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Klance Fic Recs, AU Settings I

Okay so I might end up making multiple parts for AU settings. This one contains mostly occupational/hobby/setting AU stuff. So unless an AU fic prominently featured a certain element, it’ll go on another list. So there are some College AUs, 2 Soulmate AUs, and maybe a few others. 


house on fire by ilgaksu
When Lance McClain is eighteen, he qualifies for the Olympics.

When he’s nineteen, he meets Keith.

Correlation does not mean cause, until it totally does.

your love is bright as ever by aknightley (gymnast!Keith, swimmer!Lance)
A brief interlude in the future of the Olympic AU, Christmas with Keith and Lance and their cats.

“This always looks easier in those made for television movies,” Keith tells Blue, who rolls over and out of his lap, chasing her own bits of tinsel.

In It To Win It by Lucy_Claire
One of two things was happening right now, either Lance was having a heart attack on of the biggest day of his life, or he had just laid eyes on his Soulmate.

Competitive swimmer Lance McClain feels his Timer counting down right when he’s about to jump in the water and finish up his race. He’s faced with two choices in this moment: Continue the race and miss meeting his Soulmate at their fateful time or abandon his life’s work for someone he never met.Lance makes his choice and has to suffer the consequence of never getting back what he missed out on. Or does he?

Ocean Eyes by spacezuko
Lance himself doesn’t even believe in his own abilities. He is drowning in his own pool of desire to be everything that he claims he is. Everything that he wants to be. Keith wonders if he’s broken Lance because he doesn’t say a word, his eyes filled with something opaque that Keith can’t quite pinpoint the meaning of. Lance’s eyes are a deep blue. Not the typical morning sky blue, but the kind of ocean blue one wants to drown in.

With legs like these by Queerswimming
In which Lance finds out that there’s a pool in the castle and challenges Keith to a race.

Lance did NOT think this through. Because not a single thing in this universe could’ve prepare him for the sight of Keith in nothing but a red pair of swimming trunks.

Keith has one arm bend behind his head and stretches it with the other. His back arches beautifully, presenting Lance a perfect view of his well-defined torso. At least the last thing Lance sees right before he dies are those ripped abs.

Mistakes were made by Lynn1998
Lance can’t stand the captain of the football team…so why is he having sex with him?
Part 1 of skinny band nerd takes it up the ass from the beefcake football captain series

Ice Skating/Hockey
On Thin Ice (WIP) by Minadora
Once upon a time, two Canadian nerds decided to start a figure skating au about their two space sons and their wonderful misfit friends. Ten pages of headcanons later we finally put electronic pen to electronic paper and created this monstrosity.

This multi-chapter fic chronicles the lives of a hockey player named Keith who gets forcibly enlisted into figure skating lessons by his brother, Shiro, to “work on his footwork”. There he meets a pompous - yet talented - figure skater named Lance and gets swept away by both the sport and the skater.Enjoy the ride because it’s only just started.

Kiss My Ice (WIP) by delictor
Lance hasn’t skated in a year since the accident that cost him the Olympics. Keith can’t skate for shit but that doesn’t stop him from catching Lance’s attention, even when he can’t so much as stand up after falling on the ice.

‘When a person really desires something, all the universe conspires to help that person to realize his dream.’

“Soon as we’re off this ice you’re dead.” Keith’s threat is an empty one and he knows Lance can tell by the way he laughs at it.
“Serious question though, do you not know who I am?” Lance questions.
“Should I?”
“No, I guess not.” Lance shrugs. “I’m gonna twirl you, okay?”
“No, no don't—wait!” Keith cries out as he’s suddenly viewing the entire arena and his legs go rigid before colliding into Lance’s chest, his chest rising and falling with laughter, hands gripping Keith’s upper arms gently. “Put me back on land.”
“Technically, we are on land.”
“We’re on frozen water, get me off it.”

Quidditch (Non Hogwarts AU)
The Marks We Make (WIP) by wittyy_name
Lance McClain constantly dreams of the day he’ll finally meet his mysterious soulmate. They don’t say much, if anything at all, but they leave him with gorgeous paintings temporarily tattooing his skin. It’s not exactly the situation he hoped for, but when he feels the connection between them, he can’t bring himself to resent them. As much as he wishes his soulmate would just talk to him, he’s resigned himself to being patient. In the meantime, he has a loving family and good friends to help him get by.

Keith Kogane dreads the day he’ll finally meet his obnoxious soulmate. He’s just an art student who’s struggling to find his place in the world. There’s so much he hasn’t been able to control in his life, and the thought of having a soulmate, just another thing in his life which he also has no control over yet can’t do anything about, is a little terrifying. So he ignores the words that occasionally appear on his skin. He has other things to focus on: like being a new student at a big university where his childhood friend and step-brother go.

Surfers (mostly surfer!Lance)
Should I Stand Up on Fear (And Tell You How I Feel?) by Lulatic
“So, it’s really a good thing that Lance got distracted before he dragged you out there with him,” Hunk chuckled. “I guess flirting became more important than your guys’ rivalry.’

Keith blushed again, looking away with a huff. “Yeah, whatever. He’ll probably be distracted long enough that I can go back to the Castle before he decides I need some surfing lessons.”

Pidge laughed, that kind of cheeky giggle that made Keith and Hunk look over at them with wide eyes. Pidge raised a single eyebrow at Keith, grinning mischievously. “Oh, but you won’t be going back to the Castle any time soon, now will you? Not when Lance is out there, soaking wet, wearing nothing but a pair of swimming trunks.”

Pride Tide by lemoninagin
He’d stared up, watched the differing patches of sunlight play the most stunning array of colored patterns across Keith’s pale face as he grinned mischievously over him. Time slowed, his own breathing became laboured and caught in his throat.

“You can teach me, right?” Keith had asked in a shyer voice than usual, brushing the tangled mess of his windswept hair away from his eyes and cocking his head towards the boards.

Save his smile by Queerswimming
Keith wants to protect Lance’s smile and finds his answer at the beach. Starring an awkward Keith, Surfer Lance and Hunk playing a giant ice berg.

Lance caresses the wood gently. His eyes turn soft as he speaks. “My big brother taught me how to build a board.” He laughs softly. “I always messed it up though. I wasn’t patient enough to do it right.“ He taps on the wood and looks at Keith with a sad smile that knocks the breath out of Keith lungs.

“Who would have thought that I would build a surf board in space though.”

He laughs at that but Keith can tell that Lance is faking it. He always can.

Roller Derby
Like Devo by surveycorpsjean
As rival jammers, they’re rough, skating around the rink, giving bruises, bloody noses, broken ribs and snapped fingers-

But when the cops show up, Keith grabs his hand and yanks Lance into the storm drain.

And thats how they start dating.

Purple Lamborghini by warschach
“I need you to focus on this race. No more hate flirting with Keith as much as I enjoy it. I like winning more.”

He scoffed, “I don’t flirt.”

“Then stop saying you’re going to teach him how to ride.”

“I was talking about driving. Duh,” Lance countered with an attitude mastered purely by Valley girls and entitled customers.

“Yea, Lance it doesn’t come off like that at all. It sounds like you’re gonna fuck him.”

“I’m not.”

ARTISTS (also including Musicians and Modeling)

Pretty Boy by MilkTeaMiku (photographer!Keith)
A pretty Spanish boy shoves a bouquet of flowers under his nose and tells him to stop and smell the roses, so Keith does.

Roommates by manamune (photographer!Lance, artist!Keith)
(13:24) Lance: Thank you!! Love you, Keith!!!

(13:55) Keith: I’m screenshotting that for the next time you deny it.

Sight for Sore Eyes by writewild
Photographer!Lance’s deadline for the magazine he works on the side for is coming up really soon, and has to search last-minute photo opportunities soon. One boy catches his eye.

Riptide by songsofthespring (photographer!keith, surfer!Lance)
Keith fumbles with the camera around his neck and lines up a shot. The boy coasting down a wave, one hand kissing the water. Keith zooms in as far as his lens will allow him. Droplets frame the boy’s brown skin and cling to his hair and chest. His eyes, little pinpricks of light from this distance, are nevertheless still recognizably as bright as the ocean itself. It looks like he could be dancing when he rides a wave; every part of his lanky frame seems to merge with the board and the ocean beneath him.

He’s beautiful.

Foreign Scenes (WIP) by bwyn
Lance has been dreaming of travelling since the first time he heard stories from his family as a child. Now, having finally the time and money to do it, he goes on a trip to Europe to see some of the most culturally rich cities on the continent. Except he keeps bumping into the same guy over and over again, in random cities, doing stupid shit, and ultimately dragging Lance into his trouble, too.

Basically an AU in which Lance and Keith become impromptu travel buddies and get into trouble.

7 Days to Fall For You by saiikavon (artist!Keith, ballerina!Lance)

Keith is an art student who mostly keeps to himself, taking note of the beauty in life but keeping his distance from it. This includes the beautiful dancer he sees across the street from his apartment…until a week-long art project pushes him to change that.

(For Klance Secret Santa 2016)

And Now You’re Mine (WIP) by Samyx914 (some artist!Keith)
“No, really. I’ve been thinking about that movie since I got up and that’s the only copy they have and I want it.”

“But, I was faster.”

“But, I want to watch it.” The stranger laughs.

“Well, you could always come home with me to watch it.” He says with a wink.

“Okay.” The stranger’s eyes widen. What the fuck, Keith? No. You don’t go home with strangers… Anymore. 

In which Keith wants to watch a movie, so he goes to find it at Walmart. When there’s only one copy left and someone else picks it up first, his only option is to go home with a stranger. Keith didn’t count on this stranger being so easy to fall for.

Visions by becca2793
"It’s funny, because as a tattoo artist he makes art that lasts pretty much forever – as far as the person who has it is concerned – but a street artist…their art lasts maybe a couple of days.”

Keith comes in for a tattoo; Lance immediately falls in love. With his art. His love for Keith comes later.

Take the Easel Way Out by svensationalist
Oh no, he’s hot, Lance thinks while he’s dying.

(Pidge elbows Lance sharply a little while later. “You’re not dying, dumbass,” they whisper. “Pay attention, the pose started.”)


Written for klanceweek day 1, “Red/Blue”. Art class AU where Lance can’t focus because one of the new life drawing models is too attractive.

Cute as Fcuk by anonymouschupacabra
Even though he had never seen the hot guy before in the year that he’d been going to college, it was like the dam had broken, because Lance saw him everywhere. From the sculpture rooms, to the library, to the cafeteria, the guy was everywhere Lance was, and it only made it that much harder to ignore the hot buzzing he felt inside every time he saw him.

7 Days to Fall For You by saiikavon (ballerina!Lance) see above ^

i bet you look good on the dance floor by xShieru
“So like in 'Step Up’?”
Allura shrugs. “Now that you put it like that - yes. I guess it’s just like in 'Step Up’.”
The smile that she sends Shiro’s way - followed by a shy wave, eugh - is sickening to say the least, and Lance still doesn’t believe in dance camps


Lance McClain’s dancing career begins and ends with Keith.

Keith just wants to find out what Lance’s deal is.

you raise me up by rhapsodyinpink
“What, you don’t think I look like Patrick Swayze?”

Keith snickers. “Absolutely not. You are Jennifer Grey in this situation.”

“That’s a fair point. Nobody puts me in a corner,” replies Lance, nodding seriously, before his expression turns mischievous.

“So then…are you saying you want to call me Baby?”

Keith flushes red, but stands his ground as he leans in closer. “Are you saying you want me to?”

Shut Up and Dance With Me (WIP) by wittyy_name
Lance and his friends have been regulars at the Altea Dance Studio for years. Not just for classes, but to hang out, practice, and spend time with good people who love dancing. Every year, they audition to be one of the few representing Altea at the regional dance competition. Lance always auditions solo, but this year he misses out on auditions and blows his chance to participate. And so does his self-proclaimed rival, Keith.

Luckily, Shiro comes up with a brilliant plan: convince Lance and Keith to audition as a duo.

With a little convincing, and a lot of effort, these two might just be able to pull it off and go to regionals… or they might crash and burn.

That Would Be Alright by icedsonder
And call it spur of the moment, his exacerbated pining over past few months, or even his own alcohol impaired judgment, but Keith let his inhibitions take a backseat as he took a step forward and pressed his forehead against Lance’s to sing his next lines.

“I know I’ll fall in love with you, baby”

Musically Insane by myparadisepalace
It had only taken Lance three days after becoming the blue paladin to realize there were no instruments in the castle. And even if there were, Lance figured they’d be too obscure and strange for him to be able to play.

PROFESSIONS (i.e. cops, doctors, EMTs, waiters)

Counting in Code by DLanaDHZ
There was no one better in the field. The Voltron Force was efficient and deadly, and they took no new recruits. They were hand-picked, and though they didn’t always get along, they were family. Under the stress of a mission, the team counted each other as a way to calm down and focus. But Keith couldn’t count, because counting meant he knew where everyone was, and right now all he had was a pair of bloody dog tags in place of his partner.

blink if you want me by xShieru
He wakes up to Pidge’s face hovering above him. “You gotta stop running into him like this.”
“Dude, he fucking shot me.”
“I know. We saw.”


