i don't like cities but i like new york


I think a lot about how the cities in the DCU make No Sense. I read a thing once that said that Gotham is ny below fourteenth street at 3 am in November and like. Ok. Yeah back in the day it was rough i see that. And then somehow it was settled in nj? Ok as a nyer that hurts my heart but I can see that I guess? On the water blah blah. But I also read somewhere that the way gothamites act is not as a secondary city in a larger metro area as Gotham would be if it was in northern jersey

Gotham is Not on the west coast. I think we can all agree on that. As for the Midwest since the shipping industry is so large it would have to be on a Great Lake so Detroit ish makes sense? I’ve never been there so I can’t account for the Feeling and i live in the twin cities which are also very much Not Gotham. What speaks to an older, east coast Gotham for me is that it’s a lot more dense than the Midwestern cities I’ve been to. Gotham is really not very large.

I drive myself crazy bc this is all just a moot point bc dc cities have NO REASON TO EXIST. THEY SHOULD NOT BE AROUND. IT DOESNT MAKE SENSE. Also please tell Andrew I laugh every time I think about his batman/sonic story

Actually I’m not done with my Gotham geography. @telltale Gotham is def not 10 million people. There are 1 million people tops and probably fewer. Maybe if it has a particularly large metro area it comes close but probably not

please don’t encourage my husband’s horrible sonic/batman fanfic

comic book canon around fake cities is a disaster and every time they have tried to establish a real location for them it’s just Bad. even my elaborate history for metropolis is just ridiculous. gotham just feels like michigan to me, nothing about it has ever seemed even remotely like new jersey. and why would gotham and metropolis both be right next to new york?? why. it doesn’t even make sense for a compelling narrative if superman and batman are neighbors. it’s a mess.