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Yo I'm pretty new to the fandom, so I'm not coming from a strong place of anti hate or anything, but: what's stopping me from shipping Reylo is that I just don't understand what Rey gets out of this? I really don't want to see the most prominent female Jedi/protagonist reduced to a device for male redemption (I do support his redemption tho) -- I guess I get why he might need her, but why does she need him, based on what we know from TFA at least? Asking sincerely, I'm genuinely curious here

First off, love/romance/relationships aren’t a financial balance sheet and while I kind of understand the premise of it, I don’t agree with the argument on a fundamental level - where someone has to ‘get something’. 

That being said, I think aside from all the speculation, the trailer has really clarified that point. Rey is going to be a bit lost in a world that is very foreign to her, she’s looking for someone to help her - Luke tries, but freaks out (presumably). Kylo isn’t - and hasn’t - ever looked at her in fear or been freaked out - when she escaped, he was basically ‘okay well let’s find her’, not ‘shit not another force user they’re dangerous’ - he even offered to be her teacher and help her as they fought. That’s a really powerful thing - to be accepted for who you are. Rey is really big into family, having a home, because she never had one - she has serious abandonment issues and Kylo shares a lot of her same issues (though for different reasons). 

I cannot stress enough how empowering it is to have someone truly understand you and your fears, and I think for Rey that’s going to be a tipping point for accepting Kylo as a partner (romantic or not). Sometimes you just need someone who gets it and doesn’t fear you. Sometimes that’s all it takes to love them. I’m talking romantic Reylo on the last point, btw. 

And I think that this whole ‘device for a man’s redemption’ argument is just an excuse to not like the pairing and in some respects it’s total bullshit in this context.

It was made very clear throughout TFA - before and after he meets Rey - that Kylo had some serious conflict and serious issues with being drawn towards the Light, etc. I don’t care what anyone says, he was torn up about Han and almost didn’t do it. He felt trapped, like he had already gone too far - and then he killed Han, and it messed him up. Bad. We see the aftermath in TLJ trailer - it’s clearly VERY soon after TFA when he’s in the TIE against Leia and he’s all messed up.

At this point, it’s not tied at all to Rey. He’s already waffling - he’s on shaky ground as it is. If Leia is the turning point for him, then would you also say that Leia is just a ‘device for a man’s redemption’?

No, you wouldn’t - because Leia is a character that is not defined by who she loves and who she helps. She’s a wonderful character that has flaws, strengths, passions, and is human. Some could say that Han’s decision to come back at the end of ANH was caused by Leia - do you still make the same argument? No.

So why would you see Rey any differently? She has her own story, flaws, strengths, passions, insecurities. The fact that her path may be intertwined with Kylo’s doesn’t detract from her story, it strengthens it.

I hope that helps.

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Chapter 31 (the church scene) of BLLB ends with Ronan being very angry. Why? This scene really bothers me, like I'm missing something important. He could be angry just because, but I don't think so. It's like this time, he's actually really hurt. Did the dream upset him? He almost seems ashamed (?), but I can't for the life of me figure out why. Or maybe I'm reading too much into it and he's upset because he's Ronan Lynch. What do I know? He challenges us all to learn him again :) Thanks, Kat

Dear wolfwings7,

The short answer to this is he thought he didn’t have to feel that way anymore. 

The longer answer requires spoilers. 




Is that far enough? If you’re spoiled after this, it’s your own fault. 

