i don't like how the eyes turned out

I hope I don’t regret choosing these hair and uniform colors in a few weeks.

[See in Full Resolution to appreciate the watercolor effect.]

  • Cassian: Hey I just met you
  • Jyn: No
  • Cassian: And this is crazy
  • Jyn: Please no
  • Cassian: But I'm going to follow you into certain death ignoring orders from the people I've listened to my whole life despite knowing you for only a couple of days because you turn me into a heart eyes emoji
  • Jyn: ...
  • Cassian: So rebel with me maybe?
  • Jyn: *heart eyes*

Some cute Fraxus feat Nalu! 

Art by the super awesome @chychymazzu, I hope you like it <3

Also tagging the wonderful @avengemytatas cause I couldn’t have made those beautiful eyes without the her help and @snogfairy cause Natsu ( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°) !


Make Time

it wasn’t your fault. it was schools fault.

everytime that hyuk has a performance, you miss it because of your packed schedule. you wished that you could just go or do whatever or wherever you wanted when you wanted.

you remember like it was yesterday..your high school graduation. of course, hyuk was there but he seemed a bit off.

“hyuk? what’s wrong?” your eyes filled with worry quickly after realizing that your boyfriend had a pouty face.

he forced a fake smile to assure you that there was nothing wrong. but there was.

“come on, lets go outside.” you got up and grabbed his hand, guiding him out of the refreshments room.

you weren’t going to believe any lies that he was going to attempt to tell you. it was obvious that he had something on his mind. something that was dragging his regular happy self down.

“tell me what’s wrong.” you said.

“i just…nevermind.” he looked at you and bit down in his lip to hide his frown.

“c'mon i don’t want to hear that.. you better tell me hyuk.” you forced him.

he let out a sigh and broke his eye contact with you. “will you still be able to…”

“to what hyuk? you’re like how many years older than-”

“come to my shows. and please let’s not talk about our age gap…ever.” he whispered the last part, no one could know about that. not now.

“if this is what’s bothering you, then…yes i will still try to go to your shows. i’ve never missed one yet. and i damn sure don't  plan on missing one.”


you cut him off with a kiss, causing him to turn to putty in your hands. he was a sucker for you and he needed to make sure that you’d be around. you were his inspiration for everything after all.

you got a nonification from the angel that attended each and every one of hyuk’s performances. she went live so that those at home could watch him live.

you tapped on it and god…there he was, singing pour up. he looked amazing. and you noticed that he was wearing the necklace you got him for his birthday which made you smile and tear up. you were beginning to feel emo.

honestly, you felt distant from him. you’d see him every now and then but that was either for a quick fuck or to spend “time” together which only lasted for about an hour.

god knows you didn’t want to break up with him. you loved him too much.

you pushed your thoughts to the side just for now and focused on hyuk. of course, he was singing well and giving a great performance. he sung a few songs before getting to what2do. a song that he wrote when you two weren’t on the best page.

but right in the middle of the song, he stopped singing, covered his face and looked down. he walked off of the stage while shaking his head. but before he left, he spoke into the microphone, “i’m sorry”.

“what?” you asked yourself before hopping off of the couch and heading to your room to dress yourself.

you threw on a skirt, one of hyuk’s old supreme jackets and a pair of your old sneakers. you looked fine, if you excluded the fact that it looked like you had no bottoms on.

after locking up the house, you looked back at your phone. the ‘angel’ was apologizing to her viewers.

“dean is backstage. he’s been back there for a good six minutes…i hope he’s alright. if there are new viewers, the reason why you don’t see dean is because he cried on stage and left. he’s still here and maybe will be out soon. hang on.” she turned the camera around to face the stage.

hyuk had came back, with a hat on to hide his puffy eyes. “i apologize for my abrupt stop…. it’s just… i’m having problems.” he wasn’t going to continue the sentence but people in the crowd encouraged him to.