A hitmen AU wherein two thirsty assholes fall for each other and then jeopardize their respective missions because of it.

Retail/Food (waiters/cashiers/clerks)
Melt With You by dumpsterdiva
If you ask Keith what summer means to him, he’ll say shitty weather, a bag of quarters, sticky blue raspberry kisses, and not-quite-midnight sandwiches.

Summer job AU at the pier feat. Keith as a shaved ice slave and Lance as an aquarium camp counselor.

You Dropped a Bomb by quartetship
Lance loved his job.

OR: The Klance LUSH au

Tollbooth Operator
Drive Me Crazy by battleshidge
Keith stared blankly at the tollbooth operator for a moment before trying to stifle a groan. Somehow, he always managed to get the booth with the flirtatious attendant, a lanky brown-haired man with clear blue eyes and a confident grin. It didn’t matter that he changed what lane he went through—at least three times a week on his way home from work, Keith was forced to suffer through the horrendous flirts that this man tossed his way.

Taxi Driver
Finish What You Started by battleshidge
“You were right,” Keith breathed, looking up at Lance with a fire in his eyes. “I did start this,” he lifted his chin, pressing a soft kiss to Lance’s jaw. And another. And another. Lance thought it was torture—sweet, sweet torture. And then that challenge sparked in Keith’s eyes again as he asked, tone low and resonant, “Are you going to finish it?”

Pizza Delivery
You Stole a Pizza My Heart by KaSaPe
Keith just wanted a pizza. The cute delivery boy with the weird grin and stupid flirting (?) had other plans.

Or: Keith just doesn’t get Lance’s flirting. At all.

six foot dive (WIP) by shizuoh
“I’m bisexual,” Lance says.

Keith furrows his eyebrows. “Good… for you?”

“I’d like to buy you a drink,” he starts, and grins, “and then get sexual.”

Keith shoves him into the water.

(or: lance and his family go to california for a two-month vacation. cue hot lifeguard keith gyeong-kogane.)

Lessons by amycoolz and SylviaW1991
Keith has been nothing but a thorn in Lance’s side since the mullet-haired ass first walked into the classroom. But when he decides to get himself shoved into the deep end and, wow, can’t even swim, Lance has to save his pretty self and then Pidge volunteers him to teach Keith how to swim. Great. Just great.

Racing Heartbeats and Hospital Bedsheets by screwtodayimsleeping (nurse!Keith)
Me: Hunk
Me: Buddy
Me: emergency!!!!
HunkyBae: what’s up, lance? Are they not letting you out of the hospital yet?
Me: the male nurse that took my blood was probably the sexiest person i’ve ever seen
Me: and im literally wearing two sheets as an outfit

BUSINESSES (e.g. Coffeeshop, flower shop, animal shelter)

eyes wide to you with wonder by aknightley
Keith doesn’t dislike his job, but he definitely dislikes Lance. Probably. Maybe.

“Coran thinks you’ll bang at the Christmas party but I think that’s giving you guys way too much credit,” Pidge says thoughtfully. “Hunk is a romantic. He thinks Lance is gonna ask you out any day now. I think he’s got a week or so before he owes me like a hundred bucks.”

“Pidge, what the fuck?” Keith says, flustered. He nudges them again with his foot, this time slightly harder. They scowl at him, swatting him away. “Why would you bet on me and Lance?”
Part 1 of Office AU

Flower Shop
i’ll gift you the stars by Kyoshu_Koi
Flowers and stars. At least they were giving him things he liked.

Cactus by PinkHitman
When Keith moves from the desert in the middle of ass backwards nowhere, to plop in the middle of the big city, he doesn’t expect to instantly grow fond of the tall, endearing, jerk across the street. But it’s hard not to see roses when said person works in a flower shop.

got game by warschach
Lance hates his job until the one day he doesn’t.

you’re so sweet; will you be mine?  by jojotext
A new bakery pops up right across the street from Lance’s bakery.

In which Lance is an idiot, Keith is an asshole, and Pidge is the next Dr. Phil.

nothing’s quite as sweet by dimpleforyourthoughts and thebrotherswinchester
Keith is a barista who hates his job. Lance works at the cat shelter across the street.

SOCIAL MEDIA (Tumblr AU, bloggers, Youtubers, gamers)

you had me at merlot by DJAlien
“Oh my God,” Lance says as he covers his face. Keith’s tinny voice blares from his laptop speakers: “What do you call a fake noodle? An impasta.” See, this joke might have been funny if someone charismatic and charming had said it, but Keith’s flat voice and even flatter expression effectively kidnaps, tortures, and then decapitates any chance of it being remotely humorous.

Keith accidentally starts a YouTube channel. Lance, of course, refuses to be left out. It goes about as well as you’d expect. (Ft. copious amounts of wine and a truly shameless number of references to MyDrunkKitchen, DailyGrace, and general pop culture)

The Boyfriend Tag by theoddpacolypse
Keith and Lance are famous YouTubers, along with the rest of their friends, and though they consider each other “rivals” in some ways, they are actually incredibly close. So close that they are actually dating in secret and constantly dropping hints to their fans, whom desperately want them together.
Part 1 of What Happens on Youtube series

Next Level (WIP) by battleshidge
“Dammit, Blue, don’t die on us yet! We only just started!”

Red’s voice snapped in his ears, and Lance cursed under his breath. He tried to backpedal quickly, but being flat on his back with the enemy looming above made for certain movement limitations. On top of that, he was already injured, and he could see the red patch spreading across his thigh. He could really use some of Hunk’s portable healing pods, that was for sure. And that, Lance observed, was a very nasty looking knife that was about to plunge straight through his chest.

Well, shit.

Effect: +100% Love, -100% Logic (WIP) by manamune
In the real world, Lance is barely making it by in his senior year. He’s failing most of his classes and is only one more fuck up away from being kicked off the swim team.

In the virtual reality game Voltron, Lance lives an entirely different life as the internationally-known Blue, an archer with impeccable aim. He’s filthy rich, has a trillion friends, and is a part of the most feared guild in the game.There’s just one problem: he’s madly in love one of his guildmates, Red.

Things begin to go downhill when a kid who acts suspiciously similar to Red transfers to Lance’s school.

a recipe for two by battleshidge
He wondered, briefly, what the look on Lance’s face would be if he actually did say yes.

It’s Mutual (Follow Back Already) by JessicaMDawn
At twenty-four, Keith decides to figure out what this 'tumblr’ thing is. It’s confusing at first, but Keith learns to have fun with it with help from a few new friends. AKA Keith’s adventures on tumblr.

÷ Sentence Starters
  • "I was born inside a small town."
  • "Friends and family filled with envy when they should be filled with pride."
  • "And when the world's against me, is when I really come alive."
  • "I need to get in the right mind and clear myself up."
  • "I look in the mirror, questioning what I've become."
  • "I'm well aware of certain things that can destroy a man like me."
  • "I am happy on my own so here I'll stay."
  • "I used to think that nothing could be better than touring the world with my songs."
  • "I chased the picture perfect life, I think they painted it wrong."
  • "I think that money is the route of all evil, and fame is hell."
  • "Ain't nobody want to see you down in the dumps."
  • "You're living your dream and this should be fun."
  • "I beg you don't be disappointed with the man I've become."
  • "I guess you know I've been away."
  • "Where I'm heading, who knows?"
  • "My heart will stay the same."
  • "I was younger then."
  • "I found my heart and broke it here."
  • "I can't wait to go home."
  • "I miss the way you make me feel."
  • "We watched the sunset over the castle on the hill."
  • "Had my first kiss on a Friday night... I don't reckon I did it right."
  • "Maybe I came on too strong."
  • "Maybe I waited too long."
  • "Maybe I played my cards wrong."
  • "Baby I apologise for it."
  • "I've been known to give my all."
  • "Don't call me baby unless you mean it."
  • "Don't tell me you need me if you don't believe it."
  • "So let me know the truth before I dive right into you."
  • "You're a mystery."
  • "I have traveled the world and there's no other girl like you."
  • "What's your history?"
  • "Do you have a tendency to lead some people on? 'Cause I heard you do."
  • "The club isn't the best place to find a lover."
  • "Girl, you know I want your love."
  • "Your love was handmade for somebody like me."
  • "I may be crazy, don't mind me."
  • "Boy, let's not talk too much, grab on my waist and put that body on me."
  • "I'm in love with the shape of you."
  • "We push and pull like a magnet do."
  • "I'm in love with your body."
  • "Now my bedsheets smell like you."
  • "Although my heart is falling, too, I'm in love with your body."
  • "I never knew you were the someone waiting for me."
  • "We were just kids when we fell in love, not knowing what it was."
  • "I will not give you up this time."
  • "Darling, just kiss me slow."
  • "Darling, you look perfect tonight."
  • "Well I found a woman, stronger than anyone I know."
  • "She shares my dreams, I hope that someday I'll share her home."
  • "We are still kids, but we're so in love."
  • "I know we'll be alright this time."
  • "Be my girl, I'll be your man."
  • "I see my future in your eyes."
  • "I don't deserve this, darling, you look perfect tonight."
  • "I know I have met an angel in person."
  • "You look perfect tonight."
  • "Baby, I just want to dance."
  • "She shared a cigarette with me while her brother played the guitar."
  • "You know she beat me at darts and then she beat me at pool."
  • "She kissed me like there was nobody else in the room."
  • "I was holding her hand, her hand was holding mine."
  • "I swear I'm going to put you in a song that I write."
  • "You look happier."
  • "I saw that both your smiles were twice as wide as ours."
  • "Ain't nobody hurt you like I hurt you, but ain't nobody love you like I do."
  • "Promise that I will not take it personal if you're moving on with someone new."
  • "You look happier, you do, my friends told me one day I'll feel it, too."
  • "I'll smile to hide the truth, but I know I was happier with you."
  • "Everything's reminding me of you."
  • "You're happier, aren't you?"
  • "I know that there's others that deserve you, but my darling, I am still in love with you."
  • "I know I was happier with you."
  • "I knew one day you'd fall for someone new."
  • "If he breaks your heart like lovers do, just know that I'll be waiting here for you."
  • "Tribal tattoos and he don't know what it means."
  • "But I heard he makes you happy so that's fine by me."
  • "I'm just keeping it real."
  • "I'll be trying not to double tap, from way back, cause I know that's where the trouble's at."
  • "Let me remind you of the days when you used to hold my hand and when we sipped champagne."
  • "I guess if you were Lois Lane, I wasn't superman, just a young boy trying to be loved."
  • "If it was meant to be, you wouldn't be calling me up trying to fuck."
  • "I'm positive that he don't wanna know about me."
  • "I know you're missing all this kind of love."
  • "In the back of the club kissing a boy that ain't him."
  • "You're still a young girl trying to be loved."
  • "When you're with him I know you're lonely."
  • "Please, remember you're still free, to make the choice and leave."
  • "She is the sweetest thing that I know."
  • "You should see the way she holds me when the lights go low."
  • "Oh we're in love, aren't we?"
  • "I feel safe when you're holding me near."
  • "Love the way that you conquer your fear."
  • "You know hearts don't break around here."
  • "Spent my summer time beside her, and the rest of the year the same."
  • "She is the lighthouse in the night that will safely guide me home."
  • "I'm not scared of passing over or the thought of growing old, because from now until I go, every night I'll kiss you."
  • "We could change this whole world with a piano."
  • "I'm just a boy with a one-man show."
  • "Love could change the world in a moment."
  • "The revolution's coming, it's a minute away."
  • "I know, I'm all for people following their dreams."
  • "The future's in the hands of you and me."
  • "You are the one, girl."
  • "How would you feel, if I told you I loved you?"
  • "So tell me that you love me, too."
  • "We were sat upon our best friend's roof, I had both of my arms round you, watching the sunrise replace the moon."
  • "We were sitting in a parked car, stealing kisses in the front yard."
  • "I'm in pieces, it's tearing me up."
  • "A heart that's broke is a heart that's been loved."
  • "I hope that I see the world as you did."
  • "A life with love is a life that's been lived."
  • "I've got two left feet and a bottle of red wine."
  • "We're going somewhere where the sun is shining bright."
  • "You're like something that God has sent me."
  • "I lost my shoes last night, I don't know where I put my keys."
  • "I get lonely and make mistakes from time to time."
  • "My heart is breaking at the seams and I'm coming apart now."
  • "Always say what's on your mind."
  • "I was twenty four years old when I met the woman I would call my own."
  • "Her daddy said, 'No, you can't marry my daughter.'"
  • "I'm gonna marry the woman I love."
  • "Never had I seen such beauty before."
  • "I never worried about the king and crown."
  • "I gave all my oxygen to people that could breath."
  • "I gave away my money and now we don't even speak."
  • "I drove miles and miles, but would you do the same for me."
  • "Life can get you down so I just numb the way it feels."
  • "I drown it with a drink and out of date prescription pills."
  • "All the ones that love me, they just left me on the shelf."
  • "So before I save someone else, I've got to save myself."
  • "I'm here again, between the devil and the danger."
  • "Before I blame someone else, I've got to save myself."
  • "Before I love someone else, I've got to love myself."
The Main Event

A Journeyman drabble of chapter 26

Harry didn’t have much experience planning dates. Up until this point he’d been more of a ‘charm a woman during pub night with the lads or on the rarer occasion when he was dragged to a club, go back to her place, have sex, say thanks, and leave’ kind of guy. There were never any expectations or disappointments for any party involved but he still felt pretty shitty afterward.

