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Happy Valentines Day

Requested: valentines day imagine on valentines day?



“How are you doing today, buddy?” Your roommate asks as she plops down on the couch next to you. She knows that you’re a little down today because it’s Valentines day so you get to see a ton of couples posting pictures together, but you’ll spend most of the day just missing your boyfriend and trying not to be sad about the fact that you won’t be able to spend Valentines Day together.

“I’m alright.” You reply shortly, not wanting to complain because you really don’t have anything to complain about. You’re just lucky to have Shawn, and you’re proud of everything he’s accomplished, so you won’t let yourself be upset that he can’t be here and that you haven’t even heard from him all day.

“I’m sorry,” She says, even though you said you were alright, she knows you’re not exactly. “Have you talked to him today at least?” She questions.

“Nah, he’s sleeping I think?” You respond because he hasn’t replied to anything you’ve sent him yet, but you’re just assuming with the time zones its probably the middle of the night where he is.

“It’ll just be that much better the next time you see him,” She tries to offer support.

“Thanks, really. I’m fine. It’s not a big deal.” 

She smiles sadly at you, and you hate that she pities you even though she’s not doing it intentionally. At least she drops the subject and you get to talk about other things that puts you in a bit of a better mood and gets your mind off the fact that it’s Valentines Day and you haven’t even heard anything from your boyfriend even though it’s nearly three in the afternoon where you are.

You decide to take a shower, something that normally just helps you to get your mind of things that are bothering you. You’ve probably sent Shawn about ten messages and he hasn’t replied to anything. That’s unlike him, but you know he gets busy sometimes and it isn’t his fault. Or he could be sleeping. Either way it sucks that of all days, he chose Valentines day to not reply to your messages.

When you get out of the shower and get dressed you check your phone again, half expecting to have no notifications, but you’re surprised to see that Shawn has finally texted you. Happy Valentines Day babe xx and the next message asks, Did you get the flowers? You feel a little better. At least he sent flowers, but you hadn’t received any flowers.

You’re alive. No, I haven’t? You reply.

Oh comes his immediate response, and then They should be there soon, are you home?

Yeah You click send and are starting to text him asking about his day just to see how he is, but your doorbell rings. You wonder if it is the flowers he sent, and if it is you’re thinking how it is really weird timing since he had just talked about it. You shake off the thought and open the door without even bothering to look through the peephole. You see the flowers first, probably two dozen red roses. There are so many flowers that you can’t even see the person holding them. You’re about to try to thank the guy who delivered them when the person moves the flowers and you actually see his face. You have to stop yourself from screaming, and your hand goes to your shocked mouth. “Shawn?” You say, not believing your eyes.

“Your flowers are here, baby.” He says, a cheeky grin on his face.

You just hug him tightly, despite the flowers being slightly in your way, then you usher him inside. He hands you the vase of flowers and you quickly put them down before finding yourself back in his arms. “Happy Valentines Day, darling.” He says softly into your ear and you can’t stop yourself from thinking how it really is a happy Valentines Day now that he’s here.


∙ He (D. Pedro I) could not help but respond to her great love for him, her good nature, sweetness, and considerateness (…) From the voluminous and frank correspondence that Dona Leopoldina carried with her relatives in Europe, it appears that Dom Pedro gave up tavern hopping and womanizing for some time after the consummation of their marriage. She begged her father not to believe the scandalous tales that he might hear about her husband. (…) He could be sharp-tongued and mean, but normally he was good humored and generous. (Dom Pedro: The Struggle for Liberty in Brazil and Portugal, 1798-1834 //  Neill W. Macaulay) 


in case anyone’s wondering why god allows suffering, here’s a google comparison of the search frequency of the words “reylo” and “finnrey”

(btw first is over the past 5 years, second one is since the time tfa came out, and the third one is in the past 1 year)

this is so fucking unreal.


ALRIGHT. I am going to say this once. I hope I don’t have to repeat myself again.

It wasn’t very long ago (in fact it was just yesterday it happened) But I’m going to say it now in hopes that you guys would stop. 

I started this blog to make people feel happy. I did it because the musical makes me happy and also because cute things make people happy! And what’s cuter than pure baby forms of your favourite musical characters?


