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THE RFA BREAK UP POST AH MY HEART!!! Okay. So. What about the MC moving on and finding someone else? And RFA+V+Saeran realize that they still had feelings for her, but it's been a long time(like maybe a year or two) and MC's finally moved on and they just... Don't have a chance? Why am I like this. Why do I want this. I'm awful. (PS I didn't cry when I read the breakup one, no sir, I did not.)

hey i just read your breaking up headcanon and can i ask for rfa+v+saeran regreting their decision but idk maybe its too late or not its up to you

hi can i ask for a sequel of your break up hc like they regretting their choice and trying to get you back

aah these were similar so I figured I could do them all together! hope you like it. A sort of sequel to this


  • It took 14 months for Yoosung to regret everything
  • 14 whole months
  • Once he realises that he does in fact still love you with every ounce of his being, he starts getting weird
  • Like Yandere Mode™ is activated 
  • It starts off with the usual social media stalking, and he even has Seven helping him find out things about your life via what you post online
  • But soon enough he’s becoming obsessive, and Seven stops helping so not to let it get worse
  • But it does
  • Not being able to investigate everything he can about you online makes him jealous of anyone you’re in contact with
  • Talking to the guys in the messenger? Not on his watch
  • He becomes insufferable, constantly inserting himself into your conversations, commenting on everything you post online
  • You’re almost certain you’ve seen him in the corner of your eye whilst out and about a few times
  • But that’s just you being paranoid, right?
  • Either way it eventually reaches a point where he’s on your doorstep, begging you to take him back
  • He’s crying and rambling, and he’s quite possibly has something to drink
  • But you don’t love him anymore
  • In fact you’re unsure if you could ever love him again 
  • So you tell him this, and it sure as hell is not what he wants to here
  • You’re stuck with a blubbering mess at your door, and have to call Seven to come and retrieve him
  • After this things change drastically
  • He knows he doesn’t have a chance with you, you made that extremely clear
  • He stops stalking your online presence, instead turning to the one comfort he has - his games
  • All he ever does is sit at his computer, playing his games, isolating himself from the outside world
  • Because he doesn’t want to be a part of the outside world if he doesn’t have you.


  • It really didn’t take long for Zen to regret his decision
  • Like it was probably about 5 months, if that
  • Even the first night when he went to bed alone he had the seeds of doubt growing within him
  • Unfortunately for him, those 5 months were all it took for you to move on
  • You knew it was all for the best, things just didn’t work out
  • But he didn’t think like that, and he wanted you back
  • He tried to be romantic, turning up at your door with flowers, dedicating his performances to you, leaving you voicemails of him singing love songs
  • But you ignored everything
  • You felt guilty ignoring his efforts so much, but it was the only way you would get him to move on like you had
  • How would he let it go if you let him think he was getting somewhere with you?
  • His attempts start getting more desperate, with more and more drunk voicemails being left throughout the nights
  • One of these nights you hear a thump by your front door, opening it cautiously only to find a passed out Zen on the floor
  • You debate just bringing him in until morning, but that would probably give him false hope, so you grab your phone and call Seven to come and help you
  • The two of you manage to get Zen into the car, and you go with Seven to take him home
  • Once there you take Zen inside, helping him to his bed
  • After fetching a glass of water for him, you see he has start to wake up a little
  • Still drunk and groggy from passing out, he thinks he’s dreaming
  • Crying a little, he reaches his hand out to hold yours
  • I love you so much, please just come back to me
  • But his begging still does nothing for you, so you tell him that things will never go back to how they were, and you quietly turn around and leave to go home
  • The next day is surprisingly peaceful, no calls, no visits, no voicemails
  • This continues for weeks, and althought you don’t hear from him you think he’s moving on
  • But you soon find out that isn’t the case
  • Jumin informs you that Zen is drinking much heavier and earlier than he had been previously, and the reason he hasn’t been contacting you is because he’s usually too drunk to even move, that is of course if he hasn’t passed out
  • You lose count of times you wake up to find him passed out on your doorstep, because no matter what happens or how much time passes, he always finds his way back to you, even when you don’t want him to
  • You are after all the love of his life, and he doesn’t know any different than to go to you.


  • She thought she was doing the right thing
  • She thought she had made the right decision
  • But one night whilst watching Zen’s latest romance film for the 100th time she realises it would have been your 5 year anniversary
  • Had you not broken up two years ago that is
  • She’s been so damn busy with work, she’s barely had time to think about how she feels
  • But here she is, suddenly swimming in memories of the two of you 
  • It doesn’t take long for her to realise she’s full of regret
  • How could she let you go?????
  • It’s late now, so she decides to just sleep on it
  • Waking up she’s hopeful it was just a night of reminiscing 
  • It wasn’t
  • If anything, she feels even stronger
  • She suddenly can’t stop thinking about running her hands through your hair, the glimmer in your eyes, the way your hand fits perfectly into hers
  • Every little detail she overlooked before were now screaming to be seen
  • It also just so happened this was the day of the RFA meeting, and she was going to have to see you
  • She got lost in your eyes as you spoke to the group about the guests for this particular party
  • She doesn’t even know what was said
  • After the meeting she casually makes comment to Jumin about how happy you looked
  • That’s when he says the one thing she never wanted to hear
  • Well it’s probably because of the new girl they’re seeing
  • Her heart literally shatters as he says the words
  • Jaehee doesn’t really know how to handle this??
  • Why at the same time she realised what a monumental mistake she made by ending things with you, did she have to find out there was someone else making you happy
  • Her way of dealing with it is pretending everything is normal
  • Not you or anyone else ever notices, she hides it so well
  • If you had known, maybe you would realised you felt the same
  • But you never find out, so you never reflect on how you feel about her
  • She supports you in your relationship, and seems to get on really well with your girlfriend
  • But when no one is looking, her eyes well up, and the occasional one escapes
  • She cries herself to sleep more often than she’d ever be willing to admit
  • Seeing you and your new girlfriend happy together breaks her heart over and over again
  • She would kill to be the one making you smile like that, just like she used to.


  • He’s always prided himself on his ability to ‘kill his feelings’
  • And when he ended your relationship, he did this easily
  • It didn’t take long for him to revert to his old ways, being stiff and generally unwelcoming 
  • He was civil to talk to, but he was so different to the person who had you inside his head for three years
  • The breakup felt like it had almost killed you
  • It took you a very long time to get over it, because you never had any closure
  • But then you met someone, someone who let you in from the start, who treated you like you were the single greatest thing on earth
  • You still had a lot of hurt in you from Jumin, but this new person was like a breath of fresh air
  • As things get more serious, you start bringing them around the group more
  • Up until the first time Jumin meets them, he had no idea you were even considering dating other people, let alone be in a serious relationship with someone
  • He’s polite, but doesn’t make much of an effort with them
  • He ??? doesn’t ??? know ??? what ??? this ??? feeling ??? is ???
  • It feels like his heart is actually aching, but that’s just illogical, surely?
  • That night he sits with Elizabeth, drinking his wine and trying to figure out what is going on with him
  • The best thing he can think to do is call up the person who knows him better than himself, and he does so, explaining these strange feelings to his best friend
  • V chuckles softly, a hint of sorrow in his voice as he tells Jumin what it is
  • Jealousy
  • He hangs up, shifting Elizabeth and walks over to his penthouse windows, looking out at the night sky
  • V is right, and Jumin knows it, but there’s nothing he can do
  • He is the one who ended things after all
  • He can’t swoop in now and hope to have you back
  • His solution is to obviously stomp out the feelings, but it doesn’t work
  • He cant get you out of his head, you even haunt his dreams now
  • So instead he distances himself from the RFA more and more, only speaking with V on a regular basis
  • RFA parties can’t be avoided, so when the winter party finally arrives, he doesn’t have a choice but to go
  • Seeing you hurts him, but no one could have prepared him for what happened
  • Your significant other proposed, in front of everyone, right in the middle of the room
  • You were so happy and excited you didn’t see Jumin’s tall figure quietly leaving the building
  • But V did, and for a brief second, he almost thought he saw a glistening tear making it’s way down Jumin’s face.


