i don't like him at all but he likes me which makes it 10 times worse

POT Dating Tips

1. Always confirm the same day that you guys are meeting. These men have crazy schedules and they can cancel on you same day, best to know before you do your hair & makeup. 

2. Never drive or uber a long distance to meet them. They should offer to come to you and if they don’t they should offer to uber you. I always get ubered to my dates, I never give them my real address obviously but somewhere close that I could walk or a place I could drive to and leave my car. Driving or ubering a far distance because he said he would reimburse you isn’t worth the risk. These men ain’t shit! they will lie to you. Don’t risk being out of gas or money, never worth it. 

3. Always vet them before you meet them, nothing worse than going on POT date to find out he wants to pay you 200 per meeting. ASk questions nothing to invasive but just enough to see if can meet your needs. If you want monthly allowances make sure he’s open to that. IF he wants to do per meet to start, discuss how much. You can obviously negotiate a better price in person, but make sure you guys are in the same range $$$.  Don't’ waste your hair/makeup and a cute outfit on a fuck boy who thinks he’s a sugar daddy. NEVER go on the POT with someone who gives you weird vibes, I mean if he’s weird over the phone he probably won’t be better in person, nothing is worth your safety. 

4. Be cute but comfortable, Opt for the heels that are more comfortable over the ones that may look better with the outfit.  Nothing worst than being out and having your feet hurt the entire time. 

5. Be sexy and alluring without showing too much. I have big boobs so no matter what I wear their gonna show, but I always wear dresses that aren’t  too tight or show that much cleavage. He may want to take you to social events with his colleagues or friends, you don’t want to show up on your first encounter with your boobs out or a dress that barely covers your ass. You want to give off a lady in the streets but a freak in the sheets vibe. You don’t have to spend much to look great, Forever 21 or Zara has great dress options that are affordable. Macy’s always has in store sales on shoes ( Got a couple of heels from there), DSW also. A little black dress with some cute heels and some simple accessories can go a long way, ladies. For new sugars, you can spend under 100 bucks buy a cute outfit that you can re-wear to multiple POT dates. Ball on a budget until you can get him to take you, to Saks ;)

6. Knowledge is key! reading book  Ho Tactics and the art of seduction has really stepped my sugar skills up. Body language and confidence is everything! This may sound silly but I practice my faces in the mirror so I can get an idea of what I’m looking like when I say certain things, also what angles i look best in so I know how to tilt my head or smile. You have to mindfuck these to give you everything you want but never had. I always give eye contact it shows that you are really engaged it also turns guys on. I always order martinis or wine because of the way the glass fit in your hand. Eating a  olive off a  toothpick while eye fucking a guy will drive him crazy. Always ask follow up questions, whens he’s going on and on about his job or life, in general, show that your interested make comments be engaging. Also, brush up on current events, I use the SKIMM to help keep me up to date on current events. Be pretty but also cultured.

7. Always choose a high-end restaurant in your area. I usually yelp and look for restaurants with $$$ that has the best reviews, I legit have been to areas in D.C that I wouldn’t have been able to afford or even heard of. Set your standards high and don’t lower them. Don’t ever go out with a guy who thinks going to some cheap chain restaurant is acceptable. Like your makeup shouldn’t cost more than the menu. Gain knowledge on the nicest spots in your area, if he wants to take you somewhere lower end that’s the easiest way to spot a Splenda. If it doesn’t go anywhere at least you got to go to a nice ass restaurant, ate some good ass food, and drank some wine that cost as much your textbooks. Still a win. 

8. If you’re meeting for a quick date such as Starbucks ( which I don’t even recommend, they give me Splenda vibes)  make sure you choose a time when it’s not too pack. You don’t want to walk into a packed Starbucks with the line to door and no seats for your first date it sets an awkward tone. You want to be in a quiet setting where you can discuss the arrangement privately, without random people walking by every minute.  Choose a time after lunch, or later in the evening. 

9.Safety First! Never give out private information, give out fake email address, phone numbers, etc. The only thing I’m truthful about is that I’m a student and my age. Never get into a POT car, or go back to his place. I also send my friends my location so they know where I’m at all times. Also download a safety app, very useful. If a guy gives you weird vibe excuse yourself to the bathroom and call a uber, try to find a different exit and leave his ass. Never meet up in a sketchy area or place. Make sure the place is public and that it is quiet but moderately packed. Never meet up too late in the night, and don't’ over a drink. Overdrinking puts you in a bad head space which can lead to a bad situation that could be unsafe. I have no more than 3 cocktails on date depending on the time we are together. These sites are filled with psychos, be careful !. 

10. Last but not least Never give up the pussy until you get yours. Things happen maybe you drank too much, or he was really cute so the chemistry was there but it is never a good idea to sleep with POT before the arrangement has been hashed out.  This is not normal dating and he is not your bf. Unless he’s paying your bills, tuition, rent or aiding your makeup addiction why does he deserve pussy???? Always get your first, these men will fuck and dip out never to be seen again. GIving him quick access will not get your bills paid sis, don’t do it. Before you think about giving him some think about your rent that’s about to be due, the tuition you still have to pay, that car payment, or Rihanna new makeup line that’s about to drop.  Pussy is power use it wisely!

Feel free to add on ladies. Pusssy is power, let’s encourage each other and help each other to mindfuck these men! #TeamVagina

Logan's New Assistant AU - Jack Avery (Part I)

Description: You were an assistant of Jake Paul’s, assigned by Team 10, until the diss video. He wanted you to rap in it, but you’re a heavy believer in family. Obviously, the whole video was breaking that rule. When you’re given the get-go by Team 10 later on, you’re hired by Logan quickly in an attempt to get inside information. However, you quickly fall for one of his boys (Jack Avery) as you help them with the Help Me, Help You video. However, as soon as Logan sees the diss video, he immediately comes to you for some dirt on his brother. You’re torn between telling him and scoring major points or staying true to your beliefs and not, risking yet another job. Rating: PG ••• You pull up to the hill-top house just outside of LA in your yellow Volkswagen Bug, taking a huge breath. As instructed, you’ve arrived at the home of one of Logan Paul’s pals, which is where everyone is apparently meeting up. You check your Apple Watch to see you’re ten minutes early and hope Logan won’t get onto you like his brother did. You take another deep breath before taking the keys out of your ignition and getting out of the car, grabbing your denim jacket and phone. You slip on the jacket, which has a few rips in it, over your white ‘SLAY’ crop-top. You quickly and subtly pull up your high-waisted, ripped jeans too before slipping your phone in your back pocket and heading towards the door. You ring the doorbell and wait, rocking back and forth in your Converse-clad heels as you do so. Nerves take over you as half a minute passes with no one answering the door, and you’re about to ring the doorbell again when the door’s opened by none other than Logan Paul himself. He holds up the camera and grins. “Say hi to my new assistant, guys!” You wave at the camera shyly. “This is Y/N, and she used to be my little sister’s assistant.” He turns the camera towards himself. “That’s right, Jakey. I got your cars, your house, AND your assistant.” He turns the camera back towards you. “C'mon in, just follow me.” You do as you say and, even though you’ve worked with people like Logan and Jake, you’re still a bit surprised by the interior of the house. Logan waves to a few people before a man with a beard and a beanie waves at him back. “Yo, it’s my man Jeff!” The man just smiles and shakes his head. “This the new girl?” He motions to you. “Yup, this is Y/N.” Logan turns the camera towards you once more, and you just wave at the camera. “Yeah, she’s cool already.” You blush at that as he continues through the house to a living room where four guys are sitting around. Logan immediately makes a finger guns and points it at each boy, making a “pew” sound, only more intense. Each boy falls down dramatically, to your surprise, and you’re about to ask what’s happening when a fifth person falls *almost* on top of you. You jump in surprise as Logan laughs. “My boys!” Logan grins widely, and all five get up, giving him bro hugs and such. You just slide back to the background like you always did. Jake would yell at you if you were too close or too 'in it’, as he said. You don’t want to loose this job, so you play it safe as the six males smile and talk to Logan’s vlog. “Oh, and we have a new girl,” Logan tells the boys, even though he’s said it to the camera two times already. He looks around. “Where’d she go?” You step out. “I, uh, I’m right here.” He looks at you, and you prepare for anything. Coming from an abusos home to begin with, you’re quite used to the worse, and it’s gotten to be part of your daily routine now to take the shouts. “Well what’re you standing there for?” He asks, surprising you. Logan waves his hand for you to join them. “C'mere and let me introduce ya to my boys!” You walk over, a little surprised at his easy-going personality towards you. It’s something you’ve never really gotten, and, to be honest, it feels quite nice to be respected for once. Or, at least, treated decently. “Boys, this is my new assistant-slash-buddy-” since when? “-Y/N.” “Hey, Y/N.” They all smile at you, which you return shyly. Logan puts his hand on your shoulder, startling you slightly. “Y/N, this is Daniel-” “Hi,” a tall, dark-haired boy says and smiles. “-Jonah-” The tallest holds out his hand. “Nice to meet you.” You shake it. “-Corbyn-” The one with blonde/white hair in the front grins. “Hey, Y/N.” “-Zach, he’s the baby-” The shortest of them rolls his eyes but still shakes your hand. “-and, finally, Jack.” The one with curly hair smiles at you and holds out his hand. “Hello.” You shake it, and Logan groans. “Stay away from him,” he tells you and points to Jack. “That kid steals girls like nobody’s business, I freaking swear.” You blush at that, and Jack just laughs a little bit. His eyes glint as he looks at you. “Welcome to the crew, Y/N.” ••• End of Part I. {ignore the GIF my phone’s being weird}

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To One Thing Constant

Beauty and the Beast College AU Chapter 1/? 

Based on the prompt ‘Imagine one half of your OTP reciting Romeo and Juliet under the other person’s window’

Basically, Adam and Belle catch feelings and everyone just tries to deal with the gratuitous Shakespeare references. 

Also on AO3 (x) (For my Klaroline shippers, there is also a fic based on this same prompt coming for that pairing)

“Surely you’re not intending to put the Adventure novels next to Geography and Travel?”

That does it.

