i don't know why i do this to myself tbh

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I have the weird urge to try pineapple pizza because I've never had it, and I don't know why. WHY DO I CRAVE TO SAMPLE PIZZA WITH FRUIT? WHY, SELENA. WHY??

pineapple pizza is my fave!!!!!!!!!! it’s so sweet and lovely and tbh I don’t think I would like pizza as much as I do if it didn’t have pineapple on it

but same I have an urge to try anchovies on pizza bc I’ve never had it before and my mom keeps warning me it’s disgusting but I need to see for myself

Tormund’s Silly Starter Call

Because we all need a laugh now and again 

And since most crack threads seem to come from this ginger lump, why not invite people to join the madness? 

Like this post for me to come up with a silly idea, might be set in a modern or alternate verse 

These might take a while to come out, so bear with me 

get it? 

Multimuses please specify muse

Everyone else, if you want to throw a prompt word or idea at me, it’d be appreciated 

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Hi! I definitely respect your stance on peter and his inclusion in fics and art and stuff. I can only speak for myself, but tbh, it's kind of upsetting for me to write him when I know what I know he will do. When I wanna write fluff I don't want to write peter cause it makes me sad. I know it's not 'canonically accurate' or maybe stretching it if I make an excuse why he's not there in my fic, but so what? Live and let live, right? Why does it matter that much?

Because people deliberately leave him out and if they include him, it’s not accurate. You cannot butcher a character because you don’t like them or give the character better traits if you like them. Change the situations not the characters. If you change the characters it’s not fanfic it’s original work tbh.

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!!! your stuff is amazing im confused at why you dont have more notes tbh (i wish i could compose so jazzily)

To be totally honest it definitely has a lot to do with my not knowing how to advertise for myself well, and also that as a ‘content creator’ I’m really pretty new. The fact that my subscriberless, viewless youtube channel now has a 9.5k view video one week after I claimed the email address is pretty phenomenal by my measure :) but thank you nonetheless!

Hopefully soon I’ll actually get some serviceable recordings of myself actually playing instead of using the Musescore™ library 

I still have hair in case you were wondering since I’ve worn hats in my last few selfies. Also I’m wearing my high school graduation hoodie and i’m trusting you guys to not try and stalk me. My high school website is unbelievably shitty though so you’d probably just be very underwhelmed by it tbh.

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Why do goths wear rosaries and crosses? I'm rather gothically inclined myself and I am okay with people wearing rosaries if they are Catholic and such but I know so many people that wear crosses and are not Christian. Isn't that appropriation and rude to those of faith? (Same goes with ankhs for people that don't practice or believe in the older Egyptian religions tbh)

I suspect goths started wearing rosaries and crosses because:

  • Shock value. Unnerving “normal” people by flaunting symbols of mainstream faiths as fashion.
  • Easy to find. Back in the Days of Yore, finding rosaries and crosses in near-bulk lots at thrift stores was super-easy.
  • They’re usually very pretty.

As for ankhs:

  • Again, spiritual/mystical/occult symbolism.
  • Symbol of eternal life –> vampires –> classic gothic archetype. 
  • For gothy types who are comics fans, there’s the tribute to Death of the Endless.

Personally, I collect vintage rosaries because 1) they’re pretty, and 2) they’re a tangible artifact of someone’s faith and energy. I am by no means Catholic (tho’ my paternal grandmother was, and my dad was raised Catholic), but having an object that symbolizes someone connecting themselves to the Divine through repeated words and actions resonates with me. 

I collect ankhs (and generally put them on my vintage rosaries), because the symbolism behind it resonates with me for a lot of reasons. Yes, including the “eternal life = vampirism” reason and because of the link to keys. 

Do I think wearing rosaries, crosses, and ankhs is appropriative? Not really. But then, I’ve done decades of reading about folklore, mythology, and the meaning of symbols. All of which goes back to my oft-repeated view that if you’re going to wear a symbol, do some research so you know what it means.