  • About 6 months after that party, you started to feel better
  • To say you were completely over him would be a stretch, but it didn’t feel like the world was crashing around you whenever you saw him
  • As you started accepting the relationship was over and letting go of it, Seven slowly started joining back in with the RFA more
  • It doesn’t take long for the two of you to become relatively close again
  • But it’s different 
  • You still love him, but it just feels platonic now
  • It didn’t seem possible that you would ever get to a place where you could be happy in his presence again, yet here you are
  • The pair of you spend a lot of time together, but you still manage to start dating again
  • A lot of people are uncomfortable with how close you are to your ex, except one
  • They’re so perfect ???
  • You can’t believe it ???
  • If you thought you were happy when you were with Seven, you were wrong, this was genuinely the happiest you had ever been
  • Little did you know that during those months where you were rebuilding your friendship with Seven, it was bringing back more than just platonic love for him
  • Without even realsing he found himself madly in love with you again all of a sudden
  • He just wanted to have you at his side all the time
  • And whilst you did spend a lot of time together, it wasn’t how he wanted it
  • He stalked your new significant other online within an inch of their life
  • Everything they ever posted or was posted about them he found
  • But there was nothing in there to use to get rid of them
  • They were a good person
  • But even so, everday before he went to sleep, he would check again
  • One day he would find something, to keep this person away from you
  • He had to find something
  • Slowly as your relationship progressed, Seven started holding himself back, once again isolating himself from everyone but V
  • He didn’t know how he was supposed to live a life where someone else made you smile the way he used to.


  • A little part of him always harboured some feelings for you still
  • He knew he would never completely move on, but he didn’t expect this
  • It had been a little over a year since he broke off your relationship
  • You were less bitter, so he saw this as a sign of you having moved on
  • But something about that just didn’t sit well with him
  • Had you really let it go?? Did you really no longer have those feelings for him??
  • For a long time it seemed like you would never move on
  • So now that you had, he hated it
  • It didn’t take long for him to realise
  • He was still in love with you
  • The second it was clear to him, he wanted to drop everything and run to you, just to plead for a second chance and tell you how much he loved you, how he had been so stupid to give up such a perfect person like yourself
  • But he didn’t
  • You finally looked happy
  • And if that didn’t make his heart feel light and airy, he didn’t know what would
  • He knew how much he had hurt you, and he didn’t believe he deserved a second chance no matter how much he wanted it
  • So he chose to keep his feelings to himself, never telling a living soul about how much he craved curling up with you every night 
  • How he craved to feel your hot breath on his lips again
  • How he craved to see you smile because of him again
  • He spends his time pretending he doesn’t love you
  • Just seeing you happy and healthy is enough for him
  • Even if not having you by his side physically hurts him
  • Whenever he hears you laugh he has to actively stop himself from daydreaming about a life where you were his once more
  • Unlike the others, it’s not because you’ve moved on that he never gets you back
  • He just thinks it’s for the best
  • But if he had told you how he felt, he would have found out you were still in love with him too
  • Instead you both continue to hurt, both wishing the other would reach out
  • But neither of you ever do, and neither of you ever get over the other.


  • He was wrong
  • He was so fucking wrong
  • He doesn’t even know why he said it
  • Of course he loved you, of course he still loved you
  • But he had said it, and he had shattered your heart into so many pieces he could never fix it
  • So he never tried
  • It took a long time for you to get over it, at least 3 years to be specific 
  • But you got there eventually
  • Looking at him didn’t hurt
  • Being in his presence didn’t make you nauseous 
  • Hearing his voice didn’t make you want to scream
  • What you didn’t know is that it was the other way around now
  • Looking at you hurt 
  • Being in your presence made him nauseous 
  • Hearing your voice made him want to scream
  • He knew he had left it far too long now, and you were finally happy
  • There hadn’t been much if any relationship between you since the breakup, so when he started isolating himself you didn’t even notice
  • It was Seven who reached out to you, telling you something was wrong with his twin but he didn’t know what and he didn’t know how to help
  • So being the person you are, you went over there to try and speak to him
  • It was awkward at first, you had barely spoken in 3 whole years
  • But you wanted to help him so you pushed and pushed
  • Eventually he snapped and and blurts out that he can’t handle his feelings for you anymore
  • You’re taken aback by his confession, which is followed up by a question you dreaded answering
  • With what almost seemed like tears in his eyes, he quietly begged for you to just tell him you still loved him too
  • The only thing he wanted to hear, you couldn’t say
  • He asked you to leave after you told him you didn’t, and you did so without putting up a fight
  • The last thing you wanted to do was make the situation worse
  • For the first time in a long time, Saeran cried himself to sleep
  • He distanced himself from the group slowly, only speaking via Seven
  • But he always kept an eye on you, because even if you didn’t love him, he wanted to keep you safe and happy
  • You were the first person he truly loved, and you would also be the last.

If you think you’re worthless, stop scrolling right now and read.

I’m writing this for a specific mutual, but it isn’t only true for one person, so read on.

You know those inspirational posts you see people reblog every day?

Stuff about people all throughout history who failed and went bankrupt and were depressed and were told they weren’t good enough - and yet somehow they rose above it and defied all those notions to become heroes and legends and history makers and culture movers. And the post always ends with “so don’t be hard on yourself when you mess up” and it’s all nice and sweet and pretty. Maybe you scroll past them. Maybe you hardly ever see them on your dash at all.

Maybe you’re among those who reblogs these posts.

But maybe every time you hit the reblog or the like button, your brain is whispering “this isn’t about you” and “yes people can do amazing things, but not you” and “ah yes amazing stories, too bad it will never happen to you” and you listen to these whisperings and you laugh and shake your head…

Because you know exactly where you stand: worthless. irredeemable. a loser. a lost cause.



Listen to me.

As your friend.

As a stranger who doesn’t know you. Who doesn’t have to know you, or your failings, or your depression, or your anxiety, or your embarrassments, or your deepest darkest most heinous crimes.


Just stop.

Look up. Look around you. Open. Your. Eyes. Are they open? Good. Keep them open. Don’t ever close them again. See the world. See you: a human being, valid, flawed, journeying, changing, growing, scraping, failing, rising, a masterpiece that will never be made again.

You are beautiful. You who think you are overweight and lazy. You are beautiful. You who think you are stupid and uneducated. You are beautiful. You who think you are a loser, and amount to nothing. You are beautiful. You who bleed and ache and never rest. You are beautiful.

You have worth.

Want to know a secret? If you wake up in the morning and tell yourself you’re not going to amount to anything that day, then you aren’t going to. If you go to bed at night thinking nothing will change tomorrow, then you are going to change nothing.

Because you’ve resigned yourself to that lie. And it is a lie, friend. A straight-out, soul-condemning, out-of-the-pit, self-deprecating, self-pitying lie. A lie you don’t have to believe. A lie you should not believe.

If you stand in the corner and bow your head and stare at the ground, you’ve already lost the battle without fighting. This is a surrender in which there is no honor, and in it there is no hope.

Life isn’t easy, friend. Life isn’t fair. It’s hard. And getting things done is hard. Some days, just getting up out of bed is hard. Just breathing. Just doing homework. Just going to work. Just trying to keep the dishes and trash from overflowing.

But we do it anyway.

Why? Because there’s life to live. There are choices to be made. Jokes to laugh at. Awkward conversations to be had. Art to mess up and start over on. Jobs to work. Pizza to be eaten.

We do it anyway.

So guess what?

You do it anyway too.

Why? Because of this:

You are special.

Right now, this second, turn off the voice that hears these Disney-fied words and scoffs and ignores them. Listen.

There is not a human being who has ever lived or ever will live on this planet that is not important, that is not here for a reason. No life is worthless, and most certainly not yours. My God doesn’t make worthless things, and he doesn’t make mistakes. There are no extra pieces in this universe, no spare parts. He made you. And he made you for a purpose, and that purpose is not to sit in your room, afraid to try, afraid to love, afraid to hope, afraid to climb and fall and hurt and get back up again.

Want to know another secret? You aren’t alone. Every single human being in the history of everything has struggled with feeling worthless at some point in their life. Every single one. That is not a lie. Your feelings of worthlessness are not what is special about you. You are what is special about you. The God who created you is what is special about you.

No matter what you’re going through, no matter what you’ve done, no matter what you have failed to do, someone else has gone through worse. Sometimes, a lot worse.

Oh, now you feel invalidated. “Why can’t I just believe in myself? Other people have it worse, I shouldn’t complain, I should just try harder, but I know trying harder isn’t going to help, so what’s the point.”

Guess what?

Stop that too.

Stop it dead in its tracks.

Kill that thought. Every day. Every morning. Every minute it shows its ugly lying face. Kill it and put it to rest. Stack headstones on top of it and move away, far far way, friend.