Belle slammed the books she’d been carrying down onto the Library’s reading tables a tad louder than intended but if it has the desired effect she can’t find it in herself to regret it. Stalking across the floor, ignoring Mrs. Potts softly calling her name, Belle comes to a halt in front of her co-worker. Placing her hands on her hips, Belle glares at Adam who meets her murderous gaze with a coolly raised eyebrow over the rim of his Starbucks cup. When Belle had heard that the motherly Mrs. Potts was looking for someone to help re-organise the Campus Library she’d jumped at the chance to turn her favourite hobby into paid employment. What she hadn’t been counting on was the fact that would mean sharing a job with Adam Vendome, another student on her English Literature course and the bane of her existence.

Exceptionally attractive, rich and intelligent (as well as widely rumoured to be distantly related to the Kings of France) Adam is also exceptionally rude and obnoxious.

Whenever and whatever they debate in class Adam’s always needling her to justify her arguments and never seems to be satisfied with her answers, always asking for greater reasoning. He’d groaned loudly when she’d praised Romeo and Juliet during the class reading and the argument had continued all the way from the classroom to the Library to begin their shifts.

“It’s my favourite!”

“Ugh. Why is that not a surprise?”

“Excuse me?!”

“Well, all that pining and heartache,” he’d shuddered, face screwing up in disgust which Belle would’ve thought under any other circumstances was rather cute if he hadn’t been dragging her favourite play through the mud. “There’s so many other things to read”

“Like what?” she’d shot back, waiting to hear what author or work he thought could rival the Bard.

“I’m sure there’s something in here you could start with” he’d replied, holding the library door open for her and jerking his head in the direction of the books that awaited them. Belle had been brought up short, thrown by his cleverly broad answer and thoughtless chivalry, even when he was picking on her. None of the boys back home in Villeneuve acted like that.

The fact that they had mutual friends in Lumiere and Plumette made things even more awkward because then she had to deal with the piercing gaze of his blue eyes in the pub after class or the café where Plumette works as well as the Library stacks. If the eyes really are the windows to the soul, then Belle doesn’t know what to make of Adam. He has everything he could ever want; money, books, a house of his own off campus but sometimes she’ll catch sight of him and she can’t help but think that he looks like a man in torment.

Furthermore, he refuses to come to an agreement with her on the re-arrangement of the Library, sometimes due to being in different seminar groups for Cogsworth’s French history class, they’re not always on shift at the same time. As a result, she’s come into the stacks more than once to find him tutting to himself, arms laden with books he’s decided work better elsewhere. They have what is now a long standing feud over the Romances which Adam keeps trying to install in the back of the stacks with the Reference section no-one visits except on a blue moon. His piss-poor excuse is that it makes sense alphabetically.

And he has the nerve to criticise her organisational skills.

Paired with crazy hours, extensive word counts, looming deadlines and a best friend with a very active sex life Belle’s not sure she can take much more of this. And now he’s, what supervising her on his time off?! This last offence was the one that broke the Camel’s back as the saying goes because Belle isn’t the one who literally strolls into class five minutes late with Starbucks every day.

“Why not?” she demands, irritated at his fifth comment on her work ethic in as many minutes.

Adam looks genuinely surprised at the question, answering with his trademark tactlessness “Well, because they’re fiction.”

Belle takes a deep breath out through her nose, swallowing the urge to shout. She had never thought that someone as passionate about books as she was could annoy the living shit out of her but that was before she’d met Adam. She needs this job to help ease the struggle of university finances and as warm and wonderful as Mrs Potts is, she knows that the older woman would take none too kindly to a shouting match in the library.

A myriad of responses spring to mind but Belle dismisses them all. That she was perfectly aware of that thank you very much Captain Obvious, that she’d only been taking the books off the shelves and had been about to ask his opinion before he had questioned her judgement so condescendingly, that Adam’s technically not even on shift at the minute and surely he has better things to do than bother her. She had though that putting Adventure books next to those containing more detailed information about the real life locations the great events took place in seemed like a perfectly reasonable notion to her, but she’d been about to ask his opinion. Instead, Belle just let out a loud growl of frustration before turning on her heel and leaving the Library as if wolves were at her heels.

Adam stared wordlessly after her before turning to look at Mrs. Potts in disbelief. Mrs. Potts in her charming measured way, put down her teacup, shaking her head gently. “That didn’t go very well at all now did it?”

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OMG, what do you think about this situation: Tobirama, Hashirama and Madara are spending time with their o/s ( nothing special, just a normal day ) but suddenly they are going into Labor? ( I don't know if i wrote it correctly... my english is on a "high" level xd) I hope you understood my thought.

lmaoooo I love this, and don’t worry I understood!


•He was the one who did nothing but prepare for his s/o going into labor. For months and months he had plans about getting them to the hospital and making certain that when the time came, there were no last minute complications

•He doesn’t know why, but he always figured that going into labor would be a smooth transition. And for the most part, it might be. Or would be, if Tobirama weren’t so anxious and nervous. His s/o would probably have to yell at him to calm down at some point

•He’s going to rush them to the hospital, maybe a little too hastily. If they try to delay at all, he’s literally screaming at them to hurry the hell up. Even if he knows how birth works, and that it’s not some automatic, instantaneous thing, Tobirama is under the impression that the moment his s/o goes into labor, they’re gonna pop the baby out at any second

•He’s that annoying dad that’s pestering all the nurses and doctors and making sure they’re giving his s/o full attention. Also the one who might end up threatening them if they mess up somehow. He’s just yelling at everybody tbh

•When the time comes for them to actually give birth, Tobirama attempts to calmly support and encourage them, but on the inside, he’s a nervous wreck

•It probably doesn’t help that Hashirama is outside the birthing room poking his head in every 10 seconds like, “Can I meet my niece/nephew now?” and Tobirama’s like Get out!”


•Hashirama is too busy sparkling with excitement to really figure out how he’s going to get his s/o to the hospital. He just stands there like “It’s actually happening, ______! We’re going to have a baby!”

•His s/o definitely has to whip him into shape and make him focus, but Hashirama can’t help it. His attention span is out of control. He looks at the spot on the floor where their water broke and is like “Do you want me to clean this up first?” “No Hashirama let’s go

•He would forget the baby bag at home tbh

•Otherwise, he’s relatively calm and very soothing. He brushes their hair and holds their hand and talks them through the heavy, painful contractions. It’s only when they’re actually in the room pushing to get the baby out that Hashirama gets out of control

•He’s way too excited, and might end up saying some stuff like “I know how much it hurts, ______, but you have to push—” which might piss them off because no, Hashirama. You don’t know how much childbirth hurts. He just wants his baby to come out!! He wants to meet his baby!!!

•Hashirama would have probably made sure beforehand that the doctors and nurses delivering his baby were people that he knew and trusted. It could have been a home birth, now that I think about it? It seems like something they would do back in the founders era. Hashirama might have even encouraged a home birth, just so it was a familiar environment for his s/o to be in, and it would always be great telling his child, “You were literally born in this house, ______. Look, right there in that exact spot. Right there.” 

•By the way, Tobirama is probably there. He might even be one of the people assisting with the birth. He’s yelling at Hashirama to stay focused 70% of the time tbh


•Madara is very calm, very organized, but very punctual. He makes sure his s/o is at the hospital as soon as possible. He doesn’t wait for the contractions to get worse. If they don’t want to leave immediately, he doesn’t care. He will drag them out of the house

•Part of the reason he’s so calm is because Madara prepares himself as soon as their due date comes closer and closer. He’s literally ready to go every second of the day

•He’s always repeating “just breathe” when their contractions are bad. It gets annoying though. Madara is the type who doesn’t bother trying to imagine how painful labor is, and he’s a little ignorant too, so all he can resort to is the breathing technique bullshit. Which is no help at all in the grand scheme

•It’s only when they’re actually at the hospital that the smooth facade breaks. It just hits Madara in full force. He was so absorbed in the process of actually getting them to the hospital and making certain everything was in order that he really didn’t think about the fact that he was going to be a father. His s/o is about to push their baby out, and he’s going to be a father

•It’s then he gets anxious. He’s sweating and flustered and gets irritable, snapping at the doctors, cursing under his breath, especially if his s/o is in a lot of pain. He would probably demand that the doctor use some pain relief jutsu or something. He doesn’t even know if that’s possible, but he demands it anyway

Contents: 00q, Q-branch sabotage, disgruntled employees

Warnings: canon typical violence, suspense

This one got really long on me, so I’ll put most of it under a cut.

“At about waist-level, you’ll see a switch, I think,” Q says, speaking to Bond over the comm.

Bond on mission is equal parts focused intensity, snark, and improvisation. It’s been a wild ride for Q learning how to roll with his punches. But also entirely worth it–

“Mm. Something else I’d like to have at waist level.”

–for the perks of the job. Namely dating one James Bond, 007.

He’s well aware that not everyone would consider this a perk. High likelihood of tragic endings, package deal with traumatic stress disorder. But what they don’t know, and Q does, is that the insufferable menace of 007 isn’t all he is.

“Finish the mission and bring back your equipment and maybe there will be something waiting for you at waist level,” Q replies.

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Hello~ could you show me some unhealthy relationship FanFictions? I prefer Jimin as top, but if you don't find any then Top!Jungkook is okay too. I would love when Jimin is obsessed with Jungkook or something like that.. ^-^ thank you very very much~

Anonymous said:
Any stalker Jimin au?

Anonymous said:
Hiii, do you know any pastel Jungkook aus? Or maby some stalker/creep Jimin?

Hi everyone! I hope you don’t mind me combining your asks, they kinda overlapped so I just thought it’d be a little more convenient this way :) But here you go! For my first anon, if you’re interested I have recs for some similar asks here and here! Oh and for my second and third anons, I included a few fics with other pairings (I wasn’t able to find a lot of jikook-centered fics) if that’s okay? If I find any more with jikook I’ll definitely let you know!


Title: Not Today
Author: alexis_sl
Rating: Mature
Length: 50–100k words
Genre: Slow Burn, Angst, Smut
Summary: Jimin, the rich son of a Duke, stumbles upon a beautiful boy in an exotic pet shop - Jeon Jungkook, and decides to buy him. Little did he know that his impulse - bought slave would be the start of an intergalactic revolution. Even worse, the start of a massive heartache.