“tell us dean!”

he sighed into the microphone. “i wanted her to be here and…she’s not…”

“aww.” the crowd cooed as he started crying again.

you put your phone in your pocket and continued your walk to the venue. you hoped that security would let you in although they most likely wouldn’t.

even if you told them that you were hyuk’s girlfriend. they probably wouldn’t believe you because of how you looked. or maybe just because they were trying to keep him safe.

when you finally got to the back of the building, you saw that there was no one at the back door so you started to open it… until someone opened it before you.

“what were you doing?!” two men who looked like security guards asked you.

“umm…” you paused. “i’m here to see hy- dean. i’m his girlfriend.”

the both of them started to laugh and point at your features, telling you how hyuk would never date someone like you.

you just stood there. unfazed. how and why were you unfazed? because you were used to this. it was nothing new, so you let them get in on their jokes.

“y/n!” hyuk literally screamed when he spotted you from the hallway.

he pushed pass the guards and pulled you into a tight hug. “what are you doing here? i thought you said that you have a test tomorrow and you need to study?”

“they teased me hyuk.” you ignored his question and stared the two older men in front of you down.

“what?” he looked back at them and codly said, “you’re not the only ones. hardly anyone believes her.”

“sorry.” they said in unison and left the two of you alone.

hyuk stepped back and looked at you, he noticed his jacket and that brought a slight smile to his face.

“you cried…on stage. why?” you cut straight to the point making his smile drop.

“because i miss you y/n. i miss us.” he paused and ran his fingers through his hair. “i miss you being in the crowd and i miss spotting you out and singing to you. baby we’re not even around each other as much anymore. and when we are… it’s just..not the same.”

“i honestly feel the same way hyuk…i really do. but-”

“please don’t say but, just be here with me. we can work this out.” he looked down, obviously he was in some type of emo state.

“alright..after your show, let’s go home.” you suggested.

“after the show? home?” he asked. the tone of his voice was lifted and his eyes opened much more wider than before. You

“yes hyuk, now get in there and give your fans a good performance!”

he grabbed your hand and guided you through the building, to the stage. “what are you doing?” you asked him through gritted teeth.

he placed his finger over his lips and signaled for the dj to start the music. “everyone this is the woman in my life, y/n. and i will be singing to her.” his voice came out shyly and his cheeks were a pinkish red because of all the blushing that he was doing.

the crowd cheered him on until it was time for him to begin singing. they cooed along with you all the way till the end.

“i love you y/n.” he said, sincerely.

you mouthed i love you back to him and opened your arms wide. but, he didn’t hug you.. he cupped your face with his hands and kissed you. he kissed you in front of all the cameras.. something that he once said he’d never do.

when his set was over, he bowed at the crowd and thanked everyone for coming. he also apologized again a thousand times until you had to stop him.

“are you happy with me?” he asked, while holding the door of his car open for you.

you nodded and spat out a quick “yeah.” before he could close the door.

you didn’t lie, although things may have been a little off with your relationship with hyuk but that didn’t mean that you weren’t happy most of the time.

when he got into the car, he started the engine and turned up the radio. you leaned back into the seat and held onto his hand.

“you know, if you at least attend some of my shows, i’ll be the happiest man alive.” hyuk said.

“i’ll see what i can do.” a smirk stretched across your face. he didn’t exclude the"some" which made you feel good. he was finally understanding that school was a top priority.

“you better.” he laughed.

when you two got to your house, you watched a movie and talked about your relationship. thankfully, you worked it out with him completely. you would attend some of his shows and he would come over to your place everyday for way more than an hour time to spend time with you.


“tell me everything will be alright.” you said, while you snuggled deeper into hyuk’s chest.

“everything will be alright. i promise.” he kissed your forehead and sung one of his songs to you until you fell asleep.

“love, love the stars.
love, love the moon”

If he could, he would stare at her all day. He thinks that this—scrunched face, untidy curls, and bitten lips—could not get any better, any more beautiful, but then she turns her head, eyes gleaming and locked with his, and she chuckles at his empty parchment spattered with lazy blotches of forgotten ink, she sighs: “I doubt Snape counts that as an essay,” and he feels himself falling, right before he flies.

