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Hello~! I gotta first off say how much I love your writing. It's awesome! Now, I was wondering if you could do a reaction to their significant other having pityriasis rosea on their body?(Give it a google if you don't know what it is) I got it recently, and it's all over my torso, legs and arms and it's just awful trying to find things to wear that will hide them. I'm just feeling pretty low about them being there. They last up to two months so I still have a ways to go yet. Thank you so much! x

Hi there! We’re so sorry you had to wait so long for this! We’re just a tad bit backed up on requests. But anyways, we’re so sorry to hear that and we genuinely hope you get better soon! Until then, we hope this makes you feel a little better! 

We ♡ you!

-❤ Kat & Sar 💖

How Bts Would React To You Having Pityriasis Rosea

Jungkook: He texts you, “How was your day, sweetheart?” As you read his message, you sit there torn. Should you lie to him and say you’re doing okay, like you have been for the past few days? Or should you finally be honest with him and tell him what’s wrong? You pondered. Eventually, you gave in. You felt bad for lying to him for so long. You don’t like lying, especially to your boyfriend. “Eh…I’ve seen better days. But, it’s okay! Don’t worry about me 💕” You pressed send and hoped he would just dismiss it. Moments later he replies, “No it’s not. I have some free time, I’m coming over. You can tell me what happened then, okay? Love you 💕” You start to panic. “No, Kookie! It’s okay, I swear! You don’t have to!” You didn’t want him to worry. He never responded, which meant he was driving already. You sigh to yourself. Guess he was going to have to find out sooner or later. Next thing you knew, you found yourself standing in front of your boyfriend, telling him at rapid fire everything you’ve been feeling. “I hate it, Jungkook! It’s hard for me to look people in the eyes anymore without feeling so self conscious! I don’t feel pretty, I just feel like I need to cover up and hide and I just-” Suddenly you stopped. You found yourself surrounded by the warmth of his embrace. His arms wrapped around you tighter than ever before. He whispers in your ears, “You’ve never been so wrong…” That’s when it all made sense. Jungkook never stopped thinking you were beautiful.

He didn’t care. And although it’s hard, you shouldn’t either.

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Jimin: You would be at home, trying to just get through this like you always have: alone. You texted your boyfriend Jimin, saying that you weren’t feeling well, when you were actually just hiding. What you didn’t know is that Jimin was on his way to your house, arms full of chocolate and flowers in hope of making you feel better. Once he was there, you opened the door, completely forgetting the fact that, since you were home alone, that you had a tank top and shorts on. Jimin tilts his head in confusion. “What’s that baby?” You look down embarrassed and insecure that he’s seeing you this way, saying that you’re sorry he had to see this. Jimin stares at you for a moment before a soft smile crosses his face. “There’s nothing for you to worry about sweetie, just because you may not have the skin you want, it doesn’t change anything about you or anything I feel about you. I’ll love you no matter what, and I hope you never forget that. You’re beautiful.” He pulls you in for a hug before pulling back. “Now let me in so I can make you feel better. I brought chocolates!” He states, giggling, trying to lighten the mood. Shaking your head and smiling, you let him in. Soon you realize that Jimin is right, this doesn’t change anything about you. “Oh and (Y/N)?” You turn towards Jimin, looking at him questioningly. “If you ever feel insecure ever again, just remember that you aren’t defined by how you look, even though you always look adorable. I may have been drawn in by your adorable smile, but I fell in love with who you are inside.”

“You are strong. And you will get through this. Just know that you are never alone.”

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Taehyung: It’s late at night, and you and Taehyung are on the couch, watching a movie. After half an hour of sitting there, you begin to sweat. But you refuse to take off your jacket, knowing that if you did Taehyung would see what’s underneath. You would slowly slide yourself away from him, sitting at the end of the couch in an attempt to cool yourself off. Noticing this, he speaks up. “Hey, why don’t you come closer, I’m in a cuddly mood.” Shaking your head, you give him a small smile. “Actually, um, I’m okay over here.” “Come on baby, I know you love cuddling. And I especially love cuddling you, don’t make me beg.” He says, giving you his big puppy eyed look. “Not right now Tae, I’m just really hot.” He laughs tugging on your jacket. “That’s because you’re wearing this big thing and sweats. Just take your jacket off.” You give in, knowing that Tae would just find out sooner or later. As soon as you slide it off, he smiles and pulls you closer. You furrow your brows in confusion. “You don’t care about the…” You feel him kiss the top of your head before responding. “Of course not, and I never will. Because you are still the girl I love and will always love. You will always be breathtakingly beautiful and adorable no matter what. Now just let me cuddle my favorite person in the world, okay?” You nod your head, feeling a blush spread across your cheeks as you rest your head on Tae’s chest. You’re drifting off as you hear Tae whisper something into your ear.

“You’ll always be beautiful, no matter what. Don’t ever forget that.”

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Hoseok: You and Hoseok are currently at home. He is on the couch, while you are trying on dresses, trying to find the perfect one since you two are going out on a date. “Oh my gosh! Look at you!” You stare at him in confusion. “What? Is something wrong?” He shakes his head in response, his sunshine of a smile spreading across his face. “God no! How can you be so gorgeous! It must be illegal!” You continue to stare at him. “Uh, what-” “Oh my god how did I get so lucky to have a beautiful girlfriend like you!” “ I’m really not that beautiful.” “No shush! My girlfriend is so cute! Aw!” You blush, a small smile crossing your face. You giggle as Hobi continues to shower you in compliments, saying how he is so lucky and how cute you are. And although it may seem like you don’t care a lot on the outside, Hoseok doesn’t know that on the inside, his words mean the entire world to you. “(Y/N) don’t ever try to deny how gorgeous you are.”