Title: Yes Master
Author: jikookobsessed
Rating: Mature
Length: 1–5k words
Genre: Fluff, Smut
Summary: Jimin is Jungkook’s Master and Jungkook is Jimin’s baby boy.
Warning: Rape/non-con


Title: Did I Scare You (Part I)
Author: KPOPIsNotMyStyle
Rating: Mature
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Drama, Angst, Smut
Summary: Taehyung had thought life would keep going in a circle for him, but then he met Park Jimin, took him into his home. And it was the biggest mistake he’d ever made.

Title: Get Kim Namjoon: (Three Steps to Getting the Man of Your Dreams by Park Jimin)
Author: lulublue1234
Rating: Mature
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Fluff, Humor
Summary: Jimin has a crush on a sometimes pink sometimes blonde haired, uncoordinated barista, with a voice as smooth as honey and dimples as deep as the ocean floor. The man doesn’t notice him (which is weird because he’s Park freaking Jimin, loved by all) but Jimin’s not worried he’ll get what he wants – he always does.

Title: Strumming My Pain with His Fingers
Author: seokjinim
Rating: Explicit
Length: 25–50k words
Genre: Angst, Smut
Summary: Park Jimin is an avid stalker of his schoolmate, Jeon Jungkook, a handsome playboy, known across his University. However, when Jimin’s sick obsession crosses the line, he begins to realise Jungkook isn’t really the man he says he is.
Note: Part 1 of the “Making a Murderer” series, Part 2 being Code of Conduct


Title: Baby Blue
Author: serindipia
Rating: Mature
Length:: 10–15k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: Yoongi knows Jungkook is trouble since the first time they met, all soft colors and candy flavor. He also knows he shouldn’t be feeling this way about someone almost six years younger than him, that he’s supposed to be the responsible one; the adult. Jungkook, however, knows Yoongi has never been able to say ‘no’ to his pretty eyes and strawberry flavored lips. (Or: Modern AU in wich Yoongi has the hots for Pastel!Jungkook, and Jungkook just wants to be babied and spoiled 24/7)
Note: Part 1 of the “Peaches and Cream” series, Part 2 being Sugar and Spices

Title: Because I Love You (Even if the Sun Burns Out)
Author: 010321cal
Rating: Teen
Length: 0–1k words
Genre: Fluff, Slight Angst
Summary: Understanding Jimin. Pastel Jeongguk. Crossdressing.

Title: Pastel
Author: Supermans_crib
Rating: Explicit
Length: >100k words
Genre: Smut
Summary: Jeongguk learns the age-old lesson that you can’t run from who you are, or who you like, for that matter.
Note: Polyamory/OT7

Title: Twenty First Century Boy
Author: xiajin
Rating: Teen
Length: 15–20k words
Genre: Fluff
Summary: he thinks it’s a problem. it should be a problem. yoongi wonders what he’s doing and - and he doesn’t know how to make himself stop. doesn’t know if he even wants to

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Do you think Cas will get a happy ending? I used to be Cas' ending would be a choosing to be human thing but now I don't know. Not just the whole Billie thing but also Cas was involved in killing a child. There a certain things you just dont came back from and certain things show's won't have their main heroes do even in a fantasy setting -the protag can kill but he wont cheat, rape, or harm a child usually for example. :(

I didn’t feel like the episode was trying to tell us, Cas killed a kid and now he’s terrible, but instead, Cas feels responsible for the death of the kid, and he feels terrible, which really changes this from my perspective.

Dean killed a kid and it’s not routinely dragged out by the show to prove he shouldn’t be happy. I’m sure it’s tormenting him but narratively, that all disappeared when he got the Mark off into a sort of blob of generic terrible things he did under the Mark guilt, which wasn’t really that well explored either. At this point I’m sure they’re all writing it off as under mind control as a technicality, and not focusing on it like that.*

Sam drank the blood of a screaming nurse, killing her (a valued member of society with kind of a moral event horizon similar to killing children when it comes to listing innocents) - off screen, but it was Sam’s over-the-edge act that demonised HIS soul for all of 10 minutes at the end of season 4, and he only needed a season to repent for it all and stop Lucifer, and again, Cindy is pretty much never mentioned again. 

*Note: not interested in starting the debate about how culpable Dean is for the stuff under the Mark (or I guess Sam under demon blood and Ruby’s manipulations); just commenting on the way the show presented it. It’s probably under the same bracket as Sam trying to murder Bobby in 6x11. Everyone can feel guilty and horrible but for the sake of core characterisation it wasn’t their fault enough to drag them under with it, and in 3 episodes time they seem mostly back to normal :P

Anyway. Both of these actions were objectively worse and more terrible and actively detrimental to Sam and Dean’s moral fibre and our perceptions of them than anything they showed with Cas. I’m not just defending Cas because, idk, I like him more than Sam and Dean; I don’t hate either of them for these things (and if I like Cas more it’s unrelated :P) 

This episode was very careful to establish a villain who would evilly want to kill a child because he’s just plain awful (Ishim) and to contrast Cas to him repeatedly as a dark mirror to Cas’s character, AND use his actions of lying to them to make them enact orders that were emphatically described as part of the angel’s moral code, to trick the rest of the angels into being complicit in this murder. 

Even when Cas thought it was a nephilim and not a human child, this was his immediate reaction to the nephilim being killed - a being that he thought was an abomination and that should be destroyed by all the laws he upheld:

He flinches at the sound of a young girl screaming, despite all of that, there’s a part of him even then that’s not entirely okay with it - that same part of him that’s always been terrible at following orders and of feeling sympathetic or protective of the innocent and defenceless, which is his core goodness that makes him such a great character. 

This scene also directly implies that Cas murdered who knows how many babies:

Not always, angel. There was that day, back in Egypt, not so long ago, where we slew every first-born infant whose door wasn’t splashed with lamb’s blood. And that was just PR.

Well, I wasn’t there.

Oh, you were there. You just don’t remember it.

And the implication was that he resisted and rebelled there, and maybe even was controlled to do it just like Naomi forcing Cas to attack Dean in the crypt, as by that point it was established she could control his actions completely and use him to kill whoever she wanted (except Dean that one time - but the “first borns” thing is interesting to me anyway for the comparison). 

All of this is meant to horrify us but I don’t think it’s meant to show Cas has broken morality - instead it highlights that he has GOOD morality because of how he reacts to these evil actions and situations, and the fact both times it’s less that he’s made evil choices but that he never had a choice. He may not have had “true” free will until 4x22 when he finally chooses to rebel against heaven and no longer heed their orders, and to decide for himself what is right or not. Obviously killing Lily’s kid came way before that, so we have to weigh how Cas’s character evolved over season 4, the way it was shown Heaven manipulated out dissent and rebellion (Anna tells us rebellious angels will be killed) and gives us the sort of emotional backstory on what Cas would have been up against 100 years ago, following orders and believing completely in Heaven because what other choice did he have? The fact his orders in this case were a lie isn’t even a part of this line of thought - if it HAD been a nephilim, this is how Cas reacted and felt, and what he was up against convincing him he had to do it while he was basically in a state where he was unable to pretty much THINK dissent or more than vague uncertain doubts he didn’t give voice to until 4x07 (100 years later :P). Throw in their absolute and unquestionable law that nephilim are evil and must be killed, and of course the Cas we saw there is following these orders and could have seemed even pleased or satisfied that the child was killed, but EVEN SO, he flinched.

BUT looking at the wider picture, even that they were lied to on top of that somewhat diminished responsibility, I’d agree blood is still on their hands because they helped, but their actual intent to murder is completely diminished by Ishim’s actions because they didn’t know it was an innocent human child and obviously would not have gone along with it if they knew. As the only angel who survived to find out what Ishim had really done, Cas isn’t just in a place to question his orders and assumptions about it being fine to murder Nephilim on principle, but to feel betrayed, manipulated and coerced into the murder of Lily’s kid - obviously this is on a personal level away from how Cas actually talks to Lily about what happened. All he can do THERE is express how sorry he is and to admit her right to be avenged if she wants to, because of course whatever he FEELS about it, his past actions still helped lead to her child’s murder. 

This episode definitely gave a lot of room to ethically exonerate Cas of everything except what will be his conflict with the current nephilim plot - the duty/obligation/moral code from Heaven which dictates that they must be destroyed. And even that, he has to admit he’s now gained enough insight that even seeing it as a separate thing from what happened with Lily’s kid (since she wasn’t a nephilim, the ethical lesson about murder being bad technically doesn’t apply to actual nephilim) he WOULD feel some hesitation now, so the episode has even begun to shake his faith in that, even setting aside that tiny hint that our Cas has always been in there somewhere even when following these orders seemingly blindly. He was the angel who doubted.

I mean, there’s still a long and dodgy road to go about wtf the show will do with Lucifer’s baby, but this is a good sign that they’re edging away from killing it on principle, and it’s Cas’s principle that’s dictating that. So he hasn’t actually reached the same crossroads as Sam and Dean did when they murdered innocents, and he’s already had a strong lesson in questioning his assumptions, and what to do about nephilim. I think unless he decides to do it anyway, at this point your fears about him being unredeemable aren’t a problem yet at all.

At the moment I don’t feel Cas is in any moral danger in this way compared to Sam and Dean’s various bad moral slides, because he started in the uncompromising place, in 12x08 and flashback!Cas whose lines were pretty much all enforcing the idea from Heaven that nephilim are bad and need to be killed and so on, and now by the end of 12x10 this has been at least chipped at a little so far. I have some hope now that Cas will make the right choice, by whatever standards the show works on (this whole thing is really ethically messed up when it comes to the Lucifer baby stuff so idk how much that will relate to what fans think the right choice will be and people with different opinions in general will react differently to what they do, I guess.) But at least by the show’s apparent rules for the characters and whether they’re being presented as good, bad, redeemable, in danger of moral lapse, they’re apparently trying to show us Cas changing and learning and hoping to find another way to deal with it than the old, absolute rule of Heaven he was trying to enforce. Which is all a positive sign that he WON’T go down a bad road and kill the kid and end up in this place where it affects him in the long run…

I hope :P 

I don’t know if Cas will get a happy ending or not because they’re really messing around filling time on a show they know at the moment they can write as if it will never end, but Cas has clear goals set out for happiness and belonging and a sense of home, as well as obstacles to stop him getting there, settling in, and then being in a place where he’s achieved all his goals before the end, and then obviously has to have terrible stuff happen to him to take it away again because that’s not how things work in stories >.> So these delays on Cas getting what he wants are good because obviously they want to hold something back for him to aim at.

