i don't like human beings

How to be a good KPOP fan

Step 1: learn how to RESPECT other fandoms and groups


Step 3: REMEMBER they are humans too


I wanted to tell you, but I was afraid it would open old wounds.

You Know.....

It is up to you as the user to avoid your triggers. It is not up to everyone else on the site to do it for you.  Please remember that respect goes both ways. Your triggers should be acknowledged, accepted and respected, but they remain…yours and not everyone else’s.

Honestly that one guy from the La La Land crew who was like, ‘there’s been a mistake, Moonlight wins, come up here’ handled the situation with so much grace and made it so much less awkward than it could have been. I’m amazed.


ID symbolism: Even did reveal parts of his identity, his true self, in that bedroom and Isak fell for each one of them….  ❤

(very much inspired by the lovely @sanasevaks)



anonymous asked:

Can you explain what's happening in the French elections?

I can make an attempt, yeah! French people are free to correct me in case I got something wrong here, seeing as I am German and not French myself.

France has a presidential system, and elections have two rounds; in the first round, all candidates for the presidency may be voted for.
After this round, the votes are counted out and the two candidates that got the most votes during this round get admitted to round two.

In this round, you have to choose between those two politicians.

This year, those politicians are Emmanuel Macron and Marine le Pen.

Macron is 39, used to be a banker and has never held a political office iirc, and is… just all-around a pretty capitalist guy from how I understood it. What really is to say about that. The article I read last night about his policies described him as being liberal in both economics and social matters.

Le Pen on the other hand is the leader of the far-right party Front National. Which. Honestly should already tell you a lot. But to elaborate a little: she wants the Franc back, her immigration policies boil down to “we’re not taking anyone in anymore” and she is anti-EU. Hell, she is a great supporter of Trump. She has recently gotten under fire for denying France’s role in the Holocaust, which isn’t too surprising, considering her nationalistic stance and the fact that her father is a well-known Holocaust denier.

There’s many concerns about Macron due to his inexperience, proximity to banks, and his young age. And hey, he’s not really the type of guy you expect change from, which is what a lot of people desire. There’s also disappointed Mélenchon voters who now refuse to vote Macron because their left candidate lost, and Macron still represents centrist political stances. God knows I’m not a fan of the guy either.
But honestly? I still think a fucking fascist is worse :)))))))))))

2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)

In Which Obi-Wan Realizes That This Is Not A Dream

Ben Kenobi woke up.

It was still a novel sensation, even after three weeks. He had, perhaps naively, assumed that once he died, waking up would no longer be an option. It was a pleasure that he had not previously paid much attention to. He yawned contentedly, watching the first glimmers of the Coruscant sunrise light up his old room, and ran a hand through the old familiar spikes of the Padawan haircut. He pulled himself out of bed and silently went about getting ready for the day, smiling to himself at the sounds of Qui-Gon Jinn doing the same from the other side of their quarters.

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characters: Arme Thaumaturgy, Erbluhen Emotion (+ Apostasia)
pairing: ^
words: 873
summary: (college!au) Arme takes care of a sick, clingy Erblu.

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Heck, I just got woken up by a phone call from this new office my old manager referred me to, and they’re looking to hire me by the looks of it? Like really soon? This is all so sudden, wow. Nothing’s official yet, but it seems I got one foot in the doorway of possibilities rn. 

But I’m kinda leaving for a trip in 3 ish weeks so I hope things won’t backfire because of it :’)