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When the countdown begins
Let me hold your hands
The branches covered in wishes
I will always be with you

luhan // 微白城市 winter song ❄️

Old Habits Die Hard

A (super super late i’m the worst) prompt from @killbunnyqueen

Thank you so much for your patience! I wrote this halfway through once and then my draft didn’t save, and I’ve never written something like this before, so I took my sweet time trying to get it right.

Summary: At the Space Mall, Lance eats something that doesn’t quite agree with him. Later on, the team realizes that Space Allergies are a thing.

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Wip - The Beach Area

Just part of it. Two more separate lots that are that are next to this that are technically still the beach. Probably put some changing huts(guess that’s what they are. I don’t do the beach) and some more umbrellas and loungers with more grassy grass.


“It was nice seeing her again. She looked truly lovely this evening. I haven’t seen her in anything but her school uniform for a very long time, and tonight she wore this enchanting dress, a pale, spring green. It had all these airy layers of chiffon that floated around her, and she had her hair up.” Eriol sighed softly. “That girl has the most beautiful neck I’ve ever seen, slim and pale and…”

“Yeah, you’ve got it bad,” Spinel told him.

A Capella - Kit Spooner


So the second chapter of the fanfic came out Tuesday and I really wanted to draw more!

This is a scene where Bisky calls Killua prideful and Gon responds with 

“Killua isn’t too prideful”

ect ect 

read the second chappy here!: http://archiveofourown.org/chapters/21044150?show_comments=true&view_full_work=false#comment_89770547

this is for you @lattemika ! Hope you like it despite my messy sketching/coloring job ;P


The Ultimate Loves throughout History (inspired by x)

Mark Antony and Cleopatra (41BC - 30BC) - famous for defying the Emperor Augustus and for their passionate affair

Ferdinand of Aragon and Isabella of Castille (1475 - 1504) - famous for joining what can now be called ‘modern’ Spain together

Henry VII and Elizabeth of York (1486 - 1503) - famous for uniting the two warring factions in England: York and Lancaster

Mary, Queen of Scots and Henry Stuart (1565 - 1567) - famous for producing Mary’s only son and their rare ‘love’ marriage

Shah Jahan and Mumtaz Mahal (1612- 1631) - famous for the most beautiful building, the Taj Mahal, being built in Mumtaz’s memory

Jahangir and Anarkali (1621 - unknown) - famous for the romance that blossomed between the crown prince and a slave girl

How Do You Know - Part 2

A/N: I FINALLY WROTE PART 2 AYEE! Are y’all proud of me now? I’ve just been so busy with school and I didn’t have time. I’m probably gonna fail my test tomorrow cause I wrote this instead of studying but oh well
I wanna thank everone that messaged me and requested a part 2, you’re a real one! I suggest reading the first part so this whole thing makes sense. Here’s the link: Part 1.
Fun fact: I tried uploading this like 4 times but my laptop kept crashing before I could save the draft so that’s great :))) Anyways, I hope you like this one!

It was as if time had stopped. Jonah couldn’t move, couldn’t talk. He only stared at the kitchen door where you had been standing just seconds ago. Confusion and shock were written all over his face, making it clear he had no idea of what was going on. Your words rang through his head, loud and clear, while he was trying to put the pieces together. And then it hit him. “…break up with (Y/N)” That must have been what set you off. That little part of his speech must have been the only thing you had heard.

Suddenly the room started spinning. Jonah’s vision turned blurry, his ears were ringing and his breathing came out shallow. He saw the guys talking to him but his mind couldn’t comprehend what they were saying. When did they even come in here? It was as if someone had taken over his body, making him lose all senses. His thoughts were racing, going a million miles per hour. He tried to stop his body from shaking but to no avail. Tears were streaming down his face, making it hard to see. There was a deep ache in his chest which finally pushed him over the edge. A hand trying to grab him was the last thing he saw before everything went black.

You were curled up on your couch, surrounded by tissues and stared at the wall blankly. You had run out of tears after crying for hours straight. Now the only thing that was left was the dull pain. You tried distracting yourself but your mind seemed to only focus on the one thing you desperately wanted to forget. You kept telling yourself that you were okay, that this was for the best but you knew you were lying. How could you be okay? You loved this boy with everything you had. The hurt you felt when hearing his words seemed humanly impossible. It was as if your whole world had fallen apart, destroyed by the one person that had made it complete. Jonah was your everything, your forever and always, your first and you thought he would be your last too.