But I definitely don’t think Cas has been damaged beyond the point of ethical redemption or deservedness of a happy ending.

I DID in my watching notes, when Ishim was talking about tearing out Lily’s heart because she broke his, and went for her daughter, immediately link it to when by Cas’s POV on being heartbroken by his family turning on him and refusing to help/believe in him/trust him in 6x20, he then goes off and breaks Sam’s wall to slow up Dean from stopping him. Obviously that’s a really exaggerated bad example I just made with a lot of character slander to compare what Cas was doing to what Ishim did. BUT it was his one big, truly “unforgivable” action in the narrative. 

Dean acts as the shows moral compass, and often/mostly has the final say on ethical issues like this, determining who is good and bad (and if he’s wrong, it’s on his shoulders to deal with that - 7x03 was the last episode I watched this week working through the show with my mum, and of course the next episode after that is the judgement one where Dean’s heart is weighed, and blah blah off track here but Dean’s moral judgement is really important on the show). DEAN FORGIVES CAS for hurting Sam. It’s an almost miraculous recovery because to Dean hurting Sam is just… the absolute worst thing you can do. Dean is otherwise the sort of person who would advocate shooting their own grandfather for betrayal, but after Cas does it and inflicts the worst damage on Sam we’ve seen anyone go through in the whole show… He lets Cas back in and accepts his attempts to redeem himself. Cas’s season 7 redemption is one of the most important stories on the show for him or Dean or even Sam when it comes to personal relationships… I like to just randomly watch Cas’s season 7 episodes and bawl at the screen :P 

Anyway, Cas went right over the moral event horizon in 6x22, but he was brought back already, years ago, and like Sam jumping into the cage to atone for season 4, has been morally recovered, in a way, for a very long time. He still feels some guilt for it but the narrative (which blurs with Dean’s opinion :P) has forgiven him. Sam and Dean are initially horrified by Cas’s story in the middle of the episode, but don’t reject him and the final conversation is positive, with them discussing that change and hoping for a change with their next decisions.

(still not sure what’s up with Dean and the Mark and all that, but as I said… rug sweeping :P But yeah, Dean is the character always talking about how they go down swinging and doesn’t see a happy end, and I do think he doesn’t think he deserves one, just that exploring any of the reasons why has all been suppressed by him, so it’s not being dealt with >.> He’s probably got a list of reasons dating back to when he was four years old. Whether HE gets the happy ending is something they’ve been poking at for years, and when that starts getting properly addressed, we’ll know the show is nearly over :P)

anonymous asked:

what are ur top ten favorite zouis moments and why are they your favorites? :)

Buckle up, sweetcheeks, You’re in for a wild ride.

1. “…And I Love You.”

This is my favorite, by far. Cant explain to you why, but seeing how naturally that came to mind for Louis, how randomly he chose to say it, just strikes me really hard in the heart. Like, he just wanted to remind Zayn how much he loves him, and is glad he’s with them. Then, you see how quickly Z goes from smiling and being silly, to looking at Louis with utter genuineness, “…I Love You, Too.” LIKE…how does this not play on your Zouie emotions?

2. Just play with his hair, Zayn, dammit!

Do I really need to explain why I love this? Like…? Probably couldn’t if I tried, but the fact that Louis was unspokenly prodding Zayn to pet him was too much sweetness in one moment. And knowing Zayn, he does as he’s asked and rakes his hands though. PLEASE, you two.

3. “You want a spring roll, bebz?”

The entire Zouis moment is great! But, what i love most about it was seeing how adorable they looked feeding each other!

Do you see how tenderly Louis brings the food to Zayn’s mouth? Just nimble little fingers bringing the food right to Zayn’s lips. And like a fresh, newborn spring deer, Zayn takes the food, then offering some back. If you wanna factor in Harry ‘getting jealous,’ so be it. But this is undoubtedly a Zouis moment, full stop. Not a care of anyone else in that room besides the other.

4. The Kiss Down Under

You can literally never ever, ever make me forget this happening. The visuals, the sounds, the kissing. Its all permanently burned into my brain. I can understand Louis throwing his arm over Zayn’s shoulder. What I DONT GET is why Zayn kissed it. He deadass kissed his hand, loud enough to make a sound. The sound of his LIPS smacking against Louis’ hand. How Charming of you, Zayn. To make it even worse, though; Louis acts like a giggly little school boy getting away with something he shouldn’t on the playground. they seal the deal by Louis dragging Zayn away playfully after the interview, off to cause more trouble.

5. Pucker up, pretty paper boy!

It’s silly, but it’s also very cute, and very playful. Louis simply could not deal with not drumming up the theatrics, so of course he had to bring in the kissy sounds while their paper dolls made out. But, judging by that look on Zayno’s face, he didn’t much mind it. : )

6. “What Is The One Thing You Can Not Live Without?”

Ughhhh….We all knew this was coming. We did. And when i watched the video back just now, I literally had to hold my head in my hands and sigh for literally two minutes. I simply have NO words to describe this moment. Do you? Does anyone?? It’s all too much sometimes, how serious and out of left field that response was. Louis wasn’t expecting it, that’s for damn sure. He thought Zayn would come up with some silly, throwaway joke like Niall. BOOOY, did he play himself. Zayn literally looked Louis in the eye, put on a serious face, and answered it as heartfelt as he could. Simply, “You.”

Zayn literally couldn’t imagine not having Louis in his life. Let that settle in your brain. He needed, and still does, need Louis in his life. That makes him happy. And Louis actually was so stuuned Zayn would choose him, he had to clarify whether he meant the fans and not him. “Cause surely he wouldn’t mean me,” Louis thinks. But he did. and pulled Louis into a warm hug. This is one of the most adorable Zouis moments ever. They love each other so much!

7. The Broz and That Balloon

Now, listen….This is a moment I truly cannot comprehend. I simply cant understand why. For some unknown reason, Tumblr only allows five videos in a post, so i’ve linked it here. It literally is such an underappreciated moment. Please, for my sanity, PLEASE look at Zayn’s hand on the back of Louis’ head. And wallow in the pain with me. That balloon is merely acting as a thin, latex barrier between their love. The verge of a kiss, i will never get over it!

8. The Mystery Machine!

Oh, my my! What a fantastic time that was when they revealed they combined their money and ideas to get a personalized, monogrammed, decked out Mystery Machine! Again, video linked here. But truly? We did not know true Zouis happiness until we watched their faces in this video.

They were like two kids in a candy store. All the gadgets, devices, and comforts one two would need for a night of booze and blunts, coffee and video games. I, truly, cannot say enough about this, but i’ll just leave it at this. The Mystery Machine still resides at Louis’ London home; while Zayn, to this day, commemorates it with a tiny, toy version to remind him of what they still have.

9. Soft Bros AT Spin Radio

This one is…Goodness. I have never seen them so touchy-feely before. Louis was so needy that day. Draping himself over Zayn,

Zayn draping himself over Louis,

butting heads, in the cutest way, of course,

And even getting a little handsy,

I couldn’t tell you why, but they were in their feels that day. Video here. My brain has successfully short-circuited, so i cant explain why these gifs are everything, but you can all clearly see how touchy and close they were that early on. Blows my mind!

10. Got Your Back, Bro.

This is a sweet one to wrap up. I couldn’t tell you why this makes me so happy to see always, but it does.

I die twice over every time Louis goes in for a *pat-pat* on Zayn’s bum after fixing his pants. Is that typical dude bro behavior? I dunno, but its cute. Video here, as well. It’s such a simple gesture, but not one you’d be comfortable with just anyone doing to you. Which is why it caught Zayn so off-guard, but once he knew it was his Lou, its was all fine. I love this.

Anywho, this has gone on WAY too far, and my brain hurts from how much Zouis i had to re-digest. But it was worth every minute. They are the cutest, and you cannot simplify  them and their relationship in just a few videos and gifs, but there’s surely so much i HAVENT talked about, but we’ll save that for another day. Thank you for asking, gorgeous, i hope this was worth the read!

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you're the right blog to ask, but how does brainwashing work? Like, if I have my character (an adult) kidnapped, and the characters who took him try to brainwash him to their side, could it work, and how does it work?

Brainwashing doesn’t work.

But people do try to do it anyway.

If you want to write this kind of ‘brainwashing’ scenario and keep the audience in suspense about whose side the character is on a realistic scenario is having the character pretend the brainwashing is working.

People lie under torture a lot. Sometimes they do it deliberately and consistently in ways that are supposed to undermine the enemy. An example would be Algerian armed rebels telling French torturers the names of people who supported the French instead of people from their organisation.

Your character would have a really difficult and dangerous task ahead. But this could be a very interesting way to get a double agent in with the baddies. Especially if this character’s friends think he has actually been brainwashed.

The regimes people use vary quite a bit. If this is what you want to do I’d suggest something a little like the techniques the Chicago police force used to force confessions: beating, sleep deprivation, relay interrogation (changing the interrogators so the prisoner is forced to stay awake for days at a time) and possibly (if it fits your setting) electric shocks.

The main thing would be sleep deprivation and relay interrogation. Relay interrogation is basically changing the interrogators regularly so that the victim is constantly being ‘interrogated’ for literally days on end without rest. Changing the interrogators allows them to rest. In this case the ‘interrogators’ would probably be repeating the core beliefs of their group over and over again. They’d be ‘arguing’ and trying to force the character to defend his beliefs for days on end without rest, when he hasn’t slept or eaten. This is often done while the victim is in a stress position, so they’re in considerable physical pain.

Fooling the guards come down to acting as though he’s in worse pain than he actually is and telling them what they want to hear. Which is that he agrees with them.

Sleep deprivation will make it difficult for him to keep a coherent train of thought. It also causes head aches, grogginess and mal coordination, slow reaction times, poor memory and a host of other effects. A stress position (could be as simple as tying him to a chair) would cause severe pain in his muscles and joints.

The routine would probably be something along the lines of 36-48 hours relay interrogation, sleep deprivation and stress position, followed by periods of rest (perhaps 10-12 hours), food and water. This would be repeated several times over weeks or months.

