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Happy Valentines Day

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“How are you doing today, buddy?” Your roommate asks as she plops down on the couch next to you. She knows that you’re a little down today because it’s Valentines day so you get to see a ton of couples posting pictures together, but you’ll spend most of the day just missing your boyfriend and trying not to be sad about the fact that you won’t be able to spend Valentines Day together.

“I’m alright.” You reply shortly, not wanting to complain because you really don’t have anything to complain about. You’re just lucky to have Shawn, and you’re proud of everything he’s accomplished, so you won’t let yourself be upset that he can’t be here and that you haven’t even heard from him all day.

“I’m sorry,” She says, even though you said you were alright, she knows you’re not exactly. “Have you talked to him today at least?” She questions.

“Nah, he’s sleeping I think?” You respond because he hasn’t replied to anything you’ve sent him yet, but you’re just assuming with the time zones its probably the middle of the night where he is.

“It’ll just be that much better the next time you see him,” She tries to offer support.

“Thanks, really. I’m fine. It’s not a big deal.” 

She smiles sadly at you, and you hate that she pities you even though she’s not doing it intentionally. At least she drops the subject and you get to talk about other things that puts you in a bit of a better mood and gets your mind off the fact that it’s Valentines Day and you haven’t even heard anything from your boyfriend even though it’s nearly three in the afternoon where you are.

You decide to take a shower, something that normally just helps you to get your mind of things that are bothering you. You’ve probably sent Shawn about ten messages and he hasn’t replied to anything. That’s unlike him, but you know he gets busy sometimes and it isn’t his fault. Or he could be sleeping. Either way it sucks that of all days, he chose Valentines day to not reply to your messages.

When you get out of the shower and get dressed you check your phone again, half expecting to have no notifications, but you’re surprised to see that Shawn has finally texted you. Happy Valentines Day babe xx and the next message asks, Did you get the flowers? You feel a little better. At least he sent flowers, but you hadn’t received any flowers.

You’re alive. No, I haven’t? You reply.

Oh comes his immediate response, and then They should be there soon, are you home?

Yeah You click send and are starting to text him asking about his day just to see how he is, but your doorbell rings. You wonder if it is the flowers he sent, and if it is you’re thinking how it is really weird timing since he had just talked about it. You shake off the thought and open the door without even bothering to look through the peephole. You see the flowers first, probably two dozen red roses. There are so many flowers that you can’t even see the person holding them. You’re about to try to thank the guy who delivered them when the person moves the flowers and you actually see his face. You have to stop yourself from screaming, and your hand goes to your shocked mouth. “Shawn?” You say, not believing your eyes.

“Your flowers are here, baby.” He says, a cheeky grin on his face.

You just hug him tightly, despite the flowers being slightly in your way, then you usher him inside. He hands you the vase of flowers and you quickly put them down before finding yourself back in his arms. “Happy Valentines Day, darling.” He says softly into your ear and you can’t stop yourself from thinking how it really is a happy Valentines Day now that he’s here.

Smooch the husband

anonymous asked:

do you think jess knows rory best?

Short answer: Absolutely not. The long answer is multifaceted. So, here goes nothing. 

1. At the very least, Lorelai exists. The idea that Jess knows Rory better than her mother and best friend is absurd. I don’t think I really have to say anything else here. This point speaks for itself.

2. Jess and Rory knew each other as teenagers. They dated for a few months and then Jess basically disappeared from her life for years. Adult Rory is not the same as teenage Rory. By the time Jess sees her again, she’s not the same person she used to be. She’s grown. She’s changed. Of course she has. Nobody is the same person as a teenager as they are in their 20s, and they shouldn’t be. I absolutely hate when I see people criticize her for changing. When Jess sees her as an almost 21-year-old woman and says he knows her better than anyone, it’s honestly ridiculous. He hasn’t seen her in years. He doesn’t know anything about her. He knows what he wants her to be and he knows what he expects her to be, but he doesn’t know who she actually is. Listen, Jess knew Rory as a naive teenager, this sweet and “perfect” girl. That’s how he saw her and that’s how he’ll always see her. It’s not by any fault of his own. He just doesn’t know the other parts of her because he’s not in her life. She’s not a person to him. She’s an idea. Rory developed so much throughout the series. College/adult Rory is miles away from high school Rory. She’s been through a lot and those experiences have changed and shaped her. That’s how life works. Jess is not the same person as an adult as he was as a teenager, so how could he possibly expect Rory to be? We never see Rory assert that she knows Jess better than anyone when they are in their 20s and beyond because it would be just as incorrect coming from her. 

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He hung up, and saw Sydney already off her stool and clutching her own red coat, waiting. He couldn’t help but think she had the same expression as Dol, expectant, hopeful.
“No, Sydney,” he said. “I need you to say here.”
“Why?” she asked.
Because you don’t think I’m a bad person,” he said. “And I don’t want to prove you wrong.”


The Family

  • Janice Whales. 43. Mother. 
    Kind, loving, and very motherly woman. People are usually very comfortable around her friendly warm nature. She’s fiercely proud of her only son’s accomplishments, but very scary when disobeyed by Hunter. 
  • Jesus Lozoya. 46. Father. 
    Hunter doesn’t know much about his father.

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Hmm…yeah, a little…You know you’re gorgeous, alright? And popular and uh…and…but, this is not why I come here! This is a good learning experience for me… 
You already said that.


we are… right here.