Don’t tell me I don’t know what I’m talking about. I don’t know where you’ve been, but you don’t know where I’ve been either. Don’t ignore hope because you think it’s for other people. Don’t keep yourself from making an effort, and pushing yourself forward. Bury the lie. You have worth. You are loved. You are important. God does not make worthless things.

One of my favorite lyrics says “How does it end when the war that you’re in is just you against you against you? You’ve got to learn to love, learn to love your enemies too.”

Learn to love.

Your enemy.


Start learning to see you the way God sees you.

See you the way I see you.




Just at the very beginning.

Every single day you wake up is a brand new start.

A bright new chance. Every. Single. One. You will never stop getting chances for as long as you are here, so why dismiss them? Isn’t that the most beautiful thing there is? You get to keep trying. Every single day. You have the gift to go again, try again, start again, live again, breathe again, hope again.

Guess what. When the morning is wasted, the afternoon is still there. When the afternoon is wasted, the evening is still there. When the evening is wasted, the night is still there. And then morning comes again.

So the next time you see a motivational post, an inspiring reblog, a story about how someone overcame something horrible, and turned it into something amazing, look long and hard and take courage, find hope in that. Stop dismissing it as being from a universe you have no part in. Stop putting yourself to that measuring stick and turning away because you’re not there yet.

You’re looking at the end result. At some point, they were standing in your shoes. They couldn’t see the end. They couldn’t see what they might or might not amount to. They had no idea, just like you now. Just exactly like you.

Hope, my friend. Every time you start to think “I can/will never” do this or that or amount to anything or accomplish anything… Hope. Stop those thoughts immediately. Kill them. Bury them. Never stop burying them. They are lies and you are better than them.

Drive them out. Open your eyes. Look around. Pick yourself up. Brush away the tears. “I will try. My God doesn’t make worthless things, so I am not worthless. My God does not create without meaning, so I have meaning. I am here for a reason. Today I will live to find out what that reason is for today. And tomorrow I will hope again.”

Life is hard, my friend. Stop beating yourself up. You are worth more and capable of more than you can ever imagine or hope or dream. Don’t let your past or present failures stop you or beat you down. Keep going, keep hoping, keep killing the lies. You are bigger than them, you go beyond them. And God is greater, and he knows your heart. Trust him. Wake up. Open your eyes. Move forward. Keep your eyes open.

“You’ve got all that emotion that’s heaving like an ocean
And you’re drowning in a deep, dark well
I can hear it in your voice that if you only had a choice
You would rather be anyone else

I love you just the way that you are
I love the way He made your precious heart

Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself

I know it’s hard to hear it when that anger in your spirit
Is pointed like an arrow at your chest
When the voices in your mind are anything but kind
And you can’t believe your Father knows best

I love you just the way that you are
I love the way He’s shaping your heart

Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself

Well how does it end when the war that you’re in
Is just you against you against you
Gotta learn to love, learn to love
Learn to love your enemies too

You can’t expect to be perfect
It’s a fight you’ve gotta forfeit
You belong to me whatever you do
So lay down your weapon, darling
Take a deep breath and believe that I love you

Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself
Be kind to yourself

Gotta learn to love, learn to love
Learn to love your enemies
Gotta learn to love, learn to love
Learn to love your enemies too

On Sleepless Roads (1/3)

This fic is a love letter to the characters of Emma Swan and Killian Jones. It is a fic that has been in the works for over nine months and I am so excited to share it with everyone. It started with filming spoilers of our favorite female protagonist being stabbed on a dark, foggy night in Storybrooke and it grew from there. Season 6 Canon divergence. 

(Tagging @acrobat-elle and @lovebecomeshim upon request.) 

Ao3    FF   Part 2

One night of peace is all they were granted before the next crisis began. One night to recover from the aftermath of darkness and secrets, hell and death, before Mr. Hyde made his presence in town known. But with Killian by her side, it didn’t seem to matter in the long run. The moment she saw him above the place his body had been laid to rest, a question in the call of her name, she decided to fight for her own happiness. Maybe the savior could have a happy ending as well. Maybe this was it.

That was what she had believed before she found herself here.

“Ah, the infamous Savior. Do you really think yourself a match for me?” She can’t see his face, the cloaked figure that’s far too reminiscent of past Dark Ones. With the edge of his blade threatening Henry’s throat, she draws her sword, sighing in relief when the action grants her son’s release. Killian grabs Henry the moment he’s near.  

Cold air bites at her skin, slips into the gap between her sweater and back, leaving a trail of goosebumps. She tightens her grip on her father’s sword. “I think you’ll find yourself surprised.”

“Perhaps. But you can’t fight wounded.” She feels the ground give beneath her first - knees stinging with a thud as they hit concrete. There’s a thick sticky crimson covering her hands where she’s holding them at her side and oh god -

The dagger poking out of torn flesh burns - a hot searing pain that stifles her breathing. It hurts. It aches, throbbing with a sharp pain paralleled by nothing she has felt before. Her cry is a high pitched wince as her body curves into itself and dammit it hurts. She tries to focus on the roughness of the unpaved road at her knees, but she can feel the sensation fading, can feel herself fading with it. The moment she moves, a small shift as her legs give out, it comes back with a fury.

Muffled words grow louder as the world around her comes back into focus, Killian’s panicked voice the only thing she can hear.

“What’s wrong? Emma, Emma, love talk to me!”

Her eyes burn too, and she tries to blink against the dust clouding them, moaning in pain at the knife lodged into her side. “Killian,” she breathes, leaning into his chest as his arms wrap around her. Magic pulsates beneath her palms but does nothing to heal the wound or stop the bleeding. “Son of a bitch.” It’s gritted between closed teeth, and she tries again to no avail.

Killian’s hand is cold as it roams across her shoulders and down to her back, frantically searching for something he can’t seem to find. He repeats her name, a panicked fear she can feel rise in his chest with every inhale.

“I’m-” His hand finds hers with calloused fingers pressing further into the wound - adding kerosene to what might have been a dulling spark. She reels forward as the lights flicker on, an anguished cry at the contact. It seems to summon Henry, the absolute last person she wants to see her in this state. But before she can tell him to leave, he’s scavenging her purse for keys as Killian lifts her into his arms. Her request would have fallen on deaf ears anyway.

“Come on, Swan. I’m getting you to a hospital.”

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anonymous asked:

My memory is really fuzzy on past SPN eps, what exactly is the "sacred oath"? I personally don't see Cas ever caring about sex like dean does but other angels on the show sure were frisky lol.

Hey! So I wrote a post about it here and I have answered a couple of questions about it all in my tag “sacred oath breaking”. But the basics are that in 12x10 when Castiel reads out Akobel’s crimes he lists “laying with a human” as breaking their sacred oath. 

So we explored how if that were true, it would affect previous canon. You say the other angels were frisky, but actually you are literally referring to Gabriel and Balthazar only. Gabriel, who hated heaven so much he ran away to join the pagan gods. It isn’t too difficult to imagine that one of the many reasons Gabriel left were the ridiculous rules that the angels put in play when it came to humans. Balthazar actually supports the theory because of this conversation:

CASTIEL: What… is all this? What are you doing?

BALTHAZAR: Whatever I want. This morning I had a ménage à – what’s French for 12?

BALTHAZAR: You’re the one who made it possible. The footsteps I’m following – they’re yours. What you did, stopping the big plan, the prize fight? You did more than rebel. You tore up the whole script and burned the pages for all of us. [ Laughs. ] It’s a new era. No rules, no destiny. Just utter and complete freedom.

CASTIEL: And this is what you do with it?

BALTHAZAR: Hey, screw it, right? I mean, dad’s not coming back. You might as well blow coke and jump on the bed. You proved to me we could do anything, so I’m trying everything. What difference does it make?

This actually heavily implies that there WERE rules against sleeping with humans and after Cas rebelled Balthazar decided that he was gonna follow in Cas’s footsteps. But he had to fake his own death to do it, just like Gabriel. Which also supports the theory that if you do have sex with a human, you better hope the other angels think you are dead because otherwise they will come and kill you.

No other angels have been canonically shown having an interest in sex except for Anna, who explicitly stated that sex with humans was one of the reasons she chose to fall. Which is a huge fucking deal really. 

So sex is something that is forbidden for angels. Castiel hasn’t ever shown an interest in sex really, except when he was human when he probably felt the rules didn’t apply to him anymore. Castiel hasn’t shown interest in casual sex but he has been intrigued at least by the idea of sex with Meg, and took an interest in the Pizza man pornography. 