The character would have to convince his torturers that he’s a) in a lot of pain and b) sincere. B) is generally harder than a).

You’ll have to give some thought to whether this sort of hard-headed, risky decision fits with your character or not. If you don’t mind me making a comic book reference to illustrate the point- it’s not the kind of thing an upstanding, idealistic and highly principled character like Captain America or Superman would do, it would require them to compromise their principals too much. But it is the kind of thing a more crafty character like Iron man or Batman might try in order to take down the bad guys in the long term.

If it doesn’t fit with your character then you can still have them go through the ‘brainwashing’ torture regime. But be aware that it isn’t going to change the victim’s ideals at all.

I hope that helps. :)


allwaswell16  asked:

Hi! Could you rec me your favorite enemies to lovers fics? Maybe some that are underrated? I mean if you rec me Unbelievers, I'll read it again for the twentieth time, but maybe there are some awesome ones out there I don't know about! xx

i tired to rec fics that are good but not super popular, but i don’t think there are many that haven’t been ‘discovered yet’, sorry :(


hate to love tag

1.  Learning to Breathe by youcomecrash (110k)

He’s playing football at one of the top universities in England and he should love everything about his life right now, but instead he’s moving backwards. How does your past fit into your present? Louis is still figuring it out.

2.  You Drive Me Round The Bend by TheCellarDoor (77k)

In which Louis is a spoilt rich kid who’s always on the phone while he drives and Harry is a struggling musician making his way down the mountain. It’s just a matter of time before they crash and burn.

3.  Off The Record by Tomlinsontoes (90k)

Louis is an out of control teen heartthrob, Harry is hired to get him back on track and they both hate each other while they secretly don’t.

“I’m not your personal assistant you know,” Harry says once he gets there and Louis lets him in and he shoves the bag into his hands. “I’m your publicist.”

“I know that,” Louis smiles a devilish grin patting Harry in the middle of his chest as he takes the bag, “but look at you personally assisting me,” he says looking in the bag and pulling out the Cheetos. I also know that my PA turns his phone on silent at night, and clearly, you don’t. Waiting for a booty call or something?” Louis says turning on his heels and scurrying over to his sofa and plopping down. Harry swears he sees a puff of orange dust soar into the air when Louis opens the bag. He’s amazed that couch is as clean as it looks.

4.  can i not like you for a while? by larryshares (43k)

louis tomlinson is awful. harry is just as difficult, and they’re both terrible to each other. it makes being in the same acapella group together quite complicated.

5.  Hate Me To The Moon by harrystlesandstuff (83k)

The last thing Harry wanted was to spend his entire summer stuck with his dad’s new fiancée and her kids. He wants no more when he learns she’s a very religious dictator, raising a sixteen year old nun and a clean cut potential priest ass kisser.

Everything takes a slightly different turn, however, when Harry finds out his future step-brother is actually the rude stranger he caught sucking off a guy in a pub, far from the reserved Christian his mom thinks he is…

AU where Harry is a sexy nerd, Louis is a great actor, and they both pretend to hate each other’s guts to convince themselves they’re not feeling things future step-brothers shouldn’t feel…

6.  I Hate You by mediwitch3 (35k)

Harry and Louis hate each other, a lot, but they pretend to be friends for the sake of their careers. One night, during an argument, they bang. They can’t keep their hands off each other after that.

7.  Magical Soup by gloria_andrews (28k)

Slytherin prefect Louis Tomlinson’s seventh year at Hogwarts takes an immediate turn for the worse when he’s made to be potions partners with Harry Styles, Hufflepuff’s resident heartthrob and class clown. Louis has always considered Styles to be a terrible show-off who coasts by on his charm and good looks, but the more they work together, the more he questions that idea. As term goes on, will Louis be able to admit to himself that he might actually like Harry Styles after all… and maybe, just maybe, as more than a friend?

8.  baby we’ll be fine (all we gotta do is be brave and be kind) by aloequeera (146k)

Louis hates Harry. Harry hates being hated. First aid kits and kittens make it better.

They’re both way too fucked up for any all-encompassing friendship, and when you put them together, it’s fucked up squared.
Louis is too acerbic to not hurt people, and Harry is too passive aggressive to stand up for himself.
Louis is too nosy and controlling, Harry is too secretive and distrustful.
Louis is too brash and loud, Harry is too contained and reserved.
Louis is too openly bitchy, Harry is too convincingly fake.

It’s not surprising he spent two years hating the kid.

9.  i’ll be yours to keep by midnights (17k)

louis should’ve thought a lot more about who he said his fake boyfriend is, especially since he and his “significant other” kinda hate each other. most of the time.

10.  Court-Ordered by kikikryslee (10k)

Louis sighed. “I don’t think I’m his type.”
“You’re everyone’s type,” Niall said. “Everyone likes you.”
“But we only just stopped sort of hating each other. What if I mess it all up?”
“Wow. You really do like him.”
“I do not.”
“Yeah, you do,” Niall grinned. “You like a tree hugger. Who saw it coming?”

Or, the one where pot-smoking Louis and SeaWorld protester Harry both get community service, and don’t get along at all. Until they do.

more / request / hate to love

anonymous asked:

Mc Donalds anon. At this point I could make it an account name. Ok so you're saying That Misha is friends with the boss? Or that Singer likes Misha despite Misha running his mouth with no filter in the past? Or that Singer sees that Misha brings in money and/or interest in the show (as a secondary character yes, but quite a beloved one)? I put my money on answer three? Am I getting the code right, damnit i feel slow. As an aside, I don't always agree with u but your blog is so damn REFRESHING

Don’t feel bad feeling slow because I’m not helping. I’m avoiding saying certain stuff but *pinch nose* you’re going to make me say it.  

The official statement on why they kept Misha on is to give Jensen and Jared time off from their heavy filming schedule.  Notice, though, it’s to give both Jensen and Jared off at the same time.  If Jared wants time off then they could schedule Jensen and Misha scenes, or if Jensen wants time off then they could film Jared and Misha scenes.  But no, Jensen and Jared need to have their time off together at the same time.   Mmmmokay say I still believe the official statement, then why not further develop Cas’s character with new characters that fans have responded very well to, like Benny, Charlie, and Gadreel?  Why do they keep introducing and killing off interesting new characters while Cas is just kind of….there?   Can you honestly tell me that you’ve noticed a downtick of Sam and Dean scenes?  Sure there were episodes that are side-character centric, but all shows do this; they let supporting characters have their spotlight episode because creators/writers gets paid more when their character are used. Claire Novak was Carver’s creation from season 4 so he used her for 3 episodes in season 10 and gets paid more.

Needless to say I don’t buy their official statement.

I’m taking futher speculation under the cut because this could get long.

Keep reading

Imagine.. Falling For Shannon Leto

“So I’m just standing there with this huge platter in my hands whilst this chef is trying to wrestle this crab out of the tank when it manages to catch his nose! I wish you had been there to see it!" 

You both erupted into laughter and didn’t stop for a good few minutes. You had been face timing Shannon for over an hour just generally talking about your week and what you had been doing. Whilst you had been meeting friends and going to university, he had been playing on stage and watching crabs and humans fight. Your laugh was so loud your room mate Mel came over, looked at your phone and smiled. His laugh was so loud it attracted  the attention of Tomo and Jared.

"Still just friends are we Shannon?” Jared spoke as Shannon’s face grew cold. Shannon angled his phone so that you could see Jared sat on the sofa with Emilia Clarke sat on his lap with his arms around her waist. They met at the SAG awards a few months ago and had recently gotten together. You had met her once in person and she was so lovely: you were so happy Jared had found someone like her. “Quit it!” Jared said as he pulled Emilia closer as to conceal both their faces as they both giggled together. 

Shannon shook his head. “You’d swear there were conjoined twins.. Eurgh!” He whispered as you both laughed a little. 

“Jared’s right!" Tomo pushed his chair with wheels backwards so he was just visible in the top left side of your iPhone screen. 

"Will you shut it?” Shannon hissed very seriously which made Tomo, as always, laugh. 

“Only if I get to be best man!" Tomo said as he pushed himself back out the screen.

"And I get to be maid of honour!” Shouted Jared from the other side. You couldn’t help but laugh at how they all were whilst Shannon took a bit of convincing. 

“I miss being with you guys a lot.” You whisper, not wanting anymore taunting to come Shannon’s way.

“I miss you more. Tomorrow morning we’ll be waiting at the airport for you, right? And I’ll be wanting the biggest hug in the world off of you, OK?” Shannon spoke, smiling.

“And more if you’re offering!" Tomo shouts in again. 

"Oh, Shannon.. Oh.. Oh Shannon.. Yes!” Jared taunted from the other side of the room which made Tomo and Emilia erupt into fits of laughter. You tried your best not to laugh yourself but eventually you became a mess of restrained giggles. 

“Before this gets any worse - I’ll see you tomorrow, shorty.” Shannon said with a smile. 

“See you tomorrow, muscles.” You replied.

For a while you did what you normally did at the end of a face time with Shannon. You’d both just sit there for a couple of seconds in silence just looking at each other. As if your minds spoke what your mouths did not. 


Your flight left at 2AM from London Heathrow Airport and you were to fly to LA for just over a week to spend sometime with Shannon and the others. You had been looking forward to this more than anything as you loved Los Angeles so much and you loved seeing them more. As your got into your seat for the 10 hour flight ahead of you, you reached into your pocket for your iPod. Shannon knew that you didn’t like flying much so he’d always make a play list for you to listen to and filled it with songs you loved, he loved and you both loved. He’d always title the play list differently, too. 

‘10 hours.. Then that hug.’ It read. This filled you with butterflies. 

You never got to see the songs before you listened to them as Shannon made sure you didn’t see them. You put the play list on shuffle and the first song that came on was one of both your favourites: A Daydream Away - All Time Low. 

you’re just a daydream away, I wouldn’t know what to say if I had you..


Half an hour before arriving, you got a text from Mel.

