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Except for the first one - that I decided to post in a single canvas now -, here are some new sketches of Auror!Potter that I did - because I’m still inspired and when I’m inspired, I can’t stop. Dark and angst, just how I like him. This time, full body and sillhouettes too.

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So consider this.

The first of my weird little ideas I’m trying out. I had said I would try pendulums in the past but I actually decided to go all the way and make a unique little mold for it. Something more angular and pointed screams “pendulum” to me than my gently tapered herbal molds.

This is just the prototype using a tiny Yarrow sprig. I’m working on a couple more using whatever sprigs of Mugwort I still have remaining from the summer - an herb highly associated with divination and clarity.

I’m thinking of trying to find something like a bead cap for the top, or even a fitted little bit of metal, if that’s possible.

So what do you think?

Damsel Keith
  • Lance: I have come to rescue the Damsel in Distress!
  • Keith: Oh, screw you Lance. I'm not anyone's damsel.
  • Galra Soldier: Uh-- What happening....
  • Lance: Fear not, young Damsel!
  • Keith: If I wasn't handcuffed to this table, I would slap you!
  • Lance: You are captured by this Galra and you are distress. You are totally a Damsel
  • Galra Soldier: Still can shoot him you know
  • Lance: Can you be quiet for one moment, I am trying to save this Damsel.
  • Keith: Go to space hell !!!
  • Galra Soldier: ...
  • Lance: Look Galra, I am here to save this Damsel. Why don't you leave before I go all voltron on your ass, Okay?
  • Galra Soldier: ... yeah, okay. *leaves*
  • Keith: STILL NOT A DAMSEL !!!

trade mistakes // panic! at the disco

Age, work and my face

I received a few messages asking for my age, what is my IRL work and if I could post a picture of myself (for some reasons I don’t understand)…

Well, I turned 24 recently (Yeah, I’m 24 and still write fanfiction…whatever), I’m a freelance sound recordist which is pretty self-explanatory, I record sounds and voices (for films and TV…which means I travel a lot, for exemple, I’m moving to Australia next August for at least a year)  and this is me (Look at how cool I think I am, surrounded by small little trees…wut) : 

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I know your blog is about body positivity and that it's more important than how other people look at you or even how you look at yourself but... you still look really good anyway and how do you do it...? No matter how much I say to myself that I like my body but I can't shop for clothes without feeling bad? I really like cute things I see on here or pinterest but even if I find something that does actually fit well and is affordable I still won't buy it? I don't understand why I'm like this?

hi sweet pea i just want u to know that i absolutely do relate to this and a lot of times i have to really force myself to get dolled up as a form of self care. like some days i really do feel bad like youre describing too!! try not to beat yourself up for experiencing a very human symptom of toxic beauty standards.  

aside from that, what i do to make myself feel like i look good is to go through the actions even if my mind isn’t in the right place.

for example, if i happen to be shopping (not often bc of money but whatevs), i just grab a bunch of stuff, put it all on, and focus on whether the article 1) fits my aesthetic 2) is comfy 3) will either add variety or serve as a staple piece in my wardrobe 4) seems worth the price. i try not to think about whether i personally think it makes me look cute if that makes sense? when its almost objective and im just going  through a checklist like that i find its easier to manage and less likely to backfire and winds up boosting my confidence more in the long run!! 

another example: there are periods of time when i cant really leave the house for lots of reasons, and that lends to hanging out w/ no makeup, real frumpy pajamas, unkept hair, as well as less personal hygiene. while i think its also important to unplug from thinking about personal beauty all the time and it can be very freeing and uplifting to just exist like that, after a long period of time it does really starts to warp my perception of my attractiveness. so again, even if im not going anywhere and no ones going to see me, even if im not feeling cute, i go through the motions. one of the easiest and most effective gesture to feel a bit better is to just wear my cuter pajamas or lounge clothes instead of my more dingy pajamas. or a cute pair of socks. sometimes i will also just do one or more of these things: skincare routine, bubble bath, hair treatment, nail painting, quick makeup, good smelling products, hair styling, shaving, plucking eyebrows, face mask, etc!

this wound up being really long but i hope you get my point! im wishing you well on your journey <3  

do you ever feel so demoralized you want to cry?? but you can’t cry bc you don’t really have emotions anymore but it still hurts and??????

i really don’t feel like youtube is going to work out.

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Ok so here's a random question for you - I'm rewatching season 9, and I get to the end of "The Purge". Now I'm a Dean!girl and I love him, but I'm still so mad at him about the whole fallout from Gadreel. I don't feel like he ever really understood where Sam was coming from. Why do you think he just never got it? I know you're a Sam!girl and I love your meta/analysis so I was just wondering if you had any thoughts :-)

Oh gosh, this issue has in the past proven to be a bit of a minefield so let me try and pick my way across it with some caution. I’ll put it under a cut so those members of fandom who get war flashbacks at the very mention of S9 can scroll on by, haha. 

