i don't know why i'm ranting about this

Finn : a complexe, well-rounded, loveable black character

Hux : a white guy we saw 3 minutes in the movie, who said 3 lines, so 
insignificant I didn’t even remember he was there after seeing the movie 

AU: Where Whiskey denied Ginger for being a field agent because he didn’t want her to die and also because they’re best buddies. Not because he’s a misogynist.


AU: After when Whiskey gets healed he wakes up and starts flirting with Eggsy instead of Ginger. “Scream my name, boy.”

AU: Whiskey finally gives Ginger his title because he wants her to be happy and apologizes to her. Champagne retires and Jack becomes Champagne.

AU: Whiskey isn’t a greedy business man.

AU: Whiskey moves on but still misses his wife. He really wants to help Harry and Eggsy but tells them he can’t do the whole mission because “personal” reasons. (Bonus: Jack falls in love with both Eggsy and Harry, though it takes a while for Jack to love Harry.)

AU: Whiskey has a better backstory and doesn’t betray the Kingsman and the Statesman.

AU: Where Vaughn and Goldman aren’t the writers of Kingsman: The Golden Circle.


FMA Edits noone asked for: Ishbalan!Hughes.

listen……cassandra, duke and damian (when he’s older and more level-headed) would all make a good Batman™…the only legacy characters i’ll accept as batman tbh

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Being attracted to smart people is being ableist? I'm attracted to people with different types of intelligence, like I consider being intelligent knowing a lot about anything, even video games or cooking. A sapiosexual is like the stereotypical intelligence? Like a bunch of science? I don't see anything wrong in being attracted to intelligence.. But judging people on an ideal of intelligence is indeed wrong. Maybe that's why sapiosexuals are so controversial.

Okay, so I’m gonna use this for a whole long rant because I have A Lot Of Thoughts on sapiosexuality. Short answer is – of course it’s cool to want to partner with someone who knows interesting things you don’t. But labelling yourself a sapiosexual is less cool.

Confession time: I used to think “sapiosexual” was a great word. I’ve always been attracted to very verbal people and it seemed like a succinct way to describe the kinds of things I look for in a partner. I wanted someone “smart”. I didn’t realise how much cultural baggage the idea of “smart” carried with it and how I was using that cultural baggage to perpetuate fucked up value systems, not just in terms of attraction, but in all interactions.

Sapiosexuality is defined as attraction to intelligence, but what intelligence even is has been hotly debated and rarely agreed upon. Like beauty, “intelligence” isn’t an objective quality - it’s a value judgment based on cultural trends and pressures.

People who identify as sapiosexual are often looking for people who have high competency in specific skill areas, often language (but typically the most academic subset of language, and typically specific dialects that are found predominantly in wealthy and white backgrounds), maths, or science.

Other types of complex skills – those required for the work of physical labourers, waitstaff, cosmetic artists, child carers, or other jobs that are typically low-paid or populated primarily by women of any race or people of colour of any gender, for intstance – are not considered markers of “intelligence.”

Only very specific skills are labelled as signs of “intellegence” by our culture - and even within those few examples, there’s controversy. Science, for instance, is considered most rigorous in fields dominated by men – the more women entering the field, the less “intelligent” those who excel in it are considered to be. (example: biology being considered less and less of a “hard” science than fields still completely dominated by men.)

Speech patterns commonly found among women (like uptick or hedging) are considered “less intelligent sounding” despite not interfering at all with clarity of communication. Likewise, speaking complex dialects or even entire language families not typically spoken by white people is routinely considered to be a sign of a lack of intelligence, even if the speaker is capable of codeswitching into SAE and has, objectively, more knowledge of language in general than the listener is.

Certain accents mark you as “less intelligent”, communicating nonverbally marks you as “less intelligent”, having more fat on your body (esp as a woman, ESPECIALLY as a woc) marks you as “less intelligent”. Just having a black sounding name has been proven in studies to significantly decrease your chances of being considered a reasonable candidate for university.