For an art trade with talented @littlechmura! Go check out the Dramione piece she did for me and do it now!

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I've suddenly got a burning need for this but I have no idea how to search for it myself. do you know of any fics where suddenly draco starts obviously checking harry out or is just flirting with him with no shame whatsoever? like he's still a git but he'll insult harry while smirking and dragging his eyes down his body? it could even all be a joke at first (to annoy harry) but eventually turns serious? thanks! also no worries if you don't know of any like this!

Hi there! I hope you don’t mind that I’ve included fics where either or both of them are all flirty! Let me know if you find something you liked reading, I’m wondering whether I fulfilled the request or not…

P.S. I think the first 4-5 fit perfectly with what you asked for!! :)


The Charm Conundrum (dysonrules)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 8.6k, Summary: Harry misplaces an interesting “self-help” manual. Draco finds it and discovers some fascinating insights into Harry Potter.

Dancing Devils In His Eyes (furiosity)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 15.7k, Summary: Harry and Draco are forced to work together on an assignment. Draco’s been pursuing Harry for a while, but Harry has too little respect for Draco to take him seriously. Could anything in the world change that?

The Fortunate Fall (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 28.6k, Summary: Draco’s sure he suffered an irreplaceable loss at the end of the war. Harry’s not.

It’s A Dirty Job (fireflavored)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 9k, Summary: Harry Potter wakes up after a night of debauchery to discover that he has a new employee.

Tried, Failed, Failed Better (carpemermaid, Maccadole)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 9.7k, Summary: "Ever tried. Ever failed. No matter. Try again. Fail again. Fail better.“ - Samuel BeckettDraco’s been trying to chat up Harry, but somehow – somehow, it’s just not going right. Is he doing something wrong?

Hey, Potter (SunseticMonster)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 16k, Summary: Harry returns to Hogwarts for his 8th year, determined not to let Malfoy get to him. But when the snarky teasing starts up again, Harry finds that returning the jibes with compliments has a far more interesting outcome.

Bloody But Unbowed (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 100.7k, Summary: Nothing in Harry’s life since the war has gone the way he expected. And now he’s the mediwizard assigned to take care of Lucius Malfoy, of all people. But he’s Harry; he grits his teeth and endures. He won’t allow even Draco Malfoy’s flirting, which he knows is just a joke, to disconcert him.

The Courting Of Draco Malfoy (arecou)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 9.6k, Summary: In which Harry flirts, and Draco is confused.

Check Me Out (lumosed_quill)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 3k, Summary: Draco works as a librarian. Harry visits often and attempts (possibly) to flirt with Draco through his choice of books. Draco is not getting it. At all.

Keep It Simple, Stupid (lomonaaeren)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 24.6k, Summary: Draco just wants to do his job and keep the newly competent Death Eaters from assassinating Potter. Potter just wants to flirt with him. It is not much fun to be Draco Malfoy right now.

A Friend In Need (writcraft)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 5.7k, Summary: In his final year at Hogwarts, Draco is just trying to keep his head down, win the House Cup, get good exam results and stay out of trouble. Most of all he wants to ignore Harry Potter completely. Which is easier said than done when Potter is everywhere and behaving very strangely indeed….

Here Be Dragons (birdsofshore)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 21.8k, Summary: Harry doesn’t want to waste his time investigating illegal dragonhide trading, whether it involves a fetish club in Knockturn Alley or visiting a remote island in Wales. Why the bloody hell does Malfoy always have to be up to something?

Back In The Cupboard (oldenuf2nb)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 18k, Summary: Head Auror Harry Potter is able to conceal the truth of his private life, and that’s the way he likes it. When Daily Prophet Owner and Editor Draco Malfoy stumbles upon embarrassing and potentially disastrous information, what will he do with it?

