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Your writing is a god send (hehe). Could I possibly request some Icarus au angst? I don't know why but I want to see my favourite trio sad.

Apollo places one elegant finger in his book to mark the place and sighs softly as he looks over at where Icarus is napping on the couch, and Helios knows that Apollo’s picturing the kid dead.

It’s not as though it was some big secret that Icarus will die someday. To the contrary; the gods have known since the beginning – before the beginning, really. They’ve known, even before they were aware of Icarus’ reincarnation, that all mortals are now condemned to age and die. No more gifts of immortality for favorites. And to make it unquestionably final, even Zeus himself has followed this order.

At the time – this was a few decades after the spectacular debacle of the Trojan War – they’d all seen the sense in it, though a little sullenly. They had allowed the mortals to manipulate them into taking sides against each other, with consequences that had left a mark for quite a while.  So the gates had been shut forever after that – Ganymede was the last human to be immortalized.

There were other rules, about the limits of their interaction with humans, but most pertinent to Apollo at this moment is the rule about Dead Mortals.

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Don’t Hate Me // Jonah Marais

Prompt #1- “I don’t hate you. I swear I don’t. it just hurts too much to be around you right now”

requested by @lost-in-wonderland-x sorry it took so long, I hope you like it! 


today was the day. the day Jonah came back from tour. 3 months felt like an entire lifetime. I only saw him once on tour- when he surprised me by flying me out to new York when they had a break between shows. we stayed inside his hotel room that entire weekend, soaking up each others presence as much as we could before we had to leave each other again. 

but now, tour was over and we both had time off to spend together. his plane couldn’t land fast enough. 

I had spent the day, so far, cleaning and then recleaning their entire house. partly so they could come home to a nice, clean house; but mainly because I needed to do something so I wouldn’t check the clock every two minutes. 

finally, though, the clock hit 4 and I could leave to go to the airport. Jonah had asked me before the tour even started if I could pick him up when he got back, and without hesitation I agreed. now here I am, speeding to the airport as if that would help the plane land faster. 

when I parked, I ran inside, trying to go unnoticed by the fans. there were so many of them waiting for their boys to finally arrive so they could get a picture. I sat in some of the chairs by their gate and kept my head down, my hood up. 

I texted Jonah, letting him know I was there and where to look for me. he sent me back a smiley face and I smiled at my phone, anxious and growing impatient to see him.

I figured out they were here by the screams that erupted from the large group of girls. I noticed random people jump and give them weird looks, causing me to lose focus for a second to laugh. but my attention was brought back to why I was there when I noticed Daniel taking a picture with a fan. that meant that Jonah was close behind him. 

I stood up from my seat, looking around when I finally saw my giant boyfriend stand out amongst the crowd. a smile stretched across my face and tears welled in my eyes as I called his name. 

“Jonah!” I screamed, trying to get his attention. he couldn’t hear me over the fans, but corbyn saw me and smiled, hitting Jonah on the shoulder. corbyn pointed at me when Jonah turned to look at him and when Jonah saw me, his face paled and he only gave me a small smile and wave. he turned back to the fans and I gave corbyn a look, his face holding the same expression. he shrugged and waved it off. I thought nothing of it, figuring it was because Jonah was a little overwhelmed in the crowd. 

finally, though, he pushed through the crowd and that was my chance. I ran at him, jumping into his open arms as he cheesily spun me around. 

“hi baby,” he whispered into my ear, holding me tightly to his body. 

“I missed you so much,” I cried, my arms clinging around his neck, he laughed lightly into my shoulder and nodded in agreement. 

“I missed you, too, i’m so happy to see you,” he said, pulling back to look at me. he smiled and leaned down to kiss me- catching me off guard. Jonah wasn’t big on PDA, so it surprised me when his lips continued to move against my own. I wasn’t complaining, though. I was just happy to see my boy again. 

they met a few more fans before I led them to the car where they piled all of their luggage in and then climbed into the back seats. Jonah sat next to me in the passenger seat, gripping my hand tightly. 

“you guys have to tell me everything about tour, I want all the details!” I squealed as I drove us home. they all dove into different stories, my stomach hurting from laughing so hard by the time we pulled up to the compound. 

I followed the boys inside and Jonah and I went to his room. I watched as he flopped on the bed, a groan leaving his lips. 

“i’m so happy to be home,” he shouted, causing the other boys to holler in agreement from throughout the rest of the house. 

I laughed and laid down next to him, resting my head against his chest. 

“this is all I want to do for the rest of the night,” he whispered. I moved so I was looking up at him and I smiled. 

“I think we can arrange that,” I said, leaning up to kiss him. 

2 movies and a ton of snacks later, Jonah and I were laying on his bed, not saying anything. I was scrolling through my phone and he closed his eyes. we were still in the same position- me cuddled up against him with one of his arms around me and the other behind his head. the other boys had gone to sleep hours ago, leaving the house quiet and empty. 

I heard Jonah sigh and I smiled, still overjoyed about the fact that he was home. 

“I need to tell you something,” he whispered. 

“what’s up?” I asked, still scrolling through twitter. 

“I… I met someone on tour,” he said. I let out a chuckle at his vague statement. 

“you met a lot of people on tour, babe.“ 

“no, (Y/N), listen. I met someone. I met a girl, in some diner I found in some random city and she was… she was flirting with me.” 

I looked up at him to see that his eyes were screwed shut and his hand was resting against his forehead. what was he getting so upset about? 

“Jonah, a lot of girls flirt with you. you’re in a band, you‘re hot, it doesn’t surprised,” I shrugged. 

“yeah,” he whispered, opening his eyes but not meeting my gaze. 

“do I need to be worried?” I questioned, unsure of why exactly he was telling me this. my mind screamed at me that everything was fine, there was nothing to worry about. but my heart was whispering back in disagreement. 

“do you need to be worried that I met a girl and she flirted with me? no,” he said. 

I nodded, ready to lay back down and calm my racing heart. 

“but-” he started. 

I closed my eyes and my stomach dropped. of course, there was always something else. there was always a ‘but…’

“(Y/N),” he trailed off. I looked at him, finding a pained look on his face. 

“what did you do, Jonah?” I choked out. 

“I flirted back,” he said. “I asked for her number and she gave it to me.” 

I told you so, my heart broke. 

I sucked in a deep breath and turned away from him, unable to look at him anymore. I got up from the bed, moving to the edge, unable to even be next to him right now. 

I put my head in my hands, a million thoughts racing through my mind. 

“why?” I spat after a few minutes. 

“I… I don’t know. she was there and you weren’t and-” 

“are you trying to tell me this is my fault?” I shouted at him, beyond furious that he would make me out to be the bad guy. 

“no! no! i’m just saying that I was lonely and I hadn’t seen you in a while!” he rushed. 

“so you could have called me, Jonah! you don’t go flirt with another girl and ask for her number when you have a girlfriend!” 

“I know, I know, i’m sorry!” he cried. 

“when did you meet her?” I asked, gritting my teeth. 

“after the show before we went to new York,“ he whispered, looking back up at the ceiling. 

my heart dropped and I felt like I was going to be sick. 

“oh my god,” I groaned. 

“please don’t hate me,” he whispered. 

“so, you flying me out to new York that weekend wasn’t random, was it? you- you flew me out so suddenly because you were guilty? you made me believe that you had been planning that trip forever, how could you do that to me, Jonah?” I screamed, forgetting that the other boys were sleeping. 

“I don’t know, (Y/N)! I don’t know, I’m sorry, okay?” he yelled back. 

“did you even think of me in that situation? did you think of how i’d feel?” 

he looked into my eyes and I could see them glistening. 

“no,” he said. “no, you didn’t cross my mind the entire time.”

I was sure he could hear my heart shattering from where he sat. 

“and here I was, waiting for you to come back to me and you couldn’t do the same,” I whispered, tears falling down my cheeks. 

“i’m sorry, I didn’t mean to hurt you,” he said. I let out a harsh laugh and stood up. 

“well, you did, Jonah. that’s exactly what you did.”

“I just-”

“how could you do this to me? I waited for you, Jonah! I waited for you in the spot you told me to wait!” I shouted. 


“you were supposed to be different,” I snapped, looking at him. he nodded, looking away. he opened his mouth to speak but his door opened and corbyn stood behind it, rubbing his eyes. 

“what’s going on, you guys are being super loud,” he said. I grabbed my bag and made my way out of the room. 

“nothing, I was just leaving.” 

“(Y/N), wait!” Jonah yelled, jumping up and following me downstairs. 

“what, Jonah? what could you possibly want from me?” I cried out. I heard more doors open upstairs and I realized we had just woken up the entire house. 

“i’m sorry, please don’t go. we can work this out together, please,” he begged. 

I flung my arms out to my side, letting out a sob. 

“it’s too late for that.” 

“please, I love you. please don’t hate me because I made one mistake.”

I shook my head, my shoulders slumping. 

“Jonah… I don’t hate you. I swear I don’t. it just hurts too much to be around you right now,” I said. “I need to go.”

“(Y/N), please-”

“Jonah, stop,” I begged, opening the front door. “you did what you did, we can’t change that. please… just let me go.”

and that’s what he did. he watched me close the door behind me, leaving me alone once again. 



prompt list (request something!)

         since it’s DEAN’S THREE YEAR ANNIVERSARY ( SEPT 2ND ), lou made a list.  

over the course of three years, i’ve encountered so, so many incredible people.  i know i can never thank everyone enough for all the kind compliments and the beautiful messages that i constantly receive here, but i’ve decided to leave a small message for most of the blogs i follow below, because i want as many people as possible to get a lil piece of recognition and appreciation !

lil note: for my own sanity, i’ve only listed the active people, in the order i followed from first to last.  this is one hell of a list tbh ( 100+ people ), so, i’m super super sorry if i missed someone, because i probably did.  i’ve gone through the list several times.  my intention was to get as many people as i could, and at one point it got quite overwhelming.  

tldr; as a way of saying thank you to everyone for following me, i left a positive message for as many people as i possibly could !

press ctrl + F and type your url, so you can find your message !

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WOW  — just wow. I hit 1k followers just about five months ago and last night i actually reached that 2k milestone  🎉 I’m a little bit speechless, because i never thought that so many people would enjoy and love those shitty edits of mine and would actually want to talk to me about my fave characters, my life and literally just anything? It’s amazing and i’m beyond grateful for all of the support and appreciate each and everyone of you; especially my lovely mutuals. And even though all of this is still beyond me, i wanted to give the following people a big and plushy shoutout!
Thanks for following and i love you, guys!  💜

@banesfuture  💜
of course my sweet parabatai has to be the first person on my list that’s going to be mentioned  — i don’t make the rules. mags, you lovely human being. i don’t think i can put my feelings for you into words that actually make sense, but i’m going to try. you’re one of the most amazing people i ever got to meet and i’m beyond grateful for your existence. we’re basically the same person which, let’s be honest, sometimes creeps the shit out of us, but at the end of the day that’s probably one of the reasons why i love you as much as i do. you share my love for harry shum jr and don’t even get me started on necks and collarbones and all the thirst (yes, we need some holy water, babe.) you also share my love for poetry and prose and you’re one of those people i can talk to about literally anything. you talk to me about life changing decisions, drag me for my typos, encourage and support me to be the best version of myself, send me cute pictures of your kitties to cheer me up, send me funny memes and videos, bless my day with your beautiful selfies and most importantly you’re always there for me. and you always make sure that i never forget about that. i’m honoured to be your friend and i love you so much! 

●  @wonderchesters  💜
DAMN GURL is the first thing that comes to my mind when i think about you, brooke. you’re not only one of the most beautiful and sweet girls i have ever seen (please never ever stop sending me those gorgeous selfies!) but also one strong and genuinely kind and caring person. you’re like a little sister to me, except for the fact that i’m the vodka mom friend™ and your mom would probably kick me out within two weeks :’) i love that you speak your mind and how enthusiastic you are when you talk about the things you love. you’re so open minded, share my sense of humour and i can have those 3AM kinda conversations with you at any time of the day. i’m so so glad that you’re a part of my life and that i’m able to call you my fufe. i love you! … and don’t forget the fact that, if someone were to hurt you, i’d fly over to the US in a second to wreak vengeance for you c; #lol

@canislytherinthings  💜
where do i start when it comes to you, yael? god. i remember the day i saw that you followed me and how i instantly freaked out for a second and had to remind myself that i’m an adult and that we fangirl in silence c; you were and always will be one of the editors i admire the most. you’re so incredibly talented   —  and i’m not only talking about gifs and editing in general, even tho i always get those heart eyes when i see you posted another one of those gorgeous sets of yours. but you’re also seriously talented in cheering me up when i’m at my worst and you make me feel like i can talk to you about anything. it doesn’t matter if it’s just fangirling and fandom talk or those moments when my anxiety is rising and it feels like it’s crushing me down; you’re there. and i can’t tell you how grateful i am for that. you’re such a kind, strong and intelligent woman and you inspire me. i love it when you talk about your religion and traveling, share your personal stories and expierences with me and the fact that i can still learn so much from you. please, don’t ever change and please, take me to jerusalem and show me the city. i love you so much!