The history of the concept of intelligence is a story of the people in power carving out traits easy for them to access but difficult for others to achieve, and pretending it was all proof of some innate quality that showed they were worthy of being in charge. Any time people not in power successfully emulate those traits, the goalposts get moved so that rich white men are still the “smartest”.

So when someone blithely declares they’re only attracted to “intelligent people” they’re cosigning all this baggage. It means they haven’t thought much about the way the construct of intelligence is actually constructed, and that they’re content to replicate the fucked up power dynamics at play in the way it’s defined and policed.

It usually means that they haven’t even questioned why they people they consider “intelligent” skew extremely white, non-poor, etc. – which means they haven’t questioned the received wisdom that privileged people are just better than everyone else.

I’m now ashamed of the time I thought of myself as a sapiosexual. I like nerds who like words, and saying that is a lot more honest than clinging to a concept of “intelligence” that pretends to be more than the wanky status symbol it ultimately is.

More importantly, deconstructing what intelligence meant to me allwed me to confront some biases I didn’t even realise I had, and gave me an opportunity to be more respectful of people in all areas of my life.

  • Camila: *post a video on ig*
  • Lauren: *liked it*
  • Camila: *calls laur* babe why did you liked it ughhh!!! now i have to delete it and repost it!
  • Lauren: im sorry baby *chuckles* i'm just proud of you and all
  • Camila: i know but you do know that we have camren shippers and they will get delusionals about your actions so don't rant later on twitter that we were never real...ever again!
2017 Phan

I like how the phandom has decided that 2017 is the year Dan and Phil will come out, move and get a dog (also possibly get married but like honestly isn’t that supposed to happen in 2022?). And whenever Dan and Phil say they’ll do anything (upload a video, do a joint lveshow etc) we get really excited and we’re like ‘YES, this is IT, guys. They are coming out as a couple. They are anouncing that they got a puppy, they got engaged and that they will soon move. I know it. I just KNOW it. I CAN FEEL IT!’. And then it ends up being just another pleasant, domestic, funny video and we just stand there like ‘wut’ for a bit and then we find a new thing to scream about (eg THEY WERE NOT WEARING ANY PANTS)

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how do you feel about bakugou potential redemption, because I just read a fic i didnt know i needed and while I used to just dislike bakugou, i feel so? conflicted now

As much as I dislike Bakugou, I am definitely on board with his redemption, because heaven’s sake he’s a kid and kids fuck up and make mistakes.

That said, I really wish I could enjoy his development more, but the problem for me is that while Bakugou has been changing for the better, it’s been agonizingly slow AND it hasn’t really touched the things that make me upset with his character in the first place (i.e. EVERYTHING he’s ever done to Izuku; his friendship with Kirishima is nice and all but he’s done fuck-all to make things right about his past assholery). And I think the reason for this is that Bakugou doesn’t want to change. He doesn’t want to better himself. If it were up to Bakugou, if the goals he’s reaching for allowed for it, he wouldn’t try. He’d stay a selfish asshole and he’d be satisfied with that. He has to get dragged kicking and screaming through his development, and I don’t feel that he’s really reached the point where he actually wants to fix his shit.

(It’s one of the huge differences between him and Todoroki, who you all should know how much I love by this point. Unlike Bakugou, who can’t take criticism to save his life, Todoroki accepts his wake-up calls fully and wholeheartedly. Yes, he’s resistant to them initially, but he’s still open to the idea that there are things about himself that need fixing. He’s got a long way to go and he’s still figuring it all out but he knows that. He knows he’s a flawed person and he knows that he’s picked up faulty mindsets and behaviors from the way he was raised. He acknowledges that his actions have hurt people in the past, and that regardless of whose fault it is that he’s like this, they will continue to hurt people if he doesn’t do something about them. And that matters to him. He wants to fix them. He wants to be a better person than he is. I don’t get that feeling from Bakugou.)