“How could you be so stupid?” You were angry. Angry at Jonah for doing this to you, angry at the boys for playing along but mostly angry at yourself for letting him wreck you like this. You wondered how long he had felt this way, how long he had been faking it. Maybe it was never real to begin with? You thought back to all the memories you had made, the day you had met, your first date, going on adventures in the middle of the night, him teaching you how to play the guitar, slow dancing to random songs in your small dorm room, all the inside jokes, all the laughs you shared, every hug and every kiss. No. That couldn’t have been fake. You knew Jonah better than anyone, you could read him like an open book. You remembered how his face would light up whenever he saw you, the small smile he would wear when you were talking and the love in his eyes whenever he would look at you. Thinking back to the incident, you remembered how excited he had been when he saw you and the way his face fell when you started screaming, the confusion clearly prominent on his face. He didn’t want to break up with you.

The ringing phone next to you brought you back to reality. Zach’s name along with a dumb picture of him flashed across the screen. The boys had been calling you non-stop since you got home but you declined every call. This time though something told you to pick up. “Hello?” Your voice came out quiet and shaky and you mentally cursed yourself for sounding so vulnerable. “Oh god, (Y/N), you finally picked up!” You had never heard Zach sound so stressed like he did in this moment. There were a lot of different sounds and voices in the background, making you wonder where he was. “Listen, Jonah, uhm he- he had a panic attack. After you left he got so quiet and we tried talking to him but he wasn’t responding and then he started shaking like crazy and collapsed onto the floor. We’re at the hospital right now and I’m just- I’m so scared. (Y/N/N), you need to come please. He needs you. We need you” The last part came out in a whisper but you still heard him loud and clear. “I’m on my way” was the only thing you said before hanging up and jumping off the couch.

Zach’s words hit you like a bus. You felt everything and nothing at the same time. Your emotions were going crazy and there was no way to control them. Quickly, you threw on a hoodie, some shoes and grabbed your key on your way out. You didn’t even bother checking your appearance, knowing you looked like death. You sprinted to your car, Jonah the only thing on your mind. Driving as fast as you could, not even bothering if you hit any red lights, you made your way to the hospital. When you walked in you already saw Zach and Daniel waiting at the door for you. Catching their attention immediately you ran over to them and wrapped them in a tight hug. You could see the worry on their faces and their tear-stained cheeks made it clear that they were as scared for him as you were. The three of you walked to Jack and Corbyn and once they saw you approaching, they got up and hugged you too. That’s when the tears started falling again.

You had been sitting in the waiting room for what felt like hours, trying to get comfortable on those chairs. Your crying had stopped but the atmosphere was still tense. “Are you here for Jonah Marais?” Hearing the voice, you all jumped to your feet and looked at the doctor. You only nodded your head, unable to form words. “You don’t need to worry, he is stable. Mr. Marais had a panic attack due to huge stress and passed out. I believe you all know what had caused the stress in the first place. Anyways, he woke up about ten minutes ago and is now ready for visitors. But be careful, don’t overwhelm him.” The doctor gave you a little smile and turned around, leaving to go see another patient.

You just stood there, awkwardly staring at the door. Zach gave you a little push and nodded his head, signalling for you to go in first. You closed your eyes, taking in a huge breath and walked towards the room. You entered and closed the door behind you.

Jonah heard the door close and looked up. Once he realized it was you a huge smile made its way to his face. But it was soon gone when he remembered the events from earlier. He looked at you carefully, wondering what you were doing here. You walked further into the room, stopping directly in front of the bed he was lying in and surprised him by bending down and wrapping your tiny arms around his shoulders. Jonah didn’t hesitate for a second and pulled you down so you were sitting next to him. He nuzzled his head into your neck and breathed in your scent. He didn’t know when he would get to hold you like this again so he wanted to savour this moment.