●  @jaceslewis  💜
you’re the cutest little bean on this planet, brie. thank you so much for instantly writing me when i posted your blograte  —  we might’ve never talked if you didn’t, because i’m a shy chicken and i seriously wouldn’t want to miss you and our conversations for the world. you have a thing for poetry, just like me and are a quite talented poet yourself (even though you don’t always see that yourself) and i’m amazed at how much talent and kindness you carry in your heart and brain. the second we started talking i knew that i had made a new friend, because that’s how you treated me from the start, even though we didn’t really know each other at the time. you’re such a warm and loving person and way too precious for my anxious ass; seriously. i love your honesty, your humour, your love for stephen king and the stories about your family (#zwetschgenknödel are the best 😉) and how you’re not someone who’s quick to judge others and always makes sure the people around you are feeling welcome and good. i know you tend to underestimate yourself and that we haven’t talked that much lately, but please let me tell you that you’re an awesome human being and that you can do absolutetly everything you put your mind to. you don’t have to hide your talents, mein mädchen. i love you!

@mel-iorn  💜
it feels like i’m an open book to you, mel, but i love that feeling. when i’m talking to you i feel genuinely understood and most importantly safe. i don’t have to think about something twice when i’m talking to you, because i know i can be completely honest. you’re so open minded and i love that we share an interest and passion in other cultures and religions. if we could, we’d probably travel the whole world! i also love it when you send me poems and little texts that made you think of me, ramble in your tags and how we’re just on the same wavelength. you’re so unapologetically yourself (and that’s a gorgeous self btw!) and i admire that so much. even though we haven’t talked that much lately, it’s always a blessing to know and see you on my dash. you make me smile and i love you! (that’s a #leveup for our friendship, right? c; )

i want to throw puppies at you because you’re so perfect it frustrates me #absolutefaves  | |  blessed by your existence
➸ listed in no particular order

@simon-lewis  ✨ @mathewsdadario  ✨ @si-lewis ✨  @packleaderluke @pendovah  ✨ @schizoalec  ✨ @lghtwood-bane  ✨ @dimshums @magnusfray  ✨ @matthewdaddorkio  ✨ @alishawanwright  ✨ @magnusbones  ✨ @malecsbiscuit @lightwoodclan  ✨ @sunlightwood  ✨ @kathmacnmrs  ✨ @jacelghtwood  ✨ @alecsagitta @jacesbi  ✨ @thedownworld  ✨ @iconicbane  ✨ @itscuteust @highwarlockofbrooklyn  ✨ @ravsreyes  ✨ @shadowclarys  ✨ @madzie-bane  ✨ @matthew-daddario  ✨ @takemystrengthtoo @silvertons  ✨ @ahoyspn  @scottymccall  ✨ @archerwarlock  ✨ @barnessergeant  ✨ @simonlevvis @winterdaddario @nephilimagnus  ✨ @f-f-f-fight  ✨ @milkeas  ✨ @softshumjr  ✨ @jacewaylands  ✨ @msemeraudetoubia  ✨ @claryfightwood  ✨ @dearestalec @alectightwood  ✨ @shumbane @izzybabewoods @lukemagnus  ✨ @sunlesbianmaia @princemagnusbane  ✨ @abloodneed  ✨ @lewismaia  ✨ @simonlewis  ✨ @softdaddario  ✨ @themagnusbane  ✨ @matthewsjosh  ✨ @simonjace  ✨ @andorcassion  ✨ @jacelightwoods  ✨ @magnusandalexander @parabuttai  ✨ @victaj  ✨ @damnmalec @deamaia  ✨ @jaceherondalex  ✨ @thelovelylights  ✨ @alecblushed  ✨ @magicalmagnus @meliorrn  ✨ @alec-magnvs  ✨ @magnvbane  ✨ @warlock-magnus  ✨ @jazewayland  ✨ @su-pectrum  ✨ @glitternsass @capstevierogers  ✨ @alecmagnu  ✨ @magswoods  ✨ @forcesensitivebane  ✨ @herondaleclarissa  ✨ @jakesantiagos  ✨ @malecwings @fraywoodbane @aleclighdwood  ✨ @harry-shum @matthewbane @claryfire  ✨ @highwarlockkareena  ✨ @rrahl @latinalightwood  ✨ @daddarios ✨ @banemagic  ✨ @magnusizzy @softbanes  ✨ @nightfallgoddess @alexandargideonlightwood  ✨ @hoteldumorts  ✨ @raphaelsantiago  ✨ @meliorn  ✨ @malecshappiness  ✨ @shadowrld @bane–lightwood  ✨ @magnificentbane  ✨ @harry-daddario @amorverus  ✨ @magnuslightswood  ✨ @cclizzy  ✨

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I see, there are a lot quest about kojima haruna so i see at her grad stage that aki-p write her letter,if u don't mind can u translate that?and there is vtr show some member comment for her like from paruru,izurina and the other can u translate that too

From the VTR: 

Yokoyama Yui’s excerpt from something she said to Kojima on her seitansai last year; 
“By the makeup-artists and the staff, we would always get told, “whenever you borrow and then give back something where there’s written “Kojiharu” on it, be sure to properly express gratitude to her”. Now, as a person, that’s just good manners, it’s obvious we’d do that, but I also realized that it is something maybe we don’t really always get the chance to do. But then,  by following those instructions for the past 10 years, and by seeing you doing just the same, I realized what an amazing person you also are not only on the outside, by showing off this cool attitude and beautiful looks, but also on the inside.”

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Dear Mutuals,

This gif set is for you.

I haven’t been online since Friday 23rd, which is quite poopy of me, since I haven’t answered your kind messages and reblogged your posts, which I really enjoy doing. I’ve had a self-induced SKAM hiatus. I feel really happy when I see a fellow mutual post a gif set, text post or a piece of art they’ve created for this wonderful SKAMily. I’ve just been in my emo state and closed myself off from tumblr and the world of SKAM (which you can see from my unupdated blog). I didn’t know how the reaction of it all ending would be here on tumblr, and since my cat has started to refuse being a cuddly ball of fluff in which I bury all my tears in, I didn’t have anyone to be around with physically (except for my cat and horse, but they don’t really understand when I go all emo on them) to help solve my many personal emotions that were raised with the last clip and all of the seasons of SKAM. But I’ve revived myself, and can see myself staying here on tumblr until the foreseeable future. I’ve made too many friends to just shut myself from tumblr for much longer, and I’d really like to continue being in touch with you all.

This gif set is each clip that Evak kissed<3 Sorry for not being online, sorry sorry sorry.

@br1skeby Faen Johanne, min Guru. I hope you know what you mean to me, so I’ll spare you a huuuugee multi-chapter piece of writing to show that (unless if you need a sudden boost of happiness, then dm me and I’ll be on it like a car bonnet)<3 Your writing metaphorically kills me each time you drop a new bomb ass chapter. I’m really happy I’m able to fangirl with you, be it over Evak, Yousana or Levi ;)

@beanievaltersen Hehe :3 As long as you’re happy with your new mattress, Evak and I am happy too :D  You must know what you mean to me too, but we need to revive our crazy theories about what all the Skam Squads are up to! Also, it’s an absolute honour to beta-read your artistry works!! kdjfakd I have no chill about how much I love it!!!

@du-er-ikkealene Elise, you will forever be my soup-bro :D (I really hope you remember why I’mma call you that, if not, I’ll remind you!) Taakk tak tak tak for introducing me to Kensington! They, and you, have inspired me to make cool gif sets of their beautiful, meaningful lyrics, and you will also forever continue to put me in awe of all the various, creative names you make up for Noorhelm :P  (Plus, ily)

@isakschili I’m now listening to Kent on a daily basis, thanks to you, crazy Swedish music-loving girl :*  And you neeeeeed to drop the second chapter of your fic ASAP!! You can’t just leave me hanging on an ending like that– you’ll end up making me even more mad for your fic than I already am ;)  And, in my lil head, you’re my musician buddy! Once a musician buddy, always a musician buddy.

@julieseven Daaayyyyyaamnnnnnn Sue. You must also already know what you mean to me. But seriously tho… If you don’t, then open whatsapp later tonight, and you’ll find out fo sure then.

@levok I’m on the countdown for roasting the new US Skam with you! That’s the only reason as to why I’m probably going to watch it!! And you have contributed to me writing better Danish and thinking outside the box in regards to theories and all, which is really ace! Tak, tak tak tak!! And you’re a bloody wonderful person to talk to! You never fail to make me snort air out of my nose, which basically counts as a laugh.

@prinsenimittliv Tenna I promise I’m going to write that headcanon for you! I feel really bad that I’ve left it so long, but it’s given me more time to think about different angles I can take it from<3 For every beautiful piece of art you create, I will in return write you especially a headcanon! Alt for dig, girl! Plus, dayyYYYAAAmmmMMMMmmmmm your haircut looks hella fine! :*

@chillerhjemmeisak I keep on saying it, and I’ll say it again: GOOD LUCK ON YOUR A-LEVELS!!!! :D  I promise you that with the power of The Biology Buddies, you will ace them! And that’s a promise! In an AU, we’re running around London in crazy Chris-inspired outfits.

@loooreleii Heyyy youu<3 I also hope you know how kind and sweet and funny and just all the lovely adjectives you are. Your artwork kills me (metaphorically) everytime! I’m so grateful that you share it with us<3  I really would like to keep in touch with you, also so that I can update you with how my new life in Germany will be (Update: I’VE FOUND A FAMILY TO LIVE WITH!!! IN STUTTGART, well not in Stuttgart, in a little town outside of it, but still!) Ich liebe dich<3  Plus, I’m buzzing with all sorts of ideas for the 5 different kisses drabble idea you gave me! Can’t wait to write it for you!

@asflowerpot1 You were the first person I spoke to on this crazy site! If you hadn’t reached out to me so that we could fangirl together, I probably would’ve stayed alone and quite in my own lil fangirl bubble :)  I love how we can literally feel each other’s emotions through the use of caps lock and I just really connect with you! I look forward to continuing our crazy long messages and emo feels together!<3

@eivseank Diana, promise that you’ll remember this: Du. Er. Ikke. Alene. I will be there for you to share our happiness between us, and our sad times. Because that’s what friends do. Please, please remember that<3  I love our long messages about travelling the world and eating 100% cocoa chocolate! :P  Make sure to sleep really well this summer, and to eat loads of ice-cream!!

@isaksredscarf Gael, you da BOMB!.com  Thank you again, endlessly for bringing me into the skamfwn- it’s really boosted my confidence in writing, and everytime I published some little drabble, I always knew I could count on you to tell me how it was!<3 I’ve got an AO3 now, where I’m called tacha_bacha because I thought ‘mannentilminkardemomme’ would be quite long :P  so, yay! This past week I’ve been slowly easing my way back into the wonderful, glorious SKAM world by reading and writing fic, which has definitely lifted my m00d by 110%, no doubt about it. Say ‘hi’ to your fuffy, adorable cat!

@sweetevak Ayo Emotional Overload, let’s keep sending dank memes of Honk vs. Cat in sunglasses :D  Also, I’ll literally never let you forget that you were the one to get me into writing!! You’re a godess! (At least, you’re my writing godess). I miss when you’d send seriously cute lil headcanons of Evak- they were pure and sweet, and just what every single hc in this crazy world should be made of<3

I’m going on holiday to The Motherland (aka. Denmark) this Tuesday for 11 days with my friend who has never been, and I’m not bringing my laptop, so writing any drabble will be harder on my phone, but I will do it for you all!! Because I love writing for you and seeing your sweet reactions in the tags and comments. I’m also bringing a notepad along, so there will definitely be a lot of inspiration coming to me! I’ve already started thinking about writing an AU -whaaaaaaattt???? This is new territory for me, but I’m so excited to be doing it with all of you, both my beautiful mutuals and followers (AND BEAUTIFUL ANON, IF YOU’RE READING THIS THEN REMEMBER THAT YOU PHYSICALLY AND LITERALLY MAKE ME SMILE!!!!! WHICH IS ONE OF THE BEST EFFECTS ONE CAN HAVE ON A PERSON!)

Jeg elsker dere alle! Have a wonderful summer. I really look forward to reblogging EVERYTHING I see! *sends an infinite amount of kisses*

Love from,

Natacha :o)

That’s How a Moment Lasts Forever - Post-BatB Oneshot



“Why do you keep so many tea sets?”

The old man chuckled, leaning back in his armchair as he watched his littlest grandchild.  While her two older siblings had chosen to play outside in the snow, she stared at his bookcase, which, instead of being filled with books, was lined with teapots and teacups made of wood, porcelain, and china.

“Well, you know your father’s a potter; he gives me the ones that no one wants.”