So far all the changes Bakugou has undergone have been for the sake of his own desires and his own satisfaction and his own ambitions. He still doesn’t see himself as in the wrong, or if he does, he sees it in the frame of “This isn’t going to help me Win and be The Best,” rather than in the frame of “Holy Shit maybe treating people like stepping stones and garbage makes me a bad person.”

I won’t deny that Bakugou is improving. But it’s like that old joke; the lightbulb has to want to change. Bakugou isn’t convincing me that he wants to change, and I dunno, without that element, it just doesn’t feel earned. It feels more like he’s changing his behavior to get the right reactions out of other people, than actually learning why he needs to change his behavior in the first place.

So yeah. “Conflicted” believe me anon I know exactly how you feel.

inception movie character rant

I just–

You can see the moment during his confession/plea when you can tell Benvolio starts to get uncomfortable with admitting how much he actually likes Rosaline, how much of a good person he thinks she is, because he defaults to sarcasm and jokes.

“One thing I’ve learned from being stuck with you”
And Rosaline rolls her eyes and her entire posture on the balcony changes. She starts to pull away, to close up again, because of course he would make some quip, why had she thought for even a minute that he was taking this seriously, why had she let herself believe that maybe he-

“What I’ve learned from spending time with you”
And her eyes flick back towards him and he takes the hint. He takes it and runs with it, really. He starts to expound on her, on what a good person she is; her decency and her honesty and he keeps it barely skimming the surface because going any deeper might scare her off again, but he can’t help but emphasize it - “which in this city is a rare thing indeed” - and you can hear the emotion and conviction in his voice.

He tells her openly and honestly what a good person he thinks she is, and then offers her a chance to come with him and solve this mystery that is driving their families even further apart; to maybe end this feud once and for all and save more people from suffering the fate that her family did, but most importantly, he leaves the final decision up to her. He makes his case and he’s desperate, but he leaves it at asking her one more time, and the last thing he says to her is her name. and i could make a completely separate ranting post about that  He ends with her name and leaves her free to decide for herself and I’m like 90% sure that’s why Ros agrees to come with him, because his being open and honest and vulnerable made her confront her own feelings towards him, and the freedom to make her own decision made her finally say yes.

I really don’t see how anyone could say they hate or dislike Dallon Weekes. Please give me one good reason, other than claiming that he replaced Ryan, when Dallon actually replaced Jon (but nobody’s talking about that are they?) He’s helped more than people give him credit for which is why we try to show him how much we generally appreciate everything that he does. I don’t like to rant because I feel like it does nothing but piss everyone off, but I’ve heard more people say this recently and I had to get it off my chest.

I just saw a post floating around that was legitimately a screencap of a tumblr BTS meme post, tags notes and all, and I just have to say:

What’s wrong with the reblog button?

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Apparently it's strange that I don't automatically assume a person is flirting with me just because they start talking to me. It doesn't click and I don't know what to say when I get asked why I'm flirting with everyone just because I asked how their day was or how was work or what's their brother up to I haven't seen that kid in two years. But the moment I say I'm ace it's all that's TMI and we don't need to know about that. Sorry for the rant I just needed to get it off my chest

Yeah.. that’s a bullshit silencing tacit that demands “be like me or stfu”. Not your fault they can’t or refuse to adapt to people.

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Do you know how lit I get about Ian shit talking mick in s6? It literally took me almost a year to finish that season bc I couldn't stand the way he was being treated by everyone. Like even when Ian runs off w him in s7 Fiona tells Ian mick will burn down everything Ian has worked for. Like ???? I don't and will never understand why every character on the show treats him like shit ok I'm done thx for listening to my rant lol

i’ve had these in my notes since may but never had the chance to post them anywhere. they’ve all hated mickey since s1

1.03 karen/lip: mickey probably just wants to ask me out again. what, you’re not interested? if you like the smell of cow shit

1.07 kash/linda: what did you want me to do, shoot [mickey]? you’d probably get thank you cards

2.08 vee: that is the dirtiest white boy in america

3.07 mandy: since when does anyone need a reason to pistol-whip mickey?

