i don't like frerard

are you with me now?

come back from the dead

you’ve been inside your head for too long

are you with me now?


favourite pictures of frank and gerard

[not my photos]

Why does some people think that just because someone personally doesn’t like a ship, They hate everything about it and hate everyone that ships it?


cause i’m more scarred more scarred than my wrist is

i’ve been trying too long with too dull of a knife

/you’re under my skin, man/

I was looking through the replies to the tweet where Frank said “still not me though” and I saw this.
can people relax for 2 fucking seconds??? legit the mcr fandom news to chill.
stop trying to talk them about frerard!! they are real people with real lives and real WIVES.
please for the love of God have some fucking respect. I can’t even explain how disgusting and disrespectful this shit is.