“But do you even use them?” the girl asked.  “They’ve got chips and cracks in them.  They wouldn’t make good tea.”

“You are definitely your mother’s daughter,” the old man replied.  “I suppose…I keep them because they deserve a home, a place to belong.”

The girl raised her eyebrows.  “You make it sound like they’re alive.”

“Well…” The old man’s voice took on a spooky tone.  “Sometimes they talk to me at night.”

The girl laughed. “No they don’t!”

“No, they don’t,” he agreed, laughing in return.  “But can’t an old man have his hobbies?  I like antiques!  I’m a collector, always have been!  You see that?” He pointed at a tiny, intricately decorated box on the mantel above the fireplace.  “It plays a lullaby if you open it. The king’s grandfather made that for me when I was a boy.”

“Really?” The tea sets were momentarily forgotten as the little girl ran over to the mantel and seized the box in her hands.  

“Careful!” The man raised a gnarled hand, but there was no need; the girl set the box down with the utmost care.  She lifted open the box, revealing a tiny, incredibly detailed replica of a rose.  The rest of the inside was gold and cornflower blue, with a castle painted on the inside of the lid.  She located the winding handle on the side, and with a nod from her grandfather, wound it up and let it play.

At once, a little melody, strong but sweet, began to emit from the box, causing the rose to rotate slowly in place.  The girl sat, entranced by the box, while the man closed his eyes and hummed along.

“You won’t find a box like that anywhere else,” he finally said.  “That’s why it’s special.”

The girl waited until the last notes faded away, then looked up at her grandfather to ask him a question.  But what she saw startled her into concern rather than curiosity.

“You’re crying, Grandfather!”  She rushed forward, drawing out her handkerchief to wipe his tears away.  The song was beautiful, yes, but it wasn’t a song that should be cried over!

“Ah, well…” He smiled and let her wipe away his tears.  “You are very kind.  My mother used to sing that song for me.”  He didn’t need to say the rest.  

“Oh,” the girl whispered.  “I’m sorry.”

“You didn’t know,” the old man reassured her, smiling.  “Besides, I let that old box play every day, and you don’t see me crying all the time, do you?”

“No,” the girl answered, grinning.  “You’re very cheerful.”

“Well that’s good,” he exclaimed.  “I’m glad I didn’t grow up to be an old grump like my father did.”

They sat in silence for a few more minutes; she admiring the music box, and he gazing at the tea sets in the bookcase that he kept so well polished that the imperfections shone in the light.

“Do you want to know the real reasons behind the tea sets?” he asked suddenly, waking the girl from her short-lived reverie.  “Why I look after them like I do?  You have to promise not to laugh or walk away.”

The little one shrugged, but sidled up to her grandfather’s armchair.  “Okay.  Tell me.”

“Do you promise not to laugh?”

“I promise.” Her eyes gazed up at him, wide and trusting.

“It’s because I used to be one myself.”

The girl sat there, eyes wide, lips parted slightly in surprise.  She wanted to ask if it was a joke, but the old man looked completely serious.  And she was just at that age where she was learning to take care of herself, but still young enough to believe in fairy stories, if they were spun the right way.


The old man’s lips curled into a real, genuine smile, one that only children would understand.  “Magic.”

“What happened?” the girl’s voice was barely a whisper.

“Well…sit back a little, and I’ll tell you,” the man replied.  “I was your age when this story took place.  It started with a spoiled prince, an old enchantress, and a young farm girl who saved us all…”

“You used to work at the castle?” the girl said after he had finished his tale.

“Well, it was mostly my mother; she was the head housekeeper.  I followed in the steps of my father, became a potter, and when I had your father, I taught him as well.  Hopefully your older siblings will carry on the family business for me.”

“I bet they will.”  The girl slumped in her chair.  But soon she straightened up again.  “Was the queen really an inventor?”

“Best in the world,” he replied.  “She’s the reason why you have a fountain behind your house for laundry.”

“Is the Enchantress still alive?”

“I have no idea. Probably.”

“Were the musicians really world-famous?”

“Of course they were.  Why would they lie?”

“Maybe to gain favor with the prince.”

“No, they’ve been in the paper before.  I have clippings, if you’re really that skeptical.”

“Wow…” For a moment she was lost in her own daydreams of what it would be like living with famous people.  But then another thought stole her mind away.  “Could Plumette really fly? Like a bird?”

“Even after the curse she could float for a while, if she wanted to.”

“And Lumiere?”

“What do you want me to say about him?  The man was an eccentric old codger right up until the day he…”  The man paused for a moment, lost in the past.  “Until he died.”

The girl pondered the word in silence, while the other sat in his armchair, thinking of times and thoughts that his granddaughter would never understand, no matter how much she listened, or how much she learned.  She would never learn to appreciate time as he had, especially now, after all these years.  And he was the last one, the one given the most time to contemplate what had happened.  Everyone else had already passed on.  

Sometimes, they would come to him in his dreams, as young as he remembered them that day: newly human and full of happiness.  Lumiere would ask him how old age was treating him, Chapeau would clap him on the back and comment on his family, his mother would wrap her arms around him and tell him how proud she was of him.  How proud they all were of him.

But Cogsworth always told him the time, how time was running out.  Tick-tock, there’s not much time left.  And though he always asked what Cogsworth meant, the old majordomo never explained himself, only kept repeating the same thing over and over again.  Even now, Cogsworth was still as incessant as a real clock.

And yet…though he had time well-spent…it never seemed like enough.  Well, not until now, as his youngest grandchild sat next to him, visions of magic and curses dancing in her head, the very age he was when the curse was cast.  Filled with the wonder of a story that would die with him.

“I have a special task for you, little one,” he murmured, and the girl’s eyes lit up.

“What is it?” she asked.  “Whatever it is, I’ll do it.”

“Don’t forget the story I’ve told you today.  Not a single word of it.  Write it down somewhere, make it a book.  And tell your grandchildren.  And have them tell theirs.”

“All right,” the child said.  “Is it that important?”

“I don’t want anyone to forget them,” he continued.  “They taught me a lesson; I am sure they will teach others too.  You’ve probably been told that nothing lasts forever, haven’t you?”

“That’s right,” she said.  “Mother told me that.”

“Well…this story only happened in a moment, out of all the time in the world.  And when I die, the days I’ve lived will disappear.  But now that I’ve told you, you can tell other people, and those people can tell other people, and the story will last longer than any of us.”

He wasn’t much of a storyteller at this age, but he could do this much for his family.  He didn’t live his whole life just to die without people really knowing what happened all those years ago.  It wasn’t just some curse; lessons were learned, and love was restored to the castle.  

“Okay.  I promise I’ll do it.  And my children will do it too.”  

Chip smiled and closed his eyes.  He could picture them now, in the castle, carrying out their duties, royalty and service alike.  Some would call them ordinary, but to him they were the most important people in the world.  They didn’t deserve to be fleeting.  They deserved to live on.  Through story, through song, through legend.

That’s how a moment lasts forever…when our song lives on.

Destiel and Aragorn x Arwen

So I was watching Lord of the Rings lately and I couldn’t help but think about how much the relationship between Aragorn x Arwen and between Dean x Castiel is alike.
I mean, let me start with the similarities between Arwen and Cas first. Hell just look at their eye color.

Anyways, that’s not the point, let’s get started:
Both, Cas and Arwen, are immortal. Castiel is an angel of the Lord, his father high above, almost like a king for some people. Then there is Arwen. An Elf, an actual princess, the daughter of the Lord of Rivendell, eminent just like Cas.
Both have been quite alone in their long past and both never happen to experience love until they met their ones. (Unecsessarly to say that I am talking about Aragorn and Dean here.)
However, then there is the fact that both happen to be human at some point. Arwen decided to choose humanity to be together with Aragorn. Arwen: “I would rather share one lifetime with you than face all the ages of this world alone.”
It was a hard desicion for her to make, but she chose Aragorn over a fulfilled and immortal life, even if that would mean her death.
Arwen: “This was my choice, Ada, whether by your will or not, there is no ship now that can bear me hence.
So you see, to her it’s more important to be with Argorn than anything else. Of course at the beginning she was quite unsure about what to do. She didn’t know rather Aragorn is going to live and going to become the king of Gondor or not. But important is that she never lost hope.
Elrond: “He [Aragorn] is not coming back. Why do you linger here when there is no hope?
Arwen: “There is still hope.”

Until she saw her future, their future. Together.

Now you would argue with the fact that Castiel didn’t choose to be human and a mortal life and that is true, BUT remember why he became human! Why the angels were falling! I mean of course it was Metatrons work but think further back. Also don’t forget that Cas would choose Dean over and over again. “You have to choose, Castiel. Us. Or them.”  And he chose Dean. “You gave us order, Castiel, and we gave you our trust. Don’t lose it over one man.” and Cas’ answer was: “No. I can’t.”

Who knows what would have happend if he didn’t choose Dean. Maybe everything would have been better for him, we don’t know, but he didn’t care about that at all, because all he cares about is Dean and that’s the same with Arwen and Aragorn. Just think about it! If Castiel would have to choose between an immortal life and being together with Dean for the rest of his life, wouldn’t he choose Dean and with that mortality as well? Yes! I mean, come on, it’s quite obvious.
So infact both Arwen and Castiel would sacrifice everything, just to be with the ones they love and care about the most. Both of them would do everything to make sure they will be fine. Like for example with appearing in their dreams. Aragorn: “I am asleep. This is a dream.”  Arwen: “Then it is a good dream.”

Dean: “I’m dreaming, aren’t I?”

or just by their presence and comforting words.

Now to my last point. Lets be honest both are hella sassy. Castiel:“You should show me some respect. I dragged you out of hell, I can throw you back in.”

Arwen:“What’s that? A Ranger caught off his guard?”

Like I said: Think about it, it’s quite obvious.

So now let me start with the similarities between Dean and Aragorn.

First of all is to say that both of their parents died “quite early”. Of course Dean was around 27, when his father died to safe him, but he was only four years old when he saw his mother burning on the ceiling. After that Dean started following his fathers orders, continued the family business, took and still takes care of his little brother.

“’Cause you’re following Dad’s orders like a good little solider? Because you always do what he says without question? Are you that desperate for his approval?!”

He grew up very fast, too fast actually.

We don’t know much about Aragorns parents, just that his father served as Chieftain of the Dúnedain and that Aragorn was two years old, when his father got shot between his eyes, while he was hunting orcs and that his mother died when he was 74 years old.
However Aragorn didn’t see his mother often, after he left Imladris with the age of twenty, to fulfill his mothers wishes to become a Ranger and to wander in the wild. So we can see both did what their mother (in Aragorns case) or father (in Deans case) wanted them to do. Following their orders and wishes.
But still we know that Aragorn had a better relationship to his mother than Dean had to his father, though. Also Aragorn kind of grew up very fast and learned how to survive alone in the wild.
Next point is their past. Both Dean and Aragorn are quite afraid of their past or rather are having a kind of dark past.
Well, for Dean at least it is hard enough remembering what happened to his mother and thinking back to all these years of hunting with his father and brother to find the thing which killed Mary and which also destroyed his childhood.
Also looking at new seasons of Supernatural he is afraid of what he became. I mean like he was in hell, got the Mark of Cain then the Demon accident. Of course it’s not his fault but still all these things are hunting him.

He is ashamed of what he became and about letting that happen and as we know Dean he gives himself the fault for everything bad that happened.

Aragorn, in that case, is more ashamed about his relatives/ancestors, because they were seeking for power over whole middle earth and all that just beacuse of  this one ring.
“The Ring passed to Isildur, who had this one chance to destroy evil forever. But the hearts of Men are easily corrupted. And the Ring of Power has a will of its own. It betrayed Isildur to his death.”
He is afraid of becoming just like them.
Arwen: “Why do you fear the past? You are Isildur’s heir, not Isildur himself. You are not bound to his fate.
Aragorn: “The same blood flows in my veins. The same weakness.

Aslo Dean is kind of scared about becoming something he don’t want to be. Both are trying to hide the pain inside of them. Both are kind of broken, but still want to seem strong from outside. They love and care about everyone around them more than they love and care about themselves.
Aragorn:“I give hope to men and keep non for myself.


Dean:“ I know how you look into the mirrow and hate what you see!”

But despite that fact they keep on fighting for what’s right, because that’s what they are good at.
“I can see inside you, Dean! I can see how broken you are, how defeated; you can’t win and you know it, but you just keep fighting, just keep going through the motions. (…)”

If not saving themselves from their past or from their future, then at least saving as many people as they possibly can and that for the greater good.
But for exactly that, Dean as well as Aragorn, have got the ones they love the most by their sides. Cas loves Dean with all his flaws, no matter how broken Dean is inside, no matter what happend to him, even when he turned dark, Cas was there, always came when he called, always did everything Dean asked for. He is showing Dean how wonderful he is, that he is loved and that he is a beautiful person inside and out and Dean appreciates that more than even Castiel can imagine.