“You are perfect just the way you are.”

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Namjoon: He was the first to notice the marks on your skin. “(Y/N), what happened? Did you have an allergic reaction?” You looked down and saw them for the first time as well. “Oh my gosh! Oh no!” You start to worry. What could have caused this? “I think we may need to take a trip to the doctor’s, (Y/N)…”

The two of you walked through the front door of the apartment you shared, returning from the doctor’s office. You slump onto the couch, frazzled by what the doctor has told you and Namjoon. “What am I going to do, Nam?” You say, sighing to yourself. He sits on the couch beside you, “I know, baby. Don’t worry, the doctor said it will go away after a few months.” You shake your head, “I’m stuck with this! I’m going to have to find ways to cover them up. I guess we need to go clothes shopping.” He furrows his brows at you, “What? Don’t do that! You have nothing to be ashamed about.” You look back up at him, “But-” He cuts you off, “(Y/N), this isn’t something you should be embarrassed of. This is a condition that I’m sure many others have to deal with. But nothing about you has changed. You’re beautiful smile still shines brighter than the sun, your eyes still sparkle like stars. You’re still gorgeous, because nothing about who you are has changed.” Your eyes begin to water from his kind words,

“Don’t ever hide yourself, okay?”

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Yoongi: The two of you were dress shopping for an important event you guys were attending. Hand in hand, you and Yoongi wandered the store in search of the perfect dress. However, each rack you approached you frowned. No…no…definitely no… You sighed to yourself as you moved each dress to the other side of the rack. You decided to try looking at different selection. I guess we’re going to be here for a while. You begin to shuffle the opposite direction before your boyfriend jumps in front of you. “Try this one on, baby!” He says, shoving a dress in your face. You take the hanger in your hand, inspecting the dress. But all you could notice was the lack of sleeves. You gulp, “Um…I don’t know Yoongi maybe this dress isn’t for me?” You meet his eyes, but he turns you around and begins to push you towards the dressing room, “Oh shut up. You look good in anything. Just try it!” Before you could object, he shoved you in the room. “H-hey-” “I won’t let you out until you atleast try it, so you might as well get changing.” He says from the other side of the door. You let out a long sigh, looking over at the daunting dress. Let’s just get this over with.

“Yoongi I’m ready, let me out.” You say begrudgingly. “Let me see.” He opens the door, You slowly step out, feeling awkward. You look up to see a giant grin spread across Yoongi’s face. This confused you, “What?” His grin turns into his famous gummy smile. “Wow~! Look at you~!” He says giggling. You furrow your brows. He takes your hand and lifts it, prompting you to do a little turn. “Wow~! My girlfriend is so pretty~!” You shake your head, “But…I don’t really like it…” His smiles fades slightly, “What do you mean? You look great in it! Why don’t you like it?” You start to look down. He then realizes what you’re thinking.

“I don’t see anything wrong, with you or the dress.”

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Seokjin: The two of you were out at dinner. He convinced you to wear something that didn’t cover it all, like usual. At the time, it seemed like a good idea. But now, you couldn’t help but feel as though everyone was staring. Jin was able to sense how uncomfortable you were. He looks at you with pursed lips. Your head was down, focused on your food. You were barely speaking. An idea suddenly pops in his head. “(Y/N).” He says, grabbing your attention. You hum in response, keeping your head low. “You know where we should go for dessert?” You scrunch your eyebrows slightly, “What? I thought we were having dessert here?” You say, looking at him confused. He chuckles slightly, “Come on.” He says, plopping money on the table. “Wait-” He grabs your hand and drags you out the restaurant, thanking the workers for the food.

You now found yourself sitting on the swings at the park you grew up at with him. It was always a place where you could feel safe, besides whenever you were with Jin. You each had your own pint of ice cream in hand, and shoveled spoonfuls into your mouths. “I hope you feel more comfortable now.” He says to you, breaking the silence. “Huh? What do you mean?” He looks at you, “I know you were feeling uncomfortable in the restaurant earlier.” You giggle slightly, “You know me so well.” You say, smiling down. He chuckles, “Yes, I do.” You both sit in comfortable silence once more. You look up at the stars, wondering how they can be so pretty. You stay like this for a while, but you begin to feel a pair of eyes on you. You look to your right and see him staring at you, but with a sad look on his face. “What’s wrong?” you say. He sets his ice cream down and turns towards you, “Listen, (Y/N). I want you to know you’re still beautiful, okay? I know you may not think it, but I do.”

“And one day you’ll be able to stop caring about how it looks and feel happy in your skin again. I promise.”

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Hey, I love your writing so much 💕 Maybe when I send you this request you could cheer me up a bit? Hope it's okay that it's sad actually Request: So I did something wrong and now I don't know if other people hate me and I don't want to leave my apartment ever again. I'm so sad and unhappy and disappointed of myself. Then Seb (or any of his characters) comes along and tries to help. Sorry if that's a weird request, I don't know how to do this. I just don't know how to live, it's my first time

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A/N: Hey, sweetheart, I hope this makes you feel better! If you want to talk about it don’t be afraid to message me! (on or off anon)

Huddled under a heap of blankets, watching sitcoms and romcoms is how I plan to spend the rest of my life. The cool, rainy weather seems to match my mood as I wallow in self despair. I try to distract myself with something, anything, but all that keeps running through my head is how much I messed up. How everyone must hate me now and I can never show my face to them again. I can’t believe I let this happen, I’m so ashamed in myself that I can’t even imagine how others must be thinking.