He pulled away when he felt something wet making contact with his shirt and when he looked at your bloodshot eyes and tear-stained cheeks his heart broke a little. “Don’t you dare do this again, Marais, do you understand me? Do you have any idea how worried we were? We didn’t know what was going on, nobody wanted to tell us anything. I was already preparing myself for the worst. And the boys were so scared, I mean, they wouldn’t admit it but I could tell by the looks on their faces. We thought we would lose you!” He just stared at you, taking it all in. He looked at your cheeks that had red dots all over them from your salty tears, at your nose that was red from blowing it too much earlier, at your lips that were quivering, into your eyes that were still glossy, at your hair that was hastily thrown into a bun and had a few strands falling out and at your fingers that were playing with the hem of his sweatshirt out of habit. He knew he had to tell you. It was now or never.

“I love you.” You froze. Looking up you were met with Jonah’s eyes staring at you. Did I hear right? You thought you were dreaming but judging by the hopeful look on his face it was real. Tears started to make their way down your face again but this time out of happiness. You let out a little giggle and leaned forward “And I love you.” That was all it took. Jonah placed his lips on yours, pulling you into him again. You both smiled into the kiss and only pulled away when you heard cheers coming from the doorway.

“I can’t imagine my life without you. It’s you and me forever, princess.” “I know, Jonah, I know.”

I’m Forever Yours. *Ricky Horror Imagine*

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A/N: I hope this is long enough for you Anon. You guys must really like MIW huh? Well here you go. (Gif not mine but look at him. Like damn.)


Y/N could be very patient. She could wait days for one little thing to come in the mail and not be constantly wondering when it would arrive. In fact, she considered herself a rather patient person. But not today. This day was different, this day was special. Ricky was coming home today.  From the moment she woke up she was rushing around getting everything ready for his return home. Y/N couldn’t wait for the door to open and see her scruffy boyfriend walk through the door so she could attack him with affection. Unfortunately the time of Ricky’s arrival was unknown. First, it was a flight change, then a delay, then another flight change, and then because of the delay they missed their flight. So Y/N wasn’t very happy, or patient. So by the time Ricky texted her saying he was back it was already very late. It took all of her will power not to fall asleep.

In the midst of her in and out state Y/N totally forgot that she had locked the dead bolt; so when she was startled by loud pounding on the door she thought it was some sort of serial killer. Very quietly and tiredly, she got up from the couch with the TV remote in hand to bash the killer with. Y/N looked through the peephole to find not a serial killer, but rather a very tired and annoyed looking Ricky. She unlocked the door and smiled.

“Hello.” Y/N said rubbing her eyes.

He pulled his bags inside and wrapped her arms around her and rested his head into her neck. “Hey baby.”

She ran her hands over his hair as if she was petting his head and kissed the side of his head. He pulled away and drug his bags into their room. Soon after a loud thump on the bed and groan was heard. Y/N giggled and yawned then turned to turn the TV off. While she was locking up she heard Ricky calling her name.


She shut off the lights and trudged into the doorway where she saw Ricky laying on top of the bed with all his clothes still on, save his shoes. When he saw her he grunted and pointed at the empty space next to him. Y/N made her way over to the bed and plopped down next to him. She faced him while he had his eyes closed. He looked so at ease right now, being back home in his own bed and not in a bunk. Suddenly, he reached out and snatched Y/N and pulled her close. She gave a squeak of shock and pushed against him a bit.

“Ricky I can’t breathe!” She protested.

He loosened his grip but still held her firm against him. “Stop moving. Go to bed.” He grumbled tiredly.

She smiled and kissed his head. The corners of his mouth twitched a little bit in hint of a smile, “Good night Ricky. I love you.”

But by the time she said it he was already fast asleep. Y/N didn’t go to sleep right away, she stayed up for a little while watching him sleep. It wasn’t until times like this she didn’t realize how much she missed him. She would miss the protectiveness of his arms around her, his calm breathing next to her, his messy hair falling onto his handsome face. Just the little things. She brought her hand up to touch his face and he didn’t even move. The skin under her hand gave her notice that he was living and breathing next to her. Y/N nestled her head under his chin and threw her arm over his side. Now, the bed wasn’t empty and the world was at peace.

Y/N was the first to wake the next gray morning. It seemed neither of them had moved through the night, and that was okay with her. Ricky’s arm was still loosely holding her to him and her arm still over his shoulder. She scooted up to his face and smiled. It would be such a shame to wake such a beautiful boy. She placed a kiss on his nose and turned very carefully to remove his arm so she could go start breakfast. But his arm tightened and she was again slammed against him.

“Where do you think you’re going?” He asked groggily.

