i don't know why i keep making things like this

  • Sangwoo: So after keeping you locked in my house by breaking both your legs, torturing you, making you kill someone and constant psychological torture, I try to do a nice thing for you by driving you to have a mental breakdown in making you jealous of a girl which leads you to stab her multiple times in a blind murder rage.
  • Yoon Bum: Yes.
  • Sangwoo: And you're telling me that you didn't like it.
  • Yoon Bum: Not particularly.
  • Sangwoo: I don't know why I bother.

my two most favorite people in the world


Jaehee the Zen fangirl (ft. bonus Yoosung who knows what’s up)

The signs as 'Orphan Black' quotes
  • Aries: If you betray us again, I have enough dirt on you to destroy your career. And I love you, too.
  • Taurus: I could kill for some ice cream.
  • Gemini: I'm so... bored.
  • Cancer: I'm just here for my kids and I'm sorry that I ruined the play with my drinking.
  • Leo: This girl looks nothing like me. Like, first of all, my tits are way bigger, and secondly, even if you could drag a comb through that hair, she's like a 7 on a good day and I've been told I'm a 10.
  • Virgo: I've been self-aware since I was a child.
  • Libra: I can handle it. Don't be a bitch.
  • Scorpio: You know, my security concerns, they're not jealousy. I'm French. We enjoy lovers.
  • Sagittarius: I just want to make, like, crazy science with you.
  • Capricorn: Whenever somebody talks about the future, I always say 'Show, don't tell.’
  • Aquarius: Da Vinci robbed graves to study anatomy. In a hundred years, they'll call me a pioneer.
  • Pisces: No, I'm not fine. Why do weird things keep happening to me?
I Wish I Could Title Every Poem I've Ever Written, 'Fuck Man, I Don't Know'

I’m not too sure how much my family would like it
But I’m not too sure how much they like my writing anyways
They think it’s sad and weird
They ask me, ‘Why don’t you write about happy things?’

Is poetry supposed to make people happy?
Should I tell everyone things will be okay in the end, then wink and walk away?
Should I talk about a sunset then slap someone’s back and say, ‘keep your head up kiddo’?
Should I tell people too take the road less traveled and then act surprised when they get mauled by a bear?

The other day my grandma recited me a poem my grandpa wrote for her when they first started dating
Some simple quatrain thing talking about trees and stars and love
It was cute
Afterwards I tried to read her something of mine but forgot about a line I wrote referencing my drug dealer
Not so cute

I see a bouquet of flowers but the petals are all tiny heads of sad old drunks weeping
I see the stars but all the constellations are college freshmen writing poems about the stars to get a blowjob
I see a poetry anthology called ‘100 love poems’ at the book store and the ink is printed on toilet paper
I see an old dog hobbling on three legs and want to give it everything I own

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Do you have any more tips on how to draw all hair and eyes? I find that I do okay from reference and in realism, but when it comes to stylising and drawing from imagination I get completely and utterly lost. It doesn't matter how many guidelines I do or if I always do the eyeball first and wrap the lids around it, my eyes always come out weird as fuck. It looks like an alien. I think I don't do bad with lips and my noses aren't too crappy, then I try hair and oh my SEND HELP. It's a disaster. +

+ It either looks like a shapeless blob on top of the head or if I attempt detail it becomes a bunch of lines that make 0 sense at all. Hair is my nightmare. I would really appreciate it if you had some tips, though I totally get it if you don’t have time. I usually find your tutorials useful and I love how you stylise things but still keep them looking real, you know? That’s why I decided to try and ask you. Thank you in advance if you do actually decide to take the time and reply to this. 💕🙈

Well, like I said earlier, I’m not going to make any more hair or eyes tutorials. Maybe try to figure out why you think your eyes look wrong? When you draw hair try to think about what you’re doing, if you can’t imagine the shape it’ll be shapless, if you start adding lines coincidentally don’t be surprised they’ll look like that. Drawing requires thinking. When I draw hair I need to spend a moment figuring out the hair logic :) shape and direction of the curls. I can mindlessly add some lines or actually think what I’m doing:

Practise! If you can’t draw form memory or imagination it means you don’t have enough data in your mental library that you can use to build your made up worlds. I’m not able to draw a car from imagination right now because I rarely draw cars, I don’t have enough information to make it look believable. It’ll look wonky and weird.
Also, maybe show someone your work. I know you can’t always tell what’s wrong with your drawing even if you feel something’s off. Your eye doesn’t catch the mistake yet but someone else’s might spot where the problem lies.
Now about stylisations, my stylisations are just simplifications. When you’re drawing from real life and photos simplify your objects, don’t copy, brake it to the form, lines or surfaces only. It might help idk. Good luck :)

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I feel like the only reason why some Filipinos keep defending the Tizons is bc they don't want "Filipino" to be associated with that awful thing they did with Lola, so they simply keep justifying it as "our own culture". I'm Filipino myself and I know vividly the yaya/katulong (helper/servant) culture we have here. Most of the time it may not exactly be slavery in a way that they're abused and unpaid, but the idea of a person being seen as somebody lower or dehumanized is there. It's sickening.

And that’s what’s disgusting about it. That’s what makes me retch in disgust.

You would rather cover up this human rights atrocity than stare it straight in the face. Afraid to call it what it is, SLAVERY… she wasn’t being paid.

People out here would rather chalk it up as a cultural issue than to actively acknowledge that it’s insidious. If you’re like that you’re disgusting. Living in a bubble of lies. Barking like a wounded dog when someone makes you stare the truth straight in the face.

Social Caste based discrimination isnt honky dory just because it’s culturally spread. They need to try again.

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Now I'm imagining a Beauty and the Beast AU where Yuri is just there in the palace, completely unbeastly, for Victor to be worried about. I don't know how Yuri would have convinced everyone that there was a beast there but I love the idea of Victor trying to plan Yuri's escape and Yuri just being like why?? Does he keep shoving me outside??? And Yuri is too embarrassed about whatever rumor makes people send beautiful, charming people to his castle to talk about it (It's Phichit, matchmaking)

PRETTY MUCH I think in the original concept I had (which I finally had to scrap for what became “I will posess your heart”) The Real Monster Was Yuri’s Anxiety. Probably he like, froze things. 

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Dumb question... Why do people not like the chainsmokers? I don't keep up with this stuff

The things that I know is that The Chainsmokers are misogynist, racist, offend other artists, etc. I don’t like them either isn’t the kind of music I enjoy, but making a big deal about a song that hasn’t been released yet it’s ridiculous. The rapper line wrote the song and we are here to support BTS no The Chainsmokers and the guys would not like to collaborate with other artists bc some ARMYs always get upset or negative because of that. Give it a try and then we can give our opinion.

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Sometimes I'm really good with my prayers and can manage to pray most but I lack consistency because other times I completely don't feel like praying and it is bad but I just don't pray I don't know how to fix my broken self. How do I just do it why does it feel so difficult at times

Tips for Picking up Salaah Again

Managing Salaah & Life

Improving Salaah

Consistency Tips for Salaah

Know WHY Salaah is so Vital

Start with Asr

Ways to Maintain Salaah

All Things Salaah

I hope these help :D Keep trying! Keep making dua for guidance! Renew your intention everyday and try your best! You can do this, it takes time! Sometimes it won’t be perfect but what matters is if you keep trying and remain consistent! Allah wants you to be near, and you can do it!

Seek refuge from shaytaan often, make dua and dhikr, and don’t give up! Immerse yourself thinking about Allah and let me know how else I can help


I Keep Forgetting
  • Me: What's wrong with me? All of my motivation just... *waves vaguely*
  • Me: My writing isn't getting done. I feel like any wrong word will make me cry, and I want to do things but my body won't move.
  • Adam: You're depressed.
  • Me: I'm what?
  • Adam: You have depression. I don't know why you act so surprised every time you suffer from it.
  • Me: I have depression.
  • Adam: ...Mistress, this isn't news.

Also, why does La La Land feel like the Musician!Seb, Actress!Mia Coffeshop AU of its own story?

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Why is Finn/John being treated as an afterthought in everything? If Finn is not playable in Battlefront II why have John waste his time going to the EA offices? If Finn is not FS, why continue to market him with the lightsaber? I don't like the idea that white executives are thinking that they are happy to take black dollars but not put up any actual meaningful representation or treat John like he is actually an important part of this franchise.

