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Fated Flowers

Summary: Soulmate AU where, every time your soulmate realizes new feelings for you, you get a rose. One random day in 2014, Dan wakes up with a red rose on his bedside table.

Word count: 8120

Warnings: Blood, food. If I missed anything please let me know.

A/N: A huge thank you goes out to Elizajane (@snowbunnylester) for letting me run with this idea based on Rachel’s (@botanistlester​) prompt for her latest fic (um if you haven’t read it wyd), for the constant encouragement, and for beta'ing this for me.

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May I request for a childhood AU? If there's any? I love a good fluffy fic! Also, I just wanted to tell you that as a user who has been excessively stalking your blog and reading almost anything you've been recommending (Even Hogwarts AU, because I don't even read or watch Harry Potter). You've been the reason why I have been so excited the last few days, wondering what fanfic would I find again!

Wow! Thank you for all these requests! There are surprisingly not too many childhood AUs, so this was kind of hard for me to do! Nevertheless, I found some, so get ready for some of the fluffiest fluff ever! ≧◡≦  Please reply to this post if there’s some I missed! 

Childhood AU

Next Stop, Happiness by frolickingangels, Gen, 1.7k
Ever since Yuuri had learned how to walk, talk, and remember things, it had always been this one special person – him with his silver hair and blue eyes and kind smile. Thumbs up!

Blue Roses by Fauks, Gen, 40k
A royalty, ABO Soulmate AU collection of oneshots of Victor and Yuuri growing up together! Cute!

The Feeling That Never Goes Away by TheSilentOtaku, Gen, 1.9k
Yuuri meets his idol and Viktor meets his biggest fan. Years later, they meet again. Very sweet first meeting fic!

Music Worth Listening To by victornikiforov, Not Rated, 5.6k
Victor remembers him in the sunshine, one day when it was warm enough where they didn’t have to bundle up to sit outside in the schoolyard. He’s a year younger than Victor. His name is Yuuri Katsuki. I LOVE THIS FIC OMG! It’s so so amazing

Some might call it fate by Chessala, Gen, 5.8k
The Katsuki family moves to Russia after they had to close their Hot Springs temporarily. Little Yuuri has to go to a new Kindergarten where he doesn’t know anyone. He sees a picture of an ice skater on the wall of his new Kindergarten and is instantly fascinated. Kindergarten fic!

gays on ink: an epic love story by thankyouforexisting, Teen, 5.6k
Yuuri looks up from where he’s wringing his hands together in his lap, nervous, heart beating way too fast, and looks at his 73 copyrighted Victor Nikiforov posters, and the framed picture by his bed, and the copies of Victor’s artwork that he’s got lying on his nightstand. “Maybe it would be better to go somewhere else,” he chokes out, a bit strangled. Awesome highschool AU!

Whole World in Your Eyes by HQ_Wingster, Gen, 1.9k
He saw the world in Viktor’s eyes; Viktor saw something he never saw before in Yuuri’s. When they were younger, Victor and Yuuri met at one of Victor’s competitions.

My Favorite Fan by Jam_chan, Gen, 683 words
‘After a competition, Yuuri and Victor meet. Yuuri quickly becomes Victor’s favourite fan. Cute fic!

Winning Hearts by Dawn on ICE (Dawn_Blossom), Teen, 19k
When Victor Nikiforov is 17, he meets Yuuri Katsuki, and they become quick friends. Rec’d by a follower! (And it’s also a great fic I’ve read, too!)

Whatever you want by MattLightwood (TanyaHarries), Gen, 1.1k
AU in which fourteen year old Yuuri meets his idol Viktor Nikiforov at an exclusive fan meeting. Yuuri is terrified to meet Viktor as he feels like he’s no one compared to him, but Viktor obviously doesn’t have the same opinion. Fun fic!

I’ve Known You Forever by AKAuthor, Teen, 2.2k (WIP)
Soulmates experience little bits of pointless information about the other throughout their lives. Yuuri unknowingly learns about Viktor’s ability to walk into glass doors. Viktor learns about Yuuri’s history of falling into pools -and then they start a life together. 

Bear Your Soul on the Ice by SassySalchow (diedraechin), Teen, 64k (WIP)
At age fourteen, Katsuki Yuuri had been determined to be Japan’s next great figure skating hope, but with no coach that would never happen, so his ballet instructor packs him up off to Russia to train with Yakov Feltsman. Cute!

Bloom (1/?)

This has been a work in progress for quite some time. It started as a response to the fact that OUAT seemingly cannot have a normal pregnancy on this show without it being traumatic or otherwise very sad. This is the result. This series will be following the arc of Emma’s totally normal, only lightly angsty pregnancy that will end 100% happy. That is my guarantee. No prophecies. No speeding up. A super normal pregnancy.

As for the timing of posting this…well, we could all use some fluff, and I’m not letting reality get me down. So, presenting, “The Happiest Pregnancy Ever”

Also on A03.

Why should I be unhappy? Every parcel of my being is in full bloom.

Emma tapped her fingers on the table, her nails clack-clack-clacking on the wood with each downward press. She listened to the steady tick-tock of the clock, understanding with sudden clarity why Barrie had one haunt his interpretation of her husband. 

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

Her husband wasn’t home. He was at store working his way down the list of things she’d hastily scribbled before he walked out the door. The list was long, and she didn’t really need half the things she sent him to buy, but she needed him gone, not anywhere near her while she processed the impending changes to their life. He would be home soon, which meant that she had to decide just what course of action to take.

Tick. Tock. Tick. Tock.

The house was quiet. Whenever Henry stayed with Regina, there was a certain stillness to their home. Even when he was there, he opted to listen to music via headphones. He was teenager, meaning he didn’t want to draw attention to himself. She liked the quiet, sometimes. Other times, not so much. It reminded Emma of her time as the Dark One – the house barren, dead. 

It won’t be like that much longer.

Emma fingered the stick in front of her. It read “pregnant” in small letters. She sprung for the test that said pregnant or not pregnant. She didn’t want to take any chances with lines or ink. It was clear as day that way. No mistakes.

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Treat You Better

Pairings: Darkiplier x Reader x Antisepticeye

Warnings: Language, hints of abuse.

Request: Hello dear, i totally enjoy your Darkiplier and Antisepticeye Stories! I have an idea, so listen: I would love it to read a fanfiction where Anti is like your best Friend. But Dark is totally in love with you (he cant recognize the feeling, and don't really know how to act right). Also Dark is lightly abusive to the reader.. and Anti wants to help our reader, but the fact is, Anti is bound to a contract with dark.. so he needs to break it. Anti should probably be still a psycho, but nicer.

Notes: Maybe a there will be part 2?? You let me know. :)

Originally posted by marielgum

You let out a sigh as you sit down, a book in hand to relax. It was a really long day and honestly you could pass out right here on the sofa  but you won’t. You promised a good friend of yours that you will be awake this time when he comes to visit.

So you read you book, probably not the best this to keep you awake, but that was okay. When the electricity starts to flicker, with a green tint to tem, a small smile lifts at your lips knowing just the meaning behind that. You didn’t have to wait long, and before you know it -


Is shouted into your ear followed by loud laughing from behind you. The laughter moves over the sofa, landing right next to you. In return you send him a glare that only made him laugh more, because coming from you, it didn’t look threatening at all.

More like an adorable kitten.

You roll you eyes with a smile as you get comfortable again. “What has my dear Anti done today?” This was said with some slight sarcasm, but Anti ignored it while sitting back and kicking his feet up on the coffee table.

“Tormented a few people, some errands here and there - the usual.” He shrugs his shoulders, because it was his usual thing to do. You smile, letting out a breathy laugh, you were used to this having been friends with him for so long.

Suddenly, Anti sits up. His eyes find your own before swiping down your body then back up. The sudden careful observing, catches you off guard and you squirm in your seat anxiously.  

His eyes darken, and his normal glitching becomes a bit more intense as he clenches his teeth. A light bulb in one of your lams shattering in the background. Anti let’s out a low hiss before yelling.

“That son of a bitch!”

At first you flinched at his sudden loudness, watching as he stood up, running a hand through his hair. Then it dawn on you why he was acting the way he was. You look down at yourself, more so at your arms, to see the fresh bruises on your upper arms.

The same place where Dark had grabbed you earlier in his temper.

Damn it. You forgot to cover them.

You scoot closer towards the edge of your seat, closing your book and placing it on the side of you as you watched Anti pace and glitch.

“Hey, It’s okay Anti I’m okay” You try and reassure him. “You know him and his temper, it’s been rather short lately too. Honestly I should know better -”

“It’s not your fault. That bastard… Nothing gives him the right to fucking touch you! Never! I swear I would fucking kill him of it wasn’t for the dumb ass -!!” Anti cuts himself short.