Unbuttoned (@eidheann)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 6.1k, Summary: Harry asks for Draco’s help in finding a birthday gift for Narcissa. Draco doesn’t suspect ulterior motives. Until he does.

What Potter Wants (birdsofshore)

Rating: NC-17, WC: 3.3k, Summary: Harry definitely didn’t want to do that to Malfoy. Not at all. So why did Malfoy keep saying that he did?

A Devotion To Others (mahaliem)

Rating: PG-13, WC: 22.6k, Summary: Someone is brewing a horrifyingly strong love potion at Hogwarts and Harry and Draco are sent to investigate. As they seek to uncover the truth, Harry fears that Draco will discover something else – that Harry’s fallen in love with him.

Weird and Awkward

Anon: Can you please write a fluff about Gray? Where you’re a new crew in AOMG and you’re as awkward and as weird as Gray so you clicked and he likes you? Thank you so much, I love your works!❤ 

Gray x Reader - Fluff

You roamed in and out of the studios being extremely nosey, you strolled into the room that Jay and Hyukwoo were chillin’ in. You picked up a black cap and placed it on “Ah, that's Sungwhas cap” You made eye contact with Jay and nodded your head. You liked how it looked on you, you smiled as you admired the cap in the mirror “That cap looks better on you than me” You wriggled your eyebrows and struck a pose “I know right?” Hyukwoo chuckled at your weird pose and Jay rolled his eyes “We don’t need another weirdo around here, one is enough” You glanced at Jay with a straight face “Sorry, I didn’t mean to take away your spot of being the weirdo…” Hyukwoo stared at you and Sungwhas mouth fell open as Jay watched you unimpressed “Y/n that was just plain awkward” You shrugged your shoulder before fixing the cap on your head “Was a good try though.”

Hoody yelled out for you as your stylists were here to measure you for your outfits, you said bye to the boys however just as you were about to leave you tripped on thin air, you managed to clutch onto the wall to stop you from falling. You made eye contact with Sungwha and gave him an awkward smile before dashing out the door.

Hoody stood by the door to make sure that the boys wouldn’t try to peek in, you stood awkwardly as you didn’t know what to do with your hands. Hoody grinned as she found you adorable, Elo requested for Hoody so she soon had to leave. You didn't mind though, you stood in the middle of the room with your jeans off as the stylist went out to get you another pair to try on, it was a good thing that your t-shirt was long enough to cover your underwear. You stood quietly and glanced around the room before Sungwha broke into the room and locked the door behind him, you were a little alarmed however you didn't say anything until he turned around.

“Oh, my -Y/n! I didn’t know you were here! I’m so sorry!” You burst out laughing, which made Sungwha look at you with confusion “Where is your shirt?!” He immediately covered his bare chest embarrassed, his cheeks flushed a bright pink, he looked down and noticed your bare legs “Where are your jeans?…” You glanced down at your legs and shrugged your shoulders “I don't know?…” You both made eye contact and burst out laughing at the absurd situation. Sungwha turned around to open the door and leave “You have nice abs but I like your music more” Sungwha twisted around and smiled at you, he liked how weird and direct you were. Sungwha was about to say something, however, Hoody marched into the room “Get out!” He gave you an apologetic smile before hurrying out the door.

You stepped out the room with Hoody as soon as your stylists were finished with you, you sighed relieved that it was over, you went back into the room that Hyukwoo and Jay hadn’t left. You stood in the middle of the room while Hoody sat next to Jay “Are you going to sit down or?” You stared at Hyukwoo as he smiled at you amused “Do you know where Sungwha is?” Hyukwoo and Jay glanced at each other with mischievous smiles on their faces, you rolled your eyes and marched out the room. You couldn’t find Sungwha anywhere, he wasn’t in his studio and he wasn’t in any of the other rooms, you sighed in defeat thinking he might have gone home. You pouted to yourself disappointed as you desired to see him, you swiftly turned around and stepped into something or rather someone. You rubbed your nose and glanced up at the person you had just bumped into “Sungwha!” He stared at you awkwardly as he didn’t know what to say, you had just bumped into him and without much thought gave him a friendly smile. 