That’s the same with Aragorn and Arwen. Arwen stands by his side, always, she is showing him how important he is to her and knowing that he will not make the same mistake his ancestors did years ago, that he can be what he was meant to be and not be afraid of it. She gives him hope and strength.
Arwen: “Your time will come. You will face the same evil, and you will defeat it.”

And not to forget both are hella badass.

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Castiel and Arwen are the best that could ever happen to Dean and Aragorn and they both are showing them that there is nothing to be afraid of as long as they have someone by their side, who loves them for exactly what they are and that is important. That is what they need in life. No matter how dark eveything can get, together they can defeat it.

A tragic love story between an immortal and a mortal. That’s what I signed up for!

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Zen and Jumin having a little sister who is depressed and have anxiety but hides it behind her smiles, jokes and corny puns. I'm sorry if this disturbs you, I'm just really having a bad life. You don't have to do this if you're uncomfortable with it. Thank you.

Oh, sweetie, I’m so sorry it took so long for me to answer you, I was just following the order of the requests, I hope you’re feeling better by now. If you feel like it, come by and talk to me a little, okay? I really want to know if you’re feeling better…

I also wish I had something better for your request, but that’s all I could think of.

(I’m not sure if it is necessary, but):

TW: Mentionings of depression and anxiety


  • It’s been a while since they haven’t seen each other, things been weird ever since he left to pursue his acting career
  • She missed him more than she though she would. Most of the time they were fighting, anyway.
  • But as soon as she saw him, she couldn’t hold back this huge smile and all those bad puns about his hair turning grey at such a young age
  • He smiled softly, yeah, he missed this, he missed the teasing, he missed all the good and bad things only her sister could pull it off
  • He seemed fine! Great, actually… he talked about the roles he was managing to get, and with so much enthusiasm!
  • “Yeah, I could use some of your joy now, bro.” you said, more to yourself than to him, but he listened.
  • “Okay, what did mom do right now?”he let out a deep sigh and asked.
  • “Nothing! I swear, it’s just… it’s hard, you know? Having this illness and people don’t really seeing as a disease… I’m kinda of done right now, I guess.”
  • “I see… well, you know I’m not a therapist, so I don’t really know what to tell you…” “Just you not saying that I should just smile and try not to feel sad is really useful, bro, believe me.”
  • “Well, I do. I… always believe in you, sis, even when you don’t believe in yourself, you know? And… I’m sorry if I’ve been a little distant, but you know I’ll always be there for you, right?” “Yeah, I know…” she rests her head on his shoulder briefly.
  • “And, you know, if things get too tough, you can always move in with me!”. She scoffed: “We as roomies? That would never work, Hyun!”
  • “Why not?” “Because you would freak out everytime I brought someone to stay over. What would be our code? A tie in the knob?”
  • “I… don’t think we should be discusing this. And you should never bring a man to your place!” “So I should go to his place?”
  • “NO! THAT’S EVEN WORSE! Just… focus on your studies for now, okay? You’re smart, just finish. When you do, I’ll help you get a decent job. We’ve got each other’s backs, don’t we?” “Yes, of couse we do!”
  • “Good, so stop talking about men and focus on your studies.” “That coming from school dropout himself…”
  • “Well, I’m not as smart as you. But don’t waste your talent! You probably disagree with me, but you’re smart, talented, amazing and will make through everything, I swear.”
  • “Okay, granie, I’ll… I’ll consider evrything you said… and YOU! Don’t get away of my sight like this again, okay?”
  • He didn’t answer her, at least not with words, he just hugged her tightly. Well, that was the right answer after all.


  • They’re half brother and sister. She is the daughter of some of his father’s ex wife
  • Not that it matters, because somehow he always found himself… liking you and… caring for her, like he generally never cared or liked any of his stepmothers.
  • Maybe because she’s nothing like her mother? Or just because she was the only one who doesn’t bother him with annoying questions about girlfriends and such?
  • Even with her weird sense of humor and all, he always felt a little more comfortable around her than with the rest of the world. Even when his father and her mother weren’t together anymore.
  • It’s been a while since they don’t see each other, she was tudying abroad and got back recently. Okay, not really an excuse hen you have Skype or FaceTime, but still… they both have been busy, let’s put it that way.
  • “So, are you really in line for being CEO?” “I suppose is a little early to discus this, my father is very healthy and he probably will stay as CEO for a few more years… what about you? Preparing yourself to take over your family business?”
  • She let out a sigh: “Don’t even get me started on this, bro. I… forget it.” “Go ahead, tell me.”
  • “I… I wasn’t studying abroad. I… I was at this clinic…” he doesn’r really understand how this answers his previous question. “Clinic?”
  • “It was a mental insitution, I… have been struggling again…” oh, now he gets it, yes, he remembers their brief conversations about depression and anxiety, how she was scared of starting to take those meds…
  • “Are you feeling better now?” “That’s a very relative and subjective question. It’s not like you to make this kind of question…”
  • “Yes, I appologize…” “Don’t be so formal, bro. I was just messing with you. But… to answer you, I… it’s a journey, you know what I mean? Some days I feel like I’m at the top of the world, ready to conquer and divide, but there are those other days… and I just… want to disappear, forever, if possible.”
  • “Make sure to contact me when these days come, then. I’m… not good at comforting and I don’t think I can possibly relate to your problems, but you can come here and just… vent. Walk in my garden, pet Elizabeth the 3rd.” You scoff “I read somewhere animals are a great therapy, please consider my offer. She won’t judge you, and if you’re wondering, neither will I.”
  • If she wasn’t paying fully attention on this, she would never notice how kind his words were, because his tone was so stoic and monotone, but he has always been like this: kind in a unnusual way.
  • “Actually, maybe we can manage to help each other. I… I may be in need for some advice from a… female perspective.” ohohoho, was Jumin Han in love? She wanted to tease him, but nah, she would never do this, she knew how uncomfortable this was for him.
  • “Sure, anything you need. We’ve got each other’s back. ” she patted his hand quickly and smiled.
  • “Yes, we always had.” he tried to pat her shoulder, but this felt out of place for both of them.
  • Actually, she was always more comfotable knowing she could always count on his reliable words, this was more important than hugs and pats.

so it’s interesting to me that we were all brought here by love. and yet, sometimes our fandom is just the opposite of that. judgmental, hurtful, mean, rude, etc. it has been nice to come back tonight and see all of these lovely messages of love on my dash. 

there’s a reason i’ve never done a follow forever or when i’ve gotten anons asking for a list of other blogs to follow, i’ve said no. i’ve been left out of things before, lots of times in fact, and it always sucks. i’d never want to be the cause of that for someone else. i’m going to try very, very hard here with my list of love.

the stay salty ladies. @alarrylarrie @louandhazaf @theonewiththebluemic @justafatbirdonaboat @fratboylouie @unintentionalarry amanda, nic, lu, katie, julia, ashlee. you guys are so great and i’m so lucky to have made friends with such lovely people. like nic said, the round robin of positivity is amazing. when one of us is down, another one is up, and we help each other through. and not just fandom stuff. you guys have made a huge difference for me, encouraging me to start writing and keep it up, but also other stuff. you know what i’m talking about. i’ve loved getting to know you guys and your families.

the fic chat. all of y’all… i feel like i totally failed you guys with the chat, but we’ve done alright, maybe? i think the best part of the fic club is the friendships that have been made there. i….. don’t want to tag everyone, because that’s really a lot of people to tag lol i’m going to tag a few of you though and hope that everyone sees this post! @loubeesarmy @beccasafan @happilylouie @vintage1der @justapayneaway @mydnytkiss  @harrysdandelion @melmanpur @moonblessd@choncetaking @millionlittletings @captiveharts @lifestyleofpj 

to the rose and dagger chat @nottooldforthisship @loveisalaserquest17 @melmanpur @allwaswell16 @doctorrainbows @tomlinshawpie @letsjustsee @softhie @assisreal @eachothershappyending @waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee i feel like i’ve forgotten someone… anyway, some of you i already talked to somewhat regularly, and i’m looking forward to getting to know the rest of you. i love that our no drama chat has turned into chat of cheese and cats and axes and idek what else. 

some other people @gettingaphdinlarry i don’t know you well, but i like what i know. you’re an awesome beta and super smart. 

@phd-mama getting to know you a little at a time. love your writing, but also that you are an hp freak like me. 

@nottooldforthisship i know i tagged you already, but i love ya. you’re awesome. what you do for the fandom with fic recs is amazing, but also what you do with supporting and encouraging writers is a big thing. i love it.

  @someonethatsfunny i don’t know you well, but i like you. you’re always super sweet when we chat <3 

@softlouiswarmharry you are always so nice about my fics. messaging me when you’ve read them and i just love getting feedback from you. 

@xabjectlessonsx phoenix you’re super super lovely, talented in many facets, and you love dolly parton and cher. enough said. i can’t wait to get my tattoo and send you pics! 

@mllesouthernbelle you called me your fairy larry god mom. i love it. love you!

@muchbetterjulia where are you even? i’m wondering about your hair. let me know. 

@annie-pie we tend to agree on so many random things and i love that i can message you and scream about things that will not be named. 

@waytoomanypeopleintheaddisonlee kk with our similar blacklists i feel connected to you lol sometimes i look at my dash and know that yours is the same, all little boxes that say “blacklisted because” 

@catp i connect with so many random things that you post. haven’t known you long, but still. LOVE.

@lucystarkid i love you! love your writing and all of the love you put into this fandom!

gdi @twopoppies i forgot you! i love you gina! you’re so talented and so sweet <3

last, but not least, i’m going to come back around and send more love to nic @louandhazaf because i love you extra.

okay that was actually really tiring because i’m sitting here completely paranoid that i’m forgetting someone. 


So i’m sorry that it has taken so long to get this out but I did recently reach 300+ followers! I am incredibly blessed to have that many people following my trash and hope to be someone you enjoy following. I wanted to do something really cool like a giveaway but sadly I didn’t have anything to really give away so maybe at my next 100 yeah? Anyway, thank you for following me and making my experience ah-mazing, I promise to work harder and bring you better content in the future. Now, on to my follow forever!

VIPs (in no particular order):

@fllameoflove you just switched blogs but you haven’t switched our amazing threads! you’re an amazing friend and writer, i am truly lucky to have found you on here. you have allowed me to help benjamin grow into the asshole that he is and i couldn’t thank you enough for that! 

@timexbomb hunty, you and i have recently become friends and what can i say? before i became a krp you had abby loving ethan and now we have lilly and eunhyuk (who is whipped for her) and i wouldn’t have it any other way? thank you for being such a great partner/friend and i hope we have a million more threads in the future!

@hyypejaeyoung i edited this maybe three times because my message would always get too long but god where do i start? you are definitely one of my favorite partners on this site. you and i have great characters and chemistry which is why i know our threads are always going to be good. whether it’s jae and won or brian and kyung, our threads give me plenty of angst and feels and i love you for that!

@sncwflckes BOO you have become my closest friend on this site! (no shade to anyone else ily all) but I am always looking forward to our conversations :) thank you so much for listening to me and letting me love and support you through everything and i can’t wait to have so many threads with you and watch as our characters grow together! 

@mysticmanyeo and last but certainly not least my honeybun. you have given me probably one of my most iconic ships and i couldn’t thank you enough for that. you’re hilarious af and i love that we can talk about hc with parker and ting ting all day long. i’m so glad that we started rping together and i can’t wait until we have so many more threads together!

To the people I follow, whom I love and definitely haven’t/won’t ever forget about you. You guys kept following me even after I switched over to my krp and i’ll love you for not ditching me.

