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Happy Birthday @myrmmidon!!

well as usual idk what i’m doing so what even is this LOL but let’s just continue to descend into JouKai hell yeah?

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Hi! Same anon that asked about the FNaF 1 gang, withereds, shadows, etc., just wanna ask: Do you have any headcanons about the withereds, shadows, what the phantoms are, or anything? (P. S. Thanks for wishing me a happy day! Hope you have a "happiest day"!

Oh goodness I do happen to have…a few (uninteresting) headcanons actually…So I guess I’ll tackle these in the order you asked! These are all just for this blog’s AU, of course, so no worries if they collide with some of the canon or with other people’s universes

Withered Ones

  • Since W.Bonnie and W.Chica both have missing hands, W.Foxy and W.Freddy are always nearby to help them if they need it
  • W.Chica is really proud though and does her very best to do things herself
  • W.Bonnie is very sad about the loss of his face, and thinks about it constantly, often trying to find “replacements” for his face! Some of you guys might remember from one of my old posts that sometimes he wears a paper plate with a :3 face drawn on it
  • W.Freddy is a very Tired Man, choosing to mostly watch the Toys perform on stage as opposed to singing himself. I think of it like he’s peacefully retired
  • W.Foxy is the saltiest guy most anyone will ever meet, he wants to go places and have his Pirate Cove back but the world just keeps denying him

The Shadows

  • These guys are both mute, so they communicate non-verbally. Sometimes that means flashing shadowy words up in the air, other times it means sign language
  • Shadow Freddy (Shreddy lmao) looks like he’s constantly crying, but has never told anyone why…
  • Both of their bodies can be easily manipulated into different shapes, although Shadow Bonnie is a lot better at shapeshifting than Shreddy is!
  • Shadow Bonnie is………ridiculously tall, and Shreddy is a smol
  • Shadow Bonnie can teleport! But the process is rather painful so they don’t do it often
  • Both of them are very old, and have been around for decades as of the time of Fazbear Fright
  • In addition to not being able to speak verbally, neither of them make any noise at all when moving. They have accidentally snuck up on many of their friends because of it
  • Both are very elusive and will only appear to those that they deem trustworthy, or intriguing in some way

The Phantoms

  • They’re all essentially ghosts of the former Fazbear crew. Not every animatronic became a phantom after being destroyed, only a select few!
  • When they first woke up as phantoms, all they remembered was the pain of dying, so the reverted to a more primal state of personality. As of yet, only some of the phantoms have managed to remember their past selves to become who they used to be.
  • This is why Phantom Balloon Boy (PBB) screams so much! He’s trying to remember his past, but more often than not he resorts to the screaming
  • Being ghosts, they cannot touch anything corporeal without it meeting special standards
  • With enough practice, the phantoms can learn to summon ghostly objects from their past, one of the best examples being Phantom Chica’s ghost cupcake (which she’s very proud of btw)
  • It is said that once the Phantoms are able to complete whatever unfinished business they had on Earth, they will cease to exist here, having moved on. Most of them haven’t found out yet why they became ghosts, since they can’t even remember clearly when they were alive. Who knows if they’ll ever reach their goals?

Anyways that’s all I have for now! I know I’m leaving a bunch out, definitely, but hey, I’ve never been too great at communicating my thoughts! Thanks for asking about these guys!! Goodness knows I think about this AU every waking moment of my life And thank you! I’ll try and have the happiest day I can!

Aqua Form - Juvia Lockser - fanart. I thought I’d try giving the effect she’s using Water Body and make her fingers and edges of her hair watery (?). I tried. I really did. However. I’m really proud of the lighting work on this..I wanted it to be very detailed and yeah I don’t think I did too bad :3

And sorry I haven’t posted in art in a while, it’s just been very hectic with school T T

Made by jiyu-koya. Please do not repost, do not remove source.

Silent Night, Holy Night

I’ll end the year with another Enstars!Yurio. I see him in Ra*Bits and the choir boy outfit is used once again because he looks like a total angel in it. 
See you all in 2017!