You tilt your head, wondering what it was that he was going to say that you couldn’t hear. You had a funny feeling that it was about why Anti has yet to try and murder Dark for the shit he does.

Anti, who finally took a deep breath to quiet down, looks over at you. Even when he lost his temper, sometimes he would see you shy away or flinch but you were never outright scared of him. That’s because he would never voluntarily hurt you.

He grits his teeth.

He wants to protect you.

He wants to fight for you.

Most of all, he wishes he could to love you the way he wants to.

Except, he can’t do any of that. Why? He was bound to a contract to none other than Dark himself. And Anti has no idea on how to break it.


You look at him, seeing Anti get on his knees before you. is large hands cradle your face, his thumbs caressing your cheeks. It was only then did you noticed that he was wiping away stray tears.

When did you start crying?

“Anti…?” You say his name in a whisper.

“Don’t worry, I’ll have a little talk with him. You’ll be fine.” e kissed your forehead, lingering there until he spoke again. Anti’s lips brushing against your skin, creating an odd feeling in the pit of your stomach.

You never felt that with Anti. He’s your best friend!

“One day - we’ll be free of him.”

And then, he was gone.

You were asleep when Dark decided to check in on you. He hated ow much he felt the need to make sure that you were okay. He hated ow much he liked seeing your bright smile. How he always wanted to make sure it was because of im.

Dark hated the vulnerable feeling he get’s with you, and how he has to hold his tongue to keep from telling the truth to you. He hated the tightness in his chest he got at yours and Anti’s relationship.

It was this hatred that made his temper so sort. Especially around you.

Dark, wit his hands clasped behind his back, stroll up to the side of your bed. You were sleeping on your left, hugging a pillow - i was a cute sight. His dark eyes fell on the visible bruises on your upper right arm, along with some fading ones from where he had gripped you too tightly. 

He himself was sporting a similar mark on his jaw. Anti paid him a visit, words were said, and Anti was punched. 

Dark moved a hand from his back, then left a feather light touch down your cheek. He didn’t like that he was hurting you, it was never his intentions. It just happens. 

“What are you dong to me, Y/N?” He whispered before retracting his hand and leaving. 

You open your eyes, looking at the spot Dark was just standing. Your hands clench the pillow you’re hugging, remembering Dark’s soft touch. Without even having to hear an apology, you had already forgave him the moment it happen. 

What are you doing to im? More like, what are they doing to you?

Killian, the Bail Bonds Assisting Barista

Happy Birthday @emmasfairytale! This isn’t exactly fluffy but it is a coffee shop au so I fulfilled one of those things! Ily angel and I hope you had a great day! ♡

He’s an unarguably good looking man and that pisses her off. A lot.

She hates when skips are good looking. Not because she’s worried she’ll find herself attracted to them; that’s never a problem for her. It bothers her because she knows the type: shitty person, blessed with naturally good looks, uses said good looks to manipulate women into ignoring their horrible personality and accepting their ugly behavior.

Knowing what this man did—beat up his girlfriend and get himself arrested for aggravated assault—she’s entirely certain that his good looks were what convinced the girl to be with him in the first place. With his light green eyes, tousled dark hair, and a nice smile, she can see just how a certain type of woman would fall for his total lack of any other positive attributes.

The longer she sits there, at the two person table in the corner of the coffee shop near her office, listening to this man try to charm his way into her pants, the more frustrated she gets.

She looks around, trying to focus on anything other than the man across from her lest she lose her temper too soon, and realizes how nice the place is. The skip had already been seated with two coffees when she arrived (red flag number 1, ordering for her) so she didn’t have much of a chance to examine the place other than the points of exit. It’s a simply decorated place, nothing too kitschy considering the fact that it’s named The Jolly. There’s a simple, long black board behind the counter displaying the menu, an array of black chairs and tables around the open space, and the only indication of a seafaring theme, a row of nautical mugs displayed across the counter.

A barista with bright blue eyes and a tray of coffee in his right hand passes their table and gives her an assessing look. She shrugs delicately and returns her attention to the idiot across from her.

The guy said he came to this place often so the barista probably just recognized him and wondered why she was here with him. He’ll find out soon enough. 

She’s ready to pull the trigger, her hand resting on the cuffs strapped to her leg beneath her flowing, a line dress, when the same barista walks by, tripping and spilling the entirety of a mug of coffee into the man’s lap.

Chris, the smarmy bastard, jumps out of his seat, toppling his chair over in the process. 

“What the hell, dude?” he shouts, shaking out the leg that received the brunt of the mess. “What the fuck kind of place are they running here that this shit happens?”

“I’m terribly sorry, sir,” the man says, not looking the least bit apologetic.

“You sure as hell should be!” he grunts, no longer as loud but still as forceful. 

“Here,” the barista offers, pulling a towel out of his back pocket.

Emma intercepts it.

“Let me help you,” she says with a coy grin. She gets out of her own seat and kneels next to Chris.

With one hand lightly dabbing his pants, she pulls the cuffs off her leg with the other. Mr. Macho Man is too busy being a smug bastard, grinning wildly to himself about the girl kneeling next to him and helping him dry off, to notice her actions.

“That’s a good loo—”

She cuts him off with the clank of the cuffs around his wrist before he can finish saying what she can only assume to be “that’s a good look for you.” And before he understands what’s happened, she’s got the other wrist trapped behind his back in the cuffs as well.

“Thank you,” she says to the barista standing dumbfounded next to her and ignores the indignant sputtering of the wet man in favor of his awed “No problem, lass.”

She marches the bail jumper out of the coffee shop with as little fanfare as possible. The man’s undeniably an idiot but he seems to have enough sense to realize what’s happening and how unlikely he is to get out of the situation.

It was a fairly easy catch, as far as these situations go and after getting rid of Chris Brown 2.0 she finds herself equal parts grateful and curious of the man who helped her. She heads back to the coffee shop with the intent to thank him. But when she walks in, he’s nowhere to be seen.

“Hi,” she greets the pretty, red headed girl, with a name tag reading Ariel, behind the counter, “I’m looking for the man who was working here earlier today.”

She looks confused for a moment then a look of realization dawns on her face.

“You must be talking about Killian! Dark hair, blue eyes?”

“Yes, is he here?”

“He’s gone for the day,” Ariel explains. “He actually wasn’t supposed to work but Ashley called off because her baby was sick so he had to come in.”

“Oh.” She tries not to obviously deflate but she is disappointed she won’t be able to thank him.

“Did you have a problem?” she asks, concerned.

“No. No, I just… he kind of unknowingly helped me out with catching a bail jumper earlier and I just wanted to give him a nice tip.”

“Oh! You’re her!” she exclaims, eyes widening in excitement. “Killian always says it’s improper for the owner to accept tips but I’m sure he’d like to talk to you. Let me go get him. He’s right upstairs!”

The girl doesn’t exactly run around the counter and through the door leading to what she assumes is the stairwell but she doesn’t walk either. And after a few moments of standing there awkwardly, Ariel reappears with who she now knows to be Killian.

“Ah, you’re back. Here to arrest anyone else?” he asks with a smirk and she notices that he as an accent.

“No, I just wanted to thank you for your help… and I was wondering if you did that on purpose.” He raises a brow. “You know, spilling the drink on him.”

“I did,” he says evenly, nodding his head.

“If you don’t mind me asking, why?”

He bares his teeth in what she can only call an unamused grin.

“He’s in here often enough that I know what he’s like. Peevish, rude, a terrible tipper. He went off on one of my baristas the other day when I wasn’t here. Probably would have banned him from the establishment if she didn’t insist on me not doing so. I noticed you looked uncomfortable so I just did the first thing that came to mind to help you out of the situation.”

“Mmm,” she hums, unsurprised at his description of him. “Maybe next time if a guy does something like that, ignore the baristas wishes and make sure he stays gone.”

His eyes widen slightly at her suggestion but otherwise, he doesn’t seem to disagree with her.

“As you wish.” And then after a brief pause, “Do you mind if I ask what he did to end up in cuffs being very nearly pushed out of my establishment?”

“He beat the shit out of his girlfriend and skipped bail.”

“And that would make you a bail bonds person?” he questions tilting his head to the side in a manner entirely too endearing. He got the phrasing right and everything so it’s a little hard for her to resists his charming mannerisms.


“Terribly sorry if this is too forward, lass, but do bail bonds people enjoy coffee or do they have a different choice of beverage for dates?”

She should tell him she hates coffee and walk out. She already thanked him for his help. But there’s something appealing about him that she can’t quite pin down. Maybe it’s his stupidly good looks, maybe it’s the way he had enough sense to wish to ban an aggressive man from his place of business, or maybe it’s the way he spilt hot coffee down a man’s lap to help a woman that appeared to be in distress, and it could possibly just be his damn good coffee. So instead she surprises herself and doesn’t walk out.