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a/n: anon suggested a best friend to boyfriend type but i felt redundant sort of making another boyfriend post for him lols. and i just made a college!sewoon post and my heart is forever #howons so here’s a college!jaehwan<3 i’m also trying to write a drabble for jaehwan soon~~

  • the type to carry a thermos with him all the time
  • also a waterbottle
  • probably has teabags in his backpack
  • “my mom must have p-put these in here ha ha ha”
  • it was him
  • if it’s cold up, he’s always bundled up because he’s not allowed to get sick
  • aka his mom wouldn’t let him leave the house unless he looked like the michelin man
  • also has painkillers with him all the time
  • so if you get sick, you’re all set
  • but he always forgets his campus id
  • so if he wants to check out a book from the library he has to look for you to use urs instead
  • sings for school events
  • welcome week literally has all y’all being welcomed by his godly voice
  • your ears are blessed for the semester
  • pretends to get shy when people notice him on campus but lowkey likes it
  • always hangs around the performing arts building
  • sucks at taking lecture notes
  • can’t write fast enough bc he writes every single thing the professor is saying and everything on the slides
  • spends finals week in the library hogging a computer to look over lecture notes
  • begs his friends if he can borrow their laptops to continue looking at lecture notes
  • bothers you while studying
  • asks you “what are you doing?”
  • “what subject?”
  • “who’s your professor?”
  • “should i take that class next semester?”
  • but he will let you make him do stuff for you like buy you a drink (just to get him away from you so you can actually study)
  • talks a lot in big lecture hall classes
  • you avoid sitting near him bc he whispers all the time
  • but he always finds you lols
  • never goes to office hours
  • always needs to have coffee in the morning or else he’ll be cranky
  • random busking in the middle of the commons
  • joins a cultural club
  • and gets really into the planning of the cultural show they are having
  • is part of like every single dance
  • also sings for the show
  • the one person everyone can hear because he’s so loud
  • and if someone tells a funny joke, he’ll laugh so hard the whole commons turns to see where the hyena sound is coming from
  • spends a lot of time googling chords to new songs he listened to
  • always manages to run late for class
  • you asked him if he wanted to get lunch off campus once
  • and he was like “haha funny. i’m broke”
  • but when he gets paid, he’ll surprise you with bread from the local bakery
  • the type to leave you spongecake with a post-it note on it
  • like you would leave ur table in the library for two seconds and comeback with the spongecake on top of your notes
  • and the post-it would say something like “work hard. play hard. stop slacking off!”
  • takes the bus home with you
  • always ends up dosing off 
  • you try to get him to help you study using flashcards
  • but he gets distracted and forgets to change the card
  • or just comments on how well made the cards are
  • there are bean bags chairs in the library and if he’s not in the performing arts building, he’s on those chairs
  • probably writing a song or rearranging a song
  • he’s just a very average college guy that likes to sing okay! C’S GET DEGRESS!!!! #soml
the zodiac based on ppl I know
  • aries: they just want to be liked but also to be right. have a habit of coming off as 'bragging', self entitled but will feel so anxious about it they'll either apologize or ignore it and hope you'll forget. they want someone to notice them but not be the center of attention. the anxious bean who just want to fix everything.
  • taurus: they'll clean your house, cook you food for the next week and will not ask anything for it, but if you don't thank them, or look grateful they'll burn your house down - no regrets. they're so scared no one will put them first so they put themselves first. they'll try new things but have a habit of falling back into routine. but routine is good sometimes for a Taurus and if a Taurus is happy so is everyone else.
  • gemini: God damn god damn, if you don't like a gemini 9 times out of 10 they've already erased you from their contacts list. honestly zero fucks; but the problem is they actually have too many fucks, they can't hold onto how many fucks they have. So they'll freezer burn you with a cold shoulder but be nervous about it the entire time. they're deathly loyal though but only to a hand full lucky few.
  • Cancer: they're chameleons; they just want everyone to be so happy/comfortable that they'll change their own emotion to fit yours. and damn good at it too. their dog could of died and you wouldn't know unless they told you, and if they do think of it as lucky -they trust you. cancers don't want to burden others with their problems out of trust. they're intuitive, and the people who notice EVERYTHING.
  • Leo: the smooth rollers. honestly Leo's don't remember the difference between Friday and Thursday but know that every other day is so anxiety provoking that they'd rather sleep or make out for 30mins. they're gentle, quiet sometimes but are really damn funny once in a while. they can take up an entire room or you'll forget they came by, but that's how they like it.
  • virgo: if it's not perfect, it isn't worth it. my Virgo friend said that to me and it summed them up perfectly. they get stressed in high pressure situations but look cool and reserved while doing it. they are unconsciously introspective and pull out shit like, "do you ever think about thinking?" so you just hope they nap, or calm down for a second. but they're full of sunshine and without them we'd forget everything.
  • Libra: etherial, you'll remember one forever. they're genuine when it's good for them, kind, funny and charming. they'll leave footprints in your life forever with their beauty and interest. anxious about the lack of confidence they have but only ooze confidence with each breathe. however nothing can be ever wrong with a libra, they're never at fault even for their own mistakes.
  • Scorpio: the smartest people I've ever met. genuine and kind, they can seem spacey so when intelligent and introspective thoughts come from them, it can turn a few heads. they're tough on the outside but warm and fuzzy on the inside. full of only love and puns.
  • Sagittarius: filled with so much energy you have to ask if they ever sleep, which is.. no not often enough. they just want to be your best friend and tell you about everything they know. they can be overwhelming sometimes but they know that so they dial it down alittle until they burst with love and 80 texts of, "HAVE YOU SEEN THIS THING?" are always thinking about the world around them and how much they're living in it.
  • Capricorn: is that person who is always taken when you're single. it's a rough life but their calm and cool exterior makes up for their tiny trash mess inside. not in a bad way though - capricorns will straight up tell you they're a mess on the DL. they're not serious at all but completely serious about memes. you'll crush on their charm and Cheshire smile but they have a bad attitude when pushed the wrong way.
  • Aquarius: they're so smart but never in the way that counts towards them. they can read situations, give great advice but never follow it themselves. the best at political rally's because they always know what's best to fight for, know every side of the argument and every counter argument. could probably teach it to a rock if need be. have trouble sitting with themselves and their mistakes. but if you need a jeopardy partner pick a Aquarius.
  • Pisces: they just want a good time. they're simple and happy if they want to be. they can make everyone miserable really quick but know that about themselves. more introspective than they come off as (which is ADHD, head everywhere, excited for life and nature). but they know what they like, wants to live simple and happy, so I aspire to their ideals.

      UH EXCUSE ME, ARE YOU LOST ??   did you make a wrong turn or did you accidentally crash your way onto this blog && are to confused to find a exit ?? ━━━  im just kidding alright, i love every since one of my 300+ followers to death. i’m so happy your here, im so happy you’ve chosen to follow me && show interest in the muses i showcase && write on this blog. ━━━  this is just a little post to show you guys how much i appropriate every one of you  !!  how much i love all of you.  again, thanks for being here && taking an interest in little ole me. xoxo

 ━━ first off some special mentions of some amazing people who are the love of my life.

@seulerose ;  how can i make a bias list of my favorite people without including you kat ?? i couldn’t, honestly.  your just an amazing person, i love every muse you’ve ever played && will decide to take on. your writing is amazing, your aesthetic ( both in general && in rp ) is like a++ that has me #shook forever, not only do you write amazingly but your also a amazing friend. i remember when i first got to know you && i was sitting there going a) “ god i hope they follow me back, i’d die! “  than it was like b) “ aM I QUALITY ENOUGH FOR THIS BEAST/ADAM?! “ and eventually it progressed into present c) “ i love katherine with all of my life, bless. “  stay forever please && thanks. xoxo 

@ncglect ;  BRAM !!  i had to include you in this because honestly ??  i love you so much, your such a amazing multi muse that i adore && appreciate with all of my heart. you have so many great great muses that i love writing with && just seeing around on the dash.  the OOC && IM chat with you is a++, always gives me muse && makes me excited for whatever we have going for a reply. i look forward to talking to you, i look forward to a reply from you. it always makes me happy, makes me appreciate && count myself lucky to have you as a mutual && a friend !! xoxo

@watchended​ ;   i know we haven’t been talking or interacting much or long but still ??  i really wanted to include you in the special mentions because i wanted you to know how much i really do appreciate you as a roleplay partner.   i love your jon to death, i love seeing him on the dash && seeing what replies you’ve done even if they aren’t mine or related to what we haven’t started yet, that’s how much i enjoy him, how much i  adore your writing && you, bradley, as a person. our chats on discord always make me happy, they make me feel safe like i can say anything to you, suggest anything && it’s fine.  i feel like i can talk to you, which is a good quality between partners.   stay amazing, stay forever okay. xoxo 

@draconatus / @awolfmaiden ;  USAGI oh my god i just adore you so much ??  we, again, haven’t been interacting or talking much but you give me life so much.  your daenerys makes my heart sing, your lyanna is just perfection && the most amazing, lovable grandmother in the world to visenya.  you as a person so so nice && seem to be really invested && interested in whatever we have going or may have in the future. i love it so much. it makes me happy to see that enthusiasm for me, for our thread && between our muses.   i look forward to all of the interactions to come in the future, for our OOC chat, && hopefully we can become better friends in the process. thank you for following me, for sticking around so far! xoxo

━━  now for the other people who i love to death && appreciate with all of my heart. i’d love to see some more interactions with all of you && get to know you. xoxo

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Surprise visit

Fandom: The Flash

Pairing: Dr. Harrison Wells x Reader

Summary: When depression stops you from being around people you decide to call in sick and stay at home. But Harrison shows up because he wants to be there for you. 

Originally posted by acewest360

It was one of those days. Staying at home with the door carefully locked and the phone turned off was the best you could do all day. You didn’t want to meet anyone so going to S.T.A.R. Labs was out of the question. In the morning you called your supervisor to tell him you didn’t feel well and you were aware that he knew without asking what the real problem was.

Every once in a while you glanced at the clock on the wall across the room and, while it felt like several hours had passed already, in reality it was usually ten minutes tops since your last glance at it. You hated it, the weird perception of time that only annoyed you even more.

Then the doorbell rang but you ignored it. Well, at least you tried because whoever was standing outside didn’t give up and you had no other choice but to open the door and tell them to go to hell. It was rude but effective.

Once you opened it just enough to see the unwanted guest you sadly noted it was him, Harrison who apparently loved to show up uninvited. He usually did whatever he wanted to and no one ever tried to tell him no. Well, at least you definitely didn’t. Except for this time, because now you closed the door almost immediately.

But he didn’t give up and knocked, loudly and not stopping until you opened it. “You didn’t come to work today,” he stated.

“I don’t feel well. If you want to fire me for this just go ahead, I was planning to quit anyway,” you told him then tried to close the door, but he quickly put his foot in the way to keep it open. “Pull back your foot.”

“No. Not until you tell me what the hell is going on with you.”

“It’s none of your business.

Letting out a frustrated sigh he massaged the bridge of his nose under his glasses. “It’s my business if it concerns you, Y/N. And I would never fire you because I need you on my team and in the lab,” he added with a shrug.

As you closed your eyes, you rested your forehead against the edge of the door. “Are you done?” you asked quietly.

“No, let me in,” Harrison said as if it was an order, not a request.

“I guess it’s pretty obvious that I don’t want you here.”

He suddenly let out a desperate laugh and put his hand on the doorframe. “What have I done?” he asked with his blue eyes set on you, almost begging for an answer. “Why are you doing this to me?”

“Doing what?”

“Shutting me out. Look, let’s just talk this through. If you want to end what’s going on between us, fine, but do me a favor and say it to my face, right here and right now.”

You shook your head, unable to decide what to say next. You didn’t want to explain him anything but he still deserved some sort of an explanation; after all he came all the way here to visit you. “Okay, here you go: I don’t want you around and I’ll even talk to the HR department about quitting my job at S.T.A.R. Labs.”

Now that you said this one out loud it became obvious that you actually wanted this; you wanted to quit. Maybe do something completely different, something that didn’t require any sort of responsibility. You were then snapped out of your thoughts by Harrison who didn’t seem to be fond of the idea.

“You can’t do that.”

“Excuse me?”

“I won’t let you quit, I won’t accept it. Why don’t we talk about it inside?”

“Fine,” you say before opening the door wide enough to let him in.

But what he did next caught you off guard because you didn’t expect him to kiss you. No, you definitely didn’t expect him to act like this. Harrison wasn’t the nicest being on the planet after all, his behavior often drove people away. Sure, when it came to you he was often nice, though whenever you met in S.T.A.R. Labs he kept his distance. It was professional and understandable, of course, and you appreciated it.

Still you pushed him away, angry about how much he disrespected your privacy and wish to be left alone. “What the hell are you doing? Are you out of your mind?”

“That usually works,” he told you with a smug smile.

“Well, not this time.”

“You can’t shut me out forever, you know,” Harrison explained, following you to the living room. “Also, I know about your depression and I just can’t leave you alone when you’re like this.”

“Crazy?” you offered with raised eyebrows, your head tilted to the side.

After running his hand through his dark hair, making it messier than it usually was, he reached out and put his hands on your shoulders. “Let me help you through this.”

“You can’t help.”

“Have you eaten anything today?”


“Alright, then I’ll cook something,” Harrison said with a short nod. “Until then you should go and take a bath, okay?”

“I’m not hungry,” you pointed out quietly, taking a step back. Be cautious; that’s the only thought that appeared in the back of your mind, being repeated over and over again. This wasn’t like Harrison. Normally he was… He was complicated and definitely not boyfriend material.

“You need to eat something.”

As you walked away you ran your hands through your hair, just like he had done a few minutes ago. “Harrison, please, don’t do this. Don’t try to be nice.”

“I’m always nice with you,” he said and you could hear the hint of disappointment in his voice. Maybe this time he was being honest. Strange.

“Yeah but it’s creepy,” you told him, quickly realizing how badly this sentence sounded. “I mean, considering how you behave with others most of the time.”

“You’re paranoid but it’s your depression talking.” Harrison let out a sigh and sat on the back of the couch, watching you quietly for a couple of minutes before speaking up again. “Alright, let’s forget dinner. Just go and get some sleep.”