☝🏽 ☝🏽 ☝🏽 ☝🏽

I can’t even imagine how disappointed John will be if Finn isn’t a playable hero in Battlefront II. I know the ST is a little light on villains and Dice may want to keep things balanced, but I will gladly accept Hux or Phasma being included if that ensures that Finn makes it in. Or just add an extra villain from another era (*cough* TCW). There is really no justification to leave Finn out, especially when freaking Nien Nunb and Greedo made the cut last time.

limitofmyimagination  asked:

Hi! Lately I've been taking care of my grandparents' dog while they're on holidays (an English bulldog) and I've been having trouble when walking her. Since I don't know her that well I prefer to keep her on a leash, but she almost always manages to take her collar off and runs away. I then have to wait for about half an hour for her to come back home on her own, which is not much fun and also makes me really anxious every time. Any idea why she might do that and how to make things easier?

First, A+ for choosing to keep her leashed. It sounds like she’s prone to running off, so that’s the responsible choice. It’s definitely not fun to have the dog run off and not be somewhere you can keep it safe. 

I’d suggest checking the fit of her collar - it may not be tight enough. It may also be that due to the shape of her head and neck, even a well-fitted collar can still slide off. At that point I would suggest getting her something new to wear (I know she’s not your dog, but it’s your peace of mind) like a martingale collar or a harness. Martingales have a piece that can tighten down (but not to the degree of a choke collar) and are used on dogs like greyhounds whose heads and necks are often the same size. 

Me when the author keeps >implying things and I have no idea what to make of this information and I just want sOME GOD DAMN ANSWERS RIGHT NOW WHY DO YOU DO THIS TO ME?!? GIVE ME SOMETHING!!! ANYTHING!!!

Dadzawa and little Izu (7)

Summary:  Izuku Midoriya was 5 when he lost his mother to a villain attack and was saved by the hero Eraserhead. 3 weeks later Aizawa decided to adopt him

Chapter summary: Nemuri makes a suggestion and Aizawa doesn’t like teenagers

Chpt.1 , AO3 link for this chapter or read below

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Ash, do you think Danai has ever stumbled across any Richonne fanfiction?. I'm pretty sure Gimps has but what about Danai? It's been proven that reads Richonne tweets, so fanfiction isn't too far off right? Either way, don't freak out but I tweeted her a link to Palm Trees and I am just hoping she randomly decides to read it 😂 it's so freaking good! (Just like all your work) ok bye.

Girl, I did an entire double take when I read the end of this, lmao. I mean, thank you! 😘I think? But I have to go hide now, because if she ever did read my work, I would die. 

To answer your question, though, she said a couple of years ago that she hadn’t. But I wouldn’t be surprised if she’s read a snippet here or there. Josh said he has, so it’s not far-fetched. And Danai’s sister (not sure which one) seems to keep her abreast of some fandom stuff, so it’s possible she’s told her about a story or two. But idk, maybe I’ll ask her when I (hopefully) see her in October. 👀 

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"I don't deserve to be loved" with either sprace or jackcrutchie

Whew. So I decided on Jack/Crutchie and this is a modern AU. Snyder was an abusive foster parent and Crutchie (as in that headcanon post I made.) Has a prosthetic leg which is why his crutch isn’t mentioned.


I run out of the gym because I can’t take it. That goddamn Delancy. “You know you gotta stop fidgeting with the ball before you throw it, then again you’re just an artsy piece of shit who knows nothing about sports so what should I expect” How was he supposed to know? He couldn’t have. I reach a bathroom, the one where no one goes because everyone thinks it’s haunted. I sink to the ground and put my hands over my ears. They won’t shut up. “No, no, no.” I keep breathing but I feel like I can’t. ‘You’re awful you know, stealing from those people.’ ‘Stop fidgeting Jack you look fucking stupid’ “STOP IT STOP IT” I yell. I can’t make it stop. I start to rock back and forth to try and calm myself. But this isn’t a normal panic attack. ‘Now that I think about it you’re pretty ugly’ ‘Who would ever love you? I certainly don't’ Why-why did he have to bring back all the things Snyder said. I can’t do anything so I just continue to sit while I wait for it to be over. I listen to the voices. I start to think that he was right. “Jack? Oh Jack.” I hear his voice but iI'munable to respond. It’s Crutchie. Crutchie he’s your friend he likes you it’s alright. But what if he just feels sorry for me? What if he secretly hates me? Of course he does I’m awful. I’m pathetic. I’m ugly. “Jack, if you can hear me I need you to breath with me okay?” I try to nod but I fear it doesn’t come across. “In, 1,2,3,4, hold, 1,2,3,4, release, 1,2,3,4.” I try to comply but the voices are loud and I can’t, I can’t, I can’t.

