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jalousie; jealousy in french
the state or feeling of being jealous.

Jimin x reader, jealous jimin after he sees you hanging around with your male cousin, angst with a fluffy ending please!!

genre: angst? romance? who knows, i don't 

word count: 1.3k

a/n: i called your cousin Nick cuz I wasn’t creative enough to think of anything that wasn’t generic

You were out and about with your cousin, Nick, today; the two of you hadn’t met up in a while and needed to catch up on the time you spent apart. The two of you had always been close, pretty much best friends from birth. You really wanted to take him to a cafe that had opened up while he was away from Seoul. As the two of you entered, you greeted the owner as you knew her quite well know, especially after being a regular. “Is this your cousin you were talking about?” she smiled as she prepared to take your order. “Yep, this is Nick. Nick, this is Minah.” you told her as you introduced him to her. “Nice to meet you, what would you recommend?” he asked her as he shook her hand. “I would recommend the strawberry cheesecake or the matcha green tea cake and to go with them, bubble tea or milk tea is great.” she smiled.

“What do you think, ___?” he asked, placing his hand on his chin to stroke his non existent beard. “You’re a dork. But I think you should get the strawberry cheesecake, it’s a personal favourite of mine and the milk tea is pretty nice on a breezy day like today.” you told him as you turned to Minah to make your own order. “I’ll have the original bubble tea and the matcha green tea cake this time.” you smiled before turning back to Nick who still couldn’t make up his mind. “Okay, I’ll get what you said before.” he chuckled after five long minutes of intense thinking. “Take a seat.”

It was nice catching up with Nick, he had gone  around Europe with a few of his friends for a few months and you really lost a lot of time with him. “So, how’s the boyfriend?” Nick chuckled as he sipped his tea, he knew that you would blush at the mention of your boyfriend, aka Jimin, yes Park, the singer, Jimin. “He’s good…” you muttered, as you tried to hide your face from the outside world at the mention of him, not even his name but just the word made you smile. “You seem happy with him too.” he laughed as he ruffled your hair. “I am, he’s good to me, better than any other guy could be.” “What about me?” Nick said, pretending to sound offended. “You’re on a whole ‘nother level of messed up but…” “But?” “I guess, you’re pretty good to me, I mean, my dad would kill you if you weren’t.” “True, and knowing your dad, he actually would.” he laughed.

“You up for a walk?” you asked as you gathered the last of your belongings. “If you are, I am.” “Let’s go then! It’s only 2 anyway, so it’s still a good time to wander around the Han River. Bye Minah!” you said as you exited the building. “You lead, I guess.” he chuckled as he followed behind you. The cafe wasn’t too far from the river, probably a 5 minute walk, which wouldn’t feel like too long. When the two of you arrived at a nice spot by the river, you pulled out your phones to take a couple of pictures to remember the day, even though it wasn’t that significant.

Jimin had been filming by the river for Run! BTS when he spotted you with a guy he had never seen or heard about before. He pushed the thought to the back of his mind but when he saw the picture of the two of you on your story, his emotions got the better of him and he quickly texted you before resuming to filming.

“Who’s that you’re with?” Jimin texted you about an hour ago, you hadn’t seen the text message until you got home after dropping Nick off. The text confused you as you had no idea what he meant. “What do you mean?” you asked him, completely forgetting that this was supposed to be answered an hour ago and you were with Nick. “Who was that guy you were with today?” Jimin could feel his blood rising when you avoided his question, he never liked it when you played games, especially when he was pissed off. “Oh, that was Nick.” “Look, I know I’m a busy person but seriously? You had to go out and cheat on me? In the open as well?” he texted you, causing further confusion. Cheat? What was he even talking about? You would never cheat on him.

“Cheat? I would never cheat on you, what the hell are you talking about?” “We’ll talk about this later, I’ll be over in an hour.” Jimin was fuming by the time he ended the conversation, he rarely got angry but when he did, it wasn’t pleasant. Because he was such a nice person, when he got angry he would explode. You could seriously wait until he reached your home.

The door swung open and Jimin’s presence graced you; you rose from the sofa and made your way over to your boyfriend. “What’s wrong?” you asked him before attempting to step closer to him. “Don’t come closer.” his statement took you aback, you were shocked by how angry he was; usually he would never tell you to stay away even if he was ‘angry’. “Why did you do it? Why did you cheat on me out in the open, then deny it? The two of you were all over snapchat, you didn’t even have the decency to block me from your story or something first?” Jimin started, his voice slowly getting louder and louder.

“Is that what this is about? You think I’m cheating on you because I was hanging out with Nick, m–” “Who the fuck is Nick? And why were you with him?” Jimin practically shouted, causing you to take a few steps back, Jimin didn’t fail to notice the way you backed away from him. “He’s my cousin, Jimin, you know, the one I tell you stories about, my best friend since birth? He was away for a while and I was hanging out with him today because I hadn’t seen him in a while, that’s all.” you told him, without the energy to even fight back at the assumption. “Fuck, fuck. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have assumed that, I just –” “Save it, Jimin, I’m going to bed.” you told him as you left him standing in the middle of the entrance of your home.

Jimin had slept on the couch all night, he didn’t want to leave you, especially when the two of you weren’t on good terms. When you woke up and saw him there, you couldn’t help but feel bad; he was still your boyfriend after all. You went to grab a blanket and placed it over his body before you went to make some breakfast.

As you prepared pancakes for both you and Jimin, you felt a pair of arms wrap around you body and it didn’t take genius to figure out whose they were. “I’m sorry, I should seriously trust you more but I just get so scared about losing you to someone who can give you a whole lot more than me. I noticed the way you backed away from me, it scared me, what if you just kept backing away and disappeared out of my life? I don’t even wanna think about that, I’m sorry. There’s no excuse for the way I reacted.” “It’s okay, just ask me next time, okay? Instead of blowing things out of proportion.” “Will do.” he chuckled as he placed a kiss on the side of your neck. You turned around to kiss his lips and when you saw him, Jimin had the blanket around his shoulders and his hair was a mess but damn, he looked adorable, you wished you could have framed this moment. You quickly placed a short kiss on his lips, leaving him wanting slightly more. The two of you stared into each other’s eyes for what felt like an eternity and you completely lost yourself in his before he broke the silence that surrounded you. “Babe, the pancakes are gonna burn.”

Message Received

“Look, if I make you breakfast in bed, a simple ‘Thank You’ will suffice. None of this ‘How did you get in my house’ business,” the young girl huffed, one hand on her hip as she balanced a covered tray in the other. “So rude.”

“Alya!” Adrien whimpered, pulling his blankets even higher to cover himself from her gaze. “What are you doing here!?”

He immediately regretted his question at the feral grin that split the reporter’s lips. He squeaked in horror when she abruptly jumped into the bed next to him, still balancing the tray of food with seemingly little effort. Leaning into his personal bubble with little care for how he tried to back away, Alya’s next words did little to calm the racing of his pulse.

“I’m here because I’ve run out of patience, Agreste.”


“That’s right,” she nodded, crawling forward so that she was now looming over his hunched form. “I can’t stand it anymore. It’s been two years. I think I’ve waited long enough for you to open you eyes…”

Adrien took a deep breath as she sat back finally, a maniacal twinkle in her eyes–

“…so this is your official wake up call.”

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Don't You Remember Me? (Jason Todd x Reader)

Summary: You and Jason were friends before his death and after five years you became a vigilante in Gotham and ally with the Red Hood, not knowing who he is.

A/N: This is not a request but my requests are open! Also, I think this could be a series so if you guys like it and want a part 2 please tell me!

Keys: Y/H/N – Your Hero Name

Warnings: A little angst, blood, some curse words

It should have been a normal night of patrol if you didn’t get stabbed in your abdomen by a thug. You and the Red Hood were fighting with a bunch of drug dealers and you didn’t see that one of them had a knife in hands, so in a distracted moment you felt the steel penetrate under your skin, making a deep cut on your body. A lot of blood started bleeding out and before you knew it you were already on the ground.

“Y/H/N!” the Hood screamed before come running to you, he saw your wound and you could see the worry on his face “Oh fuck Y/H/N stay awake you’re gonna make through this.”

“I don’t know if I can” you murmured weak, you could almost feel your life leaving out your body.

“Of course you can! I’m not letting you di..” You couldn’t listen anymore, as you suddenly fainted.

You start to remember why you became a vigilante after all. Everything began when you met a little boy who happened to be your neighbor, Jason Todd. In that time you helped him get through all his family problems and he was your best friend in the world, you two were really close and the boy shared everything with you, even his biggest secrets, like when he became Robin. After that you started to see each other less because he was always training or in some mission, but that didn’t change your friendship at all, actually, it only made it stronger.

Of course, Jason wasn’t the easiest person to deal with and he had some hard anger issues, but you were the one who could calm him down and make him feel better every time.

Then, when you thought life was perfect, the Joker came and took him away from. Jason died and a part of you died together. That made you enter into a huge depression, you were angered because what happened to him and you missed that boy so damn much. You couldn’t stop thinking about him and being sad because he wasn’t with you anymore, and he would never be again.

But with that you faced the real world, and you knew you couldn’t just watch more people die because of crazy people like the Joker. You needed to do something. You needed to fight back.

That’s the reason why you became Y/H/N. So no one had to suffer the way you did anymore. Eventually some of the pain you felt started to fade away as you saved the people of Gotham, but there hasn’t been a day without you thinking about Jason Todd.

As your eyes open you’re still too stunned to see clearly. You try to look around, apparently you are in a bedroom, but you don’t think to know the place.

The last thing you remember you were on a mission with the Red Hood and you get stabbed. You look at yourself, there is a bandage on where you get hurt; your partner must have taken care of you.  