You shot an angry look at him then said, “You’re not my dad.”

“Oh, yes, thank god I’m not,” Harrison said as he laughed, unable go on just yet. This was definitely a first. Had you even seen him laugh before? You weren’t sure. “That would make things between us quite… illegal, wouldn’t it? Look, I won’t say a word, I just want to be here for you.”

“Leave. Now.”

He shook his head, walked over to you and gently placed a hand on the side of your neck. “Y/N, don’t be ridiculous.”

“Why is it so hard to understand that I want to be alone?”

“I understand it, I just don’t care about it.” Now that definitely sounded like Harrison. “The last thing I want is you doing something stupid.”

“What does that supposed to mean, Harrison?”

“Listen,” he began, biting his lower lip for a moment, “this, what I’m doing right now, is something I don’t do often. For some reason I simply can’t stand the idea of you being alone now so please, just let me stay here tonight.”

You forced smile on your lips as you looked him in the eye, shivering from the intensity of his gaze. “If you’re planning to say I love you or something I’ll throw up. It’s just a friendly warning.”

“Don’t worry, I won’t,” he assured you then kissed your forehead. For a second you believed he finally understood what you’d been talking about all along but it wasn’t the case. When he spoke up again his voice was quiet, as if he didn’t even want you to hear his words. “But I do love you nonetheless.”