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Title: NA Attendee

Character: Charlie Peters

TV: Shameless

Warnings: SMUT!

Photo/GIF credits go to the original maker/owner

°Charlie Peters falls for a NA attendee who hasn’t been on drugs. Maybe smut.

Charlie Peters watched as Y/N Kline filled the coffee and snack station. She did it routinely every week, making sure that everyone had their favorites.

Sometimes she even baked. Let’s just say that those were his favorites. The woman certainly knew her way around a kitchen.

When he first met Y/N, he was dumbfounded as to why she was attending NA meetings without ever having taken drugs.

When she tearfully introduced herself, talking about how she lost her cousin to drugs, his heart broke and slowly, but surely she worked her way through his wall without even realizing it.

Taking his hat off his head, he shoved it into his jacket pocket and approached Y/N.

“Hey, Y/N,”

She stood from her squatted position and smiled brightly at him, “Hey Charlie!”

Coming around the table, she gave him a big old hug, kissing his cheek.

Charlie loved the smell of her, cashmere and fresh laundry.

“How are you?” she asked, setting out some Styrofoam cups.

Charlie shrugged a shoulder, “Not too bad. Restaurant is keeping me busy.”

“I’ll have to stop by and see you, Charlie,” Y/N smiled.

Charlie ran a hand over his jaw, “I’d like that,”

Freddy, a new member and a worn out user, came up to the station, shaking uncontrollably.

“You alright Fred?” Y/N asked.

He grumbled, sneering at Y/N, “Mind your own business ya damn cunt!”


“Watch it Fred!” Charlie stood at his full height, balling up his fists.

“Fred, I have to call your parole officer,” Y/N said, sternly.

Fred, threw his coffee down, his eyes wild, “You goddman narc, I’m gonna fucking kill you!”

Fred grabbed Y/N before Charlie could reach her and slapped her full force.

Charlie saw red as Y/N’s head snapped to the side. With a swift kick, Y/N got Fred in the gut, sending him right into Charlie’s grip.

One of the others must have called the cops, seeing as one was running into the church, his gun drawn.

Everything stopped and Freddy was handed over to the police.

Y/N was nowhere to be found once the statements were taken. Charlie wanted to check on her, but this needed to be addressed with group.

He sighed as he sat down in his chair. He’d just have to search for her later.
The second he stepped foot into the restaurant, Minnie, a young waitress and ex-junkie ran right into him.

“Woah, you alright Min?”

She nodded, looking back at her tables, “Yeah. Listen, there’s someone waiting to see you in your office.”

Charlie’s brows furrowed, “Okay, thanks,”

Heading straight to his office, he opened the door to see Y/N sitting in his chair. She stood the second he came in.

“Hey,” she greeted.

He squinted, seeing the angry red and purple mark on her cheek. Pushing his glasses up on his nose, he walked to her, his long fingers lightly touching her bruised cheek.

“That son of a bitch,” he said, his voice deep.

“Charlie, I’m-” Y/N paused when her eyes stared into his.

Running his index finger down her cheek, he used the single digit to tip her chin up. Her cheeks reddened as she looked down at his mouth.

She rolled her lips, right before Charlie kissed her.

The kiss was light, barely even there, but it was enough to awaken something primal from deep within him.

He pulled back and they stared at each other for a split second before Y/N pulled his lips back to hers.

Charlie moaned, their kisses urgent with need. He walked Y/N backwards until her bottom bumped his desk.

The table was at a perfect height that it wouldn’t take much maneuvering to get situated.

The second that she rolled her hips against his erection was when he was ready to throw in the towel.

Without any prompting, Y/N began to unbuckle and unbutton his jeans.

“You don’t -” he started, but his words were cut short when her warm hand wrapped around his length.

“Uhhh, fuck,” Charlie moaned, putting his forehead on her shoulder.

Her breathy chuckle had him looking up at her. Charlie reached for her pants, unbuttoning and pulling them down her hips.

Y/N wiggled her legs and feet, getting her shoes and socks off at the same time as her jeans.

“Give me a lift?” she asked on a whisper.

Cupping her ass, Charlie lifted her, sitting her rear down on the edge of the desk.

He couldn’t think straight as she kept pumping his hardness with soft but firm strokes.


Propping her leg up on the arm of his chair that was to the right of him, she wrapped her other leg around him, guiding him to her center.

She guided the tip of over her wet folds and he was done for. His body was shaking and a sweat was breaking out at his hairline.

When she slid the helmet of his length into her entrance, the sound of him sinking into her and her gasp nearly had him coming hard.

“Oh my god… Charlie…” Y/N moaned, rocking her hips against him.

He growled as he took her lips in a harsh but delicious kiss. Pushing his hips forward, he was fully engulfed by her warm, wet center.

There was no need for quick snaps of the hips, no harsh thrusting or even dirty words exchanged to get them to the point of no return.

Just simply rocking against one another, her tight walls cradling his hardness and her depths filled to the brim of his manhood.

He pulled her closer, letting her roll her hips and her clit finding friction against him. He was so close and could feel her heavy pants as she neared.

Y/N kissed her way to the scorpion tattoo on his neck and he nearly froze. It was a reminder of his stupid, drug filled years and now was most definitely not the time to be reminded of it.

Y/N did something that no other woman had even fathomed of doing. She ran the tip of her wet tongue over the tattoo, tracing the outline of the tip of the tail.

When she gave a nip and kissed it loudly, Charlie came hard, shouting out a groan as he rolled his hips against her.

“Charlie, don’t stop, please!” Y/N begged.

As his orgasm continued, he reached down and applied a slight pressure to her bundle of nerves.

“Uh, holy-” she gasped, her hands gripping his shoulders as her body went taut with extreme pleasure.

Charlie held Y/N to him, gathering her up when her body went limp after her orgasm.

She weakly held onto him, pulling back slightly to give him a content smile.

Charlie’s chest moved with quick breaths as he placed some wild, loose hairs behind her ears.

“That was the most intense orgasm ever,” she said in awe.

Charlie chuckled, accepting the kiss that she was offering him.

“You don't…?”

She shook her head, running her fingers through his hair, “Most definitely do not, Charlie.”


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Hi i hope you don't mind me asking but could you do a hc where RFA + V and Saeran react to MC having glasses, braces, and ironically tattoos? I love you blog so so much :) -anon with anxiety

I’m glad you enjoy my blog ^_^ I have anxiety too so I know that asking things is scary even on anon sometimes, thanks for your request, hope you like it :) 


  • Loves MC’s appearance so much, it’s such a geeky style, he’s obsessed with it
  • Gushes over MC’s tattoos(he always wanted to get one but was afraid it would hurt too much)
  • He wears glasses too so they could get matching pairs
  • Stylish couple
  • Thinks MC’s braces are cute, especially if they have these colorful rubber bands on them


  • A bit jealous of the tattoos(he wanted to get one during his motorbike years but thought that could interfere with his career)
  • Jokingly asks MC to get his name tattooed on them
  • Albinos usually have bad vision so I think Zen wears contacts(isn’t there this one CG of him wearing glasses though? Guess he just prefers contacts)
  • Doesn’t really have an opinion on the braces but reassures them if they’re self-conscious about them
  • They’re temporary anyways + isn’t it trendy nowadays to have braces?


  • MC tries her glasses on out of curiosity and it turns out Jaehee has perfect vision
  • She likes the fact that MC has braces because kissing feels more interesting to her 
  • Loves MC’s tattoos but a bit concerned if they’re in visible places because they are against dress code in many workplaces


  • Mesmerized by MC’s tattoos
  • Nobody from his social circle has them so he’s very curious
  • Asks a ton of questions
  • “Did it hurt? What’s the meaning behind each one? Are you planning to get more?”
  • Doesn’t mind the braces but if MC is self-conscious about them he offers to change them to those invisible or the ceramic ones
  • Orders a bunch of differently-rimmed glasses to coordinate with MC’s outfits(he loves picking out MC’s outfits as well)


  • It’s canon that he has at least 3 similar, but slightly different pairs of glasses extra af
  • One time he put on MC’s glasses by mistake and thought his eyesight became better because he couldn’t see anything while wearing glasses
  • Jokes about MC being his metal/robotic 606 because of the braces
  • Loves MC’s tattoos(he’d prefer to be the only one who can see them though)


  • Traces over MC’s tattoos and asks to describe each of them to him
  • Only noticed the braces when he and MC were making out because something felt odd
  • Didn’t realize what it was at first but didn’t comment on that anyway
  • MC talked about getting a laser surgery for themselves to convince V to fix eyesight(#makevgeteyesurgery2017)


  • Loves the fact that MC has tattoos
  • They could get some matching ones(edgy, not cheesy)
  • One time he hid Seven’s glasses to get back at him for pulling pranks
  • Turned out it was MC’s glasses
  • Saeran gave them a tub of his favourite ice cream as an apology
  • Loves MC’s braces(hell yeah more metallic accessories)
Don't Leave Me Heere Alone


In this i see Jeremy as asexual, he still masturbates and thinks about sex but when put in a sexual situation is uncomfortable. also all off the dialogue in the first scene is straight from the script.

Work Text:

Michael burst into the hospital room and collapsed on the floor next to Jeremy’s bed. He knew that when Jeremy woke up he would probably kick him out because he made it obvious that he wasn’t cool enough for him now. He understood, he liked out of print games and retro skates, Jeremy probably resents the matching Pac man tattoos, a symbol to their uncoolness. He knew he would be kicked out when Jeremy woke up but for now he just needed to be there to reassure himself that Jeremy was alive. He came back every day just to continue to be sure that he was okay. Sometimes he would talk to Rich, who lay in the bed next to Jeremy’s. Some days he just sat there silently watching over Jeremy to make sure he was okay.
Today he sat holding Jeremys hand and stroking his hair gently. Eventually Jeremy began to shift and mumble. Michael didn’t want to be there when he woke up. He didn’t want to hear Jeremy call him a loser and tell him to leave again, he can’t. So, he stands and flees the room, just like he always does any time there’s a chance Jeremy might wake up.
“Hello?” Jeremy said trying to sit up, “Ow. Ow ow ow ow ow.”
“Feels like you’re missing a part of yourself, doesn’t it?”
Jeremy jumped, “…Rich?”
“Hurts like a motherfucker too,” he pauses, “Be honest, what are they saying about me at school.”
Jeremy tried not to visibly wince.
“That bad?” he asked.
“Sorry,” Jeremy mumbled.
“Sorry?” he said laughing, “I’m finally free of that shiny happy hive mind! When I get outta here, the ladies are gonna learn to love the real Richard Goranski,” His entire face lit up as if he realized something, “and the dudes. Oh, my god, I’m totally bi!”
“You’re squip’s gone? But how?” Jeremy stuttered.
“Ask your buddy. Anti-social headphone kid? He’s been by like a ton, by the way. What is he, your boyfriend?” Jeremy must have grimaced because Rich quickly added, “No judgement. Just curious. Totally bi now.”
Michael came striding into the room as he said this, “I’m sure some special someone will be lucky to have you, Rich,” Michael stated.
“You think?” Rich says hopefully. Michael smiled fakely and slid the curtain shut on Rich.
“What happened? All I remember is that noise, and…”
Michael cut him off noisily, “Oh man, it was genius! They were communicating with each other – they were linked! Which means… when you consider the kind of high-frequency sonic disturbance needed to wipe a system that powerful…”
Jeremy flinched as Michael’s voice had slowly made his head pound, “Michael. My head still hurts.”
Michael deflaughted. He needed to calm down, be more chill, “Right, ah… turns out you didn’t have to destroy every squip. Just one. And the rest,” he began making exploding noises. He was being so uncool. Jeremy probably wanted him to shut up. What was he even doing? Lame exploding noise, god Jeremy was going to leave him again. Why had he even come? Why was he even still talking? Oh, god why was Jeremy looking at him like that?
“I don’t get it,” Michael flinched preparing for Jeremy to tell him to leave, call him a loser, “After everything I did… you were still there for me. Why?”
Oh, that wasn’t what Michael was expecting. He told him about how his dad had persuaded Michael to help which lead to Jeremy’s dad coming in. They began talking and it became clear he wasn’t needed so he slowly walked out.
Jeremy was coming over for the first time since he had been released from the hospital. What if Michael screwed up? What if Jeremy left again? He couldn’t lose Jeremy again, he needed Jeremy. He tried his best to make his basement look cool but he had no clue what was cool. What if Jeremy thought video games weren’t cool? Of course, he did they weren’t cool. What will they do? He should have looked more into what was cool. Who was he kidding Jeremy was going to take one look at the basement and leave. He deserved to be alone if he couldn’t have been cool enough for Jeremy.
His thoughts were cut off by Jeremy’s voice, “Hey Michael,” and there he was standing there with a half-smile and his arms wrapped around himself.
“Hey buddy,” Michael said trying to appear relaxed. If he knew one thing it was that freaking out was not cool.
Jeremy stood there awkwardly rubbing the back of his neck, “So what do you want to do?” he asked.
Was this a test? Was he going to leave if he said the wrong thing? He didn’t want to lose Jeremy. He had missed him so much he couldn’t lose him again. He wouldn’t survive losing him again. Fuck he was freaking out, that wasn’t cool. Jeremy was going to leave.
“Michael, I’m sorry. What did I say?” he said quickly rushing towards Michael and placing his hands on his arms.
“I’m sorry, you can go,” Michael stuttered out gasping for air.
“I’m not leaving you while you’re having a panic attack Michael. What happened? Did I say something?” Jeremy said.
“I’m sorry,” he said stepping back, “I’m sorry.”
“You didn’t do anything,” Jeremy said softly, “Please tell me what’s wrong. I want to help.”
“I’m sorry, don’t leave,” he gasped out between sobs, “…be cooler… I’ll learn… please don’t… again,” quickly becoming unable to speak due to the rate of his breathing.
“Oh, oh Michael,” Jeremy said pulling Michael to him, “I’m so sorry. I’ll never leave you again. Oh, god Michael, I didn’t realize. You don’t need to be cooler. You’re perfect,” he rubbed slow soothing circles on his back.
“…sorry…don’t leave…sorry,” he clung to Jeremy grabbing fistfuls of his shirt and burying his face in Jeremy’s neck.
“I won’t, never again,” he said holding him as tightly as he could, continuing to rub circles on his back, “I’m so sorry, Michael. I wish I could take it back. I’m sorry,” he buried his face in his hair and inhaled slowly. He smelled like he always did, a mixture of weed and hot Cheetos.
He suddenly retracted Jeremy, “I’m sorry. I got your shirt all wet and gross. I’m sorry I’m being such a loser. I’ll stop and learn to be cool. I’m sorry,” he wrapped his arms around himself.
“No, Michael listen to me,” he said stepping forward and cupping his face in both his hands, “You don’t need to be cooler and don’t ever call yourself a loser ever again. You are the coolest person I know. I’m so sorry. I should have never left you alone or said those horrible things. You never deserved that. I’m so sorry.”
Maybe it was Jeremy telling him he was the coolest person he knew or the fact that he was cupping his face and was so close but whatever the reason Michael made one of the stupidest decisions he could have made. He surged forward and kissed Jeremy firmly on the lips. Jeremy froze, inhaling sharply, his eyes growing wide. They sat their lips pressed together awkwardly neither moving until Michael pulled back suddenly.
“Oh, my god I’m so sorry. You can just go. I’m sorry,” Michael stuttered stepping backwards.
“Wait no Michael, I’m not going to leave. Why did you kiss me?” Jeremy asked.
“I wanted too?” Michael said although it came out as more of a question than anything.
“Why would you want to?” Jeremy asked.
Michael was taken aback by the statement. Was this a test? He had nothing left to lose. He might as well just tell the truth, “Because I’ve been in love with you for like seven years,” he said chuckling slightly.
“You what?” Jeremy said.
“I’ve been in love with you since we were like nine, probably earlier we were just nine when I realized,” he rambled.
“Oh,” he said.
“I’m sorry?” Michael said not knowing what else to say.
“No don’t apologize,” he said still looking shocked.
“Are you okay? You kind of look like I broke you,” Michael said laughing awkwardly, “Are you sure you don’t want to leave? I’ll understand.”
“No, I’m just processing and I’m also slightly scared this a dream and if I do something I’ll wake up,” he said finally looking up at Michael, “The squip said that I needed to get over my feelings for you. You’d never like me back but you, do you have for a while, and oh god I called you a loser and left you alone in the bathroom. I made you think I was going to leave you again. I’ve been nothing but horrible to you. Why do you stay with me? I don’t deserve you,” he said softly.
Michael laughed, “Of course you do. Why would I deserve you?”
“Are you kidding? You’re awesome dude,” Jeremy said, “I’d say you’re a good kisser too but I think I’ll need more data for that,” he said smirking at Michael through his eyelashes.
“Oh yeah,” Michael said smiling back.
“Yeah,” Jeremy stepped closer.
“Well you never want to do something without enough data,” he says leaning forward.
“Never,” Jeremy replied closing the distance between them. Jeremy’s hands went to Michael’s waist pulling him closer. Michael laced his fingers into Jeremy’s hair. They stumbled backwards until they hit Michael’s bed Michael sat down and pulled Jeremy into his lap. He ran his fingers through Michael’s hair. Michael hummed and sucked Jeremy’s bottom lip into his and biting down slightly. Jeremy gasped pulling himself to closer to Michael.
“Fuck,” Jeremy said pulling back gasping for air, “I’ve thought about this for so long.”
Michael moans and pulls Jeremy down so they are laying on his bed with Jeremy on top of him, “God why didn’t we do this sooner? How can you possibly be so attractive? Fuck, I love you,” he said pulling their faces together again.
Jeremy pulled back and sat up. Michael sat up with him.
“Hey are you okay?” Michael asked carefully running a hand over his cheek.
“How far do you want to go with this?” Jeremy said quietly.
“How far do you?” Michael responded carefully.
“I don’t want to, uhm, have sex. I thought I did but then the squip forced me into a sexual situation with Chloe and all I could think was that I didn’t want it,” Jeremy stumbled out.
“We don’t have to and never will do anything that makes you uncomfortable. Is this okay, what we were doing,” Michael asks carefully taking Jeremy’s hands.
“Yes, yes, I would have said something earlier if it wasn’t. I just don’t want to actually have sex,” Jeremy said.
“Okay,” Michael said softly, “If I do something that makes you uncomfortable tell me. I only want you to feel safe around me,” he softly pushed a stray piece of Jeremys hair out of his face.
“I do,” Jeremy said calmly, “I can’t ever imagine you putting me in a situation I’m uncomfortable in and I know you’d never do that intentionally but I promise if it ever happens I’ll tell you. I love you,” he said placing his hand on Michael’s cheek and kissing him gently.
“I love you too,” he says when they pull back.
“Can I spend the night?” Jeremy asked, “I kind of already told my dad I probably would be,” he said blushing and looking away.
“Yeah of course,” Michael said checking the time, “It’s getting late. Do you want to lay down?”
“Yeah, sure,” Jeremy replied.
They lay there curled together for a while not really needing to talk having missed just being in each other’s presence. It wasn’t perfect, life never is, but it was theirs and that’s all that mattered to them in the end.

BONUS // Q&A with Christian Yu
  • Christian and you have been spending so much time on Youtube. Watching everything from puppy videos to conspiracy theories. Christian then suggested to you that he wants to do a Q&A with you. He even printed out the questions so he knew you would say yes anyway.
  • Christian: C’mon babe, it would be fun and the fans will get to know us better. Pleaaaase.
  • You: Okay fine but you owe me something.
  • Christian: Awesome! The first question is where did you two go on your first date?
  • You: First date? I think we had dinner Jamie's Italian.
  • Christian: Yeah the one near Circular Quay and after that we went to check out the lights because Vivid was on. Oh and all of this is back in Sydney btw.
  • You: Mhmm. What's the next question?
  • Christian: What are your thoughts the first time meeting each other?
  • You: We actually met at Boost. We were waiting for our drinks and funnily enough, we ordered the same one. The girl called out the drink and we both went to grab it. Christian then insisted I take the drink so I did. I thought oh what a gentlemen, he's so sweet.
  • Christian: What did you do after you took the drink?
  • You: I said thank you.
  • Christian: Yeah and you just ran off.
  • You: I had a train to catch.
  • Christian: So rude babe.
  • You: So that was your first thought of me? Rude?
  • Christian: Nooo, I saw you standing there and I thought oh hey, this girl has good taste in clothes. I remember because we were wearing the same type of sneakers.
  • You: Nice save.
  • Christian: What is the most romantic thing that I have done?
  • You: I really loved it when you took me here for the first time. It was the afternoon and the sun was setting. The view out of this window was amazing! And you had like scented candles all around the place. Another bonus was you made dinner and DESSERT that night.
  • Christian: Yeah, you know that dessert was a fluke. I definitely did not expect the cake to rise because I added too much flour and little baking soda.
  • You: It was really good. So what are each other’s worst or annoying habits?
  • Christian: You babe have the habit of leaving the cupboard doors open. Like it's not fully closed or opened. Just like a few centimeters away from it being fully closed. Why don't you use a tiny extra effort to make it close all the way?
  • You: Er I wouldn't be bashing me with my habit, Mr. Always leaving the bathroom lights on. And Mr. Always Spending So Much Time On His Hair. Your hair is always fine babe.
  • Christian: Fine, guess we're both bad. The next question is what is your ideal date night?
  • You: We tend to have dinner at home then take a stroll. I remember that time when our stroll lasted until 3am.
  • Christian: Yeah, I remember that. And it's nice walking around at night because I like to shoot short videos on my phone. You guys probably can see them on my Instagram.
  • You: You included this next question?
  • Christian: I didn't read the questions beforehand. I just printed them straight off the net. What is it?
  • You: Are there any weird fantasies/kinks that you have or into?
  • Christian: OHHHH. I see what you mean. Do you want me to address this babe?
  • You: Yeah but keep it PG.
  • Christian: PG? I'll try. Umm we do a lot of erm you know, sexting, dirty talk and sometimes foreplay. That's all I'm gonna say.
  • You buried your face behind Christian's back.
  • Christian: Alright, glad we got that out of the way. The last question is do you have any funny, embarrassing sex stories?
  • You: Babe, you take this one as well.
  • Christian: Umm funny, embarrassing sex stories? Only one comes to mind. Okay so we were on the bed, this one behind us, and I was um going down on [Y/N] but my back was facing this wall. So like you couldn't see anything besides the back of my back and [Y/N]'s legs. Anyway so after the deed was done, we cleaned up and stuff then I realised my laptop's cam was still on. I was doing a short recording of Lori trying to jump on the bed before we did it and I forgot all out it. Turns out, it was recording the whole thing. So being me, I actually made a short time loop of me and [Y/N], you know just me going down on her.
  • You: I still can't believe you name that file as TEST01.
  • Christian: I wouldn't think anyone would open it.
  • You: But who opened it babe?
  • Christian: Dabin. Well I didn't expect him to open that file, not my fault. He thought it was a test video for his new mv. I should've filed that video in my personal folder and not on the Desktop.
  • You: Take notes for next time then.
  • Christian: Next time aye? Anyway Dabin couldn't even tell it was us.
  • You: Are you sure? Your tattoos and that painting on the wall would have given it away.
  • Christian: Well he hasn't said anything so let's just say Dabin didn't see anything.
  • You: Is that all the questions? I'm hungry now.
  • Christian: Hmm yeah, that was the last one. Want to you wanna eat?
  • You: Pizza and let's watch Back to the Future?
  • Christian: That's my girl.

eene-fangirl  asked:

Either 1. Do an analysis on the scene from A Fistful of Ed where Eddy sticks up for Edd. Starting from after Kevin leaves the scene to the end when the Ed's are sharing hotdogs. Or, if you don't wish to do an analysis (But, still think about doing an analysis) you can answer this question. What is your favorite thing about Eddy sticking up for Edd in a Fistful of Ed? *Look at the post on my page if you have any questions.

I love this scene SO MUCH!  I’m gonna do this under the cut, I don’t have time to comment on everything right now so I’ll add a few more comments after I get dinner.

These screenshots are from a folder I made forever ago labeled “Raw Eddy” because I LOVE the way Eddy’s rage from over the entire series finally boils over (pretty literally, the animators rev up his boiling outline to an extreme twitch before he erupts) and all that frustration turns out to be the group’s secret weapon against their biggest enemy at that time.

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anonymous asked:

I want to start following God but.. I'm someone with boy parts who doesn't want boy parts. I've always held a grudge against God for not creating me as a girl. What do I do? How do I create a relationship with Him again?

Perhaps part of your journey with Him is finding yourself, which you’ve done. 

I’m probably going to get a ton of heat from other Christians / Catholics for saying this, but to heck with it.

God cares about your soul. Our bodies are just temporary vessels, like cars. People decorate their cars however they want. They’ll custom-fit them, get cool spinners, repaint, redo the interior and so forth. If God cared so much about our bodies being perfect, He would be turning away everyone who has tattoos or piercings. He would be shunning anyone who had surgery. Anyone who had organ transplants, amputations, cosmetic work, etc. Also, people who have permanent fire or chemical burns that leave permanent scars.

All of those things alter our bodies too, but people lose their butts if somebody dares to change their outward appearance to match their gender. 

So be who you are. So what if your gender doesn’t match your genitals? I don’t think God cares about that. He care about you loving Him and loving others. Also, love yourself. If making changes to your body so it matches your mind will help you do that, then go for it.

Jesus said “Love one another as I have loved you,” He did not say “Love everyone…except those people.” No, he said go out and love.

Coming back to following God will be like the Prodigal Son whose father welcomed him home with joy rather than resentment. God doesn’t get angry at us for falling away. He waits patiently for us to find our way back and there He will be with open arms.

I’m not judging you, Nonny. I love you. You’re not broken. God loves you and He will accept you no matter what your gender identity is.