“Most bail bonds people enjoy coffee, myself included, but what this bail bonds person really enjoys is hot chocolate.”

“Hot chocolate?”

“With cinnamon.”

“Aye, of course,” he says, grinning wildly and moving behind the counter.

“If you’re going to make me drink hot chocolate with you, then you’re going to tell me what made you chose the name, The Jolly,” she tells him with a grin she can’t stop from forming on her own face.

“I’m fairly certain I’ll be open to answering any questions you have.“

anonymous asked:

So watching The hunchback of notre dame and all I can think of during the Hellfire song is the Priest Gabe!au falling in love with the reader and willing to do whatever it takes for the reader to be his, god be damned.


Gabriel Reyes was a cherished member of the community, someone parents trusted and children adored. His sermons during morning mass were enough to actually wake people up and make them happy to be at church at the crack of dawn. Being a priest, he believed in being dedicated to the community and would regularly serve food to those who were less fortunate. There’d been numerous occasions where he would open the doors to his home for anyone who didn’t have somewhere to go when the weather got colder. When he wasn’t working at the church he was helping children with their homework at the aftercare program at the nearby youth center. 

He was a very good man but something felt off about him sometimes. 

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Being Renessmee's Twin Includes
  • Rosalie: I'm naming her Bella. I will not allow you to butcher and mesh two more names. Her name is Carlie. Deal with it.
  • Carlie: Why can't I fight with you and momma papa? I want to show the Volturi that I'm not a scared little girl. Anyone threatens to kill my family, I refuse to run away
  • Bella: Carlie, how many times have I told you? No throwing knifes in the house. You could hurt Renessmee or yourself. Be more careful.
  • Emmett: C'mon kiddo. I'll teach you how to fight.
  • Jasper: *scoffs* It'd be best if I teach her. You get frustrated too easily Emmett.
  • Carlise: Carlie, your growth is more rapid than Renessmee's. Your genes must be slightly different from hers. It could be an attribution to a power we haven't discovered yet.
  • Esme: It's so sweet of you to help me make dinner for you and Renessmee. I feel like you and I hardly get any time together. Renessmee's always off with either her parents or Jacob and you keep to yourself most of the time. Just know that I'm here if you ever want to talk to someone sweetie. You are my grandbaby afterall.
  • Edward: Your mother and I don't love Renessmee more than you Carlie. We love you both equally. She just relies on us more than you. You've always been more independent than your sister.
  • Carlie: I'm more independent because you and mom are always with her and Aunt Rose takes care of me. But whatever. I don't care anymore. She'll be stuck here in Forks and you all will have to leave eventually and I will travel the world once I reach an acceptable age growth.
  • Bella: Where have you been Carlie?! You've been gone for three whole days! What on earth are you wearing?!
  • Carlie: *sighs* Relax mom. I went to Comic Con in San Diego and cosplayed as Harley Quinn. I went to have some fun. Geez, it's like your trying to keep me trapped with you forever since Renessmee started solely hanging out with Jacob. I bet you really hate that imprint now cause you finally have to pay attention to your other daughter.
  • Alice: Carlie, come shopping with me. We never spend any girl time together since you started buying your own clothes.
  • Carlie: But there's a Gotham marathon on today. How about I go shopping with you tomorrow then?
  • Jasper: *watching the Romanian aired teach you how to fight and use weapons from a window in the house because Bella and Edward forbid him from teaching her himself* I don't see what the problem was with them Alice. I have no urge to drink wither of the girls blood and I adore Carlie. I should be teaching her how to fight, not those barbaric two.
  • Alice: I know Jas. But she finally made some friends that weren't a part of our family. Renessmee has Jacob and that's all she needs. Carlie is free to expand herself unbound to anyone. We don't want to smother the girl by crowding her all the time.
  • Rose: I can't believe Bella never told you about periods. Oh wait, I can. Look Carlie, you have nothing to fear. It's completely natural.
  • Jacob: Why do you hate me Carlie? I never did anything to you.
  • Carlie: *rolls eyes and scoffs* Exactly. I hardly even know you and you're the guy my sister is bound to for life. You've hardly ever acknowledged me before. You've hardly ever spokento me and you have no interest in anyone but my sister. I don't like you because I know that the imprint you have with my sister isn't how you really are or were before my mom even started screwing with your life.
  • Bella: How can you say such a thing Carlie?!
  • Carlie: Oh please. Shut up mom. You know I'm right. You only support that imprint because now, Jacob will forever be within your grasp. Just because you chose not to have him all those years ago doesn't mean you get to keep him around when he's moved on with his life.
  • Renessmee: Will you be my maid of honor?
  • Carlie: I haven't seen or heard from you in nearly four years sis. And frankly I don't want to go to your wedding at all. You know your marriage won't end well. You're in love with Nahuel and whether you admit it or not, you don't feel the same pull if the imprint like you used to. Stop dragging Jacob along. Stop your relationship with him and decide what you want. God, you are worse than our mother. Make up your freaking mind.
  • Leah: I didn't think it would be possible, but I am actually best friends with someone who shares half her DNA with Bella Cullen.
  • Carlie: Oh hush. I'm nothing like my mother and you know it. Now shut up so I can hear Tom Hiddleston say "mewling quim."
  • Seth: Are you sure about this Carlie?
  • Carlie: Yes, for the thousandth time. I love you and I refuse to be bound to someone I met only once. I fell in love with you and that is what I've always wanted. To fall in love, not be bound by fate to become whatever my mate pleases.
Hopeless Fountain Kingdom sentence starters
  • "He said one day I'd realize why I don't have any friends."
  • "I find myself alone at night unless I'm having sex."
  • "He can make me golden."
  • "I don't let him touch me anymore."
  • "I'm not something to butter up and taste when you get bored."
  • "I have spent too many nights on dirty bathroom floors."
  • "Please don't go away."
  • "It's too late."
  • "I can't stop thinking that I almost gave you everything."
  • "Now the whole thing's finished and I can't stop wishing that I never gave you anything."
  • "You wrote 100 letters just for me and I find them in my closet in the pockets of my jeans."
  • "Now I'm constantly reminded of the time I was 19."
  • "He said 'please don't go away',I said 'it's too late.'"
  • "I almost gave you everything."
  • "I can't stop wishing that I never gave you anything."
  • "I know how to play, I know this game."
  • "It's all the same."
  • "He'll never stay, they never do."
  • "If I keep my eyes closed, he feels just like you."
  • "You've been replaced."
  • "I'm face to face with someone new."
  • "Would've gave it all for you."
  • "Tell me where I went wrong."
  • "Tell me how to move on."
  • "They don't realize that I'm thinking about you."
  • "Can you hear my heartbeat fucking kickin'?"
  • "You best believe that I got something on my sleeve."
  • "I walk my talk, no time for wishful thinking."
  • "You thought that you were the boss tonight, but I can put up one good fight."
  • "I can put on a show."
  • "This is Heaven in hiding."
  • "I don't have no time for conversation."
  • "A girl like me is new for you."
  • "I can tell you mean it cause you're shaking."
  • "I'm Heaven in hiding."
  • "He tried to phone me, but I never have time."
  • "He said that I never listen, but I don't even try."
  • "Everywhere I go, I got a million different people tryna' kick it."
  • "I'm still alone in my mind."
  • "Baby, as soon as you meet me, you'll wish that you never did."
  • "I got into some trouble with that drink in my veins."
  • "I got a problem with parties 'cause it's loud in my brain."
  • "I can never say sorry 'cause I won't take the blame."
  • "I know I always go missing."
  • "You ask why I'm distant,oh, I'm runnin' away."
  • "I know you're dying to meet me."
  • "I know you wanna slip under my armor."
  • "I don't wanna fight right now."
  • "Been through the ups and the downs with me."
  • "Got a whole lot of love, but you don't wanna spread it 'round with me."
  • "Never pick up, never call me."
  • "You know we're runnin' out of time."
  • "Need to know that you're mine."
  • "I want you to love me now or never."
  • "I'm callin' it a night now."
  • "Wishin' you were 'round with me, but you're in a different town than me."
  • "We've been through it all, but you could never spit it out for me."
  • "Tryna talk to a wall, but you could never tear it down for me."
  • "I need you to make your mind up."
  • "I've missed your calls for months it seems."
  • "Don't realize how mean I can be."
  • "I can sometimes treat the people that I love like jewelry."
  • "I didn't mean to try you on."
  • "I still know your birthday and your mother's favorite song."
  • "Sorry that I can't believe that anybody ever really starts to fall in love with me."
  • "Sorry I could be so blind."
  • "Didn't mean to leave you and all of the things that we had behind."
  • "I run away when things are good."
  • "Never really understood the way you laid your eyes on me, in ways that no one ever could."
  • "So it seems I broke your heart, my ignorance has struck again."
  • "I failed to see it from the start, and tore you open 'til the end."
  • "Someone will love you, but someone isn't me."
  • "There's a place where love conquers all."
  • "Don't trust the moon, she's always changing."
  • "The shores bend and break for her and she begs to be loved."
  • "Nothing here is as it seems."
  • "Sun is coming up."
  • "I get the message, you wish I was dead."
  • "Please don't take this as a threat."
  • "If you don't love me no more, then lie."
  • "I'm about four minutes from a heart attack."
  • "I think you make me a maniac."
  • "We both been here since we seventeen."
  • "Here we go, fist fight in a limousine."
  • "We both hope there's something, but we both keep fronting."
  • "Damn, if these walls could talk."
  • "I ain't your baby no more."
  • "Told my new roommate not to let you in."
  • "Got a boy back home in Michigan and it tastes like Jack when I'm kissing him."
  • "I never really liked his friends."
  • "Now he's gone and he's calling me a bitch again."
  • "He wants me in the kitchen with a dinner plate."
  • "I believe that we're meant to be."
  • "Jealousy gets the best of me."
  • "I don't mean to frustrate, but I always make the same mistakes."
  • "I'm bad at love."
  • "You can't blame me for trying."
  • "I'd be lyin' sayin' you were the one that could finally fix me."
  • "Got a girl with California eyes, and I thought that she could really be the one this time."
  • "I never got the chance to make her mine."
  • "She fell in love with little thin white lines."
  • "We never told no one, but we look so cute."
  • "Both got way better things to do."
  • "I always think about her when I'm riding through."
  • "I'm in too deep."
  • "I don't mean to frustrate."
  • "I always make the same mistakes."
  • "I'm bad at love, but you can't blame me for trying."
  • "You were the one."
  • "I know that you're afraid I'm gonna walk away."
  • "I know that you're afraid I'm gonna walk away each time the feeling fades."
  • "I don't give a damn what you say to me."
  • "There ain't no time for games with me."
  • "I'm moving on."
  • "I am not the type to be out past dawn."
  • "Can't fuck up my vibe."
  • "Motherfucker, don't play with me."
  • "Women don't play no games."
  • "She doesn't kiss me on the mouth anymore."
  • "It's more intimate, than she thinks we should get."
  • "She doesn't look me in the eyes anymore, too scared of what she'll see."
  • "We're not lovers, we're just strangers."
  • "She doesn't call me on the phone anymore."
  • "She doesn't let me have control anymore."
  • "I must've crossed a line, I must've lost my mind."
  • "When I wake up all alone, and I'm thinking of your skin, I remember what you told me."
  • "I miss the mornings with you laying in my bed."
  • "I miss the thought of a forever, you and me."
  • "All you're missing is my body."
  • "We're not lovers, we're just strangers with the same damn hunger to be touched, to be loved, to feel anything at all."
  • "I woke up to another mess in the living room."
  • "Conversation's getting hard."
  • "Nobody seems to ask about me anymore, and nobody seems to care 'bout anything I think."
  • "Everybody, look at me!"
  • "I'm faded away, you know, I used to be on fire."
  • "I'm standin' in the ashes of who I used to be."
  • "I used to be a darling starlet like a centerpiece, had the whole world wrapped around my ring."
  • "It's my own anxiety that makes the conversation hard."
  • "Nobody ever cares 'bout anything I think."
  • "I should eat my feelings."
  • "I still let everyone down."
  • "I'm too much to handle, I shine too bright."
  • "I don't wanna wake it up; the devil in me."
  • "Boy, you make it look so easy."
  • "Promise that I'm gonna call you back in five."
  • "Yeah, I've known that girl for like my whole life."
  • "The truth hurts, but secrets kill."
  • "Still here, there must be something real."
  • "You know the good die young, but so did this."
  • "It must be better than I think it is."
  • "Gimme those eyes, it's easy to forgive."
  • "You and all your friends all hate me."
  • "You're better when I'm not around."
  • "I can't help the way you made me."
  • "The good die young, but so did this, so it must be better than I think it is."
  • "I hope hopeless changes over time."

