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Ushijima is unstoppable. ✿✿✿ (click the picture for a better view!) 


a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

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Poe working out with BB8 but that’s just a bad idea

it’s like one of those work outs when someone sits on your back as you pump iron but.. BB8 is.. round.. and push ups mean he needs more effort to keep on Poe’s back.. soo… silliness ensues :0 are you guys ticklish on your back? I am… to a certain degree :u

this was an interesting angle? like.. i’m quite.. inflexible with my angles and i’ve never tried work out poses.. so this was.. a challenge to some point :) -wipes brow-

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Poe and BB8©Star Wars

As always: Fic Rec masterpost ,and playlist :)

Don’t forget to let a comment to the author when you read a fic on AO3 ! It’s November Comment Challenge !

- Coup de Foudre , by angelwarm  : Harry moves to the front door accompanied by insistent lightning flashes. He acknowledges it could also be a murderer on the other side and that he will likely be dead in five minutes.It should stop him. It doesn’t. Harry decides not to waste another second and calls through to the other side, “Just a second.” He turns the key in the latch and opens it and—everything around him drops away in one long cloud coming into another cloud.

Larry AU (15k) : Let’s be real : Coup de Foudre is exactly what I feel for this fic. I falled in love so hard and I’m not sure I’m gonna be over it one day. This is poetry and I want to quote every fucking words of this fic and I wanted to re-read it like 5mn after I finished it. Yeah, it’s THAT good. (kind of share that for the smut)(READ THIS NOW)

- Never Too Late , by @dimpled-halo  : Harry’s confused for a moment before it hits him:  the little boy is signing.  Harry squats down to get to the boy’s level again and mirrors the same action.“Dad?”  He inquires.  Harry learned basic sign language after having met a fan who was deaf.  He made it his mission to learn signing so that he’d be able to communicate with other fellow hearing impaired fans.The little boy smiles brightly, his tears now long gone. He goes on to extend both hands, palms up as if he’s asking where? Followed by the previous sign which means Dad.  Harry smiles to himself at the amazing little guy standing in front of him. He stands up taking the boy’s hand, “Let’s go find your dad,” he tells him making the motion with his hand.Just having come out of the closet and recovering from vocal surgery, famous recording artist Harry Styles needs to get away from LA to work on new music needing to prove to his label that his career isn’t over.  Little does he know that his life is about to change forever when he runs into an old friend at the city he’s decided to escape to.

Larry famous/not famous and also ex friends to lovers AU (18k) : single dad!Louis and singer!Harry, a lot of signing language, a bit of angst, and bottom Harry for the smut :) Very nice !

- once upon a dream , by thedeathchamber   : Louis is psychic and gets caught in the middle of a murder investigation led by FBI Special Agent Harry Styles.aka. the Medium/Criminal Minds-inspired AU no one ever asked for.

Larry Crime AU (33k) : you know me, I’m always very doubtful about Crime AU cause I read a lot of books about it and the fics always seems a bit “easy” to me. This fic is a perfect exception then. It’s very well written, and Psychic Louis (and, lets say it,very disturbed Louis) characterisation is amazing. Fair warning, it’s a dark story (with happy end). Bottom Louis for the smut. Read this !

-Touch of My Hand , by objectlesson : Harry is wanking in the bunk above Louis and that’s like, totally unacceptable.

Larry canon fic (3k) : okay, basically it’s Bus Sex, during UAN Tour ;)

- break open the sky , by @karamelised: Being a werewolf isn’t always easy. Especially if you have no idea what you’re doing.orWerewolf au. Harry might be a werewolf, but he still wants to experience Uni like everyone else. Turns out he learns a lot.

Larry Werewolves AU / A/B/O (20k) : kind of Uni AU where insecure Harry has a lot of things to catch up :) Bottom Louis for the smut !*

- Magical Soup , by @gloriaandrews : Slytherin prefect Louis Tomlinson’s seventh year at Hogwarts takes an immediate turn for the worse when he’s made to be potions partners with Harry Styles, Hufflepuff’s resident heartthrob and class clown.  Louis has always considered Styles to be a terrible show-off who coasts by on his charm and good looks, but the more they work together, the more he questions that idea.  As term goes on, will Louis be able to admit to himself that he might actually like Harry Styles after all… and maybe, just maybe, as more than a friend? 

Larry Harry Potter AU (28k) : for so weird reason I never read this before and that’s a shame ! So kind of Hate To Love with a lot of pining, and first time :) (bottom Louis). Cute and wonderful !

- Beauty Queen on a Silver Screen  , by @kissingfools  : When harry found out he was getting the opportunity to work with his father Desmond on the set of his next big movie blockbuster, he was more than a little excited. When he found out he would be the coffee assistant, as in not even the head coffee director, Harry was more than a little disappointed. Or the one where Harry Styles is an aspiring set designer and lands a job as a coffee assistant on his father’s new film project and meets the star of the silver screen Louis Tomlinson.

