i don't know why i made it purple

  • Lance, walking up, eyes downcast: ...
  • Keith: Babe, what's wrong?
  • Lance, still not meeting his eye: You were red
  • Keith: ... Are we seriously doing this again
  • Lance: And you liked me cause I was blue
  • Keith: Lance for the last time
  • Lance: And you touched me and suddenly I was a lilac sky
  • Keith: Why am I with you
  • Lance, looking away, a tear in his eye: And you decided purple, just wasn't for you
  • Keith: I am literally galra!

Q&A! Tagged by @punkocelot! Thank you.

Gender: F

Star sign: Pisces 🐟

Height: 5"4’

Sexual Orientation: Bisexual

Hogwarts House: Hufflepuff! 

Favourtie colour: Purple 💜

Favourite animal: Cats 🐱

Average hours of sleep: 6 - 8 hours

Cat or dog: Cats! 🐈

Favourite fictional character: Castiel 

Favourite band: I like Gorillaz right now

Dream trip: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

Dream job: ¯\_(ツ)_/¯

When was this blog made?: November 2015

# of followers: 320

Why was this blog made?: My friend said Tumblr would like my picture quotes

Well to be honest I don’t remember which of my mutuals likes doing these so I’m going to tag a bunch and hope for the best

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i made one joke on my main about how 

1) its canon that machina drink water

2) this provides opportunity for egil with silly straw 

and now several people REALLY want to see egil with silly straw and i do not know why. but he can have a purple one because purple is a nice color. 

bonus: some egil doodles while i was at it because his face is so beautiful


(overdue post!!!!!!!)

Last October 5 I went to Cosmania as japhers’s (genderbend) Filipino!Cecil (oh god I was a bundle of nerves all day, it was my first cosplay and I met really really really cool people)

  • First and second picture were taken by Japh-senpai himself uwu thank you so much (I just realized that I didn’t have any proper pictures taken when I was already on the train on the way home god I was sitting on the floor I was so tired)
  • My family!!! Went!! To!!! The convention!!!!! For me!!!! Idk I think they (especially my grandma, gosh she really went to a convention for me) were just as excited as I am, even if they didn’t properly understand my interests. My grammy was super supportive, until now I’m still kind of thrown by her unwavering support. When I was preparing my costume, she was all “what else do you need?” and was even “oh hey, here’s some makeup, I think you’re gonna need this,” bc I don’t own any makeup at all. And my mum doesn’t get me at all, but she’s happy that I’m happy with what I’m doing ;3; my friends also went!!!! Not solely for me although I think I was the one who nagged them to go, but okay I felt the love you weirdos
  • Details, photographed by my sister. I had my hair shaved and I had a pretty purple bow and I made an ID card and painted the Baybayin characters on the necktie myself (I’m planning to have them embroidered in the future, bc I really like this Cecil and plan to improve my cosplay someday okbye)

seeing yaschiri’s cute picture of Vincent and Scott made me realize that Scott doesn’t really wear any actual winter clothes. I guess he can easily manage surviving in the cold. So I can see on somedays he wears Vincents purple scarf, especially if he’s running out to quickly grab some food or doing a quick errand.