Its just my headcanon, but the way I see it, after the horrific thing that happened to him as a human, I reckon he associates casual sex with anyone he doesn’t trust as dangerous and distances himself from it. His complete lack of response to Dean’s teasing about the waitress in 12x12 is certainly evidence of his lack of interest in casual sex. Though I don’t think he would be opposed to the idea were it with someone he loved. The issue of course is the sacred oath, which even after all this time, is something that Castiel at least appears to want to uphold. Though I really don’t know why since all the other angels already think he’s boning Dean and want to punish him for it. 

Yoonjin amnesia au

I accidentally wrote a half outline/half fic of an amnesia au and it’s accidentally 4000 words so I’m accidentally posting it here because this is how I spent my day.

Yoongi’s from a Good family. Like not chaebol but a Good. Family. They sent him abroad to study, they got him tutors, he always had the latest cell phone, etc. Privileged. But he’s never wanted that life. He’s never wanted this life that’s about buying a car you can’t afford to impress people you don’t even like. He doesn’t want to be a doctor, doesn’t want to be a lawyer or a law maker or a business man. He wants to write music and live honestly, not hide his words or his feelings. So he rebels. Of course he rebels, he’s Yoongi.

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Title: Metallic pt. 9

Genre: Angst

Pairing: Jumin Han x MC/Reader/You

a/n❗️ have fun reading, everyone!! this is the part 9 of Metallic!
also for those who have messaged me throughout the waiting for the updates and took their time to show support, thank you so much! i love all of you! you know who you are guys. pls never forget that ♡ 

also on the side note, will be opening up requests again next week~ please do request fluffy hcs/fics. i’ll try to balance out the angst this blog has lolol
Part 8.

Disclaimer❗️ this prompt is based on days 7 - 9 of Jumin’s route but i took it from there. fic might contain themes that is not suitable for some audiences. you’ve been warned!

update mentions❗️
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❝ Why don't I like the girl I see?
The one who's standing right in front of me.
Why don't I think before I speak?
I should have listened to that voice inside me.
I must be stupid, must be crazy, must be out of my mind...
To say the kind of things I said last night;

Mirror mirror hanging on the wall,
You don't have to tell me who's the biggest fool of all...
Mirror mirror I wish you could lie to me... ❞

“ … Congratulations, Ms. (Y/N). We have decided to let you go home and continue the evaluation of your situation at your house. We figured that the hospital environment might just strain you more.” You only stared blankly at your sheets as you listened to the doctors, Jaehee taking down notes of each important details about the order. “I adviced Ms. Kang to stay with you so we can monitor you further. We believe she’d be the perfect one to the job.”
Your eyes drifted over Jaehee who was concentrating upon the words of the doctors and when she noticed you looking at her, she graced you with a reassuring smile. You sighed to yourself because you’d be bothering her over her busy schedule. She is tired enough everyday and now you’re going to be babysitted by her — doesn’t she ever get mad? These things are just suddenly thrown on her already full plate…

“Alright, I will. Thank you for believing in me, Doctor.” You heard her say just as she stood up to have a formal handshaking gesture with the doctors – much like closing a deal. “I’ll take good care of her.”

Few more words were exchanged and then they were gone. You heard you can be discharged tomorrow morning that’s why this afternoon, your dextrose would be removed since only ¼ of the entire bottle remains. You only need to finish it and then you’re good to go.
Jaehee shuffled on her feet as she went over to the far side of the room, in front of a closet and slowly picked your clean hanged clothes and folded it neatly so she can place them inside the duffel bag she brought with her earlier.

Jaehee is such a good, caring person. Despite everything, she have always voluntarily aided you through your hospitalization. She was a very good friend for you since the beginning. You bit your lip at this — she did not deserve any of this. You, being a burden to her, and whatever might have happened during the course of the days since you had no clue whatever it was that happened during the RFA Party.
And that’s when an idea lit up inside your head.

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If Walls Could Talk

Part 2: Don’t Kill Anyone Today.

Summary: Ashley and Jensen’s date doesn’t go exactly as Nicole had hoped.

Word Count: 2315

Pairing: Jensen x Nicole

Warnings: None.

A/N: This is my entry for my own YouAU Challenge! It will be five parts total, and I’m having way too much fun writing this. Yet, here we are. Enjoy!

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              As far as villains go, Cass thought, the Red Hood wasn’t so bad.  Yes, he killed people, and that was inexcusable, but at least he didn’t kill innocents.  Plus, having once been Robin had to count for something, right?

              Which is why Cass didn’t turn around and leave when she saw Jason Todd sitting in the café on the corner of 15th and Larimer right where her “blind date” was supposed to be.

              The date had been Stephanie’s idea.  Cass needed some “normal socialization,” according to her, and Barbara had agreed.  So the three spent an afternoon taking photos of Cassandra from every angle and describing her in flattering half-truths (“How do you spend your free time?” “Fighting criminals.” “… Studying martial arts sounds better.”).  It didn’t take long for people to start contacting her, which Cass quickly learned was not always a good thing.  Quite a few people – mostly older men – sent her some very unsavory messages, often accompanied by unwarranted images of their supposedly impressive genitals.  One man in particular, a 54-year-old named Brad, had sent a message so vile that Cass had to physically restrain Stephanie from tracking him down and smashing his face in.

              Several people, though, had sent nice messages and seemed to genuinely want to get to know Cass. She got to chatting with most of them, and found that she actually enjoyed conversing with these strangers, though the textual communication was downright aggravating.  More than a little bit was lost when body language and emotion couldn’t be read.

              So when one of the strangers, who used the moniker ‘noprideallprejudice’ suggested meeting up in person, Cass jumped at the chance.  They agreed on a time and location, and Cass spent the morning being poked and prodded by Stephanie, who’d insisted on helping her friend get ready.

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Chapter one: I’ve got you.

Alright guys, this is my first dedicated story I’ve ever had! Please give feedback, comment if you like and i will keep on with it! Ive always wanted to do this.

Warning: cussing (very little).

Pairing: Reader x Bucky

Word Count: 1354

Description: So i made this thinking about how i would want to interact with Buck, and it will slowly progress because i feel like he wouldn’t go to fast with someone, so don't worry it will get better! The POV is of the reader/ you! If its too confusing don’t worry it will play out and make sense. Im using my knowledge of the movies and the comics. x

Timeline: Post AOU & TWS. Kinda before Civil War. 

I was strapped to a table, my hands and feet restricted from moving anywhere. I screamed. I called for her. She wasn’t here. Where is she. I pulled, as I felt a bad rug burn from the leather binding my wrists.


That’s when he walked in. He started poking at my skin.


“Interesting, you’re reacting strangely. Are you feeling any nauseated? Headache?” he asked, concerned for my wellbeing, yet taken me.


“Where the hell am I? What did you do?” I pleaded for answers. Why was I here? I started feeling a sense of comfort and relaxation suddenly. That’s when it happened. That’s when I knew what he did.



I woke up to being shaken carefully. It was my best friend, Wanda. Besides Steve and Nat. My only friends, really. Since the accident I don’t like going out. I’m afraid of what I can’t control. She was there for me when I was abandon, her and Pietro. Before we lost him, too.  

“Y/N, you were having a nightmare. Are you alright?” She was concerned. I nodded slightly.

“Just another flashback, do we have any peanut butter?” I asked, when I’m down, usually after a night terror I have a spoonful of peanut butter. What can I say, it relaxes me? Wanda softly smiled and went into the kitchen and grabbed me a spoon with a heap of peanut butter. She walked back in and handed it to me and laid in my queen bed with me.

She usually stayed in my room. Ever since she lost Pietro she likes to surround herself with people, she doesn’t like being alone. And nobody was as close to her as I was. She was practically my sister.

We turned on the TV and watched some show about brothers in an Impala. I didn’t quite get it but Wanda loved it. It was 10:30 when I looked at the clock.

“Hey, Wanda. Steve wanted us at HQ at 11 to talk us about his friend he’s looking for. I think he found a lead.” I told her. She nodded and went to her room to get ready. I put my jeans on with my boots, and threw on a basic navy shirt. I walked out and sat on the couch after grabbing my keys waiting. She walked out and we walked out of our apartment and to the car. It was a 10-minute drive to HQ.

Next to Wanda, Steve was like my brother. I would take a bullet for him and I know he would return the favor. He stayed with me when I was recovering from my accident. He never left my side. He was my safe place.

We get there and he was very anxious. Happy, yet, nervous.

“Morning, doll.” He greeted me, then Wanda with a quick hug. We hadn’t seen him for a month or so since he went to find his friend. Bucky, I think he said.