Larry famous-not famous AU (13k) : actor Louis and kind of coffee-boy Harry, and a lot of pinning. cute ! (bottom Louis)

- Tall Tales For Summer , by @floralrry : Harry knows something is up when his mum insists on throwing him a birthday party in the summer. He’s even more suspicious of her intentions when he notices the guest list is all male. (Or, modern nobility AU where Harry’s mother is trying to set him up without his knowledge.)

Larry kind of Royalty AU (11k) : so not totally Royalty cause Harry is just a Noble, but well. Funny and cute, and sassy/waiter Louis ! (Bottom Harry)


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Vivienne shuts the door of Nick’s apartment and glances down at herself to be sure that she has retrieved all of her belongings. Pumps? Check. Dress? Thank the gods. Great legs and overwhelming sense of sexual superiority? Of course. It isn’t until she is lazily pressing the button for the elevator that the daughter of Poseidon can finally snap open the clutch in her hand and tug out her phone. This moment has been nearly three years in the making and, now, as she unceremoniously types in what has grown to be an unfamiliar number, Viv knows that this is it–– she’s prepared.

She lifts the phone casually to her ear and waits for an answer (or, more accurately, answering machine).

dipper aesthetics
  • Too many pens. Where did they come from. Why are they all broken?
  • Your sister making you sign up for clubs and you always talking about how much you don’t like them and groaning when you have to get up and go but once you’re there you really like it. You tell her you hated it when you’re both in the car afterward. 
  • That heart pounding moment of panic when it looks like someone’s going to tell you you said the wrong word.   
  • Clutter on the floor, clutter on desks, clutter in your head. 
  • The dust dirt and trash at the bottom of a duct-tape patched backpack.
  • That feeling when you want to know things but you can’t process anything. Reading the same sentence multiple times and memorizing things by the word and not the meaning. 
  • Mispronouncing words you only see in books. 
  • Putting factual notes and opinions all in the same place. 
  • Doing things in twos and fours and eights. Math and avoiding things you’re still afraid of. 
  • Being embarrassed by scrapbooks and photo albums but taping pictures of everyone smiling in the blank pages of textbooks, field guides, and journals.
  • Watching Ghost Adventures at 5 AM because you can’t get back to sleep. 
  • Watching shows about camping on tv and then telling everybody you actually went camping. 
  • Eating more of a shared snack you’re having with a friend and coming up with a secret system of checks and balances to make up for it. 
  • Being scared of leaving people and places but lying in bed late at night thinking about being somewhere else. 
  • Thinking grown-ups are better than they are. Being really mad when adults break rules and swear and do things wrong because they’re supposed to be better. 
  • Drinking too much soda to stay up all night and that weird excitement when you’re breaking little rules that don’t even matter. 
  • Grudges and getting into fights you can’t win. 
  • Too many patches on your vest and drawing over graffiti you don’t like.  
  • Saying “trust no one” to yourself over and over when you want to believe in everyone. Knowing she’s wrong when she does too much for other people but wanting to believe in them too. 

#that smile and that twinkle in her eyes #those are everything to me

Faking It 2x08 Recap

A closer look at Ali's dreams in 5x13

  • I will be talking about her dreams from a Watsonian perspective which means that I am going to treat Ali as a real person, not a fictional character. While I’m sure that the writers put in foreshadowing and clues into each scene, none of that is going to be important here. Sorry.

  • The supernatural elements and the obvious Charles Dickens’ A Christmas Carol inspiration will be ignored as well. For the sake of simplicity, all Ali/Mona and Ali/Jessica interactions were normal dreams like any person has and will be treated as such.

  • I have no idea who -A is but I’m going to pretend that it’s not Ali. If we find out that she is or that she is working with the A-Team somehow, please feel free to consider this post bullshit.

  • Yes, I’m hella overanalyzing. Shh.

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Types as Famous Movie Quotes

Has this been done before? Well whatever. Quotes from this place.