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MBTI Arguing
  • INTJ: Just admit im right, Albert Einstein died in 1957
  • ENTP: No... you're so stubborn. I'm telling you, he died in 1953! How can you not know this???!!
  • INTP: It's during, not in.
  • ENTP and INTJ: *mmm what*
  • INTP: It's grammatically incorrect to say ''died in'' its die during...
  • ENTP: *bitch, i don't give a fuck*
  • INTJ: Why would he have died in 1953?
  • ENTP: Why would he have died in 1957?????!!!!
  • INFP: Guys, nobody cares. Just look it up :/
  • ENTP: THATS TOO MUCH WORKKK. Just admit im right... ENFP, help me out here, Albert Einstein died during 1953 right?
  • ENFP: *is sleeping in couch with a handful of popcorn in his mouth* *wakes up* mmm what?
  • ENTP: When did Albert Einstein die?
  • ENFP: 1955
  • INTJ and ENTP: NOOO. omg you dumb.
  • INFP: I'm just going to look it up before you kill each other.... He died during... holy shit... ENFP was right, he died during 1955!
  • *everyone stares at ENFP*
  • ENFP: *is sleeping... again*
great comet songs summarized by hamilton quotes
  • prologue: we have a war to fight, let's move along.
  • pierre: meanwhile in all the bleedin' and fightin', i've been readin' and writin'
  • moscow: and we just happen to be in the greatest city in the world!
  • the private and intimate life of the house: you'll be back. soon you'll see. you'll remember you belong to me.
  • natasha & bolkonskys: here's an itemized list of thirty years of disagreements! sweet jesus!
  • no one else: look into your eyes, and the sky's the limit, i'm helpless! down for the count, and i'm drowning in 'em.
  • the opera: i have never been the type to try and grab the spotlight. we were at a revel with some revels on a hot night.
  • natasha & anatole: trying to catch your eyes from the side of the ballroom.
  • natasha lost: how could i dO this?
  • the duel (part one): no more sex, pour me another brew, son!
  • the duel (part two): can we agree that duels are dumb and immature? sure, but your man has to answer for his words.
  • dust and ashes: i imagine death so much, it feels more like a memory. is this where it gets me? on my feet, several feet ahead of me? if i see it coming, do i run, or fire my gun, or let it be? there is no beat, no melody.
  • sunday morning: i take the children to church on sundays, the sign of the cross at the door.
  • charming: i'm so sorry to bother you at home, but i don't know where to go, and i came here all alone.
  • the ball: lord, show me how to say no to this, i don't know how to say no to this. in my mind i'm trying to go, then her (his) mouth is on mine, and i don't say no!
  • letters: why do you write like you're running out of time?
  • sonya & natasha: be careful with that one, love, he will do what it takes to survive.
  • sonya alone: i know my sister like i know my own mind, you will never find anyone as trusting or as kind. i love my sister more than anything in this life, i will choose her happiness over mine, every time.
  • preparations: rumors only grow, and we both know what we know.
  • balaga: no one has more resilience, or matches my practical, tactical brilliance!
  • the abduction: one last time, relax, have a drink with me. one last time, let's take a break tonight, and i'll teach you how to say goodbye.
  • in my house: most of them in my own house. DAMN! you ever see somebody ruin their own life?
  • a call to pierre: *jefferson voice* whaaaaaaaaaaaaat
  • find anatole: i'm not here for you.
  • pierre & anatole: congratulations. you have invented a new kind of stupid. a damage you can never undo kind of stupid. an open all the cages in the zoo kind of stupid. truly, you didn't think this through, KIND OF STUPID.
  • natasha very ill: i'm erasing myself from the narrative. you have torn it all apart, i'm watching it burn.
  • pierre & andrey: don't lecture ME about the war, you didn't fight in it! i almost died in a trench, while you were off getting high with the french!
  • pierre & natasha: if you see him in the street, walking by her side, talking by her side, have pity. they are going through the unimaginable.
  • the great comet of 1812: let me tell you what i wish i'd known, when i was young and dreamed of glory.

eighteenish  asked:

I just saw a post that you reblogged that said all repaints are wonderful (true) except tree change dolls and honestly I don't know why??? Is there something wrong with tree change dolls that I'm not aware of??? I'm legit curious and confused here.

Let me start off by saying that this is a great ask. I had to really sit down and get my thoughts together to respond to this.

