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Poe working out with BB8 but that’s just a bad idea

it’s like one of those work outs when someone sits on your back as you pump iron but.. BB8 is.. round.. and push ups mean he needs more effort to keep on Poe’s back.. soo… silliness ensues :0 are you guys ticklish on your back? I am… to a certain degree :u

this was an interesting angle? like.. i’m quite.. inflexible with my angles and i’ve never tried work out poses.. so this was.. a challenge to some point :) -wipes brow-

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Poe and BB8©Star Wars

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Confession: i am only doing uni because, well, i don't want to not do uni. does that make sense? So i spend my days just going through the motions of doing uni work, handing in assignments, all the while living in an alternative reality in my head where i'm doing fun things. And three years have passed in that way. Ever feel like you're just passing time, in your head, and not even being fully present in your life? And that time is just pushing everyone forward and you are just standing still?

That makes sense bc I have felt the same! After high school it’s like what am i supposed to do with life - so it’s either work or go to Uni obviously (unless you have the fortune to do something else that drives you, or if unfortunately, you can’t do any of that). Do you only imagine having fun in your alternate world or do you have activities/hobbies to take a break from reality? Recently I’ve found fun in writing fanfictions, and believe it or not (because I do everything in my power to not study) first I like to research certain things, and think hard about making complex paragraphs and fun dialogues, it fills up my time and I get to produce something and share it. I like drawing too though I don’t do it much, and recently we tried embroidery at Uni and to my surprise I liked it and thought of picking it up sometime in the future (as a kid I hated it). Recently I was so into a game (mystic messenger), and before that an anime (yuri on ice) (- I still love both of them), and judging by my blog I’m trapped in drama-world. What I want to say is during your time that has passed can you come up with something you enjoy even if it’s very little? 

I don’t want to be noisy because you probably already have your own ‘‘concept of life’’ figured out. We all, probably many times in life feel like time is not real and it’s just the same thing over and over. Sometimes I feel it often because writing ff or having a tumblr isn’t that special but it’s still something. If I were to give you advice then it is to start something new or find something you’re curious about or it can even be to read more about something you’re not so curious about. There’s nothing that is bad per se so go and explore. It can be off- or online, you may hate it or like it, won’t know until you try, right? Giving an ex. of mine then just two days ago while searching about a fave OTP I found something called ‘doujinshi’. I often stay off explicit stuff so basically I was fascinated and curious so I read thru some lmao and I love art so a plus for me woho. I won’t be making it my daily habit bc it’s not something I enjoy but I’m kind of ‘glad’ to have found something new. And then sometimes I just chill and waste time and go on with life because that’s one kind of activity too imo. Time is just something that’s supposed to pass and sooner or later we will— um, I feel like I’m going off topic….

Either way, I hope you soon start to feel your time is meaningful because life is short and I think people often get stuck in ‘I must do something meaningful’ when sometimes just eating food, helping a kid, smiling at some stranger (lol?) or waking up in the morning to start a new day can be something meaningful. Handing in assignments is an accomplishment too and in the future when you’re entering a new chapter it may all lead to a somewhat satisfying life.

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Tbh I don't think Bolas created Amonkhet, I don't believe that any pw is capable of that post mending. My theory is that Lilianas words bared some weight: "Or if he killed a living one to claim it as his own,". He came onto Amonkhet a long time ago, silently fucked everything up and at the brink of everything dying he turned up and was like "hey I'm the god-pharao, ancient protector of this world. You guys have just forgotten me...worship me" and now we have the Amonkhet we all know.

I think what people are saying is that Bolas made it pre-Mending (if he actually did).

Which is possible; pre-Mending planeswalkers WERE gods, more or less.

I’m just in the camp of “Bolas is a meanie face and doesn’t deserve this stroke to his ego.” :V

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yeah it's not that unpopular i said that for Dramatic Effects djsjdjejdhd but tbh i don't see people talking abt it? like at all? am i hanging out on the wrong side of the fandom ?? cause all i see is people talking abt his black hair and the blonde hair while i'm on the corner like ..... what Abt .. the pink hair and the grey hair and the mint green hair,

OH in that case !! we should just take a moment to appreciate the Softness that is yoongi’s colourful hair,,

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so i really don't know much about mandos, but i agree w your ideas on surrender. to me, (some) mandos were similar to like. citizen soldiers? as in they fought to protect their family and clan and way of life. and if the absolute best way to do that was to surrender, then why shouldn't they? there's no point in throwing away your life. 'dying's easy, living's the hard part'

The thing is, mandalorian fandom likes to present this … idk, idea? Vision? That “All Mandalorians” are warriors, always, all the time, and generally … no society has really developed for longevity if 100% of the population were soldiers all the time. So, yes, you’re absolutely right: there were many citizen soldiers. I basically agree with everything you said, tbh, and like … here’s why. It’s gonna take me a while to get to the point so I’m sorry in advance.