3.10 lip/ian: how did we get this mixed up with two people from the milkovich family? bad parenting

3.12 lip: i guess the good thing about falling for mickey milkovich is you know you can always find someone better

4.11 ian: i realized what a pussy you are

5.08 lip/fiona: i thought mickey would be [at the hospital]. yeah? i didn’t

5.09 lip: heard you went to the clinic. mickey hold a gun to your head?

6.06 ian/caleb: my last boyfriend wasn’t much of a talker. his idea of a conversation was to insult me a bunch and then punch me right before we banged. you’re a victim of domestic abuse?

6.09 ian/mandy: the guy i’m dating is a fireman. […] upgrade from my brother

7.10 ian: mickey’s fucking nuts

7.10 fiona: you turned your life around. mickey would set a match to it. you’ve done really great without him

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I don't get if I'm supposed to really like or really hate Oikawa Tooru.

oh oh oh OOOOOOHH

I am so going to use my chance and this is going to be LONG. very long. You’re warned.

Let me begin with saying that I understand what you’re talking about. When I first read the manga I found Oikawa…incredibly annoying, and no pretty design could make up for it to me.

Yet here I am, now, loving Oikawa with all I’ve got. Do ya wanna know why?:D

Do or don’t, I will take my time to rant about Oikawa Tooru anyway.

Because the thing is, the more you think, truly think about Oikawa and his behaviour and his attitude, the more you understand him. Let’s begin with what seems like a horrible personality. When Oikawa is shown for the first time, he seems like nothing else but a womanizer with a fanclub, constantly seeking attention, a not-too-smart frivolous guy who is there to get on the way of our protagonists.

This is what Oikawa Tooru is on the first glance.

But the more you think about it, the more you get to realize that he’s much more than that and that there’s a lot he hides behind all of his bravado.

I feel like the majority of people who dislike Oikawa, do that because of his attitude towards Tobio-chan in Junior High, which, I admit, made me kind of dislike him too. At the beginning. He is an antagonist who throws sand in a wheel of our beloved Tobio-chan. Annoying, right?

Not quite, when you start thinking about it from Oikawa’s perspective.

Let’s come and think about what Tobio is to Oikawa. It was said Oikawa is not a genius. Which means, he has to work his ass off and ALWAYS giveit everything he’s got, just to be able to simply compete against people who are. People like Tobio-chan, people like Ushiwaka-chan.

I can’t help but think Oikawa doesn’t only add the “chan” to his opponents’ names just to mock them, but also to remind himself they are just people like him, they don’t fly, they don’t breathe fire. They are like him, so he can be able to stand against them on an equal level. He just has to work more.

Except, no, he thinks he can’t. When he’s 14, in Junior High and full of insecurities once Kageyama comes into picture, comes there to take his place, just because he’s so ridiculously gifted, Oikawa is obviously pissed off. Angry and scared and bitter, because this is not FAIR. Why is that he has to work his ass off perfecting his serves, receives and tosses, working until it’s late and the sky is dark when there is someone like Tobio-chan who is so ridiculously GOOD just because he’s born this way? Why does he improve so fast even though he works less? Why can’t Oikawa?

In which Tooru ends up working even harder, almost to the point of self-destruction that WOULD take place if only Iwaizumi wasn’t there for him.

People hate Oikawa because, wow, he was 14 and almost punched Tobio-chan, but remember his face after he realized what he almost did? The shock? I don’t think Oikawa quite gave a thought for it back then, I don’t think he ever thought that it wasn’t Kageyama’s fault he was more talanted than he is. I think Iwaizumi helped him realize that and also that Tooru is not alone with it. That he doesn’t have to be alone.