I hear a knock on my door as a fresh round of tears begins dripping down my cheeks. I plan to just ignore it, whoever it is will get the hint eventually, right? Apparently not. The knocking continues for what seems like forever until I finally give up. Untangling myself from my nest with a huff. I quickly wipe the final tears away before opening the door.

“What?” I practically shout as I open the door.

“Where have you been? You haven’t been answering your phone, (y/n), I’ve been worried sick!” Sebastian walks past me into my apartment, taking in the scene of blankets and tissues thrown about.

“What are you doing here?” I sigh

“What am I doing here? I’m checking on my favorite girl”

“Why do you even care? I messed everything up, I know that. Can I please just hate myself in peace?”

“Babe, you don’t mean that. What do you mean you messed everything up?” He looks thoroughly confused by my statement.

“You know what I mean” I assure him.

“Are you talking about the-” I brace myself for the words to follow but they don’t come. Instead I suddenly feel Sebastian’s arms wrap around my middle before pushing my arms to wrap around his neck. “Baby no one hates you.” We stand there in silence for what feels like hours, my tears staining his shirt and his hand consistently soothing up and down my back.

“How can you be sure? Seb, I really messed up” I tell him once my tears have subsided.

“I know you think that, sweetheart, but nobody’s mad at you. Honestly, right now, everyone’s really worried. I talked to some of your friends to see if they’ve heard from you, I thought you were just avoiding me but they all told me that they hadn’t talked to you either. (y/n), everyone just wants to make sure you’re okay”

“I’m sorry, I turned my phone off ‘cause I thought everyone would be sending me messages about how much I fucked up, once again”

“It’s okay, just don’t disappear on me again”

“I won’t, I promise”

“You need to talk to your friends too”

“I can’t face them”

“Babe, they’re worried about you, you need to talk to them”

“What am I supposed to say?”

“Maybe just listen to their messages and let them know you’re safe. But first, I think we should get you cleaned up and then we can go get some ice cream, maybe take a walk around the park, dance in the rain”

I can’t help but smile at his suggestions “that sound really nice Seba”

“Good, you go get in the shower, I’ll start cleaning up out here” he tells me, motioning to the mess of my livingroom. I nod my agreement before giving him a quick peck. Well it was supposed to be a quick peck, but as soon as I made contact he pulled me in by my waist. He deepens the kiss for a moment longer before breaking to rest his forehead against mine.

“I was really worried about you, please don’t ever do that to me again”

“I won’t, I promise. I’m so sorry Seba”

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Hi! I want to request an exo reaction but i'm not sure you're ok with writing about that but since you've made some dom/sub stuff i'll give it a shot. Could you write one where they and their gf are into ageplay and have a daddy/little girl relationship? Not only at bed but as a lifestyle where it's not sexual for them when she is into her little headspace. I hope you don't mindo but it's ok if you don't want to write it

I”ll warn you right now that I’m not that informed about ageplay so this request might not be as good or contain content that you were expecting. If that is the case then I am greatly sorry for my mistakes.

Thank you for requesting and for being so patient to have it answered.




In bed: “baby, why don’t you come over to daddy and let him show you why it’s fun to be an adult” *OOOOOOHH Xiudaddy*

Normal lifestyle: *He’ll enjoy the parts of being protective over you like a real daddy would be and love when you get in the young, playful and clingy mood the most.* 



*Luhan would take on his role as daddy the best out of everyone, he’d know what to show his little partner and give to them in bed and in life in general at the right times. He’d love every minute of it. He’ll love the parts of ageplay where he can hand feed his child as if they’re a baby and also have a particular fondness of punishing his child when they are being bad*

In bed: “you’ve been very bad babe, spying on your daddy when he told you to stay in your room while he took care of some business. What  kind of punishment should you receive for not following orders, my little child?”

Normal lifestyle: “here y/n eat some of this. You’ll need it to help you grow bigger and stronger like your daddy and don’t drink too much hot chocolate, we don’t want you to be too hyper when it’s time to watch a movie”



In bed: *ageplay with Kris is taken most seriously in bed, he’ll expect you to play your role to the best of your ability at this time…. acting innocent and young and being submissive. Kris would love if you played role of a slightly nervous and afraid person during this time, acting like you don’t know what is happening or what to do and asking him*

y/n: “daddy, why are you in bed with me? It’s time for us to go to bed”

Kris: *hovering over you* “we are going to bed but I want to sleep with you tonight, we’re going to do something that will help you sleep and feel better”

Y/n: “what do you mean? what are we going to do daddy?”

Kris: “just be a good child and let me do the work, I promise you’ll enjoy this baby”

Normal lifestyle: *age play means that their “younger” partner would initiate a lot of fun and games during the normal days since kids love to play. Kris would love playing along to a game of tag or hide and go seek (or a mix of both) with his partner*



First of all: Daddy Suho? no, more like Mommy Suho. 

(Sorry, had to do it)

In Bed: *despite Suho being patient and 100% leader material for EXO, he would actually be pretty impatient when it was time to have special Daddy/child time* “babe, all of your cute playfulness has caused a problem downstairs and you owe it to daddy to come and fix the mess that you made”

Normal lifestyle: “I decided to take today off so that I could pamper my sweet child, since you’ve been so good these past couple of days why don’t we go shopping as a reward?”



