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Harry's interview on Quotidien
  • I: Can you hear me?
  • H: Yes
  • I: Welcome to Paris!
  • H: Thank you
  • I: How are you? Can you answer in French?
  • H: Good! A little bit. A tiny bit. Très bien et toi ?(very good and you?)
  • I: Very good, thank you. We start our interviews with “can you give us your five favourites words in English or French. Or a French sentence”. Someone told me you knew a French sentence.
  • H: Comment vous faites un café si délicieux? (How do you make such a delicious coffee?)
  • I: OK, that’s good.
  • H: That’s all I have.
  • I: Do you say it very often?
  • H: No... Yes
  • I: What does France mean to you? Is it something, someone etc...?
  • H: Best people I’ve known... I think her, *shows a fan* I guess. Fabien Barthez.
  • I: Yes, Fabien Barthez. Harry, you’re 23 years old and you’re one of the best known pop-star in the world. Everybody has expectations with your new album and single Sign Of The Times. Why did you choose that song? This is not what people were expecting.
  • H: I think I wanted to.. I've always liked music that made me feel something. You know I think writing it I could feet something I wanted to bring it out. I think it's a good indicator for me of what the album is to me. That's why I wanted to go with that first.
  • I: Billboard wrote that the single was "one of the more ambitious opening statements in pop this decade". Not bad, isn't it?
  • H: Thanks!
  • I: Do you have friends working at Billboard?
  • H: I don't know anyone at Billboard.
  • I: When we listen to the song we think of David Bowie, Queen, who else did you think of?
  • H: I mean, I think everyone, anything, any song you've ever listened to growing up or throughout your life or you've enjoyed, inspired you. There are a lot of different things. I wanted to just write and see what came out. I didn't know what I sounded like to make an album. So this process was as interesting for me as I think it will be for people listening to the album for the first time.
  • I: Do you know French singers other than Serge Gainsbourg? That's a tricky question.
  • H: I know Woodkid. He directed my music video.
  • I: Why him?
  • H: I think his videos are amazing, he's a really talented guy and I love French people so I worked with him.
  • I: When you're in Spain, do you say that you love Spanish people?
  • H: No!
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy...
  • H: Great tie.
  • I: You think so? It's French.
  • H: It's not a Spanish tie, isn't it?
  • I: Can I see your loafer? Oh yes! What is the brand? That's not French, isn't it? It's Italian.
  • H: No.
  • I: That's from the European Union!
  • H: Probably yeah.
  • I: It seems like everything has been easy for you, is it true?
  • H: Was what simple?
  • I: Your life, everybody wants a life like yours, with One Direction...
  • H: I mean, I feel very lucky to be able to make music, I feel very lucky to be able to make this, I feel very lucky today being in France and performing my song. I love this song. I can't complain.
  • I: What were the unpleasant things?
  • H: *thinking*
  • I: I don't know, say only one thing.
  • H: I think when you care so much about something, it's hard to get to the point where you feel like it's finished and it feels like you're adding and it never ends and it adds up. So I think the hardest part was getting into that point and be like "ok that's finished."
  • I: You said to the Rolling Stone magazine that most of the album was inspired by a woman. Really?
  • H: No I think, honestly, the album is much more about me than it is about anyone else. I think if I said the album is about a woman it kind of feels like, I don't know, I put a lot of work into this. I don't feel like it revolves around woman. It's a lot about me and things I've never said before. It's more about me.
  • I: How did you start with a boy band and end with a solo career? Is it complicated?
  • H: It's been a lot of fun. You know we were very lucky to get to do some amazing things and at the moment in our lives, we're in a time where everyone is trying their own thing and have a good time. It's been amazing to see everyone doing their own thing as well. If I can do as well as the others, it'd be amazing.
  • I: Do you call them everyday or text them? Do you use What's app?
  • H: I don't have that.
  • I: Why?
  • H: Yes we talk, absolutely. And everyone is bringing stuff out. It's been a lot going on. It's been a good time.
  • I: This is the album cover! Can you describe it? Why did you choose this picture?
  • H: Yeah. So, I don't know. I worked with photographer Harley Weir, I'm a massive fan of her work. And that's amazing and I was lucky enough to work with her. I felt like this was what I wanted.
  • I: Why is it pink? Why the water? Why your back? Why? It's beautiful but why is it pink?
  • H: I don't know, man!
  • I: Really? You don't know?
  • H: I don't know. I don't think I want...
  • I: Apparently pink is Rock'n'roll's colour.
  • H: Apparently so. I don't know. I think it means something to me and if it means anything to anyone else, I wouldn't want to take away from that by explaining it. I think the cool thing about stuff like photos and art is you can just leave it. You don't have to explain it.
  • I: Everybody sees what they want to see.
  • H: Yes exactly.
  • I: Have you seen this?
  • *video of people reacting to Harry's single*
  • I: Your fans record themselves while listening to the song for the first time. You can hear relevant analysis and apparently they all really liked it. Do you read what people say about you on social media? On Youtube, Twitter, Instagram? Do you use Instagram?