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I’m genuinely surprised at the lack of Internet based AUs on this site so I came up with some

  • ‘so you’re the asshole that took my username’ AU
  • 'your URL is really similar to my friend’s and I accidentally messaged you’ AU
  • 'whoops that was supposed to be on anon’ AU
  • 'my self-esteem is shit right now and I noticed you just went through my entire face tag, tell me I’m pretty’ AU
  • 'you were like my first follower, why are you still here’ AU
  • 'I just recognized you from across the store and I don’t know what to do, my training didn’t prepare me for this’ AU
  • 'I think half of my anons are from the same person and I’m trying to track you down’ AU
  • 'we both ship the same obscure pairing, let’s get married right now but first let’s share headcanons’ AU
  • 'I was looking at my new followers and I think you were my crush that moved away in fourth grade’ AU
Cancer & Libra
  • Cancer, watching Pisces and Sagittarius argue/bicker w/ Libra, takes a bite of their burger:
  • Pisces, pointing a finger in Sagittarius's face: That's why your still fucking single- you don't know how to listen to other people!
  • Sagittarius, scoffs: Oh yeah?! At least I'm in reality instead of trying to escape to the land of rainbow monkeys who don't even exist!
  • Pisces, gasps: You take that back, you son of a whore!
  • Libra, takes a sip of Cancer's drink: I bet when they reconnect around their 30's, they're gonna get married.

I wish I’d taken a screencap of the post you made and then deleted after I messaged you that just said “Lmfaooo” and was tagged #not #op.

I was going to give you the benefit of the doubt and assume you are still as good a person as I remember you being, but apparently you aren’t. I don’t know what reason you have to be stalking my blog but since you are most pointedly not answering my message, the only conclusion I’m seeing here is that you are being malicious.

Were you hoping to find that I’m not doing well or something? If that’s the case then I’m sorry to let you down, but I’m doing great. This has been my best semester in school so far, I’m about to land my dream job, I have amazing friends, and I have an incredible girlfriend.

I’m really disappointed in you, Sara. I genuinely thought you were better than this.

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some days it's like what's the fucking point in even trying? Why am I still here?what will my life ever amount to?What's the fucking point? Why why why why do we put ourselves through shit only to not get anything out of it? WhAts the fucking point anymore? College is only so important grades and degrees are only so important I don't even know if I want kids Idk who the fuck I Like Idk shit and I certainly don't know what is happening w/ my life or why I'm still here nd going.What's the point?

the signs as drake lyrics
  • Aries: Remember I deleted all my other girls’ numbers out the phone for you?/Remember when you had to take the BAR exam, I drove in the snow for you/Yeah, you probably don't remember half the shit a n*gga did for you (How About Now)
  • Taurus: You know they all actin' different now/And I, I just can't pretend/Seen too much, it's so hard for me to let new people in/I can't change, this shit set in stone (Legend)
  • Gemini: N*ggas want my spot and don't deserve it/I don't like how serious they take themselves/I've always been me I guess I know myself/Shakiness? Man I don't have no time for that (Know Yourself)
  • Cancer: I’m hearing all of the jokes, I know that they tryna push me/I know that showing emotion don’t ever make mean I’m a pussy” (Lord Knows)
  • Leo: Lately I feel the haters eating away at my confidence/They scream out my failures and whisper my accomplishments (6PM In New York)
  • Virgo: The other day Lissa told me she missed the old me/Which made me question when I went missing/And when I start treating my friends different (The Resistance)
  • Libra: She's just a little too perfect/She's just a little too worth it/I don't deserve her at all, no not at all/I only text her, man I never call/I'm still a canine at heart, I'm a dog (Company)
  • Scorpio: You say you dropping 10 pounds preparing for summer/And you don’t do it for the man, men never notice/You just do it for yourself you’re the fucking coldest (Fancy)
  • Sagittarius: I'm all over the place, I can't sit in one place/I'm not ashamed at all/Still finding myself, let alone a soulmate, I'm just saying (Jungle)
  • Capricorn: Gotta get myself together/I've been thinking about everything/I don't know if it's because I'm lonely/Lonely on a Wednesday night (Wednesday Night Interlude)
  • Aquarius: The woman that I would try/Is happy with a good guy/But I've been drinking so much/That imma call her anyway (Marvin's Room / Buried Alive Interlude)
  • Pisces: Why are we wasting our relationship on a relationship?/Why are we rushing and forcing it? This isn't making sense/Why are we focused on things that don't even mean nothing, girl?/Why can we not find the time and sit down and discuss it, girl?/Let me at least tell you my side of things, man (My Side)
Things I’ve learned from college admissions
  • your life must have a clean narrative with thematic connections and a moral to be acceptable
  • don’t waste time making friends with people who aren’t useful to you
  • if you like something it must be academic or else it’s useless
  • every experience you’ve ever had is subject to judgement by others to determine how intelligent you are
  • people who aren’t leaders/innovators are worthless
  • you should live your life according to the paperwork you’ll need to fill out
  • the primary purpose of helping others is to look good
  • everyone your age is your enemy. double for people who share your assigned gender and your race
  • suffering should either be ignored or treated as beautiful theatrics
  • the most successful people are those who can turn everything into personal profit 
  • people are interchangable and expendable
  • lying is not only acceptable but expected of you in the “real world”
  • I’m a fundamentally unpleasant mockery of a human because of the language I speak at home and the ancestors I have