Let me start out by saying that I have nothing inherently against Tree Change Dolls. While they really aren’t my style (I love detailed face paint, glitter, and dramatic looks), I appreciate an artist’s freedom to create what they want, and what makes them happy. What I DO have an issue with, however, is the “makeunder” culture that she has created sensationalized and sends a message with, and the hostile environment with parents that she fosters with her work. By shaming Bratz dolls, she puts down girls that wear makeup, non-bland clothing, and colorful hair (and express their individuality through their fashion style), while pushing an ideal that defines femininity as looking identical by wearing the same drab outfits, plain faces, and plain hair. I grew up in a community that held that same ideal in high regards–it did not foster creativity, individuality, or free thinking. Girls were expected to be seen and not heard, dress from toe to head in skirts and long-sleeved shirts (even in the middle of summer), and never cut their hair. This is the ideal portrayal of femininity that she is pushing.

As for the loudest of the parents that support her and the makeunder movement, they are so quick to call dolls “sluts”, “whores”, and “skanks”. All for pieces of plastic having makeup painted on their faces, wearing jeans and miniskirts, and non-natural hair colors. If parents don’t want their kids playing with toys that have makeup, then they should stop buying them! Once again, I have known these types of people in real life, and they are an unpleasant as they seem.

So, in conclusion, I really can’t stand the toxic environment that she helps harbor by insisting that girls should be judged only by their appearances, and that girls should quietly assimilate with no sense of identity. Also, parents really shouldn’t push their own failings onto pieces of plastic. If anyone else has anything to add on, please feel free to do so.

Hamilton Song Titles by me (all)
  • Alexander Hamilton: DO NOT FORGET MY NAME
  • Aaron Burr, Sir: Shut The F Up by Aaron Burr
  • My Shot: Squad Goals
  • Story of Tonight: Drunk Frat Boys
  • The Schuyler Sisters: FEMINISM!...and Peggy
  • Farmer Refuted: Stick To The Status Quo
  • You'll Be Back: Yandere England
  • Right Hand Man: Meet Your New Dad
  • A Winter's Ball: Chicks Dig Founding Fathers
  • Helpless: Awwwwwwwwwww
  • Satisfied: Eponine Learned How To Rap
  • Story of Tonight(reprise): Drunk(er)Frat Boys
  • Wait For It: We Have To Make You Like The Bad Guy
  • Stay Alive: WHEEEEEEEEEE
  • Ten Duel Commandments: The Only Time A Good Guy Wins A Duel
  • Meet Me Inside: You're Not My Real Dad!
  • That Would Be Enough: Awwwwwww Part 2
  • Guns And Ships: French Fuckboy Raps Fast
  • History Has It's Eyes On You: Don't Fuck Up Now
  • What Comes Next: Awesome. Wow.
  • Dear Theodosia: I'm a Dad Yay / LOOK AT MY SON
  • Laurens' Interlude: OH OK HE DIED ANYWAY THAT'S FINE
  • Non-Stop: You Are Filled With Determination
  • What'd I Miss?: 'Tis I, Your Local Asshole
  • Cabinet Battle #1: EPIC RAP BATTLES OF HISTORY
  • Take A Break: Awwwww Jr. / Just Chill
  • Say No To This: YOU HAD ONE JOB ALEX
  • The Room Where It Happens: Burr Is Salty
  • Schuyler Defeated: I Thought You Were My Friend Wtf
  • Cabinet Battle #2: Daddy's Callin
  • Washington On Your Side: The Bad Guys Squad
  • One Last Time: I'm Tired, I Wanna Go Home
  • I Know Him: Why Is This Guy Still Here?
  • The Adams Administration: Ooooh Hamilton's Pissed Now
  • We Know: Even The Bad Guys Are Judging You Alex
  • Hurricane: ALEX NO
  • The Reynolds Pamphlet: GOD DAMNIT ALEX
  • Burn: Look What You Did Alex, She's Burning Things
  • Blow Us All Away: Don't Do Duels Kids
  • Stay Alive (reprise): I'm Not Crying, You Are
  • It's Quiet Uptown: *Ugly Crying*
  • The Election Of 1800: Hillary Or Trump?
  • Your Obedient Servant: Passive Agressiveness/Sexual Tension
  • Best Of Wives And Best Of Women: Awwwww Part 3
  • The World Was Wide Enough: Congratulations, You Shot Your Only Friend
  • Who Lives, Who Dies, Who Tells Your Story: Burr, Hamilton, Lin-Manuel Miranda
Pisces & Sagittarius
  • Sagittarius, calls Pisces out of the blue: Hey, what are you doing?
  • Pisces, taking notes over some things for thier classes: Nothing really- why?What's up?
  • Sagittarius: Just wanted to say that I missed hearing your annoying voice and wanted to check up on you.
  • Pisces:
  • Pisces, scoffs: Who are you and what have you done with my best friend?
  • Sagittarius, laughing: Bitch, I'm still here, the fuck- I don't always have the energy to tease you, you know
  • Pisces, smiling: I know, I know. Fuck face.