It’d be really great if my family could stop hating me 🙃

My parents scream at me. they say mean, terrible, horrible things to me. Then they look at me and scream and ask why I am crying. I don’t know what to do anymore. They yell at me if I make too much noise walking, If I take too long a time to close a door, little things that kids shouldn’t be screamed at for. They call me names and they’ve hit me. I just I thought your parents were suppose to be these good people that helped you, that cared for you, but obviously not my parents, they hate my guts.
—  Posted by Anonymous

also you know what?

while I’m here and while I’m pissed off, let me say something really important. 

I know tumblr loves to mock superwholock bloggers and people who love John Green books and all that shit, but please realize that a lot of people in those fandoms are kids. 

a lot of superwholock bloggers are like

13-15 years old

a lot of people who enjoy John Green books are in the same age bracket. 

these are kids. they’re fucking kids and tumblr has this thing about publicly humiliating them. 

I don’t care how annoying you think they are- I’m sure you were really goddamn annoying when you were 13! and yet you most likely didn’t have fucking twenty year olds bullying you.

because that’s what it is. adults bullying children. 

I know that the shows and books are problematic. I know these kids think some problematic shit, but so did you when you were 13. you weren’t born spouting feminist theory. 

I see a lot of posts that were made by some kid in one of these fandoms, that gained thousands of notes after someone added a mocking comment. and it depresses me because sometimes I’ll try to go to the OP’s blog and I’ll be redirected to a “not found” page. these are kids who deleted their fucking blogs because adults thought it was funny to laugh at them. 

I know you don’t like the fandom. I know that it’s problematic. but publicly crucifying kids is not okay. it’s not a joke. it’s disgusting that so many adults who claim to be so accepting find it okay to bully children.

This legit took half hour to do because I kept trying to memorize the questions so I didn’t have to take long to read & I kept saying the wrong words haha ANYWAY, HERE’S THE ACCENT CHALLENGE I SAID I’D DO.
PLEASE EXUCSE MY AWKWARDNESS, I GET NERVOUS RECORDING MYSELF FOR ANYTHING OTHER THAN MY SNAP STORY & I DON’T KNOW WHY? Note: the way I pronounce words changes on the context & what not but this is about it 😂😭 I really hate my voice (especially on video) but this was still fun to do!

  • Professor: Why weren't you in class today?
  • Me: I overslept
  • Professor: Why?
  • Me: Well, you see, last night's Supernatural episode, Don't Call Me Shurley, aired in the US at 9/8 central, therefore 2am here in England. Now, I know what you're going to say, and you're right, I could have waited until morning to see it, but you see, I knew that Chuck would be in it, and that's a big deal to me. I had fully intended to go to sleep straight after the episode, however, Robbie Thompson decided to write one of the best episodes of Supernatural in all eleven seasons, and succeeded in breaking me into a numb mess. You see, Professor, one cannot simply go to sleep after an ending like that. I was hit by The Feels™ and consequently didn't sleep until 5:30am. This is why I overslept your lecture, however I think this offence can be forgiven, judging by the extent of The Feels™ I was suffering from. I worried for my life, because The Feels™ were too strong. Robbie Thompson is a god among men and he deserves so much respect, and waiting until today to watch that episode would have been a crime against God.

What’s this? Why it’s old belongs in the trash how good to see it finished. Sorry about the messy coloring, my copics like to go all over the place, and I even accidentally gave Superman a beauty mark just from opening one jfc, so I had to touch that up in SAI. Anyway, sorry uvu here’s my trash ╰(⸝⸝⸝´꒳`⸝⸝⸝)╯


break-up prompts
  1. “I want you to stop lying to me.”
  2. “When were you going to tell me?”
  3. “Why do I keep letting this happen?”
  4. “Is that all you have to say?”
  5. “It was always you.”
  6. “I gave you everything.”
  7. "I never meant to hurt you.”
  8. “Is some kind of joke?”
  9. “I’ll aways love you.”
  10. Don’t touch me.
  11. “You should leave.”
  12. “I love you, isn’t that enough?”
  13. “I’m just here to pick up my stuff.”
  14. “You know what? Fuck you.”
  15. “It was a mistake.”
  16. "I can’t do this anymore.”
  17. "It meant nothing.”
  18. “I’m so sorry.”
  19. "Get out.”
  20. “Keep it.”
  21. “Please stop.”
  22. “Stop saying that!”
  23. “I thought I loved you.”
  24. “Stop playing games.”
  25. “Has everything been a lie?”
  26. “Maybe we weren’t meant to be.”
  27. “We can work this out, alright?”
  28. “It’s because of her, isn’t it?”
  29. “Stop looking at me like that.”
  30. “I saw you.”
  31. “Just leave.”
  32. “This was a mistake.”
  33. “Don’t say that to me.”
  34. “Please, stop crying.”

Im talking about what happened with @underfart-snas people.
They are the ones who made the wonderful au Flowerfell.
But they left… Leaving nothing but a sad post behind. And I gotta say, I understand why they left. I’m sorry… @underfart-snas . Sorry u had to feel this way and left. I hope your happy now. Wherever u are.

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This has been an unusually eventful Valentine’s Day.

I’ve had two people tell me they’ve got a crush on me and… I don’t know how to feel about that.

Here I thought no one even noticed me, ever, because I’m super plain and boring and awkward and…wugh… This is surprisingly uncomfortable.