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Carol, for once in your life, shut your damn mouth!

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Malec-Week First Day: Favourite Malec-Scene

So, as I definitely got more than one favourite scene (basically every Malec scene is my favourite, apart from the one we don’t talk about), I’m going to post two that always make me laugh and give me that warm flutter in my chest (you know what I’m talking about ^^)

This one is from “City of Lost Souls”, from the point of view of Isabelle, when she stays over at Magnus’s loft before she and Jocelyn meet the Iron Sisters.

It [the bathroom] was halfway down the hall, and the door was just opening, Alec emerging in a cloud of steam. He had a towel around his waist and another around his shoulders and was rubbing energetically at his wet black hair. Isabelle supposed she shouldn’t be surprised to see him; he’d been trained to wake up early in the morning just like she had.

“You smell like sandalwood,” she said by way of greeting. She hated the smell of sandalwood. She liked sweet scents - vanilla, cinnamon, gardenia.

Alec looked at her. “We like sandalwood.” Isabelle made a face. “Either that’s the royal ‘we’ or you and Magnus are turning into one of those couples that think they’re one person. ‘We like sandalwood.’ ‘We adore the symphony.’ ‘We hope you enjoy our Christmas present’ - which, if you ask me, is just a cheap way of avoiding having to buy two gifts.”

Alec blinked wet lashes at her. “You’ll understand-”

“If you tell me I’ll understand when I’m in love, I’ll smother you with that towel.”

“And if you keep preventing me from going back to my room and getting dressed, I’ll get Magnus to summon up pixies to tie your hair in knots.”

Tumblr: Yet another post talking crap about BBC Sherlock, the fourth season, Steven Moffat, Mark Gatiss, Mary Watson, Eurus Holmes, Molly Hooper, the “I love you” scene, etc. etc. etc.

Me:  =(  …  -_-  …  :’(


My brain @me: You know there’s no point to it. You can’t change people’s minds if they’re not willing to listen, and most won’t be just because that’s what people are like—really stubborn about their opinions. And all you’ll accomplish is upsetting yourself further ‘cos you know you can’t handle confrontation.

Me: *whimper*

Me: *is upset in silence for the next 24 hours minimum*

…I adore Sherlock, but for its own sake (for all the wonderful people who gave it life) and for mine, I really hope that was the last season. I don’t want to go through this for the next few years, and at this point, my best hope is that people will cool down over it over time.

P.S. I wish I wasn’t part of the fandom, sometimes—Sherlock Holmes in general, BBC and Granada in particular. So many of the fans can be really whiny and vicious and horrible—or otherwise okay but also horrendously snobbish. Half the time, I really get exhausted being a part of a fandom that’s like that.

ginnyparrilla reagiu à tua publicação “I don’t think they’re homophobic. It’s just that it’s not the way they…”

really good response!! we’ve been through so much + i hope this helps people understand why the hug felt so lackluster for us. it wouldn’t have been an issue if they allowed their first hug to be during an emotional scene that focused around THEM (ex. 3.11 4.20 5.23 6.10) and not a quick one off thing that feels more about some other relationship than their relationship

i love this song


Snowing Appreciation Week
Day 03 >> The argument about David being poisoned and the price of his cure.

"You didn’t believe. You needed to believe in us.” -Mary Margaret

I just realize that Ignis wear a necklace and I was SO SHOCKED :0

I mean I never saw him as the type to wear such thing so that lead me to many theories xD

was it previously known that he wear a necklace ?? I didn’t notice that in the demo, was he ?? if so why didn’t I realize it sooner ( time to rewatch some scene ) @_@

( I guess I over think about Noctis and Prompto too much that I didn’t pay enough attention to Ignis although I love him so much )