anonymous asked:

I work at a grocery store and decided to eat at our in store deli for lunch bc hell yeah $3 sandwich combo. I stand next to their register bc they're away slicing meat and a customer comes up. About a minute passes, the woman taps me and says "I want an X." "Cool, I want a sandwich." "Um?" "I don't even work back here and I'm on lunch, that's why I'm carrying a purse and my jacket." And Deli and Front End Manager uniforms don't even look remotely close, I don't know what she was expecting.

Getting texts from Joker before and after running away (Mission gone Wrong!)
  • (Before running away)
  • ♥️Y/n: I didn't mean too! I didn't expect Robin to sneak up behind me like that!
  • 🃏Joker: You stupid Bitch! You're a fucking assassin! How the FUCK do you not know when there's a person behind you?
  • ♥️Y/n: Don't Fucking blame this on me J! Your guys are the ones who actually messed this up! How the fuck did they not see someone coming right in front of them? Are they blind?
  • 🃏Joker: You're just saying this because it's on text! If you have the guts, say these shits in front of my face!
  • ♥️Y/n: FUCK OFF!
  • ♥️Y/n: You fucking broccoli looking face! IM NOT FUCKING STAYING WITH YOU ANYMORE! FUCKING PHYCHO!Can't even kill the bat when he's right in front of you but can act tough when he's gone!
  • 🃏Joker: You know what! Stay at my penthouse! I wanna see you! I'm sorry for putting so much pressure on you and calling you a bitch! It wasn't you, it was my guys who messed up!
  • ♥️Y/n: It's okay! I'll wait for you!
  • (After running away)
  • ♥️Y/n: YOU STUPID IDIOT! You think I'm gonna stay and watch you kill me? That's bullshit! And I thought you were smart enough to catch onto what I was saying.
  • 🃏Joker: Oh you messed with the wrong person doll! I'm not the one ANYONE including YOU should mess with. I will find you and make you pay!
  • ♥️Y/n: Pay for what? For your gas? Fuck that shit I'm outta here! You ain't gonna find me because I'm not even in the same country as you!
  • (You are in fact in the same STATE as him!)
  • 🃏Joker: Babygirl! You know daddy is sorry for what he did to you! Why don't you come back and play with him! After all, I'm the only one who can please you!
  • ♥️Y/n: Fuck you asshole! Although I hate you, I would still love to Fuck you but looking into the future, it doesn't look like I'm with you anymore!
  • 🃏Joker: I'm gonna find you, and make you mine after punishing you!
  • ♥️Y/n: I'm not fucking Harley to stick around with you after all the abuse! You can't find me! Until then, peace out Joker!
  • (No hate to Harley Quinn❤️💙)
  • 🃏Joker: See you soon Babygirl!

anonymous asked:

I don't know why customers saying, "AND I'M NEVER SHOPPING HERE AGAIN!!" is a bad thing. If you're really out to horrify me say that you're going to continue to come here EVERY DAY FOR THE REST OF MY LIFE TO MAKE YOURS HELL! Now that's something that will have me scared.