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit.
  • *The public disagrees with Harry*
  • H: Yes I use it a little bit. I mean I wish everyone was having as good time as the girl who was like that with her hands. That's what I do when I listen to the song.
  • I: Are you the one using your Instagram? Do you use your own fingers or someone else does it for you?
  • H: Yes, I do mine.
  • I: Do you still vote in Redditch?
  • H: In?
  • I: Redditch!
  • H: That's where I was born?
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I don't live in Redditch.
  • I: So you don't vote there. Where did you vote?
  • H: London, yeah.
  • I: What do you think of the Brexit? Welcome to Europe!
  • H: Thank you very much, thanks. I mean, I don't really comment on politics. To me, anything that brings people together is better than things that pull people apart. That's ... yeah.
  • I: Yet, you are in favour of equality of rights, men, women, gay people, straight people... That's politics.
  • H: I don't know. It doesn't feel like politics. I think stuff like equality feels much more fundamental. I feel like everyone is equal. That doesn't feel like politics to me.
  • I: Your fans are fetishists. They know all of your tattoos, piece of jewellery, they have heart attacks when you cut your hair. Right now you're playing with their feelings. Do you know that?
  • H: Oh ok.
  • I: Yes! What is your favourite tattoo?
  • H: I think... I have a.. probably. I don't know, actually.
  • I: Which one is the latest?
  • H: The latest is this one there. *shows Arlo* And this one. *shows Jackson*
  • I: Jackson? All of them?
  • H: Yes.
  • I: What's the story behind your haircut? How much did you spend on hair products with One Direction?
  • H: Yeah, like a lot. I used a lot, yeah.
  • I: You're in Dunkirk, Christopher Nolan's new movie.
  • H: Yes.
  • I: How did you do?
  • H: I auditioned.
  • I: Look at you there.
  • H: I am, that's me.
  • I: Yes.
  • H: I auditioned and it was great. It's going to be a really cool movie.
  • I: Harry, it feels like we know you since you're a baby. The whole world discovered you in 2010 on X Factor.
  • *video of Harry's X Factor audition*
  • I: You auditioned alone but Simon Cowell had an idea... he put you in a band with Zayn, Louis, Liam and Niall. You became One Direction. You found the name One Direction and you sold millions of albums. One Direction are soon considered as the new Beattles and you filled the biggest stadiums. The whole world was talking about you. When you go out we prayed for your eardrums. You became UK's pride. David Cameron is in one of your music videos, your sang for the Queen. But in 2015... bang! Zayn left the band, fans couldn't get over it. But don't worry, their favourite is now on the cover of the Rolling Stone magazine, he's in Christopher Nolan's new movie, he's Mick Jagger on SNL... What you don't know is that we've met in 2012. You were in France to promote an album and now I have questions. First one! When you're in a car and fans are all around you, do you see that?
  • *video of fans around a car*
  • H: I think I've actually lost my shoe there. When I got in the car... I got in the car and I was like "how many shoes do I have?" Yes I lost my shoe.
  • I: I have another question! Do you still do that before going on stage?
  • *video of Harry and Lou*
  • I: Can we do it?
  • H: No.
  • *does it anyway*
  • I: What is the weirdest question someone asked you?
  • H: I think it was actually a French interview. I got asked if I would pee in a sink... Yeah.
  • I: Ok, that's weird!
  • H: It was the first question, the first question.
  • I: It puts you in the mood.
  • H: Yeah.
  • I: What is the question you never want to be asked ever again? Did I asked you that question?
  • *Harry asks the public*
  • H: Which one? Oh crush.
  • I: What?
  • H: Crush.
  • I: Oh ok. I didn't ask it! Did you know that a French author wrote a novel about you. It's called "Styles", it's about his obsession with you. It's in French. You can translate it.
  • H: Oh! Is that true?
  • I: Yes it's true. He dedicated to you. It's called "Styles" and it's a really good book. Read it!
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Thank you very much Harry Styles for coming tonight. His first eponymous album comes out on the 12th May. Thank you Harry Styles.
  • H: Thank you.
  • I: Have a safe journey home.
Memory Loss { suffering/responses } ||Starter Sentences||
  • Suffering
  • "Who are you...?"
  • "I'm sorry, who are you again?"
  • "This isn't my house..."
  • "Why would you bring me here? I don't remember this place at all.."
  • "Who are all these people in the [photos/videos]?"
  • "I don't think I can remember.. I'm sorry.."
  • "We aren't [dating/engaged/married]! I don't even KNOW you!"
  • "Well.. well, what if I don't WANT to remember any of this?"
  • "I just wanted to start over.."
  • "Would you just quit trying? I'm a lost cause at this point, don't you think?"
  • "This isn't my child.. I never even HAD a kid.."
  • Responses
  • "Come on, you have to remember your [insert relation here]!"
  • "Okay, knock it off. Quit trying to gain attention, you're being self-centered!"
  • "Okay, so what about this person/place/thing? That has to jog your memory.."
  • "Don't you remember? We've been [dating/engaged/married] for [insert number here] weeks/months/years!"
  • "You really don't remember me, do you?"
  • "I'm sorry, but I don't want to help you remember.. maybe this is for the best.."
  • "Don't worry.. we can start all over. I'm by your side, no matter what."
  • "I can't deal with you not remembering me.. us..."
  • "Do you remember [him/her/them]?"