You deduce this is his bedroom as you notice some leather jackets on the floor and weapons placed on the wall. It’s a strange feeling to be here, you both always kept a very professional relationship, avoiding to be too close to each other since you both know this is a dangerous thing to do in a life like yours. You didn’t even know how he looked under the helmet.

You continue to observe the room until you see a portrait placed on the bedside table. It has a picture of two little kids, a boy with arm wrapped around a girl, they look like happiest children in the world with a genuine and pure smile. Tears fill your eyes with water, a long time ago you took this photo with Jason. Before you can think about anything someone enter the room.


A man comes next to you and you can’t believe it. At the first sight you have in those blue eyes you know who he his. You start to cry as you realize everything. Jason is alive. And by his clothes he is the Red Hood. The man you’ve been working with for months is your childhood best friend. How could all this be real?

“Y/H/N? Are you okay?” he asks, seeing the tears dropping from your face.  

You can’t contain your emotions looking at him, is this just a dream? Slowly you raise up your hand and slightly touch his face. He is real. It really is Jason Todd in front of you.

“…What are you doing?” he says, still confused by your behavior.

“Don’t you remember me?” you ask, only now realizing that you’re still wearing your mask, so you take it off. Jason sees your face but doesn’t understand what’s happening, so you pick up the portrait and give it to him “I’ve never thought I would see you again Jay”

His eyes wide open when he recognizes you and he is completely shocked. Neither of you know what to do or say, there was so many feelings involved, sadness, pain, anger, guilt…

Despite it all you make a little effort and hug him tight. For now, you’re just happy that Jason Todd is alive.

Did anyone ask for...

…newlywed Fitzsimmons finally moving into their apartment and talking about babies? No? Well here it is anyway, with bonus discussion of Fitz’s craptastic father!

Written as a follow-up to this fic, but it’s not necessary to have read that one first. Takes place roughly a month after everyone escapes from the Framework. Enjoy!


“Well, that’s the last box,” Mack announced, setting the cardboard box down with a grunt. Though he’d carried it with relative ease, the muted thud it made as it settled onto the hardwood floor revealed its surprising weight.

“Thank you for getting the heavier ones,” Jemma said gratefully, patting Mack’s arm as she passed him, fluttering about the apartment to make sure all of the boxes had been placed in the rooms that matched their carefully written labels.

Mack shrugged off the praise as he slid his hands into the pockets of his jeans. “No problem. Hey, I’ve got to head back to the base to finish up those repairs for Coulson. Congratulations again, you two.”

“Thanks Mack,” Fitz said with a smile and nod. “See you soon.”

With a final wave, Mack headed out the door and out of the apartment building, where Elena was no doubt waiting impatiently for him. The only one left lingering after being wrangled into helping them move the last of their things from the Playground to their new apartment was Daisy. As Jemma roped Fitz into finally beginning the long process of unpacking, Daisy meandered through the apartment, studying the various paint samples Jemma had taped up whenever she’d found a spare moment throughout the past week.

Jemma happened upon her while she was speculatively eyeing the spare bedroom, which was empty of both boxes and paint samples – she and Fitz weren’t quite decided on what to do with it yet. As Jemma came to stand beside her, Daisy threw a wry smirk at her and said mischievously, “Well, you’ve got a ring, you’ve got a cozy little apartment – I think I know what comes next.”

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anonymous asked:

Hello! I was wondering if you could write a scenario where MC has no control over the world she's in and it gets restarted on them over and over on them. And MC gets the feeling they have to save V and expose Rika earlier on in the "game"? Like they get fed up with no one listening to realising so she flat out tells V she knows about Rika, and then he has to do something about Saeran? Maybe some Angst? How would that play out? I don't know if this makes sense, sorry.

I think I understand, I hope you don’t mind where I went with this. I’ve always liked the idea of MC being the one trapped in the world, and not being able to control restarts, I’m not sure why. 

You were over it. You’ve been through everyone’s routes, all the good and the bad that came with them. You watched yourself tear the ones you loved apart again and again, you failed miserably at saving them, and when you finally ended on a good note; it restarted.

Your life restarted again, you suddenly found yourself with your phone in your hand and ‘Unknown’, who you knew was really Saeran Choi, questioning you. 

At first you feared breaking reality, you were afraid you’d say something wrong and time would reset, or reality would fall apart in front of your eyes. But after realising no matter what you did, time would reset after the 12th day, you stopped caring about how reality was going to handle you. 

Your first attempt at changing your fate was with Unknown. When he messaged you, you wrote a long and hard explanation on how you knew he was Saeran, on what Rika had done, and how Saeyoung didn’t intentionally abandon you. He kept denying it and begged you to go to the apartment, and then you decided to help Saeyoung find his brother and rescue him from mint eye. But, even after Saeran was safe in the bunker, and you took the picture with the RFA, time reset and you started again. 

You tried so many different things to just get out of this hell. You went to mint eye before you even stepped foot in the apartment, you exposed Saeran and Saeyoung on the first day of meeting the RFA, you even triggered the bomb to go off. 

But it didn’t matter, time reset, you lived, and they forgot. 

You were running out of options, but you still had one thing to try. You were going to wait until V entered the Chatroom to talk to him. Of course, you couldn’t do it on the first day, they’d probably kick you out straight away. You waited a few days until he came back to announce the date.

It didn’t matter whose route you were on, you were nice to everyone, you were just focused on seeing a Chatroom open with V’s name under it. You didn’t have a very solid plan; you were probably just going to say it outright. 

Finally, V’s name appeared in group chat, next to Saeyoungs and Jumin’s. You took that as a good sign, seeing as normally there is only one other person in the Chatroom with V. You took a deep breath before entering and started the beginning of the end. 

V: MC, I’m glad to see you’re here. 


V: How are you?


MC: I’m good, but I have something to discuss with you. I’m afraid it won’t be very pleasant.


V: Is there a problem, MC?


707: MC MC!!! 


707: What’s Wrong!!!


707: problems with in the RFA???


MC: I’d appreciate it if none of you would talk until I’m finished, I’m afraid getting my point across will confused you. 


V: Please feel free to tell us whatever is bothering you, MC. 


707: We’ll fix it! Meow!! 


Jumin: Do not meow as if you are a cat. 


MC: I know about Mint Eye, and Rika, and Saeran


Sure, that seemed like a good place to start. 

MC: I know Rika’s alive, I know what Rika did to Saeran and I know she’s mentally unstable. V, I know everything that has happened between the two of you.


V: MC…


MC: Please let me finish it will be much less painful.


MC: I know Saeran’s brother was taken into an agency to learn hacking so he could save his brother. I know Rika tortured Saeran into thinking he was betrayed. 


MC: I know what she did to you, I know your vision is impaired and you’re going blind. 


Jumin: MC I think you should stop talking about think you don’t understand. 


MC: I do understand! I know you can’t believe what you’re reading, I know what I’m saying sounds insane, but I am not lying. 


MC: V, I know about the Mint Eye blueprints in the drawer behind me. Trust me, I know you love Rika and you want to protect her.


MC: But if you don’t go there now and help Saeran, if you don’t stop what she’s doing, people will die! 


MC: I am begging you, stop her, get her the help she needs before she ruins anyone else’s life. 


V: That’s enough, MC. 


707: How do you know that name? Saeran? What does she mean Rika tortures him, V? 


V: How could you possibly know all that MC? 


V: Who told you all of that? 


V: Was it Unknown?


MC: Haha….


MC: you wouldn’t believe me even I told you.


MC: Unknown is Saeran Choi, by the way. 


V: MC, clearly this Unknown person has fed you lies, im sorry, but Rika is dead, and I don’t know who Saeran Choi is. 

You dropped your phone as you felt any hope you had left leave your body. You knew he was lying out of love for Rika, but your life was falling apart, like it had been for the past several months, and you couldn’t bring yourself to feel sorry for him. 

Drastic times call for drastic measures. 


MC: I can’t force you to believe me.


MC: But I’m going to Mint Eye. 


MC: I’m sorry, Saeyoung, V, Jumin, I’m so sorry for everything. 


MC Has left the Chatroom

You took a deep breath before leaving the apartment, you stopped in the hallway and looked up at the camera. You knew Saeyoung would be watching, you gave him a sad smile before leaving. 

You didn’t drive, instead you took two trains and a few buses, it was a pretty long way away, but you wanted to stay updated on the group chats incase something happened.

Yoosung and Saeyoung believed you, Yoosung believed you because he didn’t trust V. Saeyoung knew you weren’t lying, even if he didn’t know how you knew. You weren’t surprised when you arrived within the area of the Mint Eye base, and you saw V. 


“You were right” he told you, you blinked at him several times, making sure you heard him right. “Please let me talk to her, maybe I can get her to stop” 

You agreed, waiting patiently and quietly outfront. You didn’t know how it would play out, but you prayed something else would happen. 

15 minutes passed.


30 minutes.


An hour


An hour and a half.

You thought back to the time you and Saeyoung broke in, and followed in his footsteps, asking him to shut down the security beforehand. You made your way in, and tried hard to search for Rika and V. 

You felt like crying out of frustration when you saw a familiar scene. Saeran had a gun to V, and Rika was looking down on him and threatening him. V Looked desperate, and you felt your heart break again. 

You saw the look in Saerans eye, one you’d seen before, and you made your move. If V died, time would repeat, but maybe, just maybe, if you saved him, would it change? 

You had to try.

You ran forward and jumped in front of V at the very last second. The bullet hit you instead of V, and you slammed into the ground with a searing pain in your side. 

MC!” You heard V yell.