They honestly think we care

tsoa characters as @wolfpupy tweets
  • achilles: you can take our lives but you can never take our spicy, sassy personalities
  • patroclus: i'm sure i'm going to ruffle some feathers with this but given the choice between good times and bad times i would like to have the good times
  • briseis: you know the old saying, boys will be trash
  • odysseus: i guess we all learned a valuable lesson: everything sucks and is bad
  • agamemnon: at the end of the day what's important is not the enemies you've crushed and killed, it's the gems, coins and jewels you got from doing it
  • thetis: i live at the bottom of the ocean now because it's less drama
  • hector: when the sun goes out, the air turns to fire and the streets run red with blood, i am probably to blame for it.
  • chiron: hey kids, I know you're struggling right now but im here to tell you, everything gets worse forever
  • pyrrhus: if I've learned anything from this, and I've been trying not to learn anything, it's that I can do everything I want forever
  • paris: don't speak i know just what you're saying, something about how beautiful and strong i am probably
Doctor Strange... basically SPOILERS
  • Stephen: I am such an intelligent neurosurgeon, and Nick sucks... LOL, hey Christine, bet you wanna go out with me
  • Christine: No thanks
  • Stephen: Whatevs, I'm gonna drive about 120 k per hour, what's the worst that can happen xD?
  • __________
  • Stephen: Crap
  • Christine: Don't worry, I'm here for you
  • Stephen: Screw that, I wanna have my hands back
  • All the doctors: LOL you're not
  • Stephen: I'm so sad and desperate, what should I do? Oh I know! Take it all out with the only person that cares about me... LEAVE ME ALONE CHRISTINE, YOU ARE NOT IMPORTANT TO ME
  • Christine: Fine...
  • __________
  • Stephen: .....I think I screwed up
  • Pangborn: You should totally go to Karma Taj
  • Stephen: I literally just met you and this is crazy but...sure why not?
  • __________
  • Mordo: Don't say anything stupid
  • Stephen: Okay
  • The Ancient one: Hello Mr Strange
  • Stephen: It's "doctor" and this is stupid
  • Mordo: *facepalm*
  • Stephen: I can't do magic!
  • The Ancient one: I have an idea! I'm gonna leave you to freeze in Everest, let's see if you can return LMAO
  • Mordo: I'm starting to question your teaching techniques ._.
  • _________
  • Wong: Here are some books
  • Stephen: I think I'm gonna check out the forbidden one, Beyoncé
  • Wong: You are not funny
  • _________
  • Stephen: What's that necklace and this spell supposed to do? Meh what's the worst that can happen?
  • __________
  • Kaecilius: Hey there Mister...
  • Stephen: IT'S DOCTOR -.-
  • Kaecilius: Mister Doctor?
  • Stephen: -_________-
  • ____________
  • Kaecilius: Dormammu is life
  • Stephen: The ancient one is against him
  • Kaecilius: Dormammu is the answer
  • Stephen: WILL YOU STOP?
  • Kaecilius: Lol, I was just distracting you
  • *Stephen gets stabbed*
  • Christine: WHAT?!
  • ___________
  • Mordo: Cool cape man
  • The Ancient One: You will be defend New York, Master Strange
  • Stephen: Heck no Ancinet one, I just killed a guy,AND FOR THE LAST TIME IT'S FREAKING DOCTOR STEPHEN STRANGE, plus you are evil too...
  • Mordo: Wait what?.....
  • __________
  • Stephen: CHRISTINE
  • Christine: Oh my gosh ._.
  • __________
  • Ancient one: I did do bad stuff but for a good reason
  • Stephen: Who am I to judge?
  • Stephen: Listen we have to keep fighting, okay? Hong Kong is our last hope
  • ........
  • *Everything is destroyed*
  • Stephen: I think my motivational speech did take too long
  • Mordo: We are doomed
  • Stephen: Don't worry I'll sacrifice myself for eternity... DORMAMMU I've come to bargain
  • Dormammu: No, you die
  • Stephen: Nope
  • Dormammu: Yes
  • Stephen: No
  • Dormammu: Yes
  • Stephen: No
  • Dormammu: YES
  • Stephen: NO
  • Dormammu: Oh my gosh please stop, I'll destroy Kaecilius myself and not attack earth
  • Wong: You saved my lfe!! I'm gonna laugh at your jokes now :3
  • Stephen: Oh c'mon Mordo, I literally saved the planet
  • Mordo: B*** I'm out

anonymous asked:

Hey mom, is there a word for like?? Okay, I'm AFAB, and I kind of feel female, but also neutral? It absolutely disgusts me to wear a dress (I don't really know why) but when people ask I say either agender or female? I feel like it's both at the same time, but isn't that a bit contradictory? Sorry for bothering you, I've just been really confused lately, thanks a ton ❤️❤️ -calla

My dear Calla, 

No, that’s not contradictory! Many people identify as two things at the same time. 