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It's me, Lush anon! I also thought - what if Harry and Merls are going in to get some natural massage bars (Harry loves expensive stuff but merlin's skin is sensitive) and they can't stop thinking about the super cute peppy lush employee (eggsy obvvvvvvs) and keep returning before inviting him on a date as their third..... (Sorry for more prompts, I was excited I saw your reblogged lush post and I just love your writing)

Hello again Lush Anon! Since I don’t want you to worry I didn’t get either of you message, I’ll use today’s #agegapapril ficlet to answer to this one ;) The next ficlets will be tagged with agegapapril and lush verse if you want to keep up with the series ;)

For today’s ficlet, we have Merlin and Eggsy meeting for the first time, let’s see how that goes!

Huge thank you to @injureddreams for listening to my ramblings about it earlier today and agreeing to read it before I posted (and not yelling at me for neglecting our bang :P)

Day Two - Ink

Back before he got the job, Eggsy hadn’t really believed Roxy when she had told him they really get all sorts of customers at Lush. A single day of work had been enough to set him straight.

Sure, the core of their clientele are young women, but not everyone let stereotypes keep them away from good products. And even Eggsy from his very limited experience can honestly say that they are good and it isn’t just because he has been brainwashed into thinking it.

He is sufficiently self-aware to know there has been a bit of brainwashing involved since his hiring, but with his employee discount, he can more than afford the bathbombs that litters his bathroom. He even has the ready excuse that Daisy loves taking glittery baths whenever she stays over and that his purchase has nothing to do with the name, no matter how cool Dragon’s Egg sounds.

But yes, their regular clientele is diverse enough that Eggsy doesn’t think anything of it when the tall bald man steps into the shop. He wouldn’t even have taken note of it in fact, since Chantelle os currently on greeting duty while he is manning the cash, but even from back behind the counter, he can see the sleeves tattoo and the ink looks sick in the best possible way.

For once, Chantelle doesn’t insist after being dismissed and sure the man looks severe enough, but had it been Eggsy, he would have been all over him, because the man ks hot, to hell with reading your customer’s body language.

It’s a while before he’s done with the little rush at the cash, enough that he would have thought the man long gone, but he’s still there, idly looking at the products. Since she’s the one who greeted him, he’d leave Chantelle deal with him, no matter how much he’d like to have a closer look to those tattoos, but she’s still giving the man a wide berth.

He can’t understand why, since he really doesn’t look that bad, but he guesses severe-looking man covered in tattoos (or so he guesses) aren’t everyone’s type.

“Hello, can I help you with anything?”

The man looks him up and down with something like appreciation in his gaze and it takes everything for him not to preen like a peacock.

“Are you Eggsy?”

The man’s words has the effects of a cold shower on him. He doesn’t care if not a minute ago he thought the man didn’t look scary at all, in his experience, a stranger knowing his name is never a good thing.

“That depends on who’s asking?” If his manager heard him talk that way to a client, he could get written up or suspended, but really, he’d rather lose his job than have to start looking over his shoulder everywhere he goes again. He’d thought with Dean gone for good he’d be safe but clearly he had been wrong.

The stranger obviously sensed something wasn’t quite right however, because he takes a couple of steps back and offers him a weak smile.

“Sorry, I should have started with that. My name is Merlin.” He doesn’t try to offer his hand for a shake and before Eggsy can ask what kind of name ‘Merlin’ is, he goes on. “I’m not sure if you remember, but a short while back you’ve help my partner choose some massage bar. A gentleman in a suit named Harry?”

“Oh,” just like that, all the tension leaves him, “sure I remember him.” It would have been a bit hard to forget him since he had starred in quite a few of his fantasies since then. Not that his partner needs to know that.

“Good. Would you also remember what’s the one you sold him? I’d ask him, but he’s on a plane right now and I was hoping to surprise him…”

He hopes his eyes doesn’t glaze over for the short seconds he imagines it, both men naked in bed, their skin made glistening by the oil. He stops before he can decide what would be better between Harry being inked as well under his suit or not and leads Merlin over to the massage bars stand.

“You’ll want Shades of Earl Grey, except if you want to try something else?”

It’s a near thing, but he manages not to moan out loud when he notices that Merlin’s got ink all the way down to his fingers on his left hand as he reach out for one of the bar.

“No, I’d rather keep to what we know for now…” But there is a clear hesitation to his words that makes Eggsy push him a bit.

“You sure there’s nothing else you’d want to try out?” It’s kind of funny to see him so hesitant, because really besides the massage bars, there’s not much to blush over here.

“Maybe something more… specific for feet? Harry is always complaining that his feet are sore after having to travel.”

He might have only talked to either of them for less than five minutes, but it’s enough for him to feel rather envious of the relationship they seem to have. First Harry was concerned about Merlin’s sensitive skin and now Merlin wants something for Harry’s feet because he knows they’ll be sore. It might sound stupid, but his bar for a perfect relationship has just been set higher.

“I have just the thing for you, if you’ll follow me. It’s called Pink Peppermint and it’s heavenly I swear.” And Eggsy would know. He might not have anyone to rub his feet for him, but that stuff has made working long hours standing up way easier since Roxy’s shown it to him.

Merlin raises an eyebrow at the name, but says nothing as he follows him to the other side of the shop, obviously trusting him to advise him correctly.

anonymous asked:

prompt 16 and spiritassassin please!

(Modern Spiritassassin AU. Cloyingly sentimental. I’m so sorry for all the fluff. Vague, generalized background homophobia but nothing explicit.)

16. Roses are red, Violets are blue, You can do whatever you want to me. (please do.)

It starts as a joke. It starts because Jyn, in her flat direct Jyn way, asks a simple question, “Do you guys have anything planned for Valentine’s Day?” It means nothing. It is just idle chitchat from her lips, a random question that has more to do with a date on the calendar than anything else. This is Jyn. Who does not pry because she does not really know what to do with personal information anyway, certainly doesn’t want it. No, Jyn would rather someone ask her for help fixing their car than ask her for help with a personal crisis. Jyn does not want to see tears. Jyn does not want to know about the disquietude that sometimes haunts people alone at night when the darkness makes the inside of the soul rattle and shake like a tree limb against a window pane in fall when the wind is high.

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Anthem for the Broken

Regulus Black x Reader

Requested plot: Imagine the reader as close with the Marauders, but she falls for Regulus. 

Word count: 2698
Disclaimer: I don’t own anything recognisable.
Warning: It takes a dark turn, sorry. 

“I’m not helping you! I’ve told you at least a hundred times, James, if you mention pranking around me, I’ll hex you!” (Y/N) explained, waving her wand in front of her friend.

“I know, but we could use for an extra pair of strong hands, it’s going to be a fun prank, promise,” James replied, grinning at her.

“No, that’s my final answer,” (Y/N) shook her head. She had sworn never to help them, no matter how much they wanted her help. She was a prefect, and McGonagall had let it slip that if she kept her perfect record and grades, she would most likely beat Lily Evans to Head Girl title.

“But (Y/N),” James complained, “We can’t do it without you!” he sat down next to her on the couch, “we need you!” he put his arm around her, looking at her with puppy-dog eyes.

Before she could answer him, Sirius and Peter came down from the boys’ dormitories with two large cardboard boxes.

“Ah, (Y/N), I’m glad to see you finally let go of your goody-two-shoe façade, I always knew there was something interesting about you, something beneath what meets the eye of course,” he winked at her, almost dropping the cardboard box.

“I’m not,” (Y/N) snapped annoyed, “And I’m not a goody-two-shoe,” she rolled her eyes.

Sirius shrugged, smirking at the girl.

Remus entered the Common Room, a ghost of a smile covered his lips, “If she doesn’t want to help, let her be, Sirius,” Remus sighed.

“What are you even planning on doing in the middle of the night?” she asked, getting up from the couch, “And what the hell is that?” she pointed to the boxes in Peter and Sirius’ hands.

“Well, since you’re not in on the prank, we can’t really tell you, (Y/N).”

“Okay, fine,” (Y/N) rolled her eyes.

“But if you insist on knowing,” Sirius smirked, “they are Pogrebins, tiny once.”

(Y/N) narrowed her eyes, “Why on earth do you have Pogrebins in boxes? Are you out of your minds?”

“No,” James laughed, “We’re creating a challenge for the students at Hogwarts, they need to test out their duelling skills,” James told her.

“And you think the best way to test their duelling skills is to try and kill them?” (Y/N) asked, looking accusingly at Remus.

“I’ve tried to stop them, but they’re not changing their minds,” he explained.

“It’s better that Remus is with us, so he can sort things out if we mess up,” Peter told her.

“And, he secretly wants to fight Pogrebins too,” Sirius smirked.

“Not really,” Remus replied, “I just don’t want to see you three kicked out of school,” he sighed.

(Y/N) shook her head, “I can’t believe you’re making me do this,” she closed her eyes, opening the portrait door.

The four boys looked at her with confused expressions, “So? Are you coming or not?” she asked, rolling her eyes.


The four boys had explained that they had set up a cage for the four Pogrebins, and (Y/N) was to let them out when James gave her the signal; the Patronus charm.

(Y/N) didn’t know why she was helping them, a tiny part of her secretly wanted to do something bad, but she would never admit that to any of the four Marauders.

She stood a few feet away from the Forbidden Forest, watching the four Pogrebins frantically trying to get out of their cages.

James was still at Hogwarts, under his Invisibility Cloak, keeping an eye on Filch.

James’ Patronus came flying towards her from the castle, silvery-blue and beautiful.

“Okay, just open the cage, stun them, and get back inside Hogwarts,” she told herself, repeating the instructions Sirius had given her.

Something was not right. The second she opened the cage, and the creatures started to run they were twice as many. And twice as many the next second. “Shit!” she whispered scared.

“What the hell?” someone behind (Y/N) yelled at her.

She turned around, a boy with black hair stood behind her, his eyes wide.

“Run!” She yelled back, setting off up the hill. He did as she told him, running next to her into the dark forest behind Hogwarts School.

“Why on earth would you do that?” he breathed through clenched teeth.

“I don’t know, I- It was stupid,” (Y/N) replied, just as out of breath.

The boy stopped, taking her hand in his, forcing her to a halt. “We should climb it,” he pointed at the three before them, and they both climbed the thick branches.

(Y/N) looked down, watching the Pogrebins running past their hiding spot. She sighed in relief.

She heard the boy next to her chuckle lightly.

“You think this is funny?” she asked shocked.

“You don’t?” he replied.

“No, they weren’t supposed to be cursed,” she shook her head, “It must have been Black, he cursed those things with the Gemino Curse,” she accused.

“Sounds like something my brother would do, yes,” the boy replied, and (Y/N) looked at him, noticing his green and silver Hogwarts robes.

“Oh, Wow,” (Y/N) stumbled on her words, “you’re Regulus Black,” she pressed her lips together embarrassed.

“The one and only,” he replied dryly.

“I’m (Y/N),” she held her hand out; Regulus took it, a small smile played on his lips as he shook it.

“I know,” he told her, “and aren’t you a prefect?” he asked.

“I was, but I don’t think I am one tomorrow,” she tried to smile, but it came off as more of a grimace.

“Well, I’m sorry about that,” he pulled out his wand, (Y/N) noticed something, a tattoo of some sort on his wrist. Red sparks flew from his wand as he stunned a running Pogrebin.

“I don’t know, it doesn’t matter that much,” she lied, “But, what were you even doing out here?” she asked him.

“Seeing as you no longer consider yourself a prefect, I don’t think that’s any of your business,” Regulus smirked, waving his wand to knock out another running Pogrebin.

“Hey,” she laughed, “I didn’t say that,” she protested.

“Sounded like it to me,” he argued.

“That was the last one,” (Y/N) pointed to the ground, which was now free of all the Pogrebins.

“Maybe you’ll be prefect tomorrow after all,” he told her, jumping off the branch.

“Yeah, because when Dumbledore is called out to rid the Forbidden Forest of two hundred and counting Pogrebins, he’s not going to care who did it,” she laughed dryly.

“I’ll admit, it does sound a bit bad,” he smiled, “but you could always blame my brother,” he suggested.

“Yeah,” (Y/N) nodded, “I guess I could,” she looked at the younger Black brother, “but I can’t.”

Regulus laughed, “Okay.”

“I should go,” (Y/N) told him, sending him a half-hearted smile.

“Why, eh,” Regulus stopped her, “Why don’t I follow you back, just to make sure there are no more Pogrebins ready to attack.”

“Yeah,” she nodded.


A fortnight later and she hadn’t so much as looked at the youngest Black brother. She had heard his voice in the corridor as he laughed with his Slytherin friends, as he spoke with Slughorn about potions class, and as he argued quietly with his older brother.

The four Marauders had asked her what had happened the night of the prank gone wrong, she had only cast Sirius an angry look and walked to her room.

When she had told Regulus she would lose her prefect badge, she hadn’t quite believed it herself. It wasn’t until McGonagall asked her to hand it over, looking at her with such disappointment, she realised she had lost her future. Lost Head Girl. Lost her perfect record. Lost her professors trust.

(Y/N), lost in thoughts, hit a wall.