To all of you asking me why I haven’t uploaded Fruit Punch Lips yet, I just found out the reason; it’s called summer in Greece…


Think my blog can do with a little bit of dog again. Literally. Very little. Like so little his belly is touching the mowed lawn while standing straight and regal.

I needed mood-lifter today and looking at my dog as a chubby pup always works. Maybe it works for you, too. Some days all we need is chubby puppies.


DEH as Things My Mom Has Texted Me/Convos We've Had
  • Evan Hansen: *a photo of a puddle of milk* A little spilled milk. Bc there's a saying no use crying over spilled milk and I just came across a giant puddle of milk and it's funny.
  • Jared Kleinman: All I want right now is to go to KMart to avoid this situation and you KNOW how much I hate KMart.
  • Zoe Murphy: Literally why would you do that what the fu- heck?
  • Alana Beck: *photo of a meme that says "Me: don't be weird at this social event. Also me: give strangers unnecessary information about serial killers.
  • Heidi Hansen: I really want these sunglasses but honestly they're too hip and cool for me what do you think?
  • Cynthia Murphy: You need to learn tact, girl. You can NOT just ask for money outright. You have to manipulate grandma.
  • Larry Murphy: You can always exit your room if you need me, I can't always text.

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2 things: 1. I gasped when I saw the art you posted yesterday. I was scrolling and it came up and i gasped out loud because it's so fucking gorgeous. You are AMAZING. Looking forward to reading the fic so much! 2. You wouldn't have anything of your moms to show us? It would be really cool to see, but I totally get it if you can't/won't, I'm just curious. =) ♥

1. Thank you so much and if you’ve read it, I hope you enjoyed the fic!

2. I couldn’t get to all of the nice scanned images of my mom’s paintings, but I did find a picture of one way back in the chat archives with Petals!

So this is just one of her still lifes, and just LOOK AT THAT GLASS. SHE PAINTED THAT SHIT. And the crystals. And the reflections on the metal. She’s basically the best, and she can do pretty much any medium. For example:

This is an ornament she made out of paper mache. She also makes cupcakes and gingerbread men, solely because it sounded kind of fun to try.

Currently she’s really into dioramas and miniatures so she’s working on a tiny tree and little rock molds (thus the fine leaf foliage in that picture), and I think she’s making plans for one of those teeny tiny rooms in a box you look at through a fish eye lens.