“We found him, he’s at a Hydra base in cryo. We can’t get in, so we’re going to need you two. If you can’t I understand.” I looked at Wanda, she hadn’t used her abilities since Sokovia. I looked at her and smiled. She looked down as if she were ashamed.

“Steve, I would love to. But I can’t get out there yet. I’m not ready” she whispered, crossing her arms across her chest. Steve smiled at her and spoke tenderly.

“Its alright. You take your time and when you’re ready, we will all be here,” he hugged her for a moment, quite tightly. You knew Wanda had a thing for Vision, but we hadn’t seen him much since Sokovia, “Y/N, are you in?” his eyes pleaded. Bucky meant everything to him, you couldn’t say no to him.

“Of course I’ll be there, Rogers. I wouldn’t let you down.” You told him. He proceeded to give me all the information in the files he received from Nat. He was in a New Jersey base.

“Alright, when can we go?” I asked, I’m persistent. I want to do this for Steve. His eyes widened and he was alert now.

“Well, in a few days… If you can.” He asked.

“Yes, just give me a minute.” I smiled at him. I walked to Wanda. I wanted to make sure she was alright.

“Will you be okay if I leave for a few days? Steve wants me on this mission and I want to help. If you don’t want to be alone then I wont leave.” I spoke to her. She was hesitant to tell me what she was thinking.

“I’ll actually be gone. I have somewhat of a date,” She smiled at me, blushing. I raised my eyebrows at her, “well, he said he’d show me the universe, but I think it was a metaphor.” Then I knew she was talking about Vision. I handed her my keys and told her I was going stay at HQ for a few days before the mission, she could take the car home. She gave me a hug goodbye and was on her way home. I went back to Steve and told him that I would stay with him at HQ until the mission

About 3 hours later, we were still mission planning and he was about to fall asleep, I could tell.

“Steve, go to bed. Its okay, we’ll do this in the morning.” I smiled so he knew it was okay.

“Where will you sleep?”

“I’ll probably crash on the couch in the lounge room”

“That’s ridiculous, I’ll take the couch.” He insisted. He was always so gentleman about everything. I implied how I sleep better on couches anyways. Without ease, he said okay and started heading upstairs. I started to look down at the mission plans again. He was almost out the door before he stopped and started to turn his head, he looked at me for a second.

“Thank you for doing this. I owe you one.” He said with true appreciation.

“Anytime. Now go to bed, we have a big day tomorrow with training.” I replied. I know he hasn’t gotten much sleep at all stressing over this Bucky guy.

“You know; I think you’ll really like Buck.” He laughed and walked up the stairs to his room.

I decided to look over the files.

Winter Solider

Name: Sargent James Buchanan Barnes, 107th


Skills: The Winter Soldier is one of the swiftest and most dangerous assassins trained by HYDRA. Stored in a cryogenic lock, contained until needed.



I went on to read about the missions he’s accomplished and his history. This poor man has been a killing machine his whole life. This made me more desperate to help Steve.

I organized everything, and went to the lounge room. I sat down and checked my phone.

‘11:37 PM’

I decided to lay down, I couldn’t help but wonder what the next few days would bring. Or how this will effect Steve. He’s put his all into this, finding him. Finding Bucky. I thought about how close they must’ve been before this whole thing for them to still have a bond of gold. I was interrupted by my thoughts when I saw Steve’s head poke through the door.

“Are you awake?” he whispered.

“Yeah, I’m awake.” I sat up. He walked in and sat at the end of the couch.

“I don’t know, Y/N, I thought I was ready but now that its time to find him and bring him home, I’m getting nervous.” He looked down and started to fumble with his fingers.

“Its okay to be nervous. He’s your friend, your best friend. I woul-”

“You’re my best friend.” He interrupted. This made me smile.

“He means a lot to you. I know that its going be hard, but he’ll be thankful that you’re taking him out there. He’ll appreciate how much you still care. He just needs someone right now to love him, and you can do that.”

“I really can’t tell you how much I appreciate you. Doing this, its risky. Just. Thank you. Why are you doing this?”

“Because I’ve got you, Rogers. I’ve always got you.”

Trust Me pt.2

Tags: @from2016​, @megant22, @sexywolfsfordays, @houseofrahl, @sterek-basically, @kittycatgirlmaddie, @misshinehou, @unbreakablevoices, @champagneblues, @dallysgreasergirl, @juliaspnlover, @cineyou, @lipstickstainsandwerewolfchains, @fallenangel-13x

Word count: 2702

Author’s note: It’s still absolutely stunning to me that so many of you enjoyed Trust Me! I honestly wasn’t expecting such a positive response to it, I thought only a few of you would like a TWD AU, so it was a pleasant surprise to me to find I was wrong about it. I hope the second part won’t be a letdown to anyone! I tried to keep the story as interesting as the first part was :)

Warnings: mentions of murder

Your name: submit What is this?

The clearing is enlightened by rays of sunshine. The blades of grass are bending, submissive to the wind as it licks over them in waving strokes. In the middle, there’s a camper, and on the top of it, there’s Allison sitting with a bow braced against her chair, binoculars in hand, scanning the trees with a hawk’s eye for the slightest of inconsistencies to warn us in time should a zombie wander by. Scott is next to her to keep her company while being on watch, the two of them talking, trading stories, entertaining each other on the job.

This morning, I decided not to wear the uniform jacket – it’s Derek’s after all, and I’m not intend to take his clothes from him. Even though Derek chose to wear a black set, adorned by a grey scarf wrapped around his neck, I didn’t do anything with that jacket besides emptying its pockets.

I take a walk around the camp – the tents are a couple metres away from each other; neither too far nor too close, just enough to provide privacy and allowing us to appear to help if needed. I wander for a couple minutes before getting away to grant myself solitude. I walk until the only thing I can hear are the cicadas in the grass. There, I drop down to sit at the bottom of a tree between its thick roots in the shadow it casts, picking at the weeds nearby. I allow my thoughts to flood my head and I try to scratch at the wall in my mind that’s blocking me from my memories, with not much success however.

I’m startled out of my daydreaming when someone asks, “May I join you?”

Looking up, my eyes meet an icy blue pair accompanied by an innocent-looking smirk. I reciprocate it with a smile on my own before nodding, “Sure.”

He plops down directly next to me, gaze fixed on the rest of the group as they are puttering around. He’s apparently deep in thought, so I’m not intend to disturb him, but he speaks up.

“I heard you had an accident yesterday?”

“Yes,” I answer, voice just this side of wary. Why does he want to talk about that? He says, “I’m sorry about that.” I shrug and instead of replying, I keep tearing out the weeds from the ground, making a cloud of dust erupting from the surface.

“How much do you remember?” he keeps asking, and based on the fact that his tone is louder, he’s turned his head to face me. I look back at him as I speak, “Not much. I know I was involved in an accident because I was in the flipped car, but I can’t even recall how it happened. If it weren’t for me waking up there, I wouldn’t even know I crashed. My memories from before are blurry; I know I was a member of a group, which I assume is the one I’m in at the moment, but I have no idea what life was like for me.”

“I’m Peter,” he says suddenly, and I bark out a surprised laugh at that. I accept the hand that he stuck out towards me to shake. “(Y/N).”

He offers me a half smile, telling me with a cheeky grin, “I know.”

For some reason, his response chases a smile to my lips again, and I avert my eyes from his, tilting my head forward to look at the ground shyly. He pushes closer to me, his shoulder touching mine as he says, “Everyone has a role around here.”

“What’s mine?” I ask, perking up at that piece of information. I’m grateful someone is trying to help me fit in by cluing me in to the group’s life.

Peter takes in my entire face before answering, “You’re the paramedic.”

“Me?” I squeak, heart suddenly suffocatingly beating in my throat. “But I have no idea how to stitch someone, let alone pop a broken bone back into place!”

“Ever heard of subconscious skills?” I shake my head. “It happens when you’re so familiar with an activity that your body knows instinctively on its own how to do it without you having to think about it. For instance, a type writer will be able to type anything you tell them with their eyes closed, but they won’t be able to tell you what buttons they push with their index fingers. Or a system administrator won’t remember passwords unless they are sitting in front of the computer. You got my point?”

Pursing my lips, I nod to him, ever so slow. He wraps an arm around me and taps my shoulder encouragingly. “That’s my good girl,” he praises, throwing me for a loop. What’s that phrase supposed to mean? I’m already opening my mouth to ask him about it, but Derek’s voice beats me to speaking up.