“Watch it,” he said annoyed.

“You watch it,” she replied, looking into the blue eyes of Regulus Black.

“(Y/N),” he said, surprise covering his words.

“Hi,” she blushed, “I didn’t mean to snap at you,” she apologised.

“Yeah, me neither.”

They looked at each other, painful silence hanging in the air. He didn’t have the same look as Sirius, the one where she felt like he was judging her, eyeing her appearance. Regulus looked at her with careful eyes, like he wanted to see if she was ok.

“Have you been avoiding me?” she asked finally.

He raised his eyebrows, “No, I thought you were avoiding me,” he smirked.

“No, I just didn’t know if you wanted to speak with me,” she told him.

“Why wouldn’t I want to do that?” he asked.

“Because I’m,” she pointed towards her robes.

“A Gryffindor?” he chuckled lightly.

“Well, yes,” (Y/N) felt her cheeks burning.

“I don’t really care about your house, (Y/N),” he told her. “It’s not a very flattering colour, I’ll admit that much, but you pull it off,” he blushed a little, “I mean, it suits you, I mean, honestly I don’t, I don’t, I don’t know I mean,” he finished.

(Y/N) smiled, “Thanks, that’s the best compliment I’ve ever gotten,” she joked.

“Sorry,” he closed his eyes as he sent her a smile, “and I heard your badge got revoked,” he pointed to where her prefect badge used to be, “sorry about that too.”

“That wasn’t your fault,” said (Y/N).

“No, but it was one Black’s fault, and he’s a stubborn idiot, so I bet he hasn’t apologised yet.”

“He has, actually, and it wasn’t Sirius’ fault either, he didn’t know his spell had that effect on the Pogrebins, he thought he had only made one more.”

“So he’s stupid too,” Regulus joked, “you need better friends, (Y/N),” he laughed.

“You’re one to speak, hanging with those future Voldemort supporters,” (Y/N) hissed.

Regulus looked away, “Don’t talk about things you don’t understand, (Y/N),” he told her, avoiding her eyes.


They didn’t speak again until after the Christmas break.

Regulus had stopped her as she was heading out of Potions class, and when she asked what he wanted, he had one simple reply; “I needed to see you.”

(Y/N)’s heart had skipped a bit, and she replied, “I’m glad you did.”

She hadn’t stopped thinking about him, not even when she fell asleep did she stop thinking about him. He haunted her waking hours, as well as her dreams.

“I don’t know how to say this,” Regulus brushed a hand through his hair, “but I can’t stop thinking about you.”

(Y/N) looked away, her heart skipping several beats as she repeated his words in her mind. She looked up at him again, taking in his beauty. Maybe beauty was not the right word to describe someone like Regulus Black. He was not beautiful. Extraordinary, absolutely, but beauty was not a word she would use to describe the Slytherin. Beauty was simply not great enough. There was something about him, under his façade of bravery, deviousness, and nonchalance, something that sparked a fire in her. It scared her, of course, it did.

Somehow, she understood him; in this world, especially for someone of Regulus’ blood status and upbringing, one has to be cunning and cruel.

Sirius would disagree; of course, he would, for he was the living evidence to the contrary. Sirius was the living evidence of success. Sirius radiated beauty. He shone of everything (Y/N) wished for, but still, she did not envy him. His life was sad, much like Regulus’; brothers fighting on opposite sides of a war they were both too young to understand. Dragged into it by simply being born.

“(Y/N)?” Regulus looked at her with a shy smile.

“Sorry,” (Y/N) met his eyes, “I’m glad you can’t,” said she, a hint of a smile dancing on her lips as she replied.


That was the simple breaking point for the two. They couldn’t stop thinking about each other. Therefore they could not stop seeing each other. Every day. Every waking hour. They loved. Innocently. Afraid.

It was the safety of Hogwarts that finally broke them apart. (Y/N) left her Gryffindor Common Room for the last time; Regulus stayed one more year.

The loneliness of Hogwarts, the absence of (Y/N), and the pressure of being the Slytherin son, it was too much for Regulus.

He fell, and he fell hard. Except this time not for a heart of gold, but a heart inked with darkness. He had taken the mark in his sixth year before he had ever known anything of the Gryffindor girl, so it was no turning back when he was asked to join the other young, faithful Death Eaters.

The best he could do was shield the people he cared about from the darkness and its harm. Keep them safe.

He did so, even after leaving Hogwarts. He never sought her out, let the war do to him what it had in store, but he never let his emotions shine too brightly.


It was a love they would never get right. (Y/N) understood that much. She was smart, but so was Regulus, he must have known she would take it hard. She did not understand it, at least not until she joined the group that called themselves The Order of the Phoenix.

She educated herself about the war, learned to know it, and with that came the knowledge of the boy she had loved and the darkness that had surrounded him. Deeper than (Y/N) had ever believed. She remembered the night she had met Regulus. Remembered his tattoo.

The realisation hit her hard. She remembered the night perfectly; she had sat with Remus, Alice and Sirius, trying to figure out the pattern of the Death Eaters attacks on muggle villages.

She had seen a picture of one of the nameless Death Eaters, seen his mark of darkness.

“I’ve seen that before,” she had exclaimed.

“Yes, not unlikely, it is the Dark Mark,” had the young werewolf explained.

“The dark mark?” (Y/N) pressed her lips together, colour draining from her face.

“It’s the mark of the Dark Lord’s followers, (Y/N),” Sirius continued.

“But,” (Y/N) met the beautiful eyes of her paramour’s brother.

Sirius nodded, shrugging.

“You knew?”

“I’m shocked you didn’t,” the dark-haired boy said, he did not mean it as a sly comment, but it stung.

“I didn’t,” (Y/N) shook her head, “At least I didn’t want to know it, I, he, he was not like them,” she tried to express her feelings.

“Maybe not, but he is one of them.”


She had not cried about her loss, for she had not lost anything, she had let him go. Or had he let her go? (Y/N) could not tell.

She did not think much about Regulus that year; at least she tried not to. Forgetting was easier than drowning in sadness.

She avoided the boy in her thoughts for almost a whole year, but one day, an envelope lay on her bed. He had written her name in neat letters, with intense black ink.

Inside was a letter, a letter that broke her heart; broke her heart beyond mending.

My Dearest, (Y/N),

Do you know I’ve been out of my mind?
I’ve dreamt every night of your touch,
and I wish for you, but known we belong to a different life, one I have so foolishly thrown away.
I have been selfish.
It was selfish to think I could have something as perfect, pure, and beautiful as you.
I see myself much like a castle made of sin; I do not deserve beauty; I do not deserve you.
I have been waiting, maybe for this war to end, or for my fight in to take its last breath, I don’t know. I have held tight, but I carry my name wrong, I don’t want to live a life like this, undeserving of you.

(Y/N), I hope you know how much you have meant to me, I might not have shown it much. But you meant everything.

I say ‘meant’, because I am afraid I do not have much more time in this life. I have discovered the Dark Lord’s deepest secret, and I intend to right my wrongs.

I love you

He never wrote his name, but she knew who he was, and she loved him still. Always.

J’en suis

Ok, this is one of my favorite quotes from Les Mis, so headcanon time!!!

When Grantaire starts going to Les Amis meetings, he doesn’t exactly believe he is one of them–he always feels slightly like no one actually cares if he’s there or like he doesn’t actually fit in and belong, and it doesn’t help that he and Enjolras are always at each others throats, so at the end of one night when he’s had a little too much to drink, he starts softly venting all of this to Bossuet. Of course Bossuet listens to Grantaire and tries to comfort him, but Grantaire still can’t shake that feeling…

What Grantaire doesn’t know is that Enolras heard everything.  So, yes, Enjolras works on being nicer to Grantaire during meetings, but he also takes a green post-it note and writes on it in flawless calligraphy “J’en suis” and at the next meeting subtly slips it into R’s bag, who doesn’t notice it until he gets home, but smiles none the less and begins to think maybe he does  belong there after all.

From then on, Enjolras always carries that green post-it notepad in his bag, and whenever he can see that R is having a bad day, he manages to somehow write “J’en suis” on a post-it note in perfect calligraphy and slip it into Grantaire’s bag–all without anyone noticing.  Grantaire won’t tell anyone, but those post-it notes have helped him through some pretty tough times, and he keeps every single one he gets.

Courf drags Marius along to Les Amis one day, only to have Marius be dragged by Ferre’s “to be free” (you all know the scene), so at the end of the meeting Enj asks an angry, exasperated Marius to give their meetings one more chance, and at the next one is a purple post-it note waiting for him at the same empty table he had sat at last time. The note reads “J’en suis” in perfect calligraphy.

When Musichetta joins there’s an obnoxious neon green post-it note for her, while Eponine gets a soft teal, and Cossette gets a bright pink one. 

It slowly starts to spiral into something larger.

Whenever Joly has a panic attack or his leg is acting up, there’s a post-it note waiting for him, light blue with the phrase “J’en suis.”

Whenever Feuilly hasn’t been to a meeting in over a month due to his jobs, there’s “J’en suis” on an orange post-it note waiting for him.

When something goes wrong, which happens a lot with Bossuet’s luck, or when he gets mad at himself for screwing something up, there are post-it notes with lucky shamrock backgrounds and the famous “J’en suis.”

When Jehan comes out as non-binary, they get a purple one (their favorite color), with “J’en suis” written over a background of flowers.

Bahorel gets one when he finally decides stop following his parents’ dream that he would be a lawyer and starts to follow his own dream of opening a patiserie. 

Everyone else is weary when Jehan starts to bring Montparnasse along to meetings, and he almost decides he isn’t coming back, until he feels Enjolras slip something into his pocket (of course he knows it’s Enjolras, he is a master pick-pocket and Enjolras would have to be ten times better to fool him), and when Parnasse takes it out, there’s a black post-it note with “J’en suis” in red pen. He never tells anyone it’s Enjolras, but when he comes back to the next meeting he greats Enj with a rare smile, as an attempt to thank Enj for the note.

Speculations about the mysterious note-giver goes around, and when Enjolras is quickly ruled out–because there’s a reason Combeferre takes notes at meetings, and that reason is partially because no one can read Enjolras’s disastrous handwriting–Enj just smiles, knowing his secret is safe.

Only Combeferre and Courfeyrac know it’s Enjolras, and that’s only because they live with him and have to deal with the fact that their appartment has become over-run with pads of post-it notes. Plus Courfeyrac is the only person in the world Enjolras would go to for ideas on which post-it notes to order for each person.

After a particularly bad day, Enjolras silently sneaks out of a meeting early. When R finds him crying on the fire-escape, he doesn’t say anything, just slips a red post-it note into his hand as they continue to stare up at the stars in silence. When Enjolras finally dries his eyes enough to read it, he sees “J’en suis” scribbled across it in Grantaire’s chicken-scratch. That’s the moment Enjolras realizes he likes Grantaire. 

Fast forward a little, and still no one knows who the secret note-giver is, but that doesn’t matter anymore. What matters most is that these notes have helped everyone through some horrible times, so Grantaire has the idea to get a tattoo of the mysterious writing.  Bahorel, Jehan, Bossuet, Musichetta, Combeferre, Eponine, and Cossette–and Enjolras–all want to do the same thing, so they all go as a big group, but it’s only a week later when Grantaire realizes the tattoo Enjolras got wasn’t “J’en suis” in flawless calligraphy like everyone else’s tattoo–it was the same scribbled “J’en suis” from that night on the fire-escape.

Fast forward a little more, and after they have been dating for a few years, Enjolras gets down on one knee and proposes to R with a ring bearing the inscription “J’en suis.”


Michael on iHeartRadios snapchat 11/20/16 

Facts That Were Listed:

1. Adam Day, 5SOS’ music teacher, previously revealed that Michael Clifford showed so much ambition from his early start. “Michael always said to me. ‘I’m going to be a superstar one day,’” he told Rolling Stone mag. 

2. One of his favourite bars is The Nice Guy in Los Angeles

3. A few of Michael’s celeb friends are Nick Jonas and Jessica Origliasso of The Veronicas.

4. Unlike bandmate Ashton Irwin, Michael Clifford likes to write darker songs like “Jet Black Heart.” 

5. In fact, Ash said that Michael hated the hook in their first big single, “She Looks So Perfect.”

6. For his 20th birthday party, he borrowed a house in Beverly Hills and was kicked out of the crib in the early morning hours. Will he be able to top that this year?

7. Michael has a dog named Federer, but he only sees him a few times a year when he goes back to his parents’ home in Australia. 

8. Michael suffers from a mild depression, but is all about focusing on things that make him happy. 

9. With that said, he feels a bit like an advocate for mental health. 

10. Despite meeting his bandmates at a Christian private school in Sydney, he doesn't attend church anymore. 

11. Michael used to listen to Prince as a child, thanks to his dad. 

12. He once got into a fight with James Corden during the filming of the host’s late night show. Apparently, the band kept stepping on the comedian’s lines, which caused the host to lash out on the guitarist. 

13. According to Michael, his grandma sends him the worst Christmas presents every year. “My grandma buys a lot of gifts, but gets me the same shampoo every year. I don't like it. Enough with the Black Suede. I'm done with it,” he joked. 