Like, the thing is, if we look at societies in our history on this planet, many of the cultures and vast empires that did comprise of mobile armies also comprised of a large population of noncombatants. People, as a rule, cannot survive on only knowing war. It’s just not realistic.

We also have canon and Legends showing us the same thing: a large portion of mandalorian society are non-combatants. They’re civilians, general citizens. They have day jobs, they have specialties, they have crafts. There’s children that go to school daily, there’s children that are home-schooled, and so on and so forth. There’s farmers, and smiths, and doctors (and politicians, and lawyers) and etc etc etc

“Dying’s easy, living’s the hard part,” is exactly right. And, tbh, the fact that mandalorians have a specific word (not a phrase, an actual word) for ‘throwing your life away foolishly, not brave’ points to an emphasis in cultural thought. Individual words don’t develop to be part of a vocabulary unless a word is necessary and needed to represent a specific thought or idea.

Societies cannot survive on military, alone, and to be honest … there’s this weird conceptualization of the word “surrender” that has been twisted to mean something it isn’t. And it’s turned into this horrible thing of never-do-it, in order to puff up how tough and strong someone is, individually.

“Never surrender” is an incredibly individualistic idea that, for the most part, is not supported by a culture that is borne out of a clan and culture first society. It makes sense in a society that worships individuality, because the individual’s freedom and personal actions are seen as holy, and responsibility and culpability to others is seen as chains to hold one down and restrict self expression — even for the self destruction that comes with never surrender.

But in a society that is developed from a clan first, culture first, family first perspective … “Never surrender” doesn’t have a positive context. Individualistic attitudes and behaviors are not positive when they’re put before the welfare of the family. Mandalorians core tenets focus and emphasize clan, family, people, first. There is no positive meaning to convey in an individualistic sentiment, because the individual is putting their pride first, and forgoing their responsibility to their family, their clan, and the people who depend on them.

And, I think, that extreme difference in basic cultural understandings, is the main underlying issue in what does it mean to surrender and how should it be treated in mandalorian culture. Western society, specifically, is incredibly individualistic, and that affects perception and understanding of “basic givens” (what we perceive as human nature, what we’re taught to be morally righteous, what is selfishness and how it’s punished/rewarded, etc) and interpretation of fiction — in this case mandalorians, who are based off of community-focused societies, textually, but are often written in the hands of people who are incapable of finding some kind of middle ground or nuance between individualist vs community. 

Sabine Wren, as an example, is actually a fantastic representation of what it means to be mandalorian. She, essentially, embodies her culture totally — and yet she also freely expresses her individual self. These things don’t always have to be diametrically opposed, but they often are.

Anyway, that was kind of a dramatic tangent lmao sorry. Actually, to touch on another point: I’m sure someone is going to read “they would surrender” and argue that it goes against one of the core tenets of mandalorians (answering the call to battle), but I would actually argue against that thought.

Mandalorians, in general, are actually welcome to disagree with a Mand’alor if they disagree or feel that that leader is not worthy. That’s an actual thing! Mand’alore have to actually work to earn respect, and the implication is simple: if that person then did something incredibly foolish or threatening, the people following them can outright stop following them on the spot. As Mand’alor, the leader’s responsibility is to the people, first and foremost. Where the people are required to fight for Mand’alor, they only have to fight for a Mand’alor they recognize. That recognition can, and is encouraged, to be revoked at any time if they don’t prove their worth in holding that title.

Sometimes, if surrendering is the wise choice, and the Mand’alor refuses to pursue it, then the citizen can, in fact, revoke recognition of Mand’alor. Individually, it could be seen as a betrayal, granted — but that action is generally not one taken individually. We’ve already seen it happen in The Clone Wars, too, so it’s not something that is just theory — though in this context it’s a refusal to surrender to a false Mand’alor. Still, the basic machinations apply: disavow a proclaimed Mand’alor to fight for mandalorian continued survival. 

And like, on first glance? Mandalorians absolutely are the “Proud Warrior Race.” But dig even a little deeper, and that superficial description fails to address all the intricacies of the people — and how survival has become integral to a shared cultural identity, because of past actions, because of a refusal to surrender.

I’ve been receiving a few asks about shipping and what my take on it is, so here:
I don’t ship anyone in Gorillaz. It kinda makes me happier to see them as a big ole dysfunctional family. If you ship nudoc, 2doc, 2nu or any other ships, then that’s you! I’m okay with it! You shipping them doesn’t have any impact on my life, so you do you. I don’t really like ship bashers tbh. I’m more of a “If it doesn’t concern you, don’t let it bother you” kinda girl.