“Peter!” His tone couldn’t be closer to an aggressive snap, it startling me so much my entire body shivers with it. His eyes are nearly blazing when I look at him. “Go help Stiles, Lydia and Malia collect wood. We’re running short of it.”

A low growl rumbles through Peter’s chest as he reluctantly slides his arm off of me and stands, maintaining eye contact with his nephew as he approaches him and walks pass him. Derek’s jaw is clenched with suppressed fury, nostrils flared with held-back yells. He stops Peter with a hand on his chest, practically shoving a gun into his ribcage, hissing out between his teeth, “Don’t forget to take a weapon.”

Peter shoots him a mocking smirk, taking the pistol from Derek, saying, “I appreciate your worry, but I can take care of myself.”

Peter walks away, but Derek stays. He looks between me and the camp before opting to make a beeline for me. He cowers down in front of me with a concerned expression, eyes roaming my face for any sign of harm – but his uncle didn’t hurt me. Why is he so worried? He brushes away a stray strand of my hair, tucking it behind my ear gently.

“How are you feeling?” he asks, tone meek this time, the stark opposite of what it was like when he was talking to his own blood. I lift my shoulders slowly, further nestling myself into my spot between the roots, making myself comfortable.

“I don’t know,” I say honestly. I have no idea how I’m feeling, or how I’m supposed to feel at the moment. I feel normal but I feel nothing at all, too. I feel anxious, I feel frustrated, I feel like tearing my hair out for not being able to recall anything from before the crash, I feel hatred, I feel depressed, I feel unsettled, I feel helpless, I feel vulnerable. I feel like lamenting and I feel like screaming, but I also feel like shutting my mouth forever. I feel a lot of things, but also nothing at the same time.

“Are you hungry? Food’s almost done,” he offers, cocking his head to the side to grant himself a better view of my face. I could puke at the mere thought of meat. I shake my head, pursing my lips tightly. “Is something wrong?”

I lick my lips, contemplating whether I should tell him about my premonition or not. Reaching into the pocket of my hoodie, I squeeze the leafs of pills I found in the jacket last night when I woke up in the car. In the end, I settle for letting Derek know about my supposed condition – after all, he’s the leader, and he should know about any kind of… liability.

Derek’s POV

“I… I’m not sure about this, so this might be just a flu, or something,” (Y/N) starts tentatively, clearly afraid of what she has to share with me. Was she bitten after all? “I… don’t feel quite good, and I have no idea why it is.” Is she at the beginning of the metamorphosis? Is she simply sick? Did she catch a cold? Does she have a temperature? “I found these in my pockets yesterday,” she says, pulling the pills out to show them to me. My eyes widen as soon as I notice them – I’ve seen these before when Heather got pregnant after the apocalypse began. Taking them from (Y/N) and turning them around to see what’s written on their back, I’m reassured.

These are abortion pills.

Suddenly everything makes sense. Suddenly the fact that she’d been leaving the tent early in the mornings before the accident has a logical explanation; she had been leaving before because she knew the baby is mine, but she didn’t want to tell me about it. Now, without her memories, she shared her secret with me without intending to, not even having a clue that her premonition about being pregnant is correct.

I can’t tell her I know the ultimate answer to her condition – that would let her know who’s the father, and I told her we’ve never slept together, just decided to share a bed for reasons we have no control over. I could just tell her to take the pills because they will treat her flu, but that would also mean I would make a choice that the two of us should make. The baby is ours. Not just hers, and not just mine. Ours.

I slide the leafs into the pockets of my trousers and offer her my hand to help her up, mentally cursing the timing of the events – she’s at a loss of her memories at this time, of all moments! She looks at my palm, but shakes her head at it, saying quietly, “I want to stay.”

I try not to order her to follow me to make sure she’s within an arm’s reach and safe – safe with me –, albeit it’s one of the hardest things I’ve ever had to do.

At least Peter is nowhere near her for now.

I keep reminding myself of that to help myself settle enough to abandon her. Even then, when I’m back at our camp, I can’t help but sneak glances at her to make sure nothing bloodthirsty is lurking around her.

Reader’s POV

I stay sat at the bottom of the tree, allowing my eyes to fall shut and my head to loll back against the crust, listening to the fresh sound of the softly blowing wind as it brushes over the grass. I pull my legs up and lay my arms over them, giving in to the nature encompassing me. It’s peaceful, but there’s a constant dark shadow overhead, not letting the alive rest, reminding us that this peace is ephemeral and horrible things can happen soon.

My fingers tentatively smooth over the tiny metal chain around my neck, leading to my chest under the oversized T-shirt I have on. I draw it out from under the fabric and hold it up in front of my face to have a closer look at it. It’s a dog tag with my name, blood type and date of birth on it, accompanied by a bullet. It goes into a sniper rifle, that much I know, but I have no idea why I wear it as a pendant.

After a while, when the heavy scent of meat has vanished, I stand and approach the camp. I walk straightly to Derek, fidgeting with my fingers. He’s busy putting the remains of the fire out, and I clear my throat to earn his attention. He straightens up and turns around to look at me, a highly expectant expression on his face, waiting for me to tell him what he can help me with.

“What can I do?” I ask, but he shakes his head dismissively.

“You don’t have to do anything,” he says.

“But I want to be useful,” I say, tone just this side of accusing. Why won’t he let me help? Why won’t he let me add to the life of the group? Why does he think I’m a helpless lost flower among meat-eating plants? Why is he treating me that way? I maintain eye contact with Derek to try and prove him I’m serious about this. In the end, he rubs the bridge of his nose, letting an exasperated sigh escape his lips. He nods slowly, mumbling, “All right.”

He puts his hands on his hips, looking around, apparently planning how to accommodate to my wish. Derek says, “I’m sending Allison and Scott to hunt. I’m not allowing you to be alone, so I need you to stay by my side. I’m guessing you don’t know how to defend yourself on your own, which is why I can’t let you out of my sight.”

“Okay,” I nod, accepting his conditions without a second thought.

“For the time being, you and I are going to keep watch. As soon as the others are back, I’m going with you to teach you shooting and martial arts.”

“Thank you,” I smile, and when Derek returns the gesture, I can feel my cheeks heating up, so I quickly avert my gaze. The next moment, Derek’s warm palm settles on the small of my back to meekly lead me to the camper where Allison and Scott are. He sends them away, then ushers me to climb up to the top on the metal ladder on the side of the vehicle, with him following behind. He puts the binoculars in my hands after gesturing to me to sit, whereas he sets the assault rifle next to himself, checking the magazine to make sure it’s fully loaded, before taking the chair next to mine.

“Can you tell me about the year we spent together?” I request, to which he nods and says, “Sure.”

There are a few beats of silence, then his low voice breaks it, “You joined us at the hospital. You were there because your father worked there as a doctor, and you took lunch for him, but he was too busy with the many sick people being transported there. All of them suffered from temperature and they were coughing. Bite marks were found on each one of them. Then the fresh corpses that were taken to the hospital got up and attacked people. That’s how it started for us, back in Beacon Hills.”

All of a sudden, a rush of pictures come flashing up in my mind, but they are gone as fast as they came, disabling me from registering what’s going on in them. I can’t acknowledge my abrupt memories. Two words stay, though. “Beacon Hills?” I ask. “That sounds familiar.”

Derek smiles at me. “I’m glad to hear that.”

To look away from his face to try to conceal my embarrassment, I lift the binoculars to my eyes to check the area. No movement. He clears his throat before going on, “I took you there from the train station. You returned from college that day, and I drove to pick you up myself.”

“So we were… friends?”

“You could say that,” he answers after a beat, running his tongue over his lower lip thoughtfully previously. His reply is vague and ambiguous as ever, making me arch a brow. I proceed to ask what’s that supposed to mean, but he goes on before I could get even one word out. “I managed to take you out of the hospital, but your father was already…”

“I understand,” I croak out, heart clenching in my chest.

“So we gathered the others. Scott, Allison and Lydia were home from college too, and Isaac and Erica were picked up from the local bar that they worked at. Allison’s father was with us initially, but a while ago, he sacrificed himself for his daughter. We got stuck in a warehouse with a corridor full of walkers,” he adds by way of an explanation. “Since then, Allison’s been driving their camper.”

“How many people have we lost so far?”

“Three,” Derek says without having to think about the answer. “They are Chris, Allison’s father, Boyd, and Heather.”

We fall silent again, and I rake my gaze over the glade again through the binoculars. That was more than enough information in one go.

anonymous asked:

Hello! I follow your tumblr and read a lot of fics lately, thanks to you. I was thinking on going back to writing, and I'd really like if you, like, gave me a prompt to start working on? I don't know if you do this, but I'd really like to start a fic about something you thought. Any small suggestion helps. Thank you!