Oh, and here’s one of her planning sketches that will probably be a background fabric in her next painting. Or maybe just a painting of flowers? Who knows with her! It’ll be amazing either way.

And you should see some of the cakes she used to make when I was little. They always had these crazy delicate sugar snowflakes on top, and there are pictures of them buried in boxes somewhere, but it’s probably a lost cause trying to find them, because she’s also a kickass photographer. I don’t have any of her super cool photos on my computer, but she did take a picture of this majestic horse back in the 70s?

And fun fact: my dad’s motorcycle in the 70s was named Derek. My parents drove it through a lot of the United States. Thus the random majestic horse.

She’s amazing. The end.

I got bored at work so I borrowed a pencil and did this. Side note: I felt like a creepy stalker/fangirl doodling my idol’s name in her notebook, @euclase I’m sorry I swear I don’t have three million photos of you on my wall or anything.

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that mnet cut some ppl were like why is jb like this/he's annoying and blah but I think he was happy nd shy and was trying so hard not look directly at js's face bcs he knows what'll happen lol

ignore the antis, they are just annoying. Jaebum was trying really hard to not laugh, I guess ppl forget that all of this things here already happened, and this is just a few of them.

I look at this photo
And I can remember myself dreaming of taking part in competitions (whatever rank), owning a horse, having quality tack, matching saddle pads…
I observed other riders who had those things, always wanting to be like them.
I’m looking at this pic realizing that and it makes me giggle 😆

sometimes I get frustrated so easily when it comes to equestrian things. Because Adam is not Valegro or sth, because I’ll never be superduper olympic rider. How come I forgot that my past self would die to be my present self?

I don’t know why this particular photo evoked those memories but I definitely should learn to appreciate what I have

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Hi Flock. Can you explain the difference/significance of walking solo vs. together with your partner or a friend in HW? How does all this play into what happened last night? S knew he posed with this woman and that the photos would be released all over so why the separate entrances and things? What I really don't understand is why isn't he just posting them on his IG or twitter as we've all seen them now and so have others outside the fandom? Thought you might know about inner workings in this.

I’ve always thought that nobody is claiming anyone publicly so they don’t have to backtrack and be thought a liar later on when it turns out certain people are only friends and not a romantic attachment. I said the other day innuendo is powerful in that it creates certainty through perception. He doesn’t have to splash anyone on IG in order to sell a narrative. He doesn’t have to assign a title to anyone. He just has to be photographed with someone and the story writes itself. Remember the model girlfriend who came out later as a friend and not model? People believe what they want and (no offense) but fandoms collectively are easy to lead and manipulate.

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Why hello! I was wondering if you could a RFA (+V and Saeran if possible) that MC would wear big sweaters cause she is skinny from average girls and she feels worried about it. She's healthy and all but she just feels ashamed about it. I am dealing with this problem personally so I wanted to know what other people feel about (if you wanted to answer that question) it's alright if you don't answer this!

Hello! I wouldn’t say I understand 100% how you feel, but I have had a friend who experienced the same. (Please correct me if I’m wrong.) Fighting!


- he keeps asking why you’re wearing such a huge sweater even when it’s hot outside and you don’t want to answer him but eventually you have to because he’s very persistent

- when you explained, he immediately freezes

- he feels ashamed for not knowing how you feel and he feels bad because he just completed a photo shoot with some sexy models and he thinks you might be affected from that

- immediately apologises and promises that he’ll never be around any other girls (is that even possible Zen?)

- comforts you by saying you’re amazing just the way you are and you don’t need that huge sweater to cover up


- why on earth are you wearing sweaters everywhere you go

- it’s not that he’s embarrassed walking next to you, it’s just that he gets the feeling you’re very uncomfortable but you’re ignoring it

- finally demands an answer from you

- and when you told him, he immediately takes off your sweater and hugs you

- you don’t have to be ashamed of your body because it’s already perfect

- and if you don’t believe him, he buys tons of dresses and shirts which fits your body perfectly, showing off your charms

- there’s nothing he won’t do for his future wife


- she feels bad for you because she doesn’t know how to comfort you exactly

- she herself is quite busty and curvy, so she thought advice from her wouldn’t be believable