And this is where Oikawa’s true nature comes in place, because Kageyama doesn’t look up to him for nothing. Oikawa is someone who learnt how to find a key to every lock, how to connect with everyone on his team. He learnt the differences, the special things for every player. Do you know how hard it is to understand the way someone else is thinking? How impossible it seems? Oikawa found a way to understand everyone. Wow, what a horrible guy. 

If Kageyama was trying to force his way of thinking onto someone else, run faster, jump higher, find a way to connect with ME, then Oikawa is the one who jumps higher and runs faster to connect with someone else. Kageyama thought people are there to spike his perfect tosses, Oikawa thinks his tosses are there to be spiked. And that he will do everything to make sure his toss fits the spiker perfectly. Oikawa makes everyone realize they are special. (mind you, I don’t only talk about his teammates. The girls from his fanclub made him cookies and what Oikawa does? he tries them, thank the girls and tells them that the cookies are GOOD.God what a jerk.

Oikawa’s tactics in volleyball sometimes are nearly mean towards his opponents, because he sees weaknesses, and obviously he uses it for his team advantage. BUT, Oikawa never goes against the rules. In the sports animangas we often forget that the antagonists, the guys who are meant to be horrible and meant to be defeated are just people like everyone else, who love the same sport and just happen to be on the other side of the net. Haikyuu!! reminds us about it.

Then, remember how Oikawa wanted so bad to mock Tobio after he loses? How he wanted to say that he can’t win by himself no matter how strong he is? It’s almost like he’s mocking his past self, because with this they are kind of similar. But then, Oikawa never does. Because he knows it’s no longer true.

But even after everything he can’t defeat Ushijima. No matter how hard he worked. No matter how much he polishes everyone’s skills and even despite the fact he was able to find a way to every player and draw out their potential to the limit, they are still not strong enough to defeat genius, to defear pure brutal force. In volleyball, you have to use everything you’ve got, but even that is not enough.

Yet what Oikawa does? Oh, he works harder!

Later in the manga he comes up with a new killer serve, which isn’t completely perfected just yet. But Oikawa never gives up no matter how hard things are, and always gives it his all. Always cheers on his teammates and reassures them when needed. Everyone.

And you know what, Oikawa doesn’t only care about his teammates? Later when Kageyama is confused and lost and can’t find a way to get to his spiker (aka Hinata), what does he do? Comes to Oikawa seeking advice. To that horrible horrible trashy character. And what that asshole does? He gives the advice to his opponent. To someone who is already a genius. He gives the valuable advice that will make this genius kid even stronger. Not only that, but from Tooru’s words (something like “little guy is the one who spikes the ball”) it’s obvious that he doesn’t take all the credit for his actions, because he knows he’s not the one who spikes, he acknowledges how important spikers are. Even though setters come with a pattern for a game, they would be nowhere without people who spike their tosses. He makes Kageyama realize this.

The last thing for now is the recent chapter. The chapter in which Oikawa admits he’s not a genius, chapter in which he almost sets the limits for himself. But then he doesn’t, and then Oikawa thinks that if he’s not a genius he will MAKE himself into one by working hard, by using all he’s got. If it’s not enough then he will use more. Learn more tricks. Do everything to be good enough.

He says that if you think you don’t have talent, then you will probably never have it. And this is the line I nearly teared up on because it’s so. damn. relatable. This is what Oikawa’s world is like. He KNOWS he lacks talent, knows he’s not a prodigy. So what? He will make himself into one. There are no limits as long as he practises hard enough.

And this, is why Oikawa is such an important character. He is there to make people believe in themselves even though there is someone better than them. Loving him, hating him…you’re the one to choose. But personally, Oikawa is someone I would endlessly respect because this guy deserves it.

