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Okay I ship Trillie. Y'know fuck anyone who tries to tell me I can’t

  • Firstly I respect them and would never try and inform them that I ship it or ask questions regarding the truth behind Trillie.
  • I love and respect their wives I don’t wish that they were with each other more than them. Their wives are wonderful people who make them very happy and I wouldn’t change that for the world.
  • Regarding Trillie itself there is a lot of evidence. I’m sure you’ve all heard it before but y'know I love talking about it.
  1. ‘Green Day Interview From 1991’ (that’s the name of the youtube video. Watch it. All three of them cute AF.) Interviewer asks Tré if he has a girlfriend and he says never, fuck that. Then says he has a Boyfriend called Bill. Then whispers Billie Joe but is too nervous to talk about it with the cameras rolling.
  2. In an interview 2004ish Billie says him and Tré had sex once. Like they literally say it.
  3. Neither are straight. Sure being Bi doesn’t automatically mean they did anything but y'know two straight dudes aren’t gonna be in some form of relationship. (Wether that relationship was boyfriends or just sexual, I wouldn’t know/ don’t need to know)
  4. Billie changes the lyrics to Only Of You to 'Tré it was allways you’ and the original name for Fell For You was 'Fell For Snoo’ - The Snoo being a nickname of Tré’s.
  5. I believe that if anything happened between them it would have been early 90s like 1991-2ish. There was a time When Billie wasn’t with Adrienne or Amanda or anyone else around then and was pretty open to experimenting.
  6. Billie and Tré making out on stage then Billie introducing the audience to Tré as 'his man’
  7. Acoording to numerous reports sexual activity between them occured in the van/ bookmobile. Apparently one of their bus drivers caught them '69ing’
  8. Genrally speaking two friends don’t passionately and roughly make out while shirtless on multiple occasions.


These were just some examples of a lit of evidence off the top of my head btw.

  • I know Trillie might not have happened, of course I do and don’t madly obsess over it. I’m not too serious about it. They are just two cute dudes who I admire and its a nice and harmless thought that they had something more than a friendship y'know?
  • Billie and Tré themselves don’t really seem to mind and the concept of Trillie may even be like an inside joke with them that we can play along with y'know? If they did mind and not want anyone to specualte they wouldn’t tell the media things like claiming that the had sex.
  • Shipping is just a bit of harmless fun and you gotta admit, Trillie is fucking cute!

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I think I sort of made a galaxy slime! I’m pretty pleased with it honesty, especially considered it was a spur-of-the-moment 4 AM idea.

It’s not as striking in gif form sadly, but it’s mostly black glitter with some blue, some white, and some pink that I can’t seem to find… Irl there are some green glints and I have no idea why? I don’t even own green glitter, guys.

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favourite ziam moments? you're such a cutie ❤️ love ya

Thank you. 😊 😘 

When I think of Ziam I always thing of this 2 moments first. Zayn in green T-shirt looking at Liam during TMH tour and Liam looking at Zayn in This Is Us interview. They look smitten.

What’s up with the chin touching/caressing?

The You and I fragrance interview. 

And this WWA hug. I don’t know why or when exactly it happened and I don’t even care. They’re so cute and they both look really happy. 

I’ve made a ton of jokes about how exasperated Ed can get with Jon, but let’s be real: Ed can be just as bad, if not worse…

Jonathan: Edward, the entire hideout is green!

Edward: I’m fully aware of that Jon.

Jonathan: Why is the entire hideout green!?

Edward: Because I painted it green. Do keep up dear.

Jonathan than leaves straw everywhere out of sheer spite.

Super Mario Cr1tikal Starters
  • “You damn tree.”
  • “You think you're a tree? YOU THINK YOU'RE A TREE? Well, I have news for yoU! You're... absolutely correct you are a tree.”
  • “Just got clocked by a green bullet train.”
  • “Can someone tell me why that apricot in the window is not keeping the trees of Pumapunku under control? This is absurd.”
  • “This is making me want to purchase a pair of bowling shoes, and then cut my feet off so I can't use the shoes properly.”
  • “There's no reason this tree should be so aggressive!”
  • “I guess what they say is true-- you don't know how someone truly feels unless you walk a mile on their tittes.”
  • “You keep the ground on the ground.”
  • “If getting attacked by trees made your nipples cold, my nipples would have achieved absolute zero.”
  • “Why the fuck is Aku's time portal here?”
  • “These trees make government obsolete.”
  • “When there's something strange in the neighbourhood, who ya gonna call? Trees.”
  • “Who's dropping candy corn?”
  • “The flower-tree combo, nature's one-two punch tag team.”
  • “What the fuck happened here? Did a whale blow a spider web out its ass?”
  • “It swatted me out of the air! It's fucking built to take down space shuttles how am I supposed to jump over it?”
  • “Who's fucking and what are they fucking with?”