ESTP: “I’m pretty sure there’s a lot more to life than being really, really, ridiculously good looking. And I plan on finding out what that is.” Zoolander (2001)
ISTP: “Do I look like I give a damn?” James Bond (Daniel Craig) after being asked if he would like his vodka martini shaken or stirred, Casino Royale (2006)
ESFP: “Fasten your seat belts, it’s going to be a bumpy night!” Margo Channing/Bette Davis in All about Eve (1950)
ISFP: “All those moments will be lost in time… like tears in rain.” Roy Batty/Rutger Hauer in Blade Runner (1982)
ESTJ: "I’m gonna make him an offer he can’t refuse.” Don Corleone/Marlon Brando in The Godfather (1972)
ISTJ: “That was the most fun I’ve ever had without laughing.” Alvy Singer/Woody Allen in Annie Hall (1977)
ESFJ: “I’m also just a girl standing in front of a boy asking him to love her.” Anna Scott/Julia Roberts in Notting Hill (1999)
ISFJ: “A boy’s best friend is his mother.” Norman Bates/Anthony Perkins in Psycho (1960)
ENFJ: “Gentlemen, you can’t fight in here! This is the War Room!” President Merkin Muffley/Peter Sellers in Dr Strangelove (1964)
INFJ: “I’m shutting my eyes tight so everything goes black.” Patricia Franchini/Jean Seberg in Breathless (1960)
ENFP: “It’s not murder, it’s ketchup.” Hot Fuzz (2007)
INFP: “We all want to help one another. Human beings are like that. We want to live by each other’s happiness, not by each other’s misery.” A Jewish Barber/Charlie Chaplin in The Great Dictator (1940)
ENTJ: “Get busy living, or get busy dying.” Andy Dufresne/Tim Robbins in The Shawshank Redemption (1994)
INTJ: “Infamy, infamy, they’ve all got it in for me!”
Julius Caesar/Kenneth Williams in Carry On Cleo (1964)
ENTP: “Well, what if there is no tomorrow? There wasn’t one today.” Phil Connors/Bill Murray in Groundhog Day (1993)
INTP: “Carpe diem. Seize the day, boys. Make your lives extraordinary.” John Keating/Robin Williams in Dead Poets Society (1989)

tbh I think the secret to staying in the homestuck fandom so long is realizing that most of the fandom is absolute shit but not letting that impact your enjoyment of the comic itself

like, I would have left like two years ago if I was only around for the fandom and not the actual story. homestuck is really important to me and I’m not about to let a group of fans prevent me from liking it as much as I do


gah finally, here’s the majestic booyah nice party with:
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tbh I like the whole argument with Warren in the episode 4, run without agreeing with the movies with him and with kissing Chloe, because while some people bring up Warren because they see he’s really in love with Max, even Chloe sees it, you can shut down all of their arguments. When you talk to Kate in the hospital and she mentions Warren, you can say “No boys allowed” and she replies “You’re right”. I can’t remember how much Brooke brought up Warren but since they decided to go to the movies together, she’s been a lot more friendly. She’s really bubbly and talks a lot about her ‘date’ with him because she likes him a lot!! and she’s really happy!! so she’s obviously going to talk a lot about it, not just to Max, but we just see the conversation with Max, you know? And Max is happy for her, for them. Chloe mentions in ep 3 about Warren, but you can choose as Max to shut down that idea as well, plus Chloe genuinely texts Warren that he’s “out of the loop”.

And Warren. I love Warren. He texts Max about it and says “Now I know why you didn’t want to ‘Go Ape!’ with me. You should go with her”. He realizes that Max probably likes Chloe. He realizes that and he’s supportive and he wants Max happy. He never stops being a great friend, without pushing his boundaries. After the fight with Nathan, when Chloe tells him that they need to do what they’ve got to do alone, he’s obviously a little sad and worried, because this obviously looks so much bigger than any of them, but instead he just says that he’s glad to help in any way if he can. He doesn’t push them to bring him with them or tell him anything, he just wants to be helpful.

Max in her diary calls him her “White Knight”, but I don’t think it’s supposed to be romantic. He did jokingly use that term before, and he genuinely saved her and Chloe, twice now, from Nathan. He got a black eye (and probably a headache) by fighting Nathan Prescott for Max. I’d say he deserves the title of White Knight, and that doesn’t have to mean anything romantic. Some character might bring Warren up because it’s absolutely obvious he’s in love with her, but he respects her, and hell, he encourages her to be with Chloe.

I know people are worried about queerbaiting and making Warren the ‘nice guy that gets what he wants’ but he was never too pushy. When he texts her about still having the tickets and checking by call if she still didn’t want to go, it was to make sure that she knew that if she changed her mind, he’d be alright with it. Kate didn’t die in my playthrough, but I’ve seen people saying that he’s considerate in that case, texting something like “I understand if you don’t want to go to the movies anymore after what happened” (if you accepted, don’t know what happens if you don’t accept). It’s just his way of saying “hey, I know what happened was harsh, so if you want to call this out it’s cool and I totally understand, but if you also want to get your mind off things and still go I’m still cool with that too”.

I know that there’s still the possibility of queerbaiting and God I’m super scared of that, but what I’ve got from the game makes me think that that’s not going to be the case. I just hope I’m right, you know? I also want less Warren hate because he’s a great character.


So I was chatting with @faygopharaoh when I got the most brilliant idea.