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Historia has her Kink, Sasha of course knows things, and Mikasa has her moment.
  • Historia: Do you think Ymir thinks about things?
  • Mikasa: ...what things?
  • Historia: Ya know...things.
  • Mikasa: His', can you clarify for me please?
  • Historia: Uh, ya know like why the sky is blue or why they call the darkest reaches of the ocean the abyss or--
  • Sasha: She wants to know if Ymir ever thinks about getting choked by Historia as much as she thinks about doing it to Ymir.
  • Historia: ...
  • Mikasa: ...
  • Sasha: ....
  • Mikasa: I don't hear you denying this His'.
  • Historia: I'm uh...I'm trying to grasp how Sasha knew that?
  • Sasha: We room together, I hear things when I go off on my nightly snack raids. You won't believe half the things I hear coming from Annie and Mina's room.
  • Mikasa: That's all fine and dandy, babe. I'm still trying to wrap my mind around Historia wanting to choke Ymir, why would she do that? What's Ymir done to deserve that His'?
  • Sasha: Oh, my sweet loving scarf child.
  • Historia: Seriously?
  • Mikasa: What? I'm concerned here, why would you---
  • Sasha: Babe, honey, abs that have me drooling. Think bedroom activity.
  • Mikasa: Oh. OH! Oh, okay. Yeah she definitely does.
Ear Biscuits 100 audio version 14:52
  • Link: The underwear that I am currently wearing...
  • Rhett: Mmm!
  • Rhett: I don't know why I responded like that -- it doesn't appetize me!
  • Link: Just to clarify, I'm not showing Rhett my underwear.

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Kaisoo is so real, that even I myself don't exist irl compared to them. Mbyyyye!!


So close, Kyungsoo, stop.

Their happy smiles, that’s what I live for~ 

Suho trying to be a thirdwheel for Kaisoo, but failing, I love it.

Yeah, because Jongin looks at eveyone at the same way he looks at Kyungsoo. No bitch, no.

Kyungsoo taking Jongin’s jacket off. How to unsee? Oh, yeah, I CAN’T!

Jongin helping Kyungsoo pull his pants up (I love the way Jongin used to look at Kyungsoo everytime they did this Overdose choreography)


Kyungsoo fixing Jongin’s collar~ 

Now I’m wondering… Is this collar fixing a kind of mate preparation? Someone clarify this to me!

Jongin as a shy boy… Hm…

Is just me that thinks that this moment is a little… solemn? Maybe is the light effects.

Look how close Kaisoo is compared to Chanyeol the oficial Kaisoo’s thirdwheel lOl.

If Kaisoo isn’t real, I don’t know the difference between reality and fantasy anymore.

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okay quick thought: after they're living alongside the third generation of human/humanoid de rolos, the dragons just stop bothering to keep track of how they're related to any specific person. none of this "great-great-grandniece-twice-removed" nonsense. all are cousins. there's also LOTS of jokes about de rolos anywhere that knows about the dragons. "don't anger a de rolo, they bite - and their dragons might too!" also imagine the procession of dragon visits every time a new cousin is born.

I was thinking that starting two or three generations in, the dragons are counted - and count themselves - as aunts and uncles to all assorted de Rolos. Though Keyleth would probably still count herself as an aunt to the dragons as well as to de Rolo descendants en masse…that’s fine. Keyleth is just everyone’s aunt.

Like 40 years post-canon, a young dragon shows up in the palace tower in Ank’Harel, polymorphed human for politeness. Requests an audience with J’mon Sa Ord - “Properly, please,” he says, and the image of a young man flickers to show golden eyes and the trace of red scales.

This is Ank’Harel, however, so nobody is impressed. He’s clearly a little put out as he rides the elevator up, though he hides it well. J’mon Sa Ord greets him in exactly the human form they usually prefer.

“Well, you’re a little impudent,” they say from their throne, one eyebrow raised. But they lean forward, chin cupped in one hand. “Oliver, isn’t it?”

“Yes, ma’am. Sir.” He’s a little more nervous now that he’s actually here, talking to the legendary ancient bronze. But he stands up straight, with the pride of both a red dragon and an ancient noble house. “I’m setting up a lair in the desert, and Lady Cassandra wished me to, ah, ‘inform the neighbors’ before I started disrupting any trade, and make clear that nothing I do is, diplomatically speaking, in Whitestone’s name.”

J’mon Sa Ord has many, many centuries of experience in politics, so they do not smile. But, for all his self-imposed formality, Oliver does sound like the disgruntled teenager he is.

“And if your forebear provided the desert and my city quite enough experience with red dragons,” they ask neutrally, “and I decided to put a stop to this right now?”

Oliver looks offended, and his form flickers out of sight for a moment, then reappeared half a foot to the right. “I’m not actually here. I’m not an idiot.”