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FRENDO! I have been thinking and I confused myself. I've been seeing a lot of Klance birthday theories but When did Keith officially become a orphan? Because if it was when he was really young don't you think he wouldn't know when his birthday is? Like what if he never had one because he didn't know when it was? Imagine Lance asking when his birthday is and Keith saying "um...I...I don't know"

my dear friend!!! I didn’t read a lot of theories, tbh, but I scoured the net and the official voltron site says Keith became an orphan “at a young age before enlisting in the Galaxy Garrison”. Do they mean he enlisted right after or…? For how long has he lived alone in that shack? Or did someone find him and drag him to the Garrison a la Anakin Skywalker? Oooh, I like this one (even though it’s unlikely, but let me dream).
Imagine a random officer finding by chance a kid, Commander, in a shack in the middle of the desert, all alone!, and subsequently dragging him back to the only civilized place in the entire goddamned desert: luxury school for marvelous minds, the one and only Galaxy Garrison. Imagine the kid being confusedly adopted by the whole team, professors and students alike, coddled and looked after by everyone because the poor thing has big, serious eyes and he never talks much, but he’s bright and asks just the right questions, paddling in between their feet in the simulation room, peeking at screens and stats, unrelentlessly curious about what’s this and that and how does this work? Imagine everyone humoring him, why not, it’s harmless fun, and it’s cute, but then - years later, the kid grows into a stubborn young man, who refuses to hear reasons about required classes and official bullshit. “I learned everything I need to, let me pilot the thing already,” he states plainly, for the hundredth time, until someone finally says what the hell, let him do it - and he’s good, a natural pilot, graceful and in control even without training.
So Commander Iverson lets him enroll officially, he has no reason not to, and the kid starts to train for real, climbing the ranks like it’s nothing - and everyone knows him, it’s Keith, he practically always lived here.

Fast forward to drama, pain, and finding himself with the universe’s destiny on the shoulders, piloting a giant robot lion, Keith has never really thought about his birthday. He simply never had the time or will to, because what’s a date to all the numbers he’s had to drill into his head to become what he is right know?

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Quidnunc and ma speedy boi peter maximoff

Peter + Quidnunc – One who always has to know what’s going on.

Your socked feet padded softly against the hardwood floors as you headed towards the garage. The floorboards creaked occasionally, but weren’t loud enough to wake anyone up. Or so you hoped. As you reached the garage door you pulled on your boots, fearing they may have been too loud before. The door groaned open and you held your breath, expecting Hank or Alex to barge out of somewhere and send you back to bed. Relief washed over you as the house stayed in its silent state. You quickly headed into the garage to look for the cabinet with the keys.

Yours eyes peered around the dark room, a breeze sending a chill up your spine. You tightly pulled your sweater around you, letting out a low breath as pain began to twist in your abdomen.

“What’re you doing here?” A voice spoke next to your ear before you let out a scream. You were soon whipped around, with a hand covering your mouth. In the dark room you could make out the figure to be the one and only, Peter Maximoff.

Peter stood with his hand over your mouth for a few seconds, before dropping it back to his side. He smiled at you, flicking on the light switch. You let out a hiss, shading your face from the light as a frown began to tug at your lips. “Why are you here?” You said, exasperation evident in your tone.

“Heard you walking around, wanted to see why.” He shrugged. “So you gonna steal a car or something, run off to see a boyfriend, go drifting, sneak into–”

“What–no I just need to get something.” You interrupted Peter’s interrogation, pushing him aside.

Ooooo, whatcha getting?”

“None of your business.” You deadpanned, walking around the garage with a grimace.





“A dog.”

“What, why would I get a dog?”

“I dunno. Wait, are you getting condoms?”

“Peter!” You shouted, arms flailing in the air as he chuckled. “Shut up, please.”

“I mean I would, if you told me what you’re doing.”

“Oh my god why are you so nosy?” You sighed, slumping against one of the cars.

“Being nosy isn’t a bad thing.”

“Ever heard of the saying curiosity killed the cat?”

“Yeah, and satisfaction brought it back.” He smirked triumphantly, while you sent him a dry smile. “Y’know I could just take you to wherever you need to go right?” You waved Peter off, but before you knew it he swept you up into his arms. “See, need anything from Athens?” He asked, while you stared at him in disbelief. Before you could demand him to take you back home you were standing in a forest. “Or from the Niagara Escarpment?”


“How about Cairo–actually maybe not here.” Peter laughed, and before you knew it you were back at the mansion. “See I can be helpf–”

“PETER I JUST WANTED TO GO TO THE CONVENIENCE STORE!” You snapped, while Peter stared at you sheepishly.

“Oh.” He mumbled, swiftly taking you to your destination.

Peter stood by the door, watching as you piled copious amounts of candy onto the counter, smiling happily at the three bags full of treats you acquired. Peter ran you back to the house and you both walked back in silence to your rooms. You got to Peter’s room first, and he offered you an apology which you brushed off.