MC?!” Saerans voice asked. Your vision started to blur as you looked up at V, who looked frantic and out of sorts. 

Help them, save Saeran” you told him, before looking past him and up at the sky “please make it stop” 

You weren’t asking anyone, you just wanted it to stop. You couldn’t handle it all, and it was weighing on you. You hoped now it would end and everything would work out, even if you didn’t want to die, you couldn’t repeat this life over and over. 

Your eyes closed and you saw nothing.

Your eyes opened and you saw a screen with a stranger asking for help. 


(mostly about the first zone, and some early things you see once you get the explore the whole world) (spoilers, probably, read it only if you have completed at least the first zone (part 1) AND you fixed your tablet (part 2))

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effefille  asked:

Aaaahh! I don't know which to choose of the prompts!! I'm curious of them all! Can I request for: "Do you want to marry me?" + Zen. Zen is the one that said it. Thank you for holding this special!

To some, commitment is quite a scary thing. To some, it’s associated with being too dependent on something that might become fragile over time. To some, it might feel like a chain to their feet that turns them into a bird in a cage.

To Zen, commitment is hard work. As they say, Rome wasn’t built within a day. To establish a bond of unconditional trust takes time and effort.

So the only thing quite scary to him is receiving a shove with a metaphorical “I don’t trust you as much as you might trust me.” or worse “I don’t love you as much as you might love me.”

To Zen, rejection is the scariest thing possible.

The last time he felt this nervous, he was performing on stage for the very first time, auditioning for the main role of the cast. He remembers the clump in his throat and the invisible tight rope around it, making it so hard to speak the carefully revised script that he would read over and over again instead of sleeping at night, unable to rest.

In the end, everything had worked out and a path to his rather successful career was opened and it had been pretty much free of stones thus far.

However, was that really comparable to a situation like this? Just because something worked out once, would another thing work out as well? Especially if the path of love had not been the easiest to walk in the past.

Zen had been contemplating back and forth for weeks to even confess to them, figuring it might end up as a complete failure. When it didn’t, he was so thankful to be able to go down a road with such ease while holding their hand and guiding them along, like a walk in the park.

Proposing could mean an abrupt turn into the darkest of alleys.

[ I’ll be back home soon should I bring takeout food on the way? ] – Sent, 19:54

The man’s eyes went back and forth on the screen over and over again to reread the message, as if to make sure to recollect his thoughts and come back to reality properly.

The dim light of his phone had his head hurt just a little, no wonder, since he was this alert and a little nauseous from begin with. With a deep breath, his fingers tapped on the letters in order to write his response.

[ Can’t wait to see you, babe ♡♡ no need for that, there’s dinner waiting for you at home. And an impatient me too ;; hurry!!! – Sent, 19:56

His eyes went up from the chatlog with his love to examine his surroundings. He had settled down on the sofa and the living room had never been more clean and tidy than that evening. Aside from the red rose petals scattered across the floor and table and a few candles placed here and there, not much was different.

On top of that, dishes and wineglasses, and, of course, their favorite meal sat on the surface of the wooden table, prepared as neatly as possible with the subtle scent of the delicious food hovering in the air.

Hyun himself too, looked his best, casual and classic attire, still noble and clearly chosen with care.

The setting had basically been picture perfect, as if written in a book. He had prepared the stage to the performance of a real life fairy tail and all that was left to do was wait for the main act.

Yet all years of rehearsal and all experience of acting on stage would not have him prepared for what was to come, apparently. The second he heard keys at the door, he stood from his seat, tensing up immediately.

“Hyun? Are you there? Why is it so dark, did you–”

“I’m here, babe!” Zen immediately called as he took quick steps to the main door, greeting them with a smile. He took their hand to prevent them from pressing it to the light switch and gently kissed their knuckles. “How was work? Did you have a rough day? Here, let me help you with your jacket.”

A little perplexed, they allowed him to sweep the coat from their shoulders and leaned into the small kiss he placed on their lips afterwards before taking his offer to take ahold of his arm.

“What’s that smell? Did you cook?”

“Tried to anyways,” Zen replied with an awkward laugh while guiding his partner carefully through the dark hallway to the living room.

Before they even got to ask why he wouldn’t simply just turn on the lights, they were greeted by the dim glow and shine of a multitude of candles placed around the entire room.

“Wow, what is all this?” they asked after a small gasp and Zen chuckled at the excited shine in their eyes.

“You like it? I thought I should treat my little highness,” he smiled softly, pecking their lips once more before helping them sit down in their chair. “Here, eat! Enjoy your meal.”

“Did you do this all by yourself?” they asked in awe while watching Zen’s movements as he filled their dish with the food. “That must’ve taken forever. I’m– Thank you…”

“Thank me once we’re done eating,” he snickered sitting beside them. “Go on.”

Irritated as to why he was not taking any of the food for himself, they raised an eyebrow. But instead of seeking conversation, they took notice of the curiosity lingering in his eyes, waiting for them to take the first bite.

Carefully taking the knife and fork to their hands, they began cutting at the meal, before feeling the silverware bump against something hard with a tiny click.

They felt their breath hitch as they took a silver ring from the dish with their fork, staring at it. Hesitantly, as if not really sure it was actually there, their fingers reached for the small jewelry piece.

“[name], I have been meant to ask you this for a while,” Zen’s voice spoke more gentle than ever. As they turned their head to meet is gaze, they found him kneeling on the ground before them. He carefully reached out to their hand holding the treasure. “Nothing ever made me as happy as you did. And I know that I want to make you happy too. I want to be happy together with you until the end of time.”

His slim digits reached for the ring to slowly take it from their grasp and position it to put it on their finger. “Do you want to marry me?”

Their heart sank and beat faster in jumps at the very same time, but all they could focus on was the awaiting look on his face. On Zen’s face. The face of the man they have been through so much with and loved so dearly.

The corners of their lips twitched barely, but formed a smile that would be able to replace the glow of every candle in the room. “Yes,” they said within a breath as they pushed their finger to his direction, making the glittering ring embrace it as gently as the kiss that followed after.

Black [M]

A/N: hey all, this is my first fic on tumblr. i went with dean and i have a lot of plans for this fic so please so support it ;( i’m sorry if my writing sucks im terrible i know but ive just had this idea in my head for a while so i wanted to put it somewhere. i’m most likely gonna continue it even if ppl dont read it bc i kinda wanna finish it lol. but yeah if you like it pls tell me :) any comments are very much welcomed! btw it starts off boring but i wanted a nice& clear background. i promise it will get better!

characters: dean x oc, zico, crush, rome

genre: angst(ish?), university au

rated: m, alcoholism, stoners(lol), violence, abuse.

chapter one:

  “nayeon!” I dropped the box full of school supplies as I ran to my roommate whom I hadn’t seen all summer. she replied with equal excitement as we hugged each other. we had just moved into a new place for the year and we were both anxious to set up our cute little house. our other two roommates had already arrived and I was the last one, what’s new.

“I missed you!” she cheerfully exclaimed.

“I missed you too!” I replied as I reached down, picking up the box I had dropped.

“come in we have to talk about tonight’s plans!”

she helped me finish carrying the rest of my stuff upstairs, and after sochi had helped me put my room together my phone dinged. I flopped onto my bed and grabbed it. I hadn’t noticed how much the 8 hour drive had exhausted me.

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Friends in Accepting Places

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Request: Hey I don’t know if you’ll write this but could you possibly write about the reader coming out to the team about being nonbinary? I’m nonbinary and never really see anything with readers like that and I think it’d be great

Summary: Nonbinary!Reader comes out to teamiplier but they’re afraid of the team’s reaction. Spoiler alert: they don’t care what reader identifies as bc they still love them.

A/N: Hey friends, hope I did this correctly? I’ve never written a fic like this so I’m sorry if it’s bad. Thanks for the request though! Really made my morning when I saw the requests/notifications that the first two fics received! I even saw that the 2 other fics were among the top posts in the ‘markiplier x reader’ tag! Thanks so much for the love! Again, hope I did your request justice-I tried!

Also dammit  I really wish Tyler was in that gif bc it’s so cute.

Wordcount: 443, smol little blurb that took me 20 min to write oops

Requests are open! Request some more! Pls!

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Tony Stark knew on an intellectual level he had no impulse control. He knew because almost everyone he’d ever met had told him so, Pepper, Rhodey, Steve oh god so much Steve, Happy, the 12 assistance before Pepper, Xavier and the waitress at John’s Pizzeria off 43rd ave. He’d heard it all before, But nothing compared to the moment he realized it for himself. 

To be real he probably should have noticed in every moment leading up to the big one. He should have seen that swiping Thor’s stash of Asgardian mead with Darcy was a bad idea. He should have known better than to have a marathon of broiler makers with the mouthy intern using the ale instead of whiskey was a bad idea. 

He probably should have known if he was swaying that they shouldn’t have gone out, but Darcy had said she hadn’t seen the city yet and Steve and Bucky kept teasing her about it.

Happy hadn’t even needed to hide his eye rolling because Tony was to focused on the crisp fall air on his flushed face. Darcy was beside him bubbling with laughter ignoring Happy’s cries that they should both sit down and get out of the sun roof. They headed to Times Square and bought an entire vender out of cheesy “I love New York” hoodies and in Tony’s case a hat to sort of disguise himself. They pulled on their hats and sweatshirts and Happy directed the rest to be sent to the tower. Tony slipped the bemused man a hundred and patted the man’s hand like a grandma before turning back to his sidekick.

“This is what all the superhero’s are wearing!” He proclaimed proudly gesturing to his heinous green ball cap with “Hulk Smash” stitched in purple on the front. He didn’t care at the time but the selfies of him and Darcy in Times Square were cringe worthy. They briefly dropped by John’s and said hello to Tony’s waitress. She shook her head and sent them on their way with glasses of water and sympathetic looks for Happy. 