14. He's actually lost some hearing in his right ear because of screaming fans. 

15. Michael first started playing guitar because he was absolutely obsessed with “Guitar Hero”. 

16. He has reportedly said that he’s open to dating fans. 

17. Michael’s a big fan of patterned underwear. We imagine he looks perfect standing there… 

18. He’s eagerly looking forward to the release of “Final Fantasy XV”. Clearly, Michael’s a huge fan of the video game series-he even has a ‘Final Fantasy” tattoo. 

19. Even with over 7.4 million followers on Twitter, Michael admitted that he isn’t the best at using the social platform. 

20. Just like the rest of us, he lives for the Netflix’s “Stranger Things”. 

21. Over the summer, as part of their Sounds Live Feels Live world tour, Michael and the rest of 5SOS sold out Madison Square Garden in New York City. 

Oshea Jackson Jr - iTunes Q&A
  • Question: What's your favorite song?
  • O'shea: The Perfect Beat by Afrika Bambatta
  • Q: What's the scariest movie you've ever seen?
  • O'shea: I don't get scared by movies, really. But I'm easily disturbed. When I first saw 'Hills Have Eyes', I couldn't get some images out of my head. Still actually
  • Q: What's your favorite movie starring your dad?
  • O'shea: All about the benjamins. Super Suuuuper underrated
  • Q: What's your favorite Ice Cube song?
  • O'shea: Natural Born Killaz
  • Q: Whe do you think you'll finish screenwriting at USC?
  • O'shea: When I feel like my writing is missing something. I'll know it's time to sharpen back up and get to my cinematic roots.
  • Q: When can we expect music from you?
  • O'shea: Ingratiate I would love to do music. I still snap over instruments to myself. But they might typecast ya mans if I put certain type record. For now I'm focused on my craft as an actor but my older brother and I have started a producing team.
  • Q: Why haven't you used your snap?
  • O'shea: Everytime I'm on any social media I'm just thinking. "Why am I not on instagram?"
  • Q: What is your favorite part in SOC?
  • O'shea: Smashing Bryan Turners office. We've all wanted to break things with a bat before.
  • Q: What do you like to do in your free time?
  • O'shea: Crush my enemies. Not really. But I'm a real Nerd and I am completely unapologetic. When I gotta unwind it's video game time.
  • Q: Why didn’t you release the video for ‘Ain’t No Place’? Was it because of being typecast?
  • O'shea: Yes. With the movie having buzz around the Academy I didn't want any possibility of the song affecting the film. And I didn't want it to look like I'm Ice Cube part 2 out here. lol.
  • Q: Were you nervous about trying out for the movie?
  • O'shea: I was extremely nervous. I had to audition for two years and when you've never been through the process. You don't know what could've made you or boke you during that little time you had auditioning. If I didn't take the role. The world woulda killed me. If I didn't win the role. The world woulda killed me. And I was it was as movie. The world woulda killed me. At the end of the day, nothing was gonna sop me from immortalizing my dad in film. A lot of people ain't want me to get the part. Be he did and that's all I needed.
  • Q: Celeb crush?
  • O'shea: She's taken already. Don't wanna start waves.
  • Q: Did you practice some of the songs with your father or did you learn on your own?
  • O'shea: The performance and studio scenes in SOC are me in my element. What I'm used to doing. So when I was there it's like, wait y'all want me to rap my DAD's songs? I BEEN DOIN THIS.
  • Q: Were any of the scenes hard to do?
  • O'shea: More cowbell #SNLjoke
  • Q: Actors you look up to?
  • O'shea: Denzel and Leo
  • Q: Did you re-record some of Cube's verses or lip sync?
  • O'shea: We recorded the whole album, fam
  • Q: Marvel or DC?
  • O'shea: If you gotta ask. Somethin must be wrong.
  • Q: Do you like your fathers older movies?
  • O'shea: of course. People don't appreciate what a great film Players Club is.
  • Q: Do you ever feel pressure to surpass all that your father has accomplished?
  • O'shea: I've felt it since I was in the 5th grade. (The pressure) it doesn't come from him. All of it comes from me because I don't want to feed into the narrative of talent skips a generation or the whole "was born on 3rd base, and thought he hit a triple." Aspect. I'm so appreciative of my blessings and the only way to ensure my own legacy is to perfect my craft.
  • Q: Worst movie you've ever seen?
  • O'shea: Movie 43
  • Q: Best compliment you've ever heard?
  • O'shea: When I hear that I inspire someone. Being a celebrity is cute and all but it's smoke and mirrors. I understand that this all can be taken away in an instant. FAME is a jellyfish. Yeah it's beautiful but don't you dare get wrapped up in it. So while I do have a platform, the best thing i can do is to encourage or inspire. If not i'm just being selfish.
  • Q: Are you going to see Kobe play his very last game?
  • O'shea: Yeah I'll be the guy crying uncontrollably being escorted by security
  • Q: Would you take a role in a Tyler Perry movie?
  • O'shea: Is it about a single parent overcoming obstacles while still maintaining their strong christian values?
  • Q: What artist would we be surprised you listen to?
  • O'shea: I love Imagine Dragons and F.U.N.
  • Q: How was it growing up as ice cubes son?
  • O'shea: It has it's perks of course. But kind of annoying until you grow up lol. I have to put people through so many trials in order for you to be considered my friend. You don't know people's motives. My friend Tanner was my very first friend EVER. Met in kindergarten. Just said 'hey I'm Shea lets be friends.' After that.....Everyone else know me as ice cubes son. But my friends. Call me Shea. And it's 5 of them. You just grow up thinking different being ice cubes son.
  • Q: Would you want your kids to follow in your footsteps?
  • O'shea: If it was their choice by all means. My parents allowed us to find our own paths. But give everything your best effort because if you don't, then why are you doing it?
  • Q: What advice would you give your younger self?
  • O'shea: learn how to dunk
  • Q: Fave Rappers?
  • O'shea: Dwayne Michael Carter and Sean Anderson
  • Q: Which Ice Cube verse is your fave?
  • O'shea: "G-d damn I'm glad y'all set it off....."
  • Q: What's your fave app?
  • O'shea: ESPN Radio
  • Q: Will you answer me on day? :(
  • O'shea: "Maybe one Day..." - Drake
  • Q: Do you like Justin Biebers new album?
  • O'shea: I would be lying if I said Justin Bieber didn't have a few tracks on that thang
  • Q: Do you think education is necessary?
  • O'shea: I definitely feel that education is important. But I also feel the mind will not process information it feels it doesn't need. Find what interests you and educate.
  • Q: Growing up, what was the biggest problem you faced?
  • O'shea: Keepin the snakes out the grass.
  • Q: What type of films would you develop as a screenwriter? Is there certain topics that you're passionate about?
  • O'shea: I'm into smart comedies. And movies that don't give a lot away so you're not in the theater tryna guess things before they happen. You kinda just take the films scene by scene like life. If I could write a modern day Big Lebowski, I would be happy as an accomplished writer.
  • Q: Your thoughts about ride along 2?
  • O'shea: needs more me
  • Q: Any difference between before SOC and after?
  • O'shea: I'm a lot meaner and nicer at the same time
  • Q: Any tv shows you want to be part of?
  • O'shea: I would love to be apart of Better Call Saul
  • Q: Favorite place to relax?
  • O'shea: In a woman's presence. #CasonovaAnswer
  • Q: Rihanna or Beyonce?
  • O'shea: Beyoncé whole personality reminds me of my mom. I've never been attracted to her because I see too much of my mom.
  • Q: If you could have a superpower, what would it be?
  • O'shea: For everything to go my way at that moment.
  • Q: Favorite hip hop song of all time?
  • O'shea: Y.O.U. by Redman/Methodman
  • Q: Do you like Hockey? What's your favorite team?
  • Q: Do you know how to cook?
  • O'Shea: Only if the BasedGod is okay with it
  • Q: New or Old School?
  • O'shea: 90's. It had more Ice Cube and Dr Dre.
  • Q: Favorite historical figure?
  • O'shea: Mark Twain
  • Q: Dream starting 5 for NBA Basketball?
  • O'shea: Magic Johnson, Kobe Bryant, James Worthy, Kareem-Abdul Jabbar and Shaq
  • Q: What's your favorite word to say?
  • O'shea: It's a cuss word.
  • Q: Star Wars or Harry Potter?
  • O'shea: This can't be a real question.
  • Q: How many Yeezys you got?
  • O'shea: 3. 2 Nikes first editions
  • Q: Would SOC be better if Jason had Eazy with him?
  • O'shea: The fact that he didn't have Eazy is why I would've nominated him
  • Q: If you could change one thing about the world, what would it be?
  • O'shea: I'd make everyone more understanding. We'd be fine.
  • Q: Was wondering if you'd like both (Harry Potter/Star Wars)?
  • O'shea: Definitely like both. But give me the force over Magic. #RIPSeverus
  • Q: If you could speak another language what would it be?
  • O'shea: German and Spanish
  • Q: Are you worried that people will only ever see you as your dad's son and not you as yourself?
  • O'shea: Of course. But then I look at people like Kobe, Steph Curry, The Rock...they took their family legacy to new heights. That's my goal.
  • Q: Do you have any tattoo's? if so what do they mean?
  • O'shea: the Roman numeral for 24. XXiV. And before the Kobe talk starts. 24 has always been my number. It's my birthday. 2/24. It just always feels so complete. And my life changed at 24. It's only right
  • Q: Boyz n the hood or Barber Shop?
  • O'shea: Boyz n the hood had a message.
  • Q: Why learn Spanish and German?
  • O'shea: both are used in a vast variate of regions. May come in handy if ever abroad
  • Q: Do you still workout?
  • O'shea: Yeah dude. Still am. But decisions were made and now I'm makin work. #BooHoo
  • Q: What motivates you?
  • O'shea: My family.
  • Q: How are you handling all this attention you're getting?
  • O'shea: in my room ignoring most of it
  • Q: What is the most like you, chocolate or gummy bears?
  • O'shea: Hardest thing I ever had to do
  • Q: Fave Dragon Ball Z Character?
  • O'shea: Kakarot
  • Q: What do you fear most?
  • O'shea: Not being happy is my biggest fear
  • Q: Any advice for aspiring actors?
  • O'shea: Ask yourself why did you start acting. If it's to be famous. You will lose.
  • Q: Favorite disney movie?
  • O'shea: Lion King
  • Q: Do you find it hard to trust people?
  • O'shea: my whole life I couldn't trust anyone.
  • Q: Favorite cartoon to watch growing up?
  • O'shea: Dragon Ball Z or Ed Edd n Eddy
  • Q: How did you deal with people that were only your friend because of your dad?
  • O'shea: I don't deal with them. Bad energy.
  • Q: If you were an animal what would you be?
  • O'shea: Orca. Biggest and strongest in the ocean. And I'm a genius!? In pods running from 12-30 of the homies deep!?
  • Q: What's your type of woman?
  • O'shea: Sexy kind.
  • Q: Number one pick up line?
  • O'shea: You know how much a polar bear weighs? Enough to break the ice. O'shea Jackson, nice to meet you.
  • Q: Do you like apples?
  • O'shea: I got her number....
  • Q: Advice you would give to aspiring actors?
  • O'shea: Be an actor first. And a star 3rd.
  • And the last question, deserves it's own post...That's all folks.

Xander with tattoos has become my new favorite thing? I don’t know; it just seems so fitting. So the idea only really works in a modern setting, but consider… Under the cut, because I am incapable of not getting carried away.

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Oh.....fuck, daddy! -a Joker prompt

Strip clubs were never my thing, they made me edgy and nervous, growing up in Arkham they were a common evil, every other building had beautiful busty women out front handing out coupons and luring unsuspecting men into their financial falling.
That was, until my mom finally through me out of our house. It had been long awaited since my dad had up and left, she had been waiting for a viable excuse to get rid of me also. And when I refused to go pick up from her dealer, that was the breaking point. She threw my things out the window, broke just about anything that was breakable, and left her 19 year old daughter on her own. But I guess anything goes when you’re a drug addict.
It didn’t take me long to find a cheap apartment, but then again you could find just about any sleaze ball willing to rent out a run down hole in the wall to a pretty girl. No questions asked. Of course no matter how cheap, I still owed money. Which made me nervous, as a high school drop out, 19 year old with limited skills, I couldn’t imagine many places would hire me. But I pushed on with applications and interviews…
It was leaving an interview with an upscale restaurant that I saw the flier on the ground, picking it up I brushed my thumb over the purple paper “dancers wanted”. If there was thing I could do well it was dance, and I wouldn’t necessarily consider myself ugly, blonde hair, ample curves, long legs… i wasn’t exactly sure how to feel about it, stripping was degrading, disgusting, meant for men to stare at woman’s bodies like fruit on a platter…but boy did they pay a hell of a lot to do it…
Studying the flier the name of the club “The purple palace” sounded so familiar. That’s when it hit me, the club was owned by one of the infamous villains in all of arkham, the very own Joker himself. The Joker was ruthless, dangerous, insane, and most of all, murderous. He wouldn’t hesitate to slit the throat of anyone who displeased him. But I knew his pockets were lined healthily with money. And I knew I needed this, I steadied my breathing, rushed home to slip into the sexiest outfit I could drum up and found my way to the tall building a few streets over from my apartment. The one id lay in bed at night cursing tor their loud music and ever flowing torrent of drunk partygoers.