“I was being a bit of an ass, I should apologize.” You mumbled, swaying on your feet; bags crinkling in your hands.

“So, you gonna tell me why you need ten pounds of candy?” He asked while you shrugged.

“Period cravings.” Realizations dawned over Peter’s face as he let out a low laugh.

“Well uh do you need anything else?” He asked.nPeter was used to having to run around for Wanda when he lived with his family.

“Nope, I’m good. I’ve got food and a shit ton of movies to distract me from my uterus trying to kill me.” You and Peter both chuckled before you waved goodbye, heading off to your room.

“Wait,” Peter called, and was by your side in an instant. “How about some company as a distraction?” He suggested, watching as you slowly nodded.

“Fine by me. Just, don’t ask too many questions.”

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hcs on lavi and tyki giving off their crush a wrong first impression, and later when they try to fix it? hope this makes sense lmao


Originally posted by pixelatedcrow

  • He had always thought you were pretty when you first met him and somehow or rather, he had a teensy little crush on you. 
  • And somehow, being the way he is, he had no sense of personal space and…he never expected you to misunderstand till this point. 
  • “It’s alright, I get it,” You smiled widely at him but your next words felt like a tight slap to his face, “You’re in love with Allen.” 
  • “What?” Did he even hear that right? 
  • “You’re. in. love. with. Allen. Walker,” You spelling out that way did not make the situation any better, “I see the way you hang all over him and I just want to tell you…” You reached out, folding his hands into yours, “I fully support your relationship.” 
  • What? 
  • At this point, Lavi’s brain had already broke down. 
  • And for the first time in life, Lavi is loss for words. 
    • Is that how everyone perceive me when I’m around Allen? 
    • Wait…no, that’s not the problem right now. 
  • “So, when are you going to tell Allen?” 
  • “What? No! I’m not going to tell him,” He immediately realises the wrong choice of words. 
  • “You’re that shy?” The way you looked at him was incredulous, “Don’t worry. I’m sure he feels the same way!” 
  • “That’s not-” 
  • “I’ve known that the two of you are perfect for each other since the first time I met the both of you,” He couldn’t get a word in now, “I will do whatever I can to help you!” 
  • “So go for it!” 
  • He had to stop it before it gets out of control. 
  • “__________!” He grabs you by your shoulders (firmly but gently), his eyes filled with seriousness, “You got it all wrong.” 
  • You stared at him bug eyed and confused. 
  • “The one that I like is you…” 


Originally posted by wolfinthemaze

  • You were travelling along with Crack, Momo and Eeze when Tyki came back to visit.
  • Somehow, you piqued his interest. You were wearing casual working clothes and pants but the way you carry yourself had a hint of grace almost as if you had been someone of a higher status.
  • And he found himself observing you more and more, taking notice of every little movement you make. 
  • And each time, he was called off to do his “job”, he find himself thinking of you a lot…wondering what you been doing while he’s gone…
  • He thought he was being charming really…
  • But he sure as hell not expected you to come up with that crazy conclusion.
  • He handed you something (expansive) that he picked up along the way and toss the bag of gold and wad of cash onto the table…
  • He thought you would be happy but you looked more than uncomfortable and a little bit worried. 
  • “What’s wrong, love?” 
  • “It’s just…” You hesitated then shook your head, “No, it’s nothing…” 
  • “If it’s just nothing…you wouldn’t have that look on your face,” He casually leaned against the table, “Tell me.” 
  • “…” You couldn’t even looked in his eye. You didn’t know how to confront him.
  • But what’s done needed to be done. 
  • You stepped forward, putting on your straightest face and grasp his shoulders gently, staring him in the eye, “Tyki…I know what you’ve been doing last summer.” 
  • “Hnn?”
  • “Your job,” Your expression fell, “Ty…you don’t have to keep doing this..” 
  • He blinked. You know about his job…? You know that he’s a Noah? That charming smirk of his nearly slid off. Oh, that wouldn’t do at all. And such a pity too. He was starting to get fond of you. 
  • “I know you’re pretty and people will pay good money, but you don’t have to be an escort if you don’t want to.” 
  • He blinks. What? 
  • “Don’t misunderstand!” You waved your arms frantically, “If you like being an escort there’s really no problem at all but it’s for us-” 
  • “Stop. Stop right there!” Tyki clamps your lips shut. 
  • How did you even come to this kind of conclusion? He pinches the bridge of his nose, feeling a headache starting to grow at the back of his mind. 
  • Worse, he could feel Crack, Momo and Eeze’s stares burning into his back. 
  • He had to set things straight before this charade goes any further. 
  • “____________,” He sighed, feeling exhausted all of sudden, “I am not an escort and have never been an escort.” 
  • Realisation slowly dawn on your face, “Oh….?” 
  • It almost hurts his pride. 
  • “Then what is your super duper secret work, Ty?” 
  • ….How was he going to answer that? 

Haha, I’m not sure if this is what you want, Anon. 

…In all honesty….I nearly wanted to use this…

Originally posted by givemetheunicornandnoonegetshurt

I need to ask really…why…? 

anonymous asked:

I don't know if you still accept drabble prompts or not, but...how about Sorey trying to keep it together but finally breaking down after his awakening, taking in Gramps' death and everything else that overloaded him during his time as Shepherd, and Mikleo comforting him the best he can?

Krissey’s Notes: ohhhhh my gosh okay I’m sorry this took so long. When I first got this prompt, the idea was so good, that I knew I wanted to take my time with it.

but this prompt also gave me the opportunity to slip in a lot of my personal headcanons about Sorey’s reaction to waking up again, particularly in a sudden new world and all that?? so really this prompt was perfect and thank you so much for giving it


The tears don’t come until the night, when the sun passes and the world falls quiet, settling down its weary self for slumber.

Sorey can hear nothing else but the deep breathing of Mikleo at his back with the tranquility of Elysia just outside their hut door. It is a sound he has always, always known, which alone brings a strange comfort so juxtaposed from the rest of the new world around him.

Listening, straining his ear for every inhale and exhale of his bedmate, he rolls onto his back. His hands fold over his stomach. But then, eventually, his fingers find a way to his chest.

That’s where it usually begins, too. No matter how hard he presses, he can never find a pulse.

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Can I request 83, 52, 38 or 18 (I'm in angsty mood for some reason). If you don't feel like writing angst today then maybe something from: 3, 4, 85 or 60. Since i'm writing this I might as well say that I loooooove your writing and I hope you have an amazing day! <3

What the fuck, why would I ever reject an angsty prompt? I am the angst duchess and fuck my life if I cant live to write sad, heartbreaking thingies. Or at least I try? And thanks for the kudos, I don’t know how do I deserve all of this when you guys deserve all the credit. I love this fandom so much.This prompt was a bit hard tho, and it turned out kinda short?… I just hope it lives up to your expectations ♥ Gonna make #18 for forbidden love shit.

Uraraka was no commoner. Uraraka Ochako was all but your regular friend that helps you with your bags and books– even if she possibly would help out with these matters, she was all but your normal stand-by friend.

Everyone knew that. If one took the opportunity to know her, they would see her true colors behind those common eyes that shone with unhidden curiosity and enthusiasm. It was hard for one to squeeze air out of her, and sometimes, even get a true emotion out of her.

Bakugou knew this, out of all people. Of course the pyro genius would see her for her true colors and not the ones she wore in front of everyone. He would notice when her hands trembled a little when laughing, a sign of feigning stupid glittery glee– he hated it. He hated her, sometimes. The way she sparkled while her heart trembled with the weight of a little lie that would later tie her down to her bed in a night of endless cries.

She could see right through him, too– and he was, somehow, perfectly fine with that. If someone could see the good in him, that would only be her and that stupid redhead he had for best friend. Kirishima was one of the very few people who could stand his random fits of anger, but Uraraka… that bitch. She was too good for her own good. Always hugging people, always smiling and–

He grasped his desk in agitation. She was always by that bastard’s side and it drove him up the wall.

Uraraka didn’t know this, of course. Whenever she was cheering her friend up, Bakugou would let out a good old colorful piece of goodness, but she deemed it to be in his nature. He was aggresive, a bit of a jerk, but it was him after all.

And somehow, there was a moment in time and space– like, two days ago in the middle of an encounter with him, when something shifted in her heart.

This spar had been anything but planned beforehand. Uraraka had seen him going for a walk in his training clothes and the idea sparked in her. She had ran to him inmediately with the objective of touching his shoulder, surprising him, and making him go weightless– of course, we are talking about Uraraka and she couldn’t do sneaky.

She had coughed just before reaching his skin, what prompted a big curse out of him and made him blow her away out of instinct. She landed a few meters behind him and when he realized it was her who had tried to, in his eyes, probably annoy the shit out of him– he at first scoffed at her futile attempt of a sneaky stance and helped her to her feet.