“Come on We’ve got a few more stops!” Tony gestured over his shoulder into the streets at the car. Apparently however Darcy’s eyes had not stopped at the car but landed on a street performer dressed as the Statue of Liberty.

“Oh can we please go see Her?” Her hand covered her heart and she gestured like a child to the woman with the other. Happy checked his watch and frowned.

“The fairy’s closed down this time of day.” He told Tony. Tony nodded in agreement. “We could go see  Conney Island if you promise to sit completely in the car before we go home for the night.” 

“Ohh Steve said it’s awesome!! We can go to the Lady tomorrow! I want to sing her the National Anthem and don’t know if I could get all the key changes right now” She giggled “We could take Steve and have the most patriotic photo shoot. Phil would love it!” and with that she held her arm out to Happy agreeably. And all that would have been fine if it hadn’t been for traffic. 

Happy pulled up to the curb and Tony rolled down his window with a frown. The park was closed. Darcy hadn’t noticed yet as she was making quick work of Tony’s mini bar but she tended to be a weepy drunk the fall out was going to be Niagara worthy. 

“Oh man, no Lady and no cyclone? Why’s time ruining my fun Tony?” Darcy’s lower lip quivered. Immediate action was required. Mayday!

“Hey, hey No! No tears, what’s the use in being obscenely rich if I can’t bribe someone with my money!” He gave an encouraging grin. Happy’s heavy sigh was not lost on him. “I’ll go ask if we can ride the cyclone and maybe win us a bear okay no tears” He quickly backed out of the car leaving Happy to handle the teary eyed twenty something. 

The door shut and it sounded sharper to Tony somehow as he walked toward the gate. A memory that was faded and liquored up played at the edges of his mind, huge blue eyes watering slightly in a perfect pout. His own voice murky in time “Hey what’s the use in being obscenely rich if I can’t…” and then it was gone. He frowned and waved over the gate man. 

A few charming smiles and a probably too fat check later and he turned to tell Darcy the good news. She was resting her chin on the window smiling lazily at him. She wiggled her fingers and Tony grinned back before a similar smile brushed his mind again. He shook his head to clear away some of the haze. It’d been almost two hours he wasn’t as drunk as before but there was still a layer of fuzz on his mind.

“Race ya!” She grinned and bounded off toward the ride. Tony gave a bark of laughter and let the memories rest before jogging slowly after her. They tossed ratty baseballs and weighted milk bottles before the attendant an exhausted looking man in his late thirties gave them a wane smile and asked which prize they wanted. Darcy got the Bucky Bear. Tony shorted and got the Captain America one just for laughs. They took a shaky selfie with the attendee before thanking him and heading toward their goal. 

“We should snap them with the bears and hashtag it wish you were hear but you’re not because you’re lame and had meeting and responsibilities” Darcy placed her Bucky in her lap and was readying her phone before Tony agreed. 

“We also, you know, didn’t invite them” He pointed out. She made a dismissive sound and tucked her head close to his giving her phone a goofy face. Tony hid most of his face behind Bear Steve and widened his eyes comically. The younger brunette seemed satisfied and put away her phone allowing the impatient teen running the cyclone to push the lap bar down over her Tony Bear Bucky and Steve. 

The ride began a slow spin and before it had even reached half way Tony regretted buying this time. The teenager seemed irked he had to stay for Tony and what the kid probably figured was a one nighter and so the ride was hurtling toward a break neck pace only irritating Tony’s stomach further. Darcy however threw her hands up Bucky Bear’s paw firmly gripped in one and whooped. Tony swung between needing to vomit all over the place and watching the manic yet somehow beautiful looks on Darcy’s face. She brought her bear back down and buried her nose in it’s fur. The ride began to slow and she opened her eyes unfocused and bloodshot. Windswept and Content. 

It ended up being Darcy and not Tony who shot off the attraction to the nearest garbage can to Ralph. Tony followed close behind and pulled her hair back into his fist and out of the danger zone. He leaned heavily on the can and grimaced at the sounds. 

When she at last paused in her litany of puke she turned her head to look up at him simultaneously green and mischievous. 

“Don’t tell the boys” She asked. Tony’s heart stopped as he looked at her. He nodded once unable to find words. Satisfied with this she fell face first into him. Mostly into his armpit but she smiled against him. Tony let got of her hair and gently held her to him stroking her dark locks and thinking unburdened by alcohol of a busty blond who’d rocked his world with a practically identical grin. Darcy’s breath flowed steadily on his neck as she repositioned herself in his arms. 

“Thanks for holding my hair.” She murmured. Tony hummed in response. 

“Anytime kiddo.”


 As much as Tony was wildly incapable of controlling himself he was incredibly careful with secrets. They could hurt, he knew from his experiences with Stane. His almost ending the thing with Pepper. Infuriating his teammates and elected officials. So he was in something of a quandary. 

As soon as they’d returned to the tower Tony had deposited a snoozing Darcy in her bed with Bucky bear on one side of her and Steve on the other. He of course took a picture of her drooling into Bucky’s fur and then hesitated. It was too similar to ignore. If he didn’t do this he’d spend the rest of his life wondering until he got answers. So he plucked a hair off her pillow and turned tail and run back to his lab. 

Jarvis had had to repeat his name four times when he finally knew. Tony tried to put the memories together more solidly but he only recalled the blond laughing and waving much like Darcy did. He remembered holding her hair back while she emptied her stomach off the balcony of the Palms, She had turned to him with an almost identical grin and snatched his heart out of his chest. Tony closed his eyes and felt the brush of skin on skin hot greedy kisses and waking up the next morning alone. He’d figured she’d been embarrassed or maybe had someone waiting at home. He’d been disappointed but she’d made her choice so he’d let her walk. 

“Oh Kate” He looked forlornly as the Vegas police report of her car accident and her daughter no one had come to claim. “Katie” He groaned as he realized he could have saved the little girl a world of grief that followed. Foster home after Foster home until she aged out. 

Well now he knew. but what do do. Who to tell? Pepper? Eventually. Rhody was always a good option but Tony’s thumb hovered over calling him for a solid minute before deciding someone else. Eventually he’d dialed before his decision had been fully processed. 

“How did you get this number? I know I didn’t give it to you” was the first thing the voice said and Tony felt a calm fill him. A good choice. 

“I’m in a quandary. It needs handling it’s that what you do Agent?” He stalled. The other end of the line was silent. “I may have discovered I’m a father” There was an even heavier pause.

“and I’m the first person you wanted to tell? I don’t think Pepper” He began.

“No It’s not Pep. I’ve been a father for a while apparently.” Tony cut across. “Like 23 years” 

“You’re sure?” 

“Yea 100 percent. Do I tell her? What if she doesn’t want me? She’s been alone for a long time now she doesn’t need me.” Tony felt a panic rise in his chest. Oh God, she’d never forgive him.

“You need to take a deep breath.” Tony inhaled threw his nostrils. “If she doesn’t know she deserves to at least know. just be honest with her Tony. Honesty will get your farther than you think”

Tony gave a noncommittal grunt and rested his head on hands. 

“For what its worth Tony, You’ll be a great father” Tony’s breath caught. 

“Enough with the feelings Agent Agent Thanks for picking up.”

“I’m contractually obligated” He deadpanned. Tony laughed and killed the call.


Tony was going to handle this well. Maybe take her to lunch and talk it out like adults. He was excited and nervous and had yet to sleep. He was currently fixing coffee from the enormous demonic espresso machine he’d had fitted in the common room when he invited everyone to live with them when people began filling in for breakfast. 

Steve and Bucky both coming in from their morning run and apparently showers. They nodded curiously at the billionaire before pulling down pots and pans. Bruce wondered in next and gave him a scathing look for his ball cap which he had neglected to take off. That explained the looks Tony placed it carefully on the counter. 

“So what did we learn?” Jane’s voice carried into the room ahead of her and the others looked up. Darcy entered holding her stomach and shuffling pitifully. Jane followed looking much less hungover. 

“Don’t drink with Tony.” Darcy grunted and began to pour her own cup of coffee. Tony didn’t speak, not trusting himself to yet. His eyes watched hungrily as she stirred her drink for signs of what he knew. Her unbrushed wild brunette hair, the shape of her eyes, the hangover slouch yea he could see it. Then Katie’s beautiful blue eyes and pouty mouth, her heart snatching laugh. It seemed so obvious

“What?” Darcy glowered at him. Oh yea he had that grumpy face sometimes. 

“Darcy threw up on the cyclone!” He blurted. Her eyes widened. 

“TONY!” She shrieked. 

“And she’s my daughter!” His shouting matched hers in pitch but was far more excited. Darcy’s eyes widened if possible further and then narrowed looking at him critically. 

The supers were paused mid bite. Jane gaped and Bruce eyed the pair wearily. 

“Okay I can see that” She finally said with a shrug. Tony barked a laugh not exactly how he’d pictured her taking the news. Then again he hadn’t thought he’d shout it at her over breakfast in the common room either. 

Such was life when you had no impulse control. But looking at the beautiful girl across from him he thought he rather liked this life.  

How they took the shadows photo...

This is not even a proper fanfiction, more like a scenario?, it’s not even extremely amazing, but it’s fluffy. This image of them, taking that pic, came in my mind the first time I saw it (and tried to hide my huge smile in my morning class :D). Maybe it will make someone smile :) So, here goes fluff about Jikook taking picture to post on Twitter.

