i don't like sports though

South American culture is going outside when there’s a game on and the streets being completely deserted and so quiet you could hear a pin drop. Then all of a sudden you hear “GOL!” and all hell breaks loose, people scream from their windows, there’s fireworks, the pope is crying, god is there,

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andreil and “idk you but you were getting hit on in public and you look super uncomfortable so i walked over and pretended to be your bf/gf, but hey while we’re at it, do you wanna go get some food?” if you feel like it! i love your writing, have a good day and take care <3

(this takes place in the same universe as this)

Four months into the season, and Neil has finally seen some game time. He’s even scored a few goals, cementing his spot on the bench at least.

It shouldn’t be comforting to see his name on the list of subs before every game. It is anyway.

They’re celebrating the end of a good series—a fifth game home win against New York—in a local bar, and there’s a stranger talking to Neil.

“You were really good tonight,” he says. He’s wearing a hat with their team’s logo on it and he has an empty pitcher of Sam Adams next to his elbow. There is a straw in the pitcher, and every so often he clamps down on it, sucking at dregs. “You should be starting. Tell Coach Albert I said that.”

“I will,” Neil says. “I’ll tell him a stranger at a sports bar says he should start me.”

“You ever score on Minyard?” the guy says. He waves down a server for a refill of his pitcher.

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i don’t think i’ve ever seen anything as beautiful as aomine being all happy and excited when playing against kagami because he has finally found a worthy rival in him

I hate it when people go about saying dancers aren’t athletes I mean seriously. Have you seen them? They do all this crazy acrobatic crap, have to have perfect technique, have to any act the same time, and look perfect at the same time. How many football players look majestic while playing? How many weird faces have you seen olympians make while competing? They look perfect at all times, no matter how hard and tiring their routine is. And they never let you see how tired they are afterwards. Don’t even get me started on injuries. If they sprain their ankle? Wrap it and keep going. Blister? Tape it and go. They will only stop when they literally cannot put weight on their foot or if something seems seriously wrong. Want proof? I’m an Irish dancer. We’re even wider than the average dancer. We wear wigs, short skirted long sleeve dresses, glue our socks on, and let our legs do most of the work. At my last dance competition, I sprained my ankle at the beginning of my dance. I went off stage, wrapped my ankle, did a few small exercises with it, and then went back on and redid my dance. (ps I got third place) if you don’t think dancers are hardcore then you’re wrong.

I feel like I should have mentioned the one time Ratchet pulled a brand new 2kg jar of peanut butter off the counter, unscrewed the lid, and ate all 40000calories of it. 

Or the time Tesla broke out of her kennel, drug a 25lbs brand new bag of flour across the entire house and up onto my bed, then opened the bag and rolled in the flour.