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“Thank you, Ray”

It’s easy to forget who you really are when you pretend for too long

(…..I wanted to draw crying Zarc probably…)

This piece is called: “The season two sneak preview has messed us all up and it’s one in the morning but I feel the need to draw angst beCAUSE WHAT IS HAPPENING?!”

if james had to put sirius’ voice into words it would go something like this: sirius’ voice is vodka. good vodka at that; smooth, so smooth you don’t taste the danger in it, quiet and subtle in a way that most other’s aren’t, that lulls you into a sense of security that doesn’t exist. the kind where you don’t feel the burn of it until it’s too late and it’s flowering in your chest, leaving you breathless. it should hurt, is the thing. this sharpness should hurt, rough and jagged against your throat. but it doesn’t, not even a little; it makes you warm and content and wanting more

Could someone please tell me why there is such a huge discussion everywhere about J2 being oh so horrible people? I know about the joke. But all I see are posts like “@j2 please know that there are people out there who love and respect you even though you said something horrible” as if the whole fandom turned on them?

I haven’t been very active lately, so would someone please update me? I assume there are people hating on them? I’m just asking because I haven’t actually seen any hate. Just very polite criticism and a lot of support.

And social justice fine and dandy but I honestly think the whole discussion and outrage is absolutely pointless. We all know very well that Jensen and Jared are good men, probably two of the best out there. And they obviously didn’t mean to attack anyone. They made a joke and not everyone thought it was funny. Happens to all of us. Simple as that. They’re only human and - believe it or not - you and me and everyone else around says things sometimes that might trigger someone else. It’s just that our audience isn’t that huge, so it’s unlikely that anyone will point out that the joke you just made wasn’t funny to them.

This discussion has been going on for days now and meanwhile it’s way out of proportion… I don’t think J2 give a fuck about it, so why would you. It’s not like they will let us tell them what they are allowed to say and what not.

As time goes on, days pass, I get more and more terrified that Chris Cornell will become slowly forgotten. As the flux of soundgarden and Chris Cornell posts get flushed out and wane from the reinstatement of posts for other things, I become more and more sad because it feels like Chris is slipping away. I feel like I’m going to be left here, still in mourning, as the world moves on without me and without Chris. It’s just sad I guess, to know that from this point on, he’ll just be another memory.

gender rolls are the worst kind of bread

danny boy in a dress AND makeup (bc i love boys in makeup i mean i’m a boy who wears makeup so that’s kind of to be expected)

i really hope i’m not too late, i saw the whole ~rebellion~ @phantheraglama​ started earlier and watched everyone posting their art but i was stuck doing hw (which i had procrastinated due to working on other art) so i couldn’t draw anything until now

do not repost, reblogs are appreciated!

Been feeling really crappy about myself lately + ICU nights and all the things that happened have just kinda… yea. Been feeling pretty terrible lately. 

I feel like I’ve impacted some patients on my ICU nights in a bad way - like, I should have done so much better for them. For example, my biggest mistake was on this pt who came in for status asthmaticus and was intubated in the ER. I should have put on for aspiration antibiotics, but I didn’t. It didn’t even occur to me (and of course, that night, my senior was nowhere to be found). I figured he would be a closed-book case and recover uneventfully after being on the vent for a day or two. Well, a little over a week later, I see him while I’m on pulm; he has a huge necrotizing abscess in his lung and has to go for emergent VATS. If I had put on for aspiration abx, he could have avoided this whole mess. 

Then some cases from ICU nights have just stayed with me, and I haven’t been able to shake them - the 26 yo who hung himself… the renal transplant whom I had brought back and forth from the floors to ICU who coded in the worse way after a debridement of her leg.. 

Then the cherry on top of all the fun: in service grades. UGH. I don’t even want to talk about it. 

Anyway, been feeling a little better.. of course, it did take 3 weeks to feel somewhat ok about things from ICU nights. Super baby steps. 


Happy (belated) birthday sweet miyakuli!!!

I’m very sorry about the delay and for the quality of my gift orz I actually had more scenes but I had to cut them off since there was a continuity error =_=

Threw things you liked such as: child!harumako (yes they’re supposed to be young here), crying makoto (Lola, you sadist), haru comforting makoto, the forehead thing and the color purple o/ (okay, it wasn’t intentional)

with that I’m gonna hide for the next hundred years o/


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I just got into Infinite recently and I was wondering about something I heard. During the last episode of Sesame Player they said that Sungyeol almost quit the band several times. Do you know the stories about that? And I also saw a tumblr post that mentioned he was hospitalized? Do you know why? The post hinted that it because he was depressed but I don't know what's accurate and what's just fan speculation. Thanks!