Jimin and Jungkook were currently sitting on a bench on the premises of their hotel. They were sheltered from unwanted sights by balcony above their heads, and planters with small pine trees in front of them. Jimin was burrowed into Jungkook’s right side, legs folded, sitting on his knees. With left hand he was hugging Jungkook’s waist tightly, while he drew random patterns on his thigh with the right.

Jungkook was licking and nibbling onto chocolate popsicle, every once in a while offering it to Jimin, who always pouted his lips and took careful small bite, scrunching his face at the cold sensation (“Ow, ow! My teeth, ow!”). Jungkook’s heart screamed excitedly every time he did that – he just looked so adorable.

Jungkook played with Jimin’s hand that was on his thigh for a while, feeling all delightful. It was beautiful afternoon and they earned a break from rehearsing for rest of this particular day. Rays of warm sunlight were dancing in Jimin’s brown hair, causing them to look more auburn. Jungkook offered Jimin the popsicle once again, Jimin carefully taking last bite, when he couldn’t help himself and pressed sloppy, wet kiss with his chocolate lips onto Jimin’s cheek.

“Yah! Jungkook!” Elder probably tried to sound angry, but it was hard to believe him when he was laughing with his head jerked back, hugging Jungkook even more tightly. Jungkook just grinned.
“Sorry, Jimin-ah, couldn’t resist,” he spoke in soft manner (the one that always makes Taehyung to laugh at him when he hears it – but Taehyung now’s not here and Jungkook can use this voice all he wants without being mocked!).
“Mmm,” was the only response from Jimin. Jungkook pulled out his phone, tapping the screen few times, when he quickly reached his hand and snapped a picture of Jimin’s, now with one chocolate cheek, face.

Jimin jumped on the bench, jolting away from Jungkook. Now he wasn’t laughing, instead he glared at him.
“Why would you do that? I didn’t know you’re going to take it, I look horrible for sure! Delete it, Jungkook. Now.”
Jimin crossed his arms over his chest as he waited for Jungkook to comply with his request. Jungkook couldn’t help but smile over this attitude – this was one of few things Jimin hadn’t allowed even him (well, most of the time, but sometimes he spends good amount of time and effort convincing him that even sudden pictures of him are beautiful and Jimin, just occasionally, gives up).
“You looked amazing and the pic is an art piece,” he claimed, looking into Jimin’s eyes, now light brown because of the sunshine. Jimin blinked and shook his head.
“Please, Jungkookie, delete it…”

Jungkook wondered for a while, and then nodded.
“Okay, I will delete it if we take new one and post it on Twitter.”
Jimin frowned.
“We can’t do that – did you forget we can’t post selcas together now?”
“I don’t mean a selca, hyung,” said Jungkook as he stood up from the bench, taking few steps further on the gravel ground. “Look, we can take a picture of our shadows now! Couples do that, I saw it on the internet and I like it very much.”

Jimin hesitantly placed his feet onto the gravel under him, stood up and walked over to Jungkook.
“Have you planned this?” he asked, suspicion in his voice. Jungkook rolled his eyes.
“What kind of lame plan would that be? Now here, you take the picture, so you’d have time to prepare for it.”
Jimin huffed. “Shut up, Kook-ah.”

They moved for a while, looking for the best angle, so their silhouettes would be large enough. Jungkook grinned at Jimin and with warm feeling he saw him, smiling back. He stretched his arm between them and made a V sign, when he heard familiar click of the camera.
“Nice,” Jimin muttered, biting his bottom lip. Then he turned to the younger.

“Now delete it, Jungkook!”
Jungkook laughed and nodded, taking his phone in hands and tapping onto the screen.
“Done. Happy? Now let’s post it.”

As they sat on the bench for the second time and posted the silhouettes picture on Twitter, Jimin (chocolate now dried on his cheek) softly kissed Jungkook, cupping his face. And Jungkook smiled into the kiss, happy, fully melting into the sensation; knowing that the picture he did not delete at all will be his favorite for weeks.

Just until I’ll take next one, he thought, satisfied with himself, wrapping his arms around Jimin’s waist.

Background Character (I know everyone will do this guy, but what the heck, I like him)

Danny couldn’t believe Vlad had convinced his parents to make him go to this party. Without them. He’d said it would be a great opportunity to meet people, gain connections in the business world even though Danny was fairly certain that was a world he would never be a part of. 

“Daniel! Here, I’d like to introduce you to my godson. Daniel, this is Walter, my secretary and his son, Wesley.” Vlad tugged them to look at each other, his fingers digging into Danny’s shoulder to keep him there. 

“Pleased to meet you.” He lied. “I go by Danny.” He reached out his hand and Walter shook it. When he offered it to Wesley, the boy didn’t raise his hand and narrowed his eyes. Danny let his hand drop and returned the glare.

Neither of the adults were paying them any attention any more. Seriously, why even make Danny come in the first place.

“Well, Vlad, why don’t we let the kids talk and we can go… discuss things…” Danny glanced over at them, confused about Walter’s tone of voice. It almost sounded like– Walter’s hand was suspiciously low on Vlad’s waist and the way Vlad was looking at him…

Seriously!? Vlad was gay? He’d spent this many years threatening Danny’s dad and going after his mom and he was gay? 

“Fine.” Wes crossed his arms and continued to glare at Danny, who chose to glance at his watch. 

“Please try to get along with him.” Wes didn’t even look at his father as he nodded, which apparently was a signal that the two men could leave. Good riddance; maybe now Danny could take the opportunity to escape…

“You would be friends with Vlad.” Wes was no longer looking at him, instead glaring off into the rest of the party where everyone else was nearly twice their age.

“I am not friends with that fruitloop. He’s threatening my parents.” Wes finally looked back at him, for the first time not looking menacing, just surprised. “Why are you here?”

Wes glanced away form him again, this time more uncomfortable and upset than than angry. “Because he’s fucking my Dad." 

Danny glanced away as well. "Ouch.” There was an awkward silence as Danny tried to think of something to say. He shouldn’t be thinking of ways to make the boy feel better; he made his life hell on a regular basis… Still, he couldn’t help but feel sorry for him. “He’s been going after my mom for years.”

“Seriously?” Wes was looking at him again, the first hint of camaraderie shining through… Maybe Danny could make Wes into a friend… He already knew his secret and it might be nice to have someone besides Sam and Tucker…

“Yeah, totally desperate. He knows she’s happily married but he won’t leave her alone.” Something in Wes’s face told him that was the wrong thing to say… Oh, damnit, Wes’s mom had died, hadn’t she?

“Well, at least he never won…" 

"Yeah…” They fell back into silence again, voiding each other’s eyes, this moment lasting even longer.

Finally, Danny got sick of waiting. "So… If you don’t like Vlad… why do you hate me so much?“ 

"I don’t hate you. I’m just pissed you won’t admit you’re Phantom.” Wes was still looking away, but now looking more angry than sad, so Danny took that as a positive. At the very least that was something Danny knew how to deal with.

“Why do you even care?”

“Because everyone thinks I’m crazy!” He turned back to Danny, snapping, and throwing his hands in the air. He was finally done posturing. “Hell, half the people I talk to think I'm Phantom and I’m blaming you to try and cover it up. It’s infuriating!”

“That’s seriously it?” Danny stared at Wes, dumbfounded. "You’re trying to ruin my life because of your reputation? Which you ruined in the first place?“

"How would telling a few people at school ruin your life?” They were maintaining eye contact, actually getting somewhere in their rivalry… Except Danny couldn't believe how oblivious someone could be.

Danny looked away before he snapped. “It wouldn’t because no one believes you anyways.”

“Oh come on! Just show one other person and I’ll leave you alone, I promise!” Now it was Wes who was begging for eye contact.

“There’s nothing to show!”

“You know I don’t buy that crap.”

Danny’s eyes snapped to Wes’s, letting them flash green"Fine. Let’s say I am Phantom.“ The way Wes’s eyes widened was ridiculously rewarding. "I show your friends, they believe you, you get to say ‘I told you so,’ and then what? You really think they’ll keep their mouth shut? It’s easy to ignore one kid but get a group? That’ll warrant some kind of instigation.”

“So what? Paulina loves you. She’s got your picture in her locker.” He was arguing, gesturing out to something that wasn’t there. Danny was beginning to realize he had an odd habit of waving his too-long arms. “They’re talking about having a 'Danny Phantom’ day in your honor. People love you. How does that ruin your life?” He was stepping closer, trying to push his point. 

“You know, my parents want Phantom dead.” Danny paused, letting that sink in as Wes backed off. He looked away, suddenly wanting to hide as he continued withe the confession. “They’re always talking about what they’re going to do to him when they catch him… And not everyone loves him. Have you seen the Red Huntress? She’s shot to kill more than once if you watch the news. You think she’d stop if she knew where he lived? And you’ve met the Guys in White. They run experiments, you know, publish papers. A few of them are up online. You should look it up, it’s pretty interesting… How they tear ghosts open, take bits off of their cores… But you don’t really care about that do you? You’re just pissed because everyone thinks you’re crazy…” He turned to go, practically shaking in anger, and muttered under his breath “I don’t even know why I defend this town…”

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I just stumbled on your blog, I don't know much about any of the intricacies of Harry/Louis, but have you ever thought that maybe "babygate" isn't something set up by his label but is actually real? It's very possible for people to have one night stands and accidentally get someone pregnant so I'm just interested in hearing what your opinion is on that, because it definitely seems plausible but I haven't seen anyone on here consider it to be true... Idk. Just a thought

Of course I have considered the possibility. Anyone here has, at least at some point, considered it once. It would be stupid of me - us - not to. However, all those discussions took place when bg first broke out and that was almost two years ago. If you have only recently started to go through blogs about the topic that explains why you haven’t seen people talking about it. After all this time, the fandom is split and by now everyone is unlikely to change their mind about their stance on babygate.