1989 Polaroids & Their Respective Songs
  • Polaroid #01: Out Of The Woods; We were built to fall apart, then fall back together.
  • Polaroid #02: Blank Space; So hey, let's be friends! I'm dying to see how this one ends.
  • Polaroid #03: All You Had To Do Was Stay; You were all I wanted... But not like this.
  • Polaroid #04: How You Get The Girl; Broke your heart, I'll put it back together.
  • Polaroid #05: Out Of The Woods; You took a polaroid of us.
  • Polaroid #06: Blank Space; Rose garden filled with thorns.
  • Polaroid #07: Blank Space; ... And I know you heard about me.
  • Polaroid #08: Out Of The Woods; When the sun came up, you were looking at me.
  • Polaroid #09: Clean; I think I am finally clean.
  • Polaroid #10: This Love; This love is alive, back from the dead.
  • Polaroid #11: Clean; When I was drowning, that's when I could finally breathe
  • Polaroid #12: Clean; Just because you're clean don't mean you don't miss it.
  • Polaroid #13: Blank Space; Nice to meet you. Where you been?
  • Polaroid #14: Blank Space; You look like my next mistake.
  • Polaroid #15: This Love; These hands had to let it go free and this love came back to me.
  • Polaroid #16: This Love; This love left a permanent mark.
  • Polaroid #17: Blank Space; So it's gonna be forever, or it's gonna go down in flames.
  • Polaroid #18: Style; We never go out of style...
  • Polaroid #19: Blank Space; Love's a game // wanna play?
  • Polaroid #20: Bad Blood; If you love like that, blood runs cold.
  • Polaroid #21: Welcome To New York; Kaleidoscope of loud heartbeats under coats.
  • Polaroid #22: Blank Space; You know I love the players and you love the game.
  • Polaroid #23: Blank Space; Darling I'm a nightmare dressed like a daydream.
  • Polaroid #24: Clean; Let the flood carry away all my pictures of you.
  • Polaroid #25: Welcome To New York; It's been waiting for you.
  • Polaroid #26: Style; You got that James Dean daydream look in your eye.
  • Polaroid #27: Style; I got that good girl faith and a tight little skirt.
  • Polaroid #28: Wildest Dreams; He's so bad, but he does it so well.
  • Polaroid #29: This Love; You showed up just in time.
  • Polaroid #30: I Wish You Would; You always knew how to push my buttons. You give me everything and nothing.
  • Polaroid #31: How You Get The Girl; That's how it works. That's how you get the girl.
  • Polaroid #32: This Love; In silent screams, in wildest dreams // I never dreamed of this.
  • Polaroid #33: Blank Space; Boys only want love if it's torture.
  • Polaroid #34: Welcome To New York; The lights are so bright, but they never blind me.
  • Polaroid #35: I Wish You Would; We're a crooked love in a straight line down.
  • Polaroid #36: Bad Blood; Baby now we got bad blood.
  • Polaroid #37: All You Had To Do Was Stay; People like me are gone forever when you say goodbye.
  • Polaroid #38: Blank Space; I can make the bad guys good for a weekend.
  • Polaroid #39: Welcome To New York; Everybody here was someone else before.
  • Polaroid #40: All You Had To Do Was Stay; Why'd you have to go and lock me out when I let you in?
  • Polaroid #41: Blank Space; Cherry lips, crystal skies...
  • Polaroid #42: Bad Blood; You know, it used to be mad love.
  • Polaroid #43: Wildest Dreams; Someday when you leave me, I bet these memories follow you around.
  • Polaroid #44: This Love; Your kiss, my cheek, I watched you leave.
  • Polaroid #45: Out Of The Woods; And I remember thinking // "Are we out of the woods yet?"
  • Polaroid #46: I Wish You Would; Headlights pass the window pane // I think of you.
  • Polaroid #47: Clean; I screamed so loud but no one heard a thing.
  • Polaroid #48: Blank Space; Magic, madness, Heaven, sin.
  • Polaroid #49: Shake It Off; Can't stop, won't stop movin.
  • Polaroid #50: Bad Blood; Did you think we'd be fine? Still got scars on my back from your knife.
  • Polaroid #51: Wildest Dreams; Say you'll see me again, even if its just in your wildest dreams.
  • Polaroid #52: Clean; The flowers that we'd grown together died of thirst
  • Polaroid #53: Welcome To New York; Everybody here wanted something more // Searching for a sound we hadn't heard before.
  • Polaroid #54: Out Of The Woods; The rest of the world was black and white, but we were in screaming color.
  • Polaroid #55: Wildest Dreams; Nothing lasts forever, but this is gonna take me down.
  • Polaroid #56: Blank Space; Stolen kisses, pretty lies...
  • Polaroid #57: Bad Blood; You say "sorry" just for show // If you live like that, you live with ghosts.
  • Polaroid #58: Out Of The Woods; Are we in the clear yet? Good.
  • Polaroid #59: Bad Blood; Band aids don't fix bullet holes.
  • Polaroid #60: This Love; This love is good // This love is bad.
  • Polaroid #61: This Love; Lantern, burning, flickered in my mind for only you.
  • Polaroid #62: I Wish You Would; Wish you knew that I'll never forget you as long as I live.
  • Polaroid #63: Out Of The Woods; We decided to move the furniture so we could dance.
  • Polaroid #64: I Know Places; They are the hunters. We are the foxes... and we run.
  • Polaroid #65: Welcome To New York; Like any true love, it drives you crazy.
pick up lines sentence starter
  • Are you an interior decorator? Because when I saw you, the entire room became beautiful.
  • Are you religious? Because you're the answer to all my prayers.
  • Is your daddy a Baker? Because you've got a nice set of buns!
  • I'm not a photographer, but I can picture me and you together.
  • If you were a tropical fruit, you'd be a Fine-apple!
  • Did you sit in a pile of sugar? Cause you have a pretty sweet ass.
  • Do you have a Band-Aid? Because I just scraped my knee falling for you.
  • Did you invent the airplane? Cause you seem Wright for me.
  • If I were a stop light, I'd turn red everytime you passed by, just so I could stare at you a bit longer.
  • I wanna live in your socks so I can be with you every step of the way.
  • I thought happiness started with an H. Why does mine start with U?
  • I seem to have lost my phone number. Can I have yours?
  • Are you a camera? Because every time I look at you, I smile.
  • There are people who say Disneyland is the happiest place on earth. Apparently, none of them have ever been in your arms.
  • Do you know what my shirt is made of? Boyfriend material.
  • If God made anything more beautiful than you, I'm sure he'd keep it for himself.
  • Do you have a map? I'm getting lost in your eyes.
  • I don't have a library card, but do you mind if I check you out?
  • Are you an orphanage? Cause I wanna give you kids.
  • I was feeling a little off today, but you definitely turned me on.
  • I'm sorry, I don't think we've met. I wouldn't forget a pretty face like that.
  • My buddies bet me that I wouldn't be able to start a conversation with the most beautiful girl in the bar. Wanna buy some drinks with their money?
  • Are you a fruit, because Honeydew you know how fine you look right now?
  • Does your left eye hurt? Because you've been looking right all day.
  • I will stop loving you when an apple grows from a mango tree on the 30th of February.
  • Do you live in a corn field, cause I'm stalking you.
  • Sorry, but you owe me a drink. [Why?] Because when I looked at you, I dropped mine.
  • Are you a parking ticket? 'Cause you've got fine written all over you.
  • You look cold. Want to use me as a blanket?
  • Can I have directions? [To where?] To your heart.
  • I'm not drunk, I'm just intoxicated by YOU.
  • I was so enchanted by your beauty that I ran into that wall over there. So I'm going to need your name and number for insurance purposes.
  • Is there an airport nearby or is that just my heart taking off?
  • I'm not staring at your boobs. I'm staring at your heart.
  • You're the only girl I love now... but in ten years, I'll love another girl. She'll call you 'Mommy.'
  • Can I take your picture to prove to all my friends that angels do exist?
  • I tried my best to not feel anything for you. Guess what? I failed.
  • Your body is 65% water and I'm thirsty.
  • Hey, don't frown. You never know who could be falling in love with your smile.
  • My doctor says I'm lacking Vitamin U.
  • Have you been to the doctor lately? Cause I think you're lacking some Vitamin Me.
  • Forget about Spiderman, Superman, and Batman. I'll be your man.
  • Can I follow you home? Cause my parents always told me to follow my dreams.
  • Because of you, I laugh a little harder, cry a little less, and smile a lot more.
  • For a moment I thought I had died and gone to heaven. Now I see that I am very much alive, and heaven has been brought to me.
  • You look so familiar… didn't we take a class together? I could've sworn we had chemistry.
  • Fascinating. I've been looking at your eyes all night long, 'cause I've never seen such dark eyes with so much light in them.
  • Was your dad a boxer? Cause you're a knockout!
  • You're so beautiful that you made me forget my pickup line.
  • You shouldn't wear makeup. It's messing with perfection!
  • If I had a star for every time you brightened my day, I'd have a galaxy in my hand.
  • Damn, if being sexy was a crime, you'd be guilty as charged!
  • I was wondering if you had an extra heart mine seems to have been stolen
  • If you were a vegetable you'd be a cute-cumber.
  • If I were a cat I'd spend all 9 lives with you.
  • Do you work at Starbucks? Because I like you a latte.
  • Are you a banana? Because I find you a-peeling
  • Did you read Dr. Seuss as a kid? Because green eggs and... damn!
  • Is your dad a drug dealer? Cause you're so Dope!
  • Smoking is hazardous to your health... and baby, you're killing me!
  • There isn't a word in the dictionary for how good you look.
  • Me without you is like a nerd without braces, A shoe without laces, aSentenceWithoutSpaces
  • Babe, your beauty makes the morning sun look like the dull glimmer of the moon.
  • Most people like to watch the Olympics, because they only happen once every 4 years, but I'd rather talk to you cause the chance of meeting someone so special only happens once in a lifetime.
  • Are you from Tennessee? Because you're the only ten I see!
  • I must be a snowflake, because I've fallen for you.
  • There is something wrong with my cell phone. It doesn't have your number in it.
  • Baby, if you were words on a page, you'd be what they call FINE PRINT!
  • Do you work at Dick's? Cause you're sporting the goods.
  • You must be a hell of a thief because you stole my heart from across the room.
  • Do you have a twin sister? Then you must be the most beautiful girl in the world!
  • You know I'd like to invite you over, but I'm afraid you're so hot that you'll skyrocket my air-conditioning bill.
  • Excuse me, but I think I dropped something. MY JAW!
  • If you were a booger I'd pick you first.
  • Do you know what I did last night? I looked up at the stars, and matched each one with a reason why I love you.
  • Excuse me, I think you have something in your eye. Oh wait, it's just a sparkle.
  • If I were to ask you out on a date, would your answer be the same as the answer to this question?
  • If this bar is a meat market, you must be the prime rib.
  • Are you lost ma'am? Because heaven is a long way from here.
  • I'm fighting the urge to make you the happiest woman on earth tonight.
  • Are you a campfire? Cause you are hot and I want s'more.
  • You're kinda, sorta, basically, pretty much always on my mind.
  • Put down that cupake... you're sweet enough already.
  • You wanna know what's beautiful? Read the first word again.
  • My love for you is like diarrhea, I just can't hold it in.
  • Hello, I'm a thief, and I'm here to steal your heart.
  • Hey baby you're so fine you make me stutter, wha-wha-what's your name?
  • I bet you $20 you're gonna turn me down.
  • I'm not actually this tall. I'm sitting on my wallet.
  • When I first saw you I looked for a signature, because every masterpiece has one.
  • I like Legos, you like Legos, why don't we build a relationship?
  • Baby I might not be Sriracha sauce but, I sure will spice up your life.
  • Are you Jewish? Cause you ISRAELI HOT.
  • You may be asked to leave soon, you're making all the other women look bad.
  • Do you have the time? [Tells you the time] No, the time to write down my number?
  • Would you grab my arm so I can tell my friends I've been touched by an angel?
  • Hey... Didn't I see your name in the dictionary under "Shazaam!"?
  • If a thousand painters worked for a thousand years, they could not create a work of art as beautiful as you.
  • Rejection can lead to emotional stress for both parties involved and emotional stress can lead to physical complications such as headaches, ulcers, cancerous tumors, and even death! So for my health and yours, JUST SAY YES!
  • Of all the beautiful curves on your body, your smile is my favorite.
  • Did you have lucky charms for breakfast? Because you look magically delicious!
  • No wonder the sky is grey today, all the blue is in your eyes.
  • Can I borrow your cell phone? I need to call animal control, because I just saw a fox!
  • I'm no organ donor but I'd be happy to give you my heart.
  • If I had a penny for every time I thought of you, I'd have exactly one cent, because you never leave my mind.
  • Hershey's makes millions of kisses a day.. .all I'm asking for is one from you.
  • Life without you would be like a broken pencil... pointless.
  • I may not be a genie, but I can make your dreams come true.
  • Kiss me if I'm wrong, but dinosaurs still exist, right?
  • If I received a nickel for everytime I saw someone as beautiful as you, I'd have five cents.
  • If nothing lasts forever, will you be my nothing?
  • Hello are you married? [Yes] Well I didn't hear you say "happily".
  • You are like a candy bar: half sweet and half nuts.
  • Excuse me, but does this smell like chloroform to you?
  • Hello how are you? [Fine] Hey, I didn't ask you how you looked!
  • Did you clean your pants with Windex? I can practically see myself in them.
  • How was heaven when you left it?
  • Did you fart, cause you blew me away.
  • You know you're in love when you can't fall asleep because reality is finally better than your dreams.
  • Hey... somebody farted. Let's get out of here.
  • I didn't know that angels could fly so low!
  • There must be something wrong with my eyes, I can't take them off you.
  • You are so fine, I wish I could plant you and grow a whole field of you!
  • Is your last name Gillette? Because you are the best a man can get.
  • Is your name "swiffer"? 'Cause you just swept me off my feet.
  • Excuse me, but you dropped something back there" (What?) "This conversation, lets pick it up later tonight.
  • Are you going to kiss me or do I have to lie to my diary?
  • Are you cold? You look like you could use some hot chocolate... Well, here I am!
  • If stars would fall everytime I would think of you, the sky would soon be empty.
  • You know, Dr. Phil says I'm afraid of commitment...Want to help prove him wrong?
  • Your lips look so lonely.... Would they like to meet mine?
  • Baby, you're so sweet, you put Hershey's outta business.
  • Can I buy you a drink or do you just want the money?
  • Did the sun come out or did you just smile at me?
  • So there you are! I've been looking all over for YOU, the woman of my dreams!
  • Do you believe in love at first sight, or should I walk by again?
  • Inheriting eighty million bucks doesn't mean much when you have a weak heart.
  • You see my friend over there? [Point to friend] He wants to know if YOU think I'M cute.
  • The only thing your eyes haven't told me is your name.
  • Excuse me, I just noticed you noticing me and I just wanted to give you notice that I noticed you too.
  • (As she is leaving) Hey aren't you forgetting something? (What?) Me!
  • Somebody better call God, cuz heaven's missing an angel!
  • Can I borrow a quarter? ["What for?"] I want to call my mom and tell her I just met the man/woman of my dreams.
  • I'm Mr. Right, someone said you were looking for me?
  • Can I borrow a kiss? I promise I'll give it back.
  • If I were a transplant surgeon, I'd give you my heart.
  • Are you Willy Wonka's daughter, 'cuz you look sweet and delicious.
  • If you were a transformer, you'd be a HOT-obot, and your name would be Optimus Fine.
  • Do you remember me? [No.] Oh that's right, we've only met in my dreams.
  • Did it hurt? (Did what hurt?) When you fell out of heaven?
  • I'm sorry, were you talking to me? [No] Well then, please start.
  • I know milk does a body good, but baby, how much have you been drinking?
  • I play the field, and it looks like I just hit a home run with you.
  • I'm new in town. Could you give me directions to your apartment?
  • If I could rearrange the alphabet, I would put 'U' and 'I' together.
  • If you were a tear in my eye I would not cry for fear of losing you.
  • If your heart was a prison, I would like to be sentenced for life.
  • My lenses turn dark in the sunshine of your love.
  • Was you father an alien? Because there's nothing else like you on Earth!
  • What time do you have to be back in heaven?
  • Baby, I'm no Fred Flintstone, but I can make your Bedrock!
  • Wouldn't we look cute on a wedding cake together?
  • You'd better direct that beauty somewhere else, you'll set the carpet on fire.
  • Your legs must be tired because you've been running through my mind all night.
  • [Point at her butt] Pardon me, is this seat taken?
  • Was your father a thief? 'Cause someone stole the stars from the sky and put them in your eyes.
  • Do you have a pencil? Cause I want to erase your past and write our future.
  • I love you like a pig loves not being bacon.
  • Are your parents bakers? Cause they sure made you a cutie pie!
  • Did you go to bed early last night? From the looks of it, you got your beauty sleep.
  • What's on the menu? Me-n-U
  • You're like pizza. Even when you are bad, you're good
  • I'd say God Bless you, but it looks like he already did.
  • I must be in a museum, because you truly are a work of art.
  • My friend thinks you're kinda cute, but I don't... I think you're absolutely gorgeous!
  • Let's commit the perfect crime: I'll steal your heart, and you'll steal mine.
  • You spend so much time in my mind, I should charge you rent.
  • If kisses were snowflakes, I'd send you a blizzard
  • Are you a hipster, because you make my hips stir.
  • Are you a cat? Cause you are purrrfect
  • Does your father sell diamonds? Because you are FLAWLESS!
  • You must be a magician, because every time I look at you, everyone else disappears.
  • I wish I was cross eyed, so I could see you twice.
  • Are you on Nickelodeon? Cause you're a-Dora-ble!
  • I don't know if you're beautiful, I haven't gotten past your eyes yet.
  • You don't need keys to drive me crazy.
  • My name isn't Elmo, but you can tickle me any time you want to.
  • Can you take me to the doctor? Because I just broke my leg falling for you.
  • People call me John, but you can call me tonight.
  • You must be a ninja, because you snuck into my heart
  • I need a dollar, but I only have 90 cents... do you want to be my dime?
  • [Look at her shirt label.] When they say, "What are you doing?" You respond: "Yep! Made in heaven!"
  • Are you a magician??? Because Abraca-DAYUM!
  • Be unique and different, say yes.
  • Your eyes are blue, like the ocean. And baby, I'm lost at sea.
  • You know how they say skin is the largest organ on the human body? Not in my case.
  • My lips are like skittles. Wanna taste the rainbow?
  • They say dating is a numbers game... so can I get your number?
  • My name isn't Elmo, but you can tickle me any time you want to.
  • You be the Dairy Queen and I'll be your Burger King: You treat me right, and I'll do it your way.
  • (Ask a person for the time) 9: 15? So today is May 1, 2008, at 9:15 PM, thanks I just wanted to be able to remember the exact moment that I met the woman of my dreams.
  • Pinch me. [Why?] You're so fine I must be dreaming.
  • if I had to choose between breathing or loving you, I would say "I love you" with my last breath!
  • Ouch! My tooth hurts! [Why?] Because you are soooo sweet!
  • I'm not trying to impress you or anything, but... I'm Batman!
  • You must be from Pearl Harbor, because baby, you're the bomb.
  • You must be Jamaican, because Jamaican me crazy.
  • Do you know karate? Because your body is really kickin'.
  • When God made you, he was showing off.
  • Are you a Snickers bar? Cause you satisfy me.
  • Is your dad a terrorist? Because you are the bomb.
  • Is your last name Campbell? Cause you're "mmmm... good!"
  • You're like a dictionary, you add meaning to my life!
  • Baby, you are so fine I could put you on a plate and sop you up with a biscuit.
  • Is there a rainbow today? I just found the treasure I've been searching for!
  • You remind me of a magnet, because you sure are attracting me over here!
  • Hey, is it just me, or are we destined to be married?
  • Hello. Are you taking any applications for a boy/girlfriend?
  • I have an "owie" on my lip. Will you kiss it and make it better?
  • Let's make like a fabric softener and 'Snuggle
  • I didn't see any stars in the sky tonight, the most heavenly body was standing right next to me.
  • Hi, my name is Doug. That's "god" spelled backwards with a little bit of you wrapped up in it.
  • If I could reach out and hold a star for everytime you've made me smile, I'd hold the sky in the palm of my hand.
  • Well, here I am. What were your other two wishes?
  • (Put your fingers on the other's nipples) Hey, here's (name), comin' at you with the weather. Can I be your warm front?
  • How much does a polar bear weigh? [How much?] Enough to break the ice... Hi, I'm (insert name here).
  • Well, I AM telepathic, and I can tell that you love me. Right? [NO!] Darn, I always get "love" and "lust" mixed up.
  • Should I smile because we are friends, or cry because I know that is what we will ever be?
  • When I look into your eyes, it is like a gateway into the world of which I want to be a part.
  • Hey baby. You got a jersey? [A jersey?...Why?] Because I need your name and number.
  • Hello, I'm doing a survey of what people think are the cheesiest pickup lines. So, do you pick 'Do you come here often?', 'What's your sign?', or 'Hello, I'm doing a survey of what people think are the cheesiest pickup lines.'?
  • (hold out hand) Would you hold this for me while I go for a walk?
  • This time next year let’s be laughing together.
  • Is your last name Whitman, because I want to sample you.
  • Let me tie your shoes, cause I dont want you falling for anyone else.
  • On a scale of 1 to 10, you're a 9. I'm the 1 you need.
  • Most guys need 3 meals a day to keep going... I just need eye contact from you.
  • Hey baby, I must be a light switch, cuz every time I see you, you turn me on!
  • Are you a beaver? Cause daaaaam!
  • I hope your day has been as beautiful as you are.
  • Do I know you? Cause you look just like my next girlfriend.
  • Is your father Little Caesar? Cause you look Hot 'n Ready.
  • I could use some spare change and you're a dime.
  • I'm no mathematician, but I'm pretty good with numbers. Tell you what, Give me yours and watch what I can do with it.
  • Didn't I see you on the cover of Vogue?
  • Excuse me, I don't want you to think I'm ridiculous or anything, but you are the most beautiful woman I have ever seen. I just felt like I had to tell you.
  • Have you always been this cute, or did you have to work at it?
  • Hey, don't I know you? Yeah, you're the girl with the beautiful smile.
  • Was your father a mechanic? Then how did you get such a finely tuned body?
  • I have had a really bad day and it always makes me feel better to see a pretty girl smile. So, would you smile for me?
  • I hope you know CPR, cuz you take my breath away!
  • I just had to come talk with you. Sweetness is my weakness.
  • I think I can die happy now, cause I've just seen a piece of heaven.
  • Apart from being sexy, what do you do for a living?
  • If I told you that you had a great body, would you hold it against me?
  • I sneezed because God blessed me with you.
  • Is it hot in here or is it just you?
  • Nice to meet you, I'm (your name) and you are...gorgeous!
  • So, what do you do for a living besides always making all the men excited and warm all over?
  • I may not be a genie, but I can make all your wishes come true!
  • Was your dad king for a day? He must have been to make a princess like you.
  • Were you arrested earlier? It's gotta be illegal to look that good.
  • Were your parents Greek Gods, 'cause it takes two gods to make a goddess.
  • What does it feel like to be the most beautiful girl in this room?
  • What's that on your face? Oh, must just be beauty. Here, let me get it off. Hey, it's not coming off!
  • Wow! Are those real?
  • I blame you for global warming... your hotness is too much for the planet to handle!
  • You are the reason men fall in love.
  • Are you Australian? Because you meet all of my koala-fications.
  • You know the more I drink, the prettier you get!
  • You know, I would die happy if I saw you naked just once!
  • If you were ground coffee, you'd be Espresso cause you're so fine.
  • You better call Life Alert, 'cause I've fallen for you and I can't get up.
  • You're single. I'm single. Coincidence? I think not.
  • You know, you might be asked to leave soon. You're making the other women look really bad.
  • You look like my third wife. [how many time have you been married?] Twice.
  • You make me melt like hot fudge on a sundae.
  • You should be someone's wife.
  • Were you in Boy Scouts? Because you sure have tied my heart in a knot.
  • Are you as beautiful on the inside as you are on the outside?
  • I want to be your tear drop, so I could be born in your eyes, live on your cheeks, and die on your lips.
  • Babe! you look so fine I could drink your bath water!
  • You're so hot you would make the devil sweat.
  • If I had a rose for every time I thought of you, I would be walking through my garden forever.
  • Hi, I'm writing a term paper on the finer things in life, and I was wondering if I could interview you?
  • Girl, if I were a fly, I'd be all over you, because you're the shit!
  • There must be a lightswitch on my forehead because everytime I see you, you turn me on!
  • Hey, how did you do that? (What?) Look so good?
  • Damn girl, you have more curves than a race track.
  • If you stood in front of a mirror and help up 11 roses, you would see 12 of the most beautiful things in the world.
  • Do you have a sunburn, or are you always this hot?
  • You are so beautiful that I would marry your brother just to get into your family.
  • You look like a cool glass of refreshing water, and I am the thirstiest man in the world.
  • Are you a tamale? 'Cause you're hot.
  • You are so beautiful that you give the sun a reason to shine.
  • Do you want to see a picture of a beautiful person? (hold up a mirror)
  • Do you bleach your teeth? 'Cause your smile lights up the entire room like a candle in the dark. Let's go prove it.
  • Your ass is so nice that it is a shame that you have to sit on it.
  • Someone should call the police, because you just stole my heart!
  • Stop, drop, and roll, baby. You are on fire.
  • Baby, you're so hot, you make the equator look like the north pole.
  • Come live in my heart, and pay no rent.
  • You're hotter than Papa Bear's porridge.
  • I hope there's a fire truck nearby, cause you're smokin'!
  • If it weren't for that DAMNED sun, you'd be the hottest thing ever created.
  • How is your fever? [What fever?] Oh... you just look hot to me.
  • I just got dumped, and I think that you could make me feel better.
  • (Walk up to someone and bite them anywhere) Sorry, taking a bite out of crime. [WHAT?] Well it has to be illegal to look that good!
  • You are a 9 - you'd be a perfect 10 if you were with me.
  • Excuse me, I'd like to have kids someday, and I wanted to know how your parents created such a beautiful creature.
  • You're so hot, I bet you could light a candle at 10 paces.
  • I can't believe I've been hear the entire evening with all these beautiful people and the moment I find 'The One', all I have time to say is "good bye".
  • Hey baby, you've got something on your butt - my eyes!
  • This isn't a beer belly, It's a fuel tank for a love machine.
  • I don't know you, but I think I love you already.
  • Here's the key to my house, my car... and my heart.
  • if we shared a garden, I'd put my tulips and your tulips together. (tulips = two lips)
  • Is your name Summer? 'Cause you are as hot as hell.
  • If I had to choose between one night with you or winning the lottery...I would chose winning the lottery...but it would be close...real close...
  • Do you have any sunscreen? 'Cause you are burning me up!
  • See these keys? I wish I had the one to your heart.
  • Stare at girl . ("What're you staring at?")
  • You, Before I Wake Up From this Dream.
  • You're hotter than donut grease.
  • Your eyes are as blue as window cleaner.
  • Was that an earthquake or did you just rock my world?
  • If you were a burger at McDonalds, you'd be McGorgeous.
  • Are your parents retarded, 'cause you sure are special.
  • If you could put a price tag on beauty you'd be worth more than Fort Knox.
  • I must be dancing with the devil, because you're hot as hell.
  • I never need to see the sun again because your eyes light up my world.
  • If you were a steak you would be well done.
  • It's dark in here. Wait! It's because all of the light is shining on you.
  • Your hand looks heavy. Let me hold it for you.
  • Do you have any raisins? [No] How about a date?
  • Are you a kidnapper? Because you just abducted my heart.
  • Is your name Katrina? [No, why?] 'Cuz baby, you rock me like a hurricane!
  • Can you pull this heart-shaped arrow out of my butt? A damn little kid with wings shot me.
  • On The Phone
  • She/He says: "Hold on"
  • You Say: "Sorry, I can't hold on... I've already fallen for you."
  • Is your body from McDonald's? Cause I'm lovin' it!
  • Are you a microwave oven? Cause you melt my heart.
  • Did you get your license suspended for driving so many guys crazy?
  • Are you a girl scout, cause you tie my heart in knots.
  • You're so hot, I could bake cookies on you.
  • You look beautiful today, just like every other day.
  • Let's play Winnie the Pooh and get my nose stuck in your honey jar.
  • When I'm older, I'll look back at all of my crowning memories, and I'll think of the day my children were born, the day I got married, and the day that I met you.
  • If beauty were time, you'd be eternity.
  • Hello. Cupid called. He says to tell you that he needs my heart back.
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Whats Wrong With BLEACH?”