Here are some different labels where this might be the case: 

- Bigender (identifies with two or more genders at the same time) 

- Genderfluid (varies between two or more genders/identifies with two or more genders but not at the same time, changes between them over time) 

- Agender, woman-aligned (identifies as agender but feels some connection to womanhood) 

- Nonbinary (umbrella term that covers anything that does not fit in the binary of female and male)

- Demigirl (identifies partially but not fully as a girl, may identify as partially as another gender next to female)

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom 

anonymous asked:

I know your blog is about body positivity and that it's more important than how other people look at you or even how you look at yourself but... you still look really good anyway and how do you do it...? No matter how much I say to myself that I like my body but I can't shop for clothes without feeling bad? I really like cute things I see on here or pinterest but even if I find something that does actually fit well and is affordable I still won't buy it? I don't understand why I'm like this?

hi sweet pea i just want u to know that i absolutely do relate to this and a lot of times i have to really force myself to get dolled up as a form of self care. like some days i really do feel bad like youre describing too!! try not to beat yourself up for experiencing a very human symptom of toxic beauty standards.  

aside from that, what i do to make myself feel like i look good is to go through the actions even if my mind isn’t in the right place.

for example, if i happen to be shopping (not often bc of money but whatevs), i just grab a bunch of stuff, put it all on, and focus on whether the article 1) fits my aesthetic 2) is comfy 3) will either add variety or serve as a staple piece in my wardrobe 4) seems worth the price. i try not to think about whether i personally think it makes me look cute if that makes sense? when its almost objective and im just going  through a checklist like that i find its easier to manage and less likely to backfire and winds up boosting my confidence more in the long run!! 

another example: there are periods of time when i cant really leave the house for lots of reasons, and that lends to hanging out w/ no makeup, real frumpy pajamas, unkept hair, as well as less personal hygiene. while i think its also important to unplug from thinking about personal beauty all the time and it can be very freeing and uplifting to just exist like that, after a long period of time it does really starts to warp my perception of my attractiveness. so again, even if im not going anywhere and no ones going to see me, even if im not feeling cute, i go through the motions. one of the easiest and most effective gesture to feel a bit better is to just wear my cuter pajamas or lounge clothes instead of my more dingy pajamas. or a cute pair of socks. sometimes i will also just do one or more of these things: skincare routine, bubble bath, hair treatment, nail painting, quick makeup, good smelling products, hair styling, shaving, plucking eyebrows, face mask, etc!

this wound up being really long but i hope you get my point! im wishing you well on your journey <3  

anonymous asked:

hello again hp anon here! I don't know if I'm asking too much because this is harry potter related again (you can go ahead and ignore/delete this if it is). If not, I got another writing prompt for you guys if y'all are interested: hp!au yule ball headcanons with akaashi, kuroo, matsukawa, oikawa, and terushima. thank you~ :)

Why did I say two requests before I could order dinner? I want my Chinese, plus delivery takes an hour, which I was planning on writing in. Ugh.

Anyway, I think you can tell I’m in the hp mood right now. Hmmm…I’m not going to specify houses, since I don’t think it’s too important. Fun fact: this took me two pages in word to write. 

~~Admin Keiji



  • I think we can easily say Akaashi Keiji is the prettiest person ever
  • He asked you to the ball when you two are studying in the library. You were pouring over Arithmancy notes and he bluntly says, “Want to go to the Yule Ball with me?” You obviously said yes because, well, Akaashi Keiji.
  • He dresses in a simple dressing gowns, looking much like a tux. He’s turning heads as he walks by (both female and male), but when he meets up with you, he claims you are the best-looking thing he’s ever seen.
  • If it were up to him, he’d stay at the side the whole night not dancing, but he recognizes that you’d like to dance and compromises to make you happy—you’d avoid dancing in the center and stay to the outside edges.
  • He’s the kind of person who will gladly hold your heels for you while you run to the restroom so you don’t have to hobble there. Honestly, the most courteous boy in the entire room.
  • Kisses you during the last slow dance. However, he asks first so not to make you uncomfortable, which causes you to be uncomfortable.
  • Overall: 11/10 Would go to the ball again.


