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divine panishment - a charred tragedy in three parts

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Part 1/3
Nalu AU

In which Lucy is a chef and Natsu is…well, find out for yourself.

- I -

“How could this happen?!” Lucy wailed quietly to herself, the busy hustle and bustle of the large kitchen around her all but forgotten as she stared at the slightly burned sausage in front of her.

She never burned anything.

Five years on the job, two of them the head chef, Lucy Heartfilia was unrivaled in this town when it came to frying anything.

Some called her Lucky Lucy. Other, arguably more creative ones, Witch of the Wurst. Or Sausage Sorceress.

Either way you looked at it, the bratwurst in front of her was far from perfection.

Oil sizzled in the frying pan, happily burning away at the meat and turning the slight burn into a black crust. It didn’t matter anymore. Lucy stared at the pan with empty eyes.

“Heartfilia, what the f- hell got into – what the…”  Her saucier and second in charge, Gajeel Redfox, stared at the pan as if the sausage inside had just turned back into a pig.

“I have to go apologize,” Lucy whispered, motioning towards the pan in a silent command before leaving the kitchen in a trance. The door fell shut behind her with a click that sounded almost ominous in the sudden quiet of the kitchen, where Gajeel exchanged nervous glances with his two colleagues.

The atmosphere outside was a stark contrast to the kitchen. The sounds of animated conversation filled the air, accompanied by the clinking of cutlery and an immediate feeling of calm and contentment.

Lucy felt as if she was walking to her execution.

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