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things i still need to know: why will had to have his heart cut out. that was never part of davy jones’s curse; he was the one who chose to cut out his own heart. so why does will have to follow suit and do that? also, jones cut his heart out to stop feeling emotions and became cruel as a result. the closer his heart was, the more emotional he was. soooo does will not feel any emotions when he’s away doing the job? and if that’s the case, then what would draw him back to elizabeth at the end of his first ten years?????




So here’s the ACTUAL IN-ISSUE version of the episode guide for the season-that-never-was, along with a bonus page on a Sari upgrade with a beloved character, and a bio for her classmates, which includes the cutest little Nightbeat oh my god I need twenty.  As you can see, the episode guide’s pictures do clarify a few things (not that everyone hadn’t already figured out Prowl was in Allsparkalypse Now!).

Other than a not especially great SD SG comic on the back panel and the Marauder Megatron cover (already posted by many other great people!) this was the entirety of the TFA-related content in the issue.  Cheers!

These are all taken from the newest (Oct/Nov 2016) issue of the Transformers Collector’s Club official magazine.  Issue 71.

Transformers Animated Season 4 Preliminary Episode Guide

My decrepit-ass scanner appears to have died after many years of service, so I am just gonna type these up.  If I get it working again, I will add scans!

These are all taken from a two-page spread in the newest (Oct/Nov 2016) issue of the Transformers Collector’s Club official magazine.  Issue 71.


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(This edition of the manga reads left-to-right).

  • me @ me: i know it's getting late and you should sleep but monsta x's beautiful mv teaser is only 21 seconds so you should watch it one more time
But what if they had a kitten?

I saw a cute video of a kitten and now I need Voltron headcanons, don’t try to stop me, I need this

Keith finds it on some alien planet and maybe it’s not a cat per se but it damn well looks like one. It steps on his foot and mewls pitifully and he just freezes because he doesn’t want to accidentally kick this small ball of fluff, so he just warily calls out to the others

Lance sees it next and thinks it’s the cutest thing ever and just scoops it right up and starts fussing over it but he’s loud and it’s shy and it wriggles a bit and makes distressed noises. Lance is so sad, he just wants it to love him

Hunk carefully takes it and puts it down. His family had two cats at home and he expects it to simply run away because he knows what they’re like, but it just sits there and looks up at him like ‘my saviour’

Pidge is really curious about why there’s a kitten-like alien, and she crouches down and sort of examines it from a respectful distance and the kitten curiously inspects her in turn. It lifts a paw and solemnly presses her nose. It is satisfied

Surprisingly, Shiro is the one who decides to take it back to the ship. He makes out like it was the others’ idea and lectures everyone on being responsible, but he’s the one who gently picks it up and carries it back, and Lance is almost crying because why does it love everyone else and not him?

On the ship, it settles in happily enough. It adopts Keith and follows him everywhere and when he argues with Lance one time it rushes to stand in front of Keith protectively and hisses at Lance. Lance sulks in his room for the rest of the day and Keith is just so confused, like what has he done to make this fluffball like him so much?

When it’s not with Keith, it’s either demanding that Shiro play with it or it’s sleeping in Hunk’s lap. It’s locked in a battle for dominance with Pidge over who has first rights to her laptop keyboard, and Pidge is winning but in retaliation she will often wake up to a face full of cat

And then one day it disappears and no one can find it. They split up and search the castle all morning. Lance is the one who finds it. It’s hiding in a corner of a disused bedroom, crying and licking at one of its paws. Lance approaches so slowly and carefully because it doesn’t trust him, but it’s hurt and upset and eventually he manages to calm it down a little and it lets him touch the paw. It’s stepped on a pin which is stuck in its foot, and Lance soothes it and then carefully pulls out the pin

He takes it back to the others and hands it to Shiro and then starts to walk away because he thinks the kitten will hate him even more now that it associates him with pain, but as soon as he starts to leave the kitten starts mewing loudly. So Lance comes back, daring to be hopeful, and gently offers it his hand and it licks him like a little kitten kiss. He is its hero, he saved it, and Lance nearly cries because it loves him after all

allura: you just need to let him know how you feel!

lance: how am i supposed to do that??

allura: um…why don’t you use one of those pick-up lines you always have?

lance: this is serious, allura.

allura: well, you don’t want to come on too strongly. just give it a try.

lance: alright, fine.

[approaches keith]

lance: hey…what’s cookin good lookin? ;)

keith: uh, i think hunk is making some sort of spaghetti thing



lance: i’m in love with you

keith: what?

allura: [in background, frantically signaling to abort mission]

Captain Swan + Automatic YouTube subtitles:

Once upon a time, Emma Swan and her Princess Squad found a blacksmith hiding under a pile of fries

Although Emma knew she should be worried about the blacksmith’s identity, there just were bigger problems in her mind 

Don’t worry, Emma. The past is in the past. And soon you will find your One True Love. It’ll be love at first sight:

Never shy with words, our Emma. Now she just needs to know who this mysterious stranger really is.

He looks like bad news. It’s just a shame he looks so good, because at that point Emma can’t help but let the truth slip out of her mouth

Get it, girl. But do know he comes with baggage. Just like you:

In 3 seasons you will understand why. Be patient.

That’s what we’ll see in the musical episode, Emma. Be more gentle, will you?

Okay, nevermind. He totally deserves to be chained up and abandoned in the beanstalk. 

Uh, yeah. Maybe that wasn’t such a great idea after all. 

It turns out Captain Hook is a teasing, sarcastic scoundrel. But two can play this game…

To Be Continued…


All right, I’m gonna go ahead and call pre-boarding for all Zabvronians with elite status. Ah… Oh. No, wait. That’s… that’s only me. Suck it, coach trash.

She knew that he didn’t deserve her. She knew that he always chose the girl that would drive him crazy for a couple months until he called a quits. She knew that he’d always answer her calls even if it was two in the morning. She knew he’d always meet her in the same spot at three in the afternoon and smoke cigarettes with her even though he stopped smoking months ago. She knew he’d listen to her talk about boys stepping all over her and kiss her to make her forget it. She knew she didn’t need that in her life, but in his eyes she knew that there was a love that he covered with a pillow until it stopped moving. She swears they can get it back. She keeps fighting because she doesn’t deserve him either, but she wants to. How can you blame her for wanting him so bad if she smiles uncontrollably just from hearing his voice?
—  She and I have a lot in common

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