Hi~ Sorry for the late reply!

So, first of all we think that Sungyeol thought of leaving because he joined INFINITE later than the others and didn’t train as much as them. There were also times he got hate and got told he was useless. We can’t exactly point out the exact interview, program or thing he said these things, but he talked about it.

About he being hospitalized. Well, I recently learned about him being depressed around 2012/13 but i think he wasn’t hospitalized about that. The only thing I’m sure he got to the hospital for was when he started to train to gain muscles and drank a lot of coffee (they talked about this in a radio program, not pretty sure about the coffee part tho) so they took him to the hospital and they told him that he had a heart issue (i don’t remember the exat thing, sorry). What I remember is that the members were practicing when he got back and were pretty scared when they saw him being monitored and with a lot of electrical devices monitoring his heart beat. (He also got told to quit drinking coffee).

This is all we can remember from those things, if the info isn’t accurate or anybody else knows something they want to share, please do so!

- Admin Y

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I'm sorry if this is rude to assume, but you seem so much happier lately. I don't know why, I guess it's just the mood of your posts. You have just been giving off a really happy vibe lately. If you are, I'm happy to see it!

I’ve been having a pretty good time lately. Things are going well for me

(Late for some, but a day or two early for others)
Happy birthday, July babies!

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Am I a bad person if I am not buying it? 1 I wanna know why it's always Louis and Harry. Never happened to Liam's family or Zayn's or Niall's. 2 I wanna know why Lottie, El, and Lou T followed that account. 3 so many hacks lately. like... too many. I want to understand this thing, but the "it was an hack" really doesn't do it for me anymore. It's weird and I don't believe it.

Anonymous said to harrybirthdaytoya:

Interesting that every time someone gets “hacked”, there’s nothing compromising that gets leaked. I would never hack someone, but if I WERE to hack someone’s account, I’d go for the stuff that I’d be able to sell to tabloids or something. Not the happy innocent stuff that people post on Twitter for free. Just saying.

No, I totally agree. It’s really weird. I’m sure there are much more compromising things out there that could get so much more attention than what they could get in two minutes of fame by posting a picture of Harry looking cute.

Idk. This band is sketchy. So sketchy. I won’t pretend to understand any of it.

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Okay so I haven't really been that active lately in the fandom but a few days ago, maybe a week or two ago at most, I saw a post about someone saying how they felt betrayed by Mark because he lied..? I don't know if it was that one person or if it was a whole fandom thing. I don't even remember who posted it otherwise I'd ask them why. So did Mark actually lie about something or was this just something that upset one person?

First off, Mark didn’t lie. He never lied to us. He just needs to keep things to himself mainly because of personal reasons. He posted here on Tumblr like last week that during his long time part on Youtube, he had a girlfriend named Jess.

Here’s the thing, some immature 12 year old people thought Mark lied to us because he didn’t tell us that he had a girlfriend. Now, what do we expect? Would he tell us if some people would freak out and send hate to Jess? Since things didn’t work out for the both of them, they broke up but still remain close friends.

Personally, I didn’t feel betrayed by Mark. It’s best for him to keep that stuff to himself. I wouldn’t even care if he currently has a girlfriend. We don’t need to know that. It’s his life, none of our business.

I just hope people would stop that kind of attitude if they want Mark to be more open with us without ANYONE feeling betrayed or without people freaking out and send hate. But nowadays, it’s not impossible, it’s just difficult to make it happen.

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Ziam 23!

★Send me a pairing and a number and i’ll write you a drabble★

23. “Just once.”

★Previous numbers★

Looking back, Liam can’t help but snort at his teenage self’s naiveté, a loud laugh escaping him and almost waking his boyfriend next to him. Zayn doesn’t wake up, though, grumbling something unintelligible, stirring in the sheets like he just knows he’s being disturbed from his afterglow-induced sleep.

“Sorry,” Liam mouths, rubbing his hand over buzzed, short hair. His hand slides ever so adoringly along Zayn’s cheekbones, and when Zayn sighs in content at the tender gesture, Liam chuckles, aware that he’s now forgiven— not that Zayn will even remember any of this in the morning.

But then Liam’s back to his first thoughts and memories, wondering how all of this began, how he accidentally found one the most beautiful things in his life. And while he’s unsure why they keep tossing the word “accident” and its derivatives around, making it seem that neither have ever owned a dictionary, it’s perhaps the best way to explain it, because neither Liam nor Zayn knows how they got where they are today.

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