'Hey - Have a lovely time with the boyfriend, wont you? Don’t feel too guilty leaving me.. I give you enough teasing so this makes up for it ;-) Ring me when you arrive! I love you (as does Shan) <3’

You turned to face out of the plane window where all you could see were fluffy clouds and buildings scattered all below you. You’d met Jared on the set of Dallas Buyers Club as you’d done a training course helping out certain scenes of filming and you had just gotten talking and became good friends. Over the next few weeks you became very close with Jared and would spend weekends with the rest of 30 Seconds To Mars and a few of their friends. Nothing ever happened between you and Jared although it could have. For some reason, it never did, but there was always something. That was until you first saw Shannon one weekend that Jared had bought you home. He stood just over 5'9 (which towered over your 5'5 - hence the nickname 'shorty’ he gave to you the first time you ever met) with swept up hair and his deep hazel eyes that differed so much from Jared’s. Something instantly clicked between the two of you and between joking insults and fake fights: you realised that Shannon was different from any other guy you had ever met. You had only ever had one previous boyfriend about 2 years ago for just over 6 months but nothing could compare to this. You felt a brick in the walls you had made around yourself be removed and a smiling face with hazel eyes beaming at you through it. 

You loved the gentle flirting and the joking insults more than the real thing. 

Finally, you arrived in LA.


Walking through the doors of arrival - you saw five people awaiting you. Tomo - smiling and happy as always. Alice - a friend you’d made on the Dallas Buyers Club set and  friend of Tomo’s and yours. Jared - looking as good as always with the beautiful Emilia in his arms who was beaming at you already. And Shannon. He wore tight blue jeans with black boots and a red t-shirt with a leather jacket on top. He took off his sunglasses and raced over to you. 

"As promised.” You say but before you had time to wrap your arms around him, his was already around you and you were off the floor. He exhaled and you could feel him smiling into your hair. 

“Why do you have to live so far away?” Shannon said in a deep, husky voice. It was 12PM and it was obvious he hadn’t been up for long. 

“Well for the next week or so I won’t be - I’ll be right here.” You say as his grip tightens which starts to hurt as he is unaware of his own strength. 

“That’s exactly where I’ve needed you.” He spoke. 

“Muscles.. I need to breathe..” You chuckle as he quickly loosens his grip and places you on the floor. 

“Sorry shorty!” He said as he ruffled your hair. 

He put his hand on the bottom of your lower back and slowly guided you over to the others.

“Hey there kiddo - long time no see!" Tomo said as he gave you a quick embrace. 

"Nice to see you! It’s been weird not having you around! We’ve missed you.” Jared said as he gave you a kiss on the cheek and smiled.

“It’s so good to meet you again, you know, not including the face time chats..” Emilia winked at you and gave you a hug. 

“Hey!”, Alice said as she hugged you. “Can you just move to LA please? I’ve missed you!" 

It was so nice to feel accepted in this group of friends. It was so lovely to have friends both in the UK and LA although it is hard to keep both of the bonds as tight as they can be. 

"Let’s go then guys - Shannon’s driving!" Tomo shouted as everyone started laughing. Shannon always got so aggressive and angry when he was driving so since he nearly punched someone when they pulled out in front of him - he was not allowed anywhere near the steering wheel. Slowly everyone started to dissipate and go to the exit whereas Shannon held onto your arm so you were both at the back. He turned to you when everyone had left and put his arms around your waist as you put yours around his shoulders. 

Neither of you said anything for a few seconds as you both just looked at each other. Shannon slowly pressed his forehead against yours and then kissed it. 

"This is all I’ve wanted since the minute I said goodbye to you.” He spoke. Never one for sentimentality - you couldn’t help but get a bit choked up. 

“I’ve never missed anyone as much as you.” You whispered back. Your smile was evident in your voice as was his. Once again you both hugged and rocked gently. 

“Shannon I think she’ll want her lungs by the end of this visit.. Get a room!" Tomo shouted. Shannon’s muscles tensed as he stood up and returned his right hand to your back and guided you to them. 

"As if they get it..” Shannon whispered which made you both start chuckling. 


You got back to the house just after 12:30 and you hadn’t slept much on the flight and jet-lag had already starting to show it’s head. You had just over 4 hours before you had to start getting ready for a meal with Shannon’s Mum Constance and the everybody else. The next week was packed with visits to the beach and various places in LA to see various things however - today was dedicated to spending time with the people you hadn’t seen in months. Emilia had only arrived the day before so Jared was desperate to spend more time with her and equally with you and Shannon. The weather had started to cloud over somewhat anyway so you all decided to get some food and drink and sit in the huge living room together. 

“Catching Fire? I  need to go and see that movie! Number one was awesome!" Tomo spoke with enthusiasm with Alice. They were the ones mainly doing the talking with the group as Jared and Emilia sat on the sofa with her on his lap and them holding hands talking quietly and laughing every so often to the right of you. To the left, Tomo sat on a beanbag on the floor and Alice cross-legged on the sofa. Which left you and Shannon in the middle. Without saying anything: Shannon wrapped his huge arms around your waist and pulled you to the side of him as he told you to rest your head on his shoulder. The next 2 hours or so consisted of all 6 of you talking about everything that had happened recently and laughing a lot which made you feel like you’d never really been away at all. Jared and Emilia had been at a party until the late hours of the morning last night so they both fell asleep on the sofa they both lay on together. Tomo and Alice continued to talk about films until eventually Tomo took her to see the huge movie collection that he owned. Shannon turned your head to look up to his. 

"You can go to sleep you know - you look really tired.” He whispered.

“Oh thanks Muscles,” You laughed as you stretched. “I do want to be awake to meet Constance later.” Shannon instantly lay down across the sofa and pulled you on top of him so your head was on his chest and his arms were draped around your waist. You fell asleep to the sound of his steady breathing.

You heard the footsteps of Tomo and Alice returning. 

“Light weights." Tomo chuckled. 

"Lets watch Borat next door..” Alice said as she began going through the DVD’s. 

“Only if we get to watch Iron Man after!" Tomo spoke in a hushed tone if not to wake everyone. 


"Shannon,” You called, struggling in front of the mirror. “Can you help me with my zip please?” Shannon came in tightening the knot in his tie as he dropped his hands to help you pull up the zipper on your dark blue dress. You then turned to look at him. 

“Wow.. You look..” Shannon was transfixed by what you were wearing. 

“Put your eyes back in their sockets, Shan!” Jared taunted as he walked past the door. “You look beautiful.” Jared said slowly. 

“You honestly look amazing.” Shannon continued walking over and taking your hands as you smiled. 

“Do you think she’ll like me?” That’s what you had been worrying about for so long. You had never met Constance before and you were so nervous. 

“Like?!” Shannon began. “She'll love every last bit of you.” He pulled you in for a hug. “As do I..” He whispered. 

“What did you say?” You heard exactly what he had said and it had made you panic with the seriousness of what he had just said. 

“Nothing aha.. Let’s go, we don’t want to be late!" 

Tomo drove with Alice in the passenger seat and you and Shannon in the back whilst Jared drove Emilia to pick up Constance. The whole car ride consisted of Shannon’s hand feeling very heavy on your shoulder as worry and nervousness started to creep into you with the reality of what was about to happen and the sincerity of what he had just which started to become very real. 


"Mum!” Shannon called as Constance got out of the car with Jared and Shannon walked over to greet her. She wore a dark pink dress which she looked lovely in and she wore a smile and eyes that looked so similar to the boys that it was scary. She slowly started walking over to you. 

“It is so lovely to meet you..” You began saying before she threw her arms around you for a hug.

“Hello honey - you look so pretty. It’s lovely to meet you too.” She was so sweet and gentle that it made you smile so much. 

At the dinner table: Jared and Emilia sat to your left with Tomo and Alice in front of them. Constance sat next to Alice opposite you and Shannon sat beside you. You spoke for a good half an hour whilst drinking wine until Constance began talking about Jared and Emilia. 

“It’s so lovely to see you two so happy..” This made Emilia blush as Jared looked at her and smiled. “I’ve not seen Jared this happy in a long while..” Jared kissed Emilia which made her blush even more. “And you two!” Constance directed her look to you and Shannon. Fear and nervousness rushed into you and you felt completely out of your depth. “It’s so lovely to see you two are together.. You seemed to have been up in the air for so long!” Jared chuckled at this reference before it all went dead silent and everybody looked at you. You felt panicked. You didn’t think you were properly together and you didn’t know what to do. You could feel yourself getting hotter and more pressure pushing down on you before you said:

“No, we’re not together. Nothing’s going on. We’re just friends. We’re not interested in each other at all - are we Shan?" 

You looked at Shannon with a smile and as soon as the words had finished protruding from your mouth you instantly regretted them. Shannon’s face turned cold and he removed his hand from your arm immediately as Constance looked as confused as the rest of the table.

"Obviously not. Excuse me.” Shannon pushed his chair away and walked outside. Everyone’s eyes shot back to you. The only one who didn’t seem that phased was Jared. 

“Go and talk to him!” Constance snapped at Jared before looking back at you and smiling. “Don’t worry about this dear - maybe I said the wrong thing.” This made you feel even more guilty than before. 

“What? It’s how she feels! If she’s not interested - she’s not interested.” Jared spoke. Even Emilia looked at him with a shocked expression. “What?” He repeated. 

“I’ll go." Tomo said as he pushed away his chair and walked towards the door whilst giving the dirtiest look to Jared. 

"I don’t understand what I did wrong..” Jared looked genuinely confused and kept trying to meet everyone’s gaze as if waiting for an answer.

Deep down, you knew exactly what you should of said, which was the truth that you had only just realised. That he was the only one you wanted. The one of you wanted to spend the rest of your life with. The one you loved. 


As soon as the meal finished Jared and Emilia drove Constance home after exchanging kisses goodbye with you and wishing you the best until she sees you again which she insisted she would and saying she loved you lots. You all agreed you would go out to a bar for some drinks tonight and that plan was still to go ahead. 

In the bar, Jared and Emilia spoke a little more but laughed a little less. Tomo and Alice still spoke about movies in between drinks of wine and vodka. Shannon sat to your left silently. He was hurt: it was evident in his cold face as he repeatedly ran his finger over the side of his glass of whiskey. 

“Shannon..” You began. He looked up at you and smiled before looking back down and continuing to circle his glass. 

“What’s up - shorty..” He said in a deep, angry tone. This scared you more than anything.

“Can we talk?” You whispered. He didn’t as much as look up. “Please? Outside for 5 minutes?” He got up and placed some money into Tomo’s palm.