“To make some food. Usually that’s what people do in the morning.” Y/N replied tapping his hand.

“Don’t get up yet.” Ricky begged, “Stay here just a little longer.”

Y/N didn’t protest. Instead she went limp and looked over her shoulder at him. He smiled and pulled her closer. She turned so that she faced him once again; he gripped her chin gently between his thumb and forefinger and his eyes looked over every aspect of her face. She leaned forwards and kissed him. It was a long, sweet, meaningful kiss. Ricky deepened it by pulling her even closer and tangling his hand in her hair. Y/N sighed a little bit and could feel every hair on her body stand on end.

“I missed you so fucking much.” He murmured.

“I missed you too.”  She whispered, fearing if her voice was any louder it would crack with emotion.

“Everyday I thought about you, wishing I brought you along.” Ricky’s hands traced over her body.

Y/N took one of his hands, “Maybe next time.”

Ricky nodded and  pulled something out of his pocket, “But next time, I don’t want you to go as my girlfriend,” he showed an engagement ring to her, “I want you to go as my wife.”

Y/N stared down in shock. She hadn’t been expecting anything like this. Her words were coming out in jumbled nonsense and she wasn’t sure if she was still dreaming or not. She could only look from Ricky and the ring repeatedly. He chuckled nervously at her antics and fiddled with the ring.

“Y/N, will you marry me?” Ricky asked quietly.

She couldn’t decided wither this was a dream or not. But dream or no dream, she loved Ricky with every inch of her soul and knew exactly what she wanted the outcome to be.

“Yes.” She squeaked out quietly.

He gave a sigh of relief and smiled while he slipped the ring onto her finger. They shared a long look of love before kissing happily again. Ricky smiled into the kiss and grasped her hips tightly. Y/N let out a squeal of surprise and amusement when he flipped them over, but it didn’t work out so well. Ricky rolled a little too far and they both tumbled off the bed, bringing some sheets with them. They both laughed as the blanket covered their heads and they tried to push it off without avail. Ricky grabbed Y/N’s cheeks and pulled her in for another kiss before saying,

“I love you so goddamn much.”

The rest of the day the two lounged around in bed and talked about the future. Their future together. They took a few pictures together and Ricky texted the band his results of his question. They gave him congratulatory texts or phone calls not long after. When Y/N got up for something her phone went off with notifications from every thing imaginable. When she opened it up she smiled at what she saw. One of the pictures they took together was posted on instagram with a caption.

rickyhorrorx: Three years ago, she said yes to a date. Three years later, she said yes forever. I am the luckiest man in the world. @Y/I/N I’ll always love you.

I thought I’d try developing a technique that was faster than a true painting. This failed that goal. But hey, lightning!

vanessavanessafoundaboy  asked:

this is the worst day of my life. I'm 22, my dads always been super abusive. I went to visit his dying mom in the hospital last night. He was there, drunk, and punched me in the face. I've been talking to cops all day, have this nasty bruise, and I'm trying so hard to hold myself together but I just feel so- broken. I know it's pathetic as hell but God I just want Harry to hold me. Would kill for a comforting blurb. If you don't feel comfortable though, I understand

I’m so sorry you had to go through this, love. I’m also sorry I took forever to write this. But hopefully it can still help. I wish you the best xo.

You weren’t sure why you’d agreed to go on this trip. The cabin was nice, your friends were nice but…to say you were having a good time would be a stretch. It wasn’t like you wanted to go home, though. At this point you weren’t really sure if you had much of a home to go to.

When everyone else decided to play a game, you snuck off by yourself to the little deck out back. The sun hadn’t quite set yet and it was a little chilly, so you grabbed your hoodie and a blanket, wrapping it around your shoulders. You sat in solitude, watching the sky change from orange to purple. The brisk night air filled your lungs as you took shaky breaths, trying your best not to cry.

“What are you doing out here?” you suddenly heard behind you. You hadn’t even heard the door open. You remained silent, however, and didn’t bother to turn your head.

“Okayyyy…” he said, stepping closer to you. “Something wrong?”

You shook your head, finally acknowledging him. You sniffed, pulling the sleeves of your hoodie over your hands.

Harry sat next to you on the step. You could feel his eyes on you, but still you focused on the sunset and the pine trees. You heard him take a deep breath.

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@terraterrific I fell hard and fast for this boy & I need so much help