvy to see that. I think it’s debatable whether it’s equitable to black face (though as a white person that’s not really my place to decide), just id really like for people not to make excuses for him. Like you can still like him and stan him but don’t automatically be like “well maybe he just doesn’t know!!” It’s dangerous, especially considering hate crimes against black people are extremely high in Canada and police brutality is an issue there as well.

gudetamawrites  asked:

🔟 🎊 👄 💥 🌠 👻 🐮

  • 🔟: How many active muses do you have in total?

Uh, thirteen out of forty-four. Active is a relative term though, lmao. 

  • 🎊: Which is your favorite muse?

This is slander. It’s like choosing children. Lyla Martin was my first love, but I probably had the most fun/challenging time playing Vivian Maxwell. In terms of my more recent characters, I’ve got a weirdly large soft spots for Bea Norwood and Reed Rothschild. And I’ve written actual parts of a screenplay about Quinn Evangelakos, so she’s definitely another favorite. I mean, when you make a character they’ve already slotted themselves into your favorites, no matter how shitty or awful they are. Oh! And two characters I’ve never played with anyone but I love to death are these sisters, Josephine Dawson and Nadia Del Olmo. 

  • 👄: Which of your muses would probably get sexual with each other, if they met?

I’m a weird human being so a good amount of them have actually dated/gotten down and dirty with each other. For example: Quinn and Erica Albright dated pretty seriously, Mora Norwood and Madelyn Kraft had a no-strings sexual relationship (fortunately for Mora, unfortunately for Madelyn, who had a harsh case of the Feelings), Will Brady and Bethany Rogers are dating currently, Reed and Indiana Lansing (who I’ve never developed but she’s in my head, you know) used to be married and have a kid together, and I’m pretty sure Beth and Oona had something when they were both stationed in Afghanistan. 

As for randoms, based on personality type? Vivian/Marguerite, Claire/Cam, Bea/literally everyone, Eliot/Leigh, Tai/Sohani… I could go on for a while. 

  • 💥: Which of your muses would you fight with?

If I wanted to get my ass crushed? Vivian, Ivelisse, Nadia, Ulva, or Logan. I think I’d have a chance beating down Amelia, Erica, Will, and Lenora Lee. Oh, and Sohani, but she’s a pacifist so she wouldn’t put up a fight anyways. 

  • 🌠: From what you know of my muse, which of your muses would you reccomend me to play with and why?

I’m gonna give you my spreadsheet so you can take a better look, but you’d probably like Tai, Margie, Cam, maybe Logan or Reed. 

  • 👻: Which is your most mischievous muse?

It’s a toss up between Tai and Reed, though I think Reed wins. 

  • 🐮: Which of your muses is the strongest?

Ivelisse. She’s an Olympian. 

COLLIDE; | an attack on space fanmix.

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halo theme song martin o’donnell | endless brickwall audio | the hex core - pentakillsxy zxyzxy i swallowed hard, like i understood65daysofstatic mind of a beast the glitch mob double crossed brain leaving earth clint mansell collide skillet the humbling river puscifer be brave (piano arrangement) akmigone

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I feel sick. Does this pretty much confirm that it's real, he's left? I could handle a print interview but not a real audio one :/// so many things still don't add up.

Nah, it doesn’t prove anything. Do you remember the Radio 1′s Big Weekend interview and how much they cut the video compared to audio to make it look less suspicious? Everything that was even slightly odd was cut. Like Harry’s “I love him (Chris Martin)” and all the things Liam hinted at, but wouldn’t tell to Scott Mills. Yeah. Also when they give us only an audio, they make sure that we don’t see his body language. Also we can’t tell how many times they’ve rehearsed certain parts, unlike we more likely would be able to tell if it was a video.