- even so, she never gives up trying to help you

- she searches the web all day, and even during work, to find solutions or similar cases

- your happiness matters the most to her


- this poor child probably doesn’t even know where to begin

- he will probably ask the other RFA members for advice and end up being even more confused

- so he decides the best thing is to just talk to you and try to understand where you’re coming from

- even though he may not be the best at giving advice, he’s always there for moral support

- he’ll cheer you up and tell you encouraging things all the time


- does silly dances to make you laugh to forget about it

- but of course he knows that he should address the problem soon

- so he researches tons of things at one go, he’s not a talented hacker for nothing

- comes up with various methods to help you and if it doesn’t work, there’s a lot more to use

- will always be by your side and listen to everything you have to say


- he will go all out to understand your problems and try to help you to his best ability

- he will constantly be checking on you to make sure you’re okay

- he’s the person who will give you the best advice and support no doubt

- and to prove that you’re beautiful no matter what?

- he takes tons of pictures of you and shows them to you

“see? you’re perfect like this. you don’t even need to edit this picture because it’s already beautiful”


- is it because you’re insecure? or did anyone insult you?

- but whatever it is, you already look great and you shouldn’t be thinking of changing yourself

- you don’t need to feel ashamed because you’re his girl

- and seriously fuck other girls you are the best

- so please, you don’t need to wear that big sweater, at least not around him



I have compelling evidence you have captured Steve Rogers and Bucky Barnes, brainwashed them into believing they’re actors who don’t know each other, then forced them to play Steve and Bucky in a movie and you didn’t tell them the story is actually true. But you couldn’t erase muscle memory so you try to keep them apart as much as you can when there are cameras, so the world won’t find out how evil you are.

But I have evidence. E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E.


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Do you know why exactly people are hating on DDADDS because of the Game Grumps? Like I understand that they don't want to support them, but why? Sorry I'm super oblivious to everything, but I'm curious and don't have a good launching point to find out on my own.

Its alright! I haven’t watched the Grumps in like 2 years, so this is just mostly why other people hate the grumps, not my own personal opinions on them. Anyways, the Game Grumps have said some pretty awful things in the past, most notably their racist and homophobic jokes, but I’ve heard people say that they’ve apologized for it and put warnings on the videos that might be offensive. Also, I know a couple of people have been upset at Arin for liking photos that are sort of (?) child porn during the cutie saturday thing, but i don’t know if he still does that/has apologized for it. And there was the whole Suzy Etsy Scam thing that happened two or so years ago, you can read about that Here, whether you choose to believe it or not is up to you. A lot of people don’t want to buy and play dream daddy because it was funded and voiced by members of the Game Grumps. But as far as i know, everything problematic that the Grumps have done happened years ago, and I’m not totally clear on what they’ve apologized for and such, but i hope this still at least helped to answer your question!

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This latest picture of Sam and MM at the wedding made my stomach sink. How in hell can he want to be with this girl? I just don't get it. She makes him look bad.

I don’t know why your stomach would sink, anon. Mine was just fine upon seeing it. It is just as posed and contrived a shot as the prom pic is. And it appears to have been taken at the same outside of the venue location as the prom pic too- likely during the same photo shoot that gave us the prom pic. It’s not from during the ceremony, or the reception- these pics were set up and posed for- they are neither of them candid moments.

And if you look closely you can see that this shot is no more indicative of intimacy than the prom shot is. It is structured to look intimate at first glance, but it really is anything but. It’s the same thing that actors do when shooting- there are ways to mimic intimacy that do not involve actual touching of any “private” spots. It looks very real until you look a bit closer ad then you see that She is well off to his right side and still has her hips quite far from his even so. And there appears also to be something between them where her left shoulder in touching his right one- you can see it- maybe a wrap or jacket- sticking out under his right hand. And he isn’t touching her with the left one- he’s got what looks like a phone in that one.

And there is disconnect in their expressions as well-this isn’t a private moment they are sharing -he’s looking off in the distance and she’s got her photoshoot expression on just like she did in the prom pic. She couldn’t be more aware of the camera. And neither could he.

It’s just another pose from that outside the venue and before the reception pic taking session that yielded the prom pic and now this one- and likely a few more for future use whenever there is need for a reminder of the official narrative…