They don’t bother to hide a trace of amusement. Youngsters. “Very well. The desert is harsh and empty. A little extra danger will give the caravan guards something to do, I’m sure. Don’t get above yourself, however, or, as you are not representing Whitestone, I’ll have very little reason not to hunt you down and charbroil you.”

“I’ve already gotten the lecture from half my family, yes.” He rolls his eyes. “And the one about not picking fights with anyone I can’t beat, and watch out for that one wine, and- oh, while I’m here: where in the city can I find a good spice merchant? An actual one. Spices for food. Please don’t ask why I feel the need to clarify.”

  • Emma appears before Regina for the first time since the sacrifice.
  • Regina: Emma... *runs to her*
  • Emma: Regina, no!
  • *Regina hears the warning but is not able to stop. When she wraps her hands around Emma she is thrown back by a wave of dark magic radiating from the Savior. Regina lands on the floor by the farthest wall of the vault. Emma sprints to her*
  • Emma: Regina! Regina! Are you okay? *Regina nods and Emma helps her to get back on her feet* I'm sorry. I tried to warn you... *sits Regina on the chest where the Queen keeps her magic books and squats down in front of her* The darkness... I guess that was its self-defense mechanism in action. I'm still learning to control it. Sorry. Are you sure you're okay?
  • Regina: I'm fine, Emma, don't worry. *looks at Emma with her heart eyes* Why did you do that? What were you thinking? *Emma looks back at her in confusion so Regina clarifies* That night. Why did you take my place? You know I could've handled it. Been there, you know? *gives Emma a weak smile*
  • Emma *stands up and leans on the wall*: It's done. Does it really matter?
  • Regina: It does to me. *Emma is silent* Emma?
  • Emma: I... That thing I said to Hook... It wasn't meant for him. I just couldn't bring myself to say it to the only person worthy of hearing those words because I was afraid it would change everything.
  • Regina: Emma...
  • Emma: Everyone thinks I'm some kind of a hero who's gone in selfless sacrifice. But the truth is... The truth is that was the most selfish thing I've ever done. I am happy for you, you know. For you and Robin. I really am. You deserved it. But I... I just couldn't... Remember when Henry and I came back from New York and he had no memory of you? Remember first time you met him? *Regina's heart wrings at the memory* That's how I was feeling every time I saw you with Robin. Like a ghost. I couldn't take it anymore. I was actually thinking about leaving Storybrooke. Just temporary untill I'd get my heart back. Turns out being the Dark One solves that kind of problems. Not completely but at least it doesn't hurt that much anymore.
  • Regina *comes up to Emma*: Are you saying you...
  • Emma: I'm saying I'm in this Dark bussiness for a very long run because my true love is in love with a forest altruist.
  • Regina *smiles*: Not as long as you think. *kisses Emma and the Savior's name disappears from the blade of the dagger Regina is keeping in one of the drawers*

#for those bellarke fans who are upset #channel your passion into something positive #for instance #i’m channeling my passion into appreciating the way Clarke occasionally can’t help but look at Bellamy’s lips #and suddenly #i feel better #if that doesn’t make you feel better #well #appreciate it anyway #because this is a thing #and it is glorious #be happy

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Hi! I recently read your post about the Olicity kiss in the premiere, in which you claimed that Oliver told Felicity he loved her in the finale because he wanted her to know just in case Felicity didn't make it. But here's the thing I don't understand... the second after Oliver told Felicity he loved her, he handed her the syringe, automatically making her think he was lying. So wouldn't it make more sense if he was saying "I love you" for his benefit and not hers? Sorry, I'm just confused! :)

No problem Anon. Totally understand the confusion. Hopefully I can clarify.

Felicity knows Oliver Queen. To borrow from Laurel…FELICITY knows Oliver to his bones. And Felicity can ALWAYS tell when Oliver is lying. Why? Because Oliver Queen is a horrible liar.