“Another round please - we’ll be two minutes.” Shannon said as he walked outside as you followed him. 

The air was bitterly cold as it was nearing 12AM and the wind started to bite at your bare arms. Shannon wore a suit with skinny black trousers which made him look amazing in the moonlight. 

“OK - what?” Shannon’s voice was harsh and short. 

You looked to the ground which made him exhale deeply.

He looked at you before saying: “Look, I just don’t understand. I thought I did get what was going on between us but obviously - I don’t. Please just explain to me what’s going on because I-" 

"Love you.” You finished for him. “I love you.” You felt the words wash out of your mouth. 

“I was just scared and panicked because I had never ever felt like this before.. but now I really do know. I love you, Shannon." 

The cold look in Shannon’s eyes vanished and they became wild and transfixed by yours once again.

"I love you too.” He said. 

He took one step towards you and placed his hands around your waist and lent down and slowly, you both kissed. He ran his hands up your arms and to your cheeks and pulled away and looked at you. Whereas before the words were only said in your minds, this time it was out loud. 

“I love you.” You both said simultaneously as Shannon pulled you in for a hug. As you rested your head on his shoulder, Shannon’s eyes previous to the kiss weren’t the only ones that looked cold and broken in the moonlight. 

A pair of eyes crumbled as he stood in the doorway watching you.


Coming home.

Requested by anon: Marc Bartra imagine where he comes home after being away for a long time, with some drama. (It’s a little short, i’m sorry)

‘Foot up, my foot up. Hold up now my foot up.’ I sing along with song on the tv, while i’m painting my toenails. When i’m done, i put the nailspolish on the table in front of the couch and lean back, smiling. I’ve been smiling all week long. At college, at work, at home in the night before i fall asleep. I’m smiling because tonight, after 3 months, my boyfriend Marc is finally coming home. Even though it’s only for a couple weeks. The thought of him holding me at night, whispering sweet things in my ear again, makes my head spin in excitement. I never thought i’d find the love of my life at only 19 years old, but i have. He’s a famous football player and i’m a college student. My smile fades away when i think about what will happen after these 3 or 4 weeks. He will only be a 2 hour flight away, but i don’t have the time or money to visit him as often as i want to. He sometimes suprises me by randomly buying me a ticket to come to him, but i don’t like it when he spends money on me. There’s enough gossip going around about me being a golddigger anyway, which is ridiculous but oh well. It’s all the bagage that comes with having a famous boyfriend. Football is his life, and whatever makes him happy, makes me happy too. The same way he never pushed me to drop out of college to travel with him wherever he goes, because he knows i wanna be able to take care of myself when i need to. I don’t want to rely on anyone else, financially. My thoughts are rudely disturbed by the buzzing of my phone, and i’m annoyed until i see Marc’s face on my homescreen. I pick up smiling.
'Hey!’ I say, my voice full with enthusiasm.
'Hey, listen something happened and i only have 10 percent battery left but i won’t be able to be home tonight..’
'Oh..’ I simply say.
'I’m sorry baby, the flight is delayed, and there are a lot of fans at the airport, so they arranged for us to stay another two days here.’ He says, not really making me any happier.
'It’s okay.’ I say, trying not to cry on the phone.
'It’s not your fault.. i just miss you.’ I say. My voice sounds sad and dissapointed, unlike his which sounds agitated and hurried.
'I know i’m so sorry, i’ll make it up to you, i promise.’ And with those words he hangs up on me. Ten percent battery left and i don’t even get a goodbye?
'Fuck.’ I swear, throwing my phone away from me. I wipe the tears away, and walk over to the kitchen, pouring myself something to drink. I hate dissapointments, but i’m not sure what it is i’m dissapointed in. The fact that he will be away for another two days, or the way he didn’t even sound sad himself. Did it become easy for him to stay away from me? I bite my lip, thinking about our first weeks together. We couldn’t go a minute without each other, and now he can easily go two days without me. I know i sound psychotic and needy, but i miss him so much it makes my head hurt. In two days it will be monday, which means i will be at school by the time he arrives. Everything just keeps getting worse. I decide to take a shower and go to bed, trying to sleep the sadness away. I end up on my phone, reading my timeline on twitter, when suddenly i hear sounds from downstairs. I sit up immediately trying to figure out if i actually heard it right, or if i’m going crazy. But then i hear some shuffling, and i jump out of bed, putting my robe on. Why do i sleep in only my underwears again? I hastily grab the lamp from my nightstand, and start walking towards the door. I wait, and hold my breath when i hear someone running up the stairs. Shit, there’s a fucking robbery going on in my house and i picked up a lamp to defend myself. I’m ready to smash the person’s face in, but when the door opens and my eyes meet Marc’s blue ones i’m suprised. His eyes widen when he sees the state i’m in. My hair messy, no make up, in only a robe, holding a lamp in my hand. I drop the lamp, and run towards him. He smiles, and puts his arms around me lifting me up.
'You son of a bitch! I almost killed you.’ I say, trying to fight against the tears forming in my eyes.
'Really Y/N? With a lamp?’ He laughs, and as soon as he puts me down i swat his arm.
'Why are you here?! Don’t tell me it was a joke because i will reconsider killing you with the lamp.’ I say, hugging him again.
'Baby, i just wanted to suprise you.. Spice up some things.’ I raise my eyebrow at him, really?
'If you wanna spice up our relationship, come home early for a change. I did not like this at all!’ He laughs and kisses my temple.
'Well maybe i just wanted to see you when you didn’t get ready for hours. Maybe..’ He says, putting his arm around my waist.
'I wanted to see you like this. You in your rawest state, when you haven’t tried to make yourself look prettier for me.’ He bites his lip, eyeing my body. I feel myself blushing, and step away from him a little. He cocks his head to one side, and grins.
'You know what i like about you?’ He says, taking off his jacket.
'After we’ve been together for so long, and after i’ve seeing you naked so many times, you still get so shy when i look at you this way.’ He puts one of his hands behind my neck, and one around my waist, pulling me closer to him. Our lips connect, after what feels like years, and suddenly we are in a heated make out session. He’s the one to pull back first, and i gasp for air. I need him, as much as he needs me. I quickly pull my robe off and throw it away, before i reach for the hem of his shirt. He grins, and lets me take it off for him.
'Eager aren’t we?’ He says, and i gulp. His voice is a full octave deeper, and the lust in his eyes turns my legs into mush. I take his hand and kiss the palm, then his shoulder, and last but not least, his neck. He groans, and pulls me even closer to him to kiss me again. I pull him back with me, which causes us to fall on the bed.
'I thought you were mad at me baby girl.’ He chuckles, and i growl.
'Yes, but you’re too sexy to resist.’ We both laugh, before he kisses me again.

'Marc..’ I whisper, shaking his shoulder a little. He groans, and turns away from me.
'Babe, i made you breakfast.’ I say, trying to ignore the scratch marks i left on his back.
'What?’ He says and turns back around to me. His voice is raspy, his hair is messy and he is wearing absolutely nothing. This is the best way to start my day.
'Goodmorning beautiful.’ He says, and sits up. He takes a corissant, and takes a bite of it.We just sit there and grin at each other. Last night was amazing. We were both high off each other, and it’s the best feeling in the world. He reaches his hand towards me and i take it, letting him pull me to lay against him. I hear his heartbeat, and i close my eyes.
'I love you.’ He says, and i nuzzle my face in his chest.
'I love you.’ I say back to him, tracing his abs with my finger. I don’t care how sad he made me with his 'joke,’ or how much time he spends away from me, because moments like these make it all worthwile.

sick of it

today turned to shit so fast
after rehearsal my mom decided to tell my older brother that she’d be hanging out with my grandma and she won’t be home to make dinner. she asked him to pass it on to us which really makes me mad because he NEVER does. and it’s a huge trend in my family. and there’s some really important times where he’s screwed my brother and i over bc he can’t pass on a message.
like a simple text would be fine so i’m not starving at 9:10 when i decide to call her. i’d call her earlier but she arrives home with dinner anywhere from 7:30 to 9 pm. and she said “there should be frozen dinners in there”
guess what’s not in there? 

and my extremely selfish and verbally abusive father barged into my room and asked me if i needed black socks for the competition tomorrow. i’m surprised bc it’s like the first time in at least a year he’s actually genuinely cared for me and made sure i had something i needed but it was probably just because i borrowed one of his pairs of socks a while ago and still have them.
but he got really pissed off because i responded “no thank you, please knock next time.” 
he felt the need to say “okay bitch, DON’T ASK ME FOR NOTHING NEXT TIME.” 
like what the fuck
and he’s like this ALL THE TIME
and like i tried telling him that like i change in my room after i shower at 9 pm and go to bed so i could’ve been naked and he refused to listen 
that’s all he does. like he yells at people and refuses to listen to them by yelling over them
and it’s always “don’t ask me for anything”
like you don’t even do anything for me which is why i stopped asking you for things
here’s a list of things my mom does: everything besides bills and yard work, also raised all of her four children pretty damn well despite her complete lack of free time. she’d work week days and leave at 7 am and come home at 8 pm.
what my father does: yard work and bills, pretended none of his children existed their whole life
like he’s a complete man child but my mom keeps defending him 
like she’ll just say “he still loves you, it’s just a different kind of love”
don’t teach me to call that love, that’s not what you want to teach your daughter to associate with love
he’s pretty damn abusive and he’s the most selfish person i’ll ever meet 
i can’t wait until i can move out and completely cut all contact with him

A horrible a person as Yuri is, and as much as he deserves what’s coming to him, I don’t think Leo should be allowed off the hook for his role in making him that way.

Because he basically moulded this child into his perfect soldier.

The timeline is blurry because we don’t know when Leo and Yuri first met, anywhere from 10-3 years before canon started.

We know Leo has been doing what he’s doing for at least 10 years, simply by virtue of Roger having been placed in the Synchro dimension 10 years prior. Which means Leo was aware of Selena’s existence for at least that long since that seems to be what kick started this whole thing, him discovering her existence. And he probably discovered Yuri not long after(b/c if Ray has a reincarnation it makes sense Zarc would and he’s want to keep an eye on it).

And it’s no less than 3 years because he already has Selena(and presumably Yuri)3 years become canon as shown when Reiji accidentally popped over, and Selena had clearly been trying to escape before then, so she’d been there for a while.

