i don't know why the text is jumping about

Jack probably spends a lot of time talking to George (and everyone in the front office) when he starts playing for the Falconers. Jack probably hums Georgia On My Mind in the locker room almost as much as Halo. Jack probably “covertly” texts Bitty with a ridiculous smile on his face and dodges relationship questions. So how many of the Falcs are going jump to the conclusion that Jack is secretly dating the assistant GM, one Georgia Martin? And how confused is Jack going to be when someone tries to ask him about it because no, he’s not dating the assistant GM?

meme-filth  asked:

(Alex and Tielur) To: Tielur 👻 From: Alex👌👌 Hey Tie, I don't know why but I feel like I am literally suffocating over here and if you can come over right about now that would be great thanks. P.S when I mean now would be great I mean NOW WOULD BE GREAT

Tielur read the text and jumped up throwing some clothes in his bag and grabbing his car Keys whistling his in trusted dog following behind jumping in the car and he sped to Alex’s house screeching to a halt in her drive way running inside
“LEX WHERE ARE YOU?!” He asked his combat boots clacking on the floor