And now here I was standing in the doorway to the nightclub, I’d handed the bouncer at the door the flier indicating my interest, he’d given me the once over and ushered me inside, telling me he would “get the boss.” My heart thudded in my chest as I looked around, it was jam packed and muggy, people crammed in together shimmering with sweat and the air was a thick layer of body odor and desperation. I cut through the crowd and made my way to the bar, the black and gold diamond patterned dress id slipped into clinging to my skin from the moisture in the air. I collapsed into a bar stool leaning against the marble countertop, trying to breath and calm my nerves. If I was 21 I would be pounding back shots.
The bartender eyed me as he approached
“What can I get for you?” He asked drying a scotch glass with a white cloth
“Oh um I’m not old enough” I shouted over the pounding music
He shrugged “our secret” grabbing a glass he poured several different concoctions from bottles in and handed me the glass with green colored liquid inside “my own creation” he grinned.
I sipped it slowly and shuddered as the warmth of liquor ran down my body. I finally smiled letting out a grin, he laughed along with me
“So what’s a girl like you doing in a place like-” his question was cut short by a change in the music, it became darker, more aggressive, the lights seem to dim. I scanned the crowd who seem to suddenly become anxious almost, the air filling with a vibe of fear and intimidation but st the same time interest. I shook my head and glanced back at the bartender but his smile had fell, his face pale white
“Uh is everything ok?” I asked
“The boss is here.” He said shortly turning his back to me, I gulped. The crowd behind me had seem to returned to normal, but as I turned I caught sight of someone who seemed out of place. He was cutting through the crowd in slow motion almost, people parted so he could get by untouched. Green hair was slicked back into a neat place, bright against pale white skin, his maroon shirt unbuttoned at the top, tattoos covering his chest. He clutched a golden cane in his hand as he approached it clicked across the ground. Licking his red lips his teeth sparkled a metallic color.
And there he was, one of the most Notorious man in Arkham, in all of his glory. Everybody knew about the Joker, New the horrible things he did, the people he killed, what he stole, his money, his looks, everything about him.
I stood from my chair, wobbling slightly on my heels. Smoothing the material of my sequined dress I breathed out he was close enough to me now that the scent of cologne brushed my nose in a sweet refreshing wave.
I held out a hand to greet him, he stared at my tiny hand with curiousity before taking it in his much larger gloved hand, lifting it to his mouth he kissed gently on the back of my hand sending electricity up my spine. Even the bartender stared wide eyed as if to say “I’ve never seen such a thing from him before”. I’d never imagined the Joker was capable of affection.
“So you’re the princess interested in the dance job?” He asked regarding me through blue eyes.
“Uh uh…yeah, I mean yes, yes sir” I managed staring at the ground nervously, just a few words and I’d already painted myself as a nervous wreck
“First lesson in dancing miss…” he trailed off
“Harley…Harley Quinn” I said softly disregarding my real name in favor of a shortened version, I didn’t want to use my real name, but I also didn’t want to lie. He was the one person who even I was too scared to lie to.
“Well Harley, the first rule in dancing, is confidence” his hand snagging my cheeks pinching my face between his fingers forcing me to look up at him through my lashes, my brain screamed at me to run, the money wasn’t worth it. But I held steady. Standing my ground. “You’re young…” he leaned in close to me, his breath hot against my cheek tainted with liquor. I stared at the tattoo of the word “damaged” that etched across his forehead, a J just below his eye.
“22…” I whispered softly. His brows knitted together and he snarled like an animal, upper lip curled
“Don’t like to me sweets” he hissed his teeth snapping at my neck biting down hard on my skin, I yelped as I felt welts forming.
“Ok I’m 19” I snapped back. This was it, my sharp tongue was going to beat me once again, I sighed. ‘My neck stung and A smile stretched across his face
“Come with me pretty.” His voice sounded far away as I was entranced by his eyes, when I finally turned the entire area around us was quiet, regarding us intently, the music pounding. He held a hand out to me, I slowly slid out of the barstool and placed my hand in his. He led me through the crowd who backed away from us like we had the plague.
He led me to the “VIP” area and into a circle formation of couches with a platform and pole in the center, I gulped at the sight of the pole, the idea of “stripping” was really coming to a head here, i suddenly felt uncomfortable in my skin, anxious even.
“So, darlin, show daddy what you go” he said falling back onto the couch, gesturing long fingers coated in shimmering rings at the pole.

Sex sells

I reminded myself, I glanced at the Joker who sat back lounging in the chair, his chiseled jaw clenched, clutching the cane with a jester on the top in one hand, the other on his lap, near a sizable bump in his black slacks that I didn’t think was a wrinkle. Arousal clenched my stomach, his eyes watched me like a predator hunting prey, his tongue flicked over his red lips, and there was so many places I could imagine that tongue going. I sulked towards the pole stepping up onto the platform, 7 years of gymnastics could finally pay off, I wrapped my hands around the pole and swung my hips to the beat of the music. I swung my body around the pole lifting my feet off the ground, my heart fluttered as weightlessness took over my body.
I wrapped my thighs around the pole sinking down to the ground, I looked up at him through my blonde hair in my face, his breath was ragged and his eyes slightly widened, lips parted. Slowly I crawled across the ground to the edge of the platform, my head inches away from his knees, I flipped my legs around slowly sinking down into a full split. His breath hitched as I ran a hand down my body, over my dress which was dangerous close to revealing my breast, and was already open enough to peer straight up to my black panties, which were starting to feel my arousal.
I flipped around to sit at the edge of the stage before him,
“Damn…I do like what I see.” He murmured, “you want the job it’s all yours sweets….now…come to daddy.” He waved his hands towards me. I placed my hands on his thighs kneeling on the couch my legs on each side of him. Sinking down to sit on his lap. The music took over my body invading my mind, I felt like I was on a different planet, grinding my hips into his lap to the beat. His hands rested on my sides his head thrown back mouth open. Leaning back forward he grabbed my face pulling me close again, breathing heavily on me. Our noses were close enough to touch
“I just met you” I breathed out
“Mmmm but darling doesn’t it feel like we’ve known each other for ever” he whispered so faint I could barely here him. Pulling me closer he cupped his lips over mine, our mouths colliding aggressively, His tongue pushing its way into my mouth, his fingers wrapped painfully in my hair.
I pulled back “so I got the job?” I asked
“You got more than the job dollface. You can be my girl. My numero uno. My passion” he shouted laughing.
My head spun, his girl? I’d literally just met this man less than an hour ago and now he was asking me to be “his girl”. I knew it wasn’t right but the pit in my stomach ached for him, screamed out, begged to be fucked. he didn’t give me a chance to respond, clamping his mouth over mine again his hands grabbing my breasts through my dress. I moaned into his mouth. My sex soaked through my panties and normally I’d be worried through his slacks as well but right now I didn’t care. I just wanted to feel him, I moved my hips in a circle on his lap until I found him, felt his erection through his pants, grinding myself against him, my clit throbbing.
He growled into my mouth, reaching down he snuck his hand under my dress fingering at my soaked panties, although my muscles tightened with nerves I didn’t stop him as he pulled them to the side probing at my entrance, I look up breaking our kiss, and glanced around, the area we were in was mostly closed off through frosted glass although if somewhere were to come to the entrance they would see a show. He slipped one finger into me, slipping it in as far as he could go, I closed my eyes my head falling back. I could hear people walking by but honestly I didn’t care, the thought of them seeing only made me wetter.
“You want me? You want daddy?” He cooed in my ear
“Yes…sir…Mr joker, sir” I wasn’t sure how to even refer to him. Reaching down underneath me I feel him fumble with the clasp on his slacks, pulling the zipper down slowly, his hand brushing my thighs lifting my dress up higher.
“Everyone can see” I said nervously, not only was I about to fuck a man I just met, but I was going to do if in public.
“Baby I can do whatever I want, most women would just at the chance to be in your position.” He grinned up at me his silver teeth glinting in the light. He pulled his cock free from his pants and it slapped against my behind, giving me a feel of just how big he was. I groaned from the skin to skin contact. Pulling my panties aside I lifted myself up slightly hands on his shoulders, slowly sinking down onto his dick. I suppressed the urge to cry out as he stretched me open, filling me. The music pounded in my ears, with the sound of him breathing his mouth close to my mine.
“Jesus you’re so tight” he hissed his hand wrapped in my hair. I moaned softly as I worked my hips in circles, it had been almost a year since I’d had sex and from memory it had been nothing like this. This was amazing, mind blowing, extraordinary. I threw my head back using his shoulders as leverage to push myself up and down. His mouth on my neck sucking and nipping at my flesh. I grabbed his green hair in my fist pulling back returning the favor by sicking my teeth down into his neck. I wondered if people were walking by seeing our display, thinking I was just giving him a very personal lap dance, not knowing he was so far into me I could see stars in the backs of my eyes.
I felt my orgasm aching deep in my stomach, begging to escape. My brain screamed for release.
Tossing my head back, his large hand wrapped around my throat
“Oh…. fuck daddy!” I cried out not caring who heard as my body was skyrocketed into orgasm, stars filling my vision as he himself grunted pushing me as hard as he could down onto his cock emptying himself into me.
We sat for a minute my arms around his shoulders his hands on my exposed ass, finally I pulled back away looking at his ocean eyes
“Is this How you greet all new employees?” I asked.
Smoothing his hair back into his neat place he stroked my thigh
“Nope you’re special baby girl” he said “you are my girl.”

The first boy who ever likes me wears too much cologne and slumps like every ounce of confidence has been drained from his body. He tells me that I’m not like his ex-girlfriend and that I have a pretty face, so even though he’s boring I let him ramble on while I nod and agree. His beliefs do not in the slightest align with my own, but it seems like such a moot point as I let him speak. I don’t know yet that there’s a difference between loving feeling loved and actually loving someone, so I let him hold my hand and take me on a date.

The second boy who likes me plays with my feelings, and I am too young to realize that that is all he will ever do. He calls me bro and tells me I’m funny and I think that means more than it does, so I put too much of my heart into empty text message conversations and laughing at jokes which hold no humor. I let him take me to Prom and when we slow dance I think I feel sparks. Later, I cuddle close to him and feel his heat, purposefully ignoring the texts he sends to another girl because I don’t know better.

One of my best friends finds the bottom of a bottle and tells me that I’m beautiful. I think it is as good as I deserve so I let him kiss me, let him touch me in places that, before this, only I had known about. Later he texts me and tells me that we were only meant to be friends anyways, that that’s simply the kind of girl I am, and I agree. It makes me think that maybe I will never be loved, that I was simply not made to be loved, but I repeat lonely promises in my head to keep the tears at bay.

The sting of unrequited love first hits me when I am probably too old for such a thing, but his smiles melt my heart and his laughs fill me with light. For a while I think he stares at me across the room in Literature, and I think that means that maybe he sees a light in me too, but then I discover that his eyes have always roamed over my shoulder at the bombshell behind me and the dreams melt into nothing. I wonder how I could have ever thought that I deserved someone as beautiful as him because he is the stars and I’m nothing but a bunch of darkness, empty and void and trying to let something fill me so that I can taste what happy feels like.

After a friend tells me that I’m a girl but not a real girl, I realize that maybe my love story will never come to fruition. If no one else loved me, who would? It had always seemed like such a ludicrous thought to love yourself, and how did one even begin? I look in the mirror one day and notice the extra love on my stomach and the too many moles around my neck and dead, thin hair. I do not like what I see. I don’t know how anyone ever does, and I decide that it is simply impossible to love me.

The boy with warm eyes who works in the bookstore walks in and out so fast he doesn’t really exist at all, not in the way I dreamed of him, but he hands me some books and makes me realize that maybe I could love me. It is hard, and horrible, and the act of it is so absolutely terrifying that I think it may be a cruel joke. I have been defined by boys who find me passable, and yet I am meant to find myself as something so much more extravagant than this diluted simplicity of the past.

No boy helps me realize that I am more, because I do that myself when I get the tattoo painted on my wrist. I am fire and ice and too many puns and not enough hair product. My nails are cracked but creativity flows through my fingers and the pages of books are written all over my arms; when I laugh the whole room stops, because it dances from my lips with such abandon they long for a similar sense of concentrated joy. The boys did not realize that they were touching a hurricane who happened to have a penchant for sundresses and combat boots, and must have never learned that if you touch the sun you’re supposed to hold on to it, but instead they just decide to burn themselves and walk away.

It is a struggle, loving myself every day, but I was made to be loved. I am the perfect end of the day. I am words that excite and hands that were made to be held and tears that may be shed, but I shine like a solar system exploding and roar like the Earth cracking in two. I do not need the boys, I never needed them.

—  not when I had myself all along

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fic recs?


Prepare to drown in some top quality fics:

For Akatsuki no Yona fic recs I made a post full them V^^V You can find them here

Now for the Haikyuu!! fic recs. I’ve been meaning to make a post for them but I never found the time to. So I’m glad you asked.

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