In Bed: *it won’t really matter what sort of roleplay you have going on with Lay, not when you’re in bed with him at least, because once you two are on that mattress, couch, table top, etc he’ll only care about getting to work*

Normal Lifestyle: “Babe, daddy made you some soup to eat while he’s gone at work today. If you behave we can have some dessert when I get home”



In Bed:“why doesn’t my sweet babe come over here and cool daddy off by giving me some of those sweet, sloppy kisses? If you cool me off good enough I’ll have a surprise for you that you’ll love”

Normal lifestyle: “does daddy get a kiss for being the best daddy in the world? how about a kiss for being fun? no, baby doesn’t want to kiss me? Fine, I’ll just blow you a kiss anyway because I love my sweet child”



In bed: y/n: “daddy, I’ve been very bad. Today I accidentally broke one of your favorite vases then I got mad and smashed all the pictures on the walls, please, daddy, punish me for being such a bad child”

chen: “in deed you have been bad. Very bad. Don’t worry, daddy’s going to give you a punishment that you’ll never forget”

Normal lifestyle: “man, your ageplaying really is too much sometimes” *Chen will occasionally break out of character sometimes when he sees you dressing up like a young child or young teenager or hears you speaking in a really childish voice*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                      ###Chanyeol:###

In Bed: ”you like it when daddy dances for you huh babe?”

y/n: *shakes head eagerly*

Chanyeol: “would you like daddy to dance for you?”

y/n: *shakes head again* 

Chanyeol: “or would you like to dance with daddy?”

y/n: *gets up and walks to him, beginning to grind with him as you let out little, needy moans*

Normal lifestyle: *he enjoys the ageplay when you’re old enough to wear cute clothes but also be old enough to know…somethings…. and he’ll gladly act along, even if he is the dad of the relationship, without thinking twice*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                    ###Kyungsoo:###

In Bed: ”You’re my special one aren’t you?”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kyungsoo: “and what makes you so special?”

Y/n: “the way that I cry and moan and beg for my daddy to fill me up”

Kyungsoo: “that’s right and also the way that my special one rides me when I say so”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kyungsoo: “ride me baby”

y/n: “as you wish”

Normal lifestyle: ”it’s time to wake up babe, I have to go to work soon and I’d like to play with my special youngster before I go” 

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                            ###Tao:###

In Bed: *he’ll probably be the one who enjoys ageplay the most in bed while feeling less comfortable with it outside of “sexy time”. The more ageplay you act while in bed with him the more you and him will enjoy staying up through the night*

Normal lifestyle: *there’ll be days during roleplay where your ageplay will cause you to break out in tears for some unknown reason and, like a father would do with their child, he’d hug you and comfort you until you felt better or fell asleep then he’d carry you to your room and place you under the sheets before wishing you a good night and placing a kiss on your forehead*

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                            ###Kai:###

In Bed:  “baby knows how to ride this just right don’t they?”

y/n: “yes daddy”

Kai: “and you like having your daddy fill you up and pound into you rough don’t you babe?”

Y/n: “yes”

Kai: “yes what”

y/n: “yes daddy, I like it”

Kai: “be more clear darling or you won’t get anything tonight”

y/n: “yes daddy, I love it when you shove your cock into my hole and pound into me until I lose my voice and can’t walk the next day, please daddy, fill me up right now”

Kai: “that’s better”

Normal lifestyle: *he’ll go out and buy you ice cream as your reward when you’re being a good child*

Kai: “are you enjoying your ice cream sweet one?”

y/n: *you speak very silently because you’re in public and you normally save you ageplay for home* “yes daddy, thank you”

~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~~                                      ###Sehun:###

In Bed: *Sehun may be the “baby” (meaning maknae) of exo but he’d definitely love participating in an ageplay relationship. Unfortunately for his partner, if they didn’t like the ageplay in bed to always be rough then they more than likely would not enjoy ageplay with him because he’d love to hear his partner call him daddy nonstop*

Normal lifestyle: *the first time you do ageplay in a non-sexual atmosphere he’d choke on whatever he happened to be eating or drinking at the time*

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The whole "I want you to hate me but now I don't think you're capable" friends with benefits imagine was sooo good, & Bc I'm a fan of cheesy happy endings it'd be a nice surprise if you did a part 2? It's perfectly fine if you don't want to, but it doesn't hurt to ask! :)

(You’re so cute :’) here you go babe I hope you like it!!)

Part 1


That’s how many times Michael had tried to contact you.

You knew he didn’t feel the same way but the things that he said to you? The hurtful, venomous words he spat left a pitiful stain on your heart that you couldn’t wipe off as much as you tried.

Love hurt like a bitch. That was a given. But you didn’t think that he would brush it off without so much of a talk that would clear the air and give you some closure.

But you heard nothing from him.

He was back in LA, from the countless tweets you saw on your feed of the boys emerging from a restaurant tonight. You rolled your eyes at the pictures. He looked so, happy? Carefree?

Needless to say you were the exact opposite. You shut your laptop and decided to head to bed, silencing the ever so growing thoughts that erupted in your head. Was he with another girl? Did he even like you anymore forget about love?

You thought he was at least your friend. The late night discussions you two would have sometimes mixed with the breakfast in bed in the mornings, tired smiles combined with the sex hair both of you had always made you smile.

But to Michael I guess it meant nothing.