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Do you have any theories about boruto's eye power???

i really don’t have much theories but i’m gonna list what we know so far:

- he was born with it and it is a result of his hyuga genes. boruto asking his mother about the byakugan in the latest episode and himawari possessing the byakugan confirms this 

- doesn’t look exactly like the byakugan and doesn’t work exactly the same 

- kind of looks like a tenseigan but not really. tenseigans can only be formed when the byakugan is fused with the chakra from a member of the otsutsuki clan. the only interaction we know boruto has had with an otsutsuki is with momoshiki and kinshiki which occurs later in the timeline 

- boruto has activated it subconsciously but in the future it seems he can activate it at will

- whatever this thing is

posesses people who are emotionally distressed and gives them a destructive power hawk moth is dat u. boruto is the only one who can see its power 

however, it cannot see through metal and his chakra pathway like a regular byakugan should. 

in conclusion: so far we know boruto’s eye power activates when, whatever it is able to see, presents itself. we don’t know what exactly his power is and why it’s only in one eye. we only know it is unique and roots in hyuga/otsutsuki/kaguya, the whole shebang

and for even more confusion there’s this too:

which hasn’t been presented in the story so far and we don’t even know if it’s canon or going to be canon but for the sake of this post i’m just gonna roll with it (also i like the look and potential of it a lot, more than his edgy glowing tattooed future self, so i hope it’s legit) 

it’s in both eyes, looks most like the byakugan - minus the veins - and it even has the same lavender tint that byakugan users have. however, there is the very real possibility that the anime would  colour it blue like they did with himawari’s byakugan so…what if it’s the same eye power?? and whatever form boruto is using in this picture enhances that ability, hence why they’re in both eyes and not just one???? 

the form is a whole other thing we have yet to discover too so….well….i really don’t know. if anyone else has actual theories please feel free to share lol

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do you think that really stressful week in march dan mentioned in one of his liveshows was to do with moving or some other project we don't know about yet?

i was pretty sure it would be about moving lol–something to do w like a difficult realtor or like a series of house showings gone wrong,, but dan said we had to wait five months to ask about it and i’m not sure why, since we already know they’re moving??? so it could be about some other secret thing that won’t come to light until later this summer. but the other explanation is that he may have said ‘ask me in five months’ as an exaggerated estimate bc at that point perhaps they didn’t know they’d be moving so soon. so it’s hard to tell! 

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Wait why are you called incorrect zodiac quotes? What makes them incorrect? (Sorry I don't know the personalities yet)

a lot of fandoms have an “incorrect ____ quotes” blog(s) on tumblr, and when I created this blog  decided to hop onto that bandwagon, but with astrology rather than a fandom like Supernatural or Harry Potter. it’d probably make more sense if it was just “zodiac quotes” but it’s too late to change it now lol. I think I chose to make it “incorrect” because they aren’t actual characters, they’re constellations and literally can’t speak…. thus they’re incorrect? idk sometimes I even confuse myself so I don’t blame you if you don’t find any of this makes sense. hopefully it does though

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I work at a place that takes appointments, and just out of genuine curiosity, does anyone know why when someone calls in to make one they also let me know they have a gift card? It's been happening a lot lately and I just don't understand that importance of that information since they aren't even in the store yet lol.

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I know I'm attracted to girls in some way but I'm kinda scared because what if I end up kissing a girl and don't like it? Like what if it's just aesthetic attraction not romantic or sexual? Like I don't want it to be just aesthetic but what if it is? It just kinda scares me which is why I haven't made any moves to date a girl yet lol

oh anon I’m so sorry it took me so long to get to this message. Let me jus tell you, this right here was my BIGGEST fear when I first started dating my gf. We had been dating for about 2 months I think and I kept getting so nervous because I knew we should’ve started kissing soon and what not and I had a lot of internalized homophobia thinking our relationship wasn’t valid without kissing, that we were just a glorified cuddly friendship and I would honestly freak out thinking “what if she kisses me, and I realize I’m actually not gay?!” 