Babygate is a very long, complex topic, as you can imagine, but let me clarify that, although Harry and Louis’ relationship plays a role in the reasons why I do think it’s fake, it’s also not one of the first reasons that come up to my mind when I want to explain why I do not think that Louis is a dad, or that Briana was even pregnant in the first place. There is a long list of things that clearly show babygate is a stunt - some of these things are hearsay, and therefore they are up to everyone’s discretion whether to believe them or not, but some others are just facts. We have pictures of Briana without a pregnant belly when she was supposed to be eight months along. We have pictures of her face changing - and therefore having plastic surgery, which is prohibited when you are pregnant - when she was supposedly pregnant. We have her ‘new’ face photoshopped on a pregnant body when she was completely different back when that picture was supposedly taken. We have pictures where you can see she is wearing a fake belly. We have the whole shadiness around the birth (the kid was born on three different days according to what is supposed to be his own family members…). We have one of Briana’s relatives trying to pass someone else’s picture as Briana to show that she was really pregnant. We have the different kids. We have the current kid being clearly older then what we are meant to believe. We have Louis’ photoshopped pictures with the kid. And these are only a few things that come on top of my mind… there are many, many more, and these are all indisputable facts. Do not get me started on Louis’ behaviour throughout this whole thing because that’s an even longer list of reasons why babygate is utterly fake.

And yes, of course, Harry and Louis’ relationship plays a role in this situation as well. I have been in this fandom for five years. I have been following them closely for all this time and I have gathered enough pieces of information throughout time to be confident and say that I believe 100% that they are together, that they’ve always been together, that they’d never sleep with a woman (alcohol does not make you straight, regardless of your relationship status), and that they are still going strong. None of these things could be true if babygate was real. 

I hope this answer your question.

  • What she says: I'm fine.
  • What she means: I really don't understand Nancy's letters at the end of the game. She always seems to write them when she solves the mystery, meaning right when she's about to go home, but that doesn't make sense for several reasons. First off, people tend not to write paper letters anymore. Most people will use email because letters are slow. Not to say that Nancy can't be old school, but if she's really writing these letters right when she finishes the mystery, before she goes home, chances are Nancy's going to hop on her plane, get to River Heights, and see Ned/Bess/Hannah/whomever in person long before the letter arrives, making the letter useless. Unless she gets home and her friends are like "Nancy, what happened with that case of yours?" and she's like "Well I have a letter explaining the whole thing heading to you in the mail, so you'll just have to wait and see!" I suppose there are a few cases where Nancy stays for a couple days after solving the mystery, so the letter would make a little sense in that case, but this is pretty rare. Second, there are a bunch of instances where Nancy talks about what happens in the aftermath with each of the characters. Mostly this is fine, sometimes she'll talk about what the person is doing months in the future. Like "______ moved here," or "______ got a new job," "_______ has been really successful," or whatever, and then she talks about how they're loving it, but like?? Nancy??? How long have you stuck around to know how their doing in their new job/home/relationship? I don't think she usually stays for months later so how would she know this information? Or is Nancy for some reason writing these letters from home, months after the mystery? But if this is the case, why write a letter at all when she is in the same town as the person it is addressed to? She could just tell them in person. No need to write a letter. Or even if she did, wouldn't her friends already know most of the letter's contents, assuming Nancy told them about the case? Third, all the letters where Nancy goes into great detail about things she uncovers in the mystery and then follows up with, "oh and by the way, all of this is top secret and I took an oath to never tell a living soul what I just told you, so maybe don't mention this to anyone else :)". She just gives her friends classified information like it's nothing. She doesn't even tell them in private, she just writes it down where anyone could later get their hands on it and read it. And don't even get me started about the photos Nancy sends her friends! Some of them are just awkward pictures of people from the case. So did Nancy just ask, "hey, can I take your picture to send to my boyfriend?" That's weird, Nancy! Or some are pictures of random objects. Does she think to herself, "Yeah, my housekeeper would really like to see this picture of this footprint I found"? And then of course there are the pictures where there would be no way Nancy could ever get the picture in the first place. Like pictures of the culprit smirking evily. Nancy would either have to get that picture before she solved the mystery, in which case why would they be smirking evily if they're still pretending to be good, or she would have to ask them to pose for the picture as they're being arrested or something. Then there are the pictures of the culprit doing something shady or actually committing some crime. If Nancy had a picture of that, she would have had the mystery solved long ago. Or she asked them to pose, which is pretty unlikely. All in all the letters just don't make sense and there are so many problems with them.

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Stalia??? Seriously??? The relationship was just about sex, period.

I’m actually quite glad someone asked me this, I can finally spell out how Stalia is a beautiful ship and it isn’t just about sex.

Let’s go through this step by step: Malia & Stiles were both broken people when they met in Eichen house, Malia has never had a boy be kind or loving towards her – this boy doesn’t judge her on little bit, because he was trying to keep back void during this entire thing, he kept him back to try his best not to hurt Malia, someone he only just met.

This scene:

Stiles does not look at her, he tries his best to turn away, but Malia doesn’t understand why he’s so scared of looking because she doesn’t see anything wrong with it (shout out to 6x01, who she is comfortable being naked in front of her friends and ex-boyfriend.) She is angry at Stiles, she is angry at everyone, for most of her life, she was a coyote and now she been forced back into a human life; when her most of her family is dead, her emotions are all mixed and everything doesn’t feel right to her.

And when she says, “Find a way to change me back.”

Well in 5x20, Stiles found a way, even after he was impaled by a freaking piece of glass to save her and by doing this, she took the power from her mother and now she can transform with ease.

Back to Eichen House, Malia was willing to help Stiles out so he would help her transform, but look how much he cares about her, even though they’ve only just met – partners in crime, I’d say.

Then when Malia wakes him up, she makes sure he doesn’t scream and not many people can comfort Stiles when he’s like this, apart from his Dad and as she holds him, not once taking her hand of his cheek; look at Stiles’s eyes, he looks so thankful to the fact that someone cares enough to find him – to save him from himself, to stop Void from taking over.

Their intimate scene, might feel rushed, but recently I thought of something; a coyote’s life span is eight years in the wild, so Malia used up most these years, so what if she still views her life in a coyote’s point of view, so time passes slower for her, meaning an hour with Stiles, is ten hours of her life, so if they spent a day together, that’s 24 hours, then to Malia, she’s known Stiles for weeks – in coyote years. That’s why she trusted him enough to kiss him and to hold him, to be intimate with him, on Stiles’s side, he is dying and a demon is trying his best to fight his way to the surface, this is the last chance Stiles could have to be human and he spends it with someone he knows looks at him, like he wants a girl to look at him, a person he’d trust to be the last person he would ever have contact with. Someone who has been through what he is going through – she hurt people she loved and he hurt people he loved.

Just look how happy they are afterward:

 And then, of course, there both held capacitive by Oliver. I don’t understand why no one else can see that Stiles let Void in, just to save Malia’s life and that is how much he already cares about her.

So when hardcore Sty*ia fans post stuff like this:

I get so pissed because his actual face when Malia is peril – is this:

 He screams and shouts for Oliver to let Malia go, he uses all his power to make sure she is safe and to let her life, he lets Void take his place – in the last picture you can tell, that he has been crying – he has to save Malia and his does.

I just realised how much I’ve written, just for their first time together – so let me show you through these gifs:

1.     He helps her stay human, in 4x04, he lets her go because he trusts her and the fact he look scared when she lashes out, is not because he is scared of getting hurt, he thinks he failed her and didn’t do a good enough job; she transforms back, so that she doesn’t hurt him and she does this because she is falling in love with him.

2.    They’d never leave each other behind – (basically their ‘I love you.’)

3.    Forehead kiss

4.    Stiles ‘God I love this girl’ Stilinski

5.   Spooning

6.    Their kisses

7.    How much their breakup physically hurt Malia, all she wanted to be was be a supportive girlfriend (Look at her face, my baby!)

8.    How Malia’s Mother knew it was Stiles that Malia loved – because Malia was wearing Stiles clothing!

Also look at Malia’s face of worry, knowing that the fact she chose to wear an item of his clothing because she misses him, might cost him his actual life.

9.   How even after they broke up, Stiles is still willing to do anything to save her, even go up against the desert wolf and when he walked in, Malia fights for him, instead of herself.

10.   After Stiles is hurt, he tries his best to stay up for Malia, he is still able to throw her ‘Plan A’

11.   And finally (but trust me there is more, I don’t have enough room) how Malia is coming out at the bottom without Stiles is season six, I know Lydia and Scott know something’s missing too, but Malia is suffering:

·         She can’t control herself

·         Maths is troubling her again

·         She’s transforming for no reason

.         She knows something is missing

At this rate, Malia won’t be Malia anymore, if Stiles doesn’t come back and I think it’s actually killing her.

I’ve spoken about how I love all the Teen Wolf ships, so this is not hate, this is just proof that Stalia was more than just sex.

Super Mom

Part 1
Part 2
Part 3
Part 4
Part 5
Part 6
Part 7
Part 8
Part 9
Part 10
Part 11
Part 12

A/N: Part 12… Only one part left, it’s going to be an epilogue type of thing. I’m kind of sad to be honest. Super Mom has easily been the most successful series I have ever written, almost every part has at least 100 notes. And so far there have been eleven parts. (To be fair my other “series” are 2-5 parts long but still!) I’m going to miss this series…. I’ve actually thought about writing a full length fan fiction about this with an original character and everything. That’s not going to happen any time soon but it COULD happen. But yeah, I have a few things to say about the epilogue I’ll just leave that until after the end of this part so if you want, you can check them out. Thank you, if you do. But hey, go ahead and read about the wedding.