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So keeping with the alternate world settings, in that world where Alistair and Anora rule, considering Bree is all about compassion and healing, if she had spared Loghain, what might their relationship look like? Would she be forgiving or see it more as a punishment to make him live with his actions? (Sorry I know a lot of people hate him if you don't wanna answer this I'll understand... that one doodle you did of him made me giggle madly though and I'd love to see more!)


Ok, ok, so I know it’s not feasible and it makes 100% sense why the devs would never go with Loghain, BUT—


I asked myself, ‘Who on the Maker’s green earth actually has experience in war and has experience leading bigass armies?’  Loghain.  Loghain does.  I’m sorry, but he would knock Cullen out of the ballpark.  I love Cullen dearly—so no offence meant to those who recognise Cullen’s talents & who like his canon position—but if Loghain was still alive, he would be my first choice as general hands down.  I’d seek out that ancient general so fast they’d call me the Right and Left Foot of the Divine.



Holy mother of God can you imagine dragging grumpy old-as-balls Loghain to Celene’s ball?!?  Trying to flirt with him??  OH MY GOD I NEED THIS SHITFEST IN MY LIFE.

…So yeah, uh, that’s my take on what would happen if Alistair & Anora jointly rule and Loghain was spared.


so I discovered that drawing with colored pencil is loads of fun for several reasons; 1) IT DOESN’T SMEAR LIKE GRAPHITE, 2) colors look really good and are refreshing to have in my sketch book!! 3) something about colored pencils are just smoother feeling while I draw

anyways, here’s a bunch of overwatch colored pencil sketches :y enjoy!

(click for captions!)

(please don’t repost or use w/o permission, and leave my description; thanks!)

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I was just wondering what Oro wanted the forbidden scroll for in the first few episodes of Naruto... when Mizuki's wiki made me pause. A) his name b) "Mizuki has white shoulder-length hair with a slight hint of blue to it and green eyes." Oro what the hell?? I don't know what to do with this information. A secret son? A genetic donor? Literally the only nin besides Dan to have this coloring and he's Oto? (What if he brought Naruto AND the scroll to Oro?! Naruto raised by Oro Kurama!Style tbh)



*opens Word*

  • *setting is probably a pub somewhere, arrow and flash creators meeting up before s4*
  • guggie: you know what, olicity is so amazing. felicity has her own villain, she will actually have three of them. she is with oliver, and I will even cripple her, and give her an even more complicated storyline
  • kreisberg: man, you have actual comic book characters on the show. actual badasses. you have the green arrow. you have speedy. you have the freaking black canary man. why not concentrate on them?
  • guggie: shut up man, you have a telepathic gorilla and a shark-man.
  • kreisberg: viewers loved it! they love it when you honor the canon.
  • guggie: fuck that shit man. I just really hate laurel. she's boring.
  • kreisberg: you know that you are the one who actually made her boring?
  • guggie: whatever, I don't want her anymore. I think I will kill her off.
  • guggie: hey, you know what. why don't you take her? she can be on flash for all I care.
  • kreisberg: THAT IS WHAT I'M GONNA DO.
  • *everyone is happy*

Whovians in love.

Police Box Ring (Left)

TARDIS Ring (Middle)

The Spin Doctor (Right)

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*smiles up at loki on throne and slowly begins to kneel* You've made yourself a reputation, but i bet you don't know about mine.

The leather-clad god canted his head to one side, considering the young woman who’d approached him and spoke so boldly. A small smirk formed as he leaned forward, green eyes sweeping over her appraisingly.

“Oh? I must admit to my ignorance there yes… But you do arouse my curiosity. Perhaps you ought to enlighten me, pet.” His smile widened, toothily. “Why don’t you approach the throne and tell me who you are.”

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Why don't you like papertowns? :) What find you bad? :D

I found the main character annoying because he went traipsing around after a girl who he didn’t even know but thought he did because he hung out with her once.  

And before you go the whole “but John Green wrote it that way in order to destroy the manic pixie dream girl thing” route, I realize that, but it doesn’t change that most of the book is about a boy following around an image of a girl he made up in his head.  It’s only at the very end of the book that Green tries to destroy the MPDG thing.  Maybe if he tried to dismantle that earlier in the book I would have liked it, but he didn’t so I don’t.