i don't know why i did this but i'm really happy about it

Okay but imagine JuminZen’s kid starting their Alolan Pokemon Journey

(I’m totally going to channel this in my Pokemon Moon playthrough)

  • “Dad, can I be a Pokemon trainer?”
  • “Ask your father.”
  • “ Dad, can I be a Pokemon trainer?”
  • “Did you ask Hyun already?”
  • @_@
  • They sign up anyway and they get accepted!
  • Jumin doesn’t know the slightest bit about Pokemon and does research
  • Lots and lots and lots of research
  • Poor Jaehee really needs a vacation (maybe she should become a Pokemon trainer)
  • Jumin is now an expert and tries to prepare his 11 year-old
  • Zen tells them to just go in blind, it’s an adventure!
  • “That’s not safe.”
  • Oops now they’re arguing
  • “We’re not fighting, we’re having a discussion.”
  • Riiiiight.
  • The fateful day arrives!
  • “Why is this Professor not wearing appropriate lab gear?” “Jumin, no.”
  • Time to choose a starter!
  • They choose Popplio!
  • Zen is so happy with the graceful dancing seal, he could cry
  • Jumin highly disapproves
  • “Litten is a better choice.”
  • “You just think so because it’s a cat.”
  • “Their typing makes them a solid battle pick.”
  • “Popplio is much prettier.”
  • And they’re fighting again
  • All other adults feel awkward
  • Off to Alola! They will be staying with a local family for the entire time
  • During their journey, Jumin constantly calls to ask if they need money
  • Zen calls and acts like he’s not worried but he’s so worried
  • “Have you eaten? If the food’s too spicy there, I can-”
  • “Daaaaaaaaaaaad”
  • They’re forced to put their phone on silent because so overbearing omg
  • Calls them every time they earn a gym badge
  • Sends selfies of their team and friends and themselves
  • They’re so proud
  • Jumin hangs photos of them up in his office and Zen puts them in his dressing room
  • “Dad, I can easily handle Team Skull. Please don’t send the entire police force here.”
  • If they lose a battle, both of them drop everything to comfort them over the phone
  • Don’t talk shit about how they’re doing, Jumin will bankrupt your company and Zen’s fans will virtually murder you.

oh god I need to think of a name

this is pretty fun I might do one for each pairing

ice-bringer  asked:


13 stars. Fun.

  1. Um, let’s try and state this as a fact… I get really happy when people call me ‘hero’ or ‘vigilante’ even though I’m really not.
  2. I can pick up most of the people I know and use them to practice lifts.
  3. It’s apparently impossible for me to have fewer than 5 tabs open in my browser.
  4. In case it wasn’t the most obvious thing ever, ygo is my favourite series.
  5. I have more books than I have faith in humanity as a whole.
  6. I’m cute i’m sorry i don’t make the rules
  7. I have stretchmarks on a lot of my body
  8. I love all my stretchmarks
  9. I am the worst at putting my dirty clothes in the washing machine, I just put them in a basket and let them stay there until someone tells me to do my washing
  10. Maths is the subject I hate the most why tf did they put the alphabet in there too
  11. I don’t feel the cold very much.
  12. I’m really struggling to think of a 13th fact.
  13. I used to play the violin pretty well

Thanks for asking!

For every ‘⭐️’ I get, I’ll post a fact about myself

anonymous asked:

I think you have changed this fandom a lot. People keep talking about you. You give out so much amazing advice. I am just... a bit thunderstruck at how a person can be so amazing and supportive. I have been through shit in various RP communities and seeing you on my dash... gives be back hope? Thank you. I do not understand what it is you're doing. But thank you.

I legitimately have no words because I’m not sure when I gave advice or how I changed this fandom? I’ve only been here for like 5 months so I can’t tell if something changed….I’m glad whatever I did helped someone and knowing that I give you hope is really flattering so I’ll take these compliments but I have honestly no idea what  I did to warrant these words. I don’t think I’m the only one in this community that deserves them but I am happy you decided to drop them in my askbox.

as for people talking about me like what what wh y  what did i do why are you talking about me