“What the fuck, Uraraka.” and he swung her arm around his shoulder, no petition needed. “Your leg is still peachy and you are planning surprise attacks on me? You must be a sucker for pain.”

“What… are you doing?” asked she, letting herself be dragged to wherever he wanted to drop her. It was true that planning such risky thing was reckless from her considering what a bad beating Iida had given her the previous day.

Oh, his face when he had seen her so beaten up. He had been apologizing while punching death into her.

Bakugou grunted beside her. “I’m taking you to a damn infirmary. I have burnt your left arm and honestly, every one will give me the stinky eye if they get to know I almost blew your ass up.”

Because everyone loved Uraraka, even his best friend. And he knew damn well that Kirishima would give him a good piece of mind if he came to find out that he had been the one to injure her. He would never mention, but he also felt a bit bad for harming her without a reason but stupid instinct.

Why did she… matter so much? She was just a damn pebble. How was he going to focus on his career when Bakugou had this woman by his side constantly hogging him to make nice with Deku so that bastard would be happy?

Bakugou had many reasons to make that boy’s life miserable: 1) he was a bragger, 2) he was a loser, and most recently 3) he had Uraraka’s undivided attention– he had his best battle buddy’s attention and again, it was driving him insane. So he walked to the infirmary with the intention of dropping her there and pretending nothing happened, because he was starting to be fed up with her and those butterflies she carried around her.

Why did she have to always come by and mess with his life?

He hated that feeling. He hated feeling like he needed to protect her when all he should be doing is focus on himself and– god, she was too in love with Deku, what good would it do to him to develop a silly crush on her and– at this point, when he came to terms with his feelings, he was a blushing mess and wanted to blow up the whole school.

Worst of it all, those silly summersaults his stomach did when she was near had been there for way too long before this realization and he felt it dawning on him, crushing him alive. There was no turning back now.

Uraraka didn’t let it pass, though. When Bakugou eventually and literally dropped her in a hospital bed, something stirred inside of her, making her heart warm in a pleasant manner. When he left her wordlessly to Recovery Girl’s aid, she smiled at him knowingly. Kirishima truly had had a gooD effect on him– and the thought carried her through the day, but as soon as Deku came into view, he had all her attention again.

Her heart still fluttered after the newfound kindness Bakugou had in him. And something changed that day. She would realize this change too late.

When Bakugou saw her laughing along with Deku, he started biting his knuckles. The feeling that bubbled in his chest squirmed uncomfortably, the very same feeling that had him wide awake all night after dropping roundface at the infirmary. A part of him told him that he had been rude as fuck for letting her on her own after almost setting her on fire, and another part told him that he had been stupid for almost setting her ablaze to start with.

No matter what he tried to come up with, he had made a mistake. He had made a mistake for allowing himself near her, for having left her at the infirmary bed when what he should have done is just leave her in the dust to tend her own injuries.

So he sucked it up and, as soon as class was finished, Bakugou waited for her to come out of class. Whatever he was feeling for her, for that strong and small stupid pebble he couldn’t step upon– all that was ending as soon as he set things clear with her.

He knew she would never pull away from green bastard, and he was aware of the fact that he couldn’t force her to stay away from him. He could hope for her to grow up from his fucking shadow, but he wasn’t scum and would never force her out of it. Whatever made her happy was fine for him. People he respected deserved their space and, albeit reluctantly, he would give it all to her.

She stepped out of class alone, always the slowest one to pack her stuff– her jump when he came into view was fucking hilarious. “What are you doing there, Baku–”

“Your injuries,” spat he, stepping near to her. Her proximity felt wrong and sinful to him when she was too far from reach, but he stil invaded her injuries til she was against a wall. “let me see them.”

Uraraka blinked at him once, twice, but didn’t flinch at his agressivity, unfazed as she always was by his forward demeanor. Her eyes wide as saucers for his intoxicating permating sweaty and riany spark, he let himself fall into the galaxies of her pools, and almost forgot what all this mess was about until he saw her remove her jacket and show him her reddened arm.

“It’s patched up and in good condition. You at least had the decency to take to Recovery Girl.”

He looked to his side, and his voice sounded remorseful for a second, connecting with all the thoughts that had rattled inside his head during the previous night. “It was my fault in the first place.”

“Are you… apologizing?”

“Hell no, you damn woman.” growled he, his scarlet glare boring into her purity once again. “You shouldn’t have tried to sneak up on me when you know I can damn well tear you to pieces.”

Uraraka, far from offended, giggled at his brash retort. Her breath got stuck in her chest as beams of sunset streaked through his golden locks, and she had this silly urge to thread her fingers through them. She ended up deciding against it because she appreciated her life.

“Is there anything else you need?”

He looked at her even more intensely. There was a moment in which she noticed how she had changed in his eyes, but knew she remained the same for everyone. The colors she wore had turned scarlet, adorning her cheeks and inking her in desire and passion for that woman he would worship in the darkness as long as he lived, because he knew that sunlight wouldn’t let him speak out his secret devotion– not when she loved somebody else.

She loved Deku. She loved a quirkless bastard and not him, the great Bakugou Katsuki. And he was dying to know why.

So his hands trailed up her arm to end up gripping her jaw, her head crashing against the concrete. “Why him?”

Her cheeks muffled by his rough hands and chords malfunctioning due to the embers of his eyes, passion and anger– it all reduced her to ashes and suddenly, she couldn’t muster a decent answer. Mostly because a part of her didn’t know what he wastalking about while the other pretty much could see in his eyes what this was about. The notion just left her speechless and a mess of goo in the ground.

His flames kissed the chocolate of her irises– and boy, didn’t chocolate melt good and pretty against heat.

His mouth came devastating hers in a helfire kiss,as his hands tried their best not to roam around her body– one that didn’t belong to him, staying put on the wall so she wouldn’t escape– because of course she was shaking, probably fearful, needing to pull away. The way his mouth was twisting hers in such burning embrace, embers of passion consuming her thoughts and rationalities– but she didn’t want this.

It was all sorts of alluring and deliciously wrong. His teeth trapping her lower lip, trying to recover all dominance on the kiss, eliciting a throaty moan from her– he opened his eyes for a second, frustrated, and yearning to hear more of that. She attempted to pull way, her hands fighting against his chest to stop his sudden rampage, earning her a head crash against the wall as Bakugou only pushed her in.

His hands travelled all the way to her neck and waist, nails digging in her skin– oh, her gasp, that may have hurt a little. He took the opportunity to come crashing to her mouth, his tongue entangling with hers while she wiggled in his hold, trying to either get away or hold herself in. And none of those things were gonna happen.

There was a moment when he felt her give in a little. Her pushing became less frantic, the haltered, and her eyes shut completely close–

But he couldn’t– couldn’t let a good kiss get the best of him and build illusions on an impossible relationship. He couldn’t keep this up when she was in love with another man. He gave her waist a little push and disconnected the sickingly euphoric lock, a trail of saliva connecting them. 

He caressed her lower lip with his thumb as softly as he could, frown adorning his chaotic features, irises trembling as she stared at him, unbelieving.

He wasn’t the man for her. He breathed deep, then stepped back, their bodies missing each other– but this was wrong.

“I shouldn’t love you.” murmured he, making her features constrict into a painful grimace of realization. “But I fucking do and I’m scared shitless.”

He would die to hold her as she shook and almost fell, would love to possess her against the very same wall and make her forget about Deku. However, he wasn’t scum, and he couldn’t let her make him drop so low.

She didn’t deserve the pain he carried with him, or his falling hopes. So he marched away, shoulders tense in realization.

Bakugou saw the true colors in her, and she would always see his and cherish them as a precious treasure. But his colors weren’t the ones she was searching for, or the ones she dreamed and sighed for.

And no matter how blaring and blinding her colors were, he couldn’t let them paralyze him. No matter the heartbreak, he did what he deemed to be right– not knowing he had left a dounting girl at his wake, who realized now why his kindness had struck her so much.

He walked away. And this was the first time Bakugou realized he was human and couldn’t be more than that, no matter how much he loved her.

anonymous asked:

Can you make a fanfic of how Stanford realized he had a crush on Fiddleford and how Fiddleford notice how strange Stanford's been acting around him. By the way, I love your art especially your knight au...I've been thinking maybe you should do a Pirate AU

Characters: Stanford Pines and Fiddleford McGucket
Word Count: 722

Thank you Anon! I love pirate aus let me tell you and I do have one for GF but it’s just a bunch of ideas not real story I just like drawing the characters as pirates and little writings with ‘em. I don’t mind drawing more pirate stuff though. Always been a fan of pirate stuff. I haven’t read or seen too many pirate aus that wasn’t filled with a pairing I don’t want anywhere near me so maybe in the future.
Under the cut cause this got a bit long some how???