And it’s clear that Yuri spent a large portion of his life at Academia. So he could very well have been picked up early on in life.

So you have this kid, orphaned and presumably friendless, ostracized by his peers because of how strong a duelist he is (we don’t know if he was already ruthless, that could have played a part in it but we can’t say, just that he won a lot and people, didn’t want to be around him). And then, this happens to him.

And this is my main point.

Leo waited until Yuri was, arguably at his most vulnerable-an orphaned, lonely, friendless child(like, he can’t be more than 10 here), and basically said ‘I have a big plan, and I want you to be a part of it because of your skills, they are valuable to me’. He didn’t set him on the path as soon as he got to DA, he waited.

I know there’s the joke that ‘this is the face of a kid who was told he could kill people’ but its also, the face of a child being praised by the school’s headmaster and his talent being recognized. This is the face of a friendless orphan realizing someone thinks he’s useful, someone wants his skills. That someone WANTS HIM. Of course he’s going to be happy, kids drink praise like water, especially when it comes from an adult(especially teachers). Of course he’s going to be excited, this is huge for him(and he doesn’t fully understand the nature of it, and by the time he does, he just doesn’t care).

I mean, he’s like, I dunno, 10, I highly doubt he realizes the nature of carding people and simply saw it as a game. As a way to prove how strong he was(the more cards he has, the stronger he is). He became desensitized to the idea and it became second nature to him, an obsession.

Leo took a vulnerable child, and nurtured all the worst aspects of his personality FOR YEARS, turning him into the perfect little soldier, for no less than 4 years. Between that and being a fragment of Zarc(which only made all of that worse), Yuri never stood a chance of being anything but what he became.

So as horrible a personas Yuri is, I hope Leo too, gets his commence for this. Because he did this, he is (mostly) responsible for this.

Never say Never

For @hashtag-eruri because I think your heart deserves a break from all the angst -  Here’s some fluff (*˘︶˘*).。.:*♡

Erwin doesn’t cook. Even before he lost his arm seeing him in the kitchen was as rare a sight as a Titan reciting poetry.

He was always much more at home sat at his desk than in front of a hot stove, more suited to commanding a legion of soldiers than whisking egg yolks or sautéing vegetables.

Levi was never much of a cook either. Food was simply vital for survival. Things like taste, presentation or quality ingredients weren’t important when you hadn’t eaten for three days.

But now that they’re no longer in the Survey Corps, the war having been won years ago, they were forced to learn to cook or live off bread and cheese for the rest of their lives.



Erwin now has a lifelong exemption from cooking duty. The vast majority of kitchen tools and techniques require two hands, after all. As much as Levi likes to complain, he really doesn’t mind too much that he is the one who cooks every evening. Not when he is rewarded with a gentle smile every time Erwin has the first taste, even for something as simple as vegetable soup.

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Some people want to know why there is disdain for Warren Leight

Some people want to know why there is disdain for Warren Leight, current executive producer of Law and Order SVU. I can only go by my own observations and I can honestly say, if you don’t know why there is disdain for him, then you haven’t been around long enough.

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pocketfulloftyposeys  asked:

OK SO REMEMBER THAT JEDISTORMPILOT FIC ABOUT THE ACCIDENTAL MARRIAGE???!?? YEAH WELL THAT BUT STEREK. LIKE STILES DOES SOME NORMAL MUDANE THING THAT REALLY MEANS MARRIAGE IN BORN WEREWOLF CUSTOMS. I REALIZE THIS IS A STRETCH BUT I NEED IT SO. also I leave it up to whether they are dating, not dating, friends with benefits, etc Or like why on earth Derek would think stiles knew about this werewolf proposal. I literally don't care I just want a confusion wedding. thanks.

oh my god i’m so happy you came to yell talk about this with me. i hope you enjoy this (for those who want to know what Alex is talking about click here)


Derek was very confused when Stiles asked if he wanted to go camping with him. They’ve been fooling around with each other for months now, and well, hanging out isn’t outside of the norm for them, but Derek never saw Stiles as the camping type.

“Me and my dad used to go all the time when I was a kid,” Stiles tells him, and Derek just loves when Stiles opens up to him. Stiles is one of those people who can talk for hours about himself, but really no one knows him any better by the end because he really hasn’t said anything. “Used to be how we coped with the newly empty house by, ya know, not being there.”

Derek nods emphatically knowing exactly how that is, how he and Laura just up and moved to New York because they couldn’t stand the empty house. 

“Anyway,” Stiles clears his throat and turns on his side to face Derek. “Camping. We should go. I think it would be fun. It would be nice to get away for a couple days.”

“Yeah,” Derek agrees which is how he ends up in the middle of the woods with Stiles, completely alone. 

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anonymous asked:

Have Dean and Cass made any progress on the romance front this season ? (I live for spoilers, so don't be afraid to give any).

Hi, Nonnie! That depends on what exactly you consider progress on the romance front. If you expect something big and canon-like for Dean and Cas, then I’m sorry to report that nothing of the sort has happened, in my opinion. However, that is not to say that Dean and Cas are not a thing anymore. I can list three things that I consider important about the Dean/Cas relationship in season 11.

We went back to season-8 levels of caring between Dean and Cas. The first three episodes, which always tell us the important things about the rest of the season, gave us a clear idea of how much Dean worries about Cas and Cas about Dean, no matter the circumstances. As I stated in another post, “We know there’s still an elephant in the room for Cas and Dean, but their little conflict this season is part of their relationship, not something external. It’s not like fake!Ezekiel asking Dean to kick Cas out. It’s not about Cas not having his grace or Dean having the Mark. It’s the first time since Cas came back from Purgatory that Cas is himself as an angel and Dean is himself.” The “elephant in the room” I mentioned has been emphasized on purpose and it’s exactly the second important thing about Destiel in season 11.

Dean and Cas are reaching a bottom line in their relationship in order to climb back up. Episode 6 emphasized that Dean and Cas do not have a healthy relationship right now. Cas had flashbacks of himself beating Dean up and Dean beating him up. He also saw himself being the cause of Hannah’s death as well as two other of his brothers just because Cas wouldn’t give up information on Dean and Sam. As Metatron put it in 11x06, Castiel is mad. He’s angry because he does everything for the Winchesters, for Dean, and somehow he feels underappreciated. To make things worse, by the end of the episode, instead of talking, Dean and Cas had an argument because Cas couldn’t kill Metatron and Dean couldn’t kill Amara. That was the last time we’ve seen Dean and Cas together. I’m not even surprised that happened because, as I said in this post, “[Dean and Cas] have lied to each other; they haven’t trusted each other sometimes; they have gone behind each other’s back a couple of times. And most importantly… they haven’t talked! They have just buried everything, hoping against hope that things are going to get fixed by themselves, but that’s not how relationships work (whether romantic or platonic). Communication is the key!” The same way that Dean and Sam touched bottom in season 10, Dean and Cas are doing it this season. The relationship between Dean and his brother is on track to healthier realms, so we can only hope the same is going to happen between the hunter and his angel.

The last important thing about Destiel I have to say is that the endgame for both Dean and Cas has been addressed out loud. Let me be honest, it’s not like this hasn’t happened before. Truth be told, it feels kind of repetitive, but just in case people hadn’t gotten the memo that Dean has been set for a love interest since season 9, the writers had Sam himself spell it out clearly for Dean and for the audience in 11x04: “You don’t ever think about something? Not marriage or whatever. But… Something? You know, with a hunter? Somebody who understands the life?” In that same episode, we had Cas helping Dean with the case via phone calls, behaving like an ordinary hunter who, of course, understands the life. Season 9 was all about “love… and love” because the show wanted to tell us that there were two kinds of love in the life of Dean Winchester (familial love and romantic love). Dean himself used the words in 9x02, then we got the whole Cain/Colette parallel, and then Metatron used the “love… and love” words in 9x23. The question had been asked in the season 9 opening, Who do you love, Dean? And the answer was given throughout all of season 10. (For more info on all that you can read this, this, this, this, this or this.) On the other hand, the endgame for Castiel has been a work in progress since season 9 as well (9x06 to be more specific). I have even lost count of all the times Castiel’s mission has been questioned since then. However, in season 11, we were given a reminder in case we had forgotten it. This is the conversation between Cas and one of the angels who was torturing him in 11x02:

Efram: What are you?

Castiel: W-what? I’m an angel of the Lord.

Efram: That so? ‘Cause, near as I can tell, when you have to choose between heaven and the Winchesters… You choose them. Every time. So, see, you’re not my brother.

And this is what Metatron told Cas in 11x06, “So I misjudged. You’re not scared. You’re mad. And I get it. I mean, it must suck being everyone’s tool, manipulated and used by the angels, by your enemies, by your friends. You thought if you could get your Grace back, it would help fix you, but it hasn’t! Who do you have to thank for how angry you are, how lost? You’re welcome.”

Cas accepted Metatron was right in one thing, “You were right, Metatron. I am sick of having my strings pulled.” This is Cas acknowledging that he’s not OK, that he’s not happy, that he’s tired of being used or feeling like he’s being used. But Metatron got it wrong as usual. He’s not the reason Cas is angry and lost. The reason for all that is Dean Humanity Winchester. That’s why we had the flashbacks at the beginning of that same episode, and that’s why it was logical to see Dean and Cas arguing by the end of it.

On the one hand, we have an angel whose family hates him for choosing the Winchesters over them every time. We have an angel who thinks he’s a lot like people (the “dog that thinks it’s people” reference has already been used twice around Cas). And on the other hand, we have a human who has spent two seasons learning that there is love… and love, who knows there are people and feelings he wants to experience differently. We have a human whose own brother is telling him to think of romantic love, not marriage, but “something” with “somebody” who understands the life (notice that all Sam said was gender neutral). If people couldn’t read all the subtext and foreshadowing in the two previous seasons, I hope they are at least able to read the one present in season 11.

Whatever happens in the rest of season 11 will get to a point where Cas will do something stupid because he thinks nobody cares about him. Dean will have to prove him wrong somehow, and Amara will be in the middle, thinking that Dean is destined to be with her. The way the narrative is being set is very interesting and I’m looking forward to seeing how everything unfolds. 

Now, let me ask you the question: Do you think is there any progress on the romance front this season? ;)