You heard a pounding on the door, wondering who in the hell was knocking at nearly, you checked your phone, midnight.

Sighing you threw the covers off as you slipped on your slippers and proceeded to yell at the person who decided to disturb your sleep.

Opening the door, an incessant trail of curse words were about to leave your lips until you saw that familiar set of blonde hair and those eyes that could stab you in the heart with one look.

“Mike?” You questioned, surprise lacing your features, undoubtedly as you took in the man you loved.

He looked good. Put together. But the words behind his eyes told you otherwise. He brushed past you as you stood there for a minute, realizing what was happening. You literally just saw him on your computer screen and didn’t think he would ever show up to your place. But he was always full of surprises wasn’t he.

You slowly made your way into the living room, not knowing what the fuck to do at this point. Awkward wouldn’t even describe the situation right now.

“I know I said some pretty shitty things to you the last time we talked.” He started, taking his jacket off as you took in his body. Damn, now’s not the time to think about that Y/N.

You brought your attention back to Michael as he continued to his what looked like prepared speech.

“I’m a fucking idiot I think we all know that.” You cracked a tiny smile at that, sitting on the armrest of the couch as he grinned a little at the uplift in your mood.

“I said that because I didn’t want to be in a relationship that would just hurt you in the end. Why do you think I just fuck and leave huh? So I’m not tied down? Because I don’t want someone that I could come home to at night and just cuddle the shit out of and talk to about literally everything? No. It’s because if I did let myself fall for someone, it was going to end bad. It’s just inevitable.”

You didn’t know he started walking closer to you with each sentence he said, making your heart pound like a hammer.

“But then you came along.” His voice softened instantly when he reached you. “And fucked everything up.”

You let out a strangled chuckle as the tears you didn’t know started forming in your eyes.

“And then I fucking fell for you. You made me want to be that boyfriend who does all that romantic shit for you like buy you flowers, well in your case pizza,” he laughed as he put his arms around you, “and watch those chick flicks with you, but with you it’d probably be horror movies right?”

You nodded as you smiled and embraced him from the torso, looking up at his breathtaking eyes that you could never get enough of.

“All those things I just said, you tend to like the exact opposite which is one of the many reasons why you stole my heart in the first place.” You laughed as you leaned up and pecked his jaw, completely defying the traditional characteristics and likes of a girlfriend.

But that’s what he loved. That’s what he wanted. Because he was different too. But in the best way possible.

“I love you. Have for awhile now. And I really hope you still feel the same way.” He brushed his lips on yours, missing the way you two fit together and moved in sync.

And it might take some time for Michael to properly fit back into your life, but he knew that it was going to be worth it. Because you’re worth it.

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hi i'm not sure you are still taking prompt request so if you don't that's okay but if you do and you don't mind writing a michael one with “I shouldn’t want the elevator to stall, but at least it would keep you here.” / “My parents asked about you.” / “I was lying… I knew you’d be at this party, that’s why I came.” (or just one of them or two idc) that would be really nice of you cause i really love your writing :))

breakup!5sos blurb night with @hemmocrat & i // insp. // [part 2]

Twinkling fairy lights gently lit the penthouse suite as the party stirred, the bustle of guests fluttering around you as they congratulated the newly engaged couple one by one making you grin from ear to ear. It was nearing nine thirty and you had work the next morning but you couldn’t deny that attending one of your best friend’s engagement parties raised your lately more-often-than-not-somber mood, the bright grins of everyone surrounding you making it nearly impossible to not feel happy. Of course, you were aware of the fact that your ex was in attendance as well considering your friend was set to be married to Michael’s bandmate, Ashton, but you attempted to cast that thought far into the deep corners of your mind; pretending you hadn’t spotted his dyed blonde head of hair multiple times as a consequence of your eyes unconsciously searching for him the entire night. You tried to ignore the radiant smile pasted across his lips as the guitarist mingled about the slew of guests, struggling to ignore the gnawing feeling in your stomach each time you saw Michael engaging in conversation with other girls. He has every right to flirt with whoever he wants to, you reasoned with yourself, We’ve been broken up for months now, get over it.

However, your pursuit to will yourself to think rationally flew out the door the second your eyes met his twinkling green ones during Calum’s speech congratulating the newly engaged couple: Michael’s eyebrows shooting up in surprise as he recognized your sullen face. Immediately after the brunette finished his toast, you were throwing back your glass of champagne and gathering your coat and purse from the entrance of the suite. You figured your friend was too far gone now, drunk on love and her new commitment to the one she loved, to be angry about your sudden departure.

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New Years Confessions - Requested (Michael)

This was requested by two Anon, i combined the requests (Can you please write one where you have never had a boyfriend and you really like michael but you think he doesn’t like you back because you no one had ever liked you sooo and it’s chistmas break and Y/N and Mikey spend the new years eve togetherrrrr pls) and (Please write one where he takes you to see snow for the first time for Christmas like it’s kind of just a general request so you could write what you want. If possible could it be with Michael?) Hope you like it, ENJOY!!!

‘Come in, it’s gonna be amazing, please’ Michael begs you again; you roll your eyes turning in your bed to press your face into your pillow. ’(Y/N) give me a good resin why we should miss this’ he continues. You fly up turning to him fully 'Michael I have told you to go, so just go without me’ you snap, he is taken back and you can tell by the way his eyes have grown and jaw slackened. 'I’m sorry I didn’t mean not to sound that harsh, I’m just saying, I don’t want to go but I’m not expecting you to stay with me’ you explain with a softer voice and Michael sighs lying on your bed.

