i don't like it when mom and dad fight

You know what I want in Voltron?

An actual space mom.

I want the gang to meet some badass evil-fighting lady who is also a mom.

She has a space husband.

And some little space kids.

And while she is out fucking shit up with her crew, space dad is back taking care of their wee children.

Probs like 3 little ones.

And the Paladin gang is low-key shocked when they hear this lady is married and has kids bc she’s an amazing space fighter who is like super strong and independent how does she have a little sweet cute domestic family life somewhere?

And she loves her family very much and visits them every chance she gets bc she is a model space mom and she loves everyone.


  • Me: *eating with my parents*
  • Parents: *fighting*
  • Dad: *tries to bring me into the fight*
  • Me: *shoving breadsticks in my bag* something's come up I gotta go...