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chu learns how to gif: bo/dyson in 3x03


AVA: I gave you what you always wanted, Raylan: Boyd Crowder bleeding at your feet. I can’t go back to prison, so you’re gonna have to shoot me or you’re gonna have to let me go.
RAYLAN: Last time you ran, ‘member how that went?
AVA: Last time I ran, I didn’t have ten million dollars to help me disappear.
RAYLAN: I’m gonna come after you.
AVA: I know.

It came in the moment to her. She was hugging him, she feels the gun in his back, and she grabs it. She just knows if she’s going back to prison that’s not going to work. She doesn’t trust Boyd anymore. He was kind of rough with her at the end of [episode] nine when he thought that she had conspired with Zachariah to set off the explosives. She’s just caught between two men. She’s basically raising her hand and saying, “Excuse me, what about me? You got your own stories going on. What about my story?”
Graham Yost