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Quidditch boyfriends + varsity jackets

Decided to do a little bit of fanart cus I was in the mood to draw, and I just so happened to see this cutie patootie on my dash. So ye, have this cute little guy named Chris. I’d totally give him a hug if his BF didn’t try to kill me for it X3

Chris belong to this cute person right here: @pixel-satan
You should totally check out their stuff, cus goodness, they are an art senpai if I ever saw one. And a dang cute lookin one, too. =u=b

kiss you any day - michael one shot

pairing: michael + y/n

rated: PG13?? lmao

word count: 1,720

request: “can you do a fluffy one that’s any of the boys that’s really nice and soft and sweet and it’s not super smutty but like there’s a lot of exchanging of hickeys ? just like a cuddle + hickeys? :)” -anon

a/n: fluffy n short n sweet one shot. you asked and i delivered! hope you like it.

- - -

It was a lazy day shared between you and your boyfriend Michael. The sound of rain was pattering faintly against the windowpane of the apartment you shared, heard only subtly due to the television playing some movie on Netflix that you were hardly paying any attention to. It was difficult to focus, you found, because you could hardly tear your eyes away from Michael.

There he was, lain between your legs, ribcage felt firmly against your hip bones. His light stare was trained on the television, red lips curved upward as he chuckled mindlessly. He liked to stay like this - back pressed up against you, lounging languidly as your fingers smoothed through his hair, entangling themselves in the dyed strands. His eyes fluttered shut occasionally as he let out a low groan, enjoying the sensation and sighing contentedly.

But you had stopped your movements after growing tired, your hands retreating back to fold over your tummy. Michael visibly stilled, craning his neck to turn around and glance at you. “Babe, come on.” He whined. “That felt good.”

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me & my pastel daisy sweater being cute ヾ(。・ω・。) also got a new haircut yesterday and my bangs are so short now lol