Yami Bakura leading a social media campaign against Yami Yugi.

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Yami Yugi tries damage control, but he’s not great at social media.

When Ryou occasionally takes control, he tweets whatever he’s thinking at the moment in the vague hopes that it will make Yami Bakura less popular on Twitter, but his followers actually appreciate his shitposting prowess.

Yami Yugi is really bad at damage control. Really bad.

All of the villains happily append this hashtag to their tweets and it’s trending on Twitter within 48 hours.

Kaiba doesn’t really side with anyone and will often fan the drama flames for his own entertainment, but whenever he’s suffering from a recent loss on the duel arena, he does tend to side with Bakura a bit more…

Yugi tries in vain to make #DoNotPhuckThePharaoh a thing, but then someone makes a parody account @UnPhuckablePharaoh.

All right listen, this “using Anakin to trash Kylo Ren” thing has to stop. People like to compare them in order to make the point “See! Kylo Ren is a whiny piece of trash who had everything! Anakin had it so much worse!” But that isn’t even true.
Anakin was a slave as a child, which is terrible, yes. But even though he wasn’t free, he was still loved. His mother loved him very much, his mother would do anything for him. His mother was willing to give up her only son if it meant he would know freedom. She was willing to remain a slave forever and never see him again, just to give him a good life. She was full of so, so much love for him. Shmi Skywalker was a brave, wonderful, and loving woman. Any child would be lucky to have her for a mother. And you can believe that she never let him feel like a slave when they were at home together, she would encourage him to think for himself and to do what made him happy. She was supportive and loving, despite everything, despite her life spent as a slave and living as a single mother.
So you can’t tell me that Ben growing up with loving parents should have kept him from the dark. Leia and Han loved Ben, I’m sure of that. But Anakin was loved too, they were both born to loving parents who wanted the best for them. And here’s another similarity; they were both born to parents who couldn’t understand. Shmi wasn’t force sensitive, and she knew very little about the Jedi. She knew her son was special, but she didn’t know how to help him. Now, Leia is force sensitive but (as far as I know) was never trained to use her ability, and Han wasn’t force sensitive at all. But even so, it’s mentioned that Snoke had always been watching Ben from afar, and Leia apparently didn’t know how to help Ben with that. So, in that sense, both Anakin and Ben were born to loving parents who couldn’t understand them. Not so different at all.
Ben was trained by Luke, his loving uncle, and surrounded by love and support from his parents and Chewbacca. But, again, that doesn’t mean he’s automatically weak for falling to the dark side. After all, look at Anakin. Anakin felt alone, he felt that no one understood him. But was he really alone? Not at all, he was surrounded by love just like Ben was. Obi-wan, Padme, Ahsoka, Rex… There were so many people who loved Anakin, even those (like Ahsoka and Shmi) who couldn’t stay with him. He was so loved, but he couldn’t feel it. I wonder if Ben was the same way? So far into the dark because of Snoke’s lies that he could no longer feel the warmth of the love those around him had for him?
It’s amazing how powerful a constant stream of lies can be, and Snoke proves this point. Ben was deceived by whatever he whispered to him in the darkness. And look at Anakin, he fell victim to Palpatine in the same way. Palpatine whispered doubts, and lies… told him that the Jedi didn’t trust him, that he was alone. And Anakin, just like Ben, believed him.
Another thing I hear quite often is that Anakin turned to the dark side for love (to save Padme) and that Kylo Ren was willing to kill those he loved (Han), and that that makes them opposites. On the surface, yes, those are two very different things. But in reality? They aren’t so different at all. First of all, we don’t know Ben’s reason for his fall yet; it could very well have to do with love, so let’s not be too quick to judge. But remember that Anakin may have let the darkness in by striving for the power to save Padme, but that in the end he ended up killing her himself. And was it ever really about Padme at all? Anakin had always wanted power, he had always wanted to make the rules. So, yes, the power to cheat death was an attractive offer, but that certainly wasn’t the only thing Anakin wanted. Not to mention the fact that he throws away all love he had in favor of his anger, and turns on Padme and Obi-wan, the two people who loved him most. So, yes, Kylo Ren kills his own father (which is terrible) but Anakin killed his own wife, and tried to kill his own best friend as well. Not so different at all.
Anakin resisted the pull to the dark for a while, but eventually fell. As for Ben? We don’t know how long he resisted, but according to Leia, Snoke had been after him since his childhood. In the end, though, it doesn’t matter who held out longer. It’s not weakness that made them fall, it was lies and deceit disguised as friendship. It was being told that they weren’t good enough as they were but with these new powers, maybe…. Just maybe they could be great. It was being told half-truths and false promises. Anyone could fall victim to that kind of manipulation, it’s not weakness. It’s very human.