So yeah! There’s my take on it. Have a nice day 💕

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sometimes I really do wanna post like a minor little criticism of su but then I know the su critics might reblog it, blow it out of proportion, be unnecessarily negative, and ruin my mood, so I just stay quiet. but then because I don't point out it's flaws, the su critics think I'm like kissing the show's ass or whatever, like no, I just don't wanna be associated with y'all lmao

Tbh i’ve got my dark spots with the show and I’ve posted a good junk of them a long time ago, sometimes i wanna touch the topic back but I remember them and their interactions and… it just gives me a sour mouth taste and I just… shut up…

The fact that I am positive doesn’t mean that I am blind about the show’s flaws, just like the fact that they have “criticism/critical” in their url or headers doesn’t make them actual critics…

on pidge’s role in klance fics

so i might be alone in this but like…. i’ve never really understood why in klance fics, pidge is always the one who (1) knows that lance and keith are interested in each other far before the boys themselves do and (2) is actively trying to get them together, or at least really wants them to be together??

this isn’t even to speak on how pidge (and hunk, and shiro, and basically everyone else) often seems to be written into a klance fic purely to add to the boys’ relationship and seldom has desires and motives of her own, which is a topic for another day. just like…. i don’t really get why she’s depicted this way SO OFTEN when i can’t really see much canonical evidence for this characterization of her tbh

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Santa’s pages from the ZE artbook! Scans by @feytaplaysgames. See the complete artbook here. Junpei | Akane | Santa

#999 spoilers (Not sure why spoilers are having a party in Santa’s pages when the others are fairly spoiler-free but here we are.)


  • ‘Closer to his sister’: I think they’re saying ‘her’ without saying exactly who until his sister is mentioned in the next paragraph. I’m not sure why they did that.
  • ‘Quite fashionable’: Don’t look at me. I’m just translating what it says, tbh.
  • ‘Ayaxxxx Rei’ would be exactly who you think it is
  • ‘Weird but good in gakuran’: I think she’s saying ‘Him wearing this ordinary school uniform looks nice, but also weird because his hair was silver even back then.
dipper aesthetics
  • Too many pens. Where did they come from. Why are they all broken?
  • Your sister making you sign up for clubs and you always talking about how much you don’t like them and groaning when you have to get up and go but once you’re there you really like it. You tell her you hated it when you’re both in the car afterward. 
  • That heart pounding moment of panic when it looks like someone’s going to tell you you said the wrong word.   
  • Clutter on the floor, clutter on desks, clutter in your head. 
  • The dust dirt and trash at the bottom of a duct-tape patched backpack.
  • That feeling when you want to know things but you can’t process anything. Reading the same sentence multiple times and memorizing things by the word and not the meaning. 
  • Mispronouncing words you only see in books. 
  • Putting factual notes and opinions all in the same place. 
  • Doing things in twos and fours and eights. Math and avoiding things you’re still afraid of. 
  • Being embarrassed by scrapbooks and photo albums but taping pictures of everyone smiling in the blank pages of textbooks, field guides, and journals.
  • Watching Ghost Adventures at 5 AM because you can’t get back to sleep. 
  • Watching shows about camping on tv and then telling everybody you actually went camping. 
  • Eating more of a shared snack you’re having with a friend and coming up with a secret system of checks and balances to make up for it. 
  • Being scared of leaving people and places but lying in bed late at night thinking about being somewhere else. 
  • Thinking grown-ups are better than they are. Being really mad when adults break rules and swear and do things wrong because they’re supposed to be better. 
  • Drinking too much soda to stay up all night and that weird excitement when you’re breaking little rules that don’t even matter. 
  • Grudges and getting into fights you can’t win. 
  • Too many patches on your vest and drawing over graffiti you don’t like.  
  • Saying “trust no one” to yourself over and over when you want to believe in everyone. Knowing she’s wrong when she does too much for other people but wanting to believe in them too. 

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(I love reading your meta posts. They're always a delight to read, tbh, and you make me love McGonagall more and more with every post. Which isn't that hard since she's my favorite to begin with.)

aw thanks friend!! i’m always delighted (and slightly baffled) to hear that people enjoy my metas - every time someone likes one, i always think, you actually read that whole thing? are you crazy? - because they’re super fun to write and think about, but always end up getting a little out of hand lmao. if i can spread the mcgonagall love then i’m doing my job :D


a remake of this post, my trash celebration-for-finally-finishing-days post.

even tho this one is still trash tbh r.i.p

tbh i think i might be quitting tumblr rp