“Are you okay?” You nodded your head and gave him a thumbs up “I was looking for you” At those words his heart started racing, he gazed into your eyes, he found you charming and admired how weird you were “Well you found me…” You both stood in an awkward silence, you sighed and giggled as he glanced around the room “You’re cute!” He stared at you, a small smile was gradually appearing on his lips along with a light red tint on his cheeks. You really were something, he liked how you both became friends instantly, he appreciated how you wanted to spend time with him instead of the other guys, he grinned at you and seized your hand in his, you repeated the smile and squeezed his hand.

I like you Y/n

a/n thank u for reading & sorry for any mistakes!


Tumblr!!! Two new episodes of Puppy Dog Pals premiered today, so I figured I’d post some roughs ‘cause I could. :) The Crumpet designs were some of my favorites from this season… just a fun character to work with and a challenge to design. For those who tuned in, downloaded, or watched online via various device… thanks for watching!!! 

  • me talking to the shadow people that live behind my shower curtain and under the kitchen sink as i try to finish my nightly routine without getting killed: so you see, despite margaret atwood having many influential feminist works including thmt, she's maintained a staunch position of antifeminism due to a fundamental misunderstanding, and has made several troubling remarks regarding jewish people and butch lesbians. i don't know where i stand with her, largely because her works do not seem to reflect her own ideology.
  • the shadow people that live in my house: can't you enjoy her works without supporting her as a person?
  • me: while that is my stance on most situations like this, because her works are heralded as landmarks in a movement, i just don't know how i can separate the ideologies it represents from her own personal beliefs!
  • the demon reading over my shoulder as i type this post: [damned moans of thoughtful consideration]
  • the thing i just saw out of the corner of my eye but disappears every time i turn to look at it: [through gnashing teeth] you've certainly given us a lot to think about!
T’Cham ficlet

Sam lay there, depleted, like a run down battery desperately in need of charging. Inhale, exhale, inhale… so simple, yet so tiring at the same time. Not that the feeling wasn’t welcome. If he had to be completely and utterly honest, this night would make it right to the top of his “best nights in history” list. The tired feeling seeping slowly into every nook and cranny of his body was more of a sign of content than anything else. He was completely satisfied, and couldn’t care less that he wasn’t able to lift a finger anymore. He didn’t want to lift a finger, he didn’t want to move, except for turning his head to the side.

T’Challa didn’t look as tired as he was, but then again, his Royal Highness wasn’t known to be the type to tire soon. In fact, his Royal Highness had an outstanding stamina. They tested it very thoroughly. Sam smiled slowly, running his eyes over the smooth dark skin covering those lean muscles, now glistening with a sheen of sweat. Tasty, he thought, then chuckled. T’Challa was lying on his stomach, arms drawn underneath his head, deep brown eyes blinking open to the sound. Sam was about to make a comment, to crack a joke as was his usual, when suddenly something warm and soft hopped onto his stomach.

He almost cried out, but bit back the sound, and turned his head towards the new arrival. A big black cat was sitting on him, purring softly, its green eyes boring into his like it wanted to read his mind. After a brief staring contest the cat tilted its head to the side, as if shrugging, then hopped down from him, walking over the King’s back to settle into a fur crescent by his side. Sam felt approved somehow.

T’Challa grinned widely at his surprised expression. “I do like cats, by the way.”

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Hey!! How are you doing? How are you feeling now? I'm glad you don't have anything really dangerous, I was really worried >.< are you resting properly? Taking medicines? I don't want you to get that even worst... And if you want, can you draw Suga and Daichi resting forheads in one another? I'm sorry I don't know how to express this, I just want to see them really happy (^w^) I hope you feel better soon, I love you with all my heart :3

I’m doing okay, thanks <3 I have meds from the doctor and am taking them as instructed! Hopefully they’ll start making a real difference soon (omg please work soon lmao). Thank you for the suggestion!