  • Asks you out by attaching a howler to his cat’s collar. You don’t notice the note—just the cat—until it goes off in breakfast “_____ YOU’LL GET A HOWLER EVERYDAY UNTIL YOU AGREE TO GO TO THE YULE BALL WITH KUROO!” He gets a detention and a date to the ball.
  • Despite his overwhelming enthusiasm about the ball, he doesn’t realize he actually needed dress robes (lord, help this boy) until the day before. He was just planning on wearing his school uniform but gets stuck with Bokuto’s extra robe that was too small. Yet, this robe was too big width-wise, but too small length-wise. He looked like a mess.
  • He tried for three hours to do something with his hair, and failed. When he tells you this with a sad look, you immediately take out the clips on one side of your head so you match.
  • At some point in his life, someone must have told Kuroo he could dance well. At that same moment in his life, he was lied to. Keep stepping on your feet and swinging you into people. But you have so much fun that you simply don’t care.
  • Tries to convince you to make-out behind a pillar. It doesn’t take much convincing and your lips are swollen by the end of the night.
  • Overall: 10/10 Would go to ball again, but avoid dancing, make out more.

Mastsukawa: (i can’t write this boi seriously. He’s just a meme to me)

  • “Oh shit, waddup, _____, it would meme the world to me, if you would come with dis boi to the Yule Ball.” How could you refuse that?
  • Wears a pink plaid dress robe with a striped undershirt and somehow, it’s the most attractive thing you’ve ever seen a person wear. His reasoning? Maybe he can become a school-wide meme if he wore it, as if he wasn’t one already.
  • Not only does he shove his face with food, but he doesn’t care that you also shove your face with food the whole night.
  • Dances like he’s in a mosh-pit during the slow songs; dances like it’s a slow song during more upbeat music. Miraculously, you are not embarrassed one bit when you join him. Maybe you can be a meme, too.
  • Asks you to be the window to his wall, to be the sweat that drips down his balls. (Asks you to be his s/o). After you’re finished laughing, you agree to be the “tionary” to his “dick”
  • Overall: 420/69 would meme with him again.


  • You kind of expect that the reason he asked you to the ball over anyone else because you never hung all over him like all the others. Yeah, he’s cute, but not that cute.
  • He wears one of the nicest dress robes you’ve ever seen, and you admit that he looks good. It’s actually worth all the death glares you’ve been receiving by hopeful girls wishing he’d had asked her.
  • He’s a very attentive date and you get to see his true self, which is really nice. He’s not as suave as he makes himself out to be, but really a dork who is always whining after his Iwa-chan. Something about seeing him in this light is refreshing and you want to get to know him more.
  • You actually tell him that, expecting him just to brush you off as another fangirl, but he blushes a bit and suggests maybe you go to Hogsmeade together on the next trip out there. You agree and he blushes even more.
  • A very nice dancer, indeed. Perfect mixture between rhythm and steps. Leads you well and never steps on your foot.
  • Overall: 10/10 Hogsmeade is too far away


  • When the resident bad-boy asked you to the ball, you said yes. You felt like he would show a good time, and if you got detention, then so what.
  • Doesn’t wear dress robes, tells you to get to fancy. He wears ripped jeans and a muscle shirt and you wear a short “club” dress. You’re only able to get in the ball because he bribed Nishinoya with chocolate to distract the professors.
  • Crowd surfs once when a punk song is playing. One of the professors notice and almost catches him before he slips further into the crowd with you, other students hiding you and pointing the prof in the wrong direction.
  • Shows you what it’s like to kiss someone with a tongue ring. It’s interesting, and you tell him you’re going to need to collect more data points to form an accurate conclusion. He happily obliges.
  • When you finally get caught and kicked out of the ball, and given a week’s worth of detention, you two scurry to the kitchen to get a late-night snack, then make your way to the observatory to talk about the meaning of life.
  • Overall: 10/10 You’d break all the school rules again. 
the unending cycle
  • me: god look at all this bullshit in my writing i don't know what i'm doing look at this it could be so much better why isn't it-
  • a comment: i love this! here's a thing about it i thought was very good!
  • me: aww thanks kind stranger that makes me feel better
  • me, ten minutes later: ...god why is this scene so mediocre it should be better-