i don't know why i fell in love with you

Do you remember why you fell in love with me? You said I was the most beautiful thing you had ever seen. You said you couldn’t let me get away, you just had to get to know me.
Do you remember the way you felt the first time I looked into your eyes? You said you loved the way my eyes sparkled.
Do you remember what it was like the first time I held your hand? You said you felt a tingly sensation travel through your entire body.
Do you remember the first time I kissed you? You said you never wanted anyone else to kiss you again.
Do you remember the first time I said ‘I love you?’ You said that you loved me from the moment you first saw me.

Do you remember? Because I remember everything. I remember the first time I told you I was mentally ill. You told me it was nothing that we couldn’t get through…

Do you remember the first time you saw me have a panic attack? You held me close and calmed me down.
Do you remember the first time I asked you if you could hear the voices too? You looked at me strange and said you didn’t hear anything.
Do you remember the first time I started detaching from you? You asked me why I was being so cold.
Do you remember the first time I pushed you away when you tried to touch me? You were trying to understand what you did wrong.
Do you remember the first time I made you cry? You asked me how I could be so heartless.
Do you remember the first time you saw me sit and stare at the wall and you couldn’t get me to move? You were beginning to wonder if this was all a mistake…

I know it’s not easy loving a person with mental illness. But, it’s not easy being a person with mental illness. Every time I detach from you, all I want to do is be in your arms. But I can’t. And I can’t really explain why. Every time I hurt you, it hurts me too. Just, please don’t give up on me.
Whenever you feel like you can’t take anymore, please remember why you fell in love with me.
Whenever I’m sitting and staring at the wall, unable to move, please remember the way you I first looked into your eyes.
Whenever I push you away and tell you not to touch me, please remember the way you felt the first time I ever held your hand.
Whenever I’m yelling nonsense and saying things I don’t really mean, please remember the first time I ever kissed you, and how amazing it made you feel.
Whenever you’re trying to get me to talk, and it seems I’m unable to speak, please remember the sound of my voice the first time I ever said ‘I love you.’
Because I still love you. I’ve always loved you. And I will always love you.

—  Please remember me, even when it seems like I don’t remember you…

GUYS I worked so hard on this last night, I’m sure I went through like 10 different disneyland vlogs and you know each of those are at least 15-40 min long.
I finally read the damn book and I immediately fell in love with these two. Story was MEH, but I stayed for them

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You looked at me with hearts in your eyes, but I didn’t know you looked at every girl that way.
—  Why did nobody tell me before I fell
Two thoughts

1. she fell asleep on you and you fell asleep against me. My phone was on the table and I didn’t want to reach for it in case I woke either of you up. Warmth spread all through my chest like a little sun. I felt like I was home, like I was exactly where I was supposed to be. I was warm, and safe and I couldn’t stop smiling at the sight and sensation of the love I felt. I wanted to capture the moment forever

2. I was sitting in the green room eating dinner before the show, and she came up and asked how I was doing. It hurt to lie, like a piece of chip that went down sideways in my throat. I said I was okay but it wasn’t true. I genuinely could not lie to myself and say I was okay. But I did, because I couldn’t say anything different around the actors. I think she knew anyways.

luke had always loved a good southern belle and that’s why he instantly fell in love with you the moment he saw you. he loved that you always wore bright yellow sundresses and that you brought him lemonade out to the field when he was done rounding up all the cattle. from the moment you met, all your friends told you two that you were going to end up married and you didn’t doubt it. you carried the glass of fresh lemonade out to your boyfriend, watching as he switched his weight from his hips - light blue plaid shirt tucked into his levi’s and complete with a belt with an intricate buckle. he smiled as you approached, taking the glass from your hands gratefully and chugging it down. “you know,” he said, his bright blue eyes meeting yours from underneath the brim of his stetson. “you’re always gonna be my girl,” he grinned, grabbing his hat and placing it upon yours. and you knew it was true, you would always be his with all of your heart

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Things I live for in fics:

- Someone shivers in bed, not because they’re cold, and the other person pulls up the blanket to keep them warm.

- Foreheads touching

- The little accidental, oops I brushed against you, touches that mean so much more

- Guys with rolled up sleeves

- Girls with shirts that slip off their shoulders

- “I just called/texted to make sure you got home okay.”

- Pretending to date for reasons and oops we fell in love

- “Is that a tattoo?”

- Chaste but not so platonic bed sharing