'Fine, then what are we doing New Years?’ He asks and you groan. 'You’re going to London to go to the biggest party ever to end the year and I’m gonna sit her watching shitty films’ you laugh a little as you repeat his subscription if the party.

'Well shitty films it is then’ he nods closing his eyes and you groan. 'Michael you know I will feel bad if you don’t go because of me, don’t emotionally blackmail me, this isn’t fair’ you whine.

'I’m not blackmailing you, we made a promise to spend ever New Years with each other until we hate each other and I’m sticking to my promise, I will never let you down’ he explain 'I’m giving you a get out of jail free card, take it and run, we both know I don’t mind being alone, and we both know you will be pissed with me if you stay, and by you not letting me down, I’m letting you down so just go’ you ramble.

'Please come with me’ he asks again sitting up and holding your cheeks in his hands. Your try to keep your eyes on his, not letting them wonder down to his lips, but looking in his eyes only reminds you of how much you love him so you look away, which only causes him to pull your face back 'Please’ he whispers.

'Fine, fine, fine, fine, now leave me alone’ you agree, he jumps off the bed cheering and jumping around before leaping on to you, he flattens his body to yours and stars to bounce in top of you still cheering and you laughing so hard you belly starts to hurt, he brings his lips to your cheek pecking it and as he pulls away it’s like slow motion, and all you think about it grabbing his face and smashing your lips to him, but you remind yourself, he doesn’t want you, no one does. 'I’ll book the flights’ he cheers rushing out of the room.


‘So man, who you got your eye on for the count down?’ Michael asks Harry, who’s smirk grows a little wider as he glances at you, ‘Take a guess’ he challenges, Michael’s eyes start to search the room, until he finally stop moving his head in all directions, he turns and wiggles both eyebrows ‘The blonde with the blue dress, with the t..’ Michael stops himself looking down at you and smiling innocently ‘big chest’ he corrects and looks back to a chuckling Harry. ‘Idiot’ you mutter, ‘What? You could do better?’ Michael defends and you nod ‘The brunet with the black dress, dancing with the group of girls’ you look up to Harry and he pulls a slightly agreeing face before nodding ‘She’s right, it would definitely be her’ Harry confirms and you smirk as you glance at Michael ‘Shut up, it was  a lucky guess’ he mutters and you laugh ‘No it wasn’t, I know who you’d pick to’ you tell him, hearing Harry chuckle, ‘No, you don’t’ Michael argues and you roll your eyes.

‘He would go for the red head dancing on the table or the light blonde sitting on the stairs watching everyone, depending on his mood’ you tell Harry who nods as he finds the girls you’re talking about. ‘Wrong’ Michael hits, ‘No I’m not’ you argue ‘Yes you re, they aren’t who I would go for’ you glare at I’m ‘Whatever then, are hole’ you mutter jokingly and he glares at you too.

‘What about you? Who have you got your sights on?’ Harry asks you, you don’t have time to open your mouth before Michael answers for you ‘No one, she isn’t like that’ he tells Harry and you feel your heart drop a little, like Michael is saying no one wants you, as much as it hurts you know deep down that’s not what he is implying but you throw back on the smile as you play with him ‘That’s Michael’ you mutter faking annoyance, ‘So you don’t think I could get a guy?’ you challenge, his eyes grow a little wider as he shakes his head ‘No, no, that’s not what I said, I just mean that you’re not the type to go around getting with people you don’t know’ he explain and you nod pulling a face to make out your pissed off with his comment, ‘Come on you know I didn’t mean anything by it’ Michael whines and you laugh ‘I know, but you’re so easy to wind up’ you tease and he glares again.

‘I think my first kiss of the year will be from my mum when I get home and she realises the plane didn’t crash’ you half joke and Harry laughs, ‘I’ll be your first kiss of the new year’ he winks clearly joking ‘No, you won’t’ Michael snaps and you laugh a little at his outburst as Harry’s eyes widen ‘You know because its (Y/N), why would you kiss her?’ Michael tries to cover but this time what he says does hurt you and you can’t hide the hurt on your face, you know Harry and Michael have noticed because Michael’s jaw goes a little slack and he opens his mouth to speak but closes it not sure what he wants to say.

‘See you guys later’ you smile towards Harry and gives you a sympathetic smile back as you turn away, you head outside to the back yard and as you step out you notice a thin layer of white on the floor, snow? Is it really snow? You have never seen snow before, you haven’t really travelled out of Sydney and it wasn’t known for snow.

‘(Y/N) I didn’t mean it to sound how it did, you know I think the world of you, and your stunning any guy would be an idiot not to see how amazing you are. I honestly didn’t mean for it to sound like that’ Michael explains rushing in front of you and holding both of your hands, you pull them out of him and nod a little. ‘Its fine, I don’t care’ you sigh looking up to the sky to see if it looked like more snow was coming but it didn’t and you put a little to yourself.