Pairing: Bucky x reader

Words: 7,104

Warning(s):LONG! That’s it. This part is really long. Also, you may cry.

Special thanks to the comments that I already mentioned in the previous part. I used most of your ideas, maybe not all of them. I just loved the comments so much and they were so amazing I had to use them as an inspiration. THANK YOU! You’re awesome.

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anonymous asked:

Just wanted to say I appreciate you reblogging that post just now. What you mentioned you saw is not a new development, this has been going on for months. I don't think it was this bad during s1 but it has definitely been getting progressively worse ever since the hiatus between s1 and s2. It's nice to see that there's still SOME decent people left in this fandom after all (even though the fact that the most hateful nasty posts get lots and lots of notes usually paints a different picture). Thx!

You’re welcome.
I know it’s been going on for a long time, but it’s gotten out of hand in my opinion. The internet has never been a bully free zone, this part of the internet is no exception. 
I have so many people blocked on twitter, it’s not even funny anymore.
The sad thing is a large part of this fandom are sheep. And you have two types of shepherds. The “You cannot drink any other tea than Earl Grey, if you do you are evil. Why? Cause I say so.” and the “Look, you want to drink Earl Grey drink Earl Grey, you want Coffee have a cup, just don’t force me to drink it, I prefer Jasmine. But to each their own and we can still go to starbucks.”
The difference between these two is enormous. One is disrespectful, rude and sounds a lot like the president of the United States, the other is accepting and understanding, sounding like someone you’d like to have as a president.
For some reason beyond me, a lot of people chose to follow the first one. Maybe because they are louder, but I fear it’s because it allows them to not have to think about why either. And if you don’t have to think about it, isn’t life much easier? 
The second person is asking you to understand where the other persons are coming from, to let them be to not make them into the enemy. Which requires some actual thinking work.
Posts shitting on the books or a ship easily get 6K notes with very few people calling out the problems, where posts asking for peace in this fandom get 1K tops and you lose followers, though in opinion good riddance to those.
Good people are deactivating their account, putting them on silent or have successfully been bullied to the point that they are afraid of saying what they think, so they tell you in DM their thoughts, while like sheep retweet the “Donald Trump” shepherd tweets and thought. Fear has rooted itself into our fandom along with allowing hatred to exists because too few dare to speak up. And that is problematic.
This can only go two ways really, 1. Everyone at some point will have 90% of the fandom blocked or muted. Or 2. People finally learn to stick to their own lane and each other be.
The last one is not impossible. The 1D fandom after the hell that was 2012; filled with people relapsing into cutting, mental issues and suicide, changed. Finally in 2017 is a relatively good oiled machined fandom. They stay in their own lanes for the most part of it, at least on tumblr. But it took 5 years and people actually dying for that to happen.
I hope it doesn’t take this fandom as long and nobody is pushed into break downs, but it’s not impossible. You just have to want it. But for now all you can do is speak up. Use your voice when people are bullying others. Use your voice when you see people hating on a ship without actual reasons. We have all been given a voice and it’s time more people than me,  and maybe 100 other accounts started using them to defend good judgement and respect among each other.
Some people will see this message and think I’m trying to dictated how this fandom should work, but in all honesty there is never a good reason for hatred, there is never a good reason to go into someone askbox and tell the to kill themselves over a ship or preference of favourite character or over a headcanon. You should never ever justify hate.
The only thing i will say is that education is key. If you find a post problematic educate the person posting it. Just saying ‘You’re wrong’ isn’t going to help. Now yes, sometimes talking to a brick wall would have the same end results, not every person wants to become a better human being, because that means they’d have to admit they were in need of this education. But a fandom changes one person at a time and for every person you educate and win over, this will become a better place to be.

New Sun - Mystic Messenger Fanfiction Day 1

Summary: A meeting, two beating hearts. A new sun on the horizon, - Maybe it was time to bring the change into RFA and to finally lift the secrets threatening to destroy their trust in each other completey. And for once V makes the right desicion. Sometimes you have to be selfish for your own good.

Note: MC is named Sophie here! 

Word count: 3.389 words

Dedication to @mmscum and @sketchyy-pencil and all the other Mysme fanfic writer and artists! I love your works!

New Sun

Day 1 - 1.17PM Suburb near a forest

It was a sunny day and people swarmed the streets. It was always like this but it didn’t bother her. She finally took some free days from her job and wanted to relax and she took the opportunity to pack a blanket, a book she wanted to read and her favorite food in a small backpack. She left her apartment, ignoring her shiny red car in the parking slot. It was time to go back to the roots so she decided that she could ‘hike’ to her destination. With her headphones covering her ears and a happy smile she left her neighborhood for a trail to the forest. As soon as she passed the last houses she put her headphones down and listened to nature itself. It sounded so much better than the monotone clicking of keyboards and humming of computer ventilators in the office. Her job was taxing because she worked overtime, her clients needed her. She did it to make them smile but now she wanted to calm her mind and body for once.

She missed her time as a student. Ever since she got the job as a lawyer in a renowned office and worked as a lawyer for the poor beside her regular job she got no time for herself. And finally her clients had accepted to be pushed back and letting take a vacation. It was time to revive her artistic hobbies in these two weeks of vacation, starting with reading to get inspirited. And what place was better than being in a clearing she used to go as a student?

It wasn’t a long way and she still remembered it. The clearing hadn’t changed and it was warm enough that the flowers bloomed. She had to suppress a sneeze or two because of that dammed hayfever but it calmed down and she relaxed on her blanket, lying on her belly and book in front of her. It didn’t take her long to snooze a bit off because of the calming atmosphere.

The rustling and cursing of someone woke her up. Irritated that someone was invading her calm space and causing a ruckus she looked up from underneath her book, that she had used as a cover from the sun, and saw someone struggling in the high grass. The stranger was a tall man, maybe 1,80 meters high and not really broad. His hair color was strange, maybe dyed in turquoise, and he was wearing dark shades. Well that wasn’t that strange due the fact that it was a sunny day but it irritated her even more to see a cane in his hands. Was he lost? But what was he doing with the camera around his neck? Did he photograph her? Well mister that was the wrong person because she absolutely hated it when someone tried to photograph her without permission. It was like someone invaded your personal space from the distance.

“Hey mister!” She shouted and immediately got a reaction from him. He flinched and she raised a brow. Did he something shady here?

“Hello?” the man replied rather shyly and tried to locate her. Well, he was blind for sure. She had seen blind people before, some of her clients were blind and they always tried to locate the people they were talking to in a way.

“I am here! Are you lost?” She asked, now sitting up on her blanket and he directed his gaze to her. She had already forgotten her anger of the possibility that he might have taken a photo of her.
Slowly and not trying to stumble over hidden ‘traps’, aka stones and branches, he walked over to her. He somehow stopped in a safe distance to her, giving both their personal space and accepting the fact that they didn’t know each other. A small smile was on his face and he shook his head.

“No, I am not lost… or I think I am not lost. I came often her because of the nature and try to photograph something good. I am sorry if I had disturbed whatever you were doing.” He said politely and bowed a bit. She would have waved him off, hating it when people became too polite with her because it made her feel old.

“It’s okay. I nearly slept through the day and I wanted to read that book. But can I ask you bluntly… How are you taking photos if you cannot see?” She asked and he chuckled sadly.

“I have a bit of sight left in my left eye. I cannot see if the pictures are blurry because my whole world is blurry, but I try my best. Without it I might get crazy. Can I ask you something too?” He replied and seated himself on the grass, ignoring the fact that he would ruin his grey jeans with grass stains.

“You already have but you might ask.” She said with a bit off sass in her voice which got her a little laugher from him.

“Why are you here? The forest is a bit isolated and not a safe place for young girls…”

“You are one charmer, aren’t ya?” She snarked and shook her head, “I know this forest ever since I moved in my neighborhood and used to come here as a student every now and then. I missed these old days and I felt like burning out on my job so I took a vacation. The forest often gave me some inspiration for my drawing I used to do whenever I had time in university.”

She smiled at these old memories. How often she used to come and just sit there until the fireflies came out it was like watching the sky in a region untouched by humans. She sighed and leaned against the tree behind her.

“I am sorry if I have offended you…” He tried to apology but she waved him off, until she remembered that he was nearly blind and scolded at her own tactless behavior.

“It’s okay.”

They sat in silence and somehow got comfortable with the presence of the other. He was calm and tried to understand her and she tried the same with him. Thousands of questions run through their heads but they were unspoken and to personal for the first meeting so they searched for something else to ask. He was faster than she.

“Can I ask you something else? What is your job? It sounds rather hard…” He said, his voice lower than before because he dared to ask a stranger something personal. But it didn’t bother her.

“I am a lawyer. Or rather I am two lawyers in one. I work for an office in the city and afterwards offer my service to poor people. I intended to just become a lawyer for poor people but I cannot make a living from that so I do overtimes. It’s rather stressful but seeing these happy smiles on the people who cannot afford to get a good lawyer makes me happy. A good deed a day. I live by that.” She said rather happily and he nodded sagely.

“That’s indeed good…” He agreed and she chuckled a bit.

“My name is Sophie by the way. You never asked.” The young lawyer said with a chuckle when she saw a brow raise behind his shades.

“That’s a rather unique name here…” He mumbled

“My family is from Europe.” She explained and he nodded.

“Jihyun. But friends call me V.” He introduced himself and she nodded.

“Jihyun why are you still trying to take photos? Isn’t it frustrating to know you might not to be able to see the pictures you made again?” Sophie asked bluntly and he sighed sadly.