Honestly anon, you’re probably just overthinking it. I know I sure was. I was so caught up in the fact that I had to kiss girls and absolutely love it in order to actually be gay. But then one night, after I was leaving her house, she nervously planted one big ol sloppy kiss on my lips and you know what? It was great. It wasn’t perfect of course. We were both really nervous and it was both of our first time kissing someone of the same gender. But everything was okay. It wasn’t amazing like I thought it had to be, because I had a glorified idea of what it should be due to the way books and movies often describe it. I was overthinking it so much before that moment but when she kissed me, it all just clicked. She kept apologizing for the clumsy kiss and you know what I told her? “It’s okay, we’re both new at this. It doesn’t have to be perfect. As long as we know how we feel about each other, that’s what’s important.” Now we kiss all the time and it’s great and I love it and I love her. 

So I guess what I’m saying anon, is that you don’t need to stress out about it so much. Don’t force yourself into a mindset where you believe you have to love kissing other girls in order to actually be gay or have romantic/sexual attraction towards girls. You’re new at this, and your first experience with a girl might not be glamorous or amazing (and you might not like kissing her). That doesn’t mean your sexuality is any less valid or that you won’t find a girl you do like kissing. 

top 10 biases
list your top biases
tagged by: @got7peaches thank you!!

i’m not sure if i have 10 biases…i guess we’ll see
1) namjoon - bts
2) bambam - got7
3) taehyung - bts
4) jinyoung - got7
5) minhyuk - astro
6) kuhn - up10tion
7) wei - up10tion
8) daehyun - bap
9) sang - imfact
10) seungjun - knk
well i included a few wreckers 🤔😅
i also have a bias page if anyone wants to look at it lol

tagging: @nverever @lattetae @taeonie @jhopesluvr @98msc @timinnie @gummyjimin and anyone else that wants to do this! also, if you’ve already been tagged i apologize and obviously you don’t have to do this if you don’t want to!  😊

Happy Birthday, dearest

Happy birthday, dearest @vertear. ♥♥♥

As you already know, dearest, my gift for you is not ready, but I do want it to be absolutely perfect, so that is why it is not done yet. Drawing Emmett in his Eytheria/ Egyptian like clothing is taking a bit, but I want it special. There—there’s your hint. LOL Though I did want to draw him in his horse form with Antonia riding him since she’s a horseman. Someday. ;)

I thank you kindly for always being there for me and being so sweet and wonderful and just all around loving and kind. It is a breath of fresh air, truly. ♥ We were both feeling like shit, and you stood tall for the both of us, and I cannot begin to express how much that means to me and how I hope to repay the favor.

Thanks again for all the lovely things you do. You’re such a special person in this world. Much love to you, honey~

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You make posts daily about how much you're in love with him yet it doesn't phase you when he's in a relationship......teach me your ways I want to not care so much lol

Lol idk I don’t actually know the guy I don’t rly care ??? I do love him lots!! Just …I don’t care …he seems happy, I wanna hear the music n stuff like that. I don’t know why ~who he dates matters, I don’t care who anyone is dating, do ya thang


Inspired by a tag I saw on ao3 whilst looking for an ace!Cas destiel fic to read.

Because ace cas is my favourite kind of Cas.

And destiel.

Nice nice


I was never the hero you wanted me to be.

Lol so my friend is pissed off like beyond belief because I told her I was leaving the club last night because I didn’t feel good. I’ve apologized countless times and told her she has a right to be mad. Yet her other friend just left and didn’t say anything. Now she’s saying she wouldn’t be hanging out with me if her bf wasn’t in the army and that she don’t need me. Mind you I’ve been there for her countless times, was there for to go out with when everyone else bailed, surprised her with gifts and balloons on her birthday and listened to her talk shit about the other friend just to be back to friends with her the next week. All because I told her I was leaving a club. I’m fucking done

Another commission for ExtollerofTrolls! ^^ Webber and Wendy have some hot chocolate by the fire. (Colored digital sketches are still $10 for two characters! But I also have batteries in my scanner now so I can actually do the kind that aren’t digital lol)

This picture makes me nostalgic for winter and yet I know when it actually is winter I’ll just be like ‘ugh, it’s cold, why’

I was really worried about posting this photo considering I’m showing a lot more skin than I usually do.. I’m always wearing stockings and dresses that hide my tummy.. But I thought why the hell not. I think I look okay. I’m not skinny but I think I need to become more body positive. I’m tired of hating what I look like. I know most posts about body positivity have people wearing next to nothing but I don’t think I’m ready for that much just yet. Baby steps!