i don't know why someone would put a different translation on these scans

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I hope you're not getting a lot of questions about the part 5 translation right now because I don't want to unnecessarily add to your workload or anything, but I was wondering how Diavolo was handled in the better translated volumes. Because he's far and away the most confusing part of the english translations. Besides the infamous King Crimson, there's his weird, indecipherable past, his unexplained motivations, and the entire final fight. Is he a more coherent character in what you've read?

This is one hell of a question and I am afraid it will get quite long even without pics, so I’m putting it all under a read more. Also because as usual major VA spoilers yadda yadda

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Can you please go show some support to Prince Lordie? Some of your fans are being complete asses to him just because he is translating chapter 108 (don't mean to be rude, but I do like his translations better). They are also being dicks to him because he is trying to defend his work against a plagiarist that stole his translations of chapter 107 and 107.5. It's not fair to him that you people are attacking him for trying to defend his work, and for doing something he loves doing.

My fans? I’m sorry, I just make scanlations and I cannot be responsible for the actions of everyone who reads and likes them. So nice way of putting it as “you people”, as if I’m personally involved in the process.

I don’t know prince-lordie, I don’t follow him and we don’t cross paths with each other, and I don’t really care which version you prefer. It’s all a service to the fandom and not a competition. If you like his translations, then more power to you, there’s no need to tell me. And it’s not like the existence of one scanlation keeps anyone from making another.

I don’t even know what he’s being attacked for but he has all the rights in the world to be upset and defend his translations from unauthorized use, whether or not the website credited him. Manga sites by default has more traffic than a tumblr blog, and it’s not fair when they just picked up his work and plastered it on their scans. Of course this won’t make much of a difference to anyone else, but his blog would suffer.

I have been doing scanlations for some years now, I know how vulnerable scanlations are to thieves and while I hate to admit it, I started making Kuroshitsuji scanlations with that very scenario in mind. That’s why I put our team name on every single page and make sure it’s mostly on places that are hard to erase. I’d probably be less upset if my scanlations are stolen, but not because I think it’s more acceptable to me, but just because I’m more mentally prepared for it to happen. If I could, I would put the watermark on Sebastian’s fucking face because that’s where people would look first, but anyway.

What I’m trying to say is that if you have never personally been involved in the making of a scanlation/translation, you don’t get to decide whether someone should feel hurt when their works are stolen. It’s inconsiderate, and just plain rude. How do you know? Like seriously, HOW DO YOU FUCKING KNOW HOW IT’S SUPPOSED TO FEEL??? You don’t get to decide other people’s feelings, period.

The problem with the Kuroshitsuji fandom is that literally everyone is having a good time EXCEPT the ones who provide for the fandom. I’ve had my own share of woes but it’s ironic that a fandom so hungry for resources would literally do anything to make sure nothing is fed into their mouths, you know, because they’re such assholes. You would imagine people, aka the takers, shower the givers with love and appreciation and make sure they feel cozy enough to continue with what they’re doing (well, at least that’s what I hope to happen to me lol). But no, this fandom has little gratitude and no decency. Every time I see shit like this happen, I try to put it behind me and tell myself that there are good souls out there who deserve a scan or two, but damn it reality always tries to make me believe otherwise.

So leave prince-lordie the fuck alone. It’s absurd that one day you are all desperate for someone to translate the chapter for you, and the next day you are more than happy to bully him until his stomach churns because what, some other people on tumblr are doing similar things as he is????? How is that supposed to make any fucking sense? And how does that help to boost a mean anon’s pathetic ego, by making sure that one of the few providers of the fandom would never ever feel like doing a service to the fandom again? I’m sure that’s what everyone wanted.