‘I care, I care that I hurt you, I’m s…’ you cut him off with a simple word ‘Snow’ he frowns for a second until he realises and a smile breaks out on his lips. ‘You’ve never seen snow’ he speaks and you laugh a little, ‘I’m not as well travelled as you’ you tease and he laughs a little. ‘Come on’ he tells you, wrapping his hand around yours and pulling you down the path to the front of the house, ‘You drive, I’ve been drinking’ he calls throwing you his keys and you no climbing in. ‘Where to?’ you ask and he starts to give you directions, he finally tells you to pull over and as you climb out the car you notice it only half an hour until midnight. You turn to see a hill, glistening white with snow, Michael comes round and wraps his hand in your which is something he does often but still sends tingles through your whole body. Without a word he starts to pull you up the hill, and you thank god you wore boots with no heels with your dress, talking about dress you’re getting pretty cold, as you reach the top of the hill you freeze, the view from here is amazing, you can see all buildings dusted in white snow, the dull streetlight in the black night and you smile feeling a strange sense of warmth inside ever thought you were freezing. ‘It beautiful’ you sigh, and then you feel Michael wrap place his hoodie over your shoulders and you smile sliding in your arm. ‘So are you’ he whispers, so quietly you think you miss heard. ‘What?’ you ask, Michael turns to you and a soft smile tugs on his red lips.

‘There is a reason I wanted to be with you this New Year’s. Because I needed to tell you how amazing you are, I needed you to hear at the beginning of the year that you are the most wonderful people I have ever met, I needed you to know so that through the year, when you start doubting yourself you will remember how you stated the year. Look (Y/N) your my best friend, I know every little thing about you, your nail biting, your period cravings, your dress style, your favourite books and movies, your obsession with Harry Potter, the weird way you eat pie and knowing it all, from the perfect to the damn right weird, I love you, I love everything about you, all the weird shit, I love it, I love your hair in the morning, I love your sarcasm, I love you, just you and everything about you.’ He takes in a huge breath and you just stare at him.

‘We should leave if you want to be at the party for the countdown’ you whisper, un able to find your voice, you don’t know why you said that, it’s like you can’t believe or take in what he just said. Michel slips out his phone and shows you the count down on his screen, 30 seconds until midnight. ‘I’m sorry’ you tell him looking away. His fingers hook under your chin and raise it a little so you’re looking him in the eyes, ‘I’m not, this is exactly where I want to me, I love you (Y/N)’ he whispers, he holds your gaze for a second before looking at his phone which he is holding between you and you look down to, ‘five’ he whispers ‘four’ you join him, ‘three’ he glances up at you ‘two’ your eyes meet ‘one’ he whispers before softly pressing his lips to yours, your frozen as he moves against you, one of his hands wrapping around your back holding the small of you back so your closer to him while the other brushes the hair from your face, he pulls back when you don’t kiss back after a couple of second, but you know, you know now this is right and so you press into him. You pull away breathless and notice the small smile on his face. You slip off his hoodie and hand it him, ‘Let’s do what we did when we were kids’ you remind him and he laughs softly sliding into his hoodie, you stand back to chest as close as possible and he reaches around your front to zip up the hoodie with you both inside.  You chuckle as the zip reaches your chin along with Michael fingers and he raises your chin a little so he can lean forwards and press his lips to yours.

‘I really do love you’ he whispers, and then you feel something wet on your forehead, you look up to see the snow starting to fall and you sigh resting your head on his back as he rests his chin on your head. ‘I love you too Michael, Happy new years’

From Chelsea

The Video - Requested (Ashton)

Hey this was requested by Anon (one where y/n is lukes older sister and shes on tour with the guys but whenever she’s asked to come along to sound checks and interviews and stuff she says no because she’s scared of the fans and has anxiety and ashton comes one night into her bunk and cuddles and tries to make her feel better?) its isnt 100% what you asked for because i changed it up a little but i hope you still like it. ENJOY ALL!!!!

‘(Y/N) please come to sound check, I hate leaving you in on your own’ Luke begs as he lingers in the door, ready to leave. But you laugh trying to act normally.

‘Luke, I’m fine. I don’t want to come’ you tell him, but you tell he takes offence and huffs leaving without a good bye. You feel bad so you send him a text apologising for it sounding so nasty, he forgave you pretty quickly. You decide to go for a walk, leaving the bus and walking about five minutes before seeing a group of fans, there are about eight of them and as you get closer they split half coming over to you, the other half walking away and watching.

‘Hey (Y/N), could we get a picture?’ one girl asks,

‘With me, I think it’s my brother you came for’ you joke and the four girls laugh as they pose with you. You chat with them for a couple of minutes and before leaving they hand over a A4 piece of paper FULL of twitter names and a couple of phone numbers, they ask you to give it to the boys and you agree. As you begin to continue walking you hear one girl shout behind you.

‘Your Luke’s sister you should be supporting him, not using him for his fame’ you turn to see one of the girls in the group you didn’t speak to laughing with her friends as she glared at you.

‘I support Luke 100%, and if you did you wouldn’t be shouting thing to his sister in the street’ you tell her walking away and heading back to the bus not in the mood for a walk any more. The fans are horrible to you, well some of you, others are lovely. As you enter the bus you let out a frustrated growl thinking you were alone, but that wasn’t true, just as your about to flop onto the sofa you see something move in the Courbet of your eye, you jump slightly looking in the direction only to see Ashton standing there frowning.

‘Hey, is everything okay?’ He asks

'Jesus Ash you nearly gave me a heart attack, why aren’t you at sound check?’ You ask avoiding his question

'Calum wanted his phone charger and I’m not needed at the moment so I came and got it’ he explains you nod, and sit down on the sofa. Ashton comes and sits next to you, turning and crossing his legs in the sofa so he is looking at you so you shift so you’re facing him too and way in him eye brows raised as you wait for him to speak.