  • ·         Destroy the Bleach fandom by implying that the only importance of Bleach or the only reason they read Bleach is because of pairings
  • ·         Don’t regard almost any other character as being important to the plot
  • ·         Would rather see the character in the ship die than see them with anybody else.
  • ·         Bash and Bully each other
  • ·         Hate characters just because they get in the middle of their favorite pairing
  • ·         Forget that Bleach is not about pairings
  • ·         Think that because a ship is canon, that it would be a crime to continue shipping their favorite pairing whether in Art/Fanfiction/Head Canons/etc

Conclusion: Face reality these ships are now canon… Regardless of which character ended up with each other, you are entitled to draw/write/talk about whatever you like to ship be it Straight/Yaoi/Yuri. Expect to be judged, just ignore it. Find people who share your point of views and don’t treat others with disrespect. If you would like to draw your own alternate ending, Please Do! It would be an adventure to see how other fans would end the series.

What do I ship? LOL I still ship Ichihime, Ichiruki, RenIchi, IchiNel, GrimIchi, IchiKen and whoever else I feel like shipping him with. That includes EVERYONE else in the series. Though I never really cared about pairing to begin with. I’m not going to lie I have always tried to stay away from the IchiRuki and the IchiHime community… it’s a dark place… Oh and If you ever want to draw something for me draw me Ichigo x Axel (kh my sick fantasy) I will love you forever…

I really hate shipping wars because I don’t understand why everyone makes a big deal about it just ship whatever you want. I am truly sorry if you feel you wasted your time. I do to, but it has NOTHING to do with pairing. I will post again sometime today or tomorrow to explain, “Whats Wrong With Bleach.” I just felt I had to address this today because I had so many sad followers and this is what really takes up most of my ask box… sadly… Oh I am truly sorry if IchiHime fans feel I am not showing much support for the pairing. I’m sure there are lots of other blogs who are shoving the canon pairings into eachothers faces (Truly not judging you lol some are hilarious reactions and you are entitled to let yourself feel great pride and passion in your ship) But personally I have MANY IchiHime AND IchiRuki followers and I personally have respect for both of you! I don’t want to make anyone feel bad. LOL and sadly I just have way more respect for Orihime and Rukia than I do for Ichigo. <3

Anyway just letting you all know that I really do care about you guys! You are the reason why I am anybody on tumblr! This Bleach Blog will definitely continue, regardless of any reasons! Just expect less drawing this week as my inbox is filled with hate for these two girls right now, which by the way you should see some they are so hilarious xD some of the insults are just crazy funny didn’t even know Origo and abusive Rukia was a thing LOL. REST ASSURE THE HATE WAS NOT DIRECTED AT ME! But at the two girls. I am a fan of roasting and this some next level stuff xD

The Real Reason of Whats Wrong With Bleach.” Coming Soon!

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This is going to be a long post (I made a tl;dr at the bottom). I just want to share my experience, fandom- wise and I hope this post can help you realize stuff in your life. So here goes my last seven years:

I think this is one of the most interesting thing to talk about especially if you’re making new friends in the fandom, the ‘how did you get into kpop anyway’? For me, I was browsing the TV when I saw this music video promoting Seoul featuring SuJu and SNSD, it was  really cool and catchy, that time, the first guy I noticed was Ryeowook, he is my bias and first KPOP crush.

I am pretty lucky to discover KPOP at that time because I strongly believe that these were the golden years. The songs popular that time were: Sorry Sorry, Neorago, Oh, Genie, Lucifer, Bingeul Bingeul, I Don’t Care, Fire etc. They were awesooome, and I just can see why people would be into this music. The scene was super cool, the songs were good, I can even name rookie groups that time and their debut songs are good too (Teen Top, B2ST, CN Blue etc). I was a full time ELF, I was able to watch their concert (Super Show 2) here too, but my ticket that time was only upper box because I don’t have money, so I vowed that the next time Suju will be here, I will be  in the VIP section.

After discovering KPOP, of course you fall in love with the groups, my top group that time was Super Junior but I am a big fan of SM Town already, I know all the famous groups there. My soul was sold to kpop this time, like I know  all the latest updates, the new songs, I watch everything, all the variety shows AND STUFF, I KNOW YOU KNOW WHAT I’M TALKING ABOUT, JUST BEING THE ULTIMATE FANGIRL. I started saving like crazy too because Suju announces SS3 Manila leg AND I NEED TO GO, almost 90% of my allowance (I swear I stopped eating at school) went to buying merch and album, and going to KPOP
conventions here. I was able to watch SS3, my ticket was standing VIP, I will never forget about that experience and I got to touch Siwon’s hand too!

Shortly after this, I discovered TVXQ, by this time they are already going through lawsuit and in hiatus, but I am positive I am going to love the five of them forever. I did not leave the Suju fandom but I got into DB5K more, I mean TO ME THEY ARE PERFECT PERFORMERS COME ON, THEY CAN ALL DANCE, THEY CAN ALL SING, THEY ALL LOOK SO FREAKING HOT AND EVERYTHING. This is my top group so I did a lot of catching up- the songs, the variety shows, the concert DVDs, I watched EVERYTHING. My ultimate bias now is Shim Changmin. In this fandom, I got to meet a lot of people and friends, to the point that I even went to sleep over at their houses.

This is like the honeymoon phase where I am super in love with everything KPOP and ready to do just whatever it takes to support my idols.

This was the time I start questioning like 'do I really need this album?’, 'do I really need to buy this magazine?’, and stuff, I am still a fangirl but I felt like I am getting tired of KPOP. This year JYJ and 2VXQ came back to the scene, this was the year EXO debuted, I was there from the start, with all the teasers and MAMA and History days. I was an instant EXO fan too, but like in moderation. My EXO bias is Sehun.

2012, I was a sophomore in college, and I just found it hard to study with too much distraction, plus it’s getting too childish for me now (like I can do something more meaningful with my time and I started joining college orgs), so I left the fandom slowly. For three years, I did not have ANY UPDATES AT ALL. The only thing I knew then were the biggest news just like when Sungmin got married, Kris leaving and who’s entering the army. But I really don’t care much now. I still wish for DB5K to be successful in their paths, I don’t obsess about them now, I get
to watch them from time to time especially since they ventured into acting too, I think, honestly, these five men will  always have a special place in my heart (but as I said, I don’t obsess about them now, I don’t even follow their SNS, and I DON'T have a SINGLE song of them in my iPod).

I graduated from college and is now working. I stumbled upon SHINee’s View MV and liked it instantly so I started catching up a bit, but I realized how different I am now than I was four years ago. So now, I still watch MVs and variety shows but for pure entertainment purposes only.

I was a typical fangirl, yes I also went into that delusional stage (I THINK THAT IT’S NORMAL TO HAVE A DELUSIONAL PHASE, JUST GROW
UP AND DON’T GET STUCK IN HERE), I even found an old diary entry where I wrote that I am sure Changmin and I are meant to be and we will end up together or something, reading it now, I find it funny.
I was so naive back then, during album launch, I even go to the mall super early so I can be first in line, and when I think about all the money I spent, (my parent’s money) and all the efforts and all the time I invested to KPOP, I mean my whole adolescent life almost revolved around KPOP)

Thinking about it now, it’s very cringe worthy but if I can turn back time, I will not change anything. I was a fangirl, I will tell my friends stories about how addicted I was and we will have a laugh or two about it.

I don’t get people who say that KPOP ruined them, because it wasn’t supposed to be that complicated, in the end it was your fault for going in too deep, I had that time too, where I feel sad when I think that I will never get to meet these people in real life, but that’s over now, AND BELIEVE ME WHEN I SAY, SOONER OR LATER, YOU WILL MOVE ON. But the experience you had while you were still a fan stays with you, and they will all be good memories if you choose to make good memories. I MEAN COME ON, I WAS ABLE TO TOUCH SIWON’S HAND. I don’t obsess about it, but I don’t think I will forget that ever.


Now, when I see Suju or TVXQ somewhere, I just pray that they get married already or find a more stable happiness aside from their careers. God, I hope they get married soon because they are not getting any younger. I may not be here to support them for every step of the way, but we will always have 2010-2011, and I am sure that’s enough, because we need to move on to more important things in life at some point.

TL;DR: every fangirl goes through these stages at some point, and you will too, and you will move on too, so don’t let kpop ruin you and instead make good memories out of it :)