Stanford didn’t really have friends before Fiddleford, but he doesn’t remember it feeling like this. He thought it was just from finally connect to someone on his level. He thought it was just how even their serious arguments ended up with both of them in a laughing mess because how normal was it that two grown men were yelling at each other over chemicals?

But every time Fidds shook his hand, Ford would feel the imprint of that hand in his for days. It was like a calm burning across his palm that he didn’t mind.

Ford was alone looking down at his 6 fingered hand when it dawned on him and his whole face turned bright red.

This is what his brother talked about whenever he had a crush on someone.

Ford had a crush.

Ford had a crush on his best friend.

“Oh no…” He muttered before being startled by Fidds knocking on his open door.

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anonymous asked:

I think some think that Dany got everything, that her dragons do her work for her & that she herself is nothing without her dragons, that she hasn't SUFFERED like the other ladies have, that bc of all these things Dany's not ~relatable~. I find the last the most irritating. I don't like characters bc they've suffered or bc they're relatable. I like them bc I find them interesting. Dany's got vision. I like female chars who have vision & try to shape the world even if they fuck everything up. [1]

Dany got everything? Her story is literally a tale of “from rags to riches,” and it was all due to her own miracles and machinations after the two men that abused her finally died. She’s nothing without her dragons? There would be no magic in the world if it wasn’t for her; she brought dragons back into her world, and like the direwolves to the Starks, they are her bond animals. I don’t see anyone claiming Jon is nothing without Ghost, or Arya without Nymeria. I’m not mad at you, I can see that you recognize that these claims are idiotic as well, but I just can’t help but refute them.

Dany, I have to say, is super relatable through her struggles. However, certain circumstances of her story - hell, any of these characters’ situations - are not necessarily meant to be relatable. This is a fantasy series, and nearly every character is in some way involved with magic. Sansa had a direwolf, as does Arya who is a skinchanger and involved with the Faceless Men, Jon is a warg and probably Azor Ahai, Tyrion has extensive knowledge of dragons, Bran is a god, Catelyn is a zombie. Ned Stark was probably the only “relatable” character in this series. People using the “lack of relatability” to excuse why they hate Dany (which, you can dislike whomever you want, but don’t spew your hate mindlessly) just come off as flat.

Now for my least favorite excuse. Dany hasn’t suffered the same way other female characters have? I’d wager she’s suffered more. The girl essentially grew up either A) in squalor, or B) at the mercy of whomever decided to be charitable to the last dragons. From the moment she was born, her life has been tumultuous and rocky. She never had a truly stable home besides the house with the red door, and no one to show her longlasting affection, which is why she’s so vulnerable to the type of Stockholm’s Syndrome-love with Khal Drogo.

She was hunted when she was still in her mother’s womb, and still mercilessly so after her mother died and her father’s former master-at-arms smuggled her across the sea. She got a blissful few years with Ser Willem watching after her, but once he perished, everyone turned on her and Viserys. Viserys was just a child watching after another child, and they had to starve and beg their way across Essos.

And later, after Viserys had been disillusioned and hardened by what had come of his life, he began to take it out on his sister. How many times do we see, just in the first book, Dany tremble at the thought of waking the dragon? I counted: it’s 17. Even after he’s dead, she fears him, but it’s not just his threats; it’s what Viserys did to her. He sold her into marriage at only 13, she was pregnant at 14, and she was regularly abused before we even meet her, as evidenced by Dany’s inner thoughts.

Dany listened to the talk in the streets, and she heard these things, but she knew better than to question her brother when he wove his webs of dream. His anger was a terrible thing when roused. Viserys called it “waking the dragon.” (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

One of the first lines we get from her sounds like the inner workings of a woman afraid of her abuser. Dany “knows better” than to anger Viserys. Then right after we have him touching her both inappropriately and in a way to cause pain. This is how abusers keep their victims compliant.

“Let them see that you have a woman’s shape now.” His fingers brushed lightly over her budding breasts and tightened on a nipple. “You will not fail me tonight. If you do, it will go hard for you. You don’t want to wake the dragon, do you?” His fingers twisted her, the pinch cruelly hard through the rough fabric of her tunic. “Do you?” he repeated. (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

Then we have him hurting her again…

As the khal was saddling the horse, Viserys slid close to Dany on her silver, dug his fingers into her leg, and said, “Please him, sweet sister, or I swear, you will see the dragon wake as it has never woken before.” (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

Viserys’ physical abuse cools down when she’s finally wedded and bedded, but then she just gains a new abuser.

She was left to sup alone, […] and afterward to cry herself to sleep. Yet every night, some time before the dawn, Drogo would come to her tent and wake her in the dark, to ride her as relentlessly as he rode his stallion. He always took her from behind, Dothraki fashion, for which Dany was grateful; that way her lord husband could not see the tears that wet her face, and she could use her pillow to muffle her cries of pain. When he was done, he would close his eyes and begin to snore softly and Dany would lie beside him, her body bruised and sore, hurting too much for sleep.

Day followed day, and night followed night, until Dany knew she could not endure a moment longer. She would kill herself rather than go on, she decided one night… (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

And if this doesn’t make you sad, I don’t know what will. The poor girl finally stood up for herself against her lifelong abuser in Viserys, and all she can think of is the punishment she’s going to get.

“I hit him,” she said, wonder in her voice. Now that it was over, it seemed like some strange dream that she had dreamed. “Ser Jorah, do you think…he’ll be so angry when he gets back…” She shivered. “I woke the dragon, didn’t I?” (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

For years she had lived in terror of Viserys, afraid of waking the dragon. (Daenerys, A Game of Thrones)

And all this is not even getting into the fact that Viserys tried to rape her before her wedding to the khal because he felt like her virginity was his to have. While all our favorites are suffering now, they at least had chances to have happiness in their lives before the books come into play (Tyrion with Jaime, the Starks and their siblings). Dany never got that. She was always suffering, always running, always cowering. And even now, with a queendom and army and beasts of her own, Dany finds herself in terrible situations.

She may have a lot, but she doesn’t have everything, and everything she does have is by her own actions.


Just a quick lil bit here, because I have honestly suffered enough today.

DEATH: Shut up, Dean. I’m not here to tie your shoes every time you trip. I warned you about those souls how long ago? Long enough to stop that fool. And here we are again, with your little planet on the edge of immolation.
DEAN: Well, I’m sorry. All right? I’ve been trying to save this planet, so maybe you should find somebody better to tip off.
DEATH: Maybe I should spend my effort on a better planet. Well, it’s been amusing.
SAM: Wait, h-hold on, hold on. Just – can you give us something? You – you have to care a little bit about what happens to us.
DEATH: You know, I really don’t. But I do find that little angel arrogant.
DEAN: Great. Let’s go with that.
DEATH: Your only hope is to have him return it all to Purgatory. Quickly.
SAM: We need a door.
DEATH: You have everything you need at that lab. Get him to return there and compel him to give up the power.
DEAN: Compel?
DEATH: Figure it out.
BOBBY: But that door only opens in the eclipse, and that’s over.
DEATH: I’ll make another. 3:59 Sunday morning, just before dawn. Be punctual. Don’t thank me. Clean up your mess. Try to bind me again, you’ll die before you start. Nice pickle chips, by the way.

I truly believe that Death intended for Cas to walk himself through that portal, just as Sam had thrown himself into the cage. They’re nearly identical situations, no?

Cas tried to return the souls, but the leviathans had already long-since taken control. From the moment he let them out, it was already too late. There was no “sending them back.” There was only throwing himself into purgatory with them inside… but like Sam possessed by Lucifer, Cas wasn’t in control.

DEAN: Yeah, and it turns out that you’re about the same open book as you’ve always been. Hallucinations? Really? I got to find out from Death?
SAM: What was I supposed to do?
DEAN: How about not lie? How about tell me that you’ve got crazy crap climbing those walls?
SAM: Why? You can’t help. You got a lot of pretty severe crap swinging your way lately, and – and I thought –what? I thought why burst the one good bubble you had left? It’s under control.
DEAN: What? What, exactly, is under control?
SAM: I know what’s real and what’s not.

Oh, hon. No you really don’t… but also, trying to protect Dean by LYING to him? You mean, that thing that Cas had been doing for over a year? That thing that led to all the “severe crap” Dean is trying to deal with? And not bursting the one good bubble he had left? Which was Cas’s reason for lying to him FOR CLOSE TO TWO YEARS?! THAT ENDED UP WITH THE LEVIATHAN WALKING THE EARTH AND CAS– THE BEST FRIEND DEAN HAS EVER HAD– TRANSFORMED INTO SOMETHING DEAN DOESN’T EVEN RECOGNIZE?! AND SAM THOUGHT LYING TO DEAN AFTER ALL OF THIS WAS THE RIGHT CHOICE HERE?