I hope y'all don't mind, but I'm going to go on a rant about Andi Mack

And specifically, the purest perfect bean, Cyrus Goodman. Now, I know you’re probably thinking, “how could he possibly be an even more amazing character?” well I’m gonna fucking tell you. Now don’t laugh.
It’s because he’s Jewish.
Now, I know, you’re probably like “Yeah, we know, that’s why we tag stuff about him ‘my gay Jewish son,’ is his Judaism really important?
Oh it McFucking is.
For one, they have a Jewish character in general. Now, it’s not like this is the first time they’ve had a Jewish character, but the first time a Jewish character (or Judaism in general) wasn’t just used for a cheap joke and a laugh or as an example of "diversity” on the show. He’s Jewish for no reason than, honestly, “just because.” They had no real reason to make him Jewish, he just was (and I’d also like to point out that neither “Cyrus” nor “Goodman” are stereotypical or common Jewish names). And he wasn’t overly Jewish, like bringing up Jewish related stuff in every other scene, even though he’d be reaching bar mitzvah age really soon (I remember when preparing for my bat mitzvah it contained half of my thoughts and words) and his religion isn’t used as a joke. Trust me, Disney does this.
They will say things like “Mazel Tov” at stupid and inappropriate times, and if they mention Jewish holidays, they’d only casually mention Hanukah once in a Christmas special or something. I bet any non-Jewish person working at Disney couldn’t name one holiday other than Hanukah, and if they could, name one thing about the holiday they know. (and there are so many: Rosh Hashanah, Yom Kippur, Shabbat, Tu b'shvat, Purim, Passover, just to name some of the most popular ones)
And it’s not just Disney. I remember prevalently from an episode of Henry Danger or Nickelodeon that Piper’s neighbor was offended that Piper didn’t know her name, even stating “I invited you to my bat mitzvah!” and Piper tried to flatter her by saying “Your Hebrew was spot on!” (Like she’d even know anyway) and when her neighbor left, Piper went back to being nasty and said “Your Hebrew was lame! Shabbat Sha-lame!”
Can you imagine how annoyed and offended I was? Some of you, even you fellow Jews may not find that offense, but I’m very prideful in my religion, and it annoyed the fuck out of me.
I understand that Jews aren’t the majority, but the way that Disney of all people treats them in representation is almost Anti-Semitism. Again, some of you may think that sounds drastic, but I think it’s true.
So, anyways, I’m very happy that they have a normal kid on their show that just so happens to be Jewish.
Oh, and the fact that he’s gay is awesome too. Name at least three gay Jews represented in tv shows?
So, thank you Andi Mack, for the gift that is Cyrus Goodman, my gay jewish son.


Do you ever watch a show with a lot of poc representation and think “ok now they’re just trying too hard.” I find myself thinking that every now and then and I have to correct myself! I have gotten so accustomed to watching a series of white families/friends with the occasional poc friend. (See: Friends, That 70s show, Supernatural, Sherlock, Bones, Gilmore Girls, HIMYM, Drop Dead Diva etc.) So when I finally see a show with accurate representation of a poc, I automatically think “they’re just trying to gain approval and get more ratings.” That is such a gross way of thinking!!! Especially from a poc myself! Why is that my first thought? Because seeing white actors get good roles has become the norm for me. So much so, that I sometimes find myself preferring it. And that’s messed up.

mildly controversial rant

So, I know lots of people debate over the topic of gender, and people specifically get mad over non-binary people and the use of they/them pronouns. I don’t claim to be a gender expert; I’ve never taken a class or done extensive research on it, but why does it fucking matter if someone wants to be referred to as they/them???

I’m ranting now because I’m kind of pissed at a friend on Facebook who made some post about how “NB people are snowflakes”. They aren’t hurting anyone by identifying as something they’re comfortable with???? I can understand getting pissed about other social issues but I don’t see why this is a problem like goddamn. I’ve always just been a chill person so maybe that’s why I don’t care that much, but I don’t know why it’s so hard to let people do what they want?