im an adult but i talk like im five with my over-exaggeration of excitement and thankfulness and affection, but it’s only because i know what it’s like to feel like what im saying or doing isn’t important so i overdo it that way no one has to feel unwelcome around me like i used to feel around everyone else

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I'm just wondering why you think Eric's parents ignored him, or try to act like he never existed? You don't really know what they went through, what they are probably still going through. Personally, though I can barely imagine what it would be like in their position, I really don't think I could go public about it, it would hurt so much. Not only that, some people are just introverted and grieve differently. I think it's unfair to judge them, just because you would have done things differently.

I answered the question as posed to me:  “Don’t you think Eric would’ve been pissed off/sadden to know that his parents never showed any care after his death like how Sue has been with Dylan?”  

Essentially, “his parents n
ever showed any care” is pretty much equivalent to ignore. Simply put, I answered the Q from Eric’s hypothetical perspective given the scenario the anon gave and that’s pretty much it.. I think it’s unfair that your’re the one doing the judging and knee-jerk taking offense over an answer not one iota from my personal position at all.   

That said, and since you went there: I do think his parents copped out on their youngest son regardless of their chosen manner of grieving which the world has more than accommodated and respected (mainly because of their lawyers).  At the end of the day, he was still their son, despite his actions, and they have never once taken a position on the their flesh and blood or the situation even if it was a tiny stance (aka contribution on his behalf).  Grieving is just not the same thing. That said, they’ve had 18+ years to grieve completely alone and in peace. At the same time, Eric has still been left in limbo and abandoned in the public limelight. People have been free to believe what they will about him and in the worst possible, inhuman light and yet, his parents won’t intercede and vouch for him. And that will never change due to his father’s will. So, for all intent and purpose, Eric has been ignored and abandoned in the public eye.

may-lee-lee  asked:

Would you be willing to talk about why you, as a pastor, support the LGBT+ community, from a Biblical perspective? I know that can be a tall order, but I've been trying to gather Biblical support for not condemning the LGBT community. I'm Nazarene, and my church still considers homosexuality a sin, which I don't agree with, and I'm tired of hearing the same handful of Old Testament verses tossed around. If you can/are willing, thank you! If you chant, no problem, and thank you anyway!

YAY an ask that I love!!! This will be long, folks. Sorry not sorry. If you want better citations, send me a message and I can send some when it’s not 10:30 at night. This will be stream of consciousness and insufficient because it’s late and I’ve been working all day but - 

Firstly, I grew up Nazarene too! :) And am in the sister/mother church haha which is more progressive but when it comes to this, not by much. 

Exegetically, the OT verses referring to homosexuality (or that have been interpreted as referring to homosexuality) have little bearing on what we, as gentile Christians, believe/practice. We are not Jewish Priests in the Levitical line, and are not obligated to abide by levitical law because we ain’t holding sacrifices at the temple and don’t need to be ritually pure, and we don’t need to determine whether people are because THAT’S NOT OUR JOB since we’re not temple priests. Stoning people: not a good idea. Ever. 

Sodom and Gomorrah: the travelers’/angels’ genders had little to do with what was happening. the OT is big on hospitality and welcoming the stranger; it’s kind of a BIG. DEAL. to welcome the immigrant and stranger into your land to show the great hospitality and welcome of God to others, too. By the men of the city threatening to rape these visitors coming into their city, it was going against everything God had created humankind to be - caretakers of the earth and one another, people who lived in fellowship with God and one another. 