'Talk to me’ is all he says and you shake your head frowning. 'Come on (Y/N), I know you want to be strong and not bother us with your stuff but we complain to you all the time. Just tell me what’s wrong’ he tells you and you watch him for a moment until deciding you can trust Ashton to not tell Luke.

'The fans hate me, they think I’m only on your with you guys because I was to share Luke’s fame, its horrible Ash and I don’t understand it. Mali-Koa doesn’t get hate, everyone loves her. Sometimes I just want to tell them how much I have given to support Luke but don’t want to sound like I was praise for it. But Ash I have given my life up so Luke could be here and I don’t mind because he’s my baby brother but it’s shit that al I get for it is hate.’ You stop looking down at your fingers; Ashton’s fingers lightly touch your chin moving your head so you’re looking at him.

'Ignore it, I know it’s hard but your amazing (Y/N), we know how much you have given and we are all so grateful. Look if the fans don’t want to accept you that are their problem. Because you are beautiful, funny, kind, loving, a little crazy at times but you really are amazing. Don’t miss out on the opportunity to explore all these amazing places because of a couple of girls’ he tells you, his eyes never leaving yours. You feel like you having a moment until his phone starts to ring and he has to get back to sound check.

While he is gone you can’t help bit keep thinking about everything he does. You have always kind of liked Ashton, he is the same age as you so it’s always helped but you always pick it aside. He is Luke’s best friend and he would never want you. You decide to look through twitter, it’s been about an hour since Ashton left and the boys still aren’t back. You see that there is a new video on the boys twitter and open it.

'Hi, hope everyone is doing well! We are just at sound check but we have something on our mind and we need to talk to you guys’ Ashton’s begins

'Earlier today we found out that someone very important to us is getting a lot of hate’ you watch Calum explain and your belly drops, you know it’s about you and you want to scream in augur at yourself for believing Ashton would keep your secret.

'My sister is amazing, and I really mean it when I say we wouldn’t be here without her. (y/N) actually talked me into starting to do YouTube videos and then when I told her about Calum and Michael she encouraged me to ask them about a band, she said the worst that could happen is that they say no. But not only that but because I’m not legally an adult I’m not actually allowed to be on your without a responsible adult which I’m sure most of you know because that’s why my mum was always with us, but two months ago my gran became very ill and my mum needed to be with her butters was no one else to be my responsible adult so we actually had a couple of serious meeting about cancelling the tour but then my amazing big sister quit her job that she has worked so so hard to get and she left her friends and out family at home to come with me so that we could still tour.’ Luke explains to the camera becoming very emotional to the point where he is nearly crying and Calum runs his back, comforting him.

'Some people have been horrible to her and she felt like she couldn’t tell us because people would say she’s attention seeking but she isn’t and we needed to know because honestly she hasn’t been herself lately and now we know why’ Michael continues for Luke as he seems like he can’t talk much more.

'We need people to stop, we love you guys but it’s not fair. No one should get hate messages especially not (Y/N)’ Calum tells the camera still running Luke’s back.

'She is an amazing person and none of us would be here right now if it wasn’t for her. So please, please stop’ Ashton begs the camera.

'Bye’ they all say not in union, bloody idiots can never speak at the same time no matter how hard they try. You close the video and although it was sweet you were still a fury at Ashton for betraying your trust. Your about to match over to the sound check to talk to Ashton when the bus door swings open, Luke comes rushing in and before you have chance to stop him his arms are around you tightly, like he can’t let go.

‘I am so sorry, this is my entire fault. I love you (Y/N), I understand if you want to go home. I hate that this is my entire fault.’ Luke tells you still holding you in his arms; you push him back gently and shake your head at him.

‘Luke this isn’t your fault, I wanted to do this for you. Don’t blame yourself. I honestly don’t mind, you know me never one to complain’ you smirk as he laughs, he always comments on how much you complain so the joke lightens the mood. Calum and Michael give you huge hugs to but Ashton doesn’t, he nods towards the door none of the other noticing as they got on with their own stuff. You walk out of the bus and turn to face Ashton.

‘I can’t believe you, I trusted you, what gave you the right to tell Luke’ you yell at him.

‘You can’t be mad at me, I had to do it, it was horrible to see you so down and knowing what was making you feel that way and not doing anything would have hurt even more’ he tells you not raising his voice at all.

‘I thought I could trust you, do you not think if I wanted Luke to know I would have told him. You had no right. That was my business not your Ashton’

‘You know, I don’t care if you mad at me. I did what I had to do; making the video and making you hate me will all have been worth it if you get a little less hate.’ He tells you and his words are so kind, so caring you can’t argue with him instead you stare at him augur and annoyance in your glare but also thankfulness, because maybe him going against you has actually helped.

‘I, still mad at you’ you mutter as you go to walk past him, but his hand grabs your arm turning you slightly and his lips press against yours, it was so quick you didn’t have time to think it though but before you knew it your lips were moving along with him, one of your hands in his hair. But you soon think through what you’re doing and pull away rushing inside. For the rest of the night you avoid Ashton at all costs. You’re in your bunk snuggled under your covers, and you hear your curtain being pulled back, you go to turn but as you do you are stuck in place as a body presses against yours, its warm and one arm moves over your waist holding you close, when you see the hands you know its Ashton. His lips touch your neck softly.

‘I like you’ he tells you, you smile and feel him smile as his lips are still on your neck.

‘Same’ is all you mutter as you close your eyes hoping for a good night sleep while in Ashton’s arms. 

Taking Requests

From Chelsea