Sorry this is so late but that’s awesome!! Goodluck! :)

Prompts are my life, I’ll make you up a little list lol

Harry Potter AUs
Person A is a muggle and Persona B is very much magical and very much failing at not falling for the adorable seller of those delicious sugary treats.

  • Yoonjin? - Yoongi is offended, no muggle should be this attractive or this good at making cupcakes, let alone both.
  • Taejin? - Nothing that wasn’t exploding techno coloured sparks had ever drawn Taehyung’s attention from chocolate fudge brownies before but damn, did you survive the Avada Kedavra curse? Because you’re drop dead gorgeous. (i.e. Harry Potter pick up lines and a baffled Jin lol)

Dance aus
We hooked up the night before a big competition and I’m pretty sure you meant it as a one time thing but we won (!) and you looked all sweaty and happy and now we’re kissing again, fuck.

  • JIHOPE?! - Friends with benefits wasn’t an ideal situation to be in with someone he found as adorable as Jimin, but Hoseok probably should have thought of that before he pinned Jimin up against the studio mirror.
  • Junghope? -  Hoseok is not the type to catch feelings for his FWB, he also does not do late night phone calls or early morning text messages and he’s especially careful to avoid people who could probably deadlift his entire dance crew but still touch him as gently as Jeon Jungkook does.

Can’t dance aus

  • 2seok or Jinmin or poly Ji2seok? - Blind dates usually go pretty well for Seokjin but usually he isn’t dancing with someone who’s laugh is so infectious that it’s actually making him worse.
  • Namseok? - Namjoon just broke his lamp flailing around but Hoseok hasn’t laughed this hard since Namjoon walked into a door on his first day of school so he thinks it’s worth it. (i.e. gentle, angst free, we’ve kinda been together for years anyway friends to lovers au)
  • Namjin? - It’s love at first traffic light dance, he knows immediately that he’s finally found the iceberg to his titanic, the milk to his cookie, the stiff, expressionless windmilling to his signature face driven thrashing. 

Taboo A/B/O aus

We’re both omegas and it’s gonna be difficult during our heats but date me anyway? I have soft hands and fluffy blankets

  • Vmin? Friends to lovers au in which Taehyung is an asexual omega with a complicated yet efficient heat week routine (consisting mainly of snuggles and ice cream) that Jimin is very happy to help him out with. 

Alpha ver.

  • Yoonseok? Hoseok didn’t quite know when falling asleep with his grumpy next door neighbour stroking his hair became normal but he was running out of things to break in his apartment so it was about time tbh. 

Bath bomb aus

  • Taegi? We’ve been sitting at the same table at the library for 3 hours, how much longer do I wait until it’s not creepy to ask why you smell like roses and have glitter on your face?
  • Yoonmin? In which Jimin has never seen anyone so happy to receive free Lush samples and Yoongi isn’t sure if he’s feeding his bath bomb addiction or just here to see that cute employee anymore.
  • Sugamon? Yoongi comes home to find their toilet seat broken for the 5th time since they moved in together, a huge bag full of bath bombs sitting on their bed and an embarrassed boyfriend hiding in the kitchen.

Hopefully these are helpfull! If you (or anyone else) uses any of these please do let me know :3

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Don't Let Me Fall in Love Part (1/?)

Pairing: Stefan and Caroline

Summary: They sit in silence for a minute as he waits for her to say something…anything. She needs time. He’ll wait. But before he even has a chance to breath her lips are on his and his heart is racing.

AN: So this ended up being over 11,000 words so I decided I’ll just split it all up. I hope you like it. (Inspired by this this post.)
He’s never been one for parties. Sure he’s been to hundreds of them over the years but that doesn’t necessarily mean he likes them. Something about too many people and too much noise.

So he’s surprised himself just by being here. At a freaking bonfire, of all things, in the middle of nowhere. “I need to have some fun.” He tells Damon.

That’s a lie. He knows why. Knew it from the second he caught a glimpse of her across the hallway. But he’s not ready to admit that just yet.

He could say it’s because he’s just looking to escape his problems — he has so many of them. He could say it’s because the human girl he’d been in love with for months drowned in the river because he was too late to save her. He could be here to forget that he was ever with said ex-girlfriend.

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Everlasting Party - Mystic Messenger Time Loop AU (pt 7)

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Summary: You’re caught in a time loop during the 11 days leading up to the RFA’s party unless you can do… what, exactly? Did someone say angst??

10+ No spoilers ^^

Bzzt bzzt.

You throw your phone at the wall and hear the glass shatter upon impact. The fabric is damp against your cheek as you bury your face in your pillow.


Bzzt bzzt.

You refuse to answer Unknown’s messages and drop your phone out the window. It lands with a satisfying smash as it hits the pavement.


Bzzt bzzt.

You try calling Zen even though you’ve never met. You only get his voicemail.

You feel nothing.

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anonymous asked:

Hey hey can I get an One-shot or scenario about Aomine and his gf broke up because she always get jealous over his relationship with Momoi, after 4 years she unexpectedly meet Aomine who was holding a baby girl who is very similar as Momoi (Aomine's ex assumed the baby is their child but wrong, Momoi is married with another man) Aomine still loves his ex and wants her back? Fluff ending with passionate kisses and hugs if you don't mind? Thx cutie, I love your writing and so sorry it's long :(

HEY ANON-SAN! Hope you enjoy this scenario! Sorry I didn’t post it last friday! xx Raniku

Love isn’t supposed to hurt this way. Love isn’t supposed to make you jealous, or make you have nasty and hurtful thoughts. Love isn’t supposed to make you lose yourself to your feelings. Love isn’t supposed to make you eventually hate yourself and the person you’re with.

And you knew that you need to let the relationship go when it’s slowly burning out. You knew you need to let love go when you’re losing yourself. You knew you need to let him go if you really did love him. 

It’s been like this for a few months now. You’ve been dating Aomine for a year, but the past few months has been hard for you. You knew getting into a relationship with Aomine meant dealing with a beautiful woman like Momoi by his side. And you can’t him away from her because she is after all his childhood friend. 

In the beginning, things were great. You were in this bubble with Aomine. You guys had dates. You guys went out to play basketball together. You guys would lay out by the river and just talk. You guys would go on midnight food runs. You guys would go on trips by pointing randomly at a map and going there for the day. Things were definitely great. 

But Momoi broke up with Aomine’s best friend Kuroko a few months ago and ever since then you’ve felt like you were the third wheel in the relationship.

When in the beginning of the relationship, you were the one standing by his side, you were now the one standing behind him as she took your place having a playful banter with him. 

You always go with whatever she had in plan for the three of you, and it felt like you were the one tagging along in their date. 

So you’ve decided to end it. After dealing with it for the past few months, you called Aomine to meet you at the park where he accidentally hit your head with a basketball and got the both of you together. 

He was standing in front of you looking devastatingly handsome. His face in a frown because he knew something was wrong. His hands deep in his jacket’s pockets, hiding the fists he was holding on to as he waited for the bad news to drop.

“Let’s break up.”

“Why?” He glared.

You sighed.

“You know why Daiki.” 

“No I don’t know why. So you better give me a good explanation because I’m not dealing with this shit, and I’m not letting you go.”

“She’s tearing us apart Daiki can’t you see that?!” You shouted. Your heart breaking into pieces as everything started to fall apart.


“Well I can’t deal with this Aomine. I can’t deal with the insecurity. I can’t deal with the fact whenever I go out with you, she has to be there. I can’t deal with the fact that people ask me every single time the three of us go out, how long the both of you guys have been dating.” You cried, the tears you’ve been keeping for months started to fall. And you couldn’t help but cover your eyes. 

“Baby, I can tell her to go away. Just please don’t go.” Aomine suddenly had his  hands on your cheeks, his thumbs catching every tear that tried to escape your eyes.

“I’m sorry. But I have to do this. I can’t lose to my insecurities anymore Aomine. I’m done.”

You placed a hand on cheek, wiping his tears away from his cheek, as he leaned his cheek against the palm of your hand. 

You tiptoed to kiss the corner of his lips before ruffling his hair the way he liked it before taking a step back.

“I love you Daiki. And I’ll always love you.”


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Study Tips

A lot of the study tips I see aren’t always that great for how I work. So I guess these are tips that help for me. To help get around mental health issues (like having no energy from depression or getting overwhelmed from anxiety). They don’t always work me because I do still need to put effort in to actually do these things and I don’t always do that, but when you do them, they help.