CASTIEL: No. I feel regret, about you and what I did to Sam.
DEAN: Yeah, well, you should.
CASTIEL: If there was time, if I was strong enough, I’d – I’d fix him now. I just wanted to make amends before I die.
DEAN: Okay.
CASTIEL: Is it working?
DEAN: Does it make you feel better?
DEAN: Not a bit.

And then Cas’s last words to Dean before the portal opens are, “I’m sorry, Dean.”

When he’s brought back to life, everything he says before the Leviathan take over is contrition, acknowledgement that he was wrong, admission of shame, and a promise that he will redeem himself to Dean.

And then it’s too late, and Cas is gone. Again. And it’s pretty much what breaks Dean.

Don't Fear the Reaper.

I’ll say it right now, I grew up in a broken home. Dad drank. Mom drank. That might be why I’ve never touched a drop. But I’m getting on a tangent here.

Most of you already know where this story is going. Dad used to get drunk and blame mom and I for all his problems. Mom used to lock me in my room while he… while you knock what aggressive drunks do when they’re upset. i’d say more often than not my mother’s screams and my own sobs were what rocked me to sleep.

Then my mom started drinking and became numb to the whole thing. First dad kept hitting her and left me to cry in my room. I guess he got bored eventually. Three days after my fifth birthday dad came up to my room for the first time. He had never done that before. Mom had stopped him. He broke my nose that first night. We went to the hospital and I told the doctor I fell down the stairs. He seemed to believe me.

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Reading By Moonlight - SorMik

Author Notes: This is the first time I’ve written for them so please bear with me. I haven’t exactly participated much in this fanbase either, as my big projects are in other fandoms right now, but I wanted to write at least something for SorMik Week cause I do love these two quite a lot. So here I am! Trying my best! ^-^

Pairing: Sorey x Mikleo

Words: 925

SorMikWeek2017 – Day 1

Prompt: Elysia (Innocence / Beginnings)

Title: Reading By Moonlight

Mikleo closed the door behind him as he stepped out into the moonlight. The air was crisp, a natural scent of fresh grass with a hint of calm soothing water, leaving his steps forward to feel smooth and serene. Flowing through the night like a – well, like a water seraph should, he would think.

Crossing his arms, Mikleo paused in his walk to frown up at the large rock formation sticking out of the ground beside Elysia’s small pond. All of the other seraphs were asleep, or at least closed off in their dwellings for the night. Only one of the villagers was awake at this absurd hour (besides Mikleo himself of course), but he supposed Sorey had a little bit of an excuse to be the odd one out. He was, after all, the only human who lived with them.

Standing at the bottom of the lone rock, Mikleo continued to frown up at his close childhood friend. “And what are you doing up this late?”

Sorey jerked toward him and then gave a light grin. “Oh, Mikleo. I thought you were asleep.”

“As you should be.”

“Yeah, maybe,” Sorey quickly assented, “but I had to read this part again.”

Shifting his stance to put a hand on his waist, Mikleo raised an eyebrow. “Out here?”

A sheepish shrug was his only response. Without more explanation, Sorey returned to the book in his lap. His legs stayed crossed, not at all acknowledging the line of being awake at such a late hour, nor recognizing the hint of curiosity in Mikleo’s tone. Trust Sorey to miss the finer points of conversation. When he was caught in his reading or exploration, it was hard to get noticed without banging down the doors deliberately, so to speak.

Well. If he was going to be that way, then Mikleo had no choice.

With a determined push forward, the young water seraph grabbed hold of the stone in front of him and little by little pulled himself up. He wasn’t really a climber, not like Sorey. Sorey found trouble in other ways all the time, but climbing was definitely one of his strengths, especially when it came to exploring the nearby ruins. Mikleo had magic techniques on his side, of course, so he wasn’t ever too worried of a fall, but he was still only strong in water and not rock or air.

Regardless of the details, Mikleo could climb this rock just fine, and in no time at all he was sitting beside Sorey on the cool stone illuminated by the overhanging moonlight. Before he nudged his friend, he took a moment to study him. Admire him. While he’d always been somewhat conscious of growing up, seeing Sorey in this setting seemed to make it all the more real. A feeling he couldn’t quite explain burned deep inside him just from staring at his close friend’s face, at the way those soft green eyes danced across the words on the book’s page. A part of him wanted to snuggle in closer to the human’s natural warmth, but he held that part back. He wasn’t sure what Sorey would think of him for doing such a thing – and he wasn’t too sure why he wanted it yet, either.

After his eyes had gotten their fill, Mikleo cleared his throat. “So what’s so important that you have to read it out in the dark instead of under a light in your house?”

Sorey blinked, lifting his nose away from the book slowly to light up at Mikleo’s presence. “Some of the text looks different under different lighting. And the art catches the moonlight strangely, too.”

“Strangely,” Mikleo repeated with a disbelieving hum. “You mean you think there could be some secret to decipher.”

Sorey’s eyes widened immediately. “You think that’s possible? I just thought it was neat reading the Celestial Record while sitting under the stars. It has a different feel because of the change in atmosphere. You don’t think that could -”

Mikleo watched as his friend went on and on, getting more excited after each sentence. The young water seraph brought a hand to his chin, feeling the soft fabric of his clothes brushing at his skin, all while he swallowed his laughter. Eventually, Sorey caught on to his mirth and nudged his arm, setting the chuckles free.

“You know -”

Before Sorey could go on, Mikleo interrupted by snatching the ancient text from the other’s lap. “You know, we should probably read through it all under the moonlight together. Knowing you, you might miss something important.”

“Heh. Yeah, I guess we should,” Sorey said, ignoring the slight teasing insult as he accepted the proposition. “Two heads are better than one.”

“And four eyes are better than two.”

Sorey snickered as if at some funny joke but didn’t elaborate. Instead, the both of them became preoccupied with reading through the Celestial Record from the beginning. After setting the book in between them, resting on one leg each, they shifted positions a few more times to find the best angle to avoid shadows, and then they read aloud to each other with the turn of each page, their voices whispering softly in the moonlit darkness.

By the time dawn arrived, both Mikleo and Sorey had fallen fast asleep, leaning against each other. The Celestial Record remained shared between them, open and barely a fourth of the way through its many pages. They may not have finished their project in one night, but at least it was a fitting beginning.

Love Me In The Light || A Short

This is a dumb short thing I got tired of looking at so I’m posting it. I hope you guys enjoy. It’s all about Nick showing love to his boyfriend and his body. I wanted to shed light on insecurities that often show up in the early parts of relationships and how ridiculous they usually are. 

Nick can’t pinpoint the first moment he knew he loved Griffin— whether it was a momentous second where the stars aligned and the world righted itself while they romantically made love or if it was as trivial a moment as a 3 am drunk text begging Nick to watch this God awful video Griffin had found so he wouldn’t have to suffer alone— but he cherishes all the moments of realization that come after. He keeps them, these moments of awareness, these wave like washings of acknowledgement that crash into him ever-so-randomly and reiterates how he loves this man so, so much. Nick etches them into his mind as bright constellations among otherwise dark thoughts and useless information.

And now is one of those moments.

It’s a sun dried Polaroid in Nick’s mind already, as it’s happening: Griffin, naked and cold, pressed up against Nick. They are so tangled up and heady in late afternoon love that everything is hazy and unclear. Nick honestly can’t differentiate his skin from Griffin’s, can’t tell whose sweat is rolling down the heaving slope of his chest, or whose cum that is on that whomever’s arm. Nick is just watching Griffin, who has his head resting on Nick’s chest, the chub of his cheek squished upwards until it pools around his eyes. He’s sleeping so peaceful, blissfully unaware of this self realization Nick is having. Nothing has to be said, Nick is just laying there, drawing lazy designs on Griffin’s back. It’s quiet and it’s mid afternoon and there is nothing to do but be here, together and it’s perfect.

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anonymous asked:

(Kuroha/Kitsune!Shintaro) kitsune!Shintaro is looking for a mate and Kuroha notices. Shintaro finally realizes that kuroha is making advances towards him, but only after the guy has invited him over for drinks. Things don't turn out well for Shintaro after he gets too much to drink. Especially when shintaro realizes, after waking up from his drunken stupor, that kuroha has claimed him as his mate. No snake porn and no snake bondage please! Can be any rating you want. Thanks!

Title: Punishment Game

Pairing: Kuroha/Kisaragi Shintaro

Rating: M

A03 Link 

[[holy shit]]

[[i absolutely adore you for the prompt my lovely anon friend]]


Oh. It dawns on him suddenly. 

When he feels the cool wood against his cheek, his breath warming the surface of the table with the remnants of magic in his veins. 

The white gems, the black gems, pricking the palms of his hands as he leans back on the table, the taste of chocolate on his lips and his tongue. 

Nails digging into his cheeks and an impatient tongue, swallowing each breath that he took. 

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