“Can I answer that with another question? What is beauty to you? What means nature? Would you give these ideals up because you cannot see them? Don’t you want to share your nature with others?” He asked rather desperately and she didn’t reply, needing some time to think over his statement.

“You are right. It was a dumb question.” She said but he shook his head.

“No question is dumb. You didn’t know how I felt about it and wanted it to know. May I ask you, what is your ‘paradise’?”  He questioned back and she looked puzzled to him, only to think over it.

“Paradise… that’s a rather hard and odd question, ya know? For me paradise is right here and right now. We live in paradise. It might not feel like it because of all the hard times we have and it doesn’t look like it because of all the cruelty in world but we are alive, living, breathing, able to see and experience the world in its full colors and forms. The smile of someone I make happy makes my paradise a bit more beautiful, someone cursing on me makes it a bit sadder but if I can keep it in balance I can live it to its fullest.” She said seriously and looked to him, tried to pinpoint his eyes behind his shades and she felt his gaze on her.

“That’s… a rather optimistic way of seeing it.” He admitted and smiled sadly at her, like something is nagging on him or unnerving him but she didn’t ask. They weren’t friends yet, just strangers getting to know each other.

“You said you are on vacation?” He suddenly asked and she gave him a puzzled look.

“Yeah. Why?”

“You seem like a good person and I am leading a charity organization. I would like to invite you but I have to ask the others fist…” He mumbled and Sophie chuckled. She took the first empty side from her book and ripped it out to note her number on it.

“Here, I cannot promise you that I am able to join your organization, Jihyun but if you ever need someone to talk to, or a lawyer, than call me. That’s my private number so I hope you treat it carefully.” She said and put the paper in his hand. The numbers were large enough for him to read even if they were blurry.

“I need to go now… My cat might hate me even more if I don’t take a little time for him.” She said with a sweet smile that reached him and he nodded.

“If you want… I can lead you back to the street. It might be saver for you than stumbling over roots.” She said with hidden amusement and unknown to him, V pouted a bit. He wasn’t that helpless… But he accepted at the end and both of them talked about nothings like the weather or alcohol they preferred whenever they drank on a rare occasion. She said her goodbye when they reached the neighborhood and left him standing alone, wondering why he felt so drawn to her. He needed the advice of a friend because somehow he felt like he betrayed his own believes. He called Jumin.

Day 1 – 6.34pm

RFA Messenger

707: lololol
: Seven :( stop teasing meeeee
707: nevaaa~
Jaehee Kang: Seven, it’s enough… And Yoosung you should really stop playing that much. Your grades are getting worse…
: My guild needs me! I cannot just stop after one round…
Jaehee Kang: I have enough work here… why I bother with lecturing you two?
Zen: Did trustfund kid let you alone again? That jerk D:
Jaehee: He left in a hurry that afternoon and said I should cancel all meetings for the rest of the day…

Jumin Han has entered the chatroom

Jumin Han: You talked about me?
707: Speaking of the devil and he shall appear *-*
Jumin Han: Why am I a jerk again?
Zen: You left Jaehee to do all of YOUR work, jerk…
707: feel the tension~
: What are you talking about Seven T-T
707: lolololol soooo pure and innocent.
Zen: Why did you leave her all alone? She is already working overtimes for your ass!
Jumin Han: I got a call… V is in the city and needed me to talk with him. It seemed necessary because A) he is a childhood friend of mine and B) he is our leader.
: Why did he call at all? He is always offline and avoids us…
Jaehee Kang: Yoosung…
: Please Jaehee, don’t Yoosung me right now. He should have been here with us…
Jumin Han: V called because something rattled him up. He seemed to be questioning his own believes because of something and asked some questions. He is still with me but thinking hardly about something.
707: So the number he gave me to check is a real thing? Why did a stranger shake V’s believes like that?
Zen: What number?
:Yeah, what number?
707: I let my mouth run loose again~ No time to explain, more time for hacking~
707: lol, caps lock
707: cya

707 has left the chatroom

Jumin Han: Whatever Seven has to check for V seems important to him. He said you shouldn’t worry about it. He is going to explain it later.
: Why not now? I have enough of his secrets and half-truths :(
Jaehee Kang: Not everything can be shared with everyone Yoosung. Whatever happened is on V to tell us when he is ready.
Zen: You are always cranky whenever we talk about V. You stress your body and stress is bad for your skin~
Jaehee Kang: I know that…
Jumin Han: I feel like I waste my time here. Maybe I should comb Elizabeth the 3rd’s fur.
Zen: I feel like sneezing and that damm furball isn’t anyway near me :(
Jumin Han: Elizabeth the 3rd’s fur is so fluffy and clean :3

Jumin Han has left the chatroom

Zen: He did it on purpose… that jerk.
: Seems like no one is going to answer any questions… I am off… LOLOL is calling me~
Jaehee Kang: Try to keep your playing hours in check.
: Ya Bye~

Yoosung★ has left the chatroom

Zen: I am going to jog in the park. Maybe take a selfie or two there~
Jaehee Kang: Make sure to send some :3
Zen: Sure!

Zen has left the chatroom
Jaehee Kang has left the chatroom

Day 1- 11.01PM

RFA Messenger

Jumin Han has entered the chatroom
Jaehee Kang has entered the chatroom
Zen has entered the chatroom

Zen: Seems lke something is going on.

707 has entered the chatroom

707: lololol typo Zen~
Zen: Thanks… for pointing it out.
707: Seven Zero Seven saved another day *-*

Yoosung★ has entered the chatroom
V has entered the chatroom

V: Hello everyone.
707: It’s V! The man of the hour! How’s going?
V: I am fine and I hope everyone is doing well too.
707: Same ol’ same ol’ ~
707: So, you going to tell us what’s going on?
V: Did you check the number I gave you?
707: Ya
: What about it?
707: It’s clean. Rather inactive on fb or tweeter. Why do you want me to check on a lawyer? :O
Zen: A lawyer?
Jaehee Kang: Did something happen that you need a lawyer, V?
Jumin Han: Let him explain…
Zen: The jerk already knows?! -.-“
V: Jumin knows because I talked with him about it.
V: I would like to nominate a new member to RFA.
Zen: WUT?! :O
: ????????!?!?
707: That’s why you had me look her up? A lawyer? :’) She is getting me into prison as soon as she knows that I am a hacker…
Jaehee Kang: Calm down everyone.
Zen: Wait! What? A ‘she’?
707: Ya
Zen: I am totally agreeing! *-*
Jumin Han: Womanizer
Zen: You’re just jelly :’)
V: …
V: I met her today…
V: At first she thought I was lost and asked me why I had a camera.
Zen: You are a photographer…
V: Yes, but lately I lost most of my sight so…
V: Well, we kind of talked and she seemed to be a nice person.
V: I accidently asked her if she wanted to join.
V: She laughed and said she couldn’t promise but still gave me her number to contact her if I needed an advice or lawyer…
V: I know for some of you it looks like a rash decision and she didn’t agree but I would like to invite her properly again.
: And Jumin is agreeing on it too?
: Why?
Jumin Han: She has a cat… And my company actually works with the office she is working in.
Zen: That explains everything 9-9
V: From all of us she is doing what we used to do…
V: She is doing actually charity work and making overtimes just so she could help people.
707: So we are returning to the roots? Maybe holding parties again?
V: Maybe…
Zen: That would be great :)
Jaehee Kang: Yes, but how can we trust her?
V: We need to see. I still hope that she is going to accept our invite.
V: I need to go now. Luciel, would you please send the invitation to her?
707: Ya
707: God Seven is already on it!
V: Good. Thank you

V has left the chatroom

Yoosung: I can’t believe him….
: Is he trying to replace Rika now?!
: He didn’t gave us a name at all!
Zen: Now, now Yoosung. Remember that it is not good to stress yourself…
Jaehee Kang: V has his reasons Yoosung. One day he is going to tell you what you want to know.
Jumin Han: Assistant Kang is right.
Jumin Han: There is no reason to fret over petty things.
Jumin Han: I am going. Elizabeth the 3rd needs fresh water.

Jumin Han has left the chatroom

Yoosung: I have to clear my head. I am sorry that I am so out of character right now but V keeps pissing me off.

Yoosung★ has left the chatroom

707: Well, I’ll have some work to do. My boss is breathing in my neck :S
707: Cya!

707 has left the chatroom

Zen: I’ll be off to. Good night~
Jaehee Kang: Good night :)

Zen has left the chatroom
Jaehee Kang has left the chatroom

Day 1 – 11.59 PM – Suburb/Sophie’s Apartment

Lights were out and only the TV flickered lively, showing a rather old romance movie. Sophie was snuggled into blankets, pillows surrounding her on the sleep-couch and her cat, William, purring in her lap. She sighed contently, watching the movie mindlessly and enjoying the calm atmosphere , stroking her cat’s fur every now and then to keep him purring. It was a good day and she actually enjoyed it, meeting someone outside from work who seemed to be a nice person. She thought his questions were funny and irritating at the same time but she felt like he needed them answered… Like he had no anchor to the world.

To be honest for a long time she felt like that too. She had lost nearly everything in a blink of an eye and she just lived. She was a shell to the person she was now. She might have little to no friends outside of work left after she had snapped at a lot of them but with her work and her helping she could fill the gap that was left behind and have an actual purpose to life. Sometimes it still gets lonely, she missed the laughing, talking and bickering with him, but maybe one day… One day she could fill the gap in her heart fully.

Her phone vibrated, but she ignored it, slowly slipping into sleep with William still in her lap and her head resting on the armrest.

1 new E-Mail
Subject: Invitation to Rika’s Fundraising Association