1. Start assignments early. I know every study guide says this but it’s usually in a get as much done as early as you can which isn’t always great, it seems way too early, too much to do when your deadline is so far away so you never get around to it. Plus starting is the hardest thing to do, so if you can get it going before you get too stressed that’s great. But do it in little steps. Which feeds into:

2. Break it all down into little tasks. Like really little tasks. It depends on what kind of assignment you have with how you go about it. I have a lot of essays that require research. So it’ll be broken down into pick a topic, figure out the broader themes of what I want to talk about (you might need to do research before this first and will probably be revised after you’ve done more), find some resources, read and summarise those resources one at a time, plan what each paragraph needs to say, figure out what resources support those, write a paragraph at a time, intros and conclusions, editing. Etc. If you start early, these things don’t get overwhelming. I’ll get one tiny step done between episodes of a tv show, so it doesn’t feel like a massive ton of work at once but it still gets done. Sometimes I just write a sentence or two at a time. Not so great close to deadlines, but early on, not a problem. I got my first assignment in this semester that wasn’t a rush at the end of the deadline and it was amazing not feeling so incredible stressed the day it was due.

3. Follow essay plans. These things are so useful. They seem really cliche but it’s because there’s a way essays work. Intros: Snazzy intro sentence (you can always work on this), summarise what you’re going to talk about (you can even just say I’m going to show this by talking about this (though be wary of if there are preference for first or third person in your writing), paragraphs (topic sentence to introduce the point, evidence supporting that point from your research, connecting sentence to next point) and conclusion (summing up what you’ve said again, but in a more definite way because you’ve shown it now by what’s come before).

4. Accept that there are going to be days that suck. if you’re ahead, you might be able to accept that, if you’re not, you might have to work anyway to get things done. It depend on deadlines, but sometimes change what you plan to get done that day. Find things you can do with less pressure. On terrible days I just try to revise lectures or do readings, depending on how in depth this stuff is. Basically things that require a bit less effort or thinking. So then they’re out of the way when you can focus again. And you will feel a bit better for having gotten something done.

5. Know what your flaws are. One of mine is that I use sentences that are way too long. I don’t bother with this in first drafts, I just have an editing session that looks only for that. I cover topics too broadly at times, trying to cover all aspects of a question instead of specific points in depth. 

6. Check feedback. I hate doing this because I hate seeing what I’ve done wrong but it really is necessary. It’s how I know what my flaws mentioned above are. I didn’t realise I had problems with that until I saw it written as feedback.

7. First drafts don’t have to be great. I see this said a lot for fiction writing but not so much for schoolwork. But just get the info down. Make it readable later. Use headings and dot points if that helps! (it probably will help you find what you’ve written easier) Remove the headings later and turn those dot points into sentences. If you don’t quite know the right word for something at the time, highlight it so you can come back and fix it later.

8. Don’t take online classes unless you have to. The pressure of going to class can help you to keep up with your work. 

9. Don’t take early morning classes. They seem like a good idea when you sign up because then you can get it out of the way and get on with your day. But when you wake up and you just want more sleep, if that class isn’t necessary, you’re not going to go. 

10. Attend your classes. A lot seem pointless to be there. Lectures get recorded. Your tutor may ramble and take two hours for something you can cover on your own in half an hour, but they might also give tips about assignments, you’ve got a better environment to talk to peers, etc. And it’s easier to approach teaching staff if you’ve shown up enough for them to recognise you (not that I’m ever brave enough to do this, but I know I’d be more likely to approach the people I don’t feel guilty about having missed their classes).

Hi Guys! So here is a fic I’ve had for a WHILE..but tbh I don’t think its that great. I’m kinda just tired of seeing it in my drafts, so I’m posting it because I do like parts of it but as I said in a previous post I don’t like it enough to tag you guys. You probably have no idea what I’m on about…and sorry I just…I dunno its hard to explain how I’m feeling and why I feel its not enough to tag you wonderful people… but yeah…so only tagging mmfdfanfic 

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grey--sky--morning  asked:

a songbird like the Fleetwood Mac song 'Songbird'? (which is beautiful) or an actual song BIRD (perhaps a sparrow)? ♪(๑ᴖ◡ᴖ๑)♪

Bloom - The Paper Kites

I’m not at all sure where it comes from (I stole the idea from some posts I saw a long time ago) but either one works I guess! Maybe for this fic we can say its for the birds outside their bedroom window :)


The first thing Emma notices when she wakes is how warm she is; how the cotton sheets tangled in her legs is sticking to her skin, how she can just feel the sweat pouring off of her and she’s pretty sure her hair is a frizzy and tangled mess. The second thing she notices is a warm hand on her breast and the soft sounds of her true love snoring softly beside her. She chuckles quietly to herself and opens her eyes, turning her head and smiling fondly at the sight in front of her.

He’s lying on his stomach, left arm folded underneath his pillow, his right is stretched across the small space between them so his aforementioned hand can reach her breast (she is sure that wasn’t an accident.) Killian’s face is half hidden by his pillow, his unfairly long eyelashes casting oddly attractive shadows across his cheek and his mouth open enough for her to feel every one of his exhales on her face as she carefully moves closer. She reaches out and gently combs her fingers through the few strands of dark hair that had fallen across his forehead.

Even in such a disheveled state this early in the morning in the middle of summer he is somehow still unbelievably handsome, not that she would ever admit that to him.

She moves her hand down the side of his face, fingertips ghosting over his adorably pointed ears and runs her thumb along the scar on his cheek. Not wanting to wake him, she pulls her hand back and just watches him. It’s not often she wakes before him so she wants to take advantage of this quiet moment to admire her true love and reflect on the past month since returning from the underworld.

It hasn’t been as peaceful as she would wish, knowing Storybrooke it will never be entirely peaceful, but it has been pretty close to perfect. Her family, mainly her father and Killian, came up with the rule that mornings are off limits for savioring, that the town can certainly wait a couple of hours for her to get some rest and have a good breakfast and well, she wasn’t about to fight them on that one. So every morning for the past month Emma has woken up with a smile on her face no matter how crazy the day before was (and they were usually pretty crazy.) She loves being able to start each day by spending a couple of hours with her two favorite guys.  

It’s not long before she notices Killian’s breathing change as he wakes and she watches as his eyebrows furrow.

“You’re staring” He mumbles into the pillow.

“You’re snoring”   

Killian opens his eyes and lifts his head at that, the creases on his face from the pillow contrasting so completely with the affronted look he gives her that she can’t help but burst into laughter, his protests that he doesn’t snore only cause her to laugh more until he silences her with his lips on hers. He removes his hand from her breast and wraps it in her hair while her arms go around his back, one hand grasping at his waist, the other at his shoulder to pull him closer. It isn’t long before he moves his leg over both of hers and straddles her as her hand dips below the hem of his sleep pants. She is just about to start slipping his pants over his hips when there’s a knock at the door.

“Mom? Killian? Are you guys awake yet? I’m hungry” Henry calls through the door. Killian groans and moves from above her and flops onto his back beside her, throwing his forearm over his eyes.

“Yep, we’ll be right down, why don’t you go pick out what you want to eat.” Emma calls while she sits up and adjusts her tank top from how it had been twisted with her and Killian’s movements.

“Okay!” Henry calls back. They listen to him as he goes barreling down the stairs.

“You would think the stampede from Jumanji was in our house with how much noise he makes.”

“I’ve no idea what a Jumanji is but stampede does sound right, love.” He brushes her hair off her shoulder and leaves a trail of kisses there. “We shall continue where we left off later, Henry is at Regina’s tonight and I’ve got some plans for us.” He smirks, places one last kiss on her lips and leaves the bed. He grabs a shirt from the dresser and throws it on before heading for the bedroom door. She watches as he turns and winks (unsuccessfully) before shutting the door behind him. She smiles as she sits there for a moment, contently listening to Killian and Henry talking in the kitchen. The rest of the day is sure to be chaotic and anything but peaceful, but the morning? The morning is pretty damn perfect.

Send me ‘songbird’ and I’ll put my music on shuffle and write you a fic based on that song 

jadedlilcynner  asked:

Don't know if you did this one yet buy #5 captain swan pretty please? Thank you :)

So… 3 weeks ago I reblogged this post. I’m so sorry it took me forever to finish, but I’m satisfied with what I came up with so I hope you enjoy it as well! <3

one night stand and falling pregnant au

He is a prince and she is a pirate. 

And she is pregnant.

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