It’s been… I don’t know how long. I’m kinda going along with Crutchie’s words. “In, hold and out” I begin to mutter. The voices are still there, spouting their truths but they keep getting more and more quiet. “Hey Jack, if you can speak right now can you tell me what’s wrong or how I can help?” I’m still swaying back and forth and an unstoppable reply comes out of my mouth.“I don’t, I don’t des,deser, deserve to be, t-to be loved.” I gasp and begin sobbing.

“Oh, Jack, oh no , that’s not true.” I keep sobbing

“I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m, I’m”

“Jack, if you can, listen to me.” He takes my hand and I squeeze it. His touch helps bring me back.

“You are beautiful and kind and amazing. You never fail to make me laugh; Which is a difficult feat, you should be proud. You give so much. You give to your art, to me to the whole gang, to those kids at the home. You have such an amazing smile.” My breathing slows. The voices are now barely a murmur. I lift my head and wrap my arms around his waist and cry quietly into his shirt. “You’re safe.” He starts to comb through my hair with his fingers. I move away and wipe my eyes.I’m fine now, the voices are gone. “Crutch i’m sorry”
“What for? Don’t be sorry there’s nothing to be sorry about.You have helped me through many panic attacks.” He frowns with concern. He cares I breath a sigh of relief. If he didn’t he would have left right?

“I know, I just, my brain and…. yeah.” He begins to shift uncomfortably and he won’t meet my eyes. What did I do?

“Jack I love you.” Oh

“What?” I say with disbelief. “Like in a friends kind of way?” He looks up and blushes. He’s real cute like that.

“Um well, um no. Inamorethatfriendskindofway. But maybe I shouldn’t have brought this up, you just had a panic attack and I was trying to let you know that you were loved and I’m sorry.” I smile. Crutchie loves me! He loves me, and I love him and–Oh. “Hey Crutch?”

“Uh yeah, Jack?” He meets me eyes.

“I love ya too.” He smiles and I think he knows where this is going.

“In a more than friends kind of way?” I nod.


“Oh.” I lean forward and put me hands on his shoulders.

“Can I kiss you now.” He blushes again. Can he try to be less adorable .

“Yes!”  Our lips meet and his mouth is warm. I move my hands to his cheeks. He has such soft skin. “Jack?” he mumbles against my lips.

“Mmm yeah” We pull apart.

“As much as I love this. We probably need to get back to gym the period is going to end.

“Oh! Sorry, how long have we been here?”

“About forty minutes.”

“Oh shit.” I stand up and grab his hand to help him up.

“You have nice hands you know that?”

“Sounds like you have a crush.” Crutchie sings and pokes my stomach.

“How could I not, you’re adorable and the literal ray of sunshine in my life.” I wrap my arm around his shoulder as we walk back to the gym.

“You’re such a sap.”

“What can I say? I write poems under only the light of the moon about how amazing you are.”

“You’re kidding.”

“Yeah.” I’m nod joking but he doesn’t need to know that. We’re suddenly faced with the gym door.
“Hey, how about we just grab our stuff from the locker room and leave?” I day with a bit of a tremble.

“Yeah okay.” Crutchie smiles but I can still see a lingering amount of concern. So I turn towards him and say; “Hey, I’ll be okay. Let’s just get through this day, alright?”


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Sorry but all the people getting mad about us "bullying Louis with Larry" is fucking stupid. Louis KNOWS, he KNOWS what things we're going to correlate with Larry. That bitch KNEW that the green and blue jackets were going to make us lose it. He KNEW! So why would Louis keep doing things that hint at Larry *cough* rose shirt and "Always" *cough* when he could easily avoid it. I mean, at least that's what I do when I don't like something. But then again, everything is a coincidence...

he just has the worst luck in the world