When Oliver said “I love you” to Felicity…Felicity didn’t see a lie. She only saw truth. Oliver can’t sell a lie to save his life.  And Oliver KNOWS Felicity understands that part of him. Oliver knows that Felicity can always tell when he’s lying. She’s called him on it countless times before. Not only did Oliver know it…he was counting on it. Oliver told the truth. His hope was Felicity would see through him like she’s always seen through him. That despite the syringe and the hurt & confusion Oliver was certain it would cause her, he hoped Felicity would see the real ruse. The syringe, the play against Slade…that was the trick.  But the words? The words were the truth. He was doing the unthinkable. Oliver was putting Felicity in danger.  It’s why Oliver knew it had to be Felicity. It had to be believable. Slade would see through his lie just as easily as Felicity could. He can’t lie, so it had to be the truth. So it had to be Felicity.

And for those 10 seconds, the seconds between the moment he said “I love you” and the moment Oliver slipped her the syringe, Felicity believed him. It’s why Oliver paused.  He let the words just hang in the air. Oliver wanted more time. Time for her to understand. Time for his words to settle into her heart & take hold. Time to solidify Felicity’s belief. But he didn’t have time. Those 10 seconds had to be enough. 

Yes, it was for Oliver’s benefit. He needed to tell Felicity just once that he loved her. But it was for Felicity’s benefit too. If she died…Oliver knew for one moment, Felicity knew the truth. Felicity could always see through him and Oliver was just praying Felicity would see through him one last time. Was Oliver certain Felicity realized he was telling the truth? No. Of course not, but it’s all Oliver could give her at the time. 

That’s why the beach scene is SOOO important. Felicity’s doubt has settled in. The confusion has taken hold. In her heart, she knows Oliver was telling the truth. She always knows when Oliver is lying and like I said…she didn’t see a lie in that mansion. But the syringe made her question it. That’s why when Felicity said, “You really sold it,” she was being ironic. Felicity & Oliver know he’s incapable of selling any lie.  

That’s why Oliver’s refusal to refute Felicity is vital. That’s why the smile is meaningful. Oliver is giving Felicity everything he can give her in that moment, once again. Is it enough? No…she deserves more. He knows it. But not yet…it’s not safe yet. So instead Oliver’s silence is his confirmation. He meant every damn word.

But 3x1 is crucial. Oliver needs to remove every shred of doubt from Felicity. He must make her understand. He has the time now. He can give her more, finally. He can give her what she deserves. And he will. But make no mistake. Felicity knows Oliver loves her, in her heart. She saw the truth, even if her mind is doubting it now.

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Hey, you asked me to rephrase my ask to clarify: Someone I know has been posting about Israel for a while (sometimes legit criticism) but the other day she made a status in which she said that is that Israel is committing a holocaust against the Palestinians but nobody cares because Jews aren't involved (that's what my last ask meant). My fiancé wants me to talk to her as he still wants her at the wedding (I don't) (I'm converting but he isn't). How might I go about talking to her about it?

This is why I hate the genocide rhetoric. There is a legitimate argument to be made for ethnic cleansing (since people were removed from the area against their will) and apartheid (since Palestinians in the West Bank are under Israeli Martial Law and effectively live under a different justice system), but genocide, as it’s understood in most contexts, is grossly inaccurate when compared to just about every other use of the term in any other meaningful context. There is much hair-splitting over the UN definition of genocide to justify the argument, but the reality is there is no orchestrated campaign to annihilate the Palestinians via mass murder. There never has been one. 90,000 Palestinians have been killed since the Balfour Declaration in 1917 whereas 800,000 Tutsis were killed in 8 months. The scales and time tables are so vastly different that comparison is simply disingenuous. When people use the term genocide it’s intended to invoke urgency at best and invoke Holocaust comparisons at worst. It’s not helpful. 972 mag, a magazine that is viciously critical of Israel (read the front page) said the use of the term was dangerous to the Palestinian cause. I agree. If you do nothing else, share that link. 

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Hi - I have a question for any American followers, do you guys actually have all the Richard Castle books in bookstores? Or is it only order online? I'm from the UK and I can only get them online, but I think it would be so cool to see the books in real bookstores, I don't know why hahaha

I’m not American, though I’m pretty sure they do, as I’ve seen pics of them at Barnes and Noble :) But people can clarify