New Testament wise, I think it’s very telling that Jesus did not mention homosexuality even once. What did Jesus say? “What God has made clean let no man call profane.” (Acts 10.) “Love one another, as I have loved you” (every gospel ever.) “Do not judge.” (Matthew 7.) Acts 10 is actually a primary way I came to understand a biblical perspective for accepting homosexuality. God says to peter, hey, I haven’t made anyone unclean. No. One. “Paul” seems to say a lot about homosexuality - men having sex with men, women with women - but I also know I can only interpret the bible within its cultural context in which a lot of those relationships had little to do with our ideas of monogamous, equal partners sharing a household and a lot more to do with power (men raping their young male slaves since slaves were considered sexually available to their masters whenevs, for instance) and although of course LGBTQ+ people existed in the first century, our postmodern ideas of sexuality should not be imposed on first century sexual ethics which were largely that sex should be procreative and sex that was not was, well, fun, but a diversion from sex’s true purpose. At a time when Christianity was being threatened by the powers of empire and Romans trying to paint Christians as weird sexual deviants who believe in free love or something since they lived together or cannibalists sitting there eating babies, you might understand why “Paul” (many pauline sources are not truly pauline) would have advocated for “family values” in today’s sense. He wanted the gospel to be spread, of course, and in order to do that you can’t have rumors spreading that your new religion is actually a free love commune. So, have all the straight sex, with only your spouse, so you have more credibility. 

Beyond the bible, I also rely on my experience and reason. Which forces me to have a visceral response to someone’s homophobia. The bible is clear that God loves people and wants to be in relationship with us, stopping at nothing to do so. So why would some be disqualified from that because of their genetics? 

My reason tells me that being LGBTQ+ is not a choice someone makes, it is who they are in the very core of their being. “It’s in their DNA” as the wise puppets of Avenue Q inform us. Science backs this up. I came to know this when I was 13 and my best friend came out. I knew, immediately, that she didn’t choose her sexuality, it was just a fact of her being. I didn’t know other gay people before then, but in that second, that relationship was all that mattered. 

 I didn’t “struggle” with it at all. I didn’t need to reconcile my faith with hers or anyone else’s sexuality, that’s not to put down people who do need to go on that journey but for me, I knew that I loved my best friend in all of who she was and that if I loved her I could not believe in a God who did not love her for who she was, too. So I refused to believe in such a god. Also, it’s not my job to worry about how someone else’s sexuality impacts my own faith because, it really doesn’t. I listened to plenty of sermonettes at youth group about how I needed to disavow any of my LGBTQ+ friends and I just knew? That … no. The only thing I disavowed was homophobia. My friends were my friends, God was still God, and God loved them just the same as me. 

When we force God to conform to our ideas of sexuality, when we put God in a box and say “God only likes X group,” we are not behaving like people who are made in the very image of God, as people who are all connected to one another by that God. Going back to the OT focus on hospitality, I think that is what the church lacks when coming to terms with its debates on human sexuality. Studies show that the more people connect with and resonate with one another, get to know one another, spend time together, the less they are to discriminate against people like the people they’re hanging out with. We’ve cut off our fellowship with anyone who we’ve labelled as “other” and left on the margins of our white, judeo-christian society and we don’t extend hospitality. So we don’t get to know people, and we don’t get to experience the abundant love of God that extravagantly welcomes all. And we stay scared of the “other,” we keep people marginalized for our benefit and here we are. 

It’s 2016, and we don’t want to let people pee and we kick transgender women out of our church soup kitchens and worship services when they’re just trying to get a meal and worship with us. 

i’ve been missing my ex like crazy for days now and i haven’t told him but we’ll still snapchat about regular friendly things and this missing you feeling is EATING ME ALIVE. i don’t wanna be weak. i don’t wanna miss him this much. do i really miss him? or do i just miss the feelings?

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you don’t have shiro wrong but do y’all like…..KNOW what late teens mean??? 16-18 y’all and i can pull out some sources on keith in particular being either 16-17 if you give me a bit. don’t give me that “he’s 19″ bullshit y’all know that isn’t true. also even so sh//eith STILL has a power imbalance w/ shiro being a superior officer/ teacher to keith. ALSO sh//ieth is the two lightest most conventionally attractive guys paired together so overall it wasn’t great to begin with i don’t know why you’re so desperate to defend it. get out LMAO

Here’s a Thai idiom I recently learned:

It’s pronounced “ngoo ngoo bplaa bplaa” and it translates to “snake snake fish fish” but people use it to say that they know very little about something, especially a language. 

Next time you tell a Thai person that you speak Thai a little bit (พูดภาษาไทยได้นิดหน่อย or poôt thai dâi nít nòy) try saying  พูดภาษาไทยได้งูๆ ปลาๆ (poôt thai dâi ngoo ngoo bplaa bplaa) instead.

I’m still trying to figure out why they say snake snake fish fish so if you know, tell me please!