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the great escape {taneleerthecollector}

This was one of the most riskiest things Clea had ever done. She needed to get to Earth but without the right tools, it was worthless. She had seen her uncle Dormammu talking to Thanos, as well as her evil mother Umar, in discussion to kill off the ones in line for the Sorcerer Supreme, including the wise man known as the Ancient One. All would be lost for the galaxy known as the Milky Way and beyond. Mindless Ones and darkness for light years in all directions just like what was destined to happen when the Dark Elves took hold of the Aether. Luckily they were unsuccessful because of the Asgardians that stood strong against them.

But was most risky about this trip was that she had taken Dormammu’s Infinity Stone. In the shape of a diamond, in the same texture as the Tesseract is, it pulsed green on her gloves. It took her nearly a month to get here from her home in the Dark Dimension: a world in disarrary in chaos since the Faltinian Dormammu took over thousands of years ago. Mastering the dimensional travel spell to get across the plane was the first step, then finding the Eye and the Cloak would take longer. Some sorcerers said the Eye was on Earth with the Ancient One, others said it was locked in the Asgardian vault with the Infinity Gauntlet, but most whispers confirmed unanimously that the Cloak of Levitation was here in Nowhere, stashed in Taneleer Tivan’s collection. With enough bribery